128. Bill Bauman

Bill BaumanBill Bauman is one of the simplest people you’ll ever meet—he just “is.” Yet, his core essence calls him daily into selfless, expansive service to a human family he loves deeply. He feels called to be the voice of the purest truth possible—a truth without beliefs, complexities or codes of conduct … that speaks purely to each person’s soul … that carries genuine unconditional love and respect. In this sacred space of being and allowing, Bill believes that each person is free to discover his or her own truth, love and empowerment—from within. Bill is a unique blend of many perspectives. Through his life, he has lived sequentially and powerfully in the diverse worlds of philosophy, religion, psychology, business, politics and spirituality. Spiritually, he’s been a gifted healer, blessed visionary and inspirational leader. In the process, these many worlds and worldviews have found a unified home in Bill’s consciousness. He is one with them all—and one with all people and approaches. Peacefully and quietly, he embraces everything, and enjoys a daily unity with life itself.

Interview recorded 6/23/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Bill’s side of the video is “frozen” during the first 5 minutes of this interview, but is normal after that.

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  1. Thank you Rick and Bill for a wonderful interview. I enjoyed Bill’s great simplicity and joy. It was not difficult to perceive that he is an ultra sensitive which has also been my lot in life and so I get so much of what he says. Being very sensitive is a curse and a blessing all at the same time. All the world’s pain and suffering are constantly experienced. The heart is left completely open and vulnerable. In my case, animal suffering is particularly unbearable. There is also the painful witnessing of man’s apparent inhumanity which in fact is borne out of childlike fears. Despite all that I have witnessed that is apparently negative, it has been surprising to me how high my expectations are of human beings. We also share that inner guidance, to me a soundless voice, which has constantly nudged me succintly, very lovingly and with such humor and jealously kept me away from any outside teacher. There have been several dark nights of the soul which have thankfully brought me to a place of great joy and peace and beauty and utter simplicity. It is absolute happiness to be able to just let go, sit back, grab the popcorn and just enjoy the show.

  2. A beautiful man with something to say about living Divine Love…Whether we are pulled from within, or without by Grace, no matter, it’s the ‘willingness’ to heed the call of Truth, and go to the depths of ourselves that counts..really enjoyed this one..

  3. I cannot but be amused by the synchronicity of it all given the last series of blog post discussions. A wonderful man.

  4. Bill seems like a lovely man.

    Then I looked on his website. He charges $900 for a half-day intensive and $1800 for a full day. He adds caveats to this: “I do not make it a practice to be available for personal crises on an emergency basis. I recognize and respect that we all need someone to be there for us in a time of crisis, but I strongly do not feel called to serve that role…”; and “Also, I am not available for short follow-up consultations after our session. That includes that quick phone call that you might want to make to me to double check something I said, or to get a further insight into something that we dealt with, or just to chat…”

    So, he just rocks up, cashes in (big time) and then washes his hands of you? Not at all impressive.

  5. I echo Bill Bauman’s thanks to you Rick. One of the most heart lifting intereviews.

  6. I’m thrilled to hear Bill mention his experience with “unlearning” or dis-creating (my preferred descriptor) the incredibly layered belief systems that he was unawaringly subscribing to (48.10 into the discussion).

    I would like to encourage Bill, however, to consider that their isn’t a “bottom” to that practice, as he mentioned he reached. It’s a practice that benefits us until our last breath.

    I was also thrilled to hear him mention that all forms (material, cognitive, and otherwise) have a FEEL to them. And their FEEL is readily accessible after you disrobe yourself of the many layers of beliefs that encumber you.

    Thanks for surfacing both of those significant observations to our viewing/listening audience, Bill.

  7. As Dany mentioned, I also checked Bill’s website and felt very uncomfortable as well. I really don’t know what to make of it.

  8. Dany
    It seems as though almost everyone in the spiritual realm is charging big bucks today for Truth – sigh – and I agree it’s difficult to reconcile that with the descriptions of complete lack of ego..

