Peter Mt. Shasta Transcript

  1. Peter Mt. Shasta

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My guest today is Peter Mt. Shasta. Hi Peter.

>>Peter Mt. Shasta (PMtS): Hi Rick, nice to see you.

>>RA: Nice to see you.

>>PMtS:  Thank you, and I think Irene was the one that contacted me. So, thank you, Irene.

>>RA: Yeah, you know, Irene has been talking about you for a couple of years. She keeps saying “Peter Mt. Shasta, he looks interesting.” And I was kind of dragging my feet. I think, “Ah, Mt. Shasta, he, that sounds kind of woo woo.  I’ve known a couple of people who claimed to be channeling Saint Germain and they were egomaniacs. So, I don’t know about this guy.”

>>PMtS:  <Laughs> Right. I hear you.

>>RA: You had some of those same reservations, I think. Especially about changing your name to Mt. Shasta. You thought, “I’m not going to do that.”

>>PMtS:  Right. I had an argument with Saint Germain, yeah.

>>RA: Yeah. But I’ve gotten to know you. I’ve read this book <holds up “The Search for the Guru’> in its entirety. Your first book. There’s the young Peter. That’s what he used to look like.

>>PMtS:  My passport picture.

>>RA: And this book <holds up Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book II.> I’ve gotten about two-thirds or three- quarters of the way through. Your second one, “Apprentice to the Masters.” Very interesting books.

These spiritual biographies can be a lot of fun. All sorts of interesting stories. You know, I’ve, everybody has read Yogananda’s books. I interviewed a guy named Sri M a couple of times.

>>PMtS:  Oh yeah!

>>RA: You know Sri M?

>>PMtS:  Yeah.

>>RA: Yeah, he’s got some great stories. I treat. Oh yeah, Bill McDonald. Amazing stuff happening to him. I’m a kind of interesting mix of credulity and incredulity. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and take them with a grain of salt.

I don’t feel any great importance in believing something for the sake of believing it.  But I’m open-minded and I realize the world, the universe, is full of mysteries and wonders that we can’t even comprehend. So, I, I keep an open mind.

>>PMtS:  Good, that’s great. Yeah, I was very skeptical. In fact, I am still very much a scientist. My father was a scientist, and I went to college to study aeronautical engineering. I used to build rockets and stuff like that. And, I never believed anything I didn’t prove for myself. You know?

>>RA: Yeah!

>>PMtS:  I didn’t start to get into spiritual stuff until I moved to New York City and I felt I needed to do something for my health, you know. Just living in the city, you know, I thought, someone said “Try Hatha Yoga.” So, right away, at the first asana I did, you know, which was something simple, you know, like lift your legs and hold them up for thirty seconds and then relax for thirty seconds.

Right away I started feeling energy going through my body. I said there is something here that is not just physical. You know, there’s an energy. So, I went right out to Weiser’s Bookstore, a metaphysical bookstore, and “What’s your best book on mysticism?”

And they gave me the biography, I think, of Ramakrishna. I guess it was Vivekananda. And that got me going, you know, right away, it was just like I was on fire and then, of course, going to India and everything, but.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  I always test everything, you know.

>>RA: I think that is a good attitude. I don’t think, I think not only are spirituality and science not incompatible, but they are complimentary. And that true science is spiritual and true spirituality is scientific.

>>PMtS:  Absolutely. What could be more woo woo than quantum mechanics?

>>RA: Yeah really. “Spooky Action at a Distance,” as Einstein put one of those things. Complimentary.

>>PMtS:  Yeah.

>>RA: And it’s funny actually, well, this will be a brief tangent. But it’s funny because the scientific community, in general, has its heels dug in pretty firmly resisting the anomalies that are bombarding it from quantum mechanics and all sorts of things like Near-Death Experiences and telepathy and guys like Rupert Sheldrake have their TED talks taken down because they venture too far into woo woo territory.

But eventually, that edifice is going to crumble because there are things which the scientific instrumentality and methods insofar as we have used it cannot fathom. Cannot probe. And yet spiritual people have been probing it for thousands of years. And, you know, if we really want to know what is going on, which is what science wants, we are going to have to open it up.

>>PMtS:  Absolutely.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  Definitely.

>>RA: You know, a bet you a lot of people listening can relate to what you just said about, you know, your first foray into spirituality. It suddenly dawned on you that, “Hey there is something to this.” Same thing happened to me at a certain point.

>>PMtS:  Aha.

>>RA: There was this aha moment where I thought “Oh Yeah, enlightenment. That’s what it’s all about.”

>>PMtS:  Yeah.

>>RA: And, you know, I’m sure we would both feel we had some past life stuff going on with that.

>>PMtS:  Oh yeah. Great.

>>RA: We were just picking up where we left off.

>>PMtS:  My first experience, really, of what I guess you’d call incidental awareness was, you know, I had been doing this Hatha Yoga, I was studying with Swami Vivekananda. I mean, not Vivekananda, excuse me.

>>RA: Satchidananda

>>PMtS:  Satchidananda. Yeah.

>>RA: Get your swamis straight.

>>PMtS:  I’m not that old.

>>RA: <Laughs> Right.

>>PMtS:  But, Satchidananda. You know, he was a great guy, a twinkle in his eyes. He used to walk in and say, “I know your favorite asana is Savasana.” The corpse pose, you know.  He was living in New York City and everyone was stressed out and they’d just go in and lie down, you know, and go to sleep. People would be snoring when he walked in.

>>RA: Yeah. I went to a Ravi Shankar concert one time in Danbury Connecticut and he walked in with a couple of the Young Rascals who were into his music. I mean, to his teaching.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. But, I had been doing his integral yoga for maybe, I don’t know, a few weeks, maybe a month. I would do it in my apartment on the Lower East Side. I was about two blocks from Alan Ginsberg’s place. I used to run into him on the street all the time.

So I was doing this Hatha Yoga and then at the end, the corpse pose. One of the masters decided it was time for me to experience what is was all about and I went into this Nirvikalpa samadhi, I guess, where there was no me at all. It was just light and bliss and the cosmic Om. And, but there was no self at all. It was just Being, pure Being.

>>RA: Nice.

>>PMtS:  And I don’t know how long I was there. Whenever I have had one of those experiences what always brings me back is the phone ringing and it’s always the wrong number. You know what I mean? I think it’s the Master, “We’ve got to bring Peter back.”

>>RA: <Laughs> Yeah.

>>PMtS:  So anyway, for about the next four or five days, I was wandering around in bliss. You know, and there were all these people on the Lower East Side trying to rob me, hold me up on the street, and pull knives on me.

And after this experience, they would get about five feet away and it was like they would bounce off of my aura. I would just look at them and smile and they couldn’t come near me.

>>RA: Interesting.

>>PMtS:  I was emanating all of this shakti, you know.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  That showed me that it was a real thing that Vivekananda and Ramakrishna were talking about, you know.

>>RA: It’s called a Kavach in Sanskrit which means like an armor, and there is actually a verse in the Yoga Sutras that says something like, “In the vicinity of Yoga practice violence or incoherence has to stay at a distance.”

>>PMtS:  Not long after that, I heard Ram Dass interviewed on National Public Radio. It was the first interview that they did where he told about this transformation from Richard Alpert, Harvard Psychology Professor, to finding his guru in India…and all that.

And at the end of listening to that, my mind was like, “Maybe I have a guru somewhere.” And then all of a sudden, I saw the world. I was up above India and someone hit me in the third eye from someplace in northern India. And I felt like there’s somebody calling me

>>RA: You mean you had a visual kind of impression, it’s not that someone was actually calling you.

>>PMtS:  It was like a light hit me in the third eye and it was coming from northern India.

>>RA: You could actually see the geography of India?

>>PMtS:  Yeah, yeah. It was just like my third eye opened. I saw where this was coming from. This is at the end of a Ram Dass interview, you know, and I thought that was Maharaji calling me.

>>RA: Neem Karoli Baba.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, Neem Karoli. He appeared to me on my last birthday. You know, he ignored me the whole time I was there or seemed to ignore me. Because the message was “You have to find it inside.”

So, after fifty years he came to me on my last birthday. He gave me a hug and said, “So, you finally got it.” It’s in you all the time.

>>RA: So when you say a thing like that. Just to help people relate to what you are saying. How concrete was that experience? You are not saying, like, others could have seen it, or it was a physical thing that he walked through the door. Kind of in your inner vision, or you?

>>PMtS:  Oh this was a dream.

>>RA: A dream, OK. Good.

>>PMtS:  A dream. But, you know, very vivid. I don’t have a lot of dreams.  And I don’t usually think about him. Although, I have a blanket that he blessed that I sit on all the time. It’s on my chair. And I do have his picture up.

Sometimes people will tell me, people who don’t even know who he is, and they say, “I see this old guy sitting in your chair, this fat Indian guy, whose mostly naked. Who is that guy?” And I show them a picture. “That’s the guy. He’s sitting in your chair.”

There is a chair when I see people. I teach meditation to them and they’ll say, “You turned into this guy.” And I go, “I don’t know. I don’t see him.” So, I realized he was doing some kind of number on me.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  So then, the night before my birthday he came in a dream and gave me a hug. The last time I saw him in India he picked up a rock and threatened to throw it at me, so. I was going to say something about him that kind of pertains to what is happening now in the world.

>>RA: Sure.

>>PMtS:  You know there is the thing called the Kumbh Mela in India.

>>RA: Right.

>>PMtS:  It’s kind of like the spiritual Woodstock. They have it in India every year. The big one is every twelve years. This was one of the smaller ones. But still, you have two or three million people show up.

And he recommended that all of us go to the Mela. And then he said it would be very auspicious to drink water from the Ganges. Well he didn’t tell me personally to do that, but he put the word out, you know? So, there is a certain moment when the planets line up that’s the most auspicious to go into the river.

So, I waded in along with a million other people. I’m standing there shoulder to shoulder with all the Indians and the sadhus and everything and the water is going over my knees, so I reach down, grab a handful of this water and I’m looking at it.

And, you know, when you read Autobiography of a Yogi, the great test that the guru puts you through always, they ask you to do something that contradicts common sense as a test of your faith in the guru, you know.

So, I looked at this water in the palm of my hand and I said this was my test. To see if I have faith in the guru. So, I probably drank one drop of this water which had probably half a million parasites in it. But the guru told me to it so no harm can come to me.

Well, within twenty-four hours I was sick as a dog, you know. And the interesting thing is that right after that someone told me, “You should go to Mt. Shasta.” Like, on the street. And three people told me that within a week, you know? To go to Mt. Shasta.

But anyway, for the next two years I struggled with this, you know, with stomach problems, with health issues. And I think, “Why did my group do this to me?” You know, I believed in him, and then he let this happen. Well, as a result of that, one thing I learned compassion for other people that were sick.

You know, when you’re young you feel indestructible and you think people are sick because they don’t take care of themselves. That’ll never happen to me. Then the other thing I learned was through the process of healing myself, I, I learned skills that enabled me to open the healing practice in Mount Shasta where I did homeopathy and things like that.

So, it gave me a career in a sense. I realized I wasn’t supposed to be a rocket scientist. Healing would be more suitable. So that’s how I earned my living for a while. So, actually drinking from the Ganges turned out to be a blessing.

