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Rey Hernandez Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. I’ve done over 500 As of now, and if this is new to you, and you’d like to check out previous ones, please go to Bat gap, and look under the past interviews menu, where you’ll see all the previous ones archived in several different ways. And also, while you’re there, check around the other menus on the site, you’ll find some useful things. This program is made possible through the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it, and would like to support it in any amount, there’s a PayPal button on every page of the site. Since about 1970, I’ve been aware that there’s significant evidence that extraterrestrial and non human intelligence has been interacting with humanity means this, that’s been my feeling. I’ve even had a couple of experiences myself, it hasn’t been a central focus for me. But I’ve always found it interesting. And it felt that this interaction is somehow involved in the global spiritual awakening, which seems to be taking place. I’ve wanted to cover this topic on BatGap. But most of the people who talk about it are psychics and channelers, or are primarily interested in the debate over whether we’re being visited. Or they focus on conspiracy theories about government cover ups and things like that. And I didn’t want to get into all that. So I asked my friend Alex Securus, of skeptical calm who he would recommend that I interview on this topic that could be you know, kind of scientific and objective about it. And he recommended today’s guest guest Ray Hernandez. So here it is. Welcome, Ray.

Rey Hernandez: Thank you very much, Rick. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I’ll read your bio here. Ray graduated with honors from Rutgers College, was a master’s candidate at Cornell University and was a PhD candidate at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation PhD fellowship. He previously was a professor for six years at the New School for Social Research, and at the City University of New York. He is currently attorney and attorney with the US Department of Treasury in Miami, Florida, is the executive director of the consciousness and contact Research Institute CCRI, a nonprofit academic research institute comprised of 15 PhD, academics and medical doctors, whose mission it is to explore the relationship between consciousness, cosmology and contact with non human intelligence. Ray was previously one of the cofounders of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Free Foundation, a nonprofit academic research institute comprised of 12 PhD academics and lay researchers, who recently completed a five year comprehensive worldwide academic research study on UFO Contact experiences. The late Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the six the six, the man to walk on the moon, and the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Dr. Rudi shield emeritus professor of astrophysics at Harvard University, where two of that organization’s co founders, the study I just referred to, resulted in the creation of an 820 page book entitled beyond UFOs, the science of consciousness and contact with non human intelligence Volume One, Ray is one of its three co authors. He has also published in several peer reviewed academic journals, including the Journal of consciousness studies, and the Journal of the Society for scientific exploration. Ray’s new projects are a three volume book and a full feature science documentary, titled, a greater reality, the new paradigm of consciousness, the paranormal, and the Con and the contact modalities. And the reason I chuckled a little bit while I was reading that is I am aware that Ray works a full time job as an attorney, and somehow, I suppose has been given superpowers by the aliens because he manages to accomplish all this stuff on top of his full time job. So how do you do that?

Rey Hernandez: Well, I have a workload review on September the 23rd. And basically, I’m going to shut down all of my extra curricular activities, and just focusing on preparing for that workload review, but now it’s been very difficult very anyways, I don’t sleep much. This is my full time, hobby. We’re not paid for this. And we’re all volunteers. And you’re dealing with very high level academics at the highest level of academia to try to do this work. So it’s been extremely difficult.

Rick Archer: Yeah, well, I hope you keep an eye on your health, you know, and don’t overdo it.

Rey Hernandez: I’ve gained 40 pounds, since my initial experience in 2012. So I’m not taking care of my health.

Rick Archer: I want to ask you about your initial experience just a second, since you just alluded to it. But first, let me ask you, how did Edgar Mitchell get interested in all this? Did he have some kind of contact experience as an astronaut?

Rey Hernandez: Yes, Edgar Mitchell, even before he went on to the moon, he conducted a probability experiment, consciousness probability experiment out in space, where he brought a deck of us of cards that, that the JB Rhine out of the Princeton peer reviewed lab used to you used to engage, you know, the sigh phenomenon and an ESP. And so he brought that card out. And he also left out in space, notations for five different people here on Earth, they didn’t even know each other. So what he did is he told people at this particular time, this particular hour, I’m going to pull up my cards. And I’m going to note them down of what came out. And then he’s going to be projecting in his mind after he pulled out each card. So he projected his thoughts out to the universe of what was shown. And I forgot exactly how many cards they were. But then he compared it when he’s when he returned back to Earth. And it was shown that it was statistically significant that ESP occurred, coming back from the moon, as much as that Earth but even at a great distances. So he was always interested in these things. And then he had a samadhi experience in space that many of the mystical meditators have near death experiences have, and also people that have had very direct UFO contact with non human intelligence happen. That is where for an instant, you’re shown universal knowledge, but then almost immediately gets taken away. And for him, it was that we’re all interconnected, that there’s no separation, even the smallest molecule in the universe, I’m connected to that, that smallest atom and molecule, and there was a very, very profound experience for him. And then upon when he returned, he wanted to find out what what the hell was that? You know, what was that about? And then he began to do research, and it was a professor of religion that told them what you had was a samadhi experience. And many of the yogi’s and folks in the Indian mystical tradition, have had that, and, and then he immediately within a year later started the Institute for Noetic Sciences in 1972, which is now known as the world’s leading academic research institute. On on the side phenomenon,

Rick Archer: yeah, good. Yeah. That Dean Redden on the show. He is the chief chief scientist there and I’ll be having Cassandra Viet, and soon she’s also the one of the heads of that organization. And so how about you, you were just the sort of ordinary guy you I’ve heard you describe yourself as having been materialist, atheist, nihilist kind of guy. And all of a sudden you had this amazing experience which changed your life. Let’s let’s hear about that.

Rey Hernandez: Okay, I’ll try to be as brief as I can. before March 4 of 2012. I was an overeducated, materialist rationalist, an atheist. And, and then I had an experience that night, Saturday night where our dog became the day before I think it was Saturday, I don’t know if it was the third or the fourth, where we’re our dog became totally paralyzed. Our 15 year old dog, who previously to her paralysis was had severe arthritis. She couldn’t run. She couldn’t jump. We were keeping her alive with with heavy medications. She was taking Viagra for her heart, etc. So, and then she became totally paralyzed. So I called our vet. And he said, what you’re telling me right, it seems like she had a stroke, a cerebral hemorrhage, and I’ll open up my office tomorrow to put her asleep. And so my wife had just come from a three day retreat at her church, which is a private retreat. All they did for three straight days is just pray, pray, pray. So she came home and she was fully energized from praying. And, and I, once I told her, she became very depressed, but then immediately began to pray. She was raised in Mexico, raised in the Catholic faith, having to go to church every Sunday, and then once a week for the have to have a ministry where they basically pray most of the time. So she was used to this. So to me, it was like the water praying you want tomorrow, she’s gonna go to sleep, you know, deal with it, you know. And then the very next day at six in the morning, the dog woke us up because the only thing she could do was bark. So we checked her out, and she was still totally paralyzed. So I went back to bed. My wife carried her down the stairs, because it’s a small Jack Russell Terrier weight 20 pounds or less. So she carried her down the stairs. And there. My This is my wife is telling me this information afterwards appeared to her a small object, it looks like an upside down you sort of metallic in was the structure of it, about a foot wide a foot and a half in height. And but it was phasing in and out of reality. And then she saw that she mainly said My angels came, and she began to pray. And then this green light shot out and began like to scan her. And she was calling me not because she was scared, but she wanted me to see her Angel. Because she was totally convinced that this was angelic. And so this was Sunday morning at six o’clock, and I was ignoring her. And I was like, What the hell is she bothering me for? You know? And so he eventually went upstairs, she called me out of bed. I gotta see this, I gotta see this. What is it? What is it, she wouldn’t tell me. So then we both went down the stairs. And then for, for your listeners, brace yourself, because what I’m going to tell you is, is my first of many experiences of high strangeness. She was then a stepped into the living room. And I was like on the bottom rung of the utmost of our stair steps. And she disappeared right in front of me. And the thought, just poof, and then I this is immediately this is back to back. I had, I could, I could not see my peripheral vision, I could only see like a tunnel, if you put your hand right in front of you, and you look all around you is all dark. And the only thing you could see is what is in that tunnel. And that was at the corner of our living room. And there I saw what I now describe as an energy beam. And I’ll describe it for you and your listeners, it was roughly two and a half feet wide. By a foot in height. It was shaped sort of like a rectangle. But it didn’t have any hard edges because of pure energy. It had multiple colors. Similar, I guess, if you had like these, these are colors that you squeeze from a painters tube into a bathtub, and you’re squeezing many, many different colors. And then you get a stick and you’re waving it. And it was doing that type of of a wave like a mirage type of waving, semi transparent. And, and then this object immediately got into my consciousness.

Rick Archer: I didn’t care that my wife had disappeared, the dog had disappeared. I didn’t care that I was watching this object. I then looked at it and I was like glaring at it. Then I waved my hand at it as an AI set up bullshit. This is what you got me up for this crap. And then I waved my hand at it again. Then I turned around and I walked up the stairs. And I went to bed, I put my hands on my chest. And I was immediately put to sleep. Now 45 minutes later, when I woke up, I was now fully conscious. And I was like, You know what, you know what? And I ran down the stairs. And then my wife was like in the middle of living room saying Hallelujah, Hallelujah angels cure to the angels cured. And she was like looking up like, like talking to God, you know. And the dog was running around the whole living room. Like a little puppy. She was she was still the same size, the same age, you know, as before, but, but the energy and the flexibility of a teenager. And so in my head, you can imagine it was like an atom bomb exploded in your head, you know? And like, you know, what was like a few seconds of total bewilderment, where I didn’t even say anything. I’m just trying to comprehend what’s going on. So I told my wife I I said, Well, where are you? Where did you go? And she goes, I didn’t go anywhere. What are you talking about? I said, Well, you just disappeared in front of me and the dog, you know, and try to disappear in front of you. And then she starts to tummy what she saw her angels came. And then she began to describe it. And then I told her, I didn’t see what you saw, what I saw was something different than I, you know. And then both of us drew what we saw. And it was two totally different things. And it wasn’t until six months later, that after we had, like, our third major experience that I had called this organization called move on, which investigates UFO cases, because I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I was on the internet, you know, initially was paranormal because I thought it was paranormal related. But she had also said in Spanish, that it looked like a little craft. And, and insisting that they were little people inside, you know. And so I said, But wait a second, this can’t be you have holes, because you have holes are very large. And they’re outside, you know, so it was initially paranormal with a little bit of UFO stuff on the internet. And and I quickly realized that was all rubbish that was on the internet. So anyway, after a third major experience, I called this organization. And they sent the retired school teacher and her husband was a retired scientist from the the hurricane center. I think it’s called OSHA is the agency that deals with atmospheric conditions.  Yeah, yeah. Or NOAA maybe the national,

Rey Hernandez: Yeah NOAA. I forgot the formal name. He worked for the Hurricane Center here in

Rick Archer: Which is pretty busy at the moment, because there’s a big right now. Because

Rey Hernandez: as we speak right now,

Rick Archer: right off the coast, Hurricane Dorian.

Rey Hernandez: So anyway, they both were here. And she had been researching UFOs, and people that have had close contact experiences for many, many years. And she was the one that told me Ray, what your wife had is called missing time. I had no idea what that was. And she then went to explain it. And I later subsequently found out including our research study, that it’s a very, very common phenomenon. My wife, basically to her she had gone down the stairs, she looked down, the dog was running around, and she started celebrating, okay, even though she was gone, and we know was 45 minutes, because I looked at the time that she had come up to, to pull me out of bed, which is six o’clock. And then the time we had gotten downstairs was like 650 or so. And then five minutes in terms of the initial discussions. So it was like 45 minutes, more or less. And then. So after that, I was basically on the internet as much as I could, trying to find out, you know, what the hell is this all about? You know, because I was totally uneducated about these things. And then

Rick Archer: I just interject, that you told me before we started this recording that your dog lived in perfectly good health for nearly another year. You know, Puppy, like, even though prior to this event, it had had all the arthritis and everything you had mentioned. Correct? Correct.

