166. Rick Archer, Interviewed by Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko.com

022-Rick-ArcherAlex TsakirisRick is host of this show.

Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptiko, is a successful entrepreneur turned science podcaster. In 2007 he founded Skeptiko, which has become the #1 podcast covering the science of human consciousness. Alex has appeared on syndicated radio talk shows both in the US and the UK and is well-known within the parapsychology and near-death experience and parapsychology research communities.

The Skeptiko Agenda
Follow the data… wherever is leads. Explore the possibility that the dominant scientific paradigm (i.e., materialism) might be at a tipping point. Engage the top thinkers in pointed discussions about the questions that matter most.

Interview conducted 3/16/2013

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