Mirabai Devi Transcript

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Mirabai Devi Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas. My name is Rick Archer. This show is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. For more information about the show or the past episodes, go to batgap.com Bat gap. My guest today is mirrored by Davey. Nearby Devi is an international spiritual teacher and mentor to 1000s of people around the world. Her work is to help raise the collective consciousness of humanity. She does this by helping the individual awaken to their inner divine nature through giving Darshan, songs, workshops, talks, and individual sessions. She travels throughout the US, South Africa and worldwide. Welcome Mirabai.

Mirabai Devi: Thank you, Rick. It’s wonderful to be here with you today in Fairfield

Rick Archer: in Fairfield. What’s your impression of Fairfield?

Mirabai Devi: Oh, I love Fairfield

Rick Archer: you’ve been twice. This is your Second?

Mirabai Devi: more than twice. Yeah, I think this is my fourth time. Yeah. Beautiful. Consciousness. Beautiful energy.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you go to a lot. You live in Kauai and you’re always going to places like Asheville and you know spiritual places. Do you notice that different places have a sort of a different flavor or kind of a finger different fingerprint?

Mirabai Devi: Completely different? Yeah, it’s it literally from one island, Maui to the next island kawaii. It’s like a different planet. So imagine going from there to Iowa or Iowa to Boston, or the different spiritual boats, the big cities and the spiritual towns that are more like community oriented. Night and day difference.

Rick Archer: What do you feel about Fairfield as a spiritual community if you can be more specific in terms of its its flavor, its spiritual fingerprint?

Mirabai Devi: Well, it feels incredibly uplifting and powerful. As we were driving here from Chicago, I could actually feel the border. Now Fairfield, you know, we came up in the car against a wall of consciousness. And then we bumped into this wall of consciousness and went through it. And then everything was just like, ah, peaceful, blissful, uplifting. It’s just exquisite. And it really is a thing. I mean, you could cut it with a knife. Yeah, the consciousness raising effect has really worked here. And the community has done an amazing job over the years, following the teachings of their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Guru Tao. And you can really feel the work that’s been created here through the consciousness effect. There’s a real unified field. So I love that. I mean, it’s like coming into a town where everybody’s already transcending. You don’t have to work so hard to get people to transcend, and then take them into the direct healing, you know, effect, they’re already in the transcendent, and so it sinks in a lot quicker. So we need to create this not only in spiritual communities around the world, but we need to get the consciousness of the world risen to be like, Fairfield.

Rick Archer: That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Some people find it’s a bit of a pressure cooker here, you know, because the spiritual energy is kind of intense, and they feel a sense of relief when they get out of town once in a while.

Mirabai Devi: Yeah. When people work with me and they receive divine light transmissions, the experience is that all this stuff comes up, everything that the light touches on, is going to be pulled up and pulled out kind of like weeding a garden, the intense frequency of the light is going to push anything that is not of the light that is not serving us upward and outward. And when it’s coming out, it can have a tendency to feel like a detoxing or as they say here and and stressing effect. And when that detoxing is happening, it can feel really really intense especially if you have a lot of suppressed stuff like suppressed anger or suppress fear or karmic buildup residue. It would feel like you want to you know, run from the light run from the Lighten hide and that’s what happens at my gathering. Sometimes people run out of gatherings and they just have to get away because the negativity in them start screaming as it’s coming out and being pulled like a vacuum that’s sucking it out or ganache has shrunk. You know it’s removing all those obstacles. It’s it’s you’re in the fire, and the fire can feel hot.

Rick Archer: Maharishi uses that same analogy said that noise of the Hoover and it makes such a commotion and there’s dust flying but once you’re done it’s a cleaner room.

Mirabai Devi: Yeah, it is a much cleaner room. It’s like, I think my shows us the word dust in the attic, the dust flying around in the attic. And so that’s the same effect when we do like transmissions with individuals and groups is all the stuff is flying around. And it can be confusing for people’s minds. And egos if you identify with the stress that’s leaving, and you think, Oh, I am that stress that’s leaving I am that particle of dust. So we always tell people don’t focus on, don’t merge with the stuff that’s releasing, stay focused on the Divine Light, which is who you are, and which is what you are. And don’t get caught into the negativity that’s leaving, just say bye, bye. Hello to kids. And just stay identified with the truth with the light of the consciousness with what is what you’re gaining this newfound state of consciousness and freedom that you’re gaining and release the other.

Rick Archer: So I’ve had the Joy of listening to quite a few hours of your other interviews and talks and so on in the past few days. And I’ve really enjoyed listening to your personal story. I think it’s quite interesting and unique. And I know people can go on YouTube and hear other people hear other interviews in which you’ve told that story. But most of my interview, most of my listeners won’t have heard it. And and I’d rather just sort of have you tell it here. And maybe I’ll ask a few questions that weren’t brought up and other times that you’ve told it. Sure.

Mirabai Devi: Okay, wonderful. Well, I was born with a overwhelming longing to return back to the Divine Light to return home to God. And of course, like many other individuals was very angry and mad to be back in a physical body. I was like, I knew I was going for the light. And I must have turned made a wrong turn and gone down some other corridor back into this dimension I was done with the Earth, you know, I thought, and I’m sure many have had that experience. And I sort of found myself being shot down through a tube and into a body again, you remember that? Yes. And I remember having a dream later on in my life that I was shot through a tube of light landed on the earth and watched all the civilizations of the Earth going through from the beginning of time, right up until the current day, I saw the city that I was born in all around me, and then came into the body. And I heard the words now experience life in a body in a city and experience what it means to have Enlightenment in this form.

Rick Archer: You remember the last time you were in a body?

Mirabai Devi: And I do yes. But I want to talk about that. Yeah, that’s personal information. And so as I was coming into this whole experience, again, it was this intense form of I’ve done this I completed Why am I back what what’s left, what could possibly be left. And I came to understand over the course of my life with perspective, that what that meant is I had I had been sent back. And obviously the divine had asked me to come back to help raise the consciousness of humanity, and to help humanity. And I’d agree to it. But once I was in that narrow form of limitation, that excruciating of going from being infinite cosmic, unified energy, where you are just the all that is in the bliss, of being and experiencing being all the elemental energy to, and then being stuffed into this little narrow shoe, which is what the body is, it was excruciating. And I was like, Oh, not again, I can’t go through another period of this. And, of course, I had forgotten and so different divine masters, appeared around my bed from the age of three to the age of seven. And there were 12 masters that came always 12 and as a group, as a group, and they stood around my bed at night. And they would look into my eyes. And of course, I know who all the divine masters are. But I would look into their eyes and I would say how come you all have the same eyes, you’ll have one eyes. In other words, that oneness in their, in their eyes, identical, like I was looking at the same soul. And they said, because we are in a state of oneness, and you will come back and remember, your state of oneness to and that’s why we’re here. We’re here to bring you back into your remembrance of your state of oneness. So what I came to understand is that I, like every other human being, went through the birth tube, and forgot. And they came at a very young age to shake me out of that state of forgetting, because I had a mission. And I’d signed up and said, I’ll take on the contract, I’ll do the mission. And I’ll be here for this consciousness raising during this Golden Age of Enlightenment during this age of the new sun, but I obviously had forgotten. So they were there to wake me up. And so they did everything they could to help wake me up, they took me out of my body every night, from the age of seven, onwards, actually, I’m sorry, excuse me from the age of three to the age of seven, and shortly onwards off to seven, where I was taken to different planets every night by these divine masters. And they would show me these are the realms of the light. And these are the realms of darkness. These are souls that have forgotten their light, and they would show me how to uncover the light within each soul in these different dimensions

Rick Archer: will take you to heavenly planets, and hellish celestial

Mirabai Devi: realms and hell realms just to show you the whole show me the whole range. And they taught me how to transmit light, and how to take the the seat of light and the heart and magnify it and take souls out of darkness and into light.