    I think perhaps it helps to have a ‘living’ teacher around who can give us guidance – so that our supposed ‘divine gifts’ don’t go to our heads and we stay on course..Awakening can be a heady thing…My model for humility is Pamela Wilson who still barely charges for her time..

    In the View here, I’m not sure that if someone is truly at rest in the Self, living in complete freedom – that they would be terribly interested in money beyond survival needs…and they certainly would be conscientious about follow up…
    So yes – disappointing in this regard with Bill, but still in all, I liked what he had to say and how he said it – so let’s hope he comes to his senses and realizes that no one is more ‘special’ than anyone else – awake or not – that those prices he’s charging are outrageous – and also, that if we take someone on as a student, we enter into a sacred contract with them which we need to honor – to see them through the difficult times…

  9. Enjoyed the talk as well. Just to be clear about Bill’s prices, the $900 and $1800 are for one-on-one intensives, still a lot for sure, but didn’t want anyone to think it was otherwise.
    My sense is a longer time than 45 minutes or an hour could be quite helpful with the right teacher. I wish more teachers offered that. Might be good for a “slow starter” like myself.

  10. Why does it matter how much he charges for private sessions?

    His prices for larger group workshops don’t seem out of line compared to other healers/teachers/etc. His books and cds also seem reasonable.

    He is just one person, with just 24 hours in a day. I have no idea how busy he might be with other things. He might be quite busy with a lot of responsibilities so by charging more, he limits the amount of people to work with. Also his time may be more valuable than most, if he’s going to devote a whole day to a client, he might be taking that away from other businesses or projects that may bring in similar amount of income.

    Also he doesn’t seem to be solely focused on teaching spiritual awakening. He also seems to delve into motivation, leadership, complete total growth (ultimate human), healing, mentoring, consulting, personal growth, etc. The whole motivational speaker industry is well known for charging much more than spiritual teachers. Mostly because these other type topics have a much broader appeal.

    But… I can’t say whether his workshops, mentoring, teaching, lectures, one-on-one sessions offer any value. That would take more time to evaluate, and also maybe researching objective feedback from prior participants.

    However, if he wants to run an educational and teaching type business. Then that’s his right and prerogative. America is a capitalistic economy. Money is just a means of exchange. It’s not inherently good or bad.

    If I thought he was running some sort of scam, then that would be a valid issue to criticize him over. Over charging for teachings with little value. Or intentionally misleading people, irresponsibly dealing with students, abusive behavior, overly manipulative methods, etc.


    seems like there are 2 instant taboo’s within spiritual community….

    Sexual infidelity and seeking profit/money abuse.

    Why do those things instantly bring judgement?

    Does the self really care? Can you prove it? Is it really true? Can you absolutely know that it’s true? How do you react when you believe that thought? Isn’t it just a thought? Are any thoughts really true?

  11. Good work if you can get it, I suppose. Those who defend charging for any alleged “truth” are those that would like to do the same it seems.

  12. “Sexual infidelity and seeking profit/money abuse. Why do those things instantly bring judgement?” – Valentino

    It’s not that difficult of a dynamic to understand.

    First, you create an IDEAL about X. Then you subscribe to it as the definitive “truth” about X.

    Along comes a deviation from that ideal, and the deviation gets interpreted as a deviance.

    Not an uncommon dynamic. Once the foundation of an ideal has been laid.

  13. The Truth in invaluable. But as a Zen saying goes, there’s an aspect of this business that is like “selling water by the river”. 🙂

    (Still a guy/gal needs to charge for living expenses, organizational overhead, logistics, … charge for his/her time, perhaps have special expertise in dealing with psychological issues, dealing with the “unwinding”, etc. A person may want a certain standard of living. Who am I to judge?)

    Nowadays, it’s not a problem given that there are so many offerrings that anyone can enter at any price point. And the amount charged does not correlate with quality. To each his/her own.

