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Myree Morsi Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. But at the gas pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people have done hundreds of them now. And if this is new to you, you’d like to check out previous ones. Please go to the past interviews menu on And you’ll see them all organized there in various ways. This program is made possible by the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and feel like supporting it, there’s a PayPal button on every page of the site. And there’s also a page donation page that suggests other ways of doing it if you don’t like PayPal. My guest today is Myrie Morsi. I’m just going to read her bio here and then I’ve highlighted certain things in red than her bio that I want to loop back and discuss with her. So first, I’ll just read it. Maria is a spiritual and energetic healer, counselor and coach who specializes in supporting people with Kundalini awakening, and the embodiment of consciousness. Marie was psychic and naturally shamanic since early childhood. She began intensive spiritual practice in meditation and yoga as a teenager, which eventually heightened these abilities. She can see the process of Kundalini shakti in someone’s system and has dedicated her gifts to healing others. In 2004, Marie began having deep insights into the nature of true self amidst a wild Kundalini journey. Kundalini completed in 2009, leaving her with a profound shift in what she identified as her reference point, and access to constantly increasing levels of awareness. Since then, she has explored what it means to continually integrate vast consciousness into a physical and energetic system that had suffered extensive trauma and previous acute PTSD. The journey of awakening continues to deepen and expand endlessly. The most priceless gift has been causeless joy. My special interest is in the intersection of trauma, Kundalini awakening and embodiment or maybe Kundalini awakening, and embodiment that way, drama presents specific challenges to the capacity of the physical and energetic systems to absorb consciousness and expand in both functional and stable ways. Mary is passionate about supporting people who walk such paths, and brings a sense of humor, safety and compassion to the places we get stuck, because she has been in those places to and unfolded them into freedom. So that’s it for starters. So let’s look back my ray. And you the first thing I highlighted here was my ray was psychic and naturally shamanic since early childhood. So how early and what do you mean by that?

Myree Morsi: Right? Well, in some ways, I think right from the get go, I have even memories of my birth, which is a very unusual thing. I think, very early on, I was always very empathic. But from about the age of three or four, I lived on my grandparents farm, and I had a pretty wild and free childhood in that way, I was really just allowed to roam. And that allowed me to have preme, sometimes an entire day just being out on the farm or out in nature. And I found myself just communicating with nature. I have to walk a kilometers to my little tiny primary school. And I would stop and have conversations with rocks and the rocks would communicate bacteria much in the way that the indigenous people around the world talk about the way nature communicates back. And thankfully, I never spoke to anyone about it. So now instead, I’ll marry you just making that offer. It’s a fantasy. It was very real to me. In fact, my first memory of someone saying I love you actually came from the trees in our garden. I think I was feeling particularly sad on that day, and also just a sense of this collective message to me.

Rick Archer: Nice. So in terms of psychic, did you pick up on other people’s thoughts and feelings or anything like that?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, I think yes, I used to be able to be very sensitive and empathic, and I also used to start to see things for example, I remember once I was a real tomboy, I climbed up the top of a tree near the front of our yard on the farm and I was just up there watching and I remember someone walking up the past to the to the house, and I could see very clearly on on this person that they had a big what would what a healer today will call an entity on their back and I could see the person was In a very strong negative mood, and that this energy was the energy that they were carrying on their back was actually contributing to and creating most of that mood and enjoying it. And at the time, I remember thinking, why aren’t they aware that that is there. And I’m assuming that these are like, this is pretty much past life information and gifts that were just sort of showing up in that way through my life. When I went to school, that sense of having to really focus and be more mainstream and consensus reality started to contain those gifts throughout my childhood until I until I left, but they were always there. And when I look back, I can kind of reflect on them more. It was pretty challenging to being that sensitive and psychic in a very remote rural, kind of tough farming community. Yeah,

Rick Archer: that happens a lot of times with kids where they, you know, kids who are very sensitive, that sort of shuts down at a certain point. And then, I mean, the people I talk to are usually people that I’m interviewing, and, you know, it’s opened up again for them, but they usually went through a shutdown period, you know, which kind of started in early, adolescence, and then maybe lasted through their teenage years.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, I found as soon as I got out of high school, and I was free, and I didn’t have that pressure. It all just ramped up very, very quickly. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Okay, so when did you first, like consciously, explicitly sort of consider that there was such a thing as spirituality and that you might be interested in it?

Myree Morsi: I think I was always interested in even as a child,

Rick Archer: you knew you knew what it was or I mean, yeah,

Myree Morsi: I knew what it was. I could feel it. I could sense it in nature. I was very aware of that. That sense of oneness. I think one of the most profound things that happened to me was actually, when I was seven, I had a visitation from border. And that sounds kind of strange opening. Yeah, from a border. I was. My life was very difficult, or

Rick Archer: is how they pronounce it in Australia, I guess.

Myree Morsi: I’m sorry, you’ll have to put up with my Australian lingo call. I’ve been trying to learn American, but I’ve got a ways to go.

Rick Archer: Anyway, I’m sorry. Go ahead. Yeah. So you had this visitation?

Myree Morsi: Yes, I was. It was a it was a summer’s day. And I was walking across this big hill on the farm that had this amazing view. So I was in a very spacious kind of way, just taking in the view. And I looked up into the sky. And suddenly, I noticed that there was a Tibetan style Buddha in the sky with two attendants, with a with black rainbow lights behind him. And I went immediately out of my body and up into the sky and had a conversation with booter. And even at seven, I knew that this was border, and he actually got his attendants who are astrologers, and we got out scrolls, and they were looking through astrology for me, because they were looking for a way to make my life easier, actually. And I was, it was a choice point in my life where I could have made different choices. And I chose to continue the path that I had chosen, which was, which was the dedication to compassion. And because the message that I’m receiving isn’t very hard, what you’ve chosen, and we can find something easier, like something that’s, that’s more of an app for you. And I, you know, in my sort of staying true to that I chose and I, but often as an adult reflected back on that I was like, I think what it was right. Maybe I could have taken a different option. And then when I was in my late 20s.

Rick Archer: To that, let me just ask you. So you were seven, you had this experience, you went up to this guy and had this conversation, how long did it last and what happened to your physical body while that was going on with somebody found you comatose by the side of the road,

Myree Morsi: the physical body just kind of paused. Because when you’re in outside of the body in that way, it’s very timeless. So while that seemed to take quite a long time, in that dimensional experience, my physical body was really standing there. Just being present with the experience.

Rick Archer: Oh, by the just spend a few seconds from the perspective of Earth time.

Myree Morsi: Yes. Yes. Okay.

Rick Archer: And you see, your budget is only about in your 20s. But in the process of continually that also tell us why has it been so hard? What’s been so hard?

Myree Morsi: It seems that I chose a life that gave me an opportunity to experience many, many kinds of suffering and trauma that that started pretty much from the get go. There was a lot of tragedy in my family, and we were in survival mode pretty early on. As a result of those tragedies, and that exposed me to a lot of experiences that you may maybe wouldn’t normally have in more of a stable environment, my father had a, a workplace injury, whereas were a, we call it, he had, he was a teacher. And there was those big speakers in the 70s above the Blackboard, and one literally fell on his head when he was writing on the blackboard. And he had a comment and what would be today called a acquired brain injury. And then that quickly descended into mental health issues that are quite serious and being unable to work and, and by the age of four, I was separated from every member of my family living on a farm, I’d experienced and witnessed a lot of very difficult things, including early childhood sexual trauma, and that sets you up for a lot of challenges. And it sets you up for early childhood complex trauma. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Do you think that? Well, I suppose there, there are so many exceptions to this suggestion. But, you know, a lot of times people who I’ve interviewed and met, have experienced pretty serious trauma. And often they correlate that with the fact that they’ve had this awakening, as if it cracked them open or burned off their karma or something in preparation for the awakening that they eventually had. But then obviously, there are millions of people in the world who are seriously traumatized, that don’t have any sort of awakening. So do you have any comments on that?

Myree Morsi: Yes, I, I think in a way, when you have that much pain, it takes you very, very deep, and it does open you up, and it opens up your heart and opens your sensitivity and your compassion. And if you work with that trauma gives a really deep understanding of what it’s like to be human. And my awareness is that much pain makes you a seeker and makes you a Seeker for some kind of solution. Because you you want to find freedom and relief from that pain. And I find in my life, that a lot of people that have had that much pain end up on a spiritual path, because they’re looking for a way out.

Rick Archer: That’s true. Sometimes, you know, people will say that, gurus will say that, you know, the angels don’t seek enlightenment, because they are enjoying too much the way they are, you know, where they live, it’s nice. But you know, the Earth is can in fact, it’s even sometimes said in the Vedic literature that Kali Yuga is conducive to enlightenment because life is so unsatisfactory in many ways that you seek something better. And you realize that the outer world isn’t going to do it for you.

Myree Morsi: I’d agree with that. Yes.

Rick Archer: So I understand from reading various things that I that you wrote in your bio and stuff that you learned Transcendental Meditation at a fairly early age was that one of the first things he learned in a formal way?

Myree Morsi: It was, I came home from Europe. And when I was in Europe, I won the scholarship at the end of my high school to spend nine months in Europe and in Egypt, which is where my family’s from. And when I was in Europe, I had an acceleration of psychic experiences and what would be probably be cold past life recall. But I was 18. It was the late 80s. There was no Internet, there wasn’t really any books. I really didn’t know what was going on. For me. I think if I was born later, and I could have just googled on the internet, some things that were happening to me, it would have been much easier. Instead, I had to find my way. And so when I came home from Egypt, I saw an advertisement for TM. And I was like, Okay, I’m going to try that out. My mom was terrified, I was going to join a cult, but my first one. And I found it really profound from the get go. And also terrifying because straightaway, I started to have very powerful visions that no one really could give me any reference reference for and someone had just simply said to my, it’s okay, a lotus and mud and all of these deep experiences in swirling is a very normal thing to happen when we start doing it a Vedic practice I would have been fine, but I kind of got scared straight pretty early on. So having

Rick Archer: visions of a lotus and Medusa.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, straightaway I would have like a vision just very classic. But I do have a metaphor actually very referent. Yeah, I would meditate and then during my day, I’d have a vision of a lotus. And the mud means that my meditation was staring the mud but I didn’t have an interpretation for that day as a country girl from the sticks.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I mean, this brings up an interesting point, which is true of TM teachers, many of them but also of all kinds of spiritual teachers is very often students will have experiences which they Haven’t had and sometimes don’t know quite what to make of, you know. So it’s a little bit hard to advise people, if you haven’t had those experiences yourself. I mean, Marcy’s catchphrase was always something good is happening. Don’t worry about it. Just continue. Take it easy, you know, safety first. don’t meditate too much and overdo it and all but you know, did you feel kind of feel that that even though you didn’t understand some of this stuff, that it was something good was happening? Yeah, I

Myree Morsi: felt something was good was happening. And I felt like I was probably staring up more than I have the capacity for at the same time. I was unaware of a lot of some of the early childhood trauma at that point in time. But as soon as I started meditating, it was already starting to unwind into some of those places in me that I didn’t actually have awareness of at that time. Yeah, I would have loved to have a rishi said me. It’ll be right. She’ll be right. Yeah, that would have been awesome.

