101. Bob Nickel

Bob NickelSatsang with Bob Nickel is a great opportunity to be with someone who points to the pure truth of Awakening in a simple and clear way.

One of the recent attendees at Bob’s satsang wrote, “I was deeply moved by Bob’s blissful presence as well as the clear insight he is able to share with everyone into the deeper truths of life and ourselves. I could feel that Bob speaks from his own personal experience, those same truths shared through the ages by many of the great sages.” Bob has been freely sharing in the non-dual Advaita tradition since 2004.

He experienced his first spiritual epiphany at the age of nineteen, followed later by other special experiences. In recent years it has become clear to Bob that all experiences, which by nature come and go, have nothing whatsoever to do with the Truth that one essentially Is. His satsangs are dedicated solely to making Ramana Maharshi’s invitation to Self-Inquiry available to everyone, as a direct and immediate means to Self Knowledge, inviting all to simply abide effortlessly as That which one is, right here and right now.

Bob has been traveling back and forth between India and the U.S. since 1999, living in India during the fall and winter months at the foot of the holy mountain, Arunachala, near the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi. He has been traveling the rest of the year holding satsang where invited to do so.

Cancer has returned to Bob’s body. When he left for India in late April, 2011, his doctors said he was cancer-free. That has changed. In early September his physicians gave him about six months. Rather than just rest, Bob’s desire is to spend his final days sharing Ramana Maharshi’s Invitation to Self Inquiry to all who wish to hear it. 

Bob’s website.  (Bob passed on August 17, 2012)

Interview recorded 12/18/2011

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. after watching Ramana Maharshi Arunachala Siva… i would not mind spending the rest of my life in India… too… because the spiritual energy is something that is definitely felt…

    however when we were there several years ago… we noticed that the Indian diet contained no green vegetables… and very little of any veggies… we would cross the backwaters… & shop for veggies & fruit in a small town( village )… since the ashram served from the Indian kitchen mostly rice every day… with very little spiced veggies… and from the Western kitchen mainly veggieburgers… eggs… bread… a little bit of veggies… fresh yogurt made during the nite… some grain like oatmeal or wheat… whereas our diet in America was mainly veggies…

    and there was one fruitarian from Germany who would buy up “all” the fruits at the fruit stand at the ashram…

    we met one American who married an Indian lady and lived in India… he said… one or two days per week… every week… he needed to drink only water with spirulina… to keep his body from getting to acid…

    this was at Amma’s ashram where we were for about 5 months…

    also two more weeks we spent at Karunamayi’s ashram in the sacred forest Penusila at the foot of a mountain range that seemed to surround the forest… there was a garden of some nice lettuces… and some veggies…

    so… i was wondering … when Bob said that he had treatment and got a little better… then when he returned to India… the cancer came back with a vengeance… PERHAPS IT WAS THE INDIAN diet that fed the cancer ? … [Cancer loves sugar. Some even feel cancer thrives on most carbohydrates too, so it would make sense to limit some of these too such as corn and potatoes… Some feel that lack of cellular oxygen may be a factor leading to cancer. In 1931 Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He stated in “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer” that the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements. So, it would be important to increase cellular oxygen levels and to take products that support the body’s detoxification process so that the cells can stay oxygenated. Cancer also thrives in an acidic environment, and can’t live in an alkaline environment. Many foods and drinks the average person consumes are acidic, with the colas and other soft drinks being highly acidic. So unless you are eating a special diet, your body is way too acidic. One should switch to a more alkaline diet.] ~ http://www.cancure.org/cancer_prevention.htm

  2. someone mentioned Braco earlier… my wife and i had attended group sessions with him … as well as watched live streaming gazing on the internet… besides the healing energy… which i feel as love and compassion… i like that he does not talk in public… just gazes… i always had a soft spot for silent saints…

    anyway… here’s his next LIVE STREAMING over the www … January 13th, 14th, 15th … four sessions each day … http://www.braco.net/live-streaming

  3. Bob, thank you so very much. You truly made a difference, here, and there is tons of gratitude. Self recently saw Self, and things (ha) have been a little strange. What you gave in this interview in words and otherwise, are extremely helpful. Who knows, perhaps you will see this comment. Thanks also to Rick and Mark! It is understood there is well-being, yet I cannot help but also send good wishes for wellness of body; may it be so.

  4. @k2stypoint ~ “[ at home ] Braco offers the gaze for free. I visited his Center, Srebrnjak 1 in Zagreb, Croatia. He’s offered daily all day gazes for free for 16 years. When people promote him in hotels, there is a cost to renting the room. Braco insists they can only charge the cost of the room. Thus, each live gaze session is $8” … [when you attend in person in USA… on internet live streaming it’s $3]
    Braco’s Transformational Gaze

  5. “Anita was dying from cancer… and had an amazing NDE… with very clear “awareness” … of the “other realm”… & unconditional love… resulting in an identity shift… which these days is called “awakening” … ”

    Bob Olson talks with Anita Moorjani about her near-death experience – Part 1


  6. ooops… wrong link for last post … here’s the correct one…

    “Anita was dying from cancer… and had an amazing NDE… with very clear “awareness” … of the “other realm”… & unconditional love… resulting in an identity shift… which these days is called “awakening” … ”

    Bob Olson talks with Anita Moorjani about her near-death experience – Part 1

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