  14. I have to say that in my own case, the price point was a powerful reminder of my own capability to navigate my own path. It would probably be pretty sweet spending half a day speaking with Mr. Bauman. But for the amount of energy it would take me to raise that much cash, I could invest an awful lot in my personal development with the tools I already have!

  15. I enjoyed this interview and Bill’s insights. It’s as he says though…….along with oneness there is the uniqueness in each of us. I must agree that Bill’s marketing style, specifically his fees, are unique and a bit over the top just like his town……Las Vegas. Different strokes for different folks however and I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I also won’t be spending any one on one time with him. Rick is communicating without charging a penny and, for me, that’s where the seeds of success begin. It’s about his passion and he’s doing great work. We should all continue to donate to this site and make it easier for him to put things out there because he’s got it all going on as far as how he’s developing his expression/ contribution/website. He’s a very authentic and talented interviewer. I like that he doesn’t ask for money but asks us to contribute what we feel we can. That’s a loving attitude and a strings free contribution to the truth.

  16. Pam – I totally agree with what you say about Rick. For me, one of the things I enjoy most about these interviews is Rick himself.

    And yes, let’s all donate and do our part to keep this going. There is a huge amount of work that goes into this.

    Cheers, Larry.

  17. You probably have to be American to understand this money thing. In my eyes he is just a clever businessman. Anybody who falls for him and is willing to spend so much money must be totally deluded.
    No idea why you had to interview him, well, good advertisement for him though.

  18. To charge so much for “selling water by the river” evokes a kind of repulsion. I agree with what Jill wrote: “In the View here, I’m not sure that if someone is truly at rest in the Self, living in complete freedom – that they would be terribly interested in money beyond survival needs”.

  19. I really enjoyed this interview. And if I had $900 to spend for 4 hours with him……..I’d do it. I learned alot from him in just the time he spoke here.

  20. It’s true Brenda that when we find ‘resonance’ with someone, we are almost willing to sell the dog and the kids for it…so it’s a good time to speak to the subject of resonance..cause I get asked about it all the time..

    Although it can’t be completely understood as it’s in the realm of the Unknowable, we know it when we encounter it..and we are drawn to be with a certain soul who we feel this resonance with -like a moth to a flame…

    It’s not a matter of whether that teacher reminds us of our dear Aunt Tillie, or the kindly mother or father figure we never had, or whether they give great insights or knowledge or psychological support, or knock your socks off shakti, or have a similar background or demeanor, or agree with our conditioned beliefs…that’s all fine and good…

    But rather it’s that mysterious ‘like’ energy that tells us we have found our own Self made manifest..that that teacher is speaking to our heart – and speaking the Truth that we already know is true..

    That being said, sometimes there’s confusion between ‘spiritual teachers’ and final teachers..We know that there are many beautiful ones who can educate, motivate and inspire, but very few can actually deliver a soul to freedom…In my 40 plus years on the path, I haven’t found many who have the Power of conferring a state of Grace..even though they may be living in it..Even the greatest yogis do not necessarily have that power..

    A good question to ask before we jump into the pool, is what is the teacher’s track record for awakening others? Are the students still hanging around after 20 years without resolution taking course after course, or have all their questions been answered from within -are they living as that Divine Love and speaking from there themselves?

    It took me awhile to realize that not everyone who is awake – even those who had a powerful experience of Oneness and are living it, could take someone else there..Oneness is but a milestone on the path to full disclosure…it’s a passageway to the depths of Being – and it does not ordinarily confer the gift of transmission…as it is not the final truth..

    One has to be very far down the road of dissolution of the ego/mind and at rest in the eternal non dual Self, to transmit Silent Mind – which is what does the actual awakening..The mind can still be quite active in some very high realms..If someone is at full rest they have completely stepped aside to allow Grace to shine forth..There is a transparency of being..and a stillness that is palpable..

    Robert Adams used to say that if a teacher gave a practice other than simple self-inquiry – or put forth an elaborate teaching, it was because his/her Presence was not enough..The Final Truth is always conveyed simply and directly through the Silence..nothing more is needed..