So that’s why I look at some of the things that are happening now that don’t make sense in the world, you know, that are threatening. They have another side to them that in the long run, this is where our mastery is, learning to deal with these things.

>>RA: Yeah, a lot of people are publishing articles like that now. You know, various spiritual teachers, about how there is, you know, how difficult this is for the world it’s a necessary transformation period. And, we’re going to have to go through some tough knocks but the changes that will come about as a result of this will in the long run be seen as very positive and necessary.

>>PMtS:  Absolutely. There’s a guy I run into every now and again at the Post office. I’ve known him for 30 years. I had read some, and this was even last year. I said, “What do you think of this horrible thing that just happened, you know, that I just saw on the news?”

And there are all kinds of theories and conspiracies and all that stuff and I said, “What do you think of that?” And he goes, “What are you talking about?” And I said, “Well didn’t you see it on the news, it’s all over the Internet,” and he said, “I don’t have a computer.”

>>RA: You are talking about the coronavirus now, right?

>>PMtS:  No, this was last year.

>>RA: Oh, something else.

>>PMtS:  Some other disaster. He said, I don’t have a computer.” And all the stuff I was stressed about and everyone else is stressed about, did not affect him at all. He was happy, enlightened, cheerful, he didn’t know about all these disasters and conspiracies, you know? Of course, I don’t want to say ignorance is bliss either. But, you know, you have your choice what you want to put your attention on, you know?

>>RA: Yeah, I just read an article about a group of people who were on a 25-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon and they didn’t have any kind of connection with the outside world. No cell signal or anything like that. They came out after 25 days and somebody met them at the dock, it was like “Holy crap you should see what’s going on in the world right now.” They all said they wanted to go back in the Grand Canyon.

>>PMtS:  Exactly.

>>RA: We’ll come back to this topic because it’s very timely. I want to hear if Saint Germain or anybody has anything to say about it. But, let’s keep going with your story. Let’s get back to that.

>>PMtS:  OK.

>>RA: So, there are so many facets and threads to your story. So many adventures, I mean, there are a million different adventures in your books that are quite entertaining. Here, I’ll get you going on one.

>>PMtS:  OK. <Laughs>

>>RA: Spinach Baba. Tell us about Spinach Baba.

>>PMtS:  Oh man, I was in Rishikesh, and I don’t know, I understand Rishikesh now is not like in the old days. There are film festivals and cafes and ashrams and all that kind of stuff. Back then they were just ashrams and sadhus wandering. I don’t there were any cafes.

So, I had been told my first guru was Ramamurti Mishra, later became Swami Brahmananda. And that’s another story you see. He was an MD. He went to Bangladesh to treat the cholera epidemic. He was there for a couple of months living in the villages. People dying of cholera, he never got sick, you know, because he was surrounded in light.

But anyway, he told me to go see this swami who was at the Shivananda ashram in Rishikesh. So, I thought for sure that is my guru. So, I left New York, you know, and went to India up above the Ganges, you know, in Rishikesh and I said I am here to see, I think it was Swami Chidvalasananda or something like that. I don’t remember his name.

They said, “He’s not here.” And I said, “I have come all the way, you know, from the US to see him.” And they said, “Well he is in New York, giving lectures.”

So, I kind of realized he was not my guru. So, I was kind of sad at that. So, I went down, I was sitting under a statue of Shiva in the middle of Rishikesh, wondering what to do with my life. Where to go, and this young German couple came up to me and they said, “Our guru has sent us to get you. To bring you to him.”

And I said, “Well I don’t know, I’m not doing anything else, sure.” So, they, we walked up along the Ganges out of town and there was a little peninsula sticking out in the river. And they brought me out there. There was a guy sitting there in a loincloth, you know, just a piece of cloth around his waist.

Didn’t have anything. Was sitting on a rock. Or maybe a piece of cloth, I don’t know. But no possessions, no fire, absolutely nothing. Nobody else there. This couple left. They took off. So, I’m just sitting there with this guy.

Oh, then I should say that I have been in India a while at this point. You know what the Indian food is like. Very highly cooked and very hot. Even if you say no spices it would still burn you. Anyway, I used to have a farm and one of my favorite dishes was to go out in the garden and pick fresh spinach. And I would just steam it lightly and put butter on it and have chapatis.

Anyway, I was craving that. I mean, every day I would say, “Oh if only I could have a bowl of that spinach.” You know? So, this guy looks at me, waves his hand, like this, suddenly there’s a metal bowl in his hand.

>>RA: Didn’t you say he reached behind him, didn’t he?

>>PMtS:  Yeah, he reached behind him. Just went like that. A bowl of this steamed spinach, now it had ghee on it, not butter, it had ghee. And it has toasted chapati’s, also with ghee on it. It was all steaming hot, you know, like fresh out of the oven.

And he handed it to me. And I was waiting. I thought he was going to eat. He said, no, just go ahead and eat. I mean he didn’t talk; he just motions me to eat. Now, I looked around there was no fire, no utensils, there was no way he could have cooked that.

>>RA: And you didn’t tell anybody you wanted steamed spinach or anything.

>>PMtS:  No, no, he just knew that that was my, that was my fantasy. Was, every day I thought about that. He knew I wanted that he just handed it to me. So anyway, I ate this stuff like mana, and then I said, “At last I have found my guru.” You know?

You know, so, this is right out of Autobiography of a Yogi, right. So, I am waiting for the teaching, like, give me my mantra, you know, or touch me on the third eye. Or reveal my past lives. Or something. You know, what he’s supposed to say, “My son, at last, you have arrived. I am your guru. And everything will be bliss from now on.”

But he didn’t talk. He’s what they call a muni Baba. He’s completely silent. So, I sat there for a while waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly, I felt incredibly sleepy. And I just lay down and fell asleep. And I don’t know what happened. I think I must have got some teaching then, but I couldn’t remember.

But I woke up and the Sun was going down. You know, I might have been out a couple of hours, you know? Again, I, you know, I realized it was starting to get cold and I couldn’t spend the night there.  So, you know, I bowed to him, you know, and I was saying “C’mon what’s the teaching are you going to give me any teaching?” Or something like that. But he said nothing.

He just nodded to me. I said well, you know, “Namaste,” and then I left, and I never knew his name or anything. I understand later he got kind of a following and he did have a name. But, I never knew what it was. I just called him Spinach Baba.

>>RA: Interesting that these characters have been around. So, how long were you in India all together? Let’s cover your India phase a little bit here. Some of the more interesting things you feel like taking the time to talk about.

>>PMtS:  The first trip was about 6 months. I wandered all over India. You know, Neem Karoli  Baba would let you hang out for a while, maybe a month at most. Then he’d say jao, which meant “get lost.”

>>RA: Somebody actually sent in a question about him. Let me ask that right now it’s Rahul Kulkarni from Bangalore. He says “I was inexplicably drawn to Neem Karoli Baba a few years ago. Why is chanting the name of Ram so central to his teaching? What process does this chanting initiate and what is it all about?” What has been your experience with the same and tell us what it was like to be with him.

>>PMtS:   Oh boy. Well that’s a whole interview in itself. But, he was, first of all, a devotee of Hanuman. I mean Neem Karoli Baba, is probably the devotee of Ram. But you see the story is Hanuman was the devotee of Ram. And he is the image of the ideal devotee.

In fact, at the end, after all of his service you know, Rama said. “I will give you Liberation where you will become one with me or you know you will be in cosmic consciousness.” And Hanuman said, “No, I don’t want that I want to stay in duality so I can love you.”

You know, “I don’t want to merge with you.” So it’s a symbol of devotion and bhakti.  Which was very much Neem Karoli Baba’s path, of bhakti. You know it’s very funny when Ram Dass went there, he was wanting some advanced Kundalini Yoga training. So, that was one of the first questions he asked Maharaji, “How do I raise my Kundalini?” And Maharaji said, “Love people and feed them.”

In fact, Ram Dass summed it up very beautifully. Someone asked him, “I’ve been on the spiritual path for a long time sometimes I think I’m going crazy. How do I know if I’m progressing spiritually or I’m just going crazy?” And he said “If you feel you’re special and you’re superior to other people you’re going the wrong way. If you feel more compassion and love for people, you’re going the right way. You are making progress.”

I think that’s pretty much Maharaji’s message. He told me my guru was Jesus Christ.  You know, I was sitting there for a month in the back of the room and, you know, all these young Western girls were sitting up front massaging his feet and saying, “Oh, Maharaji,” and he would pat them on the head and I thought, “I can’t play that trip. That’s not my scene. If he’s my guru he’s going to have to teach me he is going to have to say something.”

So, after about a month I was sitting at the back of the room, leaning against the wall, trying to meditate, trying to tune into him. I said inwardly, “You know I’ve been here a month and he doesn’t even know I’m here.” At that point, a banana dropped out of the air and landed in my lap. There was no one around that had fruit. It was a boon, a sign from him.

>>RA: He hadn’t thrown it or something?

>>PMtS:  No, no. There was a wall of people around him doting on him.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:   And, one time after months of hanging out with him, I saw him alone. Normally there was an Indian person nearby guarding his space. Now I saw there was nobody there. Since at this point I felt he was not my guru, I ran up and demanded, “Who is my guru?”

He shook his fist at me and I thought “Oh my gosh, the guy is threatening me! Everyone thinks he is love and light. He shook his fist even more excitedly and began shouting, “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ,” as though swearing at me. Then, it occurred to me he meant that Jesus was my guru. Now, I had gone been forced to join the Presbyterian church as a kid and I hadn’t gone to India to be told that I should be a Christian. I was incredulous.

The next day, while walking down the street in Nainital, a stranger walked up to me and said, “What are you doing in India? You have Jesus Christ.” It wasn’t until later in meditation that Neem Karoli Baba revealed that the stranger had also been him. There are many stories reported by his followers of him bi-locating in whatever form was necessary at the time.

The last time I saw him was at his ashram in Vrindavan, when I had a private audience. The ashram had two old rusty iron gates you had to pass through. I stood outside and pulled a cord to ring a bell and two guys came out and unlocked the gate, then escorted me to a room.

Leaning on the shoulders of these two men, Maharajji walked in and sat down on a cot and told them to serve me tea. In those days they served tea in clay cups. When you were finished you would break it on the ground because they didn’t have dishwashers and breaking it was more sanitary. However, the cup I was given had a hole in the bottom that leaked hot tea, the only deficient cup I had experienced in India. Yet, Maharajji kept saying, “Drink your tea…drink your tea.” It was scalding hot and dripping all over me and way too hot to drink. As he kept encouraging me to drink, I wondered how enlightened he was if he couldn’t see what was wrong with the cup.  Then I wondered, maybe he just doesn’t like me and is trying to get rid of me once and for all. “Doesn’t he see that if I drink something this hot it will kill me?”

I dealt with the situation by balancing the cup on the ground. It had a rounded bottom, which I supported with one finger so it wouldn’t fall over. Looking at me with apparent annoyance he asked, “So what are you doing here? What do you want?”

Again, I questioned his enlightenment. Isn’t the guru supposed to know what you are thinking? I blurted out in disappointment,  “I want to know where to go.”