Rick Archer: So did you actually practice doing that when you’re on a particular planet, you would sort of work with someone and yeah, but you must have been in some ethereal body,

Mirabai Devi: yes, in my authentic body, or in my astral body, but I’d say more likely etheric. And they would show me how it was done. And of course, these masters were doing it since time immemorial. And they were just reminding me of the work that I was to do here in this form. And beyond this world course. And I believe I was doing the work before, but it was some kind of re starting of the process again. And so particularly was showing that my work was on other dimensions, in other words on, you know, many different realms, both hell realms and intermediary realms, beyond the Earth, as well as the Earth. And that was purely from taking people from darkness into light. So

Rick Archer: everyone listening to this takes for granted that there are various realms, I wonder if it would be worth taking a minute or so just to explain how and why there are, you know,

Mirabai Devi: so there are as many realms and dimensions as you can imagine grains of sand, in every beach surrounding the entire Earth, if you could take every grain of sand, that each grain is a dimension or a realm. That’s how many there are. And these beings, these divine masters know their way between all of them.

Rick Archer: And they’re not necessarily off someplace at a distance. They’re right here, right as everywhere.

Mirabai Devi: Yes, this the Chinese doll is the best symbolic image of the Russian dolls, the Russian, Russian doll as a large doll, and inside, you take it apart and inside the smaller doll and take that apart, and there’s another doll inside that and you keep going until you get to the tiniest little doll at the very core. And they’re all kind of inside of it wrapped inside of each other. That’s how the dimensions are everything is here. And now within each dimension is within. So they all go like that Russian doll within each other. So when you’re traveling through the dimensions, our brain and our ego computes time and space. But on the celestial levels, or even beyond, there is no time and space to the soul, there’s no time and space. So when the soul is traveling, there’s no experience of time and space, there’s more just the experience of the forms and the images.

Rick Archer: Do they correspond to one another? So if we could experience the celestial realm in this room, would it be the celestial version of this room? Or does it have a completely different sort of topography, unlike growth, some

Mirabai Devi: of the same and some would be completely different topographies is what we would see on the gross that you’d be in a in a different planet, you wouldn’t even be experiencing this. This is just a movie image projected out by by our collective consciousness, and they wouldn’t necessarily see this experience this, but some can break through and see both depending on their state of consciousness or what their mission is.

Rick Archer: And so what you’re saying is these masters are kind of adept at traversing all the various, like, locked into one or another.

Mirabai Devi: Have you ever started interacting you You ever seen in your dreams when you’re in an elevator, and you’re going from floor to floor in the elevator, and sometimes the elevator breaks and it goes whoosh and you rush all the way down to the bottom right? And imagine those are different dimensions that you’re traveling between. And that’s the experience in our astral bodies, transition, you know, kick, we’re starting, stopping and starting as we go through the floors of the elevator, that’s our astral body translating changing dimensions.

Rick Archer: So sometimes think that a good definition of Enlightenment might be the ability or the capacity to encompass the full range and simultaneously and function in that state. Leslie Yeah, effortlessly and naturally. So you know you’re shopping you’re doing If you’re doing normal stuff, you’re on this level, but you’re also your awareness to versus all the other levels simultaneously as well as the ground state of all levels. Would that be a good definition?

Mirabai Devi: Yes, I just like to say that if you look at people like the Dalai Lama, or any of the great saints and bodhisattvas, and Buddha incarnations, they are, you know, grounded with their feet on the earth and very practical and running a organization and running what they run like a president of a state or country, completely down to earth and practical, but at the same time, trained to traverse the realms and dimensions. And that’s the art. So you’re absolutely entirely accurate there. Yes. It’s a very practical normal state. Enlightenment, very practical, normal consciousness. And at the same time, you’re able to travel through the relative and through the absolute.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I think it’s worth emphasizing because sometimes people have this sort of black and white version of Enlightenment in there. And it’s like, you know, I just want the absolute the world is an illusion, who cares about global warming or whatever, you know, it’s all illusory anyway. And sort of like, not giving each level its dude, justice, or its due regard?

Mirabai Devi: Yes, I believe it was my Hashima hash that said, My shogi that said, knowledge is structured in consciousness. And reality is absolutely structured. According to that level. It has its own rules, it has its own game, it has its own operations. And then you move to the next level completely different. There’s different rules, different game different operating functions, and you can’t take one state of reality and apply it to the next state of reality, because they, they’re not the same. So you can’t take the absolute, and then try to apply it to the relative and say, it doesn’t matter what happens in this world, or in this in this earthly functioning world, because it’s all an illusion. So I think Maharshi also said, you know, if you take someone with a hammer and hit them over the head, they’re gonna feel it right. It’s gonna be painful, and you’ll cause damage. So just in the same way, people say it’s okay to run around and murder people. I mean, no, it’s not on this level, that causes suffering and pain and karma and harm and breaks laws and creates heaps of negative karma and destroys one’s oneself. So no, it’s not okay. And so we need to take care of global warming, we need to take care of the planet, we need to do everything we can, on this level to help and make a difference and make a change. Otherwise, no one would bother. It didn’t matter.