    So more important than the question of whether it’s legitimate to charge big bucks -and I still maintain it’s out of bounds for one who has had a profound awakening of the heart – is whether or not a teacher can lift us out of suffering – out of duality – and deeper…

    Those who promise the sun and the moon and full mastery ought to demonstrate that they can deliver on their promise…By their fruits we shall know them..

    I thoroughly enjoyed Bill’s interview, but never sat with him personally..I would truly love to hear from those who have awakened with him so I can believe he is earning those dollars..

  21. I wouldn’t sell the dogs nor the kids. And I wouldn’t talk to him expecting a “transformation”. It’s more like: if I had extra money, which somehow I had because perhaps i wasn’t placing so much meaning, importance or beliefs about money, and wasn’t attached…..it’s not a big deal. And who is to say who is “earning” their dollars. It is all relative.
    I would just enjoy talking to him like I would enjoy a good meal at a nice restaurant. Experiencing all that is presented to us if we want it. Nothing wrong with that. It’s an experience without judgement. We tend to put a negative or positive connotation on money when in and of itself it is quite neutral. Expecially when talking about spirituality. It’s ALL good. I could really appreciate driving a Jaquar because there is much time, effort, and craftmanship putting it together…by ordinary people. But I can also enjoy a hot dog. It’s about experiencing, all of it, and not judging.

  22. I hear ya Brenda – and glad that the kids and dog are safe – giggle… I agree Bill would make a great dinner companion..liked him a lot as a person…

    I was just speaking specifically to the idea of awakening since that’s what this site is about…Perhaps I got it wrong and Bill is not promising that – but merely ‘educating’…I’ll have to look at the website again..Nothing wrong with that at all – as long as people are as clear as you are about what exactly is being offered..

    It does break my heart when people tell me they want to be with a certain teacher, but can’t afford to do so..or they’ve laid out quite a bit of money already and haven’t found what they were looking for..so I try to be discriminating for them.. not wanting them to throw money away and also knowing we don’t have all the time in the world..relatively speaking..

    In the early days of satsang, teachers used to come to town and we’d meet in people’s living rooms – They slept on whatever couches were offered..There was a suggested donation of 5 or 10 dollars but no one was turned away if they couldn’t pay..Private sessions were a couple of hours long and in depth..and also could be had for a suggested donation of under 50 dollars..just enough to help get the teacher from city to city..Seemed saner then, and many woke up at that time because of the close proximity to Presence..and the affordability to follow their heart and be with their teacher of choice…..

    Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years and it’s become rather confusing for seekers to navigate the spiritual field..and yes we’re free to experience all of it, no problem, I was just pointing to the fact that life is short so why not go directly to the Source..without detours..if we can..

    For those seriously seeking, I always recommend finding a dedicated teacher who has lived this a long while – who works in small groups and is accessible for follow up – is sensible about charging for their time, and who is able to convey the Truth simply and directly…They are out there…

    Happy 4th..and enjoy that hot dog..