I heard he had told some people to go to Nainital, others to Kashi or Vrindavan. Since he remained silent, I asked, “Should I go to Nainital?”


“Not Kashi?” I replied.

“Yes, go to Kashi!”

“Not Vrindavan?” I replied again, offering all the possibilities of which I had heard.

“Yes, go there!” he said with seeming annoyance.

Finally, I said, “Well, which is it? I want to go where God wants me to go.”

He replied, “Don’t you understand, God wants you to go where you want to go!”

If that is true, why does one need a guru at all?

Realizing that he wasn’t going to tell me where to go and that my visa would expire in a few weeks, I asked, “What should I do when I leave India and go back to the US?”

“I don’t care, do whatever you want,” he said, the same thing I found out later that he told Krishna Das. As Krishna Das left, he got an idea, “I know I’ll sing to you.“ So, Krishna Das got his guidance from within, exactly as Maharajji wanted, and Krishna Das has been giving love-filled concerts dedicated to Maharajji ever since.

>>RA: Well this brings up an interesting topic. Guidance from within and also balancing individual volition with guidance from higher wisdom or higher sources. I know I’ve experienced this, and you alluded to it in your book also.

There’s a sort of transition one undergoes between feeling like you were in charge and you are the master of your own life and you’re calling the shots and all that and then realizing there’s something else that’s trying to guide you and has been along. And kind of transitioning from relinquishing the reigns, so to speak, and letting Brahman be the charioteer, or some higher knowledge be the charioteer.

Your life is it has been full of stories in which, Jesus, there is one of them where you woke up in the morning and you think, “I think I’ll drive north,” You start driving north and you end up in Canada from Mount Shasta and then next thing you know you think, “I think I’ll go to Israel,” and you end up flying to Tel Aviv and having all kinds of adventures there and going to Greece and finally coming back.

This is just getting up one morning and feeling an impulse to take a little drive. Yet all these things seem so cosmically ordained and all kinds of circumstances work out just right. It’s interesting.

>>PMtS:  Well this all started after I met Saint Germain in Muir Woods when he materialized in a physical body in front of me. I first saw his face in Unveiled Mysteries when I was a guest of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, where Krishnamurti had been trained.

They had the largest metaphysical library in the world. When I first went in, I said, “I’m just going to stay here and read every book here.”  After a while, I realized that was impossible, but I did look at Unveiled Mysteries by Godfrey Ray King. At that time, I was so much into renunciation of maya that all the talk about jewels and abundance was repugnant. Little did I realized that I would soon meet an ascended master myself.

When I got back to California, I had no place to go but the musician Jai Uttal, who had also been with Maharajji, kindly let me stay on the floor of his living room in Berkeley.  One morning as I woke, I thought of the yogi I had lived with in the Himalayas. He was getting ready to leave his body, and I thought that sounded like a good idea. I grew up in an abundant suburb of New York City and had seen that the rich people and powerful people there were actually less happy than many of the poor in India. So, why should I get a straight job and try to “get ahead?” I thought, “I will leave my body and go to one of the higher planes of existence I had experienced in meditation.”

At this point, a ball of light descended into the living room and I heard a voice say, “Go to Muir Woods and I will meet you there.” Immediately, I got into my van and drove across the bridge to Marin County. It was pouring rain and mine was the only car in the parking lot.

I walked into the woods and found a redwood tree hollowed out by fire. To get out of the rain, I got inside the trunk. I sat cross-legged with my eyes open, doing Vipassana meditation. I looked down at the forest floor and felt the in-breath and out-breath. I felt that leaving my human body was a big deal, so I decided to pray and ask permission first. Although, I didn’t really believe anybody was aware of me or guiding my life. I had experienced God consciousness but didn’t think there were any enlightened beings in higher realms that cared about individuals on Earth. After all, most of the spiritual teachings from the East said that the individual self was an illusion and that when you became enlightened the self dissolved to merge with the Absolute.  But, just to be on the safe, I decided to act as though the saints of the past were real and could hear me. I called on Jesus, Mother Mary, Sai Baba, Saint Germain, and I every saint I could think of for permission to leave the Earth.

Suddenly there was a young guy standing there before me. He looked like a regular guy wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a suede jacket. However, if he had walked toward me through the forest, I would have heard his approach. He had simply materialized. Another strange thing is that, although it was raining, his clothes were dry.

>>RA: And he had a suede jacket on which would have shown wetness if it were rained on.

>>PMtS:  Right, right. Exactly. And he knew my name. He said, “Peter, I’ve come to answer your prayer.” And I thought, “Wow, this is the first time in my life a prayer has been answered.” Then he said, “You can leave the Earth if you wish. In fact, I will help you. But first, I want to show you something.”

With that, he touched me on the third eye and took me out of the physical body. So, I’m in another body that looks like my physical body.  And I look back and there I am sitting in the tree still doing Vipassana, but I am also in this other, finer body. I am in two bodies simultaneously.

He puts his arm around me and the next thing I know we are up above the earth in a blissful realm. The beings there existed as a ball of light, what the Tibetans call the “rainbow body.” It’s like a Sun surrounded by rainbow colors.

“These are the permanent selves of these beings. They were formerly human beings but now exist in the permanent body.”  This is contrary to what many Buddhists will tell you, that there is no permanent self. The ego is temporary, but there is a permanent self, a Buddha or Christ Self, or whatever you want to call it. In Vajrayana Buddhism, it is called the Dharmakaya, the Dharma body. Theosophists call it the Monad, while in India it is called the Atman.

The bliss I felt in the presence of these beings was overwhelming, and I said, “This is it! This is where I want to be.” However, my bliss was interrupted by crying coming from someplace. I thought, “Where is that annoying sound coming from?”

I looked down and saw the earth below as a blue ball. The wail of suffering stabbed at my heart and the beings said, “This is what the Masters hear all the time, the suffering of humanity.” People were crying to God for help. It was overwhelming, and without another thought, I said, “I want to go back and help them.” He said, “You made the right choice, my boy. Now we will be working closely together.” Next thing I knew, I was back in the tree in Muir Woods with this man standing in front of me.

Of course, I now realize this is not some ordinary guy wandering through the woods, and he says, “Now I will show you who I really am.” It was like a scene from the film, Star Wars. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, he changed in front of me into the white-robed being whose picture I had seen in Unveiled Mysteries, the Ascended Master Saint Germain. “Go to Mount Shasta,” he said. “The first person you meet in Mount Shasta will tell you what to do next.” Then his form faded and disappeared, and I was left alone in the forest.

I felt like I had been hit by lightning…I was so energized. I went to the parking lot where, still, mine was the only car.

I drove straight to Mt. Shasta. When I arrived, I was hungry and went to a breakfast place on Mt. Shasta Boulevard. As I ate, a young guy came up to me and said, “Hi, you are supposed to see a lady by the name of Pearl.” I said, “I don’t know who she is, but I was told to do whatever the first person told me to do.” He owned the health food store and said I could use his phone. When I called, Pearl said, “Come right up.”

When I arrived at her door, she said, “I’ve been expecting you.”

“What do you mean ‘expecting me’?”

She said, “The Master Saint Germain came to me this morning and said he was sending someone to see me, so I knew you were going to show up. Then I told her what happened in Muir Woods.

As we sat in her living room, she said, “Saint Germain is here and he’s working with you, giving you guidance.”

“But I don’t hear anything. Would you channel a message from him for me?”

“I don’t channel,” she said, “The Masters won’t let me do that.”

“Why not?”

“It would weaken you. You won’t become a Master that way. You have to learn to get your own guidance within.”

This involves learning to trust the feeling in your heart. I was frustrated, as once again I had found a guru who wouldn’t tell me what to do, but over a period of months, I learned to tune in.

She said, “You people who have been to India and learned to meditate have an advantage over the people in the Saint Germain Foundation who don’t know how to go within. They sat and listened to Godfrey’s messages, but it all stayed in their minds and did not descend to the heart, which is the actual doorway to the I AM Presence.

“They didn’t know how to take it within. Your I Am Presence will guide you from within yourself. It will come as a feeling most of the time, although it can also come as a still, small voice.

Things like Tarot, rune stones, looking for signs, omens, can be interpreted all different ways. The best way to get guidance is to just spontaneously do the right thing. Just be in the moment and act from your heart.”

Be a Buddha at the gas pump. Just be in your Buddha nature and do what’s in your heart and God will work through you.”

>>RA: Well, a couple of questions for you. Let’s cover a foundational thing which is that many people listening might not take it for granted that there are, sort of, ascended beings or ascended Masters that are actually real and that are looking over the earth and interceding from time to time in human affairs. Helping to guide human affairs.

So, lets kind of cover a little Ascended Masters 101 here. And for the sake of those to whom that notion may be somewhat alien and also, of course, many people listening will be comfortable with that idea. Elaborate on that bit on what’s going on.

Where are these beings? What are they? How many of them are there? Do they just have jurisdiction over this planet, or do they have wider jurisdiction over other worlds and so on? Tell us a bit.

>>PMtS:  Well, you know, there are many planes of existence. I like to think of them as frequencies. People use the term “dimensions”, but I think that’s the wrong term. It’s more like density. Like right now on the internet I could have a dozen different websites up in small screens there. So, there are many of these densities or frequencies, going simultaneously.

>>RA: Well right now you are I are talking, but there are radio signals, cell phone signals, and all kinds of frequencies going through our bodies. Short wave frequencies. Of course, that is all the electromagnetic field. But what we are saying here is, you know, there are grosser and subtler, if you want to use those terms, ranges of existence. And we don’t necessarily see them all although many can be seen, if, or tuned into if one has, cultures the ability to do so.

>>PMtS:  Yeah! Exactly.

>>RA: And so, of course, the religions talk about heavenly worlds and hell worlds and all that stuff. So, it’s certainly something people have been talking about for a long time. Still some, many people are skeptical that such things exist. Which, we’re not going to convince them here. You are I are convinced. I don’t know, it’s good to just not take it for granted necessarily.

>>PMtS:  You know, until you actually experience it, it’s a little hard to believe. But, all the world literature, all the classic paths from Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism talk about being able to exist at other frequencies, in other dimensions. People can be multiple places simultaneously.

There are times when I have experienced being invisible.  I found that if I had been meditating and went for a walk, some people would not be able to see me. There was a time when I did a forty-day retreat. I left the retreat once a week to buy groceries. I found out that I’d be going down the aisle and people would push their shopping carts right into me.

>>RA: Because they wouldn’t see you?

>>PMtS:  They wouldn’t see me! And then I discovered I should not go shopping after meditating. I’d for a walk first. I also went into a restaurant after invoking the cloak of invisibility and the waitress just didn’t see me even though I was right in front of her.

You know, you can raise or lower your frequency. If you permanently go into a higher frequency, that would be called ascension. You know, and it says Jesus, in the Bible, ascended to a higher realm.

>>RA: One a good bit of evidence these days, of course, with various forms of modern medicine there have been a lot more people having near-death experiences than there used to be. People used to just die. Now they get their heart going again and bring them back.

And a large percentage of people have near-death experiences. And a number of researchers like Pim van Lommel and others have documented their experiences. But, over and over again, and there is a whole category of these people on BATGAP.