Rey Hernandez: And live for about another year? Yeah. And, um, so the next sequence of events was that a month and a half later, our dog woke my wife up at 330 in the morning, that magical witching hour. And, and so my wife then said, okay, you know, she wants to go to the bathroom. So she went downstairs, obviously not carrying the dog because his dog was still very active. She opened the back door, but the dog that was did not want to go in the back door. She was jumping on the front door. And the dog never did that. Unless we had a chain that were going out for a walk or we were going to go to the car. And so so she was jumping on the front door. So my wife opened the door, the dog ran out. And and so my wife walked down three or four steps, which is a two front door. And and then she heard this very, very loud noise for about a minute. And I said how loud was it? She said was like a 747 jet was right above her. I said well shouldn’t have shouldn’t have woken up though the neighborhood Did you see any lights? Says No, I didn’t see any lights though. And then she said immediately, it stopped after about a minute. Then she looked up. And it was a huge, gigantic UFO. It was like the Goodyear blimp, and at the edges of it at the edges of the blimp. It had colored lights and the way she described it to me initially was, Oh, my angels came and visited me last night. They came in a beautiful angelic craft and had stained glass windows, just like the stainless windows of our church. Oh my angels, you know, that type of thing. And so when I got her to describe it and to draw it out, I said what you saw was a UFO. You know, these weren’t angels. She goes, Oh, you wouldn’t understand you’re an atheist, you know? And so that’s when I knew that This was related to, you have holes, right? And so then it was like eight hours a day on the internet. I would order all these UFO books, just trying to stay in what the hell is this that we’re interacting with. And then she then went to Mexico about a month and a half later, and she spent a month there to stay with her family. And she would call her angels repeatedly. And repeatedly what appeared a huge UFO twice seen by her family members. One time, a UFO interfered with airport traffic in Veracruz airport. And my wife had called to see her angel, the UFO never appeared. But in the 11 O’Clock News, her sister yelled out and said, those are those that come here at 11 O’Clock News was a huge UFO that interrupted airport traffic for two hours. And then it was in the newspaper The very next day. And then on YouTube, there were many YouTube videos of that night of the YouTube. But my wife didn’t tell anybody that she was one that called it down. And then she, the next day, she hooked up with a cousin of hers at a baptism because that was one of the reasons why she went down there. And her cousin, I told her that she had interacted with many UFOs and the actual entities, physically, mainly the little short ones, and that telepathic communications and even human looking entities. So then my wife shared her experiences with her. And so let me then fast forward now about when she arrived home, this was in mid August. I then playfully called down a UFO. And I started off just killing time, because I was waiting for a friend of mine, to give me his parking ticket. So I could do a motion to consolidate. So it was like the last thing on my mind. He wasn’t there. I’m waiting and waiting. And I remember seeing a UFO video of this man named Prophet Yahweh, who would speak in Hebrew, and a little tiny UFO would appear and he would capture it on his on his video. And this is in daytime in the middle of the day. And he had numerous videos of daytime videos on on a website he had started. And the one that captured me was an NBC camera crew that were you know, mocking him. Oh, and now we’re going out to the field to report a so and so. And this man claims that he could call a UFO. And after he called it down, and they zoomed in on it. And you could see this little black Speck, you know, moving about, they immediately said, Oh, don’t back to the office back to the desk is like totally dismissing and they didn’t want to go near that, you know. And so, so I said, Okay, let me just kill some time while I’m waiting for my friend. So this is a night 10 o’clock in the evening. And after like 10 minutes of me trying, I became more sincere as I got into it. And the beginning was killing time. But by the end, it was sort of like a mantra, like a meditation to was very, very sincere. And then all of a sudden, I’m like, You know what a freaking jerk. Here I am calling a UFO. I’m going insane. You know, I need to stop this thing. Here I am reading all these books on spending all my time on on, you know, on the internet, I need to get rid of this stuff because I’m going crazy. And then it looks

Rick Archer: like Richard Dreyfuss about halfway through that move on. That’s

Rey Hernandez: exactly well, that’s what happened to me later on. That’s another experience that dealt with near death experiences. And that’s how they gave me spirituality. But But basically, what had happened was, as soon as I thought that I looked up and right on top of my next door neighbor’s house next door neighbor, five feet from his roof was a UAP and unidentified aerial phenomenon. It wasn’t fully materialized. If you can imagine sort of like a full a small football stadium, maybe like, like a small college or a very large high school football stadium. That was literally right on top of my next door neighbor’s house.

Rick Archer: Let me interject a question here, which probably some people are wondering. And that is wouldn’t something like that had been picked up on radar and, you know, by the military and by the, you know, the air traffic control and all that stuff? Or is it sort of on a subtler level that you were able to see, but that wouldn’t be detectable by that those instruments. Okay,

Rey Hernandez: let me describe what what I not only what I saw, but my daughter and three other friends. Okay? It was, if you can imagine what I’m depicting, if you could imagine, streaks of light white streaks of light that will either do a 90 or a 180 and then continue after like it broke up for a certain distance and multiply that by hundreds of white streaks of light that would form the whole shell of this object. So you’re seeing the outsides of it. Okay. And then inside was all this white Plasma Energy swirling around. You could see the stars zoomy the clouds because it was a totally cloudy night. You couldn’t see any stars. Okay, so you can see the clouds behind it. So it was transparent. Translucent. Yeah. Translucent. Yeah. And so, but it was huge. It was like 100 meters tall. It went back like 600 meters. So then, to address your listeners question, all of a sudden, I heard a voice in my head. That was my daughter’s voice. And the voice said, Daddy, you and Mommy have seen UFOs next time you guys see a UFO you call me All right, Daddy, don’t forget, okay. My daughter never said that. But that was what was in my mind, in my consciousness. And in my head, and my contents in this, I was thinking, my daughter needs to see this. My daughter needs to see this. Now. My daughter had just turned 10 years old. Her birthday was July 31. So this is literally two weeks after she had turned 10 years old. What rational father would want to bring his daughter outside to witness this? When you’re totally clueless as to what the hell’s going on? Okay. But no, but in my mind, my daughter needs to see this because she told me she wanted to see it. Right. So I then run to the window. I’m yelling at her. She opens up the window. You know, mind you, this is like 10 o’clock at night. Okay, so it was a I think was a weekend? I’m not sure. Because he was still up. And so what is it that he said, Sweetheart run outside is a UFO is you up outside run? So she then, you know, she knew about what my wife had seen the experience that we had, because we were telling friends over the telephone, foreign friends would come over. So she you know, heard all these stories. So now she runs outside and she’s watching this. She says, Daddy, what is that? And it says, sweetheart, it’s a UFO, but it’s in hiding. It doesn’t want to be caught by the military radar, and by the airports that we have close by. So that’s why it’s not fully, you know, materialized. That’s why it’s appearing that way. So she goes, Oh, thank you. Right. Thank you, Daddy. Thank you. Thank you, Daddy. And so then we were watching it for like 15 minutes. And what it what it was that we weren’t scared at all, it was like you’re watching the Fourth of July fireworks. You’re just like, what your tongue hanging out, you know, that type of thing. And then my friend comes. And he comes with his wife and their 17 year old daughter, okay, they leave the car right in the middle of of the large cul de sac that we live in. And they run to us. And both of them like Ray, what the hell is that? What is that? I said, you know, damn, well, what it is, okay? This is all in Spanish. And they said No, impossible can’t be you can’t be. So then they tried to explain it away. Okay. And they were coming up with one crazy explanation after another. And then I didn’t tell them that I called it down, because that was too much sensory overload for them. And so after, like their fourth or fifth explanation, we just became more ludicrous. I started laughing out loud. And in my head. I communicated with these entities as and this is literally what I said. I said, You better come up with some better shit than this. Because my friends don’t believe you. Okay, and then a meet up. That’s verbatim what I said. And then, and it wasn’t by my mouth was just in my mind. I thought this right? And so immediately what we were wanting what I described to you totally stopped, disappeared and immediately replaced by 1000s. And yeah, I will say 1000s of stars that were like 10 times the size of Venus.

Rick Archer: And it was a cloudy night. So yeah, totally cloudy night.

Rey Hernandez: No, no, but these are large. So this was like, um, if you get the star of Venus and multiply by 10, or 20. Yeah, that will give you an idea of how large these were. Now, each of these stars were blinking on and off, on and off like this. Okay, flickering, and it occupied the whole insides of this object. Okay. But yet, it was still semi transparent, because you can still see the clouds behind it. But the stars were blinking inside all of this. And then also by certain areas, certain of these stars would like power up get big, very, very large, like the size of the moon, and then get very, very small. And we’ll be doing that like three or four stars in sections, then we’re finished with this section, then it would do that section, then it would do that other section. And then everybody’s my friend stopped trying to explain away because they knew that this was not an earth bound experience. And so and all of us were just Witter with our tongues hanging out the neighbor under that house. They were in the window looking at it. Now. The natural thing to do would be to go to them and say, Look, Pablo, go outside, look at the house on top of your house, or Pablo and his wife to come outside to us and say what Why is my neighbor and his daughter and three strangers looking right above my roof? And, and just staring nonstop is my house on fire? That never took place? Okay, remember I told you about getting into your mind controlling, okay? All of a sudden my friends told me Oh, we got to leave Ray, you know, we got businesses to run, we’re very, very busy. Oh, don’t worry about that motion to consolidate, I’ll prepare it, you know, tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll send it to you, you know, with the instructions of what you need to do. Okay. And I didn’t even, you know, like now it’s like, what are you freaking crazy, man. It’s like you’re leaving now in the middle of this. But no, that didn’t even enter your your mind. Now all of us had cell phones except my 10 year old. Okay. The 17 year old had her iPhone in her hand, or whatever cell phone she had. Remember, she had a nice large size phone. And you think anyone took a video of this or a picture of it? This thing was I could have gotten a rock and hit it. That’s how close this thing was. Okay. Now in hindsight, it was like, my goodness, if we would have taken a video of this, or a picture of it, we would have been on the cover of Time Magazine for 12 months straight. You know, we would have been on CNN, MSNBC, whatever, you know, for the next 10 years, you know, but no, no, because these things, your mind is not allowed to go there. Okay. And then the way they got me to leave was they put in into my consciousness, but I was being attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes. So I was wearing shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and I was like slapping my legs, slapping my arms. And like a minute, I couldn’t take any more. So I grabbed my daughter’s hand. And I said, Sweetheart, we got to go inside. These mosquitoes are killing me. So we go inside. The door was wide open the whole time. My wife never went outside the door never went outside because the door when she hears somebody, she’s always barking at the door and you know, trying to chase the person down. So that was very, very strange. So I go inside, I’m telling my wife about what happened. She goes, Oh, how nice in like she was just coming out of a trance. And then I told her we had to go inside because these mosquitoes were killing me. And then my daughter goes to me, daddy, they were no mosquitoes outside. And as soon as she said that, it was like the Amazing Kreskin. I don’t know if you remember him. Were the old enough, okay? The magician he would hypnotize people and they would be walking like like, like ducks. On the auditorium. I remember 1975 I was a freshman at Rutgers College. And he had all these, some some of the people that I knew, and on other people walking like ducks on stage, you know. And as soon as like he snapped his finger, because he had given them an instruction, all of a sudden they woke up. So as soon as my daughter said, Daddy, they were no mosquitoes outside. It was like, the finger was snapped the hypnotist and the finger was happy, I woke up, and I was like, Holy shit, what the hell just happened. So I ran downstairs, I grabbed my professional video camera, my professional camera, I ran outside, nothing outside. And that’s when I figured out for the first time, that was why I acted that way in my living room. Because for six months after that experience, I was like, Why did I act that way? I’m a rational person. I’m an intelligent person. Why did I totally dismiss this? Why didn’t I think about my wife care about her? Well, you know, it was like, I was like a madman, you know, I couldn’t figure it out. And it was then that I figured out Oh, my God, whatever this intelligence is, gets into your conscious, this is able to extract your thoughts and is able to put thoughts into your mind. I said, my goodness. And then it was after that experience that it began two and a half years of non stop paranormal experiences. And one of those was how free was organized in three days with Edgar Mitchell, Rudi shield, Dr. Rudi shields, who was an emeritus professor of astrophysics at Harvard, and Mary Rodwell, who is probably the most important researcher of UFO contactees in the world, how all three of them were put in my, in my arena, within three days, and free was formed at the home of Edgar Mitchell. After I had this out of body experience, while I was driving my car, where I was shown the contact modalities, so it was all orchestrated. And you can get Rudy shields on your show he’ll he’ll be a wonderful guest. He’s an 80 year old, emeritus professor of astrophysics at Harvard for 45 years. He was a professor there. And he’s deeply into the topics of consciousness and contact, or Mary Rodwell who has worked with and they will tell you, what I just told you is correct.