  23. Here is some great writing about this whole money business. It’s from David Carse’s book ‘Perfect Brilliant Stillness’.
    “….But of course if you’re a dream character whose role in the dream is to make a career out of awakening, simplicity won’t do. You have to have an organization, and develop a distinctive teaching; you have to gather a gaggle of followers, and very publicly (and with much drama) work on getting yourself and selected disciples through all those many levels of advanced enlightenment. Which, if there really was the understanding that there is no ‘you’ and ‘you’ aren’t ‘doing’ anything, there wouldn’t be any bothering about because there would be the knowing that these things don’t exist, they’re just constructs in the dream. But then of course you also wouldn’t be able to gain prestige or importance and make lots of money giving seminars, convincing people they need their primary personality matrixes modified.
    Money is necessary for living in the modern world, and there’s an honorable tradition of gifting money or its equivalent to support teachers, monks, ashrams, monasteries. But there’s a clear line here because on a basic level money and spiritual teaching don’t mix. There is an attempt to justify charging a fee for hearing the teaching by appealing to the ‘energetic exchange’ theory, which says that any time you get something of value you should pay for it. It doesn’t take much reflection to see that’s bullshit: anything you have of true value, you didn’t pay for.
    The theory of fair exchange makes sense for things within the dream. But once there is talking about What Is, about seeing no individuals and no separation, about the realization of what you always already are, then the whole concept of one person charging another person money for this is quite blatantly meaningless. Truth is gift, and it is only passing through ‘us’, it cannot be bought and sold.
    This game of money for spirituality is a whitewash job. It’s widely practiced and widely accepted, but it’s the spiritual community’s dirty little secret; nobody’s really comfortable with it, because everybody knows in their hearts that charging money for access to spiritual teaching, even indirectly, is inauthentic and basically inconsistent with the Teaching itself.
    Even when it is said that the money is to run the ashram, to finance the organization, to fund the travel schedule, to spread this ‘vitally important message’ to as many people as possible; even then this kind of sales pitch is still an appeal to ego, to every ego’s desire to be part of something big and important.
    Euphemistically calling it ‘donation’ when it is set up in such a way that guilt and social pressure make it difficult to refuse, is dishonest. Once you have an ashram, once you have a church, you have to pass the basket and give sermons soliciting contributions. But any time you bring money into the temple, you run the risk of some firebrand carpenter from the countryside coming along and turning over the tables.

    Be still. Who’s engaging in all this activity, taking on this importance, believing the hype that what is happening has some special significance? Who thinks it’s important that great numbers of dream characters wake up, and that it’s your job to do it? What’s with this Advaita televangelism crusade crap?
    Behind the New Age pleasantries, this messianic idea of being the anointed one, saving the world, is insidious. Stop. The Teaching is universal, and there are many teachers, and they are always already where they need to be. In the Understanding it is known that the world doesn’t need any special message from any special teacher. That’s all being taken care of. The dream in Consciousness is unfolding perfectly, and personality cults around popular and well funded spiritual teachers are part of that unfolding; but not in the way they, or their devotees, might think.

    Even so, compassion is stirred, and I’ve got news for the enlightenment seekers out there. To an extent much greater than you would like to believe, theses emperors and empresses have no clothes.”

  24. Jill : “It does break my heart when people tell me they want to be with a certain teacher, but can’t afford to do so”~~ from my experience if it is meant to be then money just shows up, sometimes in unexpected ways, if there is a lot of resistance coming up then I would not sweat it

  25. As always, interesting viewpoints here on Batgap. I enjoy it all. Oh, and to peider: is David Carse’s book free? Probably not.

  26. One more and I’ll let it go……ha.

    “The Teaching is universal, and there are many teachers, and they are always already where they need to be. In the Understanding it is known that the world doesn’t need any special message from any special teacher.”
    This quote is so true……..I have people showing up all the time in my life teaching me. Sometimes there is money exchanged, sometimes not.

  27. Yes, you can download David Carse book free from the Internet, he has put no copyright on his book…….

  28. So true Brenda and I would add that we are all teachers and students. Bill is here for those who are meant to hear him. We are all contributing with our gifts to each other’s/life’s evolution. Life finds itself in each of us and with that expands more and more in love. We’ve all got much to offer!!……..Pam

  29. peider: Could you tell me where to order it free? I did a search and all the places I saw it listed he is charging for it. It’s on Amazon and there is a Kindle version and one other site. Thanks!

  30. It’s interesting what you brought to the table Pieder…

    It’s so true that the highest Truth is that there is no one to go on any journey at any time and nothing is really happening…That final Truth, once discovered AND embodied, sets a soul free…That’s why I encouraged Rick to invite the likes of Tony Parsons and Wayne Liquorman and Rupert Spira and some other non-dualists to the site…

    But one also realizes if they’ve worked with people over time, that not everyone is ready to go from zero to 60 all at once…to die to everything they know themselves to be…One has to be very ripe spiritually speaking, to really understand final truth and be willing to go there..even intellectually..It’s clear that many seekers would rather have a fun romp through strawberry fields..a better life – a better me..and won’t hear of the dissolution of self..

