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Hans Wilhelm Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha the gas pump. My name is Rick Archer, Buddha. The gas pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. As of this fall, I will have been doing this for 10 years, and there are over 500 interviews online. If this is new to you, and you’d like to check out previous ones, please go to BatGap COMM bat gap, and you’ll find them organized there under the past interviews menu. This is this whole production is made possible by the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and would like to support it, there’s a PayPal button on every page of the site. And then there’s a page of other ways to donate if you’re not fond of PayPal. My guest today is Hans Vilhelm. Hans is the author and illustrator of over 200 books for all ages, including some creative Byron Katie, his books have sold over 40 million copies and are translated into 3030 languages. That’s a lot. Hans has created over 70 short YouTube videos in which he explores the dynamics of universal spiritual laws. He says that His mission is to offer these videos to inspire viewers to question and explore spirituality and their own relationship to the universe. During these videos, Hans skillfully illustrates his points on a whiteboard as he speaks. This back of the napkin approach has been so appealing that his YouTube channel has more than 110,000 subscribers. I’ll be linking to Hans’s BatGap page, and to his webs from the Hans’s BatGap page to his website life explained calm, and also to his YouTube channel and some of his books on does not use his videos to sell books, nor does he ask for donations. He finances the videos out of his own earnings as an author and illustrator. And Hans lives in Connecticut not far from where I grew up, and just around the corner from where my band used to practice when I was 1920 years old. So welcome, Hans.

Hans Wilhelm: Well, thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you, Rick, this is great honor, and I’m delighted to

Rick Archer: be here. Good to have you. Today, we’re going to be discussing topics such as karma and reincarnation and guardian angels, spirit possession, and all sorts of things. And I think it’s worth asking in the beginning. Well, firstly, as I listened to a lot of your videos, you know, I find that I agree with you on just about everything. I share a similar philosophy. And there’s some things that you say that I’m not so sure about, but I don’t rule them out. They’re just more hypothetical to me. But most of this stuff I’ve been, you know, feeling comfortable with for many, many years. And one guy sent in a question, which I think is somewhat relevant to this is his question was kind of snarky. But I reworded it. He was complaining that most of your ideas are originally found in Hindu teachings, and yet you and yet you provide no attribution for the sources. But I would say that most of these ideas are found in the perennial perennial philosophies of many traditions, not just Hindu. But the bigger question is, do these traditions or you and I, for that matter, have any way of knowing these things for sure to be true? Or do they just sort of resonate with us or make us feel comfortable or something? I’ve interviewed some people, even people who claim to have had a profound awakening that reject a lot of the things that you and I are going to be talking today, about today as sort of religious mumbo jumbo that just was devised to make people feel good. But you know, they, there’s no way of proving it. So how do you how do you deal with that issue? Or that question?

Hans Wilhelm: I think there’s no way how anybody can prove God or the existence of God or even the spiritual life, if you don’t want to believe it, that’s fine. It is something which comes in from my experience, only through the application of the laws of exercises, which really made a change in my own life. So it has come from the belief it starts with the belief, I’m ready to believe whatever it is, and then apply that knowledge in my life. And when I see actual changes in my life, then my belief turns into a knowing and that knowing is my own knowing I cannot share that knowing with anybody I cannot make you know what I know. You can only do this yourself. It’s the same with logic. For instance, we say one in one is too but only once you add one in one two up in your own mind, and you see the two things together, then it is becomes illogical and true to you, you have to make this process in yourself. And that’s why the spiritual path as I know it, I have tried to live for much of my life like you have, and I found so much truth in it. And it has helped me in so many instances. And I see, I began to see things differently. So just by the experience, and by the positive results, which I have in my own life over the years, I know that this is all true to me. But I have no possibility to make that known to anybody else. Neither have I to the desire, I have no desire to convince anybody, if what I share works for anybody great. If it doesn’t work, that’s great, too. I have no interest to convince anybody with anything that I share my videos?

Rick Archer: Well, that’s a good answer. And I think it’s kind of a scientific answer, actually, because it’s based on experience. And the way science works is you hypothesize something, and then you test it to see whether it can be confirmed experientially. And if it’s can’t, if it can, that doesn’t prove it, it just adds sort of gravity or a weight to the, you know, the truth of it. But scientists would never say that any anything is absolutely true and could never be disproven, because, you know, like you say, all crows are black. If somebody shows up with a white crow, then boom, that that hypothesis has been disproven. But there are a lot of things we rely upon, because they they, you know, that have been scientifically established, because they’ve been established so many times, and we don’t see a lot of anomalies or violations of them.

Hans Wilhelm: It’s true, yeah. And we have to remind us something, I’m just thinking, every time we say the sun is rising, the sun is setting. We know intellectually, it’s not true that Earth is turning but we have sort of see oversee, opposite and so on. So we are constantly continuously have to readjust our beliefs with reality.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And when I mentioned the perennial philosophy, you know, a lot of different traditions, which had no way of communicating with each other, came up with the same stuff, you know, like reincarnation, and various other points that we’ll be talking about today. And so perhaps, you know, Sears, and all those different traditions had some deep cognitive insight into the way the universe works into the way life works. And that’s why they came up with the same, the same notions, you know, on on, bounced to one another. So that brings up a point, which is that, you know, we don’t just accept these things, because we’ve read a lot of books about them. But there’s, there’s a sort of an experiential evidence that has accumulated over time. And another one of the scientific principles is repeatability. If somebody does an experiment, somebody else can do the experiment and see if he can repeat it. And if he can, that add, that adds credibility to it.