Rick Archer: Great. I imagine that people listening to this either live or later on. There’ll be a whole range naturally of people who think that this is just fantasy thinking, you know, imagination to those who We’ll take it very literally and, you know, feel that, you know, yeah, this stuff is happening. And we’ve known about it for a long time. So, you know, we’ll kind of swing back and forth on that spectrum, perhaps and offer some some stuff that might convince the more skeptical people. But we also want to get, you know, deeply into some of the more philosophical or spiritual implications of all this, without eating up all our time, just asking, you know, the question of whether it’s real or not. So we’ll do that, we’ll do both. A couple of nice quotes here, I’ll give your voice a break for a second and just read these that capture. My sentiment about all this one is from Harvard psychiatrist, John Mack, who worked with approximately 200 individuals who claimed to have contact with non human intelligence. And he concluded that the beings quote, are forcing us to appreciate that cosmic realities exist beyond the three dimensional universe that has bounded our earthly existence, and quote, and I’m getting these from your book. And here’s another one from Kenneth ring, who is a professor of psychiatry, I believe, at the University of Connecticut who did a lot of research in this area, his belief that these sightings and related experiences are intended to serve as, quote, agents of cultural deconstruction and quote, to change our culture and belief systems and make us more open to alternative ways of thinking about reality. So according to these two gentlemen, and I’m sure you would agree with them, the whatever these beings are, they’re not just tourists, and they’re sightseers or explorers in the in the way that some of the early, you know, explorers traveled around and discovered other continents, from Europe and so on. But they have an agenda or a mission, which is to help humanity evolve to help bring about certain changes in our behavior, and our consciousness and our thinking. And you’ve collected a lot of evidence that tends to support this. And there’s also certain faction, perhaps even in the majority, if you look at all the popular movies that have been made, and a lot of YouTube videos that are out there, who feel that yeah, these beings are they exist, but they have a negative agenda. They want to kill us all. They want to, you know, just to harvest all the Earth’s natural resources or something and then go about their merry way. But what your studies show, and we haven’t even begun to talk about your studies yet, but we’ll get into that is that all kinds of very beneficial changes have taken place in the minds in the psychologies of those who have had these kinds of experiences, such as concerned with spiritual matters, desire to help others compassion for others ability to love others, concern for the welfare of the planet, conviction that there is life after death, tolerance of others, and insight into the problems of others, among many other things. So it seems like, although some people, you know, a small percentage said they were primarily terrified, or that they would like it to stop the majority in the area, I’ll let you in just a second Tell, tell us how extensive this study was and what it was. But the majority have said, Oh, it was a really positive experience, it changed my life for the better, and I don’t want it to stop. So if these people had nefarious or undesirable motely, I say people, if these beings, whatever they are, had ill intentions, then it was was it Christ said A house divided against itself cannot stand he was accused of being able to do what he was doing by virtue of the power of the devil or something. And he said, Well, if I were the devil, that wouldn’t work, because I’m doing all these good works. And therefore I’d be divided against the devil would be sort of undermining his purpose by doing good works. So it seems like these intelligences are largely according to your studies having a salutary effect of beneficial effect. And that would tend to give us more confidence in their motivation. Alright, so that was a bit of a long winded comment on my part. But why don’t you respond to that and get us into kind of an overview of what this study was, how extensive it was, who worked on it with you how you manage to collect all these people? And and before you do that, I might say that I betcha you all the people who participated in your study, and there were 1000s, were actually just a small percentage of the total number of people in the world who have had this kind of experience. These are just the people you managed to connect with who took the trouble to fill out the study, but it seems to be a pretty widespread phenomenon.

Rey Hernandez: Yes, I would agree. Yes, it is, indeed, a very widespread phenomenon. And it’s part of what later on hopefully, we’ll discuss the contact modalities and the work of The store organization, it’s, as you might suspect, historically, individuals have interacted with nonhuman intelligence via many different modalities. The quote unquote UFO related type of phenomenon was most recently popularized. But it was never studied before the experiencer of that phenomenon never there was zero data on that phenomenon. So what had happened was, I’m not going to go into the detail of the experience that led in the three day period to the formation of this organization. But within a few short months of that experience, which occurred in May of 2013, we had numerous PhD academic professors that were willing to join us in this mission, and the mission was, how do you begin to undertake the world’s first comprehensive academic research study of individuals that had both seen UFOs and have had contact with non human intelligence and never been done before? So the people that the professors that agreed to, to work with us were Dr. John Climo, Dr. John Kimo was a professor of psychology for over 45 years. And he was one of the pioneers of modern academic paranormal research, together with Charles tart, Stanley, Krippner, etc, etc, he was part of that that core group, he knows these two individuals has very close friends for 40 years. And he was a tenured professor and, and he has written extensively about consciousness, dreams, about death, out of bodies, versus near death experiences, about the sky phenomenon, etc, etc. So he eventually became the co chair of our research study. We already spoke about Edgar Mitchell, who got a PhD in Astro in aeronautical engineering from MIT, and was the founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, Rudi shield, who you had mentioned John Mack. He was the one that introduced Dr. John Mack, about the topic of consciousness before that, Mac did not understand the physics aspects of consciousness. And it was Rudy who was one of his best friends at Harvard, and one of the few that actually defended him at Harvard, in terms of the academics to begin to engage in the dialogue about the physics of consciousness.

Rick Archer: John Mack was it was studying alien abduction, people wasn’t it didn’t he was the like, in touch with Betty and Barney Hill. And then he was Oh, yeah.

Rey Hernandez: At first he was introduced to the topic by this man who, who was not an academic, he was researching abductions, and he viewed these experiences as mainly mainly negative. It was about Hopkins. Okay. So Budd Hopkins will begin to send him the people that he had hypnotically regressed, and give it to John Mack. But then, after John Mack published his initial book, titled abductions, all of a sudden, he had hundreds of people going to him. And once in totally independent of Budd Hopkins. And then the second wave of individuals had totally different stories from what Budd Hopkins had given him, these people that were having, you know, the contact modalities, people having out of body experiences, near death experiences, they were brought to other matrix realities. These experiences were initially frightening because it scared them. But it became a much more spiritually awakening spiritually transformative for them. And that’s when he began to realize that these were possibly multi dimensional entities that people are dealing with, and that totally transforming humanity. But he passed away before he will, he did write a book titled passport to the cosmos, which has this presented this new paradigm. But it was as soon as he published that book, he, he got into an accident, and he died. And so but most of this field of ufology it’s, most of it is abductions, abductions, negative, negative, but there was never any type of data to be able to substantiate one position or another. So, we also had Dr. Claude Swanson, PhD physicist from Princeton University, who was very much interested into consciousness and the contact modalities. And also you have all contact, he joined us, Dr. Bob Davis, who was a PhD, retired PhD professor of neuroscience at the State University of New York. He taught there for 35 years as a tenured faculty member, very much interested in these topics. And we brought in a couple of other professors like retired professor Leo, Leo sprinkle, who’s one of the first academic I’m exactly have an article published on UFO Contact experiences. consultants were Dean Raiden, who just mentioned before, and several other academics. And then we brought in researchers, people who had their boots on the ground that were working with experiences. One was Kathy Martin, who wrote the book on Betty and Barney Hill. So a major researcher, also Mary Rodwell, who I’ve mentioned before, and a couple of other individuals. So what we did, basically, is to get these PhD academics who are interested in this topic, together with the people that I had interviewed 1000s of cases of experiencers. And we got them both together and say, Okay, how do you begin to study this phenomenon of UFO Contact experiences. And so what we developed was three surveys to collect quantitative surveys, comprised of 600 questions. And then we had one survey, which was qualitative in nature, which was written responses to 70, open ended questions. And then we had the surveys translated into different languages. But what I’m going to talk to you about was is our English language survey, we publicize the hell out of it. Throughout Facebook, over 200, radio shows, paranormal radio shows you a full radio shows, consciousness radio shows, similar to what we’re doing now, to encourage people to take our survey. And what we wound up with was 4200 responses from individuals from over 100 countries. And excuse me, and what we found out from, from our surveys, let me just briefly go over four major findings. There’s naturally hundreds of different, you know, topics, we can go in here, because we asked so many different questions. But if you want to say, Ray, what are your four major findings, I would say number one, while initially 37% view their experiences as highly negative, okay, in the very beginning, now, when they were taking their survey, it was between 85 to 95% of these individuals said it was mainly positive. Okay. And so there was a whole transition of how that took place, and why it took place, which I could go into, we asked that question of positive, negative neutral, over 25 different questions. Because how you ask a question, you get a different response, we’ve been asked a question for the different types of quote unquote, beings that people interacted with was the experience. Mainly negative, slightly negative, neutral, slightly positive, or, or mainly positive? Okay. And then we asked it, you know, initially and then later on with the beats, and what we found out was that the overwhelming number of these people said, look, it wasn’t negative, actually, for the certain types of beings was mainly neutral. So that was a complete revelation. For many of the folks they knew that this was happening via the experiences, but it was never quantified. Because if you go to the internet, all you read is that these are all negative, negative, negative, negative, well, we document it with 4200 experiences. It’s the total opposite. People are now towards the end are perceiving their experiences as mainly positive, even though in the beginning, they were traumatized because of the ontological shock of seeing a physical being in front of you. Okay, so that was one one finding. The other finding was that these experiences were totally transformative. You had read some of those comments of how people change the earlier, what we did was, we utilized over 60 questions that Dr. Kenneth ring us for a statistical study that he did in 19. He published in 1988, I believe it began in 1985. Now, Dr. Kenneth ring is one of the pioneers of Near Death Experience Research. He has published numerous books and and many, many articles on nd e experiences. And now he’s in his early 80s, retired professor from the University of Connecticut. And so in that book, which he published in 1988, the book is titled The Omega project, okay. In that book, he compared roughly 85 individuals that had near death experiences with 85 people had abduction experiences. And one of the components of his research was how did these people change? And so he asked the same questions to both groups. And what he found out 85% 75 to 85%, depending on the question that was asked, totally transformed themselves. in both groups you would expect from the nd group, but also from the object abduction group. People did not fear death, they became less materialistic, less egotistical, more loving and caring of their fellow human be more ecological. Ben, he cared about being famous, much more consciously aware, they now had a mission in life a purpose in life. It was like 60 questions similar to this. So what happened is that you first started off as a caterpillar, okay? And by the end of these experiences, when people taking these surveys, they’re like a butterfly, totally enlightened, became more spiritual, was like 85% of these people became more spiritual, much more spiritual, okay, and less religious. Okay, now there’s a group, maybe 30% of the people that remained religious, okay, they would like my wife, for example, it would still go to church. But But now they understand that that church is much, much more comprehensive than what they initially thought it was. So what we did is we borrowed his questions with his permission in the actually wrote an endorsement of our book, as well, Dr. QAnon, three, and together with Dean Raiden. And, and what did we find? But now with 85 plus 85 170. People know, now we had 4200 People saying the same exact thing. Okay, roughly 85% of these people were totally transformed, not only spiritually, but in terms of their whole mindset, their own modality of life, how they viewed life, their reality, how they change how they behaved, is like a total behavioral modification. So that was the second major finding. The third major finding was that these experiences while indeed they are physical in nature, the physicality of these experiences is very minute. The overwhelming majority of these experiences are, quote, unquote, paranormal in nature. Okay, we asked close to 100 questions related to the paranormal. And again, that’s not the proper term paranormal but for the audience members to to understand all different types of altered states of consciousness. For example, 80% of these individuals have had an out of body experience 37% have had a near death experience 50 50% have been medically healed by non human intelligence 67% have seen orbs, physically orbs, almost 70% have seen and interacted with a ghost or a spirit. Huge numbers we’re talking about. You named the power of 95% said that they’ve had paranormal experiences in their homes. Okay. So and then the other aspect that you talked about was the messages that people are receiving, okay, you name the gambit. Okay. There’s the messages, the gambit deals with your destroying our domain, these are the two main topics that people are getting information on the two main topics. One is you’re destroying your planet. Okay, and you’re destroying yourselves. Okay, in the meantime, so you need to change before it’s too late. That’s number one. Number two, you need to become more spiritual, okay? Because you cannot go to the direction of trying to save your planet saying yourselves if you don’t become more spiritual, okay? Now they weren’t, they’re not talking about religion here, obviously, you know, they’re talking about that we are living in a multi dimensional reality. And then within this multi dimensional reality, they’re different levels of understandings of realities and, and nonhuman intelligence are occupying these different realms, and that they have a better understanding of source, and spirituality also, when what happened was when we die, how we need to change to become more loving, okay. But yet, in order for tech for us to take the next step, the next stage of evolution, we need to move into that direction. And so the general category that people put it in is this category of spirituality. But it’s much, much more profound and complicated than just, you know, the afterlife, even though that’s a major thought. And, and then the third major finding is that these experiences are multi dimensional in nature. Why? Because there’s a manipulation of spacetime. And if you look at all of the contact modalities, near death experiences out of body experiences, remote viewing, mystical meditation, Communication with ghosts and spirits, hallucinogenic journeys, etc, etc. All of them involve a manipulation of spacetime. And that leads them to the hypothesis that we’re dealing with a multi dimensional reality. All of our physicists hypothesize that, okay, in our group, we have three PhD physicists. And and what they have told me is that Ray, if you graduate now, with a PhD in theoretical physics, you’re going to be an adherent to a multiverse theory. That means that we don’t live in one reality. Okay? So this is now almost every PhD physicist understands it, acknowledges it, and accepts it. But yet, the normal human being in this planet has no conceptualization of that, okay. And so when you’re talking about out of body experiences, like the skeptics that are out there, you know, it’s Ray Hernandez lying and making these things up, I wish that you have an out of body experience, okay? I wish that you have a near death experience, because after you’ve had these experiences, and you return back to your physical body, all of a sudden, you lose all your skepticism. And you also understand that we’re not just flesh and bone, that there’s something else to us. There’s a, if you want to call it a spirit, a soul, whatever you might want to call it, but we’re much more than just a flesh and bones. And so So our research study on the UFO Contact experiences, the importance of that is that most of the field of ufology still doesn’t understand what we did, what the questions that we asked, and totally will not accept our research findings. They said, this is woowoo science. We asked all new agers, you know, New Age folks, you know, our surveys. And because these folks are our material rationalist, okay. To them, the field of ufology is nuts and bolts, pictures and videos of UFO crafts, or conspiracy theories. That’s what that genre is all about. And so what we discovered via 4200 people that have had these direct experiences that all these so called experts in the field of ufology they’re all totally clueless, and totally clueless as to what really is going on. And what what it has more in common with is the out of body experiences, the near death experiences, the remote viewing, the mystical meditators, the Chandler’s, etc, etc. So, we need to be able to be able to understand this genre of the UFO aspects of it within a much, much more larger umbrella. And that was the the vision that I was given when I was taken out of body driving my car, that all of these contact modalities are interrelated, that humans are studying them as separate and distinct phenomenon. But we need to be able to study them as one phenomenon. And that consciousness, humans are calling a consensus, but in reality is the fabric of our reality is the glue that’s holding it all together. And in order for you to have a better understanding of the separate phenomenon. We need to be able to study that as one phenomena.