Over and over again those people say, “Yeah, I went outside my body. I saw the doctors operating on me from about six feet above them, or something. I saw a red sneaker on the hospital balcony.”

And, sure enough, there is a sneaker out there that the person couldn’t have seen by any other means. And so, there is some pretty significant evidence. That is kind of what I was alluding to earlier when I talked about materialist scientists resisting such evidence.

But it keeps mounting. There is more and more of this stuff. It’s hard to explain away if we just consider just the brain to be the creator of consciousness and when the brain dies consciousness disappears.

>>PMtS:  <Laughs> Well, as you meditate, and as you’ve experienced, consciousness is everywhere and is eternal. I don’t know whether scientists would call that the quantum field.

>>RA: I think it’s deeper than the quantum field. More fundamental. But it’s certainly not an unusual idea. I mean, we alluded to radio. Everyone has listened to radio. The radio is just a localized object, but it picks up on a ubiquitous field.

And can interpret the fluctuations in that field to music, or speech, or whatever. So we are localized objects, you could say, yet we are grounded in a ubiquitous field, consciousness. And we express that to whatever degree.

>>PMtS:  Well it’s like saying, “Where is the internet?” It’s everywhere if you are in a Wi-Fi area.  Or if you live in a city with Wi-Fi, you are in the internet. And what if you drop your computer and it dies? The computer dies but the internet goes on.

Your website that you put up. That’s going to go on after the death of your computer. Well, the body is like a computer. When this vehicle dies, when this computer ceases to function, my consciousness will go on at many different levels.

>>RA: And obviously, it changes your whole perspective if you understand this. Because if it is not that way then what is life all about? We hang around for seventy or eighty years. You die, you’re gone. But with this perspective, it’s like alright, I just did the first grade. Now I’m going to do the second grade. Then I’ll do the third grade. Each life brings new learning opportunities and we progress along.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, exactly. You know, the Buddhists are always stressing impermanence. That’s the first of the Four Noble Truths. Everything’s impermanent and fades out of existence and ceases to exist. You know, there’s a corollary to that. There is a permanent state of being. The Lamas cringe when I say that, but I said “Look, you are praying to Buddha, so you must believe he still exists. Or you are praying to Padmasambhava.

>>RA: Yeah. Where are they?

>>PMtS:  Where are they? They are Buddha’s or enlightened beings, yet they still exist in some realm.

>>RA: I don’t know how long Padmasambhava or Saint Germain or some of these others are supposed to have existed. Perhaps for millions of years. I don’t know. Are you of the opinion that, or have you learned through everything you have gone through, that souls basically have an eternal existence and keep ascending to higher and higher levels? Or do they eventually merge into the absolute, or into the ocean and cease to exist with any semblance of individuality?

>>PMtS:  Well, there’s what we call the soul which the I AM people call the higher mental body. It is your Christ Self, which is an intermediary between the human and the I Am Presence, the Atman. That Christ Self is what we are developing here.

We’re kind of the laboratory for the Christ Self. So, in order for that laboratory to be effective we have to have good and evil, right and wrong, hot and cold, pleasure and pain. And I think that is the metaphor of the Garden of Eden.

We were supposed to eat that apple. What kind of a parent would bake cookies and say, “These are the best cookies I have ever made but when I go out don’t touch them”?

>>RA: <Laughs> Yeah.

>>PMtS:  You can’t imagine God would be that stupid to say, “This is the best fruit in the whole garden. Bye now, I’m going, but don’t eat it.” Well, they were supposed to eat it, the apple that represented knowledge of good and evil.

>>RA: Yeah. In other words, Creation has a purpose. It’s not some kind of accident. It’s not a mistake. It’s not a fall from an ideal condition. It’s actually an evolutionary mechanism.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. So, we have to confront these things: life and death, good and evil. So, the time we live in now is probably ideal to learn, to become a Master. Rather than blaming people and being a victim, it’s time to take responsibility for oneself.

I am here right here, right now, as a result of the previous choices I have made, not only in this life but past lives. I am not like mold that grew under a rock. I chose to incarnate, to have these parents, and to have these circumstances in my life, and to be alive in the year 2020 to experience exactly what is going on.

Now, what I am going to do with that experience? Am I going to play the victim or am I going to become a Master? You know, this is the second day of Spring, so why don’t we spring ahead rather than fall behind into old habits and conditioning that says, poor me…woe is us…or whatever.

>>RA: It took you a while to learn that, didn’t it? You kept saying throughout your book, “I want to ascend now. I think I’ll climb this mountain and fast and maybe I will ascend.” You kept getting smacked down again. <Laughs>

>>PMtS:  Yeah, that happened to me. I was back in New York and I was on retreat for almost three years around 2014, ‘15, ‘16 somewhere in there. Anyway, one night I thought, “Time to ascend.” I was working on it at ten o’clock at night. Pitch dark. My cabin got hit by a bolt of lightning. Literally.

This was not a dream. The whole thing lit up. I could look out the window and it was bright as day. I could see the field and the trees and everything. It melted the wires in the walls and I passed out. When I woke in the morning I thought “God, I thought I ascended, so what happened?”

God showed me in that way that it was not time to ascend. “You keep asking me this. Go back to Mount Shasta. You’ve got work to do. There are people who need to talk to you there, so…”

>>RA: Yeah. The reason we know that we’re supposed to be there is that we are here.

>>PMtS:  <Laughs> Yeah, right.

>>RA: Right? If we weren’t supposed to, we wouldn’t be.

>>PMtS:  This is why I like the title, “Buddha at the Gas Pump.” There are a lot of spiritual paths that lead to, what they call, the Advaita paradise of non-being or no-self. But that’s not really mastery.

It’s a part of the path. You can experience no-self. You can go into that state, but there still is a self somewhere. It’s free of ego-clinging. The whole idea of being at the gas pump is you are in a body.

You have a vehicle that needs gas. How are you going to pay for the gas? Well, I have to get a job, and so on. Oh, a job. So, I have to relate to other people. A lot of these yogis could not hold a job. Could Ramakrishna hold a job? I don’t think so. That wasn’t what he was here for.

>>RA: It wasn’t his dharma. But yeah, a lot of the yogis who come to the West get into trouble because the culture, they are so unaccustomed to the culture and how to function in it, you know, that they end up screwing up in various ways.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. It’s funny because I was a couple of months ago getting gas in my car and a guy came up to me. Now I’ve had a few experiences where Saint Germain actually walked up to me as a young guy, you know. He has an incredible sense of humor. He’s a real joker. He can do all sorts of things, you know.

You wouldn’t know at the time it was him. He can appear in any form, male, female. Even appear as a dog, whatever. So, this young guy comes up to me and says, “Hey can you spare some change.” Well, there’s a lot of homeless people around town and if I were giving out change to all of them that’s all I’d be doing all day and I would be broke.

So, in general, I say no. But, again, tuning in, getting guidance, feeling what is right. I said, “I am the presence of God revealing to me if I should give this person some money.” I heard, “Yes.” So, I gave him a five-dollar bill and he was so grateful, he got out his phone, texted his wife, and said, “Now we can eat today. Thank you so much.”

He was so grateful he just lit up. I don’t know who that guy was. Maybe it was just who he appeared to be, but I knew I did the right thing. I think you had already contacted me about doing this show, and I thought, “Wow, there was the compassion of the Buddha, literally at the gas pump.” You don’t learn that in Advaita. In Advaita, nobody else exists. Somebody hungry? That’s an illusion.

>>RA: Yeah. Although some great Advaita masters were also strong advocates of being compassionate and helping others and all. But it’s sometimes taken in that lopsided way where the relative world is just sort of dismissed as illusory and it doesn’t matter what happens in it and so on.

>>PMtS:  I’m talking about some of the western practitioners of it who kind of get the one aspect of it. Like there is no self and nobody else, it’s all me. <Laughs> Which kind of becomes an ego trip.

>>RA: Yeah. It can. So, I want to talk more with you about Saint Germain since he has been so central to your life. And I, just as you were speaking, I could tick off a half a dozen instances in my mind where you had run into him in an actual manifest form. There was Muir Woods, there was Paris, there was Israel, there was a whole bunch of different things have happened. He seems to be your guy.

>>PMtS:  Oh, yeah.

>>RA: He actually was a historical character, historical person, back in the 1800s, right.

>>PMtS:  Right.

>>RA: Or so the story goes.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. Now see, the problem is, as Rudolph Steiner talked about, that there were probably about a dozen people over a course of a hundred years who had the name “Saint Germain.”

>>RA: It was just a common name?

>>PMtS:  Yeah. I went to high school with someone whose last name was Saint Germain. And in the US Congress, there was someone whose name was Saint Germain. He was head of the banking oversight committee. His name was Fernand St. Germain. It’s not that unusual a name.

>>RA: Yeah, like Saint Clare, or Saint Such and Such, some people just have that in their names.

>>PMtS:  St. John.

>>RA: Right.

>>PMtS:  Jack St. John, or whatever. It’s a French name. And there was a French general whose name was Saint Germain. You know, in French history, you can look it up. There was also a priest in the Catholic Church in France whose name was Saint Germain, and the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris was named after one of those historical characters. It was not named after the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

>>RA: But this Ascended Master himself…

>>PMtS:  Yeah.

>>RA: …was not always Ascended.

>>PMtS:  No.

>>RA: He was an earthly being who was very influential. In fact, I read how he seemed, you said he was Sir Francis Bacon at one point. And wrote the plays of Shakespeare, which is an interesting theory.

And, that he also was very influential in the creation of the United States. This is the kind of stuff I am open to, take with a grain of salt and it’s interesting to consider. Not that my opinion matters.

>>PMtS:  I met sometime last year a descendant of Saint Germain. You know Sean Stone? He does interviews also.

>>RA: Doesn’t ring a bell.

>>PMtS:  He’s Oliver Stone’s son.

>>RA: The movie guy.

>>PMtS:  The movie director. He has an interview program. Anyway, he came up here with a guy who was actually the genetic descendant of Saint Germain. Or one of the Saint Germains. There are a lot of claims.

There was an illegitimate son of one of the Medici’s, and he took the name Saint Germain as his father did not want him claiming to be his son, you know, because he didn’t want it known he had an illegitimate child.

So he took the name “Saint Germain,” he used “Sanctus Germanus,” which means holy brother.  There are lots of stories of different beings who used that name. Some of them were scoundrels. With the Saint Germain I know, there is reason to believe his last physical embodiment was as Sir Francis Bacon, who wrote the Shakespeare plays.

Or he wrote most of them, possibly in collaboration with other people. But read the life of Francis Bacon, a phenomenal being, a genius, really. Now people say he never died. He went to the Himalayas. That stuff is theory. It’s not substantiated.

So, about fifty years after Francis Bacon’s death, a being starts appearing in the courts of Europe under different names. One of them was Sanctus Germanus or Saint Germain. He used different names in different places. But, the core name was “Saint Germain.”

Fortunately, there were women who kept diaries in those days in the different courts of Europe, in Russia as well as in France and England. These diaries are in the British Museum.

There’s a woman, Isabelle Cooper-Oakley, who wrote a book, Le Comte de Saint Germain. It’s in English: The Count of Saint Germain. She researched and actually read these diaries. These are not channelings or somebody’s theory.