Hans Wilhelm: That’s true. But still you have to make, you have to walk the walk yourself. There’s just no way. Nobody can do that for you. And a lot of people in collect this information, a lot of spiritual information, intellectually more and more and more they binge watch, and so on. And they continuously take it in intellectually, and are not willing to really apply it. And that’s where the problem is. So they become very frustrated with it. And they really become critical about it. But it’s, I think it’s in tremendous burden, to accumulate spiritual knowledge without applying edge. It’s really karmically, I think has an effect on our life. There is a say a quote, which I heard, and I really don’t know the exact words, but it says, it is far more severe for a saint to step on an end than for a caveman to kill a mammoth. Because a saint should know what to do and not to do. So once we accumulate knowledge, spiritual knowledge, and don’t use it in our life in our life, like doing the right and wrong things. We are creating karma even more severely, because we do we know what is right and wrong and what we should do. While somebody who has never heard about it is rather ignorant, and his karma will be judged by himself in a different way.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I’ve heard that kind of thing, too. Another way of saying it is that the judge gets a more serious sentence than then the common man who doesn’t understand the law if the judge breaks that same law. Yes. So how would you recommend that people do apply it you say, you know, we can study all this stuff, but if we don’t apply it, then that’s not good. How do we apply

Hans Wilhelm: it? What I don’t present anything new. The the lessons what is given to us in the spiritual world is in all cultures, it is basically the golden rule that apply the Golden Rule seriously in our life. Or I even would simplified today a little bit more, I would say, Love and nothing else. And so we have the golden rule. Here in the West we have the 10 commandments, the Sermon on the Mount. So these are the very clear directions are for us to go not to lie not to cheat, not to, to hurt anybody help those who are less fortunate. It is so simple. But if we don’t do that, and only think of our ego and ego satisfaction and step on other people, and etc, etc, and cheat and lie, etc, then we create a world as we have created now, which is really dimming the light is dimming here with all the evolution with all the ecology, dying, and everything, that is a result of our ego, because over the time, we have created so much harm to the world and too much to ourselves as well. So we have not lived by these, about the golden rule, or the 10 commandments, whatever it is. So I would say start with the most obvious one start with the golden rule. It’s not the what I find, having studied for so long time, God is ingenious simplicity, it’s a very simple path to God. And the golden rule is very simple. It’s not simply to live, but it’s a very simple rule. Do unto others what you want to them or the other way around, do not do to others what you don’t want them to to you. Yeah,

Rick Archer: some people give a nice interpretation to that, which is that, you know, if you if your awareness is deep enough or enlightened enough, then when you look at others, you see yourself because you see the unity of everything. And so then it comes naturally to do unto others as you would have them to do unto you, just as you would not, you know, punish your hand, if it got dirty or something, you would just clean it, because it’s part of you. If if everything in the universe, everything in the world is seen as part of you, as you essentially, then you’re going to tread very lightly and compassionately not harm people or anything.

Hans Wilhelm: Besides free under if the word you is too difficult for people to come to see and to accept, if they can maybe say see divinity and everything we could whatever they were how they see God or whatever it is, but everything is divinity, it is down crystallize. A light ether. And so whatever we look, whatever we feel, whatever we see is basically it’s in a way, divinity. So if we see divinity around us all everywhere, where we look and see that part of us it’s yeah, it’s easy for you and me to sit here comfortably and talk that way. But in our day to day challenges when we have to pay the bill, etc, fight somebody in traffic, etc. We so quickly forget the day to day life is really a challenge and everybody SOC by video, the earth life, School of Earth, is we got everyday gods, we get our own little lessons where we have to really apply these vigorously this the simple laws of not hurting anybody and loving anybody and everything.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Well, we’re going to explore a lot of angles during this conversation. And personally, I think that the whole philosophy is sketched out. If people could really take it to heart, it makes life a lot easier to live, you know, not understanding these things. Life must seem very cruel, confusing, yeah, unfair, and accidental, you know, and just meaningless and all those kind of words. But understanding these things, and really understanding them deeply and experience, you know, experientially to whatever extent we can, life flows completely differently. That’s exactly

Hans Wilhelm: the experience I had when I was in my early 20s. And the first time I had an encounter with the teachings of Edgar Cayce, and Edgar Casey’s teaching, which includes the reincarnation and suddenly it was, everything was suddenly overnight clear to me. Every question I had about why he said, bad people and good people and rich people, poor people, sick people, healthy people, suddenly after, for the first time, I was exposed to the teaching of reincarnation, I suddenly could put everything basically together. And I just said continued. And that’s why a lot of people as you said earlier, some they think I took it from the Hindu belief. No, it’s not into its Christian teaching reincarnation. And I must also I can be very honest, I have never studied Hinduism or anything. But I must say that 30 40% of my emails come from India, of my listeners, and for some reason, I must be saying the same thing which is in their teachings, but it is the moment you understand reincarnation, everything does make sense. And everything in your life changes vary drastically. And it is so sad that in our western world, the Catholic or the church as such, not only the Catholic or the churches have suppressed the teachings, which Christ taught Christ taught reincarnation, and that was suppressed and unfortunately, we have the reside and very selfish world where we only think this is the only lifetime I have. This is a life only and I just do everything just to so I get my share of the cake. Yeah,

Rick Archer: it’s definitely not big picture thinking. And since since you said earlier, you know, well, we can’t really prove any of these things to anybody prove God prove reincarnation, actually, to a certain extent we can the word proof is too strong, but we can provide evidence. For instance, there’s a University in Virginia, I forget the name of it, or, you know, but that where they’ve been studying doing studies on reincarnation, they have 1000s of accounts of young children who remember details of past lives, which are confirmable, they, you know, they go to the, the kid describes this, that and the other thing, they go and check it out. And sure enough, that happened, there was no way they could could have known that. And even the notion of God, I mean, if you studied, if you studied physics, or if you study nature very deeply, you see an intelligence and an orderliness, opera and all aspects of nature, which at least indicates that life is not accidental, random, there’s some kind of deep intelligence of some sort, orchestrating things, so doesn’t prove God but it you know, at least doesn’t improve, it certainly doesn’t improve prove the old guy in the sky with a beard, God, but, but more all pervading on the present, organizing power of nature, something along those lines, it certainly indicates,

Hans Wilhelm: when you open yourself up to that possibility you see it, it’s sometimes I will say, with somebody, I can’t do this, I can’t do this. If we say I’m willing to look into an eye, I’m willing to consider the existence of God, that moment you opened ourselves up, but many people says, I don’t believe in God, I don’t see it, or whatever it is, then we close ourselves. But when we open ourselves up just with a word, I’m willing to do that, then the thing can happen. And we can suddenly recognize and come into contact of teachings of people, where suddenly we see the world very differently. So it’s very much up to us how much we open ourselves to new perspective instead of continued continuously protecting our debt, what we already know or think we know.

Rick Archer: Yeah, good. But again, that’s the scientific attitude. I mean, I scientists could be an agnostic, but I don’t think he can really be an atheist and call himself a scientist, because scientists, by definition have to be open to evidence as it presents itself.

