027. David Spero

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In the winter of 1996-1997 (the actual date remains vague), I was sitting in an ordinary motel room in Palm Springs, California. On this day, meditation went into unfathomable depths, penetrating into and beyond the very core of existence. My thoughts evaporated and my head went from a spherical, physiological casing to an ocean of divine light within “seconds”—an ocean still and deeply active. This Light shone from the inside, outside and from the beyond itself. “I” and “the world” dissolved forever into this immensity of warmly translucent, incandescent Light-Oneness. I then began to feel the palpable manifestation of the primordial energy of the universe (Shakti). It was brilliant, active, sparking. This Shakti had simultaneously been born in the Being of pure light. How strange, though, that “I” could “fit into,” and “as,” this Immensity. I was, without question, That, and in the most profound sense, That alone. I had come home. Sharing this radiant energy was a natural capability, a radiation without circumference, effort or knowledge. A spiritual magnificence, a superabundance of Being, a transmission of radiant awakening, that which has been written about in every religious scripture, was born within that ultimate meditation. Primordial Bliss was now free to enjoy Its Own spontaneous play in the world.

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Interview recorded 6/27/10.

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