131. Dr. Laurie Moore

Laurie MooreDr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) spends hours in uproarious laughter with friends, human and animal. For two decades she has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. She has taught in Europe, around the USA, and all over Hawaii Islands reaching people of many backgrounds. Her reputation as an internationally respected therapist, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher began with the many awakening experiences she was ushered through by Divine Ma, inside her own heart, and Jessie Justin Joy, her feline Guru. Supported and inspired by many, she is especially close to Gangaji and Sh. Ahmed. She credits Braco and Dr. Karl Maret for her new found stamina which shapes her latest work, after some years of severe physical challenge.

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Interview recorded 7/21/2012

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  1. In response to this interview, I have read a variety of beautiful and deeply felt expressions of this LOVE that generates all beings (in each species form). These expressions have arrived as comments here, in my email box, youtube and facebook.
    I thank us all for putting this love first as it puts us first always. Thank you with all my heart and soul to each of you. Much Love to all Beings. May All beings be found in Love. Dr. Laurie Moore~~~~~~~

  2. My editor, graphic artist, and I are at work to quickly put “The Cat’s Reincarnation & Unconditional Trust in Love Revised” back on the market. It shall address many of these questions. We will have it revised and ready by the end of September if not sooner via http://www.animiracles.com and Amazon.
    Warmly, Dr. Laurie Moore

  3. Often times siddhis arise spontaneously post
    awakening..Whether practiced or not, this can happen…Patanjali’s yoga aphorisms go into these powers in detail..Everything from invisibility, to flying through the air, to knowing another man’s mind, to talking to animals, etc etc..can manifest…Here he is on the communication siddhi..

    “By making samyama on the sound of a word, one’s perception of its meaning, and one’s reaction to it – three things which are ordinarily confused – one obtains understanding of all sounds uttered by living beings”..

    Ordinarily, we are aware of no distinction between hearing the sound of a word, understanding what it means, and reacting in one way or another to the information it contains…If someone shouts ‘fire’ we jump to our feet in an instant…But the yogi is able to separate these three functions..By making this samyama, he can understand not only foreign languages but the sounds made by all kinds of animals..

    As long as siddhis arise as part and parcel of the awakening and are not pursued for their own sake or used for monetary gain, they can be quite valuable to a society..

  4. People have endorsed the genuiness of Dr. Laurie’s work for a long time.

    Here are some endorsements followed by many more gratitude shares.


    Go to the link: “endorsements and testimonials”

    In Sincerity,

    Paula Joyce Garcia

  5. Hi Laurie,

    I have been meaning to email and tell you how spot on some of your comments about our pets were.

    Lila’s description of being not emotional and light: that is a subtle description with a cat but it really nails her. She has always seemed detached (in a good way). Her wanting the door left open, boy do we know that!
    Shanti’s description of being simple and peaceful and still inside and how she needs time alone could not describe her better. And the comment about sounds, no extra sounds in the house etc. That is major.
    Nikos’ description of being eager to do a job but not sure what, is so like his energy. And being needy and wanting to be included and be doted over and be the center of things. Wow!

    It was really quite amazing how well you pin pointed their personalities. Does that happen with most of your readings or sometimes more than others?

    Anyway, thank you. I wanted to give you feedback on how accurate it was.

    Oh yes, and the comment about my being a hidden people pleaser but not something one would know from my personality? I could really relate to that but I doubt if anyone would get that about me. That was Lila’s observation! Amazing.

    Thanks again.

    Irene Archer

  6. I really enjoyed the flow of this internview. Laurie brought lots of energy to the table and Rick asked some really great questions… Thanks to you both.

    Rick… love it when your pets make an appearance, it always adds space to the interview.

    Regarding the inquiry you both discussed on human intelligence and animal intelligence and self realisation.

    I wonder if we looked at it a fresh and not from any past knowledge, that we might notice only our thoughts divide human and animal, as we divide all things with thought based labels. (as you talked of during the interview)

    If what we call ‘plants and trees’ did not exist then what we call ‘human conciousness’ would also not exist as the oxygeon making our human form and all other life forms possible would never of come about. It’s all one living breathing whole.

    Of course our minds have been conditioned to divide and see it as seperate from the very root of our thinking / society / culture… (compared to say native indians and many other indigenous cultures who looked upon themselves as belonging to the land)

    The very foundation of most of our knowledge is based on division, which takes us away from seeing / experiencing the whole.