Hans Wilhelm: Yes, I would agree. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Rick Archer: So let’s take some of these topics more deeply. Here’s a good one. To start with, we’ll come back to reincarnation. But you have a video entitled, Why are we here? And part of the description of it is what is my purpose here on earth? What do you have to say about that?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, I usually can’t draw it better than explain, but I’ll give it my try. That’s why I made the video in the videos because I, I like to see these things. And in my video I show that it is not again, I just say me again, I have no intention to convince anybody it is my understanding from over 50 years study and experiencing and applying these laws, that definitely we are, or have been perfect spiritual beings, at one time, a long, long time ago. And through what is generally called in the Bible is called the fall, we have left that pure spiritual heaven, and have fallen down into lower spheres of existence, right down to the bottom of what we call the material universe, which in which we are right now. And our goal is to return back to the light back to home. This is the story the famous story of the prodigal son, which Christ talk about the Father, let us go we wanted to explore physicality, etc, the pleasures or whatever it is. And we found out this is not all there is and this is not the really the best that is so eventually we many of us have fallen so deep and so lost and so sad and depressed, that this is a moment when we return back home, it’s just there must be more to life. And suddenly, many people are then open up to this. And we find this in lot in the NBA where we are where people are really have to hit rock bottom before they says this is enough and turn around. So we go back to the light. And all the teachings of spiritual teachings that I referred to, and I’ve studied, every third confirm this and they say this is the path you have to really undo your, what we call my karma, which is all the negative things or unloving thoughts and actions of the past to become pure and clean again, and come to a higher vibration because the whole universe works on like attracts like. So the highest vibration being love and we are now at the very low one. To reach ourselves we have to become the same high vibration again as love and to return this and this is our struggle. This is our goal. And every day we have been given challenges to purify ourselves to let go of everything what we can call, ego, what we can call selfishness, and self centeredness, and all these kinds of things which have really isolated us and made us colder and harder and unhappier and sadder and more depressed. And we have to let that go and move back into the light, so to speak. And that is really the reason why we are here to undo our karma. And every day, we are given many, many opportunities where we can where we are reminded of things of which we might have done in the past, which we now can rectify, through repentance and forgiveness and give an asking for forgiveness.

Rick Archer: But you said reminds me of that TS Eliot quote, which I just looked up, which is, we shall not cease from expert exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. Yeah, maybe that one?

Hans Wilhelm: I guess, I don’t know. But I don’t know whether I know it for the first time, I think we will be job related to see it again. Because we have known that home all the time in us and we will be absolutely, we will be so excited to be back home again.

Rick Archer: So if let me play a couple devil’s advocate points on that. So if we, if we used to be in a very high state, and we fell from that, and we’re working our way back to it, when we get back to it, do we have more than we had before we left because of this whole journey we took

Hans Wilhelm: you we do have the experience? Yes, we do have the experience. And all the so called spiritual beings who has a stake back in the view of heaven who have not joined to the fallen angels are in a way quite amazed how much we have taken on ourselves because it needs a very, we’d be we become struck, we became stronger in a way through this whole path. And when we return we have the memories, but only the memories, no longer the attraction, which is very important. All the sensuality, all the pleasures and everything, but the worldly lifestyle had, we’re no longer attract us anymore, but the memory will be there for this we will be richer.

Rick Archer: Okay. Now, some would say, well, actually, I can I can counteract this point myself, I was gonna say some would say that if the absolute if the universe has an evolutionary agenda or trajectory trajectory, so it’s hard to say that word, then it’s how does this cyclical thing serve that we’re in a high state, we lose it and then we have to regain it. But if what you just said is true, that we come back to that state, having been enriched by the whole travail that we went through, then that’s evolutionary,

Hans Wilhelm: it is evolutionary, but it is not our that was not our purpose. Or this detour, which we have taken is not what was planned, it was not invented. The reason behind the detour was very different. It was really to undo creation. That was a Luciferian, for the Lucifer for because he wanted undo the whole pure creation. And we were the ones who followed them, him or her, whatever you want to say Lucifer, and God came in to undo the creation, that was the purpose why we do this whole thing. Now realizing that this can’t be done. Slowly, one after the other, the so called Fallen Angels return back to the light. And when they return home with the open arm by the father, it will be back we are back home again. So this whole thing had nothing to do with evolution. It was actually the desire was to devolution, that was the origin, the desire, why we left. So the the spiritual evolution of the universe, the pivot, continued all the time, was continuously perpetually expanding and growing, there’s a few habits were continuously creating new planets, new stars, and so on. That continues. But we made this little loop we have a small group of people who just sort of left and just came back again.

Rick Archer: Okay, a couple of points. First of all, where did that whole understanding come from? Is that from esoteric Christianity or particular philosopher or what

Hans Wilhelm: I would say this is predominantly it’s clear in the western world is it’s in the Yeah, Christianity, which may know about the for the fall of the angels, I mean, that was in the Bible already mentioned. And we find this let me think about his his predominantly in the in the Christian teachings, yes. Where find it most most clearly mentioned, Christ speaks about it in great detail, even with a new Revelation, Revelation. So I would say yes, it is a Christian teaching in a way, but I believe it applies to everyone. And Christ came not just only for so called Christian, he came for everyone. And he gave us the energy of so that we actually could return back to home because there was a time when our chakras our January jets and energy centers were slowing down so much because we devolved so much that eventually we they will turn backwards. And that means that we’ve our soul, which devolved the devolve, and that moment was the Christ intervention when that was stopped. So no, so Okay, More devolve, or khalwa, back into any, any bodies or whatever. So everybody can can move on to the deeds, the Redeemer deed of Christ was for all, not only the soul on earth, but in the four levels of the lower purification spheres. Okay, it’s easy, it’s very easy. If I show you in drawing, like,

Rick Archer: you could actually go and all these points we’re talking about in this interview, people can go to your YouTube channel and see drawings about them.

Hans Wilhelm: It sounds so abstract when I speak about it, but when you see it, it becomes very clear to me,

Rick Archer: okay. Now, you know, these days, astronomers estimate that there may be 10 trillion galaxies in our universe. And by some theories, the universe is infinite, and therefore there are an infinite number of galaxies. And each galaxy has maybe 300 billion stars. And with the, not the Hubble, there’s, I forget one of the telescopes that they’re finding, they’re finding that most stars have planets around them, and probably a good percentage of those have planets that could support life. So when we talk about a cosmology, like you just sketched out, you know, are we talking about the entire universe? Are we talking about our planet, which is a teeny tiny little speck of dust by comparison with the whole universe?

