002. Angela Mailander

I was born in Germany in 1940 and have lived in France, Greece, India, China, and seven states within the U.S.

When I was fifteen, I taught my first class of ESL and, eight years later, began to develop my own approach. I’ve taught Literature, Writing, Creative Writing (publishing a couple of chapbooks of poetry) and have teaching experience at every level of instruction from pre-school to grad school. I’ve also taught History, Linguistics, German, French, and Russian.

Two Ph.D.s—one in English, one in Comparative Studies—didn’t turn out to be a career advantage.  They made men with only one of them too nervous, but I hear that too much education is no longer a problem for women. Is it true?  Spending 28 years in an inter-racial marriage and raising a family was as valuable an education as my stint in academe.

I’m still teaching, taking care of teenage boys in my home, and enjoy art in my spare time.

Interview recorded 11/18/2009.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.