Rick Archer: But we used to go on these long courses for months on end and doing one meditations pretty much all day long. And people and stuff would really get stirred up. I mean, there were some, some casualties speak on these. But he would just say that over and over and over again, you know, just take it easy, take it as it come something good is happening. But, you know, there have been so many cases where people have had gotten into serious trouble with too much spiritual practice or too intense of practice, and without enough integration and balance and stuff like that. So it’s, it’s not something to take lightly?

Myree Morsi: No, not at all. In fact, it can be very damaging to not have enough balance in your practice.

Rick Archer: All right, so how long did you stick with that before discovering the next thing?

Myree Morsi: How only a couple of years, but I didn’t stick with it very well, because I was kind of scared at the same time. And I started doing Yoga very soon afterwards. And you’re you. Yeah, hatha yoga. That’s been an iyengar yoga. And that’s been pretty much of mainstays ever since. And I still do it every day. And then in my early 20s, I started exploring Buddhism and Hinduism. I was really, I felt very cold, but I couldn’t, I was looking for a form that I couldn’t find like something that felt right to me. And when I was 25, I went in DH, new 11 day, new Bracci ceremony, there was a a Brahmin priest out from India in Melbourne. And I actually didn’t even really know when I was going to. And I went every day, I loved it. I drank the chai, and I sat there. And obviously, it’s doing very powerful prayers and offerings all day. And so I think that was a massive purification to me. And for that, for about six months that included that experience, I had been hearing someone on the subtle playing Call my name just are over and over again, my re, my re, and I didn’t really know what to make of it. And then one day, about six months after we started, I was walking down the street in Fitzroy Melbourne, and I saw a poster of armor and I stopped, and I looked at that poster, and I was like, Oh, it’s you. You’re the one that’s calling me. And the calling stopped. I had found my essential teacher.

Rick Archer: You mentioned in your notes. Yeah, there’s some interesting experiences and stories of like, Pat, connecting with people sometimes even appearing visually and so on. And in fact, Rama that does that even still, having dropped the body shows up in people’s bedrooms and stuff. And anyway, that’s a whole nother story. But um, you mentioned in your notes that you lived in an ashram for a year was that omise?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, that was, um, as it was in Melbourne. It was before they have quite a big ashram now. But they had they rented this big house in the center of the Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, which is very interesting in its in of itself. And there was five of us living there. And it was a really great experience, man, it’s like you’d have overall very positive experience. And the thing that it gave me my sister gave him spiritual discipline, and I came to understand it gave me like a structure it like built something into me that I didn’t really have in this lifetime. That has been very vital for me in in what was to come and in the rest of my life. Yeah, yeah.

Rick Archer: So when did the Kundalini awakening kick in?

Myree Morsi: In some ways, I feel like it was always there, just very light in the background, but not something that I would ever notice. I would say that when I was living in the ashram, there was a very big quickening and doing that much meditation and spiritual practice and just living 24/7 in that environment. I also broke my foot. So about three weeks after I moved in, so actually couldn’t leave. So it’s like in that environment, it’s really grounded in and the thing that says I just happened when I was in there was it my, the CDs and my psychic gifts started to, to ratify and wake up and

Rick Archer: Okay, so you use the word cities, I want to make sure people heard that and understood it. So cities are considered to be powers or abilities Patanjali talks about them in the Yoga Sutras Anyway, go on.

Myree Morsi: Yes. So use your subtle gifts and such as such as being I would say that I started to be able to see into other dimensions and other rounds. And I seems like he had that. Yeah, but he got kind of wild up to that. So for example, there was the house we were renting was an all Jewish house. And I was asleep in my bed one night and I heard a group of beings that I came to understand to be guides and angels yell my name and yell me to wake up. And when I woke up, there was a man standing beside my bed with an electric blue halo light around him, slightly transparent, but pretty solid with this out over my body. And he was obviously a ghost. But in a way that was so clear, it was like looking at another human being. And that sort of happened to me all over the place that it was seeing energies and ghosts and entities, and it just accelerated and I didn’t have a teacher. So again, it would have been great to have had a teacher to help me to have a handle on how to handle that and manage that and contain it. Because seeing that kind of information. 24 hours a day, is somewhat stressful, because you’ve got to you’re living two lives at once. It took me a couple of years to to really contain it. But by the time I left living with in that community, I knew that these were healing gifts and that it was my dharma and calling too often and to others. So then I thought direction about how to make that offering to other people.

Rick Archer: I remember reading something you wrote where an angel appeared to you is that later on, or

Myree Morsi: that was about that was about a year later. And I was camping up in Broome in the Mon season monsoon season. So I was very hot. And I was probably in quite a relaxed state of mind. And Archangel Gabriel came before me in full raiment just like streaming out in a very kind of classic image

Rick Archer: of judo. It was him. He told me,

Myree Morsi: and he said, and he said, I’m Archangel Gabriel, I’m here to guide you, you’re going to, you’ve got a lot of work to do, you’re going to touch a lot of people’s lives, but you have a lot of work to do on yourself. And you have to do it and I’m going to guide you and he was like, a kick ass hardcore taskmaster for a couple of years just teaching me how to work on myself, work through past life issues, work through karma start to work with my trauma and my family and ancestral issues. And that went on for a couple of years. It was like a very disciplined, working with a divine guide in that way.

Rick Archer: Did it come to you visually for a couple of years, or just some in a more subtle way?

Myree Morsi: Visually, primarily clairaudient. Lee? Yeah.

Rick Archer: But she continued to notice him and you continued Yes. To the stuff he advised. Yes, yes. So just flesh that out a little bit in terms of what he advised what you did, and what how it was hard and intense.

Myree Morsi: So I had a lot of anxiety. But that was nothing compared to what was to come. So I worked on that. But some of the things that were really important to me as I had some pretty significant past life trauma that I brought into this lifetime. What can I need? I mean, specifically, yes, yes, being in wars, being quite a lot of times being a prison, sometimes speaking up and dying for that kind of an outspoken person in a number of lifetimes. And, you know, longings for children that had died that I did, that I had done everything to protect, but you know, that mother’s kind of kind of grief and anguish, that’s quite a classic. That was very, very painful for a long time. So working through those issues. And also, if you’re going to be a healer, one of the things was made very clear to me is that you need to go back and clean up any lifetime where you have any agreements, attachments, contracts that are not completely pure. And so I did a lot of that as well going through and cleaning them any any agreements past life choices, any,

Rick Archer: how would you? What would you do to clean it up?

Myree Morsi: I would, I would tune into the time and the period I would look at what I was involved in, and I would work with my angelic team to I forgive myself for what I’d done. I’d ask for forgiveness. I crave freedom and healing for anyone that my activities had affected in any way. And I would also heal myself if something had happened to me. And I would close down doors and portals, I think when you’re working even in a religious sense, because a lot of religions aren’t necessarily super clean. You open doorways and portals to other realms where energy comes in. That’s not necessarily savory. And I didn’t want any of that involved in the work that I did with people. So close those doors and portals, dimensional realms and agreements with anything that was involved in that and with any religious organizations as well. I was I was had quite a few lifetimes in ancient Egypt that I had to go back and be curious about. Yeah.

Rick Archer: So the average person, not the average person, even the person, even the average person listening to this, who probably doesn’t have those kinds of experiences, and doesn’t necessarily remember past lives and all that is, should they be concerned about cleaning this stuff up? And can they do so even if they don’t remember it or matter of waiting till you do remember, then you can clean it up.

Myree Morsi: I don’t think he needs to remember it. I think you can do it in many, many ways. I’m really into little hacks that make this journey easier. A little spiritual hats. I think you can use if you have a spiritual practice or meditation, you can have an intention, then that your practice, send healing back in time to any places where you need to clean up any connections and realm round connections that aren’t suitable to you. Can I ask that you that you become here I think a lot of spiritual practice will clean it up in in large, absolutely automatically, I think so for me is is a healer. being of service to others, I felt that it was important that I cleaned it up anyway. And I didn’t want to be affected by it in this lifetime. So I think if if you’re just living a normal lifetime, and you’re not running really big energies in order to be a service to others, it probably isn’t so much of a priority. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And perhaps if you are, you know, spiritual practitioners many people watching this are this there can be a lot of cleanup taking place without you’re really appreciating or understanding specifically what’s being cleaned up. Like when you throw out the garbage, you don’t need to pick through it and analyze every little thing that gets thrown out. It’s just good to get rid of it.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. And you can just pray and and get and a lot of it is dying. And that’s why people that are practitioners are in a spiritual practice can feel kind of fatigued because so much of that garbage is being cleaned up.

Rick Archer: Okay, so um, feel free to interject anything that I’m not thinking to ask because I don’t want to skip important chunks of your story. But just just go ahead, anything comes to mind, just throw it in there. But in terms of your Kundalini thing, you you reference it having been pretty intense for a number of years, so that it sort of kick off with a bang at a certain point. What if so, what precipitated it?

Myree Morsi: Yeah. Do you want to hear the wild story?

Rick Archer: Sure. Everybody loves a wild story.

