128. Bill Bauman

Bill BaumanBill Bauman is one of the simplest people you’ll ever meet—he just “is.” Yet, his core essence calls him daily into selfless, expansive service to a human family he loves deeply. He feels called to be the voice of the purest truth possible—a truth without beliefs, complexities or codes of conduct … that speaks purely to each person’s soul … that carries genuine unconditional love and respect. In this sacred space of being and allowing, Bill believes that each person is free to discover his or her own truth, love and empowerment—from within. Bill is a unique blend of many perspectives. Through his life, he has lived sequentially and powerfully in the diverse worlds of philosophy, religion, psychology, business, politics and spirituality. Spiritually, he’s been a gifted healer, blessed visionary and inspirational leader. In the process, these many worlds and worldviews have found a unified home in Bill’s consciousness. He is one with them all—and one with all people and approaches. Peacefully and quietly, he embraces everything, and enjoys a daily unity with life itself.

Interview recorded 6/23/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Bill’s side of the video is “frozen” during the first 5 minutes of this interview, but is normal after that.

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  1. Good point Pam. It’s almost like after all this money talk, I need to go back and re-watch the video.

  2. Such beautiful thoughtful comments…
    Erick –
    I loved your suggestion of paying it forward – If we have been given a transmission of Truth we do need to pay it forward in some way..and that wouldn’t even be an intellectual decision, but a natural outgrowth of the heart’s gratitude..

    Also, you were right on, when you said something to the effect that charging for the transmission of Truth – for something that is not really ours -would not feel right to many of us…because we innately know that what comes through is, is not of us..

    Spaceman –
    So clear in what you said – yes in Eastern Traditions the Truth is supported and usually if someone has overcome greed, anger and ignorance of Self, nature provides for them to carry on the teaching..
    Unfortunately, not everyone teaching today has overcome those three gates to hell..

    What’s true, is that we can have an apparently profound awakening and yet still remain with residue from the lower chakras…we can still be working out the conditioning which is involved with survival, sex and ambition, both material and spiritual..

    Pam –
    I love your live and let live attitude – and it’s true we all are responsible for rowing our own boat – just that the way one lives one’s life in regard to something like money – the integrity they embody – is an integral part of who they are..and does speak to their enlightenment..
    I don’t think that the discussion of funds on this page arose out of the blue..People sensed a disconnect, and it showed up here in the comments..

    That being said, I agree that we can move on if the Universe allows, as you suggested, to seeing some of the beauty that Bill espoused..

    One of the things I loved about him was his ‘humanness’…his ‘naturalness of manner’…his humor..If one has lived THIS for awhile, in fact, they will usually appear as regular Joe or Janes..You couldn’t pick them out of crowd as there is no spiritual pretense…The mask, if you will, is dropped and we come down from the mountain to act naturally..
    That’s a good teaching in itself..without saying a word..

    Love to you all…

  3. Jill-
    Thanks for saying I was clear… I often have issues with that. 🙂
    I think I may have been lucky with the few teachers I’ve worked with, although none of this happened on a time table that I would have approved of. I was into Buddhism for years, then heard about satsang around 2000 or so. I’ve since been attracted to some of the teachers you’ve mentioned and a few others although I don’t have much in-person access. Probably the long wait for spiritual help allowed for my becoming more attuned to who I resonated with and recognizing the feeling of presence embodied in another.
    Would you be up for a few e-mail exchanges? No problem if you’re too busy.
    Love back attcha, even though I was quite annoyed with you for awhile. 🙂
    Apologies to everyone for being off topic.

  4. Spaceman –
    I don’t usually give out the e-mail unless someone is either in spiritual crisis, or there is some felt resonance between us..If you feel some resonance with my words and they’re not too ‘annoying’ – giggle – then OK ask Rick for my address..but it will cost you – I think somewhere between $900 and 1800 an e-mail… 😀 …sorry, couldn’t resist..

  5. What if we couldn’t hear or read a word that a teacher was saying or writing?

    And the only criteria that we could use was watching their actions.

    Could we identify an awakened person strictly by their actions and not their words?

  6. I finally got around to listening to the interview today and it seemed obvious to me that Bill is simply charging standard psychological consulting fees. He is a PhD after all. People pay a lot more for less effective advice in the psychological community. It’s a relative valuation.

    Perhaps, in a funny way, advaita teachers like to teach for less $ because they get so much joy/depth/communion from teaching. Maybe we should suggest that they pay us to sit with them. …Just kidding.

    I found the discussion of 9-11 interesting. I, personally, lost the ability to grieve for catastrophes after realizing the essential nature. The Haiti earthquake, while heart wrenching to think about, was just another beautiful way of Love expressing itself in our crazy world. It’s when the mind gets into the stories that can surround such events that we begin to be drawn into the negative realm.

    I remember as a child having to convince myself to feel bad when someone else thought something bad had happened. I learned to suffer by imitation. We can un-learn that habit.

    Self does not grieve, It can only love.

    Peace to all.

  7. This guy has validated so many of my own ways of looking at things. The last 6 minutes of this were the best part for me. The points about ideological structures giving security and bondage were great. This is not the most enjoyable interview that I’ve seen on BATGAP, but for me it was no doubt the most necessary. Things work like that, don’t they. Thanks, Rick.

  8. Hi Jill!

    I am so grateful and touched by your comments about the value of finding a true teacher. I have come (exhaustively) to see the truth of this in my own experience, and this lately has become one of my main prayers…to find my true teacher – the very kind of teacher you speak about… one that truly can assist one in liberation, one that hasn’t reached rock-star status and will work closely with their students on a one on one basis without charging a huge fee.

    I would love to hear who you recommend if that is possible. (And If this is not appropriate in this venue, would you be willing to email me your recommendations?)

    In Gratitude,

  9. Jiya,
    Happy to meet you – You seem very open-hearted and open-minded, and that’s a wonderful starting point for Grace to show up in your life..

    I hesitate to give general recommendations for a personal teacher on these pages..I have named a few in the past who I know to be true hearts, who work small, charge reasonable fees – and have supported me and countless others in the awakening process around the world – such as Pamela Wilson and Neelam..There are many beautiful ones..some hidden – some out there….

    But, we’re all so different and ‘resonance’ with a teacher is of utmost importance..who we are drawn to, is who we are drawn to, alchemically, as the inner satguru starts to manifest in form..Its a mystery as to how that works..

    As I get to know someone better through their writing, intuitively, it becomes clearer working together, who may be of direct support to them…so yes, do ask Rick for my e-mail….I’m glad you reached out..

    Until then
    Love to you..

  10. oh…and, “that my heart be open to grace” is actually my first prayer! Ha! I LOVE that you said that! Thank you Jill!


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