Hans Wilhelm: Good point. Yeah. No, it applies to everything to all the, the entire universe, the material universe, which is a tiny universe, you’re talking about a trillion galaxies, it’s tiny, compared to the real existence of the pure heavens. So we are talking about a very small, material universe, but they are also seen the material universe is above it, and fully spiritual material universe is above it. So the gigantic pneus of the cosmos is enormous. It’s beyond our comprehension. But most of these planets, etc, in all these spheres are many of them, are inhabited by soldiers, who as all fallen through the core issue, the fall of the angels, these are in the lowest purification spheres, and this retreat are outside of the pure heaven. So our universe sounds seems to be gigantic, but it’s only from our human mind, in truth, a trillion galaxies means nothing compared to the enormity of all of creation.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I mean, no matter how large something is, you can always add infinity to it and all sudden that got a whole lot larger. And so so when you mentioned Christ coming to do this, or that most people think of Christ as the sky who came to Earth 2000 years ago. But again, Earth is just a little speck of dust by comparison with the whole galaxy at home, and that is a speck of dust by comparison with the rest of the universe. So does Christ have some kind of universal role? Or is he a being that mainly concerns himself with our planet? It is what

Hans Wilhelm: I was called the love, energy in the god energy, the god energy consists of mainly of seven of seven, how shall I say the aspects which are order will wisdom, earnestness, patience, love and mercy. And the love anger is the one from Christ and this Christ energy, which I talked about came through the being of Christ into the planet Earth, on planet Earth, but it was the by the energy which he gave to old souls, fallen souls, went through all the trillions of customers, etc. Again, it’s an amount which is difficult for us to comprehend. But the the, all these sorts in the lower four spheres were touched by this, and were so that they could no longer degenerate.

Rick Archer: So you could say that the Christ energy is a universal thing, the way gravity is universal or electromagnetism, and, and that various beings could come to various planets to channel that Christ energy for the benefit of the inhabitants of those planets. I think the possibility Yeah, joining Jesus of Nazareth happened to come here, but there could be Zoroark of such and such on that planet.

Hans Wilhelm: I only can speak about this one. Yeah, it’s possible. Anything’s possible. Okay,

Rick Archer: good. So, we’ve used the word karma. And I’ve, you know, I’ve had people come up to me and say, There’s no such thing is karma. How could there be karma? How do you explain? I think everyone has a rough idea of what karma is supposed to be. But let’s talk about a little bit and try to explain the mechanics of how it would work or how it does work. If we accept that it does.

Hans Wilhelm: Work. Come on, my definition of karma is any unloving sensation, emotion, thoughts, words and action in our body anything which is against our true nature, which is love. We 100% laugh every time we acted against Who we are, to our thinking, feeling speaking, acting, we are creating a shadow, we can call it the our soul is burdening itself with a shadow, we can call it karma. So we’re creating something negative, which eventually, we will have to face again to realize our mistakes, otherwise, we wouldn’t know what we are doing. So karma is just the loving lessons coming back to us, it is never a punishment, it is only a consequence of what we are doing, thinking and saying. So it is only a mirroring of what we have been doing to other people or to ourselves. And it just shows us to please don’t do this. Love yourself, love everyone love everything. That is a mass message of karma. And whenever we do something negative, it’s stored in it is stored this action, let’s say, in many ways, it’s stored Of course, firstly, in our soul, which is said like a computer recording, then it is in our body, but then it is also stored in the Akashic records which surround our planet Earth where everything is recorded all our actions and emotions whatever happened see on Earth, and then it is stored also boasts most importantly, in the repository planets of the material and the material universe. And hear these planets of same vibration. Uploading continuously like in the like the the the cloud program, all these so called negative karma. And eventually they have to unload it again or through constellation then the Karma comes, when they change a certain kind of constellation or situation, then the Karma comes back to the sender. So the karma is stored mainly in these planets. And right now we are reaching here in planet earth, a time when the lot of these planets and stars are up, are ready to upload a lot of stuff. Because we are really getting around that a tough time for many people here on Earth. This is created by ourselves, nobody did this to us. So we created it ourselves. And if anybody wants to point on past presidents or governments, we must not forget, we have been here many, many times before, we personally have co created the situation we are facing in the planet right now. So this uploading may come down in very difficult times. But it is not punishment. Again, it is for us to undo what we have created, we can either experience the karma, like if I rub you, I might get robbed again from someone else or from some from your future being or we can also do the others with the most sensible thing we can go and ask for forgiveness, and forgive and repent our action and no longer do it. That is the real healing things. So then the karma eliminates English disappears and B is gone.

Rick Archer: I should add that the word karma comes from a Sanskrit word and it basically means it is a Sanskrit word. And it basically means action. And so it’s not necessarily negative. There’s also positive action and good karma generated through positive action. Just to just to sort of complete that point. Yeah, sure.

Hans Wilhelm: This is a point I respect to you. This is a one thing where I disagree. Because there is no need for good karma. When you do something loving this is your natural being there is no karma. Love is loves. And if I love I don’t create karma, I’m just my natural being the sun shines. With a sunrise. It doesn’t create karma by shining. We are out of we are like a sun. We are Sunday we love and when we love, we adjust ourselves. We don’t create anything, any karma or anything, we but if we are against our true nature, then only then so I know a lot of people say that as good karma. But good karma is something which obviously is something good that comes back to us. But once we are loving it, the word comes automatically lovingly back to us. It’s not that I’ve sent something loving out that comes back to me. But the love that I sent out, responds to other people’s love. So automatically, I am in a much more loving atmosphere. By me being loving, it’s not good karma coming back. It’s just the other love from out from around me coming back to me. But negative karma is something which I have to face. So I appreciate I accept your viewpoint. It’s just not that I share that particular point.