Myree Morsi: All right. I’ll give you the wild story. So it was 2004. My PTSD was triggered in a had been triggered for about a year. So I had a cute pity state, but I didn’t really so much knowing that I had it at that point in time. And

Rick Archer: so just to clarify for people listening, so she said, PTSD, which everyone should understand is post traumatic stress syndrome. Yes. You probably had that from childhood traumas that you

Myree Morsi: alluded, yeah, I had it from childhood traumas, and a shock just kind of started to wake it up. And it started to, it started to be present in the background of my life. And I was having a picnic with a friend of mine in the front yard, and she had a spiritual teacher that was quite strong. And I think the energy has fidgety Joe was somewhat influencing me at the time. And I was very strongly dedicated to Omar. And I remember sitting in the front yard and had these amazing big archery and I looked at the oak tree, and the oak trees, the surface of the oak tree peeled back, like wallpaper. And behind the tree was just empty space, like blue sky. And everything started to peel down. And so it’s having this very direct experience of the emptiness of old things. And I was sitting the same time and I was going, Okay, I’m psychic, but this actually a little bit much for me, I’m not sure I can live in reality, I need to also be grounded in 3d reality. And it just kept accelerating. And that night, I really prayed very hard. I said, Okay, I don’t know what’s happening. This is really intense. I need help. And I went to sleep and I had a dream that night that I should have a massage with a friend of mine. And so I rang her up the next morning and I said, Okay, how to drink and I should come and have a message with you and she said, I’ll fit you at the end of my day and she’s very loving person. And she’s got this big kind of Earth moment energy. And so I went to have this massage with her. And when I was getting this message, I went out of my body out into another dimension. I was like I was traveling through space and time. And I woke up and I was in somewhat what would look like an Egyptian sarcophagus only it was made out of emeralds. And there was these looked up from the sarcophagus. And there was these beautiful beings in long robes, I guess maybe we’re beings from other dimensional star beings. And there was another part of myself standing beside the sarcophagus. And I looked up at that. And I was experiencing myself mostly as the awareness having this experience and some part of me, stepped out of the sarcophagus. And this other part of me, stepped into the sarcophagus and kind of merged with me. And then I, I just kind of traveled again through space and time back into my body on the message table. And it took me a long, long time to be able to open my eyes on the move, I was really just lying that with somehow bringing back a different element of my own consciousness, some people will probably call it a walk in, like, I walked in, or it was walked in, I can’t say I necessarily did that. Another element of my unconsciousness that had never actually been on this planet before. And when I opened my eyes, the I had, it’s a little bit like when people describe awakening, when they have very big awakening, like, the consciousness that come in, I had never been in this body before. And it took a long time to be able to move or speak. And my friend was able to realize, thank God, it was my friend that something really big had happened. And she let me lie there for a long time. And then she said, I’m going to go get food. And so she came back with Thai food, thinking it was going to ground me. And it was quite hilarious, because every time I put the food in my mouth is consciousness. I’ve never experienced food before. So we were it was, I couldn’t stop laughing. So for so for a period of time after the experience. I was in like, what you would call a, an extreme, Lee bossed awakened state of pure awareness, oneness, like freedom, all those things that would describe that state. And when I she told me about my car, but because so much of my consciousness is left and the new one had an organized, I sat in the car, and I actually couldn’t remember how to drive my car. So she had to drive me home. And I spent a couple of days just letting this settle. And then over time, it just settled down. And I went back to more of my everyday consciousness with this going on inside me. But from that moment on, Kundalini was active. And probably from for about a year, she was active in a way that wasn’t too destructive to my life, that it was just like, you could feel the harm of hair in the background, in the end the pulse of it. And I definitely knew she was changing my body and my life.

Rick Archer: And what do you mean Kundalini?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, that’s right. And trying to remember what happened.

Rick Archer: I want to ask you a couple questions.

Myree Morsi: Yeah. Go for it.

Rick Archer: Jog your memory?

Myree Morsi: It’s a pretty wild story. I’ve never really shared that with many people, because

Rick Archer: I want to probe into a little bit. But yes, first of all, it’s maybe interesting dimension. Maybe you know about this, you could even comment that supposedly the ancient Egyptians had technologies where they would put you in a thing, and it would sort of radiate you with sort of subtle energy and enliven you, Elizabeth H wrote that a word about that in the book initiation. And my friend Robert Cox wrote about it in a book called The pillar of celestial fire, the lost science of ancient seers. But anyway, suppose they had such technologies. You have any comments on that?

Myree Morsi: Yes, I actually think that that’s pretty much what happened to me. And it may be actually because I hadn’t I brought in that capacity from a previous lifetime, when I actually went to the, to the great period of geezer in the 80s, with one of my family members. It was in the days when you could just wander down. I don’t think you do that anymore. And so we wandered down into the Great Pyramid. And as I was walking down, I could feel the intense and they’ve measured this now that you could control the immense magnetic field of that place. And when I got down into the base of Pisa, the Great Pyramid, my third eye opened up and it was almost like looking, I could look at seven different television stations all at once all through my third eye. Each one was showing a different dimension and a different activity that was going on. And I was interestingly enough talking to Ishtar who I know you interviewed recently and he we were having a talk about these two that they did have this technology to send people out into other dimensions and into others. assistants to do different kinds of processes, like what seemed to have happened spontaneously to me.

Rick Archer: Interesting. So regarding your actual experience that you had on them sash table, you’ve kind of made it sound like a walk in people are familiar with that term. But are you actually saying that sort of the different soul or something? And it came in Are you really saying that there was such a shift in consciousness that it was like the slate was wiped clean to a great extent. And, you know, you’re really basically the same person, same soul and everything, but that there was just a really, to use another computer metaphor, just kind of the reset button, you know, you’re rebooted and you had to completely readjust to the new consciousness or the new orientation that had awoken.

Myree Morsi: So I wouldn’t say it’s like the really classic walking where a person chooses to complete and then another soul another being comes in and fills that space. I think a part of me definitely completed. Absolutely, I don’t think all of me completed, but I definitely feel like there was a an exchange out there in that it all a part of me and my consciousness. So a part of the program with miry definitely stepped out of that situation and left and went off to do something very different. Like it was already like that, that hot, already knew where it was going and and had made a choice. And the path is to beside me was very, very beautiful. And Jerry was like, it had a kind of spiritual knowledge that I didn’t have. And so it’s like, I got an upgrade, like new, some old some software left and new software and information and connections came in and my calves

Rick Archer: bring interview that’ll be fun. We like cats. While you’re while you’re petting the cat, I’m just gonna ask another question, which is, you know, some people say that only a portion of our soul kind of incarnate, and that even the majority of it remains on a higher plane. And some even say that we could actually be occupying the same soul which we are, could occupy several bodies and just be sort of functioning in different lives simultaneously, different portions of it. So if those things are true, then I don’t it doesn’t seem too far fetched, although we’re definitely in Farfetch territory here. But it doesn’t seem too far fetched to suggest that, you know, if if only a small portion of our, the totality of our Jeeva, our individual so has actually incarnated does doesn’t seem too far fetched to suggest that another big chunk of it come in when we’re ready to receive that.

Myree Morsi: Yes, I think that I would agree with that. I think that’s a very good way of explaining it. And I think that’s actually what happened, it didn’t feel like something other than myself was coming in, it simply felt like another element of myself. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I think computer upgrade is a good analogy in a way because you can be using some kind of clunky software on your computer. And then you know, same hardware, but you upgraded the software and all sudden that functions a lot better.

Myree Morsi: That’s right. And in fact, after that event, it did cause a lot of challenges from my physical body. It’s like my, it’s like, the energy that came in the level of consciousness and the speed of it. And where my body were at were quite, quite dissonant, and they didn’t quite know how to go together. And within, within months, I had to take nine, nine months off work. And just rest and allow it was quite challenging. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Talk a little bit about that principle of the body being sort of the instrument through which anything is lived, including spiritual experience, or spiritual awakening or an enlightened state, and how the body has to be kind of cultured to, we could say, tolerate that level of energy. Want to elaborate on that a little bit?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, in fact, it’s one of my favorite things to I’m always exploring it because with my awakening, it’s been a constant challenge. So it’s made me constantly curious about what’s going on. I think the simplest way to understand it is I’m sorry, my cat is looking at absolutely anything that she can do to be naughty. She’s just left.

Rick Archer: Very real here.

Myree Morsi: Okay, great.

Rick Archer: Okay, that’s fine. It’s very vocal. We had one for a while. Yes. very vulnerable to yours. Actually. We had one.

Myree Morsi: Oh, good. I’m looking forward to another 13. Wow. I think the easiest way that is when you have a massive expansion, and this can happen if you have a huge blob of consciousness or a huge awakening experience. I’m very careful with the word Enlightenment it’s not necessarily comfortable with and I tend not to use

Rick Archer: static and superlative and yeah, but when you have,

Myree Morsi: like a massive elevation In, in your ability to, to merge with and be infused by divine consciousness and, and a shift in your reference point of your identity. It’s like your body loses its operating system. Like it’s operated like your ego, your identity, in shamanism code, your assemblage point has provided the body with a reference point and information like an operating system for how to run this life. And usually one of those big experiences, the operating system is white, it’s like, it depends on how big and how vast but sometimes it can be that there is you’re left with like a zero operating system. And that’s when people say I woke up and I, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. I was just I couldn’t function for months on end. I know if I totally saw on a park bench for a couple of years. It’s like the body and brain nervous system, the energetics and the consciousness have to have to learn to coordinate again and, and infuse and organize in a way that you can then be functional in the world as a, as a householder, even if you live in a monastic setting, I think it’s easier in a monastic setting because you’d have less much less demand on you and you can have more rain to be just cared for and looked after.

Rick Archer: Yeah, and I’ve spoken to people who couldn’t speak for, you know, months on end after a major awakening. And and monastic said, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s protected and you’re cared for and so on. But, and that might be really good for like you said, you had to quit your job for nine months and just chill. But it also doesn’t present the opportunities for integration that a more active life presents, yeah. And you can sort of get, in my experience, having lived in those atmospheres, you can kind of get stuck in a way in a was the idiosyncratic state of mind where you can indulge in all sorts of your subjective state becomes very real and very compelling. And without proper sort of feedback from the outside world, you can kind of get lost in that fantasy world, you know what I

Myree Morsi: mean? Absolutely, yeah. That’s actually love that about like, when my as my awakening, and we can talk about that, in 2009, like I didn’t have I wasn’t in a position then to take time off work. So I had to find ways to be functional. And that’s continued to be my situation ever since. And so I in some ways, I feel like that’s the cutting edge for most of us, and for many people watching this show, is how to integrate consciousness and how to stabilize it and organize in a way that you can still fulfill your commitments in the world in a way that’s not overwhelmingly full of suffering.

Rick Archer: Yeah. It’s funny, because, you know, sometimes these Neo Advaita people say things like, well, you’re already enlightened and all you have to realize that you’re done don’t don’t need to do any spiritual practice and so on. If they only knew I mean, if if they could somehow shift into the state that Ramana Maharshi was in for instance, if they could do that in an instant. That would be completely on sustainable. I mean, completely overwhelming blow blow out the circuits. Totally, absolutely even took him many, many, many years of sitting in a cave, and you know, to adjust

Myree Morsi: Absolutely, yes.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So that there is this incremental adjusting, integrating stabilizing kind of thing that has to take place and I’m talking a little bit much I’ll shut up more let you talk more, but it’s okay, just throw in the term neuroplasticity, which is very popular these days, which means the brain really changes and the whole physiology changes. And that kind of stuff, it doesn’t happen in an instant, it takes a long period of time for all the neurons to rewire themselves and so on.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, the glands start to release subtle substances, which you know, the Ross’s these like mystical substances out of the glands, which also change and evolve the body in the brain and send different qualities of signals through the system and the body has to adjust to that as well like how to how to how do I organize and vibrate from a higher level of consciousness still have enough sense of self to function in the world and relate to other people and be healthy. And the brain every time consciousness comes into the body, the brain has to adjust. And if you’re on an awakening path, and you’re doing spiritual practice, new consciousness is coming in all the time. It never stops. It’s, I find it’s like 24 hours a day.