In one diary he’s talking to a woman in Paris and then there is a woman in Russia on the same day saying he talked to her on that very same day. He just materialized where needed. So, there was someone who, for a period of about 150 years in Europe, kept appearing and guiding people.

>>RA: So, we presume it’s the same person doing this for 150 years.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. Now there are other stories that Manly P. Hall talks about. I used to believe those stories that Many Hall wrote implicitly. I have had reason to believe now that some of those may not have been totally accurate.

>>RA: Even Madame Blavatsky, you know, who was really not the type to be hiking all over the Himalayas claimed to do that kind of thing. You know, if you look at what her body looked like. The imagination is a wonderful thing.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, you know. I have two books by Blavatsky. One is her diaries and her letters, not diaries, letters that she wrote. Her journal entries. It’s a facsimile, photographs of her journal. So, you can look at the handwriting. Then I have another book, The Mahatma Letters. They were letters supposedly precipitated out of the air by different Masters such as Kuthumi.

The handwriting is the same in both of them. So, that introduced a little bit of doubt. But for sure Blavatsky was the one who got the New Age going. It’s called the externalization of the hierarchy. Occult means hidden. So, all this stuff we’re talking about was hidden. You could only talk about it as an initiate or a member of a secret order.

She started to talk about these things and made them known. So, regardless of any flaws that she may have had, which even the Masters acknowledge that she had, she was an amazing being that made the existence of the Masters known. And she talked about Saint Germain and previously occult things.

>>RA: Well that’s an interesting point because it’s hard to find anybody who isn’t flawless. You know, even, the great teachers and all. You learn about their private lives and it’s like, well. He too was a work in progress. So, a couple of questions have come in. Let’s ask these. We were talking a bit ago about, you know, there being a self or no-self.

Someone, I think, named Uplift from Sacramento asks, “I have experienced the bliss of peace, calmness, and patience. I believe I was experiencing the no-self. Is that the space from which I can cultivate the things I want to manifest in the physical world? Who is this ‘I’ that wants to manifest things from the No Self, I’m wondering?”

But anyway.

>>PMtS:  After I came to Mt. Shasta, I saw that through tuning into the Inner Presence, the Higher Self, I could make stuff happen. You can call it the Law of Manifestation, or what they call it in the movie The Secret.

>>RA: Right, you’ve made tons of stuff happen. Your stories are quite remarkable.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, just by willpower. It’s like the law of magnetism. You magnetize things to yourself. You can even call it charisma or something. But Tony Robbins talks about, you know, you want a new car and boom you magnetize it to you.

So, I experienced, I could create these things. But I found out later these things weren’t really good for me. You know, what if you got everything you desired. Then you think, “Oh my gosh, what do I do with all this crap?”

You know, then you’ve got to pay taxes on it. People try to steal it. You know, once I got this new car and someone opened their door into it. Now it’s dented.  Anyway,  at some point, I said, “Thy will, not my will, be done.”

>>RA: That’s good.

>>PMtS:  You know, that would sum it up. I sat down at this table in the corner of the health food store and I said, “I’m not going to leave this table until God tells me what to do. I don’t care if I have to sit here for a week.”

Well, I was pretty sure that Jesus was not going to walk in the door and tell me, “Peter, here is what I want you to do.” But I paid attention. I might have sat there for two hours. I didn’t have my eyes closed but I was meditating. I had my attention inside.

After a couple of hours, some people came in and they talked about this Renaissance Fair that was happening in Ashland. Now Ashland’s about an hour and a half drive north. As soon as I heard “Renaissance Fair,” something clicked.

I felt a rush of energy inside of me. It was a pull to go. So, having studied with Pearl, I recognized there was a feeling in my heart, something lit up. It felt good. So, I kept saying, “I Am the Presence showing me where to go and what to do.”

A few minutes later someone came in with a sleeping bag. We had a “free box” at the entrance of the store where you could leave stuff you wanted to give away. Someone came in with a sleeping bag and told me, “By the way, I just left a sleeping bag there. Do you need a sleeping bag?”

Well, that was another sign. I had a van and I could sleep in the back of it. So, I got the sleeping bag and said, “That seems to be my sign that I should go to Ashland.“  So, I drive to Ashland. I’m at a stoplight in the middle of town and there is a guy crossing the street in front of me wearing a white turban. He’s all in white, wearing a white turban.

These were the days of Yogi Bhajan and his yoga group who all wore white. So, this guy stops in the crosswalk. He comes up to my car. My window is open. He says, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. It’s crazy. I’ve never done this before. But if you need a place to spend the night you can stay at my place.”

>>RA: You must have looked like a far-out character. He probably thought you were a kindred soul, right?

>>PMtS:  Well, in those days I think I was wearing white too. I had just come from India the year before and was probably still wearing my Indian clothes.

>>RA: Yeah. And your long hair.

>>PMtS:  I had long hair. And a rudraksha bead mala.

>>RA:  So, you didn’t look like a Hells Angel or something. He probably thought, “Oh this guy is good.” <Laughs>

>>PMtS:  But still, it’s kind of rare for someone to do that. So, he gave me his address and I went to this Renaissance Fair. Well, nothing was really happening there that resonated with me, so I went to this guy’s house. He and his wife were just sitting down to dinner.

I spent the night there. I had my sleeping back that I had just gotten and I slept on their sofa. It was like he was a long-lost brother. There was a beautiful spiritual connection.

That night I had a dream where I was talking to this woman I had met in Mount Shasta who lived by Mount Hood. She was saying, “I need help, can you please come see me?” But I didn’t have her address.

I had been praying for guidance before I went to sleep. I had said, “I call on God to show me the next step…I Am the Presence revealing to me where to go tomorrow.” So, then I had this dream. I said, “Well, ok, I’ll drive to Mount Hood.”

But I don’t know where this woman lived. So, I’m driving down the road that goes to Mount Hood. There’s a dirt side road that comes out of the main road. Just then a car came out that dirt road and I felt, “Stop, turn into that road.”

Again, this was all feeling. No voice or anything. I turned into that road and there is the woman who came to me in the dream. She said, “Thank God. I’ve been praying that you would show up.”

>>RA: And this is not someone you had ever met before.

>>PMtS:  I met her in Mt. Shasta.

>>RA: Oh, ok. I’m sorry, go ahead

>>PMtS:  Like months before.

>>RA: Right.

>>PMtS:  You know, we had met. But I had not been in contact with her. What is the chance of driving to Mount Hood and meeting the person you had a dream about? You know what I mean?

>>RA: Yeah, it’s a big area.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, so she invited me to spend the night at her house with her kids. I stayed there a few days. She needed some help with some stuff happening in her life, so I helped her meditate and tune into what the plan was.

Anyway, I helped her straighten out. So, on this whole trip, I was gone for two weeks. I had no idea where I was going. You know, it would have been great if Saint Germain had handed me an itinerary and told me “Here’s where you are on the plan.” But I couldn’t have followed it. There was some split-second timing that depended on simply going with the flow.

If I had been a second sooner or later, I would have missed this woman. It all came from being completely in the now. You know, like Ram Dass’ book, Be Here Now. I was gone for two weeks. It was like this the whole way up to Canada. Then I heard, “Turn around, come back.” Then, on my way back, as I’d always wanted to visit Ken Kesey of the Merry Pranksters and all that.

>>RA: Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (by Tom Wolfe).

>>PMtS:  Yeah, right. So, he was one of the characters. I had known people connected with him…and so on. I’d stayed at Steve Gaskin’s farm. You know, it was that whole Sixties crowd. But I went against the guidance. My mind came in. See, my personal ego-mind said, “I want to visit him.”

But I went past the freeway exit. I think it was Springfield, Oregon. I went past the exit. And that should have been my guidance, but my mind came in…and the ego. So, I stopped on the freeway, made a U-Turn across the median, which is illegal.

I could see a mile in either direction. There were no cars, no police cars, nothing. No sooner had I made this U-Turn then there was a police car right behind me with the lights flashing. Highway Patrol? But I thought, “This has to be Saint Germain. No car could appear that fast.” So, the guy pulls me over, yet he knows my name. He says, “Peter, you did something very dangerous.”

>>RA: Even before you showed him your license, right?

>>PMtS:  Yeah. And I looked and he had a nametag and it said something like Gerardi or something. I thought, “Well, a master wouldn’t lie. If it was Saint Germain it would say Saint Germain.” Well, I found out that is not necessarily true. He was just playing a role.

So, he smiled, but he did give me a ticket. He said, “What you did was very dangerous.” What he meant was that what I had been thinking was dangerous, that because I’m connected with the Masters I didn’t need to obey the human laws.

That’s what was dangerous. So, he was trying to tell me was, “Don’t think that.” It wasn’t the fact that I made a U-Turn. Because what I did seemed safe. There were no cars coming. Anyway, I went to visit Ken Kesey and hung out there for a while and nothing really happened there, and then I realized that whole thing was just an ego trip. I should have just kept going on the freeway.

For two weeks I was gone on this trip and the lesson for me was just stay tuned in with the Heart and the guidance will be there in the moment…as long as that feeling is there, the feeling of rightness. If I’m ever in a situation where I don’t know what to do next like if I’m driving, I’ll pull off to the side of the road and tune in.

If I’m walking down the street and suddenly I feel, “Stop.” I’ll think, “Why am I stopping in the middle of the sidewalk?” Then someone comes out of the building and says, “Oh, Peter I’ve been looking for you.”

>>RA: Nice. It’s interesting to consider how those things are orchestrated. How they are organized. I don’t know, maybe you have a comment on it. I don’t know whether it is Guardian Angels or higher beings shuffling us around like chess pieces or whether it’s just all-pervading intelligence and if we’re in tune with that all-pervading intelligence and the way it flows then, you know, without any individual entity trying to orchestrate our destiny we are just in the right place at the right time, synchronistically.

>>PMtS:  Well, once I had this contact with Saint Germain, I realized he wanted me to do something. He had said, “Because you chose to stay on the Earth, we’ll be working together.” He also introduced me to some of the other Masters.

I call them the Council of Light. I don’t call it the Great White Brotherhood because there are female Masters also. So, there is a council of ascended beings who are, you know, liberated. They don’t have any more earthly karma. But they’ve had this experience also. They don’t want to leave. They want to stay here and help.

But they help from that higher realm. The more you are in tune with your own Higher Self, you are also in tune with them. Your sort of automatically work with them. The more you align yourself with them, the more they can work with you and use you for things. You know, like I ended up putting on an art show on Rodeo Drive with Shirley MacLaine. Completely out of the blue.

I didn’t have her phone number. It’s just from following that guidance to be at the right place at the right time. Somebody phoned me and said, “Would you help put on this art show.” And I’m down there in Beverly Hills at the Dyansen Gallery on Rodeo Drive, with Shirley MacLaine, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Linda Carter.

>>RA: Bella Abzug.

>>PMtS:  Bella Abzug, yeah. So, what I was doing there is not that I needed to meet those people. I called forth the Ascended Masters to use this gathering as a focus of light. Something else was happening on another plane.