Rick Archer: Well, some actions are more binding than others and generally actions that violate we can say natural law violate, you know, the spiritual laws, they bind us more tightly and other actions can be more liberating. And so, you know, traditionally it’s understood that everything has a ripple effect. We’re like transmitters and we’re transmitting various kinds of vibrations or influences, positive or negative. And, and, you know, they they, you know, influence everything and the influence is reciprocal. It does Come back. But the but usually karma has a negative connotation, because it refers to bad stuff that happens to us. But and and, you know, but anyway, that’s the traditional understanding, I don’t need to argue for oh, no, that’s just, that’s just the way it’s generally understood. You know, and it can’t be that we could do anything, which wouldn’t have an effect because everything is interconnected. So every, every flap of a butterfly wing, every blink of an eye, has some kind of influence, which you know, interacts with everything, the whole universe is infinitely correlated. Let’s shift the question a little bit. You mentioned the planets, I just wanted to say that the influence of planets on people couldn’t possibly be gravitation or the light that reflects off them because those forces are too weak. But I interviewed a guy named Prasanna, who’s a Joshi, a Vedic Astrologer. And in that interview, if people care to check it, there’s a really good explanation of mechanics of how the planets, as understood through Jyotish could be so inextricably aligned with what happens to us in life. If anybody really wants to explore that. And maybe Hans, you’d like to elaborate on it yourself?

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, I think this is where the original idea of astrology came astronomy, astrology as such it was today I think nobody knows any more really good astrology. But I think the planets do have a very we know the planets have an effect on us, we know what about the planets, which we we can see astrology speaks about it. I don’t know very many people can interpret it. But yes, the planets have a tremendous influence. But the reason why they have an influence is karmic reasons. And not because they suddenly sit in located in this house and that house, whatever in the astrology chart, they are there for a purpose, because we now have to learn that lesson. And when we incarnate and we have a certain chart of our planets, etc, of that is our sort of message. That is our task here. Maybe our task, but we have to do in our life. But as I said, I do not believe in the today’s understanding of astrology. But originally, I’m sure that people when they were more in tune with nature and with life, definitely could really read the planets much more than we can do it today.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there’s a whole explanation of you know, Jyotish versus Western astrology and the mechanics of each and how they work. And we won’t really get into that here. But um, some people are actually pretty good at it, at least that this fellow I mentioned that I interviewed, we’ve had our chart done by him a number of times, and it’s quite accurate. In any case, let’s get back a little bit to the notion of reincarnation, just one more question came in from someone that Lesley in Florida who wants to know, can one of your soul groups refuse to return and reincarnate with the group? And so that introduces the concept of soul groups, which we haven’t really talked about? Go ahead.

Hans Wilhelm: I’m not totally sure whether I understand her question.

Rick Archer: But I guess she says, you know, their soul groups. Sometimes people say, Well, yeah, you know, these people are like, you know, my friends and my family this and that the role of one group? I guess she’s saying, can an individual who’s part of the soul group say, heck, no, I’m not going with you guys. I’m staying here and refuse to reincarnate with the group?

Hans Wilhelm: And I think the answer is very simple. I think it depends on what kind of love level they are. If they’re on a low love level, we’re at a lower level and the Strathfield. And of course, every egoistic or selfish thought, has its once they are higher, they will really think for everybody and not just for themselves. So I think that depends on what kind of Frequently what kind of frequency that soul is. And this ability, I think this brings up a very important point, it is true we incarnate, in usually in groups of souls with who with whom we have got some karma or to undo, or achieve something, it does not necessarily the only karma, so our parents, our brothers and sisters, and even we plan to enter the who would be our children do come through us once we incarnate. So yes, there’s a big planning, going ahead before we incarnate and that we do as a group. And this is where the trouble sometimes comes with people forget. We as human being can interfere with whether or not one of the Soviets can come here. And that interference is called abortion. Then we kill that person’s opportunity to join those with whom he or she has made a contract to experience this life together.

Rick Archer: I was going to ask you about abortion because you know, you talk a lot about death and dying and birth and what happens to the you know, Soul before birth and and all that and I guess there’s there’s a question of, and I think he talked about that in your video entitled The Soul of a baby. Oh, what’s up? Doesn’t matter. Oh, you’re disconnected? No, we’re here. I’m sorry. I hear you. I see.

Hans Wilhelm: Okay. Oh, yeah, okay, I’ll get nothing,

Rick Archer: just a hiccup. So you have one video called the soul of a baby and you send your commentary on that your description is who is the soul that enters the body of a baby at birth, which implies that the soul doesn’t enter until birth. And so I think abortion is very big in the news these days, the Supreme Court is going to be considering soon a lot of states are making it very difficult in the US. And I think a real key question is, well, when does the soul actually enter the body? And is in until the soul has entered? Is abortion really that big a deal? Afterwards, it would seem to be much more, you know, egregious, and action? What do you think?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, I think I gave part of the answer already. It’s not really important when the soul enters the body, which is at the right at birth, when the first breath takes place. The question is, how much damage? Or how much? Yeah, how much harm do we do for a soul, which has now spent eons and eons to prepare this special arrival and interact with swords, which knows maybe my future wife, my future children, and so on, etc. And suddenly, somebody says, No, you can’t do it anymore. So that is, I think, the real dilemma we are having here. And I’m very careful to speak about abortion to my abortion too much because I’m a man. And I don’t know what situation I would be if I find myself in an awkward, difficult situation. So I’m very hesitant on this one. But I just like to let people think about the situation that the soul which came or wants to come, comes with a foot not only a for own agenda, but also with a desire and wish and meet all the other people. And not only the other people, the other people also waiting for the soul to incarnate so that they can also clear up their own garbage from the past. So you’re not only affecting the soul, you’re also affecting everybody in the essence lady called soul group before, who will now no longer be able to interact according as they had originally planned. So it is a very, very complex thing, abortion, and the soul it is true, it’s immediately connects with the embryo at when the when the egg starts to develop, and it tries it out many, many times during the pregnancy, to see what that fits, it may change the genes so that it gets just right, but the reconnection is at death. But as I said, You’ll be so and but the other thing, so in a way, it’s There’s a scripture says abortion is in a way death, I would say is, is killing in a way. But it’s not because of the soul its connection, it is because once you have one soul, its life has been really, really screwed up. It’s very different. Now, when a baby is born, breathe this lives, maybe for a week or two and then dies. That is that a very different story. Because that is usually something which the baby which is so had planned, etc, that is usually part of a karmic response between the parents and the child. But when we vigorously or when we purposely cut down the evolution, and the whole life, plant life of his soul, then there will be consequences. But no consequences is so bad that it couldn’t be in a way be forgiven by God.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you make it sound like, you know, a soul can choose its parents and choose its life, the life circumstances that it’s going to go into when it’s born to those parents. But it can’t foresee something like abortion, because if it could, that abortion, then then abortion would be part of the plan. But you’re saying it could foresee having, you know, dying two weeks old or a month old or something through whatever means they disease or accident or something like that. So why should it not be able to foresee the body being destroyed through abortion, when it can foresee it being destroyed through you know, some other circumstance after it has been born?