Rick Archer: Good. I think it’s important to emphasize that, yeah, we could spend a whole interview talking about that, but it’s up to you at the age of seven. Okay, so the TM when you’re

Mirabai Devi: seven got into initiated into Tm when I was supposed to be in the children’s technique. That was the children’s technique. Yes. And I later went on did the TM Cities Program in 1993. Okay, when I was 23. And so I did TM most of my life and cities as well didn’t know that. Yes. And my whole family to still practice it. I do. Yes, it is, and everything. Yes, I did. Interesting. Yeah. And so anyhow, at around seven onwards, when I went to school, you know, was in South Africa, that would be junior school, and I shut down. And I shut down pretty much. I mean, shortly after seven, I was still going through the astral traveling to different dimensions and my inner training. But I shut down on the outer level when I went to school, because I was in that experience, for a while, actually was the opposite. I didn’t feel like a normal kid. And I didn’t know how to relate. And I felt very alienated. And my family was going through, you know, their parents got divorced when I was three, and my family were going through that moment of dark night of the soul, with the divorce, and my mom being a single mother. And so during that period at home and the period of being around other people at school, I didn’t know how to relate. And so I went from kindergarten where I was walking around saying, I’m ancient, I can fly. I mean, you can’t fly, of course, you can fly. You know, I fly every night. And, you know, I’m trillions of years old, I’m, I’m ageless, I’m deathless, I’m immortal. So we’re you don’t you know. And it’s seven through junior school, I realized I couldn’t keep talking that way, because people thought I was crazy. So I shut down and stop talking about everything and tried to learn how to fit into this world, this society. And now, you know, in retrospect, hindsight is 2020 I should have gone to a Waldorf school. But at that time, of course, you know, we didn’t know well,

Rick Archer: did you manage to suppress your own experience or you just shut your mouth and didn’t say stuff that would freak people out? I pretty

Mirabai Devi: much went through shutting my mouth. So If I didn’t freak people out, and then after maybe a couple of months or even early years after seven, I shut down the inner level, also, because I didn’t know how to relate to both at the same time, because I was having such a vast inner experience that I couldn’t fit into this world. So I had to shut it down to a certain extent. And in some phases from seven till 1617, almost altogether completely.

Rick Archer: So became a normal adolescent,

Mirabai Devi: because I was talking to David and talking to Celestials, and talking to divine incarnations, and then nobody else knew what I was talking about. So shut it down, and at 17 became vegetarian. And I spent some time when I was 17, around the Hari Krishna organization, you know, coming into the temples and just smelling the incense and hearing the bells and seeing the Indian clothing and eating a vegetarian diet and just work back up again. Yeah, yeah. And after that, I went into from 21 and 22, I went into this insatiable desire for Enlightenment, it was like an unquenchable thirst, where nothing in this world could satisfy me. It was like, nothing in this world can bring me any happiness. All I want is, is God union. And everything else seems so insignificant and paled in comparison. And I really didn’t want to be here anymore on the planet, because obviously, I’d shut down so much, I’d gone into a complete state of separation at that point, which was illusory, of course, because I could never really lose it, because we are it. But as everybody else goes through forgetting I had gone through a period of forgetting. So

Rick Archer: do you see that as having an evolutionary value? I mean, not only for you, but for everybody there. If we acknowledge that the universe is one big evolution machine, it must be well and wisely put that we forget, in order and then eventually discover,

Mirabai Devi: correct? Yes, it’s very intentional, it’s on purpose. And it has its perfection of reasons. And when you see the whole picture, it makes perfect sense.

Rick Archer: Would you say that, having forgotten and then having realized once more, you end up with something more than if you never left the state of oneness?

Mirabai Devi: Yes, it adds a different value to it, because you appreciate it so much more. You know, how they talk about, you know, Radha is the longing. And Krishna is the Beloved. And the feminine is about longing for the beloved. And then the divine masculine, or Shri Krishna represents that principle of merging with the beloved. And so in the same way, the soul, which it could look at in that aspect as feminine, in that it’s the embodiment of that aspect of longing. And when it comes back to itself back to the self, the reuniting process is so glorious, it’s so ecstatic, it’s so triumphant, that there’s nothing that’s just an indescribable experience, that the loss and then the reunion, only that experience can bring you into that those facets of those emotions and feelings and qualities as heights of ecstasy and those depths of darkness that you go through in the longing, you know, the dark night of the soul, or even the desert, many souls go through the desert. I see that even in spiritual communities, people that have been meditating, sometimes 4050 years, and they’re still going through the desert, you know, that happens, people in this town, yes. And so it’s really important to, you know, to break through that phase, those phases and to keep it moving to that place of a finding. And that’s why, you know, it’s very easy for awakened teachers to say, you aren’t, just be it, you’ve never lost it. There’s nothing to do. There’s nowhere to go. There’s only to be here. Now, it’s easy to say that. But when you’re in separation, to find it within there is a whole art, it’s a science, you have to know where to go. And to me that’s the role of a teacher, you know, the role of the teacher is to lift the veils, to help you lift the veils and to generate enough consciousness where you do it yourself with their help and their grace, so that you find it because it’s within it’s not without. And so that moment of reunion is so ecstatic. That’s the whole point. That’s the whole point of the Shiva and the Shakti. They unite, you know, in the whole creation forms. So it’s the last in the game.

Rick Archer: You Yeah, the Upanishad says contact with Brahman is infinite joy. And Maharshi used to say that you know, you don’t Brahman doesn’t become a living reality until you’ve gone through the whole rigmarole, the whole cycle. Yeah, I think is TS Eliot said how did it go? The, the the end of all our seeking will be to come back to the place from whence we started and to know it for the first time.

Mirabai Devi: Oh, yes, I know that. A beautiful thing. Beautiful. Yeah, exactly. My mother used to read that to me when I was a child.

Rick Archer: So you went to India, you had this burning desire for God, the Hari Krishna thing kind of stoke the fire a bit and then

Mirabai Devi: soak the fire. But what turned me vegetarian? Yeah. And then of course, you know, it was just a brief diving into the whole Krishna path just for a short period just to get me my appetites, kick and give me a kick. And then I went off to India, believing you know, in my consciousness, as many people do that India would bring me that Enlightenment that answer that, and I wanted to find a Realized guru. And of course, what happened was that my path was very unique, in the sense that I did spend some time in a couple of different ashrams, and I did have intensive inner journeys. And what was unique to my path is that I believe that my spiritual masters, my spiritual divine beings, were guiding me beyond those particular forms of those, you know, avatars and masters that were in India, and led me to go solo.

Rick Archer: Is it relevant to say which ashrams you went to?

Mirabai Devi: Yeah, I don’t really like to share those because there’s a personnel that, that I did go to a solo retreat in Goa, after living in ashrams. And that was the point. That was the turning point where I lay down on a rock and go out one night under the full moon and frustrated on the rock, to the moon, and I surrendered my life completely. And there was just this overwhelming sense of my throat just tooks up talking about it. There was just this overwhelming sense of I’m done. I can’t go on, there’s nothing left. There’s nothing left that there’s, you know, I said, God, if you don’t show your face to me, if you don’t appear, and take me, then I want to die. I don’t want to stay here in this ignorance in the separation, not one more second. Not one more moment, not one more breath. I’ll never eat food again. I’ll never drink water again. I’ll never get up from the strike. I’m gonna lay here and, and die. And I went off some kind of strike.

Rick Archer: It’s interesting how God sometimes responds to ultimatum. I mean, there’s stories like that there was some guy who held an incense stick. He said, If I’m not enlightened, both hands burns down. I’m killing myself.

Mirabai Devi: Like I know, and it’s funny because I’m a bhakti bhakti Yogini. So my path has been devotion. And so that was, you know, the longing was so excruciating, so intense. And I know Paramahansa Yogananda said, you know, the way to guide is to desire God more than anything else.

