469. Jean Houston

Jean HoustonDr. Jean Houston, Ph.D., is a scholar, philosopher, educator and a recognized pioneer of the Human Potential Movement. Widely recognized as a visionary leader and multi-cultural expert, Houston is the author of over 30 books exploring human possibilities and positive action in the world. Houston served as an advisor in human and cultural development for UNICEF, and to national and international heads of state.

Houston has devoted her life to developing processes to activate the latent abilities in individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. Over the last 60 years, Dr. Houston has worked in over 109 countries as an international speaker and teacher. Dr. Houston is the Chancellor of Meridian University and a dedicated champion of the human spirit.

Website: jeanhouston.com

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I asked Jean which of her 30 books she would recommend for those wishing to learn more and she recommended:

More of Jean’s books:

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Interview recorded September 1, 2018

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