    What I like about the teachers from Ramana such as Mooji and Pamela Wilson and Neelam as well as Adya and some others we know, is that they have great compassion and insight for where people are spiritually..

    They don’t couch the final Truth or water it down, but through their compassion and Unconditional Love, they meet people where they are and then take them deeper…There is something coming through a truly enlightened one – A Silent Grace that is quite real…
    It’s true that some awaken from reading a book, or while washing the dishes – and god bless them – but most I’ve known, need some sort of direct spark of the Divine from ‘without’ – a satsang meeting – something – to start the ball rolling…and keep it going – so that at some point, they can enjoy more than the mere understanding of Reality, but the greater unfoldment toward the glorious bliss of Being..

    I agree that it’s helpful to discriminate between those who carry that transmission of Truth and those who don’t offer much more than their own self-aggrandizement so we don’t end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater..

    Thank you for your honesty and input to batgap..

  31. That link looks like a pirated copy of David Carse’s book…

    Based on amazon.com’s listing for his book and ebook, they are both published and sold for some sort of a profit.

    I actually don’t have any issues with someone making money from a book, nor do I have issues with piracy of copy-righted materials..

    But, if you’re going to use David Carse as an example of someone offering totally free teachings, then it’s not ideal. He could have made the kindle version of his old book cheaper than $9 or made a cheaper paperback release that costs less than $19.95..

  32. As a businessman I do understand the need to support the system – the bodies need food and shelter – and if someone’s gift is a wisdom teaching, then there should be the material support for that body if it is needed. What any one body asks for the service must depend upon the conditions that the teacher has come from, and from the needs of the students. Certainly there is ample room for abuse of the money/value system, but a reasonable fee should be acceptable to most.

    It may actually be that for some people a higher price tag will make them take their chosen teaching more seriously. Of course, it certainly can lead to feelings of exclusivity and superiority in the students, which is a turn down the wrong track. But it can also be the doorway to Truth for certain folks.

    We have to allow that Truth manifests in many ways, as is appropriate for each of us. I certainly couldn’t pay $900 for a session with my current means, but for some, that is just a little money well spent. What is important is the the *transmission* is there from the teacher. Without that even a dime would be poorly spent.

    The feet of the master are everywhere for us to receive wisdom and enlightenment, we just have to be listening. As Brenda said, some we pay for, some we don’t. What is important is that we pay joyfully.

    What price can we place on this blessing that is Truth? It shines from within every moment and fills us with such fulfillment that a trillion dollars in the bank could never give a glimmer of this joy. Yet we complain if a teacher should ask a few dollars. We even try to get a ten dollar book for free. There should be no complaint in making a relative contribution for the relative efforts made by the teacher – unless the teacher has the means to live without financial support, it only seems reasonable.

    Perhaps the transmission of Truth is a special case. Because it is a gift that is seen as impersonal by the teacher, he/she may prefer not to make it into a business. But from the student’s prespective transmission is of such a great value that no contribution within their means would be considered too much. That’s where the potential for abuse comes in. And that is where discrimination and guidance is very important.

    Jill’s recommendations regarding good, clear teachers is good. And her beneficence in supporting this raggle-taggle group of seekers (myself included) in the Batgap forum is a genuine gift to us all. We are all a gift to us all, for that matter.

    Perhaps the best solution to Carse’s energy exchange equation is for us all to pay it forward.