Hans Wilhelm: Because the abortion is based on the free will of the mother. It’s a free worldwide dead week a child which dies after two weeks is something which nature takes over. This can be karmic, there is no human free word selfishness in his. Now again, I’ve said when I speak about the free will of the mother. There are many reasons which insists and so one way you just but you just have To make this decision, whatever it may be, so I’m not, I don’t want to be judgmental in any form away. But the decision is made by the mother and not by the by the by the baby or by the embryo. And that’s where the difference is. So the embryo does not necessarily know maybe there are times when the baby knows it will be aborted as a soul knows, but I doubt it. This is usually decision by the mother, who will or the Bible or anybody around it by the parents say, and not the soul. It’s not the sword has nothing to do with it really. But the death afterwards is something which has to do with for other reasons. This is karmic.

Rick Archer: Okay. Hang on a second, we’ll edit this out. I mean, is asked me a question. If you click on the old link, it still says 286 views but But though I can’t answer it otherwise, but those are past ones and does not represent people still waiting? Yeah, that’s correct. That doesn’t mean 286 People are waiting means 286 people viewed? Well had to answer your question. Okay. We’ll cut that out. So all right. It’s, it’s like I’m not I want to make it clear that I’m not arguing with you. I’m just sort of trying to think this out.

Hans Wilhelm: I’m not. I’m thinking too, as well all the time, because it’s one of the most asked question, and I have not made a video on that one on purpose. Because I’ve struggled with it myself. It is very, very difficult to be so to explain it in such harsh terms. But it is a decision which, which so many people go through and have to go through. And it’s just, I think the reasoning why in our government in our country here. Once we stop abortion has nothing to do with this. This is done done politically. And this is the other set thing. It’s not taking care of protecting life, or whatever it is, it’s a political decision. And the mother’s child or the possible mother’s child, this decision is something very personal, it’s something very, very different. It’s a huge topic, I am not able to give a totally satisfying answer. Everybody has to work it out themselves. All I can say, think about the soul. It’s life, which was planned, and it’s suddenly disrupted, what about the decision is always yours. And this is why we have the free will. And I think it’s important, I do not believe in banning abortion, I believe explaining it to understanding let a person make the decision through understanding not to bend because the moment you bend something, there’s a counter in it, what you resist, you resist and so on, you have got this constant, and then you’ve got all the illegal abortions, which killed more people than anything else. So I believe that exponentially and giving information is more as much, much better once you know that the harm you do by smoking, and understand how you harm your lungs, I think it’s much easier to give up smoking,

Rick Archer: the understanding helps, it’s just that to really understand what we’re talking about here, we have to go into a very deep esoteric understanding of the nature of souls, the nature of reincarnation, the nature of planning our life before we enter into it, and that is so far outside the the concept of most of the people who are debating this issue. It’s, it’s like a pipe dream that anybody is going to be thinking about these things and trying to decide this, you know,

Hans Wilhelm: no, this is the sad thing. Yeah, but people are waking up everywhere. Rick, this is what I find so amazing, they are waking up, a lot of young people are waking up and so on and, and the the the hunger for this information is tremendous. It’s just not offered sufficiently because it’s often offered either through the institutions, which are very having their own agenda, or other people who are just sort of making a lot of money on some of the spiritual, like the New Age, wealth, people and so on. They all have got some agenda there. So it’s very difficult for a young person to find some information, which is relatively free of any other alternative motive, but just offered and make it up your own mind. And that exactly was what also I did not have when I grew up in Germany, there was no Google there was no website I did. I wanted to know all these things, but I couldn’t there was nobody I couldn’t add the church or whatever is my parents not and so on. So I struggled and it is this struggling particularly when you’re a young person and you see all this information it’s so much more trash comes on the internet. That’s why I created to do the YouTube series because that is exactly why a lot of young people are and that’s why I tried to connect and says look and I’m not saying this is the right thing but my many of my videos as you have seen ends with a book. And they’re all different sources of books are different the passage so one way I took the special teaching from so if you’re really want to know more, please go to the book, go to the Read, study it yourself. Don’t take my word for it. So I’m giving some some guidance for where they can find more info Motion anybody who’s interested in it?

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s great. No, and it’s really nice to, I mean, I’m just reading a book by a guy who had this profound spiritual awakening one time on a beach, everything was one. And he just felt divine. And this is marvelous thing. He had no idea what it was, you know, he hadn’t any background and that sort of thing. And then, you know, gradually it slipped away. And eventually he ended up feeling totally miserable again, and going through all these difficulties. And back at the time, there was no Internet, and there was no way for him to, he didn’t even have a clue that there might, this might have been some spiritual awakening, he just wasn’t oriented that way. So So these days, it’s it’s so great that, you know, with the internet, I mean, there are all kinds of weird things on the internet, but at least it can be used for this purpose to, you know, provide this kind of knowledge, which, as you say, doesn’t have to be like the gospel truth, you know that because Hans is saying it, or Rick is saying it or somebody, it’s true, but it’s sort of, you know, food for thought. And people can use these things as springboards to precisely dive in more deeply if it interests them. And it’s a great privilege that all this knowledge is is being disseminated all over the world wasn’t possible 20 years ago.

Hans Wilhelm: Right, right. Yeah. Now, I’m very grateful. And I think it’s in the image, I get show that a lot of people are really suddenly. Wow, I know, I always thought that way. But I could not find anybody who says it that way. Yeah, of course. Of course, there are a lot of books out there, etc. But young people or even older people hardly read any books anymore. We have become visual people. Yeah,

Rick Archer: yeah. And there’s so much bombarding us in the world, you know, so much information, so many distractions, and excitements, it’s like, you know, this is like that small voice calling in the wilderness. You don’t, it might get overwhelmed by the den.

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, but your guardian angel will guide you to the right source, whatever it may be at the right time. And so I think we will, if we learn to trust being guided, we will find whatever we need to find, and everybody has to find, I guess something different to make it in this life.