Rick Archer: We don’t want to make this sound like an undesirable thing because the payoff big, the payoff is huge. Yeah. And so it’s just that like anything else. I mean, if you want to be As an Olympic athlete, you have to work harder, it’s going to hurt, you know, there’s going to be a lot of challenge and a lot of struggle, and, and so on and so forth. So, in terms of this thing that we’re talking about, there’s going to be some stuff you’re going to have to work through, but it’s well worth it.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. It’s worth it. I think Olympic athlete is a really good term for it, because he like a spiritual Olympic athlete, if you’re on this path, and sometimes you sprained your ankle, and it hurts, and he can’t, he can’t get up and run around the track as much as you like. And you have to be patient and just allow things to, to heal. But hopefully, during that awakening process, you’re starting to have access to gaps in consciousness to where you get to be tasting awareness and expansion, awakening. Your wisdom is expanding and deepening, your heart is opening, and so as your compassion so you have very different and evolving understandings of who you are. And you don’t have to wait till these big blowout mystical experiences to start to notice and experience the preciousness of what’s happening to

Rick Archer: know and some people are wired such that they’re never going to have big blow up mystical experiences. Yeah, just not. They just don’t operate that way. But yes, they’re not missing out on anything critical. Because what we’re ultimately talking about here is not a blow up mystical experience.

Myree Morsi: Exactly what we’re talking about is a fundamental, ordinary, everyday. state of being,

Rick Archer: yeah, the most natural thing one could ever live. Yes. Yeah, I mean, it probably would be undesirable. If it were going to be a lifetime of roller coaster blowout experiences, you know, it’s just, but

Myree Morsi: I actually tried to actually try to contain blowouts because they’re hard work. For me at least Yes, then I have to bring myself back down and find a new level of functionality. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I recently corresponded with a fellow who does psychedelics on a fairly regular basis, and sort of his a lot of his friends. And he was, he’s got the sense, he was getting a little bit fed up with it, because he said, all of his friends that they don’t have very functional lives, they’re not really accomplishing anything. And they’re always kind of looking forward to the next trip, where they’re just going to have, you know, the breakthrough that they really need to have to finally get it and, and all. But, you know, obviously, but then they always come down from In fact, I had the opportunity to interview Stanislav Grof, a few years ago at the Science non duality conference. And I didn’t say this to Him, but had this subtle feeling of regret, but just sort of feeling he’d been on this thing for over, you know, this path in life for over 80 years. And he’d had all these amazing experiences, but there was something that hadn’t really settled or been realized that it’s just that feeling. Right. Apologies to Stan Grof, if I miss read him, but but the point we’re talking about is whether awakening or realization or something is has anything to do with peak experiences, or whether it’s something altogether different than that.

Myree Morsi: I think peak experiences can be a doorway, and definitely promote an acceleration. If you think of consciousness as viral like you move, you get to move higher up on that spiral. But peak experiences fade, and then my someone leaving the house, sorry, you can hear me. The beauty of that is being able to sink into it on an on an everyday basis and to find it and to for it to be your resting state of awareness. And it’s not a high, it’s actually very ordinary and becomes very normal. Yeah, I

Rick Archer: think it’s all a matter of what we are accustomed to. And we acclimate to, and, you know, one person’s high is another person’s normal.

Myree Morsi: That’s right. Yeah, that’s true. Actually, that’s true. Already grieved that,

Rick Archer: yeah, it’s just a matter of, if you and I could suddenly snap back to where we were 30 years ago, we’d probably be utterly miserable. Even though we might have felt relatively content then just because of the contrast. And by the same token, if we, you know, 30 years ago, if we could suddenly snap to where we are now, it would probably be impossible to handle. But now it’s normal.

Myree Morsi: Yes, yes.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay. Enough on that point, probably. So, I think we haven’t really done justice to your whole Kundalini process. Yes. We talked about it starting. You talked about it completing. So let’s, let’s talk about that a little bit more. What happened in between the start and the completion?

Myree Morsi: Yeah. So So from 2005 It was it was in the background and humming away like you know, like a big like a one of those F 2225, or what are those big cars with his big engines. But in 2007, I was studying psychotherapy now sitting out in the garden reading a book on noon. And that’s when I had a classic activation of this enormous energy racing up my spine with a tremendous force and pouring out the crown of my head. And it was at that point in time, I knew my life was never going to be the same again. And after that, I started to have a lot of very acute symptoms. I’ll had a lot of heat, a lot of careers a lot of shaking.

Rick Archer: Oh, good. Somebody Kenny from Manchester, UK just asked, as well ask us. Did you experience spontaneous Korea’s during your Kundalini week? If so, can you shed any light on what causes these their purpose and their place in the Kundalini process?

Myree Morsi: Yes, I did have a lot of spontaneous Korea’s explained to me as our people might not yes. So a career is the easiest to understand it is a spontaneous movement, it’s a spontaneous movement of your body, it can look like this, like, you know, like your arm might go or might be really subtle, like, like, this is this little movement to me. Yeah, it’s very common to get a lot in the neck, a lot of neck and head movements. On your if you’re meditating, you might find yourself sort of almost like physically jumping a little bit on the on the push and like your spine is jumping your body. And a Korea can also be a spontaneous sound. So it can be spontaneous sound that comes out of your head, you know, or it might sometimes Yeah, and it can be sometimes they like grouse or even burps. And what is what a crater is, is the energy of Kundalini. So Kundalini is consciousness, energy and intelligence, and it’s moving up through your body. And there are a number of reasons that you can have a creative, sometimes you have a creative because that energy is saved, perhaps it’s purifying something in my shoulder, and it hits an obstruction in one of the subtle channels. And so then my shoulder will move as that energy hits that obstruction and is trying to find a resolution for the issue that’s in that part of the body. And sometimes it can be the energy has freedom through those channels, and then you spontaneously do a mudra. And that’s very common as well. And this is saying that this sounds like it’s moving through, they’re subtle chat channels, and a sound will come out out of your lungs.

Rick Archer: I just want to add that I’ve seen groups where people melt this, you know, they, they sort of like who can do the coolest Koreas and they kind of over indulge in it, you know, so there’s you want to kind of maintain naturalness. And if these things come spontaneously Don’t, don’t suppress them or force them to subside. But on the other hand, it’s not. It’s not like a sport where we can all act in class where we can all make the weirdest noises

Myree Morsi: I’ve ever heard if that sounds very interesting, I would Yeah, I would suggest the same thing. Just allow it to happen. Trust that it’s okay, that it’s part of your awakening process, and you don’t need to do anything about it, it will naturally find its own resolution. I think sometimes people have difficult careers if they’ve had an injury to a particular part of the body or they’ve had surgery. And so there’s like significant obstructions, or this makes some adhesions in the way you put in the facia that can create like long term kind of creatives.

Rick Archer: And it’s good to have an understanding of it. Because if it starts happening to spontaneous spontaneously to a person, and I’ve spoken to people who’ve had that, and they don’t have any knowledge of what it is that could really freak them out. They might think there’s something neurologically wrong with them. Yeah, people

Myree Morsi: write to me and say, if I’ve got multiple sclerosis Have I got Parkinson’s? Yeah, it got the mind goes to these places of serious condition. So yeah, it’s great to know that it’s a safe thing. Yeah.

Rick Archer: What’s that thing where people sort of start swearing all sudden Tourette Syndrome? Physical? Yeah. So there’s a question, Kate. Oh, I want to say Jackie O asked this question a little bit later, that came in, but we’re still talking about your Kundalini process. So let’s continue on that.

Myree Morsi: Yes. So from 2007 to 2000, early 2009. It was very intense, I had a lot of intense intense and I didn’t have the knowledge that I had now about how to manage and stabilizer. In fact, I’ve actually even sat with since a spiritual teacher who’d actually accelerated it. And so it was going so fast, which is very unhealthy that if it’s going really really fast, then like we talked about before, the balance between the capacity of the body to do with the amount of processing change and energy in the system was in a lot of times more than my body could handle so it was very stressful and I still was still had a practice and was going to work. constantly finding ways to manage all of that, in my mind, you

Rick Archer: don’t have a practice of healing in therapy, okay? This, okay? And my mind was you’re saying, and my

Myree Morsi: mind at times would come in and say, Ah, you know, this is really classic and it was really normal mind, guys, this isn’t Kundalini, this is your crazy, like, that’s like a classic process of the mind in in various versions. And thankfully, my intuition was strong enough to know even though this was a very wild ride with a lot of intense symptomology, I trusted it and knew that it was going in direction of awakening. And in the last couple of months, I really didn’t sleep very much at all, I had intense insomnia because of the speed. And I did go and see this very famous, or you Doc, Vedic doctor, and he said to me, you have to slow it down. I’m like, I know. But we couldn’t find any way to slow it down. It’s just as my job and my journey.

Rick Archer: I mean, How about how about physical exercise, you know, take up jogging, or swimming or something more, more heavier diet? You know, I

Myree Morsi: did all of those. And all that stuff. Oh, I did absolutely everything. I think the thing that, if I’d known it now, I know it now and offer this to other people. But I think what happened to me was that in sitting with teachers, I got too much transmission of Shakti in my system. And it was like an accelerant. And one teacher in particular really did it. I remember him saying to me at the time, let’s put more fuel on the fire. And what it wasn’t necessarily, it wasn’t actually helpful for me, although, of course, it did take me to the end of that journey. And yeah, so if I was now what I would do would be to help the system to diffuse and release that transmission. So it can come back to finding its normal balance. And then it would sort of self adjust itself, correct. Yeah.

Rick Archer: But anyway, emphasis again, on normal balance. Not not pushing it too fast. I had friends who really cracked up, you know, pushing too hard. Yes. And so, safety first, slow and steady.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. And that’s definitely what I tell people go slower, have a safer journey, and get there in a functional and enjoyable way. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I mean, Tesla has a new sports car that will go 250 miles an hour. But if you, you know, think how fast I could get to the grocery store with that, but I think it would actually take me longer to go that fast. Yeah,

Myree Morsi: exactly. Exactly. And you can damage your neuro, you know, your neurological system, and especially nervous system in your endocrine system and very vulnerable.