Plus something happened with Shirley…almost like what happened with Anandamayi Ma. Light flew back and forth between us. That could only have happened by being there in person.

>>RA: We’ve already covered this. Let’s say it one more time. How do you distinguish between these sort of intuitive impulses that are worth listening to or obeying and personal whims that could lead you off in who knows what kind of crazy directions? Because many people listening to this may think, “Well this sounds good.” How do we save them from just going off on crazy tangents?

>>PMtS:  Well, you test it. Do you know what I mean?

>>RA: How do you test it?

>>PMtS:  “Dear God, take this desire out of me if it’s a personal whim. If I’m meant to do it, strengthen the desire.”

There used to be this vegetarian restaurant in town called Friends of the Mountain that this woman Cathy ran, who now lives down the street from me. They had this great cheesecake. I generally don’t like cheesecake.

>>RA: I love cheesecake.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. It had some fruit blended in. It wasn’t heavy. So, I started feeling like I should really overcome my desire for this. Maybe it wasn’t good for me to eat so much. So, I said, “Dear God, please take the desire for cheesecake out of me.”

For about a week I was ok. Then, one night, I was really tired. I had had a hard day and I was going to bed early like eight o’clock. I was just going to get into my pajamas and go to bed when I heard inside a voice that said, “Go to Friends of the Mountain Restaurant and have a piece of cheesecake.”

I went, “Oh no, I’m trying to get rid of that desire.” I kept decreeing, “Take that desire out of me.” Well, the more I did that affirmation the stronger the desire got. Then I said, “Well, what I will do is go to the restaurant, but I won’t go in.” So, I got dressed, drove, and parked outside.  I wondered, “Is it Saint Germain or is it my mind speaking?”

But I felt his energy. He said, “Peter, I said ‘Have some cheesecake.’” So again, I said, “I’ll just go and have some tea. I won’t have cheesecake.” So, I went in. They were just getting ready to close, and I just ordered tea.

I was sitting in the corner and there was only one other table with people, a couple sitting in the corner. Then I heard again, very strong, “I said have some cheesecake.” So, I got up. They had a case in the counter with all the desserts, a refrigerated case.

Just as I got up, the guy from this other table got up and went to the counter. We both got there at the same time. He said, “Can you recommend a dessert?” I said, “The cheesecake.” And he said, “Would you let me buy one for you? I’d like you to join my wife and me at our table.”

So, I said, “Great,” and sat down with them. Turns out they were from France. They were members of the Saint Germain Foundation. And he said the reason I invited you for cheesecake is because my wife saw Saint Germain standing behind you. So, we wanted to find out who you are.”

I talked about how I’d been learning from Pearl to find the Master inside, to not talk to the I AM presence “up there” but to contact it inside. So, we had a great talk they invited me to visit them in France. She said “Be our guest in France as long as you want. We’ll send you a ticket.”

So, this was a connection that was meant to be. It’s not that Saint Germain wanted me to have cheesecake. He wanted me to meet these people. The cheesecake was the bait to get me there. After that my desire for cheesecake was gone. I never desired cheesecake after that.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  So, again, sometimes I was testing it, you know, like you test it. “Am I supposed to do this or not?” I mean I get it all the time, you know? “Should I do this or not?” I gave up drinking coffee. I didn’t have coffee for twenty years. One day I felt Saint Germain saying “Peter, it would be good for you, you know, every now and then to have a little coffee.”

Again, I tested it. But anyway, we get this all the time. Is that a whim or is that something I should really do so? So I really test it. I go to the health food store. There’s rows and rows of food. I say, “I Am the Presence buying what I meant to have, and I am staying away from what I’m not meant to have.

So, I walk down the aisle and my hand suddenly wants to go out. “Oh, what’s that? That’s seaweed. My body needs seaweed?” So, I put it in the cart. But then maybe my mind goes out to the ice cream, but my gut goes, “Uh-oh, don’t get that.”

>>RA: Yeah, interesting.

>>PMtS:  So, again, the health food store is right next to the post office. I don’t need anything at the health food store. I’m going to pick up my mail and I have this feeling, “Go into the health food store.” But I don’t need anything. Why go in there? Yet, I go in.

Someone comes up and says, “I saw one of your videos and I’m so glad to run into you!” Well, I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t followed the guidance, the inner guidance. So, that guidance is very real. It’s for everybody. I mean everyone gets it in some way or another. It’s that strong inner feeling.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  You know, I know a guy that used to read tarot cards in New York City. He read for Yoko Ono and a lot of other famous people. She wanted to know about John’s career and he told her, “I don’t see him having a good end. I see him lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood.” I told my friend, “Well that’s great. What good did that do? Did that help John? Did that help her? No! It just put fear into her.” Do you know what I mean?

>>RA: I suppose it could have helped. She could have warned him. Or he could have taken it seriously. Anything could happen any time sure. This video will probably be on YouTube for many years probably on YouTube be longer than we’re on the planet. But, at the moment.

>>PMtS:  Might even be on other planets.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  You never know. On Alpha Centauri your show is a hit there, you know.

>>RA: Expand the internet a little bit. The trouble is the speed of light has limitations. Take it four years to get to Alpha Centauri because it’s four light-years away.

Right now, the world is in the midst of a pandemic.  It’s, it’s a really big deal. Nothing like this, on this scale has happened since 1918, where the Spanish flu epidemic, which was huge, which killed hundreds of millions of people.

So, people are freaked out and if people are watching this now, they’ll know what I’m talking about. If they are watching it twenty years from now, they’ll probably know what I’m talking about because this will go in the history books. So, we should talk about it a little bit. And a question came in that’ll get us started from Ivana, from Zagreb, Croatia.

She says, “I understand the current pandemic crisis is here to transform the society.” That’s her understanding. “However, does it have a specific message for Humanity? Has Saint Germain said anything about it? How should we pray or meditate when sorrow is overwhelming?”

>>PMtS:  It’s a great question and that’s a question everybody is asking. St Germain has not given me verbally, you know, a message on it but he’s really opened my eyes up to, you know? Without getting into all the theories of the origin and other of it and everything. First of all, about five years ago I looked at the planetary configuration. It’s happening right now.

>>RA: From an astrological point of view?

>>PMtS:  Yeah.  With Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars all lined up. So, I said from the time the beginning of March to the end of March something dramatic is going to be happening on the earth. And it happens in the United States’ second house, which is finance.

With Neptune, it also relates to hard to diagnose illnesses. So, I had a glimpse of what was going to be happening and it happened right on schedule. This condition is not something accidental out of the blue. It’s all part of the cosmic clock so to speak.

>>RA: I interviewed a guy named Prasannan a couple of years ago and he is a professional Jyotishi.

>>PMtS:  For Amma, right?

>>RA: Right, yeah, and he said, “I’m getting out of the stock market it’s gonna really crash in 2020.” And he… I don’t understand all the terminology of Jyotish…but he also saw it coming. And I think a lot of people.

I mean I’ve been reading books and hearing things for twenty, thirty years that we’re going to reach a time when there’s gonna be a big shake-up and a lot of things that people think are safe and secure and solid are going to, you know, get up-ended. So maybe this is it and it’s a necessary phase to transition into something much better and different.

>>PMtS:  Absolutely. So, that’s like every moment we have a choice of what we want to identify with or have our attention on. I used to do retreats. I’d have people for a weekend and I would like to start off the retreat with, “You should all go outside and dig your grave and stand in it and contemplate that you’re gonna die,” although we only did it as a meditation.

This is where Buddhism starts. You know, life is short. Why are you here? This is actually a positive use of what’s going on now…to contemplate your mortality. Am I going to live in fear as a victim or are going to turn this around? I could become fully enlightened in the next week.

We’re all going to die. The physical body is gonna die. It is like a glove. You take off the glove and there’s a living hand inside. So, this physical body is just like that glove. We’re going step out of it.

Just like in Muir woods, I stepped out of that body. There was the flesh body sitting in the tree. I’m in another body in perfect health, looking just like my other body. In fact, it says somewhere in the Bible that you will be given a body that’s incorruptible.

There will be a new heaven and a new earth. Those who enter the new heaven and the new earth will have the sign of God written in their forehead and will have God in their hearts. So that’s what we’re working on, what we should be working on…having God in our hearts. There is one way to be protected. I have the antidote for this virus, which is love.

Send love to other people to get rid of judgment and condemnation. A lot of these people on the spiritual path, my best friends even, have so much condemnation of various public figures: anger and condemnation. That is the virus.

Like attracts like. If you have malice, anger, or even judgment toward another person, that attracts a virus. That is the virus. So, we can overcome that.  One of my favorite things to do is actually incredibly simple. If you someone pushes your buttons, just say, “God bless that person.” God bless them.

Another thing you can do are the ancient Tantric teachings that Saint Germain asked me to incorporate into the I AM…like the Violet Tara practice. See all the Tara’s, the goddess energies, as aspects of yourself. You can make them totally real God manifestations.

>>RA: Yeah, you’ve written a couple of books. I’ll show the books on the screen now.

>>RA: I Am the Violet Tara, Goddess of Forgiveness and Freedom and also

I Am Violet Tara In Action, Lessons in Mastery.

>>RA: What is Tara and Violet Tara?

>>PMtS:  Tara is the enlightened female Buddha, the enlightened feminine. And they have different qualities. There are 21 Tara’s although they usually only talk about the White Tara, Green Tara, and Red Tara. Saint Germain asked me to bring forth the Violet Tara.

She was known of a thousand years ago. There were some Taoist women in China who ascended. They talked about the Goddess of the Violet Mist. I thought I had invented this. Or rather, I thought Saint Germain had invented it. Turns out people knew about this a long time ago but the patriarchy sort of suppressed it.

Anyway, the way Tantra works is to basically invoke God in this form. A lot of people invoke Saint Germain. Well, Saint Germain has this gift that he’s given humanity called the Violet Consuming Flame, which is an aspect of consciousness. In white light is violet light. If you have a prism you can see it, but you normally don’t see it.

You can invoke that quality of light through your consciousness just by adjusting your frequency. Again your words help create your reality. So, instead of feeling like a victim and anticipating getting sick, which you might after reading 20 news stories about sickness, you can instead say, “A tube of violet light is around me charged with the Violet Consuming Flame.”

I give a meditation where I say, “Imagine yourself above the earth in your higher body, but you are a goddess made of violet light. You are pouring violet light down into the earth. You can cure this virus, you know? What if a thousand that are watching this all see themselves as Violet Tara above the earth?

You can say it’s just imagination, but in a higher sense, your attention creates your reality.  So, you can call forth light. That’s how Reiki works, how energy healing works. You invoke it by thinking,  “I Am the Healing Presence.” As soon as you say that, you’re invoking that aspect of the God-Mind. So, I do this every day.

Why are there no deaths of this virus in Siskiyou County? Maybe it’s because every day I, as well as others, invoke Violet Tara and Saint Germain to blaze the violet flame through everyone in Siskiyou County.

>>RA: Could be that, but check with me in a month (Still no deaths three months later).

>>PMtS:  It could be there are people have it that hasn’t been identified yet.

>>RA: There haven’t been that many tests available.

>>PMtS:  I know it’s doing good for sure. It’s helping me because it keeps me full of love and optimism and forgiveness, know what I mean?

