512. Tom Kurzka

Tom KurzkaOver his lifetime Tom has dived deeply into inner work while simultaneously living a householder life. Through an ongoing revelation of living in the moment, he integrates the insights of the most sophisticated western-developed psychologies with the ongoing unitive consciousness with which he has been blessed since the year 2000. Tom uses these skills and this wisdom to guide those dedicated and willing to go courageously inward, often finding and releasing blocks to spiritual awakening which originated in earliest, often pre-verbal, childhood.

After being asked to teach, Tom has been sharing this work for over 19 years. His sessions give attendees a taste of what he exudes, a patient tender Love that is our true interconnected nature. His focus on connection to the immediacy of felt sensation enables potent transformations to readily manifest. His work and presence is an acknowledgment that our beautiful imperfect human condition is completely embraced by the wide openness of Life itself, even when the most uncomfortable aspects of ourselves appear.

Tom is known for his humility and a profound acceptance of what is. Throughout his life, he has worked in numerous jobs in multiple disciplines — from basic minimum wage to corporate executive, from grade school teacher to construction contractor, from graphic designer to writer. He has been married to his wife, Dawn, for almost 40 years and they have one daughter.

Website: tomkurzka.org

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Interview recorded August 3, 2019

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump
  • 00:05:44 – Childhood Moments of Connection
  • 00:10:47 – Unity consciousness and celestial perception
  • 00:15:41 – Feeling Yourself as the Space
  • 00:19:46 – A Trip Down Memory Lane
  • 00:24:14 – The Fractured World
  • 00:27:57 – Losing My Mind
  • 00:31:53 – Meditation Experiences
  • 00:36:04 – The Mystical Element in All Traditions
  • 00:39:49 – Integrating Fear in Meditation Practice
  • 00:43:45 – Fear of Annihilation
  • 00:48:03 – The Fractured Mind
  • 00:52:11 – Physiological Transformation and Unraveling
  • 00:56:03 – Transition to Awakening
  • 01:00:22 – Recognition of Oneness
  • 01:04:20 – Seeing Perspectives from God’s Point of View
  • 01:08:14 – Imperfect Human Beings and the Beauty of Being Human
  • 01:12:30 – Reliving Early Trauma and Connecting with Loved Ones
  • 01:16:48 – The Purpose of Life and Continuing Evolution
  • 01:20:48 – Finding Aliveness Beneath the Bleakness
  • 01:25:06 – The Gut Awakening
  • 01:29:18 – The Personal Essence and the Vastness
  • 01:33:09 – The Zone and Spontaneous Flow
  • 01:37:23 – The Connection Between Divine Intelligence and Human Behavior
  • 01:41:38 – The Sun’s Expansion and Earth’s Destruction
  • 01:45:34 – Higher Standards in the Spiritual Community
  • 01:49:26 – Transitioning to Full-Time Teaching
  • 01:53:40 – The Body’s Subtle Bracing
  • 01:57:51 – Receiving and Listening
  • 02:01:55 – Building Connections in Local Communities
  • 02:05:43 – Goodbye Rick