Rick Archer: Yeah, no good point. I have a friend who’s probably listening to this, who went through a very intense Kundalini phase. And she, you know, she really feels that some some things were fried and the circuitry.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, it can take quite a while to heal them and help them to recover again.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay, it’s done. I don’t think it hurts that we’re kind of keep looping back to this point, you know, maybe maybe there’s a reason we’re dwelling on it so much. And people need to hear this.

Myree Morsi: About the battle being balanced, and balanced

Rick Archer: and safety first and not, you know, not not having spiritual emergencies, and, and so on, because of pushing too hard. You know,

Myree Morsi: yeah, maybe maybe it’s a message that people need to hear. I know, from my experiences, a lot of people out there where it is going too fast, and they are suffering a lot. So perhaps this message will touch some of those people. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And it’s not only what’s going on in your nervous system, and all that, but I mean, there is most most people do need to earn an income and, you know, raising kids to raise and stuff like that. So, you know, you have to sort of keep it together for those things.

Myree Morsi: Exactly.

Rick Archer: Okay, so then your view alluded to 2009, some completion of this whole thing. Yeah. What happened?

Myree Morsi: In 2009, in the last, in the last couple of months in the lead up, it was I think it was like February, early February 2009. I went to work in the city, I was living in the mountains in a cottage. And at the end of my day, I felt particularly exhausted at this point in time. I kind of suspected it was coming to a close just because of some of the, the subtle signals that I would that I would notice about Kundalini, I remember thinking enough ABCD and complete oral diet because it was quite intense. And then I came home, I was so exhausted at the end of that work day, more so than normal, and I came home and I said, my dog and I went to bed. And when I wake up in the morning, and I think it’s quite a classic experience. I woke up in the morning completely in a purely awakened state. And I was lying there I couldn’t move my My body I couldn’t speak. My sense of my array had vanished. And I was aware of the vastness of consciousness. And in that moment my re had never existed and never would exist. And in that moment when you realize that the whole thing about being human is very, very funny, so for me, my, I was internal, like so couldn’t physically laughing along because of the, you know, the drama of being human being and then suddenly that trauma of being a human being has been extinguished in that moment. And it was a really powerful and profound experience. It was like the Kundalini had enough velocity, and had purifying and cleanse my system enough, and it simply completed itself. And after that moment, I haven’t had any other Kundalini symptoms, sometimes she dances in my body, and that’s kind of really nice. But I no longer have, like active progressive Kundalini symptoms. Yeah.

Rick Archer: It’s interesting, because I’ve used this story before. But when Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier, nobody knew what was gonna happen. And as he approached the speed of sound in his jet, it was like, you know, the stick shaking, and he was just holding on for dear life. And, you know, and then when he broke through, also, Nick got totally smooth.

Myree Morsi: Yes, that’s exactly what happened.

Rick Archer: So when you think you said something about, you know, being a human being, obviously, you’re still a human being, perhaps what you mean to say is that a larger reality dawn, and so you were not any longer predominantly a human being, you’re predominantly that with a capital T, living human life,

Myree Morsi: totally. And then there was quite a period of time, I tried to integrate that. And I remember at the time, not knowing how to relate to anyone from that place. And I was very curious how I was going to have any relationships, because there were, it took a while for enough sense of self to come back so that I had enough in structure my system that I could actually connect and relate in more normal ways with other people. And I had to find a way because I had to go back to work in about, I took three weeks off, and then I had to go back and find ways to connect and, and infamy, I remember the time late, I listened to some people talking about advice, but what didn’t really make sense to my experience, because my experience straightaway came straight into the body and straightaway, like, included everything. And it was all about how, how does this work? How does this consciousness work in my ethics, and my values, in my thoughts in my relationships, in my work that came became the constant curiosity for me, rather than kind of being in that kind of space of just merging with stillness, it was a much more kind of dynamic exploration. And I remember sometimes contemplating doors kind of teaching leaving a well, my my awakening isn’t right, because it doesn’t fit into that, that model of what it was supposed to look like. And that was the way the curiosity and the interest went and has pretty much continues.

Rick Archer: So can you give verbal answers to some of those questions, how it works in your relationships and your ethics? And your all that stuff?

Myree Morsi: Yes, I think, yes. Just thinking whether it might be useful to share something else first. What it gives me is a lot more space. And to be able to meet people in that space, and a lot more love and compassion that’s always present. And I think the biggest gift is in that space, it makes it really easy to see when your own stuff comes up. Right? When when there’s something that’s that’s triggered in the system or in the body, you can see it very, very clearly. And so you have this benefit of a lot of consciousness that you can bring to that. I’m not one of those people, that’s going to say that there’s nothing left. Like, maybe one day I’ll get there, but I don’t think so. And that’s okay. It’s quite a joyous and curious unfolding of that experience. And one of the things that I discovered like and this was really interesting for me, so I had this profound shift of awareness. But I still had trauma in my body, like the trauma during the system wasn’t finished. Sorry, I think I touched that wasn’t, it wasn’t finished. And that was really obvious to me, and no one really talks about that very much. And so that was interesting and perplexing to me and you know, makes me question question a lot of the models. And so I would say that would be 10 years ago, next month. And so for the last 10 years, I’ve pretty much spent a lot of my time dedicated to bringing awareness and consciousness to my body and to the trauma and to the, to the places where I’ve been stuck continuously over that 10 years as a kind of curious experiment around what’s possible and what could happen if I do that. And I would say in the last two years, and in the last year, in particular, there is a lot of lot of space, and not much trauma left in the system. But because of my personal history, who’s to say that there isn’t more in in tissues and nervous system. But there’s a big because of that dedication. There’s an immense love and compassion for others as well. And I find myself, it leaves me in a space where I’m available to be and listen to any suffering. Nothing moves away from that inside me towards anyone’s praying. And that’s a very beautiful expression of that.

Rick Archer: I think he just partially answered the question I’m about to ask, but since you had that awakening 10 years ago, and have gone through all this processing of residues ever since how has that enhanced your experience or how has your experience evolved as this stuff has been processed?

Myree Morsi: So I, I’m kind of, I’m kind of feeling a feeling into it. And I would say the freedom and joy of just being, just being in this life. Without it being interrupted very much by anything from my personal history is a really profound gift and something that, honestly, in with my personal history, I never knew was possible. A sense of, so I’m a bhakti. So there’s a deep, constant sense of service, it just flows through in a very uninterrupted way that’s very beautiful to experience and be a conduit for. One of the things I think that’s been quite profound was in 2013, my, my younger brother, my only brother grew very close, he died in a very horrific and tragic way, which was very, very confronting. And I remember at the time, something Gandhiji said to me, she said, no matter what happens, made it with an open heart, and I thought, this is probably the most rude thing that will ever happen to my family and myself. And I’m going to meet everything with an open hearts, all the horror, all the tragedy, all of the unthinkable pneus. And that took me to some pretty deep and dark places in that journey of meeting his loss. And the the things that happened afterwards, and someone dies in that way. And when I rose up the other side, there was there was experience that I did, because it my husband dies, and like that has a very powerful sort of psychic impression on you. And I simply decided that I was going to see what it was like to die like that.

Rick Archer: And why am I asking it? Was it an accident or something? You don’t need to say but

Myree Morsi: no, it was a he had a mental illness he had schizophrenia is a very, very courageous and brave person. And I don’t think I could have lived with his situation as long as he did. And unfortunately, he heard voices, unfortunately, at a certain point in time, he’s medication loss, efficacy, and there was a time when his voices simply convinced him to do something that was very, very tragic. And yes,

Rick Archer: You don’t have to say anything you don’t want to say.

Myree Morsi: Yeah. And I probably won’t, because it might be hard for some of your viewers to actually take in any information. So I don’t want to traumatize anything, anyone with this story? I’m happy to share it in other formats and probably will speak about it. It’s something I’m very careful. I’m actually more protective of the audience than I am with myself. And when I was, so I after about six months, I still kind of have these images coming to me and I decided to simply lie down in the floor and allow myself to die the did. And in that dying was just like burning up of more residue and personal history and, and just another sense of just going out into the vastness. And in that moment I can play with whatever was going on in my relationship and karma with his death. And as I rose up from that experience, the thing that arose in me and has never left it was would be what Buddhists call causeless joy. So the causes joy has just been present in the, in my body, in my life, in my heart, in the background of my life, and sometimes very strongly present in the foreground. It’s just like this bubbling love and delight, and presence of being here. And sometimes that is, like, looks like being like an externally very joyful person. And sometimes it’s very quiet and just present in the background. And I doubt that that will leave I think sometimes, when you go to some of those places, you come back with gifts, and thank goodness for that.

Rick Archer: Interesting. So you’re saying that your brother’s death and the way you sort of dealt with it was actually a catalyst in a way for

Myree Morsi: a shift for you? Yes, absolutely. Yes.

Rick Archer: There’s a friend of mine, who’s also a friend of ours, named Susana Marie, who had a very similar experience, a younger brother of hers died unexpectedly and tragically, and it really was extremely difficult for her, but it facilitated a shift or catalyzed a shift.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, I think when you lose someone that you love, and you know, somewhat so well, that they almost feel like a part of you, and they’re passing is really tragic or unimaginable. You meet places where the sometimes I think the only option is to break through the slide.

Rick Archer: Have you been in touch with your brother since he died? Yes,

Myree Morsi: for about the first year, I did a lot of work from this side. Because when you die like that, I don’t want to go into it too much. Because there might not be something that we want to do about it. But it can be very damaging at a soul level. Yeah. And I really wanted to help him and help him to have a better incarnation and a better future and, and a better possibility in his next lifetime. So I did a lot of work, kind of Shamanic work, soul retrieval, putting the soul the soul fragments back together and helping him to go through the lie in a in a segue took a year and exhort. It was an exhausting process. But I feel like that was my my calmer and my dedication to him. And I’m really glad I did it. And at a year, after about a year, I felt that it was complete. And I actually prayed to Alma, that she would look after him and then he could have a rebirth where she to parents where he he would have access to her. Because I felt like he needed that.

Rick Archer: You have a sense that has been reborn now.

Myree Morsi: Yes. Yes. Yes, with with those kinds of parents, so I’m really grateful. And I think to the very best for him, that’s great.