>>RA: I think that’s great. I think it’s good to do stuff like that and to meditate and, you know, do all the healthy things, but also do the practical things, you know? Wash your hands all the time like they say. Don’t go to parties or mix around closely, at this point.

Because the human immune system has no defense against this thing. It’s new. And don’t touch your face. We can be both kind of, yeah, esoteric about it and down-to-earth. And think at the same time the two things, two ways of approaching it, don’t conflict with one another.

>>PMtS:  I mean, I saw Ramamurthi Misha, an MD.

>>RA: Yeah. He was there and.

>>PMtS:  He went to Bangladesh during the cholera epidemic and was completely untouched by it. People were dropping like flies around him. He lived in the villages. So, by keeping that light going he was protected.

Well, of course, you can as a skeptic say, “Well, he was just lucky.” But, you know, there are many people that have done that like Amma, for example, whose picture you have behind you. She licked the wounds of a leper.

>>RA: Yep. Dattan was his name.

>>PMtS:  And healed the guy. So how did she do that? You’d think that’s crazy, but she did it and she’s fine.

>>RA: And she has also gotten sick before, too. I mean she can get sick.

>>PMtS:  Yeah.

>>RA: I don’t know. It’s good to be lofty and our thinking and do the kinds of things you’re saying.  I think it’s also good to be practical and careful and if not for our own sake you know even if we were invincible for others’ sake.

Like you see these kids on the news partying on the beaches in Miami and you know just kind of all mobbed together and, you know, some of them are gonna get sick. But it but even if they didn’t they’re gonna go home and mix with their parents and their grandparents and everybody else and so at this point, I mean we’re kind of getting off the topic here, but it’s…

>>PMtS:  Okay let me ask you. Remember, Maharishi did an experiment. I think he sent a lot of meditation practitioners to Washington DC.

>>RA: I was one of them. Yep.

>>PMtS:  You were one of them?

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  Okay

>>RA: I spent three months in Iran doing what you’re about to describe. Yeah.

>>PMtS:  And the crime rate dropped.

>>RA: Yes, it did.

>>PMtS:  Okay. So, you’re using the spiritual tool to affect the consciousness of the environment.

>>RA: Yes.

>>PMtS:  So, I can send out the frequency of violet fire and all the people watching this video can send that out. There’s no way to prove it but I know, I know for a fact that will help alleviate the virus.

>>RA: Oh, yeah. I believe you. I mean the results from those things we did were very potent. At one time we had a group of 8,000 people meditating together and boy you could cut it with a knife. The Shakti, or whatever, was so thick in the air. And it and it correlated very nicely with all kinds of trends in society at that time. It was carefully studied.

>>PMtS:  I have the antidote right here.  I don’t know if you can see it. Anybody can do this at home. This is an amethyst. Fill this glass. Pour the water in. Put the amethyst in. Then put it in the Sun.

I call on violet Tara to charge this water with life-giving substance that dissolves and consumes all negative substances and heals me of whatever I need to be healed from. And this immunizes me against all foreign agents, by the power of God that I AM. All I need is one sip. I do that every day. That’s something positive everybody can do. Will invokes that.

>>RA: Yeah, very helpful. I don’t doubt it. I guess the reason I hit on this point a little bit is if somebody sent me a message a few days ago who was quite upset because some spiritual teacher was saying, “Oh, you don’t need to bother about all this stuff. They’re advising, you know, quarantine. Just hug people. And love them.  Everything’s gonna be fine.” You know, that’s not.

>>PMtS:  Well that’s an extreme.  You know what they say. “Pray to Allah but tie your camel.”

>>RA: Tie up your camel. Right.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. I mean, I’ve had the experience where I ran out of gas and my car kept going. For quite some distance longer than normal.

>>RA: Right.

>>PMtS:  And I was praying like crazy, but I still buy gas.

>>RA: You still buy gas.

>>PMtS:  I don’t push that. You know what I mean?

>>RA: Yeah, you don’t stretch it.

>>PMtS:  Well it’s like, with Jesus. Don’t tempt God, you know what I mean?

>>RA: Exactly. I mean, he was tempted by the devil, you know? Jump off this cliff and I’ll save you and I can make you the ruler. And, he said, “No, I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna sort of abide by earthly laws.”

>>PMtS:  It’s a very special time that we’re alive in now.

>>RA: Yeah.

>>PMtS:  This is the time when we can really advance in Mastery and become liberated. Part of that is by tuning in to the love within ourselves to overcome all tendencies of judgment, condemnation of others, and to bless everyone that we can.

That is our liberation. You see someone, a child in Syria, suffering. Well maybe I can’t get on a plane and go there but I can breathe in what that child is feeling and then exhale love and compassion to the heart of that child. We can do that with everyone.

All the people suffering…their suffering is in a sense my suffering. That doesn’t mean to take it on, but to exhale to them rays of light from your heart to their hearts. You can do good that way even if, like me, you’re in a cabin in the woods. I can affect everyone on the planet right from here. I don’t have to go to downtown Union Square in San Francisco to help people.

>>RA: No. We all do. I mean, you and I and everybody listening to this and everybody in the world we’re all affecting one another. We’re all in Indra’s Web, if you’ve heard of that term. Every point influences and is infinitely correlated with every other point in creation. And consciousness, probably we could say is the fabric that weaves it all together. The ultimate sort of foundation that all are rooted in then through which these influences propagate.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. I’d like to share with you something. An experience I had with Anandamayi Ma.

>>RA: I was going to ask you to tell an experience about her. There was a cool thing where you saw her, and it wasn’t quite really as much as you wanted and then you had this wish to sort of walk down the road with her.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. It was New Year’s Eve. I was in Varanasi.

>>RA: And explain who she is in case people haven’t heard.

>>PMtS:  Well they call her the Bliss Permeated Mother.

>>RA: Yeah, Anandamayi Ma.

>>PMtS:  Yogananda loved her. Anyway, a whole group of us that were with Ram Das and Neem Karoli Baba went to her ashram in Benares on New Year’s Eve. It was a big ashram scene where you could go up and bow. I offered her some sweets and could see she looked bored.

You know you could always tell the really enlightened people because they don’t care if you worship them or touch their feet, you know? They’re in another realm. But I made a wish that someday I would see her or some other great being alone in the street. So I think it was like a month later I was in Jagannath Puri.

I was in one of those stores where they have sacks of grain. They’re like health food stores, just grain. So, the woman in front of me turns around and it’s her. She was buying some stuff. So, as there was a sweet shop next door, I went and got some candy to give her.

I waited for her to come out of the store. I was trying to be respectful but I saw we were both walking the same way and she had a bag of heavy groceries. So, I went up to her and said, “May I help you out? May I carry your groceries?” And she said, “No, thank you.”

You know, I gave her the sweets and this time she accepted them. Supposedly she had taken a vow of silence and didn’t talk. But she talked like a magpie when I was with her. The funny thing is she talked in Bengali and I talked in English yet we understood each other perfectly. She was just the sweetest woman, very much like Pearl who I was to meet later.

She was then probably 80. She was staying at her ashram there. She just wanted to be like a normal woman and go out and cook dinner for her devotees So, she’d gone to the store to buy rice and stuff.

Afterward, I went and told all the Ram Dass crowd that I’d seen her. So, they went to the ashram and asked to see her too, and the people said she’s not here. But they knew I had seen her because they said, “Your energy is completely different.”

I used to go to the Jagannath temple every day. This is actually where Jesus used to go if you read The Aquarian Gospel. One day, I was coming back from the temple in a rickshaw and she was in the street going the other way with three of her devotees. The other women were all in white.

She saw me before I saw her and she did pranam namaste. Well, her energy hit me in my heart. It was so powerful I stood up and almost fell out of the rickshaw.  I turned and faced her and for a minute we were facing each other. She transmitted this energy where I felt God.

I felt this divine love in my heart which was really something new for me. I realized that when she looked at me, she was seeing God. So, I went back to where I was staying and for the next three days I thought, “I want to see what she was seeing.” So, I meditated on my heart.

And I think that took me further on the path than almost anything else. Then, like maybe two years later when I met Pearl, she had the same quality. She could transmit that consciously. You visualize the Sun in your heart. Then, when you feel that divine love, you look into the eyes of another person.

I frequently do this with people. Even now, you and I are looking at each other and I’m looking into the eyes of all the people that are watching us. I am the sun of God. Not my ego. The sun of God is in my heart, and that sun is sending rays of light to everyone.

So, I am Divine Love going from my heart to your heart. And I feel a ray of light from your heart to my heart. That acknowledgment is literally what namaste means: The God in me honors the God in you. I feel that. We’re not separated by a thousand miles. I’m right there in the room with you. Etherically, we are together.

So, I feel your presence. You feel my presence. And to everyone watching this, I am sending that love and God-consciousness to everyone and am receiving it back. And from all the groups I’ve done online, I know that this works. We can include whoever we want in this: Saint Germain, Yogananda, Amma, Mother Mary. Just feel them around us.

And the door to that is really here in the heart. That’s the ultimate on the spiritual path, to bring God-consciousness into the body as a human being. Look at the Star of David, the six-pointed star.

It’s bringing the heavenly and the earthly together in the heart. That’s where the Christ consciousness is realized, there as a human being. It’s not in leaving the body or being in blissful samadhi. It’s bringing it in as a human being, to be a compassionate loving human being.

>>RA: That’s great. Very nicely put. I have a few more questions I want to ask you and we maybe we have time for a story. Which story would you rather tell? Healing by the space brothers or a Joseph Sun Hawk at Taos Pueblo.

>>PMtS:  Oh man. You’re jarring my memory here.

>>RA: Oh, you don’t have to tell either of them if you don’t want.

>>PMtS:  I’ll talk about the space brothers since…

>>RA: Okay

>>PMtS:  They are going to play a part in our salvation. These are our ancestors. How did we get to earth anyway? You know, I don’t buy the Darwin thing that we evolved out of single-celled organisms. We may come into animal bodies, but we come from someplace else. So, whether it’s the Pleiades, Sirius, or wherever.

I have memories and so did Pearl, of getting off a spaceship maybe a hundred thousand years ago. Well, first let me jump to the important experience that I had many years ago. I was at Lake Louise in Canada. I had an out of the body experience. My physical body was asleep, but I was taken into a spacecraft, and Saint Germain was on that craft.

We went up over the top of the earth and down into the North Pole. There’s another world inside the earth and there’s an inner Sun. The Buddhist would call it Shamballa, although there’s a lot of disagreement over where it is. But I’ve had the experience. There’s another world there at a different frequency.

>>RA: True it’s not something that geologists are gonna find. But on a different level, different frequency. Yeah, okay.

>>PMtS:  I don’t know exactly what that frequency is, but anyway I was in this ship with Saint Germain. He gave me a rare prediction about the future. He did that once before and I didn’t like anything he said.

>>RA: Right. Like change your name to Peter Mount Shasta.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. So, he said the spacecraft will be very important in the future destiny of the Earth because a time will arrive on the surface of the earth when portions of humanity will need to be evacuated. You know, this ties in with a lot of other things…like there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

The people that will go into the new Heaven and new Earth will have God in their heart and the sign of God in their forehead. Whatever people need to experience is what they will get, so it’s up to each individual. Do I need to experience the lower frequency, the old Heaven and the old Earth, or the new Heaven and the new Earth? Saint Germain was showing me once again this cooperation between the Ascended Masters and the space beings. They’re all working together.

