399. Mike Jenkins

Mike JenkinsMike Jenkins trained as an actor and has worked in theatres in London and around the UK. He later worked as a performing arts teacher and customer services trainer and now creates and manages websites to help people connect with their audience. He has written two stage plays, a growing collection of poetry, and has always been drawn to expressing his own perception and perspectives and exploring those of others, through the creative arts. Mike loves to talk, sing, walk, read, write, cook, eat, sleep, and to help others feel and know the deep joy, grace, and peace at the centre of all life.

After many years of mental and emotional distress in his 20’s and a diagnosis of cancer at the age of 29, Mike began an intense spiritual search that led him to teachings on nonduality that sparked a series of awakenings and set him on a journey to integrate those shifts into everyday life.

Website: heartofpresence.co.uk


Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded 5/6/2017

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.