474. Bonnie Greenwell, 2nd Interview

Bonnie GreenwellBonnie Greenwell Ph.D. is a transpersonal psychotherapist and non-dual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. After her kundalini awakening in graduate school, she wrote a dissertation and book on the kundalini process. In 2003 she met Adyashanti and experienced a deep shift in consciousness that led to editing his book “Emptiness Dancing” and an invitation to teach. She has worked as a mentor/guide for people in kundalini or awakening processes for over 30 years. Her 4th book is “When Spirit Leaps: Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening”. She was a founder and director of the Kundalini Research Network and has trained people internationally to work with spiritual emergence and understand kundalini phenomena. She believes the awakening of consciousness to Truth is a natural realization available to all who sincerely long for Self-Realization, and that kundalini is fundamentally a clearing and transformative energetic support for this process. She offers webinars and consultations on the web and can be contacted through her websites and her Awakened Living Blog.


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Interview recorded October 20, 2018

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Bonnie’s side of the audio in this video is choppy in places. The audio-only version is clear on both sides of the conversation.