Rick Archer: Irene had and my wife Irene had an experience one time where I don’t remember whether it was in meditation or in a dream, but this kind of voice came very loud just said your father has been reborn. New when it happened. And, and ancient traditions often say that. If someone is really, you know, in a good place spiritually and really dedicated to their spiritual development, it has a ripple effect among all their relatives, some stage seven generations, you know, but certainly someone that’s close as your brother would have a profound effect on

Myree Morsi: him. Absolutely. I think he I he can bring your spiritual depth and practice and dedication to bear on on their karma.

Rick Archer: How dogs are wrestling on the Florida, buddy. Here’s little growling noises. It’s the dogs wrestling and sneezing. Someone’s named Sebastian from Florida sent in a question. So let me ask that. We talked earlier about portals and closing portals. He asks, Can you please talk more about the importance of being aware of portals and closing ones that are not part of the higher good?

Myree Morsi: Sure. I think one of the easiest ways to talk about it and all spiritual traditions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, we know that there are like negative energies that can come at us and I think the more you’re on a spiritual path, sometimes you become more sensitive to those energies that are not necessary. for your highest good, and because the this 3d Reality is just one realm and there you can imagine there sometimes it’s all in some ways it’s all at once, but it’s sometimes easy to imagine it as layers of a cake. So there are other layers. I don’t like hierarchy, but it’s easier to imagine that. And sometimes if we’ve come in with, say, a connection to, say, a particular cult, in another lifetime, there may be was dedicated to something that you’re not aligned with anymore. Sometimes through those doorways, impressions, information, negative energy, things that aren’t good for you can come through because you if you don’t end in that lifetime, that agreement and connection to say that Colt, those agreements, contracts and doorways is still open, and you can, especially when you’re met, you’re meditating you can start to sense these things. And you can feel these energies coming through and they can be interfering. And sometimes they can be quite difficult or even cause a lot of sabotage. And so by closing that doorway, that realm doorway between you and that time and place, because incense all time is now you you can release yourself from that code in all agreements and close that doorway so that whatever that code is transmitting no longer comes into your life. And so then you are much more free to enact your free will and intentions and what it is that you want to create in this life and and the path that you’re on. Okay, how do I do? That? Sounds pretty good. To me.

Rick Archer: Another question came in from Jay in Victoria, British Columbia. We talked about this a little bit, but I think you could elaborate. He said Papaji had visions of Krishna and he would stay up all night talking to Krishna Ramana Maharshi told Papaji that that which appears and disappears isn’t real. In fact, when when Papaji first came to Ramadan, he was I think, possibly late or something, or at least he told, you know, him Top Ramen about his Krishna experiences. And Papaji said, Well, where is he now? And he wasn’t there now. So it was like, Oh, that was a wake up call. But then Jays question is, why do some people have visions and others don’t? I think he should get the dogs out here. They’re having this big wrestling match on the floor. So let me start asking that question again. Why? Why does some people have visions and others don’t? How much emphasis should we put in visions?

Myree Morsi: I love that story about poverty. Thanks for Thanks for sharing it, some of my favorite stories.

Rick Archer: I just want to add that even at long after his Ramanna days, Papaji would go to Varanasi and dance, ecstatic, you know, ecstasy of devotion in the streets, and he was a very devotional person. And so yeah, just want to throw that in there.

Myree Morsi: Yes.

Rick Archer: I meant Vrindavana not not sure.

Myree Morsi: In terms of the question, just well, it’s not important to have spiritual visions, you can have a beautiful awakening beautiful wisdom and understanding of like a lovely deepening of awareness without having any visions at all. And that’s completely fine and satisfying. I think. As Rick said, some people will want to have more visions, some people are wired to be more ecstatic. Some people’s nervous systems, find it very easy to merge into nature and out into the divine. Some people may have very strong relationships from previous lifetimes with deities and gods and Krishna, and, or a particular kind of devotional nature that those kinds of deities will show up and play with you and speak to you and dance with you. And, and there’s a there’s a like an exchange and a benefit that comes from that interaction. But in many ways, I’ve just feel it’s like, we all have our unique paths. One of the things I love about awakening, actually, from watching some of your shows is I love the diversity of awakening. And then it shows up in such a splendid plethora of ways and means of expression. And I really encourage people to trust what their journey is and what their path is. And if you need if visions are important to you, you need them, they will show up. And sometimes you can make yourself a little bit more prone to those things through spiritual practice and devotion that can accelerate and purify the third eye and the more third eyes open, the more you’re going to be available to those kinds of visions and visitations, but it’s not essential. So, yeah,

Rick Archer: I think it’s important to emphasize that we should never be envious of other people’s experiences lately. It’s like we’re all different and just because, you know you’re having this or that doesn’t mean that somebody else should have it or needs to have it or anything like that.

Myree Morsi:  I totally agree.

Rick Archer: Yes. There’s also other ways of explaining it as Ayurvedic considerations you know, whether from their from their terminology, whether it’s, you know, Vata, Pitta or Kapha are predominant would could influence the types of experiences you have or in terms of the Gunas whether sattwa, rajas, or tamas are predominant are going to influence your experiences, even the way that that, you know, pure consciousness is is experienced, according to those things I just mentioned, some people will be more bliss oriented, others more unbounded vastness, and so on. There can be different flavors of it according to the the makeup of your nervous system.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. Absolutely. And what your nervous system is available for

Rick Archer: Yeah. I should just mention in passing David Buckland, who has a site called And he’s been on BatGap A couple times, but he has some nice articles that explain the mechanics of what I just said. Okay, so picking right up. So it’s maybe we’ve already passed by this but you mentioned that three wise women elders suggested that before you become a healer that you do something ordinary for a year. So you became a sports and political journalist? Yes.

Myree Morsi: Yes, when I when I left the ashram, as ashram, I knew was to be a healer, but I really didn’t. There was an art again, there was no internet. I didn’t, I only had like one book on how to be a healer. I didn’t have any resources. And I remember going in meeting three wise women who were Sai Baba and Amma devotees, and having a cup of tea with them, and telling them my situation. And that was a suggestion go away for one year, don’t try and be a healer and go and do something ordinary. So I moved to the tropics, and unexpectedly got this job as a sports reporter, first ever female sports reporter on that paper,

Rick Archer: about sports.

Myree Morsi: Actually, my mom was a pretty wild west face. And so I grew up loving sports so that I had that in my in my arsenal. But unfortunately, I was in a part of Australia where they didn’t play Ozzy rules football, which I knew everything about, they played two different codes. And so that was somewhat stressful going to a game with no idea why the umpire was blowing the whistle. But it was a really good foundation for me, because I needed to find a way because the reason I left the ashram was because I had this very strong inner message from Alma, that you’ve done this because I wanted to be Brahma trainee. Right? I went into it to be very delighted in this way. And the message I got said, Whoa, you’ve done that many times, it’s time to do something different. And it’s like pushing me back into the world. And as you probably know, when you’ve lived in that rarefied world, it takes a while and reach us to, to mainstream everyday life again. And so that Job was a really important way of getting me grounded and functional back in the world. And it was excellent way to become a healer and for my future path, because I fell in love with people. Yeah. That was the first thing everyone had an amazing story. And, and if you ask questions, and listen the right way, and they showed you their heart, and it was a privilege.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s nice. Yeah, people are interesting. I mean, you know, people in the checkout line at the supermarket and, you know, people you just encounter here and there. It’s like, everybody’s kind of fascinating. It’s certainly if people don’t know the term Brahmacharya it means sort of like a, like a monk, but it’s the female equivalent of it. You’re married, aren’t you? Yes. Yeah. Yes. sorts of pictures on your website. If you’re getting married at Castle Rock in Sedona is

Myree Morsi: on. It’s a big rock the big danger rock. Yes. You got married on Cathedral Rock? It was pretty intense.

Rick Archer: Nice. And what did your husband do?

Myree Morsi: He is a network engineer. Computer networks. Yes.

Rick Archer: So making sure everything connects properly?

Myree Morsi: That’s right. Yes. He’s got the technology now. And I certainly am still learning.

Rick Archer: It’s good. So I’m going to I’m going to read some more points that you sent me the things you’d like to discuss and make sure we’ve discussed them. You say the deepening and deepening and evolution of awakening has been constant. I find myself dedicated daily to what it asks me teachers and the purification of this system to embody more and more consciousness. I can’t see that ending in this life. And this is so completely fine. So we’ve kind of touched upon that but if that’s one of those points, I always feel bears emphasizing that deepening and awakening is constant, at least it I don’t claim to be In any kind of final state by a longshot, but um, I, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to any I’ve only talked to interviewed a couple people who, I asked them a question like, you know, what’s the next horizon? Where’s it going from here? And they looked at me like, I was crazy, like, How could there be anything more? But I’m afraid I don’t feel that they I think that that’s a trap. I just Shanti often mentioned that they’re given traditionally and Zen they’re like 16 or 17 well known stopping points which one can easily mistake for being the end of the road?

Myree Morsi: Yes, yes. I would tend to agree i Well, first of all, there’s no one here. Like, there’s no part of my being, that even saying I’m finished or imperfect, I’m done. Like, that’s, that’s not my, my lived experience. I feel like I’m living in a constant state of surrender, and it almost feels like energetically, internally, I’m simply bowing all the time, every day, every day. to that to that point, even here, right now, it’s happening this thing. Yes, yes, yes. And then this is like, in every moment, just this the I think the surrender Well, well, one level that deepest, one of the deepest bit of very deep surrender is happened and then is nothing but an allegiance to that. But in every moment, it is surrender in every moment in every breath, and every pulse of this life is is coming in and expanding out. And and even in in December, I, I was in LA and I came back from LA and I could feel something loosening in my personality, because personality remains it becomes clothing, right for this, this lovely expression. But something was loosening in a in a section of my personality. And there was a really big, sort of falling away and then like another deepening just four weeks ago. And and a lot of what I would I suppose you would call possibly God absorption, like being really absorbed in that state. And I had to actually work really hard to get myself back to do this interview. Because I’d like to talk to reeking three or four weeks, I have to get my act together and bring myself down and back and ground. And also,

Rick Archer: I’ll bring you down. Don’t worry about it.

Myree Morsi: Yeah. Thanks Rick. I’m going to count on you for that.

Rick Archer: I’m a bummer. I’ll rain on anybody’s parade.

Myree Morsi: Thank you. So. So that was quite a journey to even get get to this interview. For some reason, you know, when I have deepening that they seem to they seem to be quite a big rig on isolation that that happens. And, and even in this moment, there’s like new frequencies of of love and devotion coming through that one went President available four weeks ago. So that’s I’m sure that’s just going to continue.

Rick Archer: Would you say that you’ve lost all sense of a personal self, to say that?