Rick Archer: So that should be like, you know, they say, like, holding your breath underwater, the desire, the intensity of desire to breathe is equivalent to how strong your desire for God should be.

Mirabai Devi: And I know it’s true, because I’ve experienced that myself and everything I teach. I say, wisdom is integrated experience, unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, how do you really know. And so I experienced that I reached that end, and I lay down on the rock. And that’s what happened is that I was told get up and go back to your cabin. And I got up and went back to my cabin, and I laughed and cried for eight hours, and merged, emerged through many different stages and phases. And it would be hard to describe them all in this interview, because obviously, it’s a it’s a it’s volumes of what you know, it’s the timeless pneus of the infinite levels of experience you go through in that moment, and then I broke through, into the absolute. And I did have an experience, although I do share this pot is one of the stages was an experience of moving into the Godhead, and meeting what I described as the celestial being, who then said, you have to go back some particular celestial but yes, there was a there was an experience of meeting the Godhead. And the Celestial Being was said to me, you need to go back, and you need to help raise the consciousness of humanity and help the planet. And I also heard and help your family and help all to awaken. Now you have awakened you need to experience others to awaken and I said, Well, that’s impossible because I didn’t do anything. All they did was lay down on the rock and day. possibly help them I don’t even know what I did. How could I share with anybody what to do?

Rick Archer: I can imagine your teaching retreats OK everybody, lie down and die. That’s the question actually is that, you know, you came to this sort of crescendo or this junction point where you couldn’t go any further. But I suppose I shouldn’t think that that can be fabricated or faked in any way, you were kind of at a level of ripeness, where the fruit is ready to fall off the tree, mixing metaphors. But, you know, most people may have some time to go before they reach that that level of intensity.

Mirabai Devi: Yes, it’s a ripening, it’s a maturity, it can happen over 1000s and 1000s, of lifetimes, you know. And obviously, I had come in already in unity, then gone into separation, and then had to find that unity again, and I was just done, I was absolutely done with playing the game, you know. And one of the things I remember is I pulled off my jewelry and my clothes, and I said, I’m done with being the actress in this in this movie, I am no longer going to participate in this movie, and I had to let go of my identity, I had to burn my identity. And identity was the ego identity, identity of being, you know, a woman and being in separation and coming from South Africa and having this family and doing this particular journey. And whatever I had come from believing I was separate, I had to release that identity. And then this new self was born. And this new self was, all I can describe was that when I when I was sent back from that celestial realm to come in, I sort of remember this kicking and screaming feeling of thought the second time. But this time, consciously, I came back in consciously kicking and screaming and having this sort of pit in my stomach of like, I’ve actually going to leave the celestial realm and be here and do this work even for a minute, like how unbearable and then they kept saying to me, because I had the clear audience intact. From that moment forth, they kept the divine kept saying, It’s okay, we’ll do three, it’s okay, you won’t be in that separation. Again, you won’t have to go through that separation again. And we will be with you. And we will tell you what to do every step of the way.

Rick Archer: I mean, the whole idea is, this time, you’re not leaving it, you’re not leaving, you’re just sort of staying in it while doing this.

Mirabai Devi: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. And so 10 years, everything was made out of vibrating light, I couldn’t see any solid form for for 10 years afterwards. And also I was I went through some very intense phases, which I’m sure could be described, as you know, that like cosmic consciousness of God consciousness phases, where I was seeing the Devas and the trees, and I was seeing the auras of humans and animals, and I was able to talk to the divers and plants and then I went through phases of, you know, being not knowing how to be human didn’t know how to have normal conversations and how to do normal things, couldn’t function in the relative for short periods of time, when I would go into the states would just bleed through. And then there would be moments of just not being practical. So it took 10 to 15 years to be able to function normally and practically, and then it just kicked in and turn the opposite.

Rick Archer: So you normal and practical totally,

Mirabai Devi: totally. It takes time, though. Because it’s kind of like learning to drive a car. And then to drive a bicycle, it’s like you’re staying connected to those realms, and then you’re in this realm, and you’re trying to function in this realm and you at when you’re in the full blown experience, it’s hard to have a normal conversation, it’s hard to even understand where people are coming from, because you’re not in that perception. And so after a while, it’ll filters back through and you’re able to hold it all and it starts to feel very normal. And I think to a certain extent, you tune out as much as you need to tune out. And then you turn on as soon as you need to turn on, so that you can function as micro detailed as you need to. Yeah, and it’s sort of more like a radio station, you just dial it in and out as you need it. And you learn to navigate with one foot in one world and one foot in the other world. And that takes practice. It takes a lot of practice

Rick Archer: for the zoom lens of a camera as a good analogy. You know, sometimes you focus in here sometimes you take a wide shot at play, you know,

Mirabai Devi: exactly. And, and I think really what I came to understand is that I was here to share I’m an ordinary person. You know, I’ve had an ordinary life and certain extent I’ve been to school and into high school and into college

Rick Archer: ever been married, boyfriends, all that stuff

Mirabai Devi: had a normal layout. Yeah, yep, all that stuff and had a normal life. And that my experience was to show people you know, if if I can desire God more than anything and have a breakthrough and into unity in you know, into God’s union then anybody can and everybody can, and everybody has that capacity because everybody is the divine light and is the is The light is the self. It’s just that we’ve got so many veils in the way, and so much karma in the way. And this leads me to the next thing. It took about 10 to 15 years to burn it off that that that intensity of these two living in the two worlds and the light

Rick Archer: Did you feel like a lot of burning and purging was taking place during that 10 years?

Mirabai Devi: Yes, because of course your programs don’t go right. You know, your personal karma is still there. When you come back,

Rick Archer: I got some new one and an old one scamp exactly, it’s

Mirabai Devi: kind of like people who have a near death experience in the hospital and their bodies broken, and, you know, completely cut up. And then they come back into this body and it’s excruciating. And they go, Oh, my God, I’m back from the celestial experience in a celestial realm. And I have to deal with this body that’s dying. And they’re an emergency ward in the hospital.

Rick Archer: And that is that some people have a radical awakening like that. And it can leave them not knowing how to brush their teeth. It just takes years as you say, to learn to function as a normal human being. Other people never seem to have something like that. It seems like it’s more incremental. They, they they take a bite, they chew it, swallow it take another bite to eat as well. And, and Enlightenment kind of sneaks off as a thief in the night, you know, as it says in the Bible. And next thing they know they’re in this sort of awakened state, but without having having gone through anything. So do you think that both are legitimate things? Or do you think that even those people I just mentioned who are more incremental are at some point going to have an explosion that they’re going to have to somehow integrate?