  33. ps. Jill, how about folks who awaken from reading a book *and* while washing dishes? 😉

  34. There sure seems to be a lot of interest in whether one should pay for someone else’s insights?….over thirty replies and they all were spun off of the first few responders who loved Bill and his “message”. All of a sudden the discussion becomes more about what we should pay for something rather than what this fellow is saying. I liked what Bill had to say and what he charges is of little interest to me since I’m listening and learning from many who have been on Rick’s program and on others. Why is there such suspicion/judgement about what one guy charges? Who really cares when it seems that most of the people commenting here understand that he’s just one of many. I think that if someone wants to pay money to help them make sense of life, go for it. They may, or may not, get what they paid for. In the end, it’s up to each of us to row our own boat.This discussion has left Bill way behind and so it goes…..we often digress and get caught up in our own thoughts/opinions and that becomes a bunch of egoic posturing. Then we lose focus and the wonder of having spent time with Bill, or any other person who seems to have found some truth to share, gets lost in the bluster. To sum up, what Bill or anyone else charges for their time, shouldn’t be so important to us. We need to give each other a break and stay on point in my humble opinion……Pam

  35. I guess I fall mostly on the side of live and let live in this debate. Most of the teachers I know about are just barely getting by. I know some of the teachers who have come to the midwest have lost money on their trips. It’s not necessarily an easy life…others have probably done fairly well like Adya and Gangaji. And obviously Eckhart has, although I have no idea what he does with his money. Doesn’t spend it on bling I’m thinking.
    It can be instructive to learn how folks started teaching. Often it involves an awakening in a spiritual community and then people begin asking for their advice in a quite natural manner, and it develops from there. Other ways can be just as valid, though I’m somewhat suspect if they come from a motivational or similar background.
    Carse makes the point that in Eastern traditions, people who dedicate themselves to a spiritual life are supported.
    Some who feel very strongly that no one should charge anything or even ask for donations might want to look at their own relationship and stories around money. Money obviously cuts right to survival instincts. There is a guy who still shares who was so incensed with teachers charging he would go to their satsang and get in vehement arguments with the teacher to the point where he was asked to leave. Strikes me as pretty far removed from acceptance of what is.
    Like Jill, the idea that someone would be excluded for lack of funds seems more than wrong.
    Asking for a donation, or to be willing to work with someone who has financial need seems a good way to go. Clearly there would be less sharing if no one accepted money from satsang and had to work other jobs. Maybe some of the negativity about this issue is misdirected; it may really be about an anger or sadness with our capitalist system, and the lack of compassion it seems to foster.

  36. Good point Pam. It’s almost like after all this money talk, I need to go back and re-watch the video.

  37. Such beautiful thoughtful comments…
    Erick –
    I loved your suggestion of paying it forward – If we have been given a transmission of Truth we do need to pay it forward in some way..and that wouldn’t even be an intellectual decision, but a natural outgrowth of the heart’s gratitude..

    Also, you were right on, when you said something to the effect that charging for the transmission of Truth – for something that is not really ours -would not feel right to many of us…because we innately know that what comes through is, is not of us..

    Spaceman –
    So clear in what you said – yes in Eastern Traditions the Truth is supported and usually if someone has overcome greed, anger and ignorance of Self, nature provides for them to carry on the teaching..
    Unfortunately, not everyone teaching today has overcome those three gates to hell..

    What’s true, is that we can have an apparently profound awakening and yet still remain with residue from the lower chakras…we can still be working out the conditioning which is involved with survival, sex and ambition, both material and spiritual..

    Pam –
    I love your live and let live attitude – and it’s true we all are responsible for rowing our own boat – just that the way one lives one’s life in regard to something like money – the integrity they embody – is an integral part of who they are..and does speak to their enlightenment..
    I don’t think that the discussion of funds on this page arose out of the blue..People sensed a disconnect, and it showed up here in the comments..

    That being said, I agree that we can move on if the Universe allows, as you suggested, to seeing some of the beauty that Bill espoused..

    One of the things I loved about him was his ‘humanness’…his ‘naturalness of manner’…his humor..If one has lived THIS for awhile, in fact, they will usually appear as regular Joe or Janes..You couldn’t pick them out of crowd as there is no spiritual pretense…The mask, if you will, is dropped and we come down from the mountain to act naturally..
    That’s a good teaching in itself..without saying a word..