Rick Archer: Yeah. All righty. Let me respond to that with something that will kind of be combined comment and question. I wrote this down the other day, and I emailed it to you, and that is that, you know, it seems that ETS ndS near death experiences out of body experiences, meditative experiences, many mystical experiences are related through a common denominator, namely, that they all involve access to subtler realms, and I’m completely comfortable with the notion of subtler realms, we talk about it a lot on the show. But despite that common denominator, they can still be dissimilar in certain ways. For instance, to take an analogy, you know, baseball, mountain climbing, and boxing and scuba diving, are all sports, but they’re obviously very different from one another. So there could be subtle beings who reside on Earth, I have friends who perceive them routinely. And then there could be ETS, if we want to call them that who visit from elsewhere in the universe. And yet, they do so by accessing subtler dimensions, thus enabling them to overcome the speed of light barrier. And I asked a friend of mine about this just the other day, who lives in India and has had some very profound, beautiful experiences with high spiritual beings most of his life. And he put it in this way, he said, suffice it to say that the Lord’s divine Maya is vast and very difficult to comprehend, and consists of many different types of worlds and beings, some of which are imperceptible to us here. Others are perceptible. The perceptible worlds and beings can be reached by vehicular technologies, the others cannot. So in other words, depending on who they are and where they’re coming from, they may need a vehicle to get here. Or it may be that they’re already here, just as we are, but they just live on a subtler dimension of life, and so don’t ordinarily are ordinarily perceptible to the average person, but they don’t need a vehicle to get here because they live here as much as we do. So how does that all strike? You?

Rey Hernandez: Know, I mean, these are all viable hypotheses. Yeah, good. And at this point, humanity’s totally clueless as to the fundamental questions to ask on these topics. And that’s going to be what we’re going to be doing with this new organization, which we can, you know, transcend to later on. But, but yes, it’s a dilemma that, at least within the field of EU policy, let me talk about that. Dr. Jacques Blake. One of the pioneers of this arena, he’s written over 15 books,

Rick Archer: and he was the guy game is played by WHO, whose character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind was that Frenchman right and

Rey Hernandez: Correct, correct. Yeah, correct. He, he’s, he’s given a recent TEDx talk on consciousness. And the multiverse, you know, in terms of speculative theories. He’s lectured over 40 years ago, that this might not be an ET coming from a physical reality as something he suspects is much more complicated. And also, that’s the conclusion that Dr. Allen Hynek who’s basically the godfather of ufology reached in the latter years of his life, that this is much, much more, you know, complicated than what he initially thought it was. And he began to agree with Dr. Jack Blake. The dilemma is that at least in the field of ufology, but also in these other types of experiences, like ghosts and spirits, and, and remote viewing, etc, even mystical meditation is that there’s a physicality to these things, okay? You’re physically seeing a ghost, okay? You’re gelling, you know, telepathic communication from this spirit, okay? Or even remote viewing or, or channeling mystical meditation, you start off with you, you know, meditating, even an out of body experience, you know, you perceiving yourself with, with, with, with perceptions that you would normally have as a human being, you’re seeing your hearing, you know, even though you might not be in the body. So it’s both a mixture of physicality and non physicality. Now, what, what, what many of them have individuals and organizations suspect, and again, numerous scientists that are in this arena of the content modalities is that our brain serves as a filter mechanism. Okay. Which let me put it this way. Our reality might be filled with information fields, okay. Our reality is, is binary codes out there. Okay. Rudy seals in most of the astrophysicist conjecture that black holes are actually information storage devices. Okay. Rudy was the first one to hypothesize that, okay. And with mathematics and physics later, Stephen Hawking agreed with that. And many other physicists, okay. So if it’s crazy enough to think of black holes as information storage devices, also, many other astrophysicists talked about our cosmology as having what is called zero point energy fields, which is, you know, infrared information is stored there. Now, the way we as humans tap into that the subtler realms of reality is that we have certain triggering mechanisms. Like, for example, people that become advanced meditators, all of a sudden, they pop out of their body, okay? All of a sudden, they’re having an out of body experience than the journey to other realms, or people when they have a near death experience, all of a sudden, they return. They’re seeing ghosts and spirits, they’re having paranormal experiences. They’re having a paranormal life. Okay, people that are advanced OBE experiences. Also, I’ve talked in spoken with hundreds of them as well, these people are living paranormal experiences, okay? Once they learned how to pop out of their body when they were young, and making these journeys, all of a sudden, the brain is not a concrete block anymore. Now it’s like saying, We’re information from you know, that you can describe it as zero point energy fields information is seeping in. So whatever these subtler realms are, it’s not like they’re, they’re separated by space. Okay? It’s, um, it’s separated by consciousness, really, you know, us being able to tap into these other realms. So um, so yes, everything that you just quoted, these all viable hypotheses and things that I generally tend to agree with. But what we’re going to be doing with this new organization, consciousness and contact Research Institute CCRI is I helped to assemble of 15 brilliant minds that are interested in exploring what is the relationship between consciousness, our cosmology and contact with non human intelligence via the contact modalities. You know, what is the interrelationship here? They understand that there’s so many similarities. And but yet there are differences like you just alluded to, to some of them. So let me give you a background for this, okay. Most individuals in these contact modalities fields, for example, the UFO folks, they just stick to UFOs. Okay, the nd folks they just stick to nd ease the sigh phenomenon like the parapsychologist they just stick with, you know, parapsychology, you know, the remote viewers, they just stick to remote viewing, you know, etc, etc. Okay, but yet, when you get them all in one room, they’re all talking about very similar topics and concepts. They among themselves, they have these conversations about the interrelationships. But no one has ever written an academic article about the interrelationships of it. And no one, let alone doing a formal comprehensive academic research study on this. Now for your audience members, let me just define the contact modalities I’ve sort of alluded to it. But basically, it would be all the different ways that humans are piercing the veil quote unquote, and having contact with non human intelligence, ie UFO Contact, near death experiences, out of body experiences, remote viewing, communication with ghosts and spirits, mystical meditations, channeling hallucinogenic journeys, orbs, etc, etc. And there there are several others, okay, but just so you can get an idea. Now, what, for example, let me just give you a couple of comparisons between near death experiences and, and you have full contact, okay. In both phenomenon, how does communication take place? mind to mind? telepathic, okay, is communication in your native language? Overwhelming majority of people say yes, in your native language. Okay, we’ve got the comparative data because we’ve did our research study in multiple languages with the UFO aspect of it. Same thing with the near death experience, the Near Death Experience literature reveals that among the different countries, communication takes place in an NT e in their native language, okay. And telepathically number of what also, what we discovered was that three out of the top four type of entities beings that people are seeing in UFO Contact, ie, the energy being the human looking beings, and ghosts and spirits are the top three that people are seeing in near death experiences. Okay, the transformation of the people, people are totally transformed by it. And I alluded to it discussed it before, the whole aspect of out of body experiences. I mentioned before 80% of the people in UFO Contact have had out of body experiences. And the ease most of the entities start with what with an OBE, you’re physically, you see your dead body underneath you. Okay, with both groups, people are taken to what I call a matrix reality. Three dimensional reality, okay, 50% of the people in our survey 50% have been brought to a matrix reality. Okay. And you’re listening to them, it’s like, they were taken to an MD he kind of, except they didn’t have, you know, deceased relatives, or an entity that they define as God, you know, interacting with them. They had like a mind that’s interacting with these people, teaching them lessons, showing them different things. You know,

Rick Archer: let me pop in a question here.

Rey Hernandez: And there’s numerous other commonalities, but that’s just for the listeners to get a very simplistic understanding of some of the similarities. But I could go on and on and on with the similarities.

Rick Archer: Well, you still can I don’t want to break your train of thought.

Rey Hernandez: Okay.

Rick Archer: But there’s a question that came to mind. And that is that, you know, if somebody has a, let’s say, a near death experience, they’re undergoing surgery, and they die and go through a tunnel and see their relatives and all kinds of things. All right. So that’s one thing happens. So they have an out of body experience, like, well, that helps what happens they’re undergoing surgery and they that next thing, you know, they’re up in the ceiling, looking at surgeons working on them. Both of those things seem like you know, things that are just happening to them without the intercession necessarily other types of beings, although they might encounter other beings when they have those experiences, not not necessarily.