Myree Morsi: I would say there are moments when I have no personal self. And probably, if I hadn’t had this interview, and I could allow myself to really stay in that in that process, which is still there. Actually, by the way, I’ve a lot of my spirit team on just keeping me here so that I don’t just go out into that experience. But other I didn’t really know how to answer that question very easily. Because I feel like

Rick Archer: what does that mean to reframe it? Yeah,

Myree Morsi: I don’t necessarily fit know if that fits so well into my lived experience. Somebody

Rick Archer: will talk that way, which it always puzzles me because I don’t see how one could function without any sense of a personal self. Nine. But you were talking a minute ago about surrender. And you made this gesture. Yeah, surrendering. And I don’t know if see what you think about this, but I don’t know if being surrendered in the way you just described necessitates having no sense of personhood or individuality, if not more means an alignment of one’s personhood with with the divine, you know, yeah, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, but that it’s just not going against the flow anymore.

Myree Morsi: Yes, I would that that would be more my experience. And yes, that’s more of an invited term, no personal self and I don’t really fit into that terminology very well. In my experience, I would say that, this personal self the identity is surrendered to that flow of consciousness and and there is an A lot of my identities out of the way, but there’s still a personality is still an identity, there’s still someone here that can say, Marie, you need to be more grounded because you have to do an interview, you need to be more functional, because you have to see clients, there are people that are requiring your support. So there’s definitely still someone here, there’s definitely awareness. And, you know, there’s still processes here that can get caught, as well. So I wouldn’t say I don’t have any, I have absolutely no personal style. Yeah, okay.

Rick Archer: I just thought a metaphor that might help people. Like if you had a swiftly flowing river, you could have some kind of a rock or a soul log or something that was just not going to move and the water is just sort of trivially hitting against that. On the other hand, you could have a boat or canoe or something that you’re just cruising down the river on. And there’s no turbulence because you’re actually just going with the flow of the river. So you know, some people seem to be kind of in opposition to the powers that be or the divine, the flow or whatever. And their life is constantly running up against problems, and others seem to just flow with it. Like you were just saying, so yeah, that gesture you made, it’s like, so you kind of like, obviously go with the flow is a common phrase. But yeah, it’s a really profound spiritual significance.

Myree Morsi: It does. And you know, when you’re flying like that, you’re also sort of one and merge with that river too. So there’s a capacity to be the river and be this life at the same time.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay. A fella named Johnny from Washington. I’m not sure which Washington. You were talking about helping your brother’s karma after his death. Recently, I heard my brother’s father in law was dying, and passed away shortly thereafter. My spirit guides told me that I could heal him even after his death, and I did healing work on him for about a week after his passing. Till I was told this was helping his soul. So how is that what you were talking about?

Myree Morsi: Yes. Beautiful. That’s a beautiful experience. Gianni, and thank you for doing that. Yes, yes, that’s exactly it. And I worked with a lot of spirit, a lot of prayer workshop, manically Yes, to help him very, very similar. Just he’s he required quite extensive support my brother and

Rick Archer: so you work with people who are going through Kundalini awakenings like you, you’re right, there’s a world of pain for so many people as they are awakening. And how is it you specifically help to smooth that out for people?

Myree Morsi: I guess there’s a various different ways that I work with people, it depends on what some what’s happening to some someone, sometimes I have conversation with people because they’re right at the start of that awakening process. And it’s more familiarizing them and educating them and helping them to understand and connect with what’s happening. Other people come to me because that awakening process isn’t going very well, there’s a lot of difficult symptoms, maybe their trauma is coming up very fast. They may be having a lot of health issues or a lot of struggles going on in their nervous system. And so we sort through what’s going on and what’s actually making the awakening process so difficult. And then we find solutions for for those different elements, or different parts of the system that are struggling. And sometimes I work also with the trauma process and why that’s interacting. And and yeah, that’s some of it.

Rick Archer: We mostly work long distance over Skype or something.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, yeah. I only work online. Yes.

Rick Archer: Do you have any kind of a psychological degree or anything like that, or?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, I do. And I’m really glad that I do. Because I love the ethics of that. I know that you have a spiritual teachers organization, where the ethics is really important, too. So to me, that’s really important. So the Diploma in counseling and arts degree and a master’s in process oriented psychology.

Rick Archer: And when you say the ethics of that, you mean that, you know, if you become a licensed psychologist, then there’s a whole code of ethics.

Myree Morsi: Yes. Yes. And I think that’s really important because it it creates safety and boundaries for the client and safety and boundaries for myself and helps both of us be very clear about the nature of what we’re doing in the arrangement. Yeah.

Rick Archer: I think we’ve kind of touched this, but let’s touch it again. I think you mentioned that. I think you’ve mentioned that people who have been traumatized in some way may tend to have a rougher Kundalini process. We might be able to say perhaps can we that it could be possible for the Kundalini to rise with hardly a ripple, that it’s just a very smooth sort of thing? A lot of people it’s like all hell’s breaking loose. Yeah. So do you think that kind of correlates with the amount of trauma one might have experienced either in this life a previous?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, I find that if you’ve had, if you had a pretty stable childhood, and a lot of, you know, just normal supportive growth as a child, then there’s a lot more openness in the system, because when we have trauma, we tend to contract in different places. So if you if you’ve done a ride in his life, when the Kundalini awakens, there’s not a lot of restriction in the system, and it can have like a very easeful flow up through the body and out of the crown and, you know, flow through the Orient to the Divine to create that sense of union. And it can be quite effortless. And also people may have had difficulties and then done a lot of therapy or inner work or meditation and a lot of purification that way. And then it’s more useful for people that have had a lot of challenges a lot of trauma, especially childhood trauma, we sent it’s a matter of size, that and stored in our body, and we press it and repression is really good. When you’re a child, you don’t want all of that active at that point in time, you want to be able to make it through your child to being an adult. And so all of that suffering and trauma is repressed in the tissues in the body is a subtle channels, it’s in the naughties. And then when Kundalini wakes up, she wakes up to find that the very places that she needs to move through are occupied, or restricted and compressed. And so the Kundalini has to work a lot harder to find passage through those places. And it’s called like that spiritual comic burning, like literally burning through your personal history in this life. But it’s not only that as often meaning your ancestral processes and what’s going on in your genetics and DNA as well as your past lives. Just let the,

Rick Archer: I think we’re getting a dog in here we go

Myree Morsi: Hi doggies. And so on that kind of physiological basis, if your body is a canal, for the, for the boat to flow through, if you had trauma, there’s a lot of rocks and sticks and vows and obstructions in in that canal. So it’s a lot more work to get through. The other thing that makes it difficult for people with Kundalini and who have trauma is that people that have been traumatized find ways to cope with their trauma. And those ways are really important, they often we often become very controlling of our relationships of our environment. But the most important thing is to become very controlling of our body. Because often things have happened either psychologically, emotionally or physically to our body. And so we want to be in charge, I’m the only one that does anything to my body, and that keeps us safe. And it contains our hyper arousal. And it’s a way of managing anxiety and stress. Then what happens when Kundalini wakes up is that suddenly you have a foreign energy? It seems foreign anyway, when I was gonna say, yeah, it seems like something like a not me, that’s alive in your body, this energy that’s moving around, it’s giving you symptoms, maybe you have those careers, maybe you have heat, maybe you’re suddenly anxious. And, and so those people that use a lot of control to survive, suddenly, a face with the fact that they’re in a process where they have to surrender that control. And that can be very difficult and create a lot of terror and confusion and anxiety, that just that like learning to surrender in it and accept and come into relationship with it. And also Kundalini, when she moves through your body will bring you all of your repressed anxiety and trauma, and you want that to go. Any trauma process, you want to go very, very slowly in an incredibly sustainable way so that you can process that trauma and still have a life.

Rick Archer: There’s a metaphor I’ve found helpful over the years, which is that if, let’s say we wanted to dissolve some mud, if you put it in a glass of water, it’s just gonna really muddy up the water. But if you if you could throw it in a swimming pool, it would be a lot less disruptive to the water if you can throw it in the ocean when they’ve been noticeable. So so the name of the game is to increase one’s capacity for resolving and processing Yes, stuff not just to take on the stuff but to increase one’s capacity to do so.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, in fact, as you go through Kundalini, what happens is your capacity to process in a release that expands and increases exponentially and you can look back a year if even if you go for equipment personally for a year and then you look back and reflect. You will see your capacity to know and understand yourself and to process and move energy it has accelerated and you have new gifts and skills that you didn’t have simply from having that relationship, so and she gives you a lot like, she’s always giving you gifts and waking up wisdoms and abilities and capacities inside you to help you with that at the same time, so you’re not alone with it.

Rick Archer: When you were answering the previous question, kind of alluding to sexual trauma, I think without actually mentioning it, but I get the impression that you’ve dealt with a lot of people who have sexual trauma, having had it yourself. And yes, is it sort of any special issues with that, that we need to address here? Aside from what you’ve already said?

Myree Morsi: Yeah, so what I just said applies, particularly, especially to sexual trauma, because those people tend to be very, understandably, very wanting to be very much in charge of what’s happening to your body and your psyche in your system, I find those people need first off a lot, a lot of support to make that experience as safe as possible. So that you can reduce the amount of anxiety and terror in the system so that the natural presence and awareness can see very clearly what’s happening and start to build a new relationship with those people often need to be held in a very loving and safe way. So that the trauma that’s coming up, is processed in a way that’s the both gives them the freedom, but also doesn’t activate more post traumatic stress. So it’s just like a lot of mindfulness and a lot of gentle holding that goes on. There’s something else I just remembered was that

Rick Archer: I’ll say something, maybe, yeah, interrupt me, as soon as you remember what you were going to say. And that is something you just said reminded me that, I know that in psychology, they say that you can sort of re traumatize the person by up in a way that’s not so artful or, or whatever, I think maybe in spirituality, the same thing is true. And we’ve, we’ve kind of touched on this point repeatedly throughout this interview. But if things are dealt with, if things are released too quickly, or something, it can actually cause more harm than good.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. So you have that you want to you want to keep the the rate of the trauma released in someone’s system, slow, even if the person doesn’t have a Kundalini awakening, and when they have a Kundalini waking is even more important because you have an energy that’s that’s processing the trauma, because you know, sexual trauma or love those held, particularly a lot of the content of that is held in the first and second chakra, which is the first ones to generally be purified by that awakening. So usually, someone who has an awakened Kundalini has sexual trauma, suddenly, in a very short amount of time, is starting to feel pulled into that trauma history. And that can be really confronting, especially if you’ve kept it to the side, it’s your way of surviving and nowhere and survival, your survival is really important. And the other thing is, yes, you don’t want to plunge someone directly into a trauma monitoring therapy, stages that if you can work through a trauma without ever having to go back and speak directly about it, or pull it up, that’s the best way to do it. And there are a lot of really amazing technologies and, and strategies and therapy styles that have different interventions that you can use to someone can process sexual trauma, without ever having to go back and relive it, you want to try and avoid that as much as possible.