Mirabai Devi: Well, first of all, I’d say both are legitimate things. I would imagine that the thief in the night way would be so much easier, because you integrated each mouthful. Yeah, one bite at a time. And ultimately, they’re going to have that kind of bleed through. It’s hard to say and maybe some do, and some don’t. But certainly my experience right after in India, when I had that full immersion in the absolute for eight weeks, when I came back in, when I ate food, or went to the bathroom or brush my teeth, I experienced that I was the water, I was the toothbrush, I was the soap washing the body, I was the cows in the field, I was the grass, it was the sky, it was the food itself that was being consumed. So I didn’t have any identity with being an individual self. So functioning was like I had to tell my leg, okay, step by step walk, lift the foot. Because at some point, even though it was all of course doing it itself, which it knows how to do it itself. There was some part of me that was like, you know, I am the grass and I am the foot and how do you get the foot to lift on the grass? Well, it’s all automatically programmed, of course, but there was a phase immediately where I was submerged into everything. I didn’t know if it would operate unless I made it operate until I realized, till I realized that it’s all automatic, you can let it go. It’s all automatic, it’s going to do it itself. And it’s gonna feel weird in the beginning to be everything. And it will slowly it slowly come down to the point where you are able to experience both simultaneously without being overly blown open. Right? I was overly blown open. So takes time to normalize and ground and get back to practice. It took me like 10 years, 15 years. And like I said, the karmic tapes are still going so you still have all the karma to burn through when you come back in. And that’s a process you know, to to let that burning happen. That was the burning and the purification that was happening over the 15 years.

Rick Archer: Right? Yeah. And even then, when you were in that state where you could barely function there must have been some revenue. I mean, when you would eat you would put the food in your mouth, you wouldn’t put it in your shoe. There would be some sense of okay, this goes here and their foot goes in the shoe. There is but you know you’re so blown open that it’s bizarre. Yeah,

Mirabai Devi: it feels really weird. kind of goofy. Like wait I am the food now I’m on the fork. Now I’m in the mouth, which is which is which is me. I’m all about how do I operate this

Rick Archer: and the I referring to there? It’s not like okay, Mira Baez, in the food. You’re talking about the

Mirabai Devi: cosmic sound cosmic self

Rick Archer: and everything is that

Mirabai Devi: you are that you are the All that is you either that,

Rick Archer: right? But the integration of that doesn’t imply the loss of it. Right? Yeah. It’s more it’s just integration.

Mirabai Devi: Yes, it’s integration. And then you learn to be within the skin at the same time, and then it just everything turns down. Radically turns down.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Because a few minutes ago, you were saying things in the past tense? Well, I was seeing the Davis and I was seeing auras, and I was seeing all the celestial levels and all that. But I mean, don’t you still see all that stuff? But it’s, it’s just kind of like, integrate it? Will you turn it

Mirabai Devi: on and off when you need it? It’s not all open all the time simultaneously and every moment.

Rick Archer: You’re not seeing everybody’s auras because there’s no need to So now

Mirabai Devi: you can choose to turn the dial down and turn it up when you need it. So when I do a gathering or an individual session or a group or whatever, then I’ll turn it up. And if I’m just walking down the street, going to the shop, to the store, and then I’ll turn it down so that I can have an easier time at all.

Rick Archer: Yeah, interesting how it’s tunable. It’s tunable. Did you ever see the hugging saying,

Mirabai Devi: I didn’t? Yeah, many times.

Rick Archer: You know this thing she does Devi Baba. Yeah. And where she’d like removes a bunch of veils. And it’s like, blast furnace time.

Mirabai Devi: Holly comes through. Yeah, very interesting. So Holly, yeah, she’s wonderful. She’s great. Yeah.

Rick Archer: So you’re gonna start saying something. And then I wanted to interject a question about the previous thing to remember what you’re gonna start saying? I don’t? Well, let’s see where should we go from here. So anything comes to mind start speaking, but

Mirabai Devi: but I do remember, it just came back. What what happens is that, then when you start the teaching phase, what happens with that is that there are different inner masters. Then later, mentors, masters and mentors that then showed me how to burn the karma off again, in humans and transmitted. So what went from, I don’t know how to do any of this, to them, showing me from the inner planes and from the outer world as to how to burn karma off for people and take them out of darkness into light learning how to heal the physical, emotional, mental bodies, and learning how to take people into higher states of consciousness through taking veils of negativity and darkness and karma and illusion from people. So of course, you know, there were inner teachers, that that was supreme beings that that were expanded on celestial realms that took me through realms and dimensions. Again, from that stage on during that 10 year integration period, there was what I described the rewiring and regridding process, you following me? And the rewiring of regridding processes, the rewiring of the individual nervous system, and the electrical system, so that you can handle high frequencies of light, while still being in a human form, you have to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade without blowing all your circuits at the same time. So that’s what was taught to me over those 10 years and done on me. Make sense? Yes, absolutely. Okay. I

Rick Archer: can think of casualty cases where some circuits are blown, you know, I mean, it’s a delicate process.

Mirabai Devi: Yes, exactly. And yeah, they are casualty cases with circuits get blown. And that’s what we try to avoid

Rick Archer: with safety first marches to.

Mirabai Devi: Yes, I remember that. Yes. And so what happened is that I learned a certain amount from the inner realms and the inner planes on how to burn and transmit karma and how to transmit light and also how to work with individuals to take them into higher states of consciousness, and how to heal the physiology. And then later on, I had the blessing of meeting to two different male teachers that became colleagues of mine and great friends and mentors that then ended up changing the course of my work. The one was Thomas, Ashley, Fran, or nama Deva, who is one of the world’s experts on mantras. And he taught Mantra to the planet to the Western world. And I ended up traveling with him all over the US, where he would teach Mantra, and I would do light transmission and teach people about spiritual activation and healing. And then the second one once was more in the last 10 years was how it wills and how it wills, of course, brought the forgiveness prayers from the Divine Light, he was given the forgiveness prayers from the Divine Light, he’s an awakened being. And he was shown how to instantaneously heal people’s physiologies. And I had been given the gift when I had my awakening in India. One of the little calling card blessings that the divine left me with when I came back into normal waking state was the gift of instantaneous healing. And I prayed for it to be taken from me during those 10 years, because it was too much to come back and integrate and then have that gift. On top of everything else. It was like, I can’t deal with all this all at once. You know, I’m trying to maintain a separation of wobbly I’m like a toddler learning how to walk walk as a human again. And then I can’t have people coming to me and seeking me out for instantaneous healing on top of that, and they I was trying to reform an identity and I didn’t want my ego to take it. So meeting how it was 10 years ago, and his instantaneous healing and his forgiveness prayers was just the catalyst that opened that door back up for me again, and he helped me to get that instantaneous gift for healing back and I spread the forgiveness prayers to millions of people around the world, because they’re so potent in cleansing and transmuting karma. And also the light transmissions that I had been giving in the form of the darshans. And the style that Howard wills was working in, became more integrated into my teachings through cleansing through forgiveness, healing through forgiveness, and working with cleansing and peacemaking became a huge part of my teaching. And I’ve been teaching those both with Howard wells, and by myself around the world, for the past 10 years, as well as doing what I was doing before with the Darshan, and the taking people into higher states of consciousness and transmitting karmis, I found this new form has very much been compatible with where I was coming from and found, I found that it was a way for me on a personal level, to be able to have less ego identification with it all. Because there’s a system involved. And that system is really not just, you know, me, it’s a system of prayer. And it’s working with the Divine Light, where I can just be the conduit, and then people can still have the results. And then I can give them the prayers to do at home so they can continue the results on their own, versus what was happening to me before, which was just direct.