Rey Hernandez: Now, there’s a very high percentage of these types of OBE type of experiences, that there’s an entity that they perceive or physically see with them, like a nonhuman intelligence in the image of like a skull it that people see, or they know that that human that entity is there because it’s communicated with them while they’re out of body. Right? So it’s not just that they’re, they’re out of body. And there’s no communication, any relationship, but not even intelligence. I’m not

Rick Archer: suggesting that, okay, or somebody like Anita Moorjani, whom I’ve interviewed who, you know, nearly died, and, you know, met her father and various other beings on the other side, and then came back.

Rey Hernandez: So we’re talking about the OBE stage, right, that context starts even at that stage.

Rick Archer: Yeah. But then there seems to be a little bit of a distinction between that, although we’re talking about similar phenomenon are mechanics here. And the kind of thing you described, where some being came to you in some kind of craft, and it was very much not necessarily a craft, or some kind of something that little U shaped upside down you in your living room, or the big thing over your neighbor’s house or something. Yeah, but in any case, in that, in that case, it seems like they are, we’re dealing there with types of intelligence that have actually mastered these realities and can navigate through subtler realms and come and visit people and, and know what’s in their minds and have some kind of influence on their minds and get them to do things this way. And that. So it almost seems like, the one is kind of like a little bit of a, an accidental thing like Dannion Brinkley getting struck by lightning and you know, having a near death experience, whereas the other is kind of like beings who have mastered the technology of subtler dimensions, so to speak, and are able to navigate and go here and there and do this. And that, by virtue of that mastery. Do you feel like that’s a legitimate distinction? Or

Rey Hernandez: both? It gets even more complicated than that. Okay. All survey has revealed that an actual physical being, the vast majority of people took our survey saw an actual physical be. Okay,

Rick Archer: so that sounds like you and I are kind of etherial somewhat,

Rey Hernandez: but both both. Okay. Now, what what has happened is that, as they continue with your experiences, they’re also interacting with intelligences that are not there. Okay, so something is not there, but yet it’s communicating to you.

Rick Archer: So you don’t see anybody says anything through any of your senses. But still, there’s this communication going on? Correct?

Rey Hernandez: Correct. Right. And then people are, are interacting literally with like, 1000s of different types of perceived physical entities, for example, which I suspect that these are projections, holographic projections, but it’s not like that real physical entity was there. Okay. Not all of them. But at least some of these experience like for example, okay. There’s this man here in Miami, who’s come to be my best friend. Okay. He’s the world’s number one contact experiencer by far, okay. And he’s a retired federal DEA, federal agent. His wife is a PhD psychologist, his daughter’s a PhD psychologist. These are highly educated individuals.

Rick Archer: His name isn’t William, but chances are no, no. Okay, good. Because I have a list of questions from a William in Miami that I’m going to ask you in a little bit later. Okay.

Rey Hernandez: And so, this man and his wife had seen Ganesh physically in their bed, not while they were asleep. It wasn’t a lucid dream. This is like, you know, they were startled because they see this big, huge light. And then they wake up and there’s Ganesh right in front of them. Now, did Ganesh come from the Ganesh cancellation? Okay. They also saw a novice, the Egyptian god with the dog head. Now, did a new bus come from the new bus constellation? Okay. That’s correct. A people have literally described in our research study, literally more than 1000 different types of physical types of entities. So, so you could either take the position that yes, this physical entity was very, very real. And he came from whatever reality he came from, okay. Or you can say that maybe some of them are real. And the rest are projections. For example, I won’t mention the name but this very, very famous person, very well known. Okay. He and his wife saw a six foot owl. Okay, on their vanity. You know, bathroom vanity. Yeah, these are millionaires type people. Okay. And, and it wasn’t like I heard a third hand, this is direct from the horse’s mouth as they say, Okay, so did that six foot owl come from the six foot owl dimension? Or these, you know, projections for that serve a purpose, whatever the purpose that is, okay. Now, in terms of what we’re dealing with, okay. My response to whoever is asking all these questions is and all these questions that people are submitting to you is, is at this point, we’re dealing with something that is so freakin complicated. it okay, that we can even begin to understand what are the basic questions to ask regarding to this because it’s like you’re prying into what is consciousness itself? You know that that’s how deep this is. Okay, what we can do, at least what we could try to do with at least with the UFO aspect of it is to document what are people experiencing? What are they telling us and trying to document. And now we want to move into the contact modalities to see the people, for example, this is the typical case of these individuals, okay. And my friend who’s here, Miami has the same thing. They’ve had almost every one of the contact modalities, okay, that I’ve interacted with three physicians, these are physicians, okay, these are not senile, people that are 90 years old, 80 years old, they’re still practicing physicians, okay. They’ve had near death experiences, out of body experiences, ghosts and spirits. For example, one, two physicians, they’ve had laughter there, and the he, all of a sudden began to see ghosts and spirits in the hospital. Okay. And I spoke with a couple of researchers on nd ease. And I said, That’s, I’ve spoken with a lot of medical doctors, okay, over the years, they’ve told me the same thing. And not only that, but also other MTE experiences, okay. And OBE experiences, and also UFO Contact experiences, that somehow there’s a triggering event that just opens up this whole fabric of reality, and everything else comes comes trickling in. So I, this person has seen Sasquatch, of physical Sasquatch with her husband, they seen a huge UFO, the size of the blood are all the stars in the sky a triangle twice with her husband, okay. And so you’re listening to this person, and you’re saying, you know, is this person for real, but I met the person at a conference, the doctor, she gave me her business card. And she started talking in medical terms about her MD, I had to stop Excuse me, Doctor, I don’t understand all the medical jargon, you know. So I, that’s when I knew that she wasn’t crazy that these are very, very real. And then you think about your own personal experiences, which is absolutely crazy, you know, for you to anyone else to digest. And you say, Oh, my goodness, you know, this, so many people like this medical doctor, okay? Now, how do you understand that someone that’s having all of these diverse experiences, that’s why we want to be able to study because that person, that medical doctor, and hundreds like her that I’ve interacted with, and there’s probably, um, who knows, maybe a million people all over the world, okay. These people, we believe all of the researchers, and hopefully I’ll get to name some of these people in our organization. We believe that these people hold the key to understanding what is consciousness? Because they literally have been on all these realms via many different ways. All right. So it’s like, if we can pry open the door to understand these people, and understand the phenomenon and how they’re all interrelated, we would have a better understanding of what is consciousness? That’s really cool.

Rick Archer: You’re doing because it’s like, it seems like these experiences are ubiquitous people all over the world are having all these kinds of far out experiences. And you know, including many, quote unquote, respectable people, you know, well educated doctors, and this and that, and yet everybody’s afraid to totally come out with it. And

Rey Hernandez: oh, yes,

Rick Archer: if everyone.

Rey Hernandez: If I could interrupt you for a second.

Rick Archer: Yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Rey Hernandez: Also, the folks that took our survey stated, they’ve never spoken to anyone else about their experiences, except they’re merely founding family members. Yeah. So that’s why it remains hidden.

Rick Archer: And here’s a question that is related to that came in from my friend Dan, in London. He said, given the amount of evidence you have for this phenomenon, this phenomena and the amount of highly respected individuals involved in the research, why do you think this is not yet accepted in the mainstream? Is there not evidence that is irrefutable that can be presented to the mainstream media? It seems that this type of knowledge experience has the potential to positively transform humanity? Do you think the day when this is accepted in the mainstream is very far away? It seems to me like it’s kind of like this. Everybody’s out. It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes are something everybody’s having this experience. And nobody, everybody’s afraid to say it. But there could be some kind of tipping point, man, perhaps your research will help to expedite this or catalyze it, at which we cross that tipping point and it becomes de rigueur, you know, it becomes the norm for people to acknowledge this stuff. And everybody starts sharing their experiences, and then it becomes part of our more conscious, shared experience of humanity.

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, I mean, the way I could answer that question is I read when I was in college, this very important book, titled The Structure of Scientific Riah, Thomas Kuhn, great book by Thomas Kuhn. Okay, it talks about how new paradigms are established and talked about initially when these crazy radical ideas are brought forth. It’s totally destroyed and dismissed by the scientific, academic. Okay. Then later on, as the folks begin dying out, new scientists begin to become more receptive to these topics, okay? And what we’re going to be doing with our research study is that we’re establishing a new paradigm of our reality, okay? And in, it’s very, very difficult for a materialist, and you certainly can understand these concepts. Most of the folks in our organization, including most of the major NT, e experiencers, are researchers. They believe that consciousness is primary, okay, not our physical material reality. But yet you talk to the normal person out in the street, they have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Okay. And even within the field of ufology, which we, as an organization never work. Our focus was on consciousness studies. But when I would make a presentation at these conferences, you have all these very well known names in the field of ufology, okay, they’re all materialist. Okay. What we did was pseudoscience, you know, the survey findings are totally unacceptable. You know, what is this being brought to a matrix reality? What is this all these paranormal experiences, you know, just like a regular materialist scientists. So if I went to a conference, let me just tell you, this is in June, the biggest UFO conference in the world, total cold contact in the desert, okay. And they had this guy that lectured on the Peruvian sculpts, these elongated skulls, which, you know, he, he did a DNA test and, and they were proven to be 100%, human, you know, DNA, whatever. This guy got 500 people to pick up his room, and re Hernandez got 10. Okay, they had this other charlatan David Wilcox, who got 1500 People in packed that auditorium. And Ray Hernandez got 10 people, because they have you competing against each other. Okay? When they had me sitting down at a table, they had me sitting down next to the alien hunter, okay, this guy that had these hands, these clay hands that were hardened over time, have these huge hands with these rods, these thin rods like nails popping out. So he had all of that on his table. He had like, like 20 people lining up to buy his book and to get his signature. But yet Ray Hernandez with all these academics in this five year academic research study, I sold two books while I was there,

Rick Archer: so don’t take it personally. Right?

Rey Hernandez: That’s that’s the stage of you know, you follow it? Yeah. And that’s why most of the the NDA experiencers the side researchers, people like Dean Raiden, Jeffrey long, Raymond Moody, Kenneth ring, all these people that are not working with us, while we were doing the UFO stuff, they want nothing to do with us, okay, because which is perfectly understandable. But now that we’re focusing now on the bigger picture of consciousness, and contact with non human intelligence, and the whole aspect of UFOs is one small component of it, then they’re able to join in, because now we’re talking about, you know, the Psy phenomenon near death experiences out of body experiences, remote viewing things that are more established within their realm. But yet to the normal population, all of these topics are taboo topics, but it’s just going to be taking a several generations, I think, to be able to be receptive to these topics, because we’re dealing with consciousness, we’re dealing with topics that are, you know, the opposite of materialism, you know, and at this point, it’s not that they’re taboo topics is that they’re not even understood. Yeah. You know, by the normal person when you talk to them.

Rick Archer: Well, I think it was Max Planck, the physicist who said that science progresses through a series of funerals.

Rey Hernandez: Exactly. That’s the Structure of Scientific Revolution. Yeah, exactly. We’re waiting now for these old buzzards to die. But what it is that three fourths of the buzzers that are in our new organization, they’re all above 70 as well.

Rick Archer: But I don’t think that but those buzzers have already converted to a deeper understanding, but I don’t think we have several generations to wait. I mean, I think that the situation is more of an emergency. And perhaps that’s why there is some kind of global awakening taking place. And that’s perhaps why these beings are kind of whoever they are, are intervening more and more. And, you know, you’ve talked about that, that a lot of them, one of their main emphasis seems to be the ecological disaster, and you know, the possibility that we’re going to kill ourselves that way. So I guess you could probably spin off a comment just on that, but I guess maybe I’ll end it with a short question which is Has it given you optimism, all that you’ve learned that through whatever means, including the types of visitations or experiences that your research subjects have had, that we are going to turn it around the, you know, through our own efforts or through the intercession of these other forms of intelligence, that humanity’s kind of going to make it and that they will wait enough people will be sort of woken up to the reality and the need and the urgency of the situation in time to turn things about?

