578. Ingrid Honkala

Ingrid Honkala, Ph.D., was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she grew up with her parents and three sisters. From the moment she drowned in a tank of cold water at the age of nearly three, Ingrid was aware of other dimensions of life than those most of us normally experience. She was also gifted with the wise input of “Beings of Light” who gave her invaluable insights and assistance as she faced the challenges of growing up, falling in love, and finding her professional destiny as a research scientist and oceanographer. Despite many hardships, she accomplished her dreams, becoming not just a successful marine scientist, world traveler, and mom, but also a mentor and a giver of light.

Through her compelling life adventure that journeys from her native Colombia to Europe and her eventual home in the United States — and from a deadly war zone to underwater explorations and a NASA research center — Ingrid reveals how any human experience can be illumined from within. If we are willing to pay attention to subtle signals, take our intuition seriously, and forgive our most challenging difficulties, anyone can experience a brightly guided life. Throughout her life, Ingrid has been guided to meet and help many people on their journey to become aware of a deeper reality and reconnect with their inner wisdom.

In her autobiography, A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom, Ingrid reveals how after having her Near Death Experience, the first glimpses of heaven were revealed to her and the doors that allow her to communicate with Beings of Light were opened. Since then a myriad of experiences that many could call mystical and perhaps impossible have crossed her path. However, the Beings of Light have made it clear to her that she is not here to convince anyone about anything but to be a giver of Light. To accomplish this purpose, she has been guided through an amazing journey of unimaginable challenges, awakenings, and miracles where along the way she became the vehicle to help others to rise up from some of the deepest states of hopelessness and bring them back to life. For all this she is eternally grateful and committed to continue awakening, growing, and serving the Light.

Website: ingridhonkala.com

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Interview recorded November 29, 2020.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump with Rick Archer
  • 00:04:42 – The Incident with the Water Tank
  • 00:09:16 – Remembering the Eternity of Who I Was
  • 00:13:39 – Floating with Flowers
  • 00:17:14 – Playing the Game of Going Places
  • 00:20:33 – Connected to the Being of Light
  • 00:23:44 – A Blast and a Vacuum
  • 00:27:08 – The Bell and the Awakening
  • 00:30:40 – Not Feeling Belonging, Anger, and Increased Abilities
  • 00:34:14 – The Beginnings of Seeing Beings of Light
  • 00:38:18 – Becoming a Being of Light
  • 00:41:50 – The Importance of Names in Communication
  • 00:45:51 – Profound Spiritual Awakening
  • 00:49:12 – A Vision of My Future Job
  • 00:52:25 – Interaction with Beings of Light and their Influence
  • 00:55:49 – The Observer: Life Through Personal Experience
  • 00:59:12 – The Challenges and Awakening
  • 01:02:24 – Removing the Blocks and Shining the Light
  • 01:06:12 – The Loss of Light and the Illusion of the World
  • 01:10:17 – The Illusion of Truth and Appreciation
  • 01:15:22 – The Symphony of Nature’s Welcome
  • 01:21:30 – Quieting the Mind and Connecting with Beings of Light
  • 01:27:20 – The Importance of Acknowledging Near-Death Experiences
  • 01:33:18 – The Power of Connection
  • 01:39:36 – The Power of Connection and Unconditional Love
  • 01:45:30 – A Life-Changing Robbery Experience
  • 01:51:24 – A Probing Thought Turns into a State of Prayer
  • 01:58:09 – Awakening and Integration
  • 02:03:37 – Embracing Challenges as Opportunities for Growth
  • 02:10:24 – Connecting with Inner Wisdom
  • 02:16:44 – Creating a Community and Speaking Engagements