Rick Archer: Let’s talk about guardian angels. I believe we have them I have friends who actually say they see them routinely and can you see them around other people? So who are they what are they? Why are they here? How can we communicate with them if we should?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, these are our natural well being is of course, being a spiritual being or a soul. And it’s such in the spiritual world. But when we incarnate only here for an average of 800,000 hours, we are really exposed to a lot of danger, a lot of temptation, etc. And a lot of tasks we have agreed to prior our incarnation, and we are given a guardian spirit, mostly one some people have to to be with us, they are not 100% all the time with us because they also had to do their own lessons to learn, but they’re directly connected to us. So if we are in an instant Asia, like for instance, an unexpected car crash or something, they are faster than light there and can interfere if that needs to be done whatever it is. So they are there. And they guide us and they speak to us continuously not of course with voices although some people may hear them too. I don’t. But they do speak us with our consciousness because very much with our solar plexus when we are doing something when we are which we know this isn’t quite kosher, this isn’t quite right, etc. We have got this uneasy, queasy feeling. This is usually a message from our guardian spirit, which says, Be careful, don’t do this. Now, this may be exciting for some people, I especially want to do it because I have this rather funny feeling here. But so we do have communication there all the time with our guardian spirit. And our guardian spirit cannot communicate with us if we are in deep anger or upset or hateful thoughts, then we are sending out negative vibration of such intensity that our guardian angel has to remove himself from us for a while until we have come down. So we are so whatever our thoughts and our actions are very important and they have also to do with how close we can be with our guardian angel. The Guardian Angel is there basically to help us to fulfill the tasks which we have set out to fulfill in this particular lifetime, in a way that it more or less goes the course we had laid out laid out. I in my video I show that I see our future life before we incarnate like a river bed sort of winding and there are some rapids in it. There are some waterfalls, some goes fast, some go slow, and our life is full of these little challenges, a little unevenness, etc. And we’d have to swim through this river until we reach our end in this life. Time, and our guardian angel makes sure that we keep our boat sort of halfway on track. Because the life outline that we have agreed to prior our birth is only, how shall I say it’s 100% is a suggestion. This is how it’s more or less will be or should be. And he other danger point here, you have to be careful, you’re meeting this person, and he will challenge you here, this deferred here your content, you should be careful. So we agree to all this. And hopefully we swim according to with the guidance of our guy, guardian angel, which is basically through our good conscience if we want to say so with what we do. We do it from the good conscience, and living by the, by the golden rule.

Rick Archer: So here’s a few quick questions about guardian angels are asked three or four questions and you can give answer to them. He said that there isn’t necessarily a one to one correspondence between guardian angels and people. So is it sort of like guardian angels might have a group of 20 that they’re responsible for? And they kind of run around and keep track of those 20? That’s one question. Another is regarding angels once human beings who have ascended to become angels, or are they going to become human beings later after they serve as guardian angels? And I guess I only have those two questions.

Hans Wilhelm: So the first one is, yes, the guardian angels, like every spiritual being is taught by higher beings. But the guardian spirits as such an a group or not, are taught by teaching angels which are usually coming from the pure heavens and teaching them really they have never incarnated on Earth, but they’re teaching them and keeping them on track. So every soul has got teaching angels according to the levels where they are. And the other one was again,

Rick Archer: the second question whether was okay, so that just Oh, yeah,

Hans Wilhelm: yes, no, they do not incarnate as human beings. On the contrary, they may have been human beings and have slowly evolved back to at least the third or fourth level of purification, when they then out of love. Because they have reached the level of opening love again, go back and want to be a guardian angel for somebody here on Earth, to help them to go through their life. So these are, this can be not everybody has been incarnated here on Earth, they can be incarnated on other planets, or even not in Canada at all. But they are not the ones going down to later become a human being. It’s somebody who already is higher than a human being. Okay.

Rick Archer: And then there’s the thing about the numbers. I mean, there’s many guardian angels as there are people on earth or is it like a one to 10 ratio or what?

Hans Wilhelm: No, you can say everyone has at least one. Some have two guardian angels, and sometimes the billions of them. Yeah. As I said, we mustn’t think we think so limited with our Earth, as you said earlier, the example of tiny little Earth and trillions of galaxies and so on. This is where our mind is so limited, it is gigantic, creation is so gigantic, we have no idea. Yeah. And therefore we are really having all these diseases. These help us here around us. The whole universe is helping us everything. What we experience is nothing else than a calling back coming home, everything to see a medicine to help us to heal ourselves. So every person we meet is there as an angel, basically, for us to bring us home. Every challenge we have is a challenge to bring us home to bring us higher into a higher vibration of love again.

Rick Archer: You ever seen the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze Whoopi Goldberg and 100%?

Hans Wilhelm: Correct movie?

Rick Archer: Yeah. Bruce Joel Rubin wrote the screenplay. He’s been on BatGap. But in that movie, negative entities were portrayed as well as positive ones are these really bad guys that came and took the guy, the villain of the movie when when he died? But he would those be also, you know, doing their thing in the whole scheme?

Hans Wilhelm: Oh, definitely. That’s a problem. These are the real really deeply fallen angels who are really have gotten so enmeshed in the material, temptations, Word and energy. So they have lost their own energy. So they have fallen down. And these are these so called negative entities can some call them demons or whatever it is, and they are there that movie ghosts is 100% Correct. And we are surrounded by these swords. And these swords are very, very dangerous, and they’re very tempting and very annoying. And they have no interest in us, but they want our energy and they get our energy. Sometimes we call them possessive souls and but in many, many ways, the whole struggle we have here on Earth, even the walls whatever it is, is nothing else but fighting for energy. Because we have lost our originally energy which is our divine energy because we have removed ourselves so far away that our vibration is so low that now too survive, we have to now eat a lot of food and stuff like this, etc to feed ourselves to survive, and very low end and entities really feed on us on our negative energy what caught some quality pollution energy, which is the energy which we have in wars in destructions in hatred in fightings, this is a strong energy I said earlier, the guardian spirit can’t come close to us, because the energy is so strong, it’s a negative energy, but this gives energy to the negative forces. So they will guide or misguide us into anything that can be of destructive, and a harmful way. But only for that so that they get energies and can survive, and also do not get caught up in the wheel of reincarnation. This is basically the reason why they do this as well. They don’t want to reincarnate facing this stuff. And they can avoid it if as long as they can pull energy E on Earth from other beings. It’s very complex. But in my video, I think I showed this in greater detail on possesses souls and so on. So what I’m saying here may sound very abstract to many people. But once you see how simple it is, and how, how prevalent these entities are around us continuously, and particularly when you’re speaking about possessive, so I made a video a video on that one. And at the end, I think I’ve got five medical doctors in this videos who have written books, medical doctors have written books about people who were possessed by bias by negative entities. And what should we do about that? So we are not talking about some kind of spiritual, lottery fairy stuff here. We are talking here things with medical supported evidence that these entities exist, these entities take over other people. And these entities can do tremendous harm.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I got a couple of questions based on on that. One is that book I’m reading about, you know, the guy who had that marvelous experience on the beach, he also had, like, throughout his life, terrible, eczema, skin condition really bad. And at one point, after you learn to meditate, his life started to change really profoundly. And at a certain point, he experienced this thing coming out of him a homunculus, he used the word, but then something that had been possessing him, and it was somehow expelled by the influence of his meditation, and then things started really improving for him. So I know this sounds kind of superstitious to some people talking about being possessed by negative entities and so on. I’ve had experiences myself of things attacking me and also being released from me, that make it very real to me over the course of my you know, many years of practice, I think there is something to it, but to understand it necessitates understanding that there’s a subtler realm that we don’t perceive with our earthly eyes. And there’s stuff going on on that realm, as you’ve been saying and as you say, in so many of your videos, if you can kind of grasp that concept, then this other stuff begins to make more sense. Yeah,