Rick Archer: question just came up in my mind that might be interesting. And that is that what percentage of people in the world do you think are having Kundalini awakenings either, you know, through intentional spiritual practice or spontaneously or we’re talking like a fraction of 1%? Or? And you and second part of that question is, do you think it’s becoming more common? Is there kind of some spiritual epidemic that’s sweeping the world?

Myree Morsi: I think we are having a spiritual epidemic and thank goodness that we are because we totally need I think it’s in the absolute multi millions and millions and millions of people. i My sense is since 2012, when there was a very strong energetic shift on the planet and the planet can hold a higher consciousness, there’s been a, an exponential explosion in the number of people just waking up spontaneously, because the consciousness on the planet is so much higher, like say, 100 years ago, if you wanted to wake up, you might have to walk to a monastery, sit with a teacher for 20 years, purify your body meditate, and then you might get a mantra and then they might act Kundalini might activate. But this is enormous preparation these days, because it’s like, in the atmosphere on this planet. It’s very easy to wake up spontaneously. And with very little own no effort on your own heart. I remember one man he wrote to me and he all he had done was read one. He’d read a book, and he did one meditation in it and had the most profound and different Got Kundalini awakening as a result of that he’d never done anything spiritual people it happens to people painting out in nature through being in a desperate situation and during a really intense prayer just can light people up like that.

Rick Archer: You know, you know that saying a rising tide lifts all boats, right? Yes. So do you think that this rising tide of waking is just going to lift everyone up? Or do you think some people are kind of like anchored in in which case the rising tide is going to capsize or swamp their boats in other words, is going to get really hard for some people as certain other segment of the population sort of ascends and consciousness?

Myree Morsi: It could get very hard I think it’s hard already on this planet. I don’t think this is an easy time to be on this planet, whether you’re going through awakening have experienced a deepening or are you haven’t I think it’s a challenging time.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I just wonder how it’s gonna play out in society. i I’m very grateful for

Myree Morsi: the for the epidemic, the way consciousness is going viral, because we completely need it. And I have no idea how it’s gonna play out. Yeah. I love what you’re doing. And I’m very grateful that you do this beautiful show and touch so many people’s lives because you’re definitely an activator.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s it’s gratifying to be able to play that role. All these kind of images of contaminated persons spreading diseases. It’s true. I’m going through an airport or something.

Myree Morsi: It’s true. And you know, many of the sages say you don’t know in any moment, anyone who’s watching has forgotten he joined them on what any moment what your presence, one word, you’re parting someone by how that that can wake them up and activate them. There are amazing stories about that.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And perhaps you know, I’ve told this story before, but when I was a kid, I saw this thing on some science show about how nuclear fission works. And they had a whole roomful of mousetraps, and a ping pong ball and every mousetrap, and then they just kind of threw one ping pong ball into the mix. They all started going and making each other go. Yeah, so I think maybe there’s something like that that could be happening with the spiritual awakening where there’s a sort of propagation. Absolutely. effect that takes place. Yeah. It’s inspiring.

Myree Morsi: It is inspiring, and it’s inspiring. I get a lot of emails from, from people in all walks of life and the stories that they share about how they had their awakening was initiated. Right, amazing. Yeah.

Rick Archer: You mentioned something here, that might actually I think we quite touched about this point. But it might be encouraging for some people listening. At times the pathway are called to walk is barely visible, sometimes lost in despair, doubt and distress. It can be completely confusing. This is you speaking here, I view confusion as a beautiful beginning point, a sign of change in your process, and a place rich with clues, signals and messages to discover and unravel together, as we begin to germinate insight and transformation. So what would you say to those who feel sort of lost, like nothing’s happening? And wife is a drag? Kind of thing. All these spiritual people are full of baloney. Where’s all the bliss?

Myree Morsi: I would say, to take some time and and stop and be inside that confusion and be with it and notice. What is what’s the signal? What is something that stands out for you in that moment of confusion and be curious about it? And dream within a dream into it? No matter how confused you are, no matter how lost you are, there is always a signal. There’s always something there that can show you the next step. And then you can be at that next step and pause again and just look from one signal to the next. And it will it will carry you in take you forward.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I think that’s good. I mean, I certainly went through a very last phase I was arrested for drugs a few times and spent a few nights in jail and dropped out of high school and all kinds of things. And at a certain point, I just kind of got bit by the spiritual bug, you know, and things just began to get better continue to do so.

Myree Morsi: And I think sometimes being lost is really helpful because there’s a lot of things that fall away when you’re lost. There’s a lot of education and conditioning and instruction and family stories of how you’re going to be in sometimes it’s like a way of shaking out of those things and getting ready getting right to to be really touched by something.

Rick Archer: And actually, you know, I mean, when you consider how difficult on people’s lives are in this world, you know, what’s happening in Syria or Darfur, or with the Rohingya people, you know, and in Miramar, and things like that anybody who’s actually sitting in a chair, looking at a computer, watching an interview, is probably got it pretty good compared to many people in the world. So, you know, consider ourselves blessed, and then, you know, build the blessings from they’re

Myree Morsi: absolutely blessed and, and very, very privileged. And we’ve been immense access to information and ways of, of finding a way forward that I don’t think humanity’s ever had. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Maybe a final point, you mentioned the value of service and a no amaz, very service oriented. What would you say about service as a spiritual path, or in general, or whatever you want to say about it?

Myree Morsi: I think the path of service is a calling and an end if it’s your path that calls you. And it’s very hard to refuse. And it’s immediately a path of surrender. And it’s not everybody’s past, but it was certainly mine. And I still live that way. I still live in the mystery of the service. And what’s going to be asked of me next, and I usually just wait for, for what from my services being asked for. And I really just enjoy the unfolding. It just feels like being in a constant act of love.

Rick Archer: Good. Well, that’s nice. I do you think I mean, there are the reasons someone like Amma recommends it, I think, is that it tends to attenuate the ego, you know, yeah. If it’s all just me, me, me, what can I do for me? But if you’re actually getting out and helping people in various ways, that opens the heart. It sort of redirects the attention from self indulgence in some way. Yeah.

Myree Morsi: And it also burns out toxic friends, a lot of calmer up and especially if you’re doing that under the auspices of a very powerful teacher that they’re blessing to your service is able to accelerate you on your path and will accelerate you through your karma.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I know Shankara used to talk about how not everyone is right for, you know, the final stage of realization, which might produce through ganja yoga, or whatever the Karma Yoga and bhakti yoga and various other yoga is could be conducive to culturing one to the point where final realization will occur, or totally and occur.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, and I think one of those paths, it feels like the path journey is never really called me in this lifetime, always very much a part of the bhakti it’s just, it’s just where it lit my fire. And while I can read spiritual texts, it’s it’s not really interested in curiosity, this life has been. And I don’t necessarily know that you have a choice over that. I think it’s kind of your makeup.

Rick Archer: That’s true. I think so. Um, all right, well, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground. So anything we haven’t covered, that is lurking in the back of your mind that you want to bring out.

Myree Morsi: I think something that I’m seeing a lot at the moment is as because there’s a lot more people that are quite progressed through their awakening experience or Kundalini journey, what I’m noticing happening at the moment is that there’s a lot of really beautiful purpose that’s showing up inside that awakening, like alertness that’s like that’s wanting expression in life, through action through service, it might be through creating a business or a particular profession, or it could be the path that you walk, but I’m really enjoying that this sort of lining up of some kind of awakening purpose that’s expressing in people’s lives. And I’m seeing that as more common more of a more viral than it was, say five or 10 years ago.

Rick Archer: Nice. Are you pardon?

Myree Morsi: And that’s exciting.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it is. I would assume that you’re kind of optimistic in terms of how the world’s gonna go.

Myree Morsi: I lean on the side of optimism but I’m also Australian we have terrible climate change we have climate change stress so I’m also aware that my country’s certainly certainly at a tipping point ahead of other parts on this planet so I’m I’m deeply optimistic and I also have a concern as well

Rick Archer: for the Great Barrier Reef down there’s yeah, getting all bleached out. Yeah,

Myree Morsi: I rivers are dying official time. Yeah. Are there

Rick Archer: many climate deniers there

Myree Morsi: Well, federal government is a very good at the moment the the government in charge is a very good climate denier. But there’s a straining population on a whole is very climate change aware and climate and we actually have a category in the medical system for climate change stress in Australia because of the the impact and concern interesting in the culture.

Rick Archer: Yeah, the reason I asked is that it’s sometimes wonder how bad it’s got to get before people realize, you know,

Myree Morsi: it’s true, it’s true. And you know, in America is much more privileged because I think the effects of climate change will be slower in the United States, which in some ways is a little bit of a concern, because I think people tend to need to see the impact actually, then initiate action. Whereas in Australia is in our face, like at the moment of the biggest river in our country, 100 year old fish are dying by the millions, just this week.

Rick Archer: And it gets you have some terrible droughts and fires and heat waves.

Myree Morsi: Yeah, that’s right. It’s very extreme. Yeah. Well.

Rick Archer: Obviously, all kinds of policy changes, and economic changes, and technological innovations, and all are going to need to come to the fore to address this. But I still think that the foundation of everything is the spiritual awakening, and that the shift in consciousness will actually bring about greater the greater creativity needed to come, you know, to, to bring up those innovations, and also will help to melt the stubbornness and myopia of those who are opposing them.

Myree Morsi: Absolutely. And I think that waves a whole everyone in this audience, everyone in the planet, that’s That’s Ryan consciousness expanding, collectively we are we are raising the consciousness on the planet so that we can access more of that level of genius that we need from from the quantum field.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. Perfect. Okay, great. So thanks so much for your time. I will be creating a page on That tells a little bit about you and links to your website. And people can just go from there and get in touch with you.

Myree Morsi: Yes, that sounds great.

Rick Archer:  Well, thanks, Myree.

Myree Morsi: Thanks so much, Rick. It’s been really wonderful to be here. And thank you to everyone who’s watching this.

Rick Archer: So and to everyone who’s watching this. Thank you for watching. And you know, the details I usually say at the end about visiting BatGap calm and checking out the menus, signing up for the email if you want, there’s an audio podcast. So that’s all pretty obvious and basic stuff. So please do that if you’re interested. And I’ll see you for the next one. Thank you