Rick Archer: You’ve had many years of experience of silent meditation, transcending and so on. Yes. And Howard came to town about 10 years ago, and I went and I got the pairs, but I’ve never been much of a prayer. You know, I mean, I read them for a couple of days. But I’m so in the habit of just transcending. Yeah. I felt like this is too much mental chatter. I don’t feel like doing this. Yes. So what would you say to somebody like me about that?

Mirabai Devi: Oh, lots of people in Fairfield asked me that. And here’s, here’s the thing I’ve had, you know, I’ve had both sides. I’ve been merged in the absolute where you are merged in the Godhead, and who are you praying to? Who is praying to her? Right? Okay. So it’s really important to know that the ego and personality is not God. Okay, it’s a part of God, but it’s not God. So the Godhead the Supreme Self, is who the the ego personality mind, lower, lower levels of the human talking to the higher and I call it higher self, because it’s easier for people that are used to transcending to understand when you’re transcending, you’re transcending into the absolute, you’re transcending into the self, when you’re back out in your personality and your ego mind, which you may or may not be, depending, then that’s really all prayer is it’s the lower self talking to the higher self. It’s the ego mind personality, talking to the Divine Self, the divine nature, it’s all one. It’s just one’s ice and one steam, they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum. And so the ice is the human mind, ego, personality, and the steam is the spirit is the self. And they’re all one that for cleansing the mind, the ego and the personality that are in separation. We do need techniques and peacemaking or forgiveness is a technique. Prayer is a technique where we’re talking to the Divine Self, to ask for the grace factor. And there’s other ways to access grace. Also, the light transmission is access grace, meditation, access is grace. But prayer certainly accesses grace. So for somebody who is more deeply merged, and needs less words, that you know, that can be the case, although peacemaking cleanses the lower levels, we always need to cleanse the lower levels, we need to cleanse the ice and melt the ice. So So depending on your state of consciousness, I would say, would be dependent on what techniques you need or whether you need a teacher or not. If somebody is functioning on the practical and merged into the absolute, and their lower, lower levels of mind, ego and personality are not causing chaos or disruption or negative karma or disease, then maybe you would need them. But most people have physical disease or emotional disease or mental disease, or they have karmic repercussions from negative actions, negative thoughts and negative words. And that’s what the prayers work on. They don’t work on the soul level because the souls already relate. It’s complete. In itself. Everybody’s got something self referral. Everybody has some comment. Of course, that’s the way it’s meant to be. People think that they’re just supposed to be perfect. But it doesn’t work that way.

Rick Archer: We probably wouldn’t be here if you were

Mirabai Devi: this is a finishing school. This is a completion training and to some people it’s a kindergarten so we have all levels of school here on the earth plane. Yeah, we do. What arrange and Love to says have to fit this in real quick here. Paramahansa Yogananda in one of his books, I believe it was Autobiography of a Yogi he said, The earth is the second most dense physical planet in the physical universe. And in many ways, if you look at the higher the first dimension, everybody asks that he never said that actually, but not to my knowledge, maybe he said it to his inner circles. But if you understand it that way, then it ranges all the way from kindergarten to PhD. So we’ve got people here on in kindergarten level, and we’ve got people here learning PhD levels of different techniques, different teachers, would apply to different folks.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Since we’re referring to marshy a fair amount, we since we both have that background, I read something from him recently, in which he was saying that the amplifier amplification, simultaneous amplification of both positive and negative is very conducive to awakening global awakening, that if it were just sort of one or the other, there wouldn’t be so much of a need or an impetus or move on nature’s part to awaken the planet. But the fact that there’s a sort of polarity that has developed that to a great degree, is somehow a harbinger of, of dramatic transformation.

Mirabai Devi: Can I share from my own experience, I grew up in South Africa and the apartheid era, where there was a silent revolution, the outer revolution never happened. But the form of the revolution was very advanced crime. And Johannesburg, the city I grew up in was the number one crime capital of the world. And so the suffering that I witnessed was so extreme, that when I came and moved to the United States, based on my spirit calling me to be here, in 1998, the, what I saw here was comfort. And I didn’t see the growth, the levels of growth, the extreme amount of suffering that I’d seen in South Africa, or you would see in India, too, because I’d spend time of course, in 92, in India, I didn’t see that in the United States. And I saw a kind of a left Tai Ji arrived here in 98. And was like, half the people I met were on coffee, you know, sleeping tablets to sleep at night, numbing out watching television, living on junk food, antidepressants, every second person. And I realized that it was because they didn’t have the level of suffering, that keeps people on their toes in South Africa that makes people so desperate for God and for Enlightenment and for change, and for breakthrough and for solution. And what I noticed is when 911 happened here, and the whole country went into fear, and I remember because I was in South Carolina teaching a lightworker training at the time. And I remember seeing on the news, what had happened on 911. And the whole environment went into fear. And the first thought I had is, this feels like South Africa, South Africa is in that amount of fear. And now the US is in that amount of fear. And it feels like South Africa. And I noticed the awakening went like that it skyrocketed often 911 Although that was a traumatic tragedy, which we give a lot of credit to the suffering that the people went through. And everybody the whole country went through in the whole world went through, I certainly saw a rise in consciousness, it was a kickboard to wake people up, and at work many people. And that has continued to happen since then. So I have to say, I have personally experienced that suffering. And even fear can turn people towards the light and towards the spiritual path and towards spiritual solutions. And many great saints have said, unless we have some form of pain or suffering, we don’t always turn towards God. Yeah. And it’s unfortunate, isn’t it that as a species, we tend to get lazy and lethargic. And this we our head against the wall. And that’s when usually people stop praying, or stop meditating or start looking at how can I change my life? Or let me find a great spiritual teacher or let me do something? A healer? That’s an awakened agent for change.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s funny. I have this dear friend, we used to call ourselves disaster area and it’s because whenever something bad would happen in the world, we think change is happening. The world is changing, we’d have this positive reaction our wives would look at us like what the heck’s wrong you guys,

Mirabai Devi: but as a fire elements in you

Rick Archer: that we wanted people to suffer and thing but, you know, obviously we all want the world to change. And we’re kind of interpreting events as being indicative of change, you know, rather than as being just a bad thing happening.

Mirabai Devi: And people sometimes don’t like it to gatherings when I open up talking about what a critical condition the world is in. And the reality is, some people like to have their head in the sand and they don’t want to hear it. And it’s the reality our world is in a critical state. And that is an agent for change. That’s when we all need to rally together, as in communities, and make the changes that need to be made, find the solutions that need to be implemented, and do whatever we can to bring in the light in the new paradigms in the new solutions. So it’s not a negative thing. It’s just that again, it’s that kickboard, that agent for change, that we need to move quickly and do something about it. Unfortunately, some people are, but many people are still with their heads in the sand saying I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know.

