045. Janet Sussman

Janet Sussman is a transformational musician, seminar leader, intuitive counselor, and published author. She has given concerts throughout the United States and has created two albums, Bridges and Subtle Bodies. She is known for her ability to use music to create a powerful process of spiritual journeying and awakening. She is also the author of Timeshift: The Experience of Dimensional Change and The Reality of Time, which has been praised by spiritual luminary Dr. Jean Houston as “in the nature of a revelation.”

Janet is a specialist in the architecture of the subtle bodies. In her written and musical works, as well as her intuitive counseling, she transmits a consciousness awakening and an opening into celestial light. Students report experiences of unity, of merging with the other while maintaining the core value of the Self.

Janet has developed a system of subtle energy balancing called Sunpoint™ which works to enhance the core identity of the individual and bring an experience of transcendent wholeness. Sunpoint can be practiced hands-on or as a long-distance healing methodology. This method can be transferred to individual practitioners for their own use and in the support of others.

Janet also utilizes music as a means of relaxation and as a point of departure into a journeying process of the spirit. Her original keyboard improvisations and highly developed vocal skills bring the listener into direct, primary knowledge of the chakras (human energy centers), acting as a core indicator of blockages and anomalies stored in the field. Janet’s loving, clear translation of subtle imagery opens the participant to a clear, insightful examination of their inner state. She specializes in researching the movement of energy through the heart chakra. She views this model in terms of “stations” through which primary energetic conduits transfer knowledge from one spiritual chamber of the heart to another. The emphasis is on opening the individual to a deeper experience of receiving from both personal and Divine sources of love. This can then be transferred to the “giving chamber” of the heart which governs the flow of energy to the environment.

Website: http://www.timeportalpubs.com/

Interview recorded 11/12/2010