064. Chris Hebard

Chris Hebard is the founder and creator of StillnessSpeaks.com, a premiere resource on the internet aggregating the text, audio and film of authentic contemporary and traditional teachers of Non Duality and Self Inquiry from within all spiritual disciplines. The website reflects his enthusiasm and love of its material.

The approach of StillnessSpeaks is integral; it does not promote any particular path or methodology. Chris attempts to honor the many paths available to all Truth Lovers; in doing so, he hopes to demonstrate that there is only one destination.

Chris writes, speaks and films on Self Inquiry, advaita, and non-duality extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He can be reached at oncechris@stillnessspeaks.com.

As you will hear in this interview, Chris’s own journey involved becoming a hard-driving, successful businessman, who dismissed spirituality as impractical nonsense, only to suffer a series of devastating losses which brought him literally to his knees, dismantled his ego, and ignited a burning desire for Self-Realization.

Interview recorded 4/3/2011.

Audio and video below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

4 thoughts on “064. Chris Hebard

  1. Ahhh…Saturn Return…hope you learned your lessons.

    Yes very good interview.Its always nice to hear reports from sincere seekers.How about one with Richard Miller next?Should be lively.

  2. my favorite so far! Rick on top form and Chris, what a beautiful and loving presence you have! This was a gripping talk in which Chris allows us to share some of his dark and challenging times, and to which many of can relate too. I myself am currently lost in my battle to shed away as much conditioning as possible!

    I have tried many things in my life, none have taken me beyond the swirling mists of the many layers of me! At 51 time is running out, and although I grasp the facts that I am not the flesh, or the thoughs, or emotions; I am free awareness. I have not had an awakening moment! I suffer with depression and mood swings, although I am not alone! I am at the point were I would gladly die and be rid of this torment! Sorry if this sounds over the top but this is where I currently am.


    the rev zen

  3. thanks Chris! I have sent you an email! A couple of weeks back, don’t know if it arrived though!


    the rev zen

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