    Love to you all…

  38. Jill-
    Thanks for saying I was clear… I often have issues with that. 🙂
    I think I may have been lucky with the few teachers I’ve worked with, although none of this happened on a time table that I would have approved of. I was into Buddhism for years, then heard about satsang around 2000 or so. I’ve since been attracted to some of the teachers you’ve mentioned and a few others although I don’t have much in-person access. Probably the long wait for spiritual help allowed for my becoming more attuned to who I resonated with and recognizing the feeling of presence embodied in another.
    Would you be up for a few e-mail exchanges? No problem if you’re too busy.
    Love back attcha, even though I was quite annoyed with you for awhile. 🙂
    Apologies to everyone for being off topic.

  39. Spaceman –
    I don’t usually give out the e-mail unless someone is either in spiritual crisis, or there is some felt resonance between us..If you feel some resonance with my words and they’re not too ‘annoying’ – giggle – then OK ask Rick for my address..but it will cost you – I think somewhere between $900 and 1800 an e-mail… 😀 …sorry, couldn’t resist..

  40. What if we couldn’t hear or read a word that a teacher was saying or writing?

    And the only criteria that we could use was watching their actions.

    Could we identify an awakened person strictly by their actions and not their words?

  41. I finally got around to listening to the interview today and it seemed obvious to me that Bill is simply charging standard psychological consulting fees. He is a PhD after all. People pay a lot more for less effective advice in the psychological community. It’s a relative valuation.

    Perhaps, in a funny way, advaita teachers like to teach for less $ because they get so much joy/depth/communion from teaching. Maybe we should suggest that they pay us to sit with them. …Just kidding.

    I found the discussion of 9-11 interesting. I, personally, lost the ability to grieve for catastrophes after realizing the essential nature. The Haiti earthquake, while heart wrenching to think about, was just another beautiful way of Love expressing itself in our crazy world. It’s when the mind gets into the stories that can surround such events that we begin to be drawn into the negative realm.

    I remember as a child having to convince myself to feel bad when someone else thought something bad had happened. I learned to suffer by imitation. We can un-learn that habit.

    Self does not grieve, It can only love.

    Peace to all.

  42. This guy has validated so many of my own ways of looking at things. The last 6 minutes of this were the best part for me. The points about ideological structures giving security and bondage were great. This is not the most enjoyable interview that I’ve seen on BATGAP, but for me it was no doubt the most necessary. Things work like that, don’t they. Thanks, Rick.

  43. Hi Jill!

    I am so grateful and touched by your comments about the value of finding a true teacher. I have come (exhaustively) to see the truth of this in my own experience, and this lately has become one of my main prayers…to find my true teacher – the very kind of teacher you speak about… one that truly can assist one in liberation, one that hasn’t reached rock-star status and will work closely with their students on a one on one basis without charging a huge fee.

    I would love to hear who you recommend if that is possible. (And If this is not appropriate in this venue, would you be willing to email me your recommendations?)

    In Gratitude,

  44. Jiya,
    Happy to meet you – You seem very open-hearted and open-minded, and that’s a wonderful starting point for Grace to show up in your life..

    I hesitate to give general recommendations for a personal teacher on these pages..I have named a few in the past who I know to be true hearts, who work small, charge reasonable fees – and have supported me and countless others in the awakening process around the world – such as Pamela Wilson and Neelam..There are many beautiful ones..some hidden – some out there….

    But, we’re all so different and ‘resonance’ with a teacher is of utmost importance..who we are drawn to, is who we are drawn to, alchemically, as the inner satguru starts to manifest in form..Its a mystery as to how that works..

    As I get to know someone better through their writing, intuitively, it becomes clearer working together, who may be of direct support to them…so yes, do ask Rick for my e-mail….I’m glad you reached out..

    Until then
    Love to you..

  45. oh…and, “that my heart be open to grace” is actually my first prayer! Ha! I LOVE that you said that! Thank you Jill!


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