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  1. Great reminders about taking care of the body. I tend to ignore the physiology but as the liveliness moves to the surface, this is becoming more obvious.

    Senses flood out and fill all values of creation.

    Yeah, I usually feel the bigger shifts coming too.

    Yes, the importance of appreciation and acknowledgment of what supports you. Cooperation and engagement.

    Rick then raises the point that a human nervous system can only know any one thing at a time. Bucky Fuller called it special case. A celestial nervous system is required for omniscience. They’re aware of everyone at once.

    I agree that experiencing God is very different from GC. I’d have to say my understanding of what GC is was a considerable underestimation. One of the keys to me is that CC and UC are a becoming. So GC is also a becoming, seeing that finest value on the surface, then becoming that aliveness.

    I’ll assume she knows the golden egg is Hiranya Garbha. Thanks for sharing that perspective. Interesting about the interaction. She might like to consider the sutras that stitch them together. The source of the eggs.

    (laughs) My kids are not interested. But they’re doing fine so I just allow that.

    Thanks for talking about the importance of emphasizing that waking is not the end of it. That it’s just the beginning. It’s kind of my rant. The key importance of understanding it’s not the end so that the intention and attention don’t end with the seeker.

    (laughs) And now you’re talking about that very point. Attention and intention are key things in the “automatic” process post waking. We have to engage the process.

    I supported a friend of mine through death last year. She had considerable release and joy during her closing days. Shortly before she died, she was just blasting love. It was very beautiful.

    Yes, there is the first impersonal shift of unity where there is no individual. Then the aliveness of silence gradually comes to the fore where the diversity comes alive right on the surface, not separate from the whole. Very personal and intimate.

    It’s interesting to consider that CC can be somewhat the same. A dry initial separation. Then the aliveness of bliss moves in and brings fullness.

    The intelligence that structures it also makes it knowable. Great point.

    Each point contains all the knowledge of creation. Because each point is the collapse of infinity to a point, yet the point remains infinite. It’s all infinite consciousness. 😉

    Thanks again Mary. And Rick!

  2. Hi Mary,

    What an amazing story. You certainly get an A+ for exploration of consciousness, and while your experiences are far beyond me, I can share them with you because you describe them so clearly. I trust you are still considering writing a book, and if you haven’t chosen a title yet, perhaps: Consciousness: A Puzzle Without Pieces.

    I am particularly impressed with your ability to see into the lives and hearts of people you meet or just talk to on the phone. This talent and your background in psychology would make an excellent combination in a spiritual counsellor.

    I gather that your spiritual abilities showed up early in your life, as you make some allusions to this in your discussion of the celestial world. You obviously have a highly evolved talent, and how wonderful for your family and that new little guy, who’s so luckly to have come into your lfie.

    You are a treasure.

    Best wishes,

  3. I appreciate your comments, David.

    To clarify something you wrote: “I’ll assume she knows the golden egg is Hiranya Garbha. Thanks for sharing that perspective. Interesting about the interaction. She might like to consider the sutras that stitch them together. The source of the eggs.”

    Initially, I did not know that my visual experience was seeing the unfoldment of Hiranya Garbha. I actually got to stick my face, as it were, inside of the collapsed point where I find two cones joined at the apex on three different occasions, going into more detail each time. At this juncture point, looking into the structure of the infinite, bears the likeness to our own DNA and at a finer level than DNA is something that reminds me of an infinite wormhole. This description is quite brief. There is much more.

    I prefer to say, based upon my knowledge, that the source of the egg is God.

    Function of the Hiranya Garbha: “Curving back upon myself, I create again and again.” Bhagavad Gita.

    And to Joan,

    It is a pleasure to know you, a kindred spirit who holds the universe in her radiant fingertips.

  4. Hi Mary
    Thanks for sharing that. I imagine we could have some great conversations were I not 3,000 miles away 😉

    I had no terminology or context for it at first either. That came quite a bit later. Interesting. I’ve merged with the egg, with the point at the center of the heart. I’ve also separately seen the soul was the point in the heart. That was the collapse of infinity to a point, then the expansion into expression. It then mirrors how awareness curves back on itself, but at every point.

    It’s notable the same dynamic is showing up in the structure of galaxies. The visible galaxy is like a disc across the center plane with the point in the middle. They’ve discovered there are cones of energy coming out the top and bottom, curving back around on itself. Creating a big ball. There are more stars on the outer surface than in the plane. They’re just less dense.

    Ive not noted the DNA bit. Most of my attention has been more macro I guess.

    Yes, the source is God, but you may notice a white thread coming down into the top. Same way each of us has one. There is only one. (laughs)

    Yes, it all mirrors those first stages of becoming. Curving back on myself at every point…

    Thanks again for the interview and for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Hi Mary,

    Are you doing chin ups and push ups too?:) Is that why you look about 35?

    That was such a sweet comment you made and it thrilled my heart to think of you as a kindred soul. Actually, if we’re kin, I’m the retarded, younger sister :), but when thinking about a few things you said in your interview, began to see that there may be some truth in it.

    When you talked about knowing or feeling the issues in people’s lives as you talk to them, I am beginning to get these inuitive hints about what might be going on with people, quite separately from what they say about themselves. I’m not always right, so have a long way to go, but feel more and more that some kind of knowledge is coming in through senses I didn’t know I had. My sister says I read too much into things. But this “too much” is there, to be read.