The space beings are not Ascended Masters yet. They’re very masterful but they’re also working on their spiritual unfoldment and enlightenment.

Oh, you asked about the healing. That was another experience, my healing after India. I was still sick from drinking from the Ganges.

One afternoon I said, “I’ve had it.” I’d been living on millet and yogurt. That’s all my stomach could handle. I finally said, “I’ve had it.” I wanted to leave my body. I went into town, had a few beers, went to a soul food place. Had soul food, coffee, chocolate cake, whatever. I came home and figured, “I’m probably gonna die tonight.”

I just completely surrendered and said, “God, I’m in your hands.” Well, next thing I know I’m on board this spaceship. It’s like a hospital ship. They said, “We circle the earth healing people where we can.” Like, where their karma allows.

They had me stand in front of this machine that had plates that went against me. They turned it on and all my chakras lit up.  I could see my chakras. It felt great. I said, “This is fantastic, keep it going!” And they said, “Well, we have to be careful. We don’t want to burn your chakras out.”

After the treatment, it was like a doctor’s office. There was someone with a clipboard who said, “Go sit down over there. We’ll observe you for half an hour. Then we’ll beam you back down.” I woke up in the morning in perfect health. That was it. Total healing.

>>RA: The end of your dysentery.

>>PMtS:  That was it, yeah.

>>RA: That’s great. Cool. All right. Here’s a question that is actually in the beginning of your second book.  What are some of the perils on the path and how can we avoid them?

>>PMtS:  Well, the most obvious peril of the path is thinking that because you’ve achieved certain things or experienced certain things that you’re superior to other people.

>>RA: Pride goeth before a fall, as they say.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, exactly. That’s the most seductive part. I see some teachers who have quite large followings and there’s a lot of pride about their trip. Or even practitioners have pride. Who is that guy who does those funny spiritual videos, like my guru is more enlightened than your guru?

>>RA: JP Sears. He’s been on BATGAP, yeah.

>>PMtS:  That feeling that you’re above or beyond other people, or that you have it all together.

>>RA: Ultra Spiritual he calls himself. He has a book. Twelve and a Half Tips For Becoming Ultra-Spiritual.

>>PMtS:  You see somebody homeless in the street and you think, “They must have bad Karma.  I’m glad I’m not going to be around them.” We need to have compassion for everyone. You have to be more humble than the dust. You can’t fake it. You have to feel it.

I got to know Ram Dass in India. After we came back, eventually he developed that reality. Even though people worshiped him, he had that that humility toward the end.

>>RA: Yeah, he really did. And he did a lot of seva. He had the Seva Foundation. And he was working with, Ashley Brilliant or something. Where, helping to cure people of blindness in India. He really knocked himself out doing that kind of thing.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, I think that’s so. At the end of my book on the Violet Tara, I say, “If you feel this path is too complicated, remember what Jesus said to his disciples.  If the ten commandments are too much, just love one another and see God in everybody.

“What you do unto the least of my little ones, you do unto me.” I think that’s the answer. Go out and do something for someone else. Like, buy someone groceries for someone who can’t go to the store. Or, just talk to somebody who’s lonely. That’s a tremendous service. A lot of people feel, “What can I do?”

Well, just look around. Even smiling to someone who’s down, you know? There are so many things every day, opportunities for us to help somebody else or even to think kindly of someone. Every day I send love, pink light, and violet light, down into all the capitals of the Earth. All the governments and world leaders. Even if you are skeptical and say it’s not doing anything, at least it’s changing me.

>>RA: That’s a good point, yeah.

>>PMtS:  Get out of the judgment. It’s the judgment that does people in.

>>RA: That’s beautiful. Very good.

>>PMtS:  You know, “That person’s in duality. That person’s being materialistic. They’re eating a tuna fish sandwich. They couldn’t be enlightened.”

>>RA: Right <laughs>. Yeah. That’s a tricky one, you know, because there’s some, I don’t know. The way I get around that, like for instance, you have lavished a lot of praise on Chogyam Rinpoche. And he died of alcoholism in his forties. And he was a mess by the time he died. He was brain damaged and delirious and all kinds of problems. Yet he came out with a lot of profound stuff.

The way I come to terms with that,  that’s just one example of many, is that everybody’s a work in progress, including me of course, and that you can have a great degree of development in certain areas but it doesn’t mean you’ve completely blossomed in all the various facets in which a human being can blossom. So, you know, we continue on and he’ll learn lessons in his next life.

>>PMtS:  Exactly. You know, Trungpa was a catalyst for growth. But he said, “Don’t imitate me, it’ll kill you.”

>>RA: Yeah right. It killed him!

>>PMtS:  Yeah right, but still.  Oh my gosh. People would try to copy exactly the way he did something, like “The shrine should be laid out exactly like this.” Then he’d change it a month later. Well, which was the right way? What should it be? He would play with people’s minds to help them wake up.

You know, he was one of the what they call crazy wisdom teachers, but he said the wisdom comes first, the crazy comes later. Don’t just go be crazy. Anyway, the important thing about gurus is to take them as a catalyst and don’t try to copy them or idolize their ego.

That’s another thing about getting rid of ego. You need the ego to function. The ego is like your car. It’s a vehicle to get from place to place. Do you know what I mean?

>>RA: Yeah, it’s a tool. I see it as a function.  Like eyesight is a function and hearing is a function. Okay, well a sense of personal identity as a function without which the eyesight and hearing and all that wouldn’t have a common center through which to function. But, if we assume that all we are or that’s what we are, then we’ve tried to squeeze the whole ocean into a drop and it’s not got to be comfortable.

>>PMtS:  That’s true. Well, I got the essence of the ocean here, it’s a lot of drops.

>>RA: A lot of drops. Anyways, so what do you do these days that people could interact with? Your webinars and your books of course.

>>PMtS:  Yeah, well the website: People can contact me through that. There are 22 YouTube videos out there. There is a violet Tara Facebook group. People have to get the book first: I Am the Violet Tara, Goddess of Forgiveness and Freedom. They’ll be asked a question about the book to join.

>>RA: It’s a test.

>>PMtS:  The group is for people reading the book and doing the practices, not just for people who want to drop in. So, there are a lot of people coming to Mount Shasta, but I wouldn’t suggest doing that right now. <Laughs>

>>RA: Yeah. At least post quarantine.

>>PMtS:  The first thing is read the books, especially Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book II.  It’s a unique book. Like Unveiled Mysteries that Godfrey Ray King wrote. I would say that is one of the most amazing. That is an incredible book. But you have to realize most of that is other plane experience. It’s not physical stuff.

My book is about actual experiences where I interacted with Saint Germain and where I actually met these two Masters behind me, Kuthume and El Morya. I met them in physical form. Then you get a little bit of an understanding.

If you want to work with the Masters, the way they work with people to achieve mastery is challenging. They told me, “You want to be a Master, get your real estate license!”

>>RA: Yeah, right.

>>PMtS:  That’s not what I wanted to hear. You know, because being in the real world is where you become a Master. Being in relationship. I wanted to be celibate. I was celibate for a long time. Then they said, “We want you to get married.” And I said, “Oh no! I thought that was delusional.” Well now it’s time for this part of the training, you know?

>>RA: Yeah. These books are a lot of fun.  I’ve read the first one it’s in its entirety and most of the second one and. they’re pretty big books but they’re very readable. Very well written.  I was impressed with the way you, you had to probably reconstruct conversations you had had twenty or thirty years ago. But you did a good job reconstructing them. And it’s very nice. A lot of fun to read.

>>PMtS:  The funny thing is that book about my experiences of the Masters was put together at Krishnamurti’s house.  He wasn’t there. It was long after he died, but I was invited to stay there, and I did a retreat at his house in Ojai. And I thought, this is really funny because he said forget about the Masters. Now I’m right in his house and I’m writing about the Masters.

>>RA: Yeah, he didn’t like the whole guru scene very much.

>>PMtS:  That’s because he was abused by his teachers as a child. He spent his whole life talking against teachers, unfortunately.

>>RA: I’ll link to all this stuff that you’ve just mentioned from the page that I’ll put for you on BATGAP. So I’ll link your website and your books and anything else you want me to link to. And people can just go there and hop from there over to your site. Or your books or whatever they want to do.

>>PMtS:  Or tune in through the ethers you know.

>>RA: Yeah, that too.

>>PMtS:  People are telling me they. Some guy called the other day. He said, “I had a dream the other day.” I’ve never met this guy. He said, “You talked to me in a dream and told me what to do.”  So, he’s phoning me.  He got my phone number from someone and says, “What should I do?” And I said, “I don’t know. Do what I said in the dream. Why are you calling me now?”

>>RA: Dreams can be powerful. The most powerful experience I ever had was in a dream. Doesn’t seem like it’s really a dream when you have those things. It’s, it’s, we call it a dream because it happens when the body is asleep but it’s something more than a dream.

>>PMtS:  Yeah. I just want to thank you and Irene and your backup team for the work that you’re doing because you’re a real catalyst for a lot of people. You give a transmission also yourself which is, you know, not only a product of who you are but your training and your, your own inner work. So, I feel that emanating from you, so it’s a blessing and a great service that you’re doing for people.

>>RA: Well, you know how it feels. You feel it’s like you are doing what you supposed to be doing and you’re grateful to be able to do it. And it’s not you doing it, you’re kind of like a conduit for something bigger. It’s just a matter of being a sort of a servant of God, I guess you could say. So, thanks, Peter. Great meeting you. If we all live through this and we’re ever out in Mount Shasta, we’ll definitely meet.

>>PMtS:  Oh, please do! No, we’re all gonna be living for eternity, you know? We’re gonna see each other in many other planes. That I know for sure.

>>RA: Yeah, yeah.

>>PMtS:  This is just a dream and you’re gonna wake up.  God was bored. God thought, “I’ve been in Samadhi for a million years. I’d like to experience another reality. I’ll create duality, good and evil, right and wrong, male and female, all this stuff. And I’ll play around in it for a while.”

>>RA: Yeah, I was just gonna say that when you said, “Oh yeah we’ll meet in other realms,” and there’s a lot it’s like it’s the whole thing is like this great sort of play, you know, the word Leela means play. God’s having a blast.

>>PMtS:  Exactly, we should keep that in mind.  you know we’re gonna wake up someday and say, “Wow wasn’t that a trip?”

>>RA: Yeah, exactly.  Anyway, we could go on and on

>>PMtS:  Yep.

>>RA: Thanks for having this conversation with me and thanks to those who’ve been listening to it and we will see you for the next one and if you would like to visit BATGAP and avail yourselves of the things that are there please do so.

You could sign up for an audio podcast or subscribe to the email newsletter to get notified when there’s new interviews or, you know some other things on the site. Poke around through the menus and you’ll see them so again thanks for listening or watching. And thank you again, Peter. And we’ll see you around. See you for the next one.

>>PMtS:  Bye, bye. Namaste.

>>RA: Namaste [Music]