Rey Hernandez: Okay, let me address that question as follows. If I were just to look at the state of our current real reality, you know, given our politics or economics, or the continuing this destruction of our resources and our environment and how we pray and feed upon each other fellow human being, given the economic structures that we have excetera, etc. If I were just to look at that, I’ll be totally pessimistic. Yeah, totally pessimists the boat,

Rick Archer: which is probably why half the country is addicted to opioids, because that’s all they see on the news. And that’s what they think the reality is. Yeah,

Rey Hernandez: but but, but here’s a contrast to that. Okay. And the flip to that. My personal experiences have been that these experiences have been orchestrated. And we haven’t had enough time in our discussions to talk about the specifics. But things were put right in front of me, okay. And not only myself, but many other people. Now, go back, when did remote viewing become popular? Do you recall or when people found out about remote viewing,

Rick Archer: I started hearing about out in the 90s, with Courtney Brown, and that tamas that was coming and that whole business and then that that Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide, and it got tarnished by that event. That was my first awareness of it. Okay.

Rey Hernandez: It first became popularized in early 70s at Stanford University, at the Stanford Research Institute, and then the military bought in then the CIA bought in and and then it’s continued

Rick Archer: on to the day Russians are working on it and all

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, so it was really early 70s. Now, when this whole aspect of MDS become popularized,

Rick Archer: um, well, I don’t know. Yeah. Well, let me tell you tell me, I mean, I’ve read

Rey Hernandez: with Raymond Moody’s book, like, after my shirt, it said, 1975. Okay. Okay, within three years of the remote viewing, the Autobot experience was popularized by Robert Monroe. Okay, before that people didn’t know about it, the general population, okay. People talked about in the different mystical texts and, and genres, but it was popularized with Robert Monroe’s first book. When did he first popularized, I forgot the exact title of the book, but it was, I think, was 1973 or 74, as well, again, within a couple of years of each other. Okay. The the whole UFO genre, when did that become really widely discussed? Okay. Star Trek, when did Star Trek come on board?

Rick Archer: Well, that was back in the 60s. But of course, there’s a big UFO upsurge in the early 50s, you know,

Rey Hernandez: correct. But it wasn’t popularized, right, on a world that was just little small cliques that got into the UFO stuff. But when Star Trek came on, all of a sudden, millions of people all around the world, okay. And then, eventually Ancient Aliens and all of this stuff. But again, we’re talking about the same time period.

Rick Archer: So early, early to mid 70s. It really started

Rey Hernandez: this now, this is before the internet, so you can’t blame it on the internet. Oh, it’s because of the Internet. The Internet? No, no, no, no, no. All these four experiences became popularized at this pretty much the same time. Why is that a coincidence?

Rick Archer: I would think they’re interrelated. There’s a shift in consciousness taking place,

Rey Hernandez: right? That’s what’s taking place. It’s a shift in consciousness that’s taking place to talk about the different contact modalities. And whatever this intelligence that we’re dealing with, you know, they are able manip able to manipulate space time, okay. To them, they know what’s going to happen in the future. They know what’s happened in the past, okay, they’re able to somehow come into this real owlie and interject, okay. Our data shows that okay, from we haven’t gotten into those aspects of it in our research study. But but but again, many of the people that talk about OBS, and the ease remote viewers, you know, we’re talking about manipulating space time and getting information from the past and in the future. Okay. So what my take to all of this is that someone has an eye on us, whatever that someone is, we have no idea. Okay. But we’re being guided. Okay, whether we’re going to be ultimately successful in changing okay, I don’t know but at least I’m hopeful that yes, they are going to be successful because if the way I see them as sort of like of Seeing like an angel, How do you visualize an entity with angelic powers? Okay, that’s the type of powers quote unquote, that that we’re dealing with. Okay. So if they want something to occur, they quote unquote, they, I think it’s gonna happen. So I think humanity will turn the curve. If not, they might just say The hell with it, you know, these people are hopeless, you know, let’s start all over again and have a total deep population of humanity. And that is another very common theme. Among experiencers people have gotten either lucid dreams are direct experiences, my wife, let me just give you an experience with my wife, all of a sudden, she came down to me, and she says, You need to become more spiritual this before I had my spiritual experiences, okay. Because humanity, population, most of it is going to be wiped out. We’re going to be living like Native Americans, we’re not going to need medical doctors to rip us off. We’re going to be doing our own home cures, we’re going to be living in communes, treating each other in a communal way, loving each other. And she just went on and on. Now, if you know my wife, she’s like, one of these Mexican traditional housewives, she doesn’t even have a computer. She doesn’t go to the internet. She doesn’t read any books on anything close to this stuff. New Age, forget it, you know, suck religious, you know. So I guess I was like, totally shocked. And it came out total, like a robotic voice for my wife. Right? And I was like, totally freaking out. What the hell is this? What the hell’s going on? I said, you know, What, did you read that? I didn’t read it. What did you learn it from? You know, that someone tell you this? No, no one ever told me this? Well, how do you know about it, I just know it. You know? And, and, and then all of a sudden, you know, after she finishes, she says, We need to be ready for this, you know, for this transition, you know? And then she went upstairs. And then I followed her like, a couple of minutes later, because I was like, you know, I need to get more information. What the hell happened here, right? She was dead asleep. The next day, she didn’t remember what took place. Okay. What I just told you, is also a major component of what these experiences have received. Okay, that we’re about to possibly if we don’t change, have a purging of humanity. That’s another very common trend. So what I think is going to be taking place my speculation is that look, if we don’t get our act together, there will be a purging of humanity so we could restart again.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s interesting.

Rey Hernandez: And spiritual, it deals with spirituality, you know, we need to get our mind intact with who we really are.

Rick Archer: I think that’s the key to it that thing your wife said you need to become more spiritual. I mean, you can start carrying goods in the in the basement or something but but the the thing that’s really gonna save you one way or the other, even if your body doesn’t survive, I would say that the key component is to awaken the spiritual zeal and really accomplish as much spiritual evolution as possible.

Rey Hernandez: You know that we don’t kill any animals lizards out in the yard? No, you know how many toads I’ve thrown away in the last two weeks? Like eight toads and there’s still one last night that’s out there. I have to drive like a mile and a half away from my house. Where this nice little canal Okay, and throw the toads out there? Because we can even kill a little lizard. Okay, dance, we don’t kill ants. Okay. My wife hugs trees, she communicates the plants and trees. Okay. This is what these experiences do to you. Yeah, okay. totally transformed to you. I talked to God, before I was a total atheist. Okay. So it’s, it’s, it’s, um, we need to evolve, we need to transcend, we need to become more spiritual. And what’s taking place is an awakening of humanity, but it’s too damn slow. And they’re too selective to who they’re doing this to, they need to do it to the rest of the world, not just to a few individuals at a time.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Well, you know, there’s the, there’s various examples in physics, there’s one in particular, that is called Well, the way laser works, for instance, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is what laser stands for. And the way it works is, you get the square root of 1% of the photons to align coherently with one another in the laser, and then all the rest of the photons in train with them and the whole thing becomes one coherent, you know, beam of light. And in the heart, 1% of the cells are called pacemaker cells, and they regulate the beating of all the other cells in the heart. And there are many other examples like that in nature, where a certain percentage is when reached, will have a kind of a regulating or coordinating or coherence creating effect in the rest of the population have that particular thing, heart cells or light or photons or whatever. So it may not be that the aliens or whoever they are again, I shouldn’t just say aliens. It may not be that these non human intelligences need to sort of intersect interact with every single person in the world. But a certain percentage of them could result in a tipping point at which the entire humanity will be profoundly influenced.

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, that’s sort of the theory that’s out there. A lot of people talking about. In fact, as well sort of introduce, people need to communicate with me. It’s

Rick Archer: And so that’s your personal email address,

Rey Hernandez: the personal email address. And then this new organization is titled consciousness and contact Research Institute. We’re developing a website as we speak. And the members of our organization are Dr. Rudi shield who I mentioned before, the professor of astrophysics at at Harvard, we have Dr. Jeffrey Long, who is a medical oncologist. He’s going to be joining us as the co chair of our research committee. One of the world’s leading experts on near death experiences. Dr. Gary Schwartz, who’s a professor of psychology was a tenured professor at Yale University. And he’s been studying mediumship for the last 20 years at the University of Arizona, Dr. John chemo who I talked about before 45 year Professor of Psychology, Dr. Claude Swanson, the PhD physicist from Princeton, Dr. Bob Davis, PhD, professor of neuroscience, Dr. Michael Grosso, who’s has a PhD in philosophy from Columbia University, and he’s affiliated with the University of Virginia the vision of Perceptual Studies, the Eon Stevenson organization that dealt with our reincarnation and Dr. Bruce Grayson, with near death experiences. Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, was a PhD in Parapsychology from Berkeley, Dr. John Alexander, who did his PhD in near death experiences, and was the head of the remote viewers association for many, many, many years. Dr. Shawn is Jorn Harkins, a professor of philosophy of integral research at the Kennedy School. Dr. Glenn Ryan, PhD biochemist, who also is interested in consciousness, Dr. Paul Bernstein, PhD from Stanford psychologist. So please

Rick Archer: respectable crew. Yes. So

Rey Hernandez: and then we’re having other advisors and consultants, and Dean Radin is just one of them. And again, what we’re trying to do is, how do we conduct the world’s first academic research study, to understand the relationship between consciousness, our cosmology, and contact with non human intelligence via the contact modalities. And I envision something very similar to what we did with the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Free Foundation, which is like a five year comprehensive academic research, study with surveys, questionnaires, cumulating data, and doing in depth interviews of the major cases, and then putting out books and publications, peer reviewed publications.

Rick Archer: So if people are listening to this, and they think they might be a candidate for your next study, should they email you that address?

Rey Hernandez: Yes, at info at experience And then for the old organization that Dr. Edgar Mitchell Free Foundation, we have the free copy of chapter one of our book, our book is titled, beyond UFOs the science of consciousness and contact with non human intelligence. And you can read chapter one for free. And the one I sent you that you read, that’s 120 pages, a lot of data, tons of data in that chapter. And it’s for free, you can download it. And our website, you go to a website of the old free organization website is consciousness. And

Rick Archer: I’ll be on your page there. Yeah, yeah. Contact. Yeah, consciousness

Rey Hernandez: and So we’ve got and we’ve got numerous academic articles on consciousness and contact at our website. So you can begin reading what these academics are saying about the topic of consciousness and contact, including Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudi shield, Dr. Green Raiden, and many other individuals.

Rick Archer: It’s it’s funny in a way that you mentioned that Dean, I think you’ve said Dean was one of them. And some of the other parents psychologies, researchers were skittish about any kind of involvement in anything to do with extraterrestrials, even though their field is extremely Ogopogo in a way, you know, by Yes, by normal standards, but it seems to me that if we really want to be scientific about it, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve used the word hypothesis many times in this conversation we’re not talking about beliefs here. We’re talking about things that are potentially investigated will, you know like that we might consider as possible but we don’t know until we investigate it. But it’s interesting that they shun any sort of notion of or or any interest in actually, you know, beings from some other place some other planet, because it seems to me that even though that might be only part of the picture of what’s going on, it is a part, you know, and if we really want to know the whole picture, we should just throw that in the basket along with everything else and consider, you know, all possibilities. And you’ve been a little bit dismissive of move on and because of their nuts and bolts, superficial materialistic approach, but at least they’ve contributed something, which is a fair amount of data and evidence that nuts and bolts craft had been flying around. Apparently, that we don’t totally understand. So, I don’t know, my attitude is always, you know, let’s understand everything we can understand and not exclude anything because it makes us uncomfortable.

Rey Hernandez: Okay, regarding move on, you know, my personal perspective is that, you know, what have we learned in 75 years? That there UFOs exists, that they’re out there, people are seeing them. Some people have taken pictures of it, you know, they’re able to appear in one place and instantaneously a second later be 40 miles away on radar, you know, these types of things. And that’s interesting how they do that. That’s very interesting. But that’s been going on for 75 years. Right?

Rick Archer: What are we learning about that?

