116. Gina Lake

Gina LakeIn 1986, Gina realized she could pose a question mentally and get an answer mentally. Three years later, a very beneficial relationship with a wise nonphysical being began, who has been her inner teacher, mentor, and healer. In the late 80s and 90s, after earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she worked as an astrological counselor, metaphysical teacher, and writer, and spent much of her time meditating and doing inner work.

In 1999, Gina had a spiritual awakening shortly after meeting Adyashanti, and has since written numerous books related to awakening. Two weeks after that shift, she met Nirmala, a non-dual teacher. In 2000, Gina and Nirmala moved from California to Arizona together and married.

The focus of Gina’s writing and teaching is on helping people be in the present moment and live the happy and fulfilled life that is possible and on shedding light on the ego and other programming that interferes with awakening to one’s true nature. Gina is most interested in how the Divine moves in life through us and in helping people align with and express the Divine, or Essence, in their life. She defines Essence as the individualized expression of the Divine. Being in Essence results in what she calls “radical happiness,” which is the happiness that exists at our core and doesn’t come and go with circumstances. It is the happiness that comes from awakening to the truth of who we really are and living in the world as a unique expression of that. The opportunity to realize this happiness exists in every moment—for anyone—by simply being present in the moment.

Gina and Nirmala live in Sedona, Arizona, where they hold weekend intensives. Gina’s website offers information about her books and courses, and free e-books, book excerpts, a monthly newsletter, a blog, and audio and video recordings: www.radicalhappiness.com

Books by Gina Lake:

Interview Recorded 3/24/2012

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  1. Oh – so glad you visited Pamela – She’s good for those who are more mind oriented…cause she’s so heartfelt and uncomplicated..What she told you is exactly what you need to do..surrender to the Mystery and not strain to understand it..

    It sounds like the technique you’re doing might be a bit of a strain on your system…The headache is telling you something…I understand your intent in focusing inward and releasing everything to the Self but it’s good to know that we can’t manufacture this Peace ourselves -That’s the fallacy of all techniques..

    You see clearly that it comes to you in satsang unasked for – through Grace…All you can do is be ‘willing’ to accept the invitation…and let IT do it’s work in clearing away any remaining blocks..Any ‘doing’ on our part is a movement away from that..

    Sometimes when we’re trying to ‘get it’ through the mind as you intellectual types do, we unconsciously strain more than most..but if we just let the Silence wash over us in satsang there isn’t as much trouble..

    I also found if I did a lot of mental work right after satsang – or even a lot of reading or writing for pleasure- I would immediately get a headache..I would feel the system contract..You want to be easy with yourself when coming from spaciousness…and strain as little as possible…

  2. Time does not exist but there is some reality to sequence.

    There is so much talk of non-duality these days but who is really looking into the nature and experience of duality? The term non-dual is tossed around by many with little regard for the specific meaning. Yet there is that experience of clear duality that is commonly referred to as Self-realization.

    In Self-realization one is awake to the formless bedrock of reality, but the play of the manifest continues in sharp contrast to the unbounded silence. It is a very disquieting and irrational experience.

    Many are traversing the rocky road between Self-realization and freedom and some teachers are speaking to that, but it seems that a clear discussion of the nature of the *dual* experience could help these souls in purgatory find their way.

    In my own journey I have settled into a peaceful coexistence with the duality paradox, but as my vision clears I see a glaring inconsistency that is at the root of the duality experience.

    As the clouds part and the sense of infinity in the relative things gains strength, I am confronted with the question, “if all the universe is a projection of formless, primordial sat-chit-ananda, which is unchanging, then what is changing within That to project the changing perceptions?”

    Like Plato’s cave analogy, there are forms moving behind the cave-sitters that project the shadows on the wall. Yet there is nothing moving behind the camera. What is producing this illusion of action?

    The only solace I find is in sensing that each instant is a timeless wholeness and that there is sequence within wholeness…a sequence of unique wholenesses, if I could say that. But there is some kernel of truth to be discovered here.

    Anyone have some thoughts on this? I consider this sort of inquiry into the unresolved territories of experience to be useful in rooting out the shadows from the corners.

    @ Earnest
    I was chatting with a Jesuit philosophy professor and his wife a few months ago about solipsism and however abhorrent the concept may be, there is a strong element of it in this experience of ours. The only true distinction I could offer was that awakening is to an inter-subjective reality, not an individual one.

    There is a beauty in knowing that no matter how weird, complex or frightening the universe may be, it takes care of itself and we are only responsible for sliding as deeply into the formless essence as our nature will allow.

  3. @erik “I was chatting with a Jesuit philosophy professor and his wife a few months ago about solipsism and however abhorrent the concept may be, there is a strong element of it in this experience of ours. The only true distinction I could offer was that awakening is to an inter-subjective reality, not an individual one.”

    Yes, thanks. Solipsism from an individual mind’s contents, from an individual psyche, is esp. abhorent since it represents a contraction or funneling of reality through an individual’s psyche and predispositions. But a bare “I AM” without contents or relations is a fact. It makes no other claim than this. Isn’t it strange there is only ONE from the actual nature of the experience? In the intersubjective experience, there’s not so much a “you” and “me”, but a unity in “we”, or a common space, or as some psychoanalysts would say “an analytic space” that is common between therapist and client when both are in tuned with each other. It feels intimate, common, and same between both.

    (I used to walk into a room in satsang with a good number of people having some kind of awakening experience. They all think some version of “I am God” … 🙂

  4. Erick –

    Self Realization with a capital S renders all WHY or HOW questions moot..Ruminating about the unknowable, paradoxically, keeps the ‘I’ thought alive..

    As we discussed in our recent private correspondence, the job from CC on, is to just surrender to the Mystery of the Self with devotional fervor, so the gap can be closed between duality and Unity..

    Whether we surrender to the Self as Form or as Formless – doesn’t matter – we proceed according to our nature – but devotion is the way, and doesn’t need the mind’s help..

  5. Thanks, all. The solution to the paradox lies not in understanding it but in letting it go. Got it. 🙂

    This as an unusual and amazing collection of chatters here.

  6. Great, Erick –
    Sit back and give that beautiful mind of yours a rest..It can understand many things, and I have nothing against knowledge – it has it’s place, but at this junction point, it can’t be relied upon…For the Mystery to reveal ItSelf in ITS entirety – it needs to forego reasoned thought and endless speculation for a while.

    Playing your music or making art or participating in physical activity – anything to distract you from too much thinking right now -would be most helpful..

    What happens in CC is that we think and speak and act from both levels of reality – from both the mind and the heart – from both the self and the Self – we are a house divided…which is why it’s rocky..

    We want to know and we also want to be…we shape shift – knowing the truth of ourselves in a profound way — but still hanging on to what is familiar territory..You and Rick and many other TM friends share this experiential reality..What remains is for the paradox of self and Self to be seen through..so the two can be made One..

    You spoke the truth of the Self earlier at the end of your post when you said “the Universe takes care of Itself and we are only responsible for sliding as deeply into the formless essence as our nature will allow”.
    perfectly stated!!
    – sending love to you..

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