040. Bill Farber

Bill Farber has been practicing his Life Energy Alignment Processes for over 20 years. His work is internationally known due to his advanced distant healing and intuitive abilities.

Bill has helped people in all walks of life and of all levels of experience, His work facilitates healing, balance, and advancement of consciousness.He has had the privilege of providing energy alignment to people facing challenging diseases such as cancer, MS, chronic fatigue, and depression. He also has a particular expertise in working with business and human potential leaders in maximizing their effectiveness and raising their level of awareness during challenging times or circumstances.

He is a resident of the metropolitan Chicago area.

Bill is also a successful attorney and business executive in downtown Chicago.He has been married since 1970 to Rona and has two adult children, Brandon and Tiffany.

NOTE: Bill is NOT a physician and his work supports any type of medical or psychological treatments.He does not give medical advice or diagnoses nor is his work intended to replace these.

Bill’s site

Interview recorded 10/6/2010

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Video also available on Facebook in 20-minute segments.

2 thoughts on “040. Bill Farber

  1. Regarding your introductory comment re. Bill, Rick…

    deviations from the usual/norm can be a good thing.

    Glad you see it that way.

    And I’m looking forward to listening to this interview in the next day or two.

  2. What a thoroughly delight-full interview, Rick. You’ve outdone yourself.

    I was attuned to Level 1 Reiki a few years ago and enjoyed his sharings immensely. Thanks for that treat.

    As for the icing on the cake towards the end of the interview (the period of silence)…

    well, my second sentence above applies here as well.

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