    Holding the universe in my radiant fingertips? How wonderful! I am a sculptor and often feel that something flows out of my fingers as I work, so I’ll think of the radiant universe coming through me next time I get this feeling.

    Thank you for your marvellous interview, and I look forward to repeated enjoyment of it, and the video, when it arrives online.


  6. Thank you Joan!

    Thirty six, indeed! I feel 16 but not far from it’s transposition.

    As an artist as well, I love to feel that connection when we disappear into our work and time seems to stand still for hours at a time. I recall a sculpture, 6 inches tall, that I was working on intensely. When I finally put it down and looked at the clock, I realized that 7 hours had passed which felt like a mere 5 minutes. What we plug into when that occurs has to be that source of pure creativity. I’m imagining Michelangelo and some of his work – especially his David. When you see it in person you look closely for the movement of breath and fully expect it to hop off of the rise where it is displayed and walk from the gallery. I imagine the artist must have had this experience again and again that we speak of. I would never compare my work to his, but would concur with the experience of the connection to something other than time and space, if he were to ever have written about it.

    And on hearing the life of a person: When your experience broadens out, you may hear the whole life, and not just one isolated event. From there, you may be able to also hear the whole of creation in play (action). It seems you are having the same experience I speak of but in reverse. I got the whole experience first and then more detail followed. Some have this experience in many different ways. Some never have it at all, which again, is fine if it stops where it has come to. Here is a prime example of the puzzle without pieces. It fits together in a myriad of configurations, depending upon the individual and their nervous system and it’s ability to hold knowledge. It appears to have no pieces because the boundaries of experience are infinite, experienced in an infinite number of ways.

    Wholeness does have a sound, as well as a sight, smell, taste, touch. Contained in the infinite experience of the human senses can be the experience of “locating” wholeness within each of them as an individual experiences creation.

    With appreciation,

  7. Hi Mary,

    I didn’t realise you are an artist. If you have any images available on the web, please post the URL. I’d love to see your work.

    I completely understand the absence of time when making a work of art. My decision to be a sculptor came after an intense experience of feeling as though I were working on myself as I sanded and formed a plaster piece in art school. Time does not exist in my studio, except for my feet, which let me know when they’ve been abused for hours standing. I would gleefully give up the hope of enlightenment for the promise that I could be an artist forever, life after life.

    As I listen to the interviews, I sense that I am having some of the openings people experience after their main shift, such as your insight into people. Perhaps I am doing things backwards, in reverse as you say, but there is not much I can do about it. Insight also does not come instantaneously, and often I have to sleep on it before the realisation dawns on what was really meant in a conversation or a certain look. Sometimes I just feel confused, for what is said is not what I am registering or perceiving. As you say, a puzzle without pieces, but the pieces are trying to fit themselves together into some kind of continuity. Too many pieces missing at this point for me to get the whole picture.

    Yes, I still feel 16, too, but now after 6 years without estrogen, I can’t fool anyone any longer :).


  8. A quick note, Joan.

    There is no backwards or forwards. No right way or wrong way to have just the experience you need to keep the process going. It is merely your pathless path.

    Believe me, you are doing just the perfect thing and are doing perfectly fine. Remember the intention and attention to what is fully present, to that part of you that never changes, no matter what is going on…

    With appreciation,

    I used to mull over and sleep on stuff too. But now, that isn’t the case.

  9. I just finished listening to this wonderful interview with Mary. Wow. I first got bit by the Advaita bug back in 1997 and for many years saw every Advaita teacher I could and listened to hundreds of hours of Advaita audio. Back around 2006 or so it was clear that MANY people were starting to “get” the Advaita awakening. Probably like a lot of people, I started to think “What’s the next phase of growth *after* this Advaita awakening?”. The Advaita teachers I met were wonderful and articulate, but I usually didn’t get the feeling their Hearts were fully blossomed (an observation, not a judgment). So more and more I got the feeling that deeper Heart openings is the next phase.

    After listening to her, I get the feeling that Mary is deeply living in that next phase which is a Heart that is deeply opened and transformed. Wow. I was very moved by her sharing. It was exciting for me because, just as so many people now are getting the Advaita awakening, now perhaps the next big wave is many people getting this genuine Heart opening that Mary so beautifully described. That is a big deal. Once the Hearts of many start to really open, then it will really be a different world.

    Mary’s description of her transformed inner world reminded me of Amma. In Her books and talks, Amma drops lots of little hints about the world She lives in. What Mary shared was quite similar to many things Amma has shared about living from a fully opened Heart. To think its now possible for lots of “little Ammas” (either male or female) to blossom in the world is really exciting. And to hear Mary casually share that 2 of her children have awakened really make me even more hopeful.

    I know I’m definitely not there yet! (smile) Which is OK. When the time is right God will guide me there. A few years ago, I had the Advaita awakening (which was cool), but now I’m *really really* yearning for my heart to open. Especially after hearing Mary describe what its like to live from that place. That’s were I want to be. I’ve had little glimpses of it but they come and go which, of course, makes me a little crazy. So I guess I’m now a seeker again! 🙂

    So I do my spiritual practices, try to faithfully follow my Guru (Amma) and wait for that mysterious touch of grace that will start the process of opening my Heart. Hopefully this lifetime!

    Thank you Mary for sharing your experiences. I’m eager to hear more.

  10. Enjoyed the interview. Your experiences reminded me of spirit appearing as if unbound, unbordered, unidirectional, everywhere in everytime.

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