Rick Archer: And wouldn’t you say that people like yourself and other spiritual teachers, they’re doing their best to sort of lubricate the process? You know, I mean, it doesn’t have to be too traumatic in the, the trauma can be minimized. As the more the more the spiritual element can be infused into the world consciousness, the less dramatic the transformation has to be, for one way or the other. The transformation has to be

Mirabai Devi: exactly has to happen. Yeah, that’s time has come. We’re in it. We’re in the time now. Yeah, there’s no more time.

Rick Archer: Even on the news, I mean, news, you know, the news, I watch the news every night. And you know, even the Brian Williams on NBC News says things like, you know, people are starting to feel like, you know, the world is coming to an understanding, there’s so many disasters and so many difficult situations. I mean, ISIS is beheading people on, on TV, and, you know, we’ve got Ebola and Africa breaking out and Syria situation is crazy. And, and, you know, it’s like, people are scratching their heads and saying, What’s this, and now we have, and then when there’s global warming, which are people who are really into that say that could wipe out a good portion of humanity, and, and even all of us if the temperature rises six degrees centigrade, would be incompatible with human life. So some people are a little pessimistic, and then can’t quite see and even people with a spiritual bent, who you know, are focusing on that stuff can’t quite see how a spiritual transformation is going to manage to circumvent the huge momentum of negativity that seems to be building. So I imagine you have a different perspective.

Mirabai Devi: Well, I’ve been working very closely with this, as you can imagine, over the last 10 to 20 years, and my experiences is that this is critical. And this is the catalyst to get us to do something about it. And we are in that period of time, right now, as we were just saying, where the changes need to be implemented. And the new paradigms need to be brought about. And it’s not that we don’t have the solutions, we have the solutions. We’ve already seen all around the world, so many great solutions being presented for all of our world’s problems. We just need to use them, we need to implement them, we need to acquire them and make the changes. And slowly, slowly, it’s being realized. And so if more political heads and more countries would really take action to refuse to continue the old ways we’ve been doing things and really step into the the ways that we can move from here on out, I’m trying to think of the exact word. There’s a there’s a word for that. We’ll just say a plan your solutions. And this is what innovation, innovations, new technology.

Rick Archer: There’s all kinds of cool posts, yes. And so

Mirabai Devi: and many of them have been tested and proven to work,

Rick Archer: energy things. And I mean, we could pave the roads with solar panels, there are people working on your car, they would provide free energy for everybody, and they would charge your car as it drove along.

Mirabai Devi: There’s so many I mean, we could spend hours talking about the amount of solutions that have been found by people around the world. And now it’s time to implement them. And so I feel that we need to turn our back on the negativity and the past and what we’ve done and really embrace these solutions and move quickly on them. Because the time like you said, the environment, the global warming, the natural cataclysms that are speeding up. That’s the pressure cooker. It’s nature just putting us into the pressure cooker saying Do or die. Yeah. You know, get off that get off the seat and take some action. It’s the it’s the way to kick us into action. And it’s really a wake up call a major wake up call and it’s a furnace, not just in terms of global warming and the physical heat, but it’s a furnace on a spiritual level, also to get us to really wake up and that that seems to be a known factor around the world and spiritual communities and And even in environmental communities. So now let’s see what happens.

Rick Archer: Let’s see. I mean, it’s a kind of a, there’s so many stories it’s a David and Goliath kind of a story. Because you know, the the powers that be see, they seem so strong and so dominant and so much in control of everything. And the government has gridlocked. And the oil companies have billions of dollars and all this stuff. And where are these spiritual people meditating, putting out good vibes, and a lot of people are thinking people are crazy to think that you’re actually going to affect any kind of change. But you and I know that the subtle is more powerful than the gross

Mirabai Devi: consciousness is what is the factor for change, right? Nothing. Relative fulcrum, nothing on the relative can change without consciousness, because consciousness is what creates it. So what we see on the planet today is a reflection of the low level of consciousness of the masses that we had. Now you have these spiritual pockets around the world that have raised the consciousness and are trying to impact the rest of the world to raise their consciousness. Because as consciousness rises, we look at some of the things we’ve been doing. And we see It’s barbaric. It’s barbarianism, it’s, it’s, it’s pre historic barbarianism, and we’re still allowing things like this to occur on our planet, even though we know it’s destroying the environment. We know it’s destroying the earth, we know it’s destroying nature. And so how can we allow this to continue, and everybody, at some level that looks into it knows that’s true. And so it’s just a matter of us. As I said, we have to, we have to trust that consciousness is changing, and that the positive will prevail, and that the old paradigm structures will fall away. In other words, these very dominant, aggressive male patriarchal structures that are keeping the planet and nature suppressed and in Domination will have to fall away and give way to these new paradigm solutions that will save the planet and will be uplifting for nature and will be uplifting for all life forms on the earth, otherwise, the planet’s not going to make it. And that is I know, many spiritual teachers have been talking about this for the last 20 to 50 years that we’re going to come to this critical time of change, where we’re going to have to make the decision, we’re going to have to take actions that are going to bring about this global change. Otherwise, they don’t know whether we’re going to make it or not. And to a large extent, I feel we are, I feel we are although it is hot, and it is going to get hotter over the next year or to be talking about literally, I’m talking about energetically, and climate wise with the cataclysm. This is prophecy this has been prophesized by the Mayans and other great prophets, that this is going to happen to force humanity so to speak, to choose positivity, to choose love to choose unity, and to choose life preserving technology, instead of to move towards and continue that path of destruction which we need to move away from. It’s just obvious. So that’s what we’re that’s what we’re magnifying focusing on tensions on praying for energizing and supporting is these new pots.

Rick Archer: Yeah, one can get pessimistic, because it seems like the powers that are in control are so intractable, and how can we change things, but I really feel like, like you’re saying that there’s a momentum, and it’s growing, and it’s subtle, but powerful. And somehow or other. I mean, you know, look at how much the world has changed from one century to the next. And no one could have foreseen the, the degree of the changes, they always think things are going to pretty much stay the way they are. But then there’s huge changes. Yes. And so that’s,

Mirabai Devi: I’d like to comment on that, I would say that the light will always prevail, the truth will always prevail, and that there will be a positive outcome. I don’t believe that, that it’s immediate. Some people felt that in 2012, you know, we’re all gonna wake up the whole planet. Everyone was gonna start levitating and walking through walls and manifesting instantaneously. And all of that was what we all talked about as being part of the Golden Age or the fifth dimension, or whatever you want to call it. But the reality is, change takes time. And there is if we focus on all the pockets and areas where the change is coming, and we positive things are being done. And we’re consciousness is rising, we keep focusing on that little by little by little things sometimes need to fall apart before they get better and little by little they’re going to get better. And I think there’s going to be some more falling apart to come until things get better, but they will get better. They will improve. There’s no doubt about it.