  7. My sharing is about moving with the inclinations of natural love. In this moving with what the heart calls forth, I found myself moving from personal to universal. I am not speaking of an attempt to gain a power or obtain a state but rather a giving of the heart to what beckons. In this, service and awakening are the same. I am not helping anyone. Love is calling us together in whatever configurations are designed for the time so that adjustments are made for the personal beings as part of the evolutionary universal. Love and finding oneself in ordinary states of oneness and communication with all live are available for EVERYONE. ~ The Divine is most happy and able for this discovery to be made in a unique way for each one. In this, all life is a practice…each moment is some type of meditation, presence, being, or prayer; all graces. If you listen to every single one of these interviews you will find every single being has a framework through which they speak but the message is what is felt/received with in hat frame work. The framework, or articulation is the glass in which the water is offered.
    Namaste, Om Shanti, Shalom, Aloha Nui Loa, Salaams, Peace.~~~~~~~

  8. Maybe God or the pure potential wants to experience it self in innumerous forms and expressions and to wake up to itself within each of those forms. Maybe awakening does not require a specific form, if everything is an expression of divinity, one would think that the possibility of experiencing that true nature is also inherent in everything, God can know itself in any form, for it is that. Like it´s pointed out in the interview, every organism has specific qualities that are highly developed and to facilitate that other qualities will need to be less developed. maybe evolution doesn´t have to be seen as moving in a certain direction, but rather just continually changing form, where some aspects move into the dark at times for other aspects to be in the light and the joy of God is to experience the immense richness in that dance.
    Great interview, I really love her bubbly, wise and gentle personality.

  9. I am noticing that a state of unconditional love is something that takes the human, not the other way around. And I am noticing from years of some participation in many different spiritual communities including “my own” for a while that no matter how deep the state that has us, the body-mind will require willful adjustments to be what it claims…and can never fully BE the state consistently (of unconditional love or neutrality etc). Otherwise theory overlooks what is happening in human interactions and we have a lot of shadow drama unclaimed~~~~So aspiration breeds humility as the opportunity…. or a great denial that sprouts up in messes otherwise. Expect both (humility and denial-messes) to happen on the human ride and note that love state holds this all in acceptance and kindness. What a gift to be able to play and work with the body in duality and then taken by the all love in oneness over and over. Evolution in motion.

  10. Hi. I would like to add something I read from Osho about degrees of enlightenment.
    I often hear this discussion about awakening not being the final step and that there can still be ego and unfoldments to come. And of course we know about Ramana, Nisargadartta and others who have pointed to have no trace of personality or individuality left in them.
    Osho had said, regarding the energy level of humans, that when you reach the 4th chakras, it’s the first level of awakening in the human form when you can experience individual love. Meaning love to an object: someone or something. In that level you can easily fall back to lower chakras.
    Once you reach the 5th chakra, that would be more like enlightenment, with no falling back to lower chakras. In that chakra enlightenment would be felt as devotion to all, or love to all there is or oneness. In that stage you still have the reference of an individual loving the whole or being one with the whole.
    In the 6th chakra there would be a merging with the whole. No longer a perception of my consciousness but only consciousness; nor my existence but only existence. It’s the state of “I am Brahman”.
    As he says, most meditators stop there. But there’s yet the final journey into the 7th chakra where you go from existence to non-existence: “Being is known in its entirety and non-being is known in its entirety: then the knowing is complete…”
    “One more journey yet remains – the journey to non-being, non-existence. Existence is only half the story: there is also non-existence. Light is but, on the other side, there is darkness. Life is one part but there is also death. Therefore, it is necessary to know as well, the remaining non-existence, the void, because the ultimate truth can only be known when both are known — existence and non-existence.”
    I think that might help with the discussion…
    All best,

  11. Hi Daniel
    Thanks for sharing. It’s worth noting that there isn’t one way the higher stages are experienced energetically. Some describe awakening happening in the gut or heart and continuing in a rise. Other traditions talk about higher stages during a post-rise descent with awakening at the crown. Adyashanti for example describes head, heart, gut and Kundalini Vidya describes “advanced process” as a descent. Also in the KV tradition, the kundalini is said to stabilize when it reaches Makara, just above the 6th chakra.

    Different teachers will of course teach from their experience and/or tradition. I’d suggest the experience depends on the persons background, practice and physiology. And that the sequence of energy openings is another effect of awakening rather than being causal.

    By your description, I would also suggest you’re describing stages of approach to awakening rather than stages of awakening. There’s quite a bit more after what you describe, after the sense of being individual departs. The real opening of the heart and oneness happen later, though they can certainly be experienced prior. Not to mention the stage beyond either existence or non-existence (which are yet another duality)

  12. I am back at this forum to mention that I am offering gift 15 minute gift (no fee) readings, healings, and private Satsangs for humans and animals via phone and Skype. To receive please email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com. Because many have signed up and I have limited slots per week I am booking out quite aways. I am very grateful to give you this gift. Please mention BatGap when you email me and visit my website to understand what I offer before scheduling: http://www.animiracles.com. This offer ends January 1, 2014.
    Laurie Alison Moore

  13. I agree with her about flipping his hierarchy theory upside down, to say that plants / trees would be the most evolved..to be fully present and all ego gone, and to be one and to embody the universal energy, just as an antennae… humans and animal still have a “me-ness” about them and they come through as that species because they have tools to learn how to “get there” and plants, are already there and just are… simply that, they are. A clear focussed channel of deep love and wisdom. 

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