Rey Hernandez: What more are we learning about that? Exactly? So in five years of our academic research study on the experiencer, what have we learned tons of stuff, tons of stuff, okay, because we took a different approach. Okay, because we focused on the experiencer. Now, in terms of Dr. Dean Baden, let me just give you a little insight. I don’t know whether I should tell you this or not. But um, but I’ll say what the hell, you know, basically, Dean was always interested in what we’re doing. He was very receptive to what we’re doing, because he clearly hypothesize that this experience was much more than just nuts and bolts, okay. But it was way way more complicated, because he was a very close friend of Jacques ballet. they’ve interacted for many, many, many year years. And, and, and many other individuals that were interested in this field, that were not nuts and bolts types. Okay. So he clearly was interested. However, as an organization, he’s part of an organization, the Institute for noetic science, and they have their mission and their focus, and they have their mission and their missions is to stay away from you ufology. And, and you’ll be talking to the director of that organization in a few months. But we could, we could talk about things off the record regarding that, but basically, that they would not be too receptive to exploring the topic of UFOs, because their funding stream would be significantly impact decline, if they move that direction, they would prefer to deal with, you know, mystical meditation, beside phenomenon, yoga classes, you know, things of that sort that’s more in line with their mission.

Rick Archer: Unfortunately, my funding stream doesn’t care. And, and, you know, it’s fine that we all have our different areas of focus, not that we shouldn’t all be trying to do the same thing. And we can’t all do everything. So it’s good move on, does its thing, you’re doing your thing and ions does its thing. And, you know,

Rey Hernandez: Dean Radin is involved with us. Right, right. He will be part of this team.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I know that. Yeah. Here’s a question that came in from Seguna Mueller in Austria, she asks, although reality is beyond time, form, and manifestation, there has always been a unifying comprehension throughout all spiritual traditions that are pointing to the essence of truth, which is always the same. If you ignore conceptualization, I wonder, are there ancient sacred texts or traditions that are describing and predicting that during critical times on Earth, that UFOs center will play a tangible role for humanity? And my answer to that question is yes, but what would you say to that? Well,

Rey Hernandez: I would say that all of the ancient mystical traditions, all the ancient and all the indigenous cultures all around the world, that they are more in tuned to our true nature of our reality than the vast majority of quote unquote, civilized humanity. Okay. And that the ancient mystical texts, repeatedly discuss all of this, okay, in terms of world one, you know, unity in terms of consciousness, you know, there’s no separation, you know, that we’re living in Maya, you know, that our reality is Maya, you know, etc, etc, etc. And most of the people that understand that literature that I’ve read that literature, know that understand that now, you could read into, I’m not by any way near a scholar of these ancient mystical texts, even though there are many people that I associate with They are. And they have told me not, not from my personal readings that there’s a lot of writings in there about, you know, humanity needs to change these to involve become more spiritual about. I don’t want to use the word end times, but you know that that humanity might not be here very long if we don’t change. So yes, those types of phrases and concepts are interweaved in there. Just like if you read the Bible, you could get almost anything in the Bible, you know? And, but But yes, I would agree with that, with that statement. 100%.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there was a book that I read back in the early 80s by a woman named Moira Tim’s called prophecies and predictions, everyone’s guide to the coming changes. And what she did was she took all the ancient traditions and noted what they said about what was supposed to happen in the future. And then she correlated with that, that was all the stuff that has actually happened since those traditions said that stuff. And then, and that kind of brought us up to the present time. And then she sort of looked at what they had said, that hasn’t happened yet. And it all was basically that, yeah, we’re in for some heavy times. And that if we make it through those times, there’s going to be a much better world, you know, on the other side of it, but that we better buckle our seatbelts because it could get pretty, pretty wild.

Rey Hernandez: That’s, that’s a consistent theme that experiencers have been told by non human intelligence, and that among experiencers, you know, they understand that. And so they’re getting this message, and they’re getting also a message that things are going to change. Soon, not, you know, 100 200 years down the road that whatever these changes are going to take place. It’s going to happen soon. So among themselves, they discuss it over and over again. And I get that question asked repeatedly, what have others people said, there’s a when it’s going to happen, because I just know, it’s gonna happen soon. I just know it’s gonna happen. So, and again, you cannot give these people definitive answers to these things. But it’s something that literally a large percent of these experiences you’re talking about,

Rick Archer: yeah, we’re feeling it in our bones. I also just want to add to the Gunas question that I’ve done a lot, quite a bit of Vedic reading and study. And there’s a number of books in which they itemize a whole long list of different kinds of beings that exists and various realms, they have all sorts of names for them, you know, apps or offices, and you can Aras and Gandharvas, and all kinds of different things. And they also talk about various other planets and the life that lives on those planets and the possibility of Yogi’s communicating with those planets, and so on and so forth. So that’s just one example of an ancient tradition that was conversant with that stuff. And I don’t think it was merely fanciful, you know, imaginary. Writing, I, I think that they, it was probably written by people who had some sort of experience to, you know, be able to say the things they were saying. And that’s just one tradition, I happen to have studied a fair amount, but I think that other traditions have, I’m sure, if you look at what the Aborigines have to say, and various other ancient traditions, you’ll, you’ll see similar things

Rey Hernandez: yes, no, no, I want to present an agreement. If, if I were to become a scholar in ancient mystical texts, you could literally write you know, a funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia to the World Book, you know, the one I had when I was a little kid, you know, filled with 36 volumes of commonalities. So, throughout all of ancient society, they knew all these things, they understood these things, because they were having experiences it was either passed word of mouth, much of this or in their written written documents, either either direct experiences or through out of body experiences or visitations, whatever, but these things are repeatedly told, you know, culture, by culture, by culture, by culture. So, again, you know, we have more questions than we have answers at this point. Anyone that, you know, that you have on your show that comes across, you know, with any definitive statements, definitive arguments, you know, at least these people are totally clueless, you know, your turn unplugged the show right then and there because they’re totally clueless. We don’t even know what questions to ask about these topics.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Generally, I haven’t covered this topic too much on this show. I have interviewed a bunch of OBE and MBE people, but usually people have a pretty humble approach to it, you know, the, the experience humbles you, you know, they, they tend to be very heart centered and very open minded and yes, you know, kind of sincere and innocent and exploratory in their attitude. So, I have a whole bunch of questions here from a fellow in Miami which I can ask you, but at the same time, I want to make sure that you know, after we hang up today, you’re not going to feel like Oh darn, you know, we should have talked about this and that we didn’t get a chance to. So are there some certain areas that are important to you, that you that would be important for people to hear that we haven’t touched upon yet?

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, let me just summarize a couple of concepts. First of all, we have various chapters from our book available for free. Okay, our book is 120 pages. So we have already like about 300 Pages for people to take a look at. They’re up on the website, you go to consciousness and And you could download those chapters. We also have many, many articles written by academics and scientists about this topic. And if you want a PDF version of it, you know, you could also send and put and be put on our mailing list to be put on our mailing mailing list, send the mailing list to info at experienced And also, I want your listeners to understand that what what we did in terms of that first book, not was not because we are a UFO organization, no, but we wanted to understand one of the spokes of the wheel Yeah, of the contact modalities, we have no, no data at all. So now that we understand that phenomenon a little bit bigger, then we can begin to integrate it with the other contact modalities, where we do have a lot of data. So that was the reason for doing that. And again, the focus here is to try to understand the unthinkable, try to understand the mind of God, the universal mind. Okay, to try to understand consciousness, you know, that’s the ultimate goal out of this, but we’re doing it through the contact experiencer of the contact modalities, to see the relationship that they have. So that really is what we’re doing, which is quite unique. No one has ever done that. But yet, all of these academics that I mentioned before, they’ve all discussed these concepts and topics among themselves, and I’m sure you’ve talked about it, you know, with you and other individuals, as well, you know, in terms of the interrelationships here. But, so we’re going to take our, our full body, not our toe, but the full body plugging in into this arena, which no one has ever done before.

Rick Archer: Okay. Would you like to hear some of these questions that this? Yes, please. Okay, his name is William and he’s in Miami, you guys can go out and have lunch together.

Rey Hernandez: Buy me a cafe con leche.

Rick Archer: a better. So since there’s quite a few questions here, try to give relatively brief answers to each one. But don’t know don’t cut them short. But let’s just go down the list is about 10 questions. And if we, you know, if you get tired of it, let me know, but

Rey Hernandez: do each one at a time,

Rick Archer: Yeah, let’s do ’em one at a time. Okay. So the first question is, which aliens are you dealing with? And I know you don’t want to just use the term aliens, but you can reinterpret that question slightly answer it.

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, we’re dealing with literally 1000s of different perceived types of non human intelligence. In our questionnaire, we had 12 specific types of entities. Okay. And then we had a box called other. Well, other was 36%. Because there were literally hundreds and hundreds of other, okay, but the number one type of entity at 55% was the energy be ways that explain that, okay, we didn’t give any clear definitions of it. But what this was an intelligence that their form was energy, but it didn’t have a human structural form of life. For example, when you have a near death experience, you, you the the entity that people are perceiving as God, okay. They’re describing it as an energy being. That’s like a humanoid type of format. But you don’t see the eyes. You don’t see legs. You don’t see arms. But but there’s like a, a structure

Rick Archer: Some kind of subtle form. Yeah, let me give you an experience. I had one time I was it was 1973. And I was giving a lecture on meditation at a college in Elmira, New York. And there had been a snowstorm. And so only two extra ethical. Yeah, right, right. There was a college there. And only two people came to the lecture because there was a snowstorm. So there was one person sitting on my right, and one person sitting on my left. And as I was talking, I was kind of talking to this person turning my head and talking to that person going back. And all of a sudden, I felt like there was a third person in the room, and it looked straight ahead of me, and there was like a ball of light that seemed very conscious and very aware. And it’s like, I kind of just gave it a nod of recognition, like Hello. And it’s sort of like there was this feeling Hello. And then I just went on continue to get my lecture. So I guess you might call that in an energy being.

Rey Hernandez: Yes, yes. The most of the energy beings that people are receiving are orbs of different types. But in this case, this is an orb that’s, you know, communicating with you. Okay. And so that was number one. Number two is the human looking being 52%. Okay, so these are anywhere from eight feet tall human looking beings to, you know, smaller, you know, and entities that look like humans, but this ball, but the vast majority, six to seven feet tall. Some of them are put into the Palladian box that like blond hair and blue eyes, very athletic with a skin tight blue suit, you know, very large numbers of those. And but the vast majority are in the category of people what they call masters, which are human looking beings that are dressed in white monk’s robes. Some of them come in brown robes. Some of them are tunic Roman tunics. And some of them are Asian looking, some of them are black looking, but the vast majority of perceived to be white. Some of them have beards, some of them have no beards. So that’s the number two category at 52% human looking being number three, were the small grays. These are the typical entities that you see on the internet with the big head, the big eyes, wrapped around eyes, very, very thin, with the hands and legs very, very thin. That was that 51%. And then coming in fourth place was the the spirits and ghosts types of beings. That was at 47%. So those are the four major types of beings and I can go down the list, but that sort of gives him an idea of the four major categories that people are, are interacting with.

Rick Archer: Okay, good. So his second question is, do you have equality with them? Well, not only you, but I guess contactees in general,

Rey Hernandez: we asked that question. And roughly 70% of the people that had current direct current physical contact, stated that they were not abductees that they were contactees. And out of those 35% No, 70% said that they were equal relationship equality. And 35% said that it was like no separation, there was no difference how they would they would treat it. So yes, I would say that maybe 70% of the people answered that way in terms of equality.

Rick Archer: They good. I think you just answered his third question, which is How were you treated? Or you talked down to or condescended to in conversations. But it sounds like they they are treating people respectfully?

Rey Hernandez: Well, again, there’s a small group that had frightful experiences in the beginning was 37%. Later on and went down to depending on the questions that was asked between five to 15%. Now, it wasn’t that they were talked down to or anything like that, what it was that for many people, their experiences started with a medical inspection. So they were paralyzed, they were on a table, they were having usually these three grades that would physically inspecting them, and, and if that’s the only experience you had, you’re gonna be traumatized for the rest of your life. But But gratefully, the vast majority of people had continued experiences. And then their experiences continued to other types of experiences, including experiences with the human looking beings and other types of beings, which are much more spiritually related experiences.