Rick Archer: We’ll think about it. I mean, think about how many things there are on this If that really have no business being here, you know, I mean, just take some obvious examples tobacco companies, and you know, GMOs and the whole oil industry which, you know, served us for a while. But it’s, it’s really antiquated now and obsolete. If we’re really going to undergo the kind of change you’re talking about, some of those things are going to have to collapse.

Mirabai Devi: These are the old paradigms that I was referring to, that are not life preserving, that are destructive, and that are going to destroy the human race as well as the other life on the planet. That the reality is that these old paradigms must fall during this time, so that the new paradigms that are life preserving, can come into being. And so we’re going to see more and more of that crumbling of the old and the birthing of the new and as the old is crumbling, it’s not pretty. It’s it gets a stronghold and gets more intense.

Rick Archer: I was out on a boat ride on Lake Lucerne with Maharshi one time, and he was talking about this topic, and you know, things were gonna get kind of wild and, and people were saying, Well, how can we survive this Maharishi, you know, he said, just hold on to yourself.

Mirabai Devi: Because the light is within you, and the latest peace. And if you hold on to that peace within you, and that light within you, then everything that’s happening on the outside, you can bring light to that you can bring peace to that. And just keep remembering we’re not this body, we’re not this fullness is that we are here to help make a difference. We’re here on this planet in this world to make a difference. And to help bring in the new paradigms to help the life prevail. We’re here to do the work, we are the hands and feet of God. And yes, things are falling apart. And they’re going to continue to fall apart because things are not going to be pretty during this period. I mean, if you just look at what’s going on in the planet, and how it’s intensifying. For some people, that’s very scary. But when you understand that it’s it’s a purification, of the old crumbling and the new rising, it’s going to look ugly for a while. Look what

Rick Archer: happens to the poor Caterpillar, he goes into this cocoon and turns to mush his whole body disintegrates. And then somehow, rather these imaginal cells begin to form and begin to take structure. And next thing, you know, you have a butterfly coming out. So

Mirabai Devi: beautiful. Flies are symbols of transformation. And we’re undergoing major transformation on the planet. And anyone knows, when you’re undergoing transformation, it’s painful, you feel like you’re being ripped apart, your life is being ripped apart, it’s upside down, it’s a mess, even the planet is being ripped apart, upside down in a mess, but that orderliness inside of the soul of the spirit and the knowledge of the self, the orderliness of that inner, infinite impeccability. That organizing power of the universe, that is, universe functions according to absolute precision, nothing happens. By mistake, nothing happens by chance. Everything is deliberately on purpose, whether it’s a cancer in your body, whether it’s global warming, it’s on purpose, like you said, it’s all part of the evolutionary cycle to wake us up. And to get us to make different choices, different decisions, and to learn the lessons and do better. So I’d say love, serve, give, transform, bless, and stay focused on positive thoughts, words and actions, and keep on the path of positivity, because it is ultimately only going to get better. And that’s not just hopeful thinking. That’s because there’s somebody in charge of this universe.

Rick Archer: That’s beautiful. We have about five minutes left, and I hate to like, throw away five minutes because I could talk to you all day. And but that was such a beautiful statement, I almost am tempted to make that a concluding statement. there’s anything else you’d like to say? Do you feel like we’ve done it for now?

Mirabai Devi: There’s so much more I could say. I mean, really just the main focus of my work is divine love, and is the path of self love, and teaching people how to love themselves, and to receive love from the self. And that when we can really stop beating ourselves up in our life, stop judging ourselves, stop criticizing ourselves, stop negating ourselves and focus like I was saying on that deep inner state of love and magnifying that and making that the most important thing in our lives that we’re loving person, and that everything we’re doing thinking and speaking, is loving is positive is uplifting as beneficial to the planet is helping others. That’s what we take with us when we leave here. We don’t take with us the rest. We don’t take with us anything else material, anything else that we’ve created, just what we’ve done on an inner level wherever we complete ourselves to be He, in that state of love, when we leave this world is what we take with us. And where we go to, when we leave, we go to places that reflect that, that held us held us in more love. And that then we’re able to evolve. So even though we’re in the fire in the washing machine here, stay focused on what’s real, stay focused on transforming yourself, even though the world is tumbling around, transform yourself, focusing inside on your inner stay, meditate on the Light, meditate on the love that you are, and meditate on the divine within you and fortify yourself, strengthen yourself, so that you have the resilience to be able to walk through this world and not be thrown like a leaf on the wind here and there just affected by all the suffering around you. That when you’re strong, and your cup is overflowing, and you’ve given to yourself, and you’ve received that love, and you’ve taken care of nurturing yourself, you have infinite amount of gift to others, and you can help others and you can help your community and you can make a difference. And that’s where our focus needs to be. Not on the negativity, because that drains our energy.

Rick Archer: When he coming back to Fairfield, again, I’m not sure yet, maybe next year, be 20 It’d

Mirabai Devi: be 2015.

Rick Archer: I’d like to do this again, when they come back. Wonderful.

Mirabai Devi: I’d love that. Thank you.

Rick Archer: Because really, I mean, I could sit here all day, questions keep coming. And let’s talk about this. Our time is limited. So this is very sweet. And, you know, lest you don’t pick up on this to the video camera. And you might think that she’s just a very eloquent person, there’s a beautiful energy around you. And she can just feel myself kind of bathing in it, and very uplifting and clarifying and sweet. So I really think that you embody that of which you speak.

Mirabai Devi: Thank you. There is no separation. Right? Right. Only that which is in our minds.

Rick Archer: Yeah. You know what it is? There’s, it’s like, when I’m in the presence of someone who is, you know, highly evolved or enlightened or something, that it’s almost like there’s a feeling that the air is thick with something that is, is by no means isolated to their immediate physical presence is like a fullness or a wholeness kind of permeates the the atmosphere. Feels good, doesn’t it? Yeah, very good. Great, so they make some concluding remarks. I’ve been speaking with nearby Devi. And this is one of an ongoing series of interviews. If you go to batgap.com, you will find them all archived and indexed in various ways, alphabetical chronological, categorical. And we’re going to be putting up a page also where you can search for events in your area. In other words, you could like search London and see of all people I’ve interviewed what might be coming up in London, or you could sort it by teacher and you could search on nearby and you’d see all of her events that are coming up and, and so, so there’s that and various other things if you explore the menus on the site, batgap.com. And of course, there’ll be a page about nearby dedicated to this interview. And from there, you will find links to her website. Have you written any published books doing books I

Mirabai Devi: do. I have a book called Samadhi, the essence of the Divine there, and I have four published CDs that are on my website on CD Baby. The book is actually on amazon.com.

Rick Archer: You can order it through Amazon directly from this. You can get it

Mirabai Devi: on my website or on amazon.com as well as my four CDs on CD Baby or directly on my website.

Rick Archer: So that just about covers it. Thank you very much for listening or watching. We’re gonna take the weekend off next week. The following weekend will be Judith Blackstone.