Rick Archer: Okay. His fourth question is, are you showing everything they do to you

Rey Hernandez: know, the vast majority of, of these memories are only small glimpses. Or at all? No, no, you just remember, like, a couple of minutes, a few minutes. And that’s it. And and then you go back, and you try to piecemeal these experiences together. That’s why these people that are on the internet, like Corey Goode, that has every week, he has eight straight hours of physical contact experiences with the mean, you medically know that person’s followship? Because he claims to have that I mean, yes, yes, yes. So, you know, no one in our survey, all the hundreds of people that I’ve spoken to one on one, talk about it like this way, it just, you have to understand that they don’t want these. They don’t want you remember memory to remember the full details of these experiences. You remember it in glimpses? That’s why a lot of these experiences come through hypnotic regressions. Which is very problematic to begin with hypnotic regressions because conjure up any old thing Yeah, Yeah, correct. There’s numerous problems with that. But But even then, even in hypnotic regressions, you remember glimpses, you know, small aspects of this. So that’s my response to that question.

Rick Archer: Okay. And then the next question is, whenever I use the word you hear, we can presume it means contact these in general, not just re Hernandez, but do you understand their agenda?

Rey Hernandez: Well, as I stated before, if I could only relate what I individuals are telling me, and what they have been told by this intelligence is that we as humanity needs to change, both in terms of our environment. And also in terms of ourselves, we need to cleanse ourselves of all these, you know, wickedness, the ego, you know, selfishness, materialism, we need to become more spiritual. So, you know, humanity’s the change, both in terms of your inner self, and your outer self, how we treat other individuals and how we treat our planet.

Rick Archer: Okay, and I think you’ve already answered his next question. So I’ll skip to the following one, which is, are you being used but don’t realize it?

Rey Hernandez: A kit? Let them keep on using me? Okay. Let them do this to the rest of humanity. Yeah. Because look how people are changing. Okay, yeah, they’re changing to the point where you want your best friend to be that way. You want your children to be that way you want your spouse to be that way. Okay. So what I always say, okay, is why don’t they do this to the rest of the world. If they did this to the rest of the world, we wouldn’t have exploitation, economic exploitation, we wouldn’t have destruction of our planet. Okay, we’ll become much more loving to each other, much more caring, you wouldn’t have homelessness, you wouldn’t have people without, you know, homes, to sleep in food, people running around hungry all over the world, you wouldn’t have that it will be a totally different society, if whatever this intelligence did to us, as individuals are doing it to the rest of humanity. So if we’re being manipulated, please keep a comment.

Rick Archer: Maybe they can, excuse me. Maybe they can only do it to are with people who are receptive to it, or who are a certain openness or something. And, you know, you can’t just sort of force it on someone

Rey Hernandez: who has it. That’s what they did. To me. That’s what they did to me. Yeah. But

Rick Archer: you might have seen closed down, but I bet you you’re right for this.

Rey Hernandez: Well, I was totally closed down to all of this. And it took two and a half years of cracking my skull open me, denying it, denying it, denying it, denying it, denying it, denying it, denying it, until this one last experience that just was the icing on the cake, as they say that little cherry on the top. Yeah. And it was at that point, I Okay, I give up, I give up. And it was after that last experience, that it all stopped.

Rick Archer: And just like they’ve done their job.

Rey Hernandez: He’s ready. He’s ready.

Rick Archer: We got him,

Rey Hernandez: you know?

Rick Archer: Okay, good. We’ve kind of answered this, too. But I bet you could elaborate on a little bit. Have they imprinted? You know what he means by that?

Rey Hernandez: No, no, no.

Rick Archer: Have they implanted some sort of knowledge or agenda or something in your consciousness, which you are now enacting? Which,

Rey Hernandez: of course,

Rick Archer: which you’re carrying out? It’s like they said, you downloaded something,

Rey Hernandez: of course.

Rick Archer: And now you’re working with it?

Rey Hernandez: Of course.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Rey Hernandez: All major contact experiencers would agree with that. It’s, it’s a two way street here. They download information, but they also up that they first upload information about you. So it’s like a two way street. And it continues. Okay, most of this stuff, you don’t realize it. Let me just give you an example of this. Okay. Just one illustration. We had finished our research study, so we had all this massive data. Okay. Then the next step is, what the hell do you do with all this data? Okay. We just finished this within a couple of days. Okay. All of a sudden, on a Saturday morning, I woke up. I had the whole book. Do you have the book in front of you, or?

Rick Archer: I never got the physical one. But I can show the cover on the screen.

Rey Hernandez: I need to mail it to you. I need to mail it to you.

Rick Archer: I’m showing the cover on the screen right now. Yeah,

Rey Hernandez: okay. Anyway, all of a sudden, I had the image of what the cover the book would look like. Okay, I had all the chapters, and all the authors for all the chapters. The only one that I didn’t have was who was going to be writing the conclusion for it. Okay. So immediately, I got to my computer, and I wrote up like three or four pages of all the details. Okay. So I sent it off to Mary Rodwell and Dr. Rudi shields, who are surviving co founders, Edgar had passed away by then. And I said, Look, I woke up this morning, and this is, you know, the download that I got, I woke up all this. So both of them were like, Oh my God, right? This is absolutely brilliant. This is great. You know, and so I had written I said, to have the green light to move forward to contact all these people, all these potential authors and co authors. And they said, Yes. So I began to call all these people. All of them said yes. Okay. In our book, all of them said yes. And then the on then the last person who’s going to be writing our conclusion. It finally came to me like a week later. Okay. I stumbled across a book I had read like three years earlier written by Brad Steiger. I don’t know if you know who he is.

Rick Archer: I think I might have read a book of his.

Rey Hernandez: Okay. years ago, Rod Steiger wrote our conclusion on his deathbed, literally, right before he died, I think he was going into hospice, because he told me, he’s going into a hospital, he might not be returning or he might, he doesn’t know, you know, but he kind of knew he was going to pass. Right? And he told me, you know, a little bit about it, he and his wife, Sherry, and he wound up writing that book within a couple of weeks of him dying. Okay. Now, Brian Steiger. For the folks that don’t know him. He’s sort of like the godfather of the paranormal. He wrote almost 250 books on all aspects of the paranormal, including consciousness, OBS, and the ease UFOs. Ghosts spirits, you know, demons possession, you know, you name it, but for the masses, okay. And so, when I sent them that, it says, Oh, my God, Ray, it’s like, this is like, my, sort of, like, my life’s dream to do what you’re doing, and to write a conclusion for this, okay? And, and he wound up writing, like, really a historic chapter conclusion, right on his deathbed, about how all of this is all interrelated. Because he knew this, like 30 or 40 years ago, he knew all okay, that’s why he was focusing on all of these topics. But, but we actually are putting it out, you know, as a thesis statement. And so that was his chapter, that the research needs to continue this book is very important, because for the first time, we got one spokes of the wheel, you know, involve, which was never involved in the in the content modalities. And that yes, they’re all interrelated. So. So that answers the question that yes, we’re being continuously guided. You cannot explain these things. If you talk to the normal person on the street, they’ll think you’re crazy, you know, but But yes, this is how it works. Maybe many matrix purchases, including N D, and O P experiences, will tell you the same thing.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I remember hearing that sometimes. That Mozart said that sometimes the whole symphony would just come to him in a flash. And that would just be a matter of writing it all down. But he just had the whole thing in basically an instant, you know,

Rey Hernandez: oh, yeah, no, no, there’s so many scientists about one Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, which is passed away. I forgot his name. He had an actual contact with a nonhuman intelligence. And a lot of his insights were like that, like, it’s all came many scientists was an eye. Edison, all of a sudden, would be like in a dream state, he would take naps in his office, and he would wake up knowing solutions to things that he’d been. Bina said Tesla, the same thing. Tesla and some of his statements wrote that he had gotten like these downloads from some other types of nonhuman intelligence. So this is all repeated throughout the literature of science, but what it is, is totally dismissed.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay. Well, it’s all really awesome musicians, musicians. Oh, yeah. Like I said, like Mozart and came up with the song. Yesterday in a dream. He had the whole song he woke up and he was he didn’t know what to call it. He started out with scrambled eggs instead of yesterday. end up writing some lyrics for a lot of times things happen that way.

Rey Hernandez: Yeah. Many musicians, very, very famous rock musicians have had encounters with non human intelligence. And there’s a man his name is Grant Cameron, I see. We just became good friends. Yeah, he wrote a book about that. Okay. So again, it’s the aspect of downloads from non human intelligence is very, very common. But people just don’t talk about it, because it’s just it’s woowoo craziness, you know?

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you guys are gonna do another book. And this one’s gonna have been much more focused on the consciousness angle, right? It’s gonna be a second time. But this book

Rey Hernandez: is sort of like an introduction to this new Academic Research Institute. And what it is, it’s going to have a both a physical hard volume, again, like 800 pages, and it’s going to be to kindle versions of over 500 pages each. Now the Kindle versions are mainly going to be experiencers talking about their experiences via the contact modalities. So that medical doctor that I told you about, she’s going to be talking about her and the E OBE coming and seeing ghosts and spirits after she came back from her MD he seeing Sasquatch seeing the huge UFO with her husband. And and that’s just one of, you know, almost 40 different experiences that are writing their stories of how all this is interrelated. So people when they read that they say, Look, this is not just about UFOs it’s About everything, the whole big picture. And then the academic articles are going to be sort of laying the introduction to these concepts great. And so the title of that book is titled A greater reality, the new paradigm of consciousness, the paranormal, and the contact modalities. And that should be should be out available in late spring. So again, get on our mailing list, send me an email to info at experience, we’ll put you on the mailing list. So as soon as that book is released, we’ll send you a couple of free chapters from that book. And, and, and if you’re interested, you know, by the book, we’ll make it, you know, it’s gonna be three volumes, it’s gonna be sold as one bundle. And the idea is not to make money out of it, but try to sell it, you know, a few bucks above the course price.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Well, maybe when that new book comes out, we can have another conversation and talking about a lot of stuff that we didn’t get a chance to talk about today.

Rey Hernandez: And that’s not even the data from the research study that we’re going to be doing. That’s going to be five years down the road at least five years, when we’re going to be publishing a whole series of books, and academic research articles on what this new data reveals about the experience was of the contact modalities. So that this book is just to give you a taste. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Yeah. 500 page 800 Page taste?

Rey Hernandez: Yeah, it’s, you’re gonna be busy for a couple of months. Yeah, if you purchase those materials?

Rick Archer: Well, thanks. I think what you’re doing is really important. And, you know, and I just have really enjoyed delving into it over the past week, as I’ve been preparing for this and having this conversation with you. And it’s certainly interesting times we live in and, you know, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop over the coming years. And I hope you pace yourself a little bit, get some exercise, get some sleep. Don’t burn yourself out too bad with all this work. And stick around enjoy the fireworks.

Rey Hernandez: No, thank you, thank you for the invitation. My goodness was like two and a half hours totally passed by without even thinking about it. And we could continue for another two and a half hours. I mean, because these are, these are fundamental questions of, of our reality of our life of our mission is your mission is my mission. We’re both discussing the same topics. We’re discussing it at different planes, different realms, but it’s the same, you know, fundamental question, who we are? And how do we interact with the true nature of our reality?

Rick Archer: Perfect, good ending. So thank you. And I’ll be putting up a page on with the links that you’ve mentioned with your bio, and anything else you want me to put there, and anything new that comes out that you want me to put there, just let me know. And so just to those listening, or watching, you know, also, in addition to checking out that page, and the links to raise stuff, there’s a few things on BatGap that you might want to know about. One is the audio podcast, there’s a link for that, in case you don’t have time to sit and watch videos so much. The other is to be notified by email when a new interview comes out. So there’s a mailing mailing list signup thing. And I would also encourage people watching on YouTube to subscribe to the channel because then YouTube notifies you and there are too many more different things on BatGap them. It’s not a huge map. It’s a big site, but they’re the menus themselves are pretty simple. So just like pop the different menus down and you’ll see what we have to offer. So thanks for listening or watching. And thank you again, Ray. We’ll be in touch again. And we’ll see all you listeners and viewers next week.