Hans Wilhelm: actually, if we could really see how busy when we go to a city like this, and see the real human beings there and all the other spirits around it as well we will be sort of shocked people who have got the gift of seeing spirits will be shocked to see how much negativity particularly in cities and so on or boss or whatever it is, its enormous, its enormous, the the the quantities of negative entities, which are here to nothing interested in, I see them very similar like the mafia, they just use you as long as you can and when they are not interested, they drop you like this and then you’re sort of capital are finished or dead or sick or whatever it is. So that is a very severe and unfair as you say, most people are not aware of it or can’t even imagine it, but it is real. And it there’s a lot of people playing with this field and I’m one of the few people who say be careful what you do when you do things like going to see ounces of Blanchette or even astral traveling and so on these are the areas where you can really get into attract people are so words of such negativity that you have no power to come to conquer them so I would stay away from all of this and I would sort of as much as I can and also the anything was you feel a dark areas like boss or whatever it is in a venue where a lot of drunkenness or whatever happens it cetera. And also even I would I made a video of being careful even go on graveyards. Now it sounds crazy, but graveyards are full of spirits. They are not always evil or negative or whatever. They’re usually lost. Right? They are usually caught up in the belief that they have to they wait for Judgment Day. They are very brought up in the religious teaching and they are sort of waiting there for judgment days forever after and eventually they they can cling on people as well. But anyway, that’s another story.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s interesting. Do you think that there’s, I mean, do you think that by the way people behave, they can make themselves more vulnerable to these things, or the opposite, that they can build up a sort of an invincibility against the influences of these things. So like, for instance, if you take a lot of drugs or drink or whatever you’re, you’re opening yourself, you’re making yourself vulnerable and susceptible to these negative influences. On the other hand, if you do the opposite of that kind of stuff, and live a healthy life, then although these things may be around, they really can’t bother you. Because you have kind of a, they used to be a toothpaste ad where it was like an invisible protective shield that the bad stuff couldn’t get your teeth because that shield was there.

Hans Wilhelm: Shouldn’t you said, the thing is, the negative force can only do something to us if something similar is already in us. That has to be it’s all everything works on the law of like, attracts like. So the negative force can only harm the person who has got some similar weakness, desire, whatever in it as well. So if you do not have any of that, and if you if you have these amazing things, just they cannot do anything to you. So you’re right, if you live a more positive life and the health for life, less chance for anybody to do anything to you. But what we, if we are having negative extreme negative thoughts, or angry, or gram, all this kind of negative stuff can attract because we mustn’t forget these swords, these negative swords can see our aura, we can’t I can’t see you, or many people can see or I can’t see anybody’s aura. But they can see our they immediately see what we are thinking on what we are feeling. And if they are going out on hunting, and says they immediately see somebody by what they’re sending out whether it’s something that could link into. So we are continuously sending out our how we feel, what we sense of what etc, through our aura. And these forces, these negative forces can see it and can then immediately latch on to us. So we have to be careful of how we think, feel, and act and speak. Because that all affects our aura. This all affects what we advertise to the spiritual world outside of us.

Rick Archer: It would seem that if you’re going to work in a place that has a lot of negativity in it, like a mental hospital or a prison, then you would have to have a lot of purity and strength yourself chose not to be, you know, infiltrated by those influences.

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, it’s very challenging. Yeah. Now you better you better protect yourself. I mean, they always exercise put your light around yourself and things like this. But the best thing is has to come from within the outer light surely can help. But it has to come from within, you could purify yourself as much as you can from within.

Rick Archer: Yeah. When I, you know, hadn’t been meditating. I’m meditating maybe a year or two. And my mother was in a mental hospital, I used to go and visit her. And I’d come in there feeling really good. And I feel like, you know, after about half an hour, I was really incoherent. You know, because whatever degree of coherence I had established was just sort of broken down by, by all those influences.

Hans Wilhelm: Who were juicy, most of them. Yeah, really? Yeah. Oh, my gosh, yeah. I believe that. Yeah. Well,

Rick Archer: anyway, a couple of questions have come in, let’s ask these. And then I’m sure we’re not going to run out of things to talk about. But I’d like to get to these questions. There’s a couple that were sent in by someone named Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. One is and this relates to things you’ve already said, Hans. So you you’re saying that human beings are in fact the fallen angels who rebelled against God and now life on Earth is our opportunity or path to get back to our original nature? Because he just wants you to clarify that point.

Hans Wilhelm: Yes, that’s exactly if you see my video why we are here and etc. Yeah, purpose of life. Yes, that is the whole purpose, that is a great opportunity. And let me explain why it is so important here why planet Earth is very, very unique. As I said earlier, everything is based in the universe on like, attracts like. So wherever we are as a soul, according to our development, we are in the same kind of surrounded by souls are same development in the spiritual world. So if we whatever we think whatever we believe that people the sorts around us mesh led, so we are right between like minded souls which are just thinking and acting feeling like we are on planet Earth. It’s one of the exceptions, where souls from all different purification spheres can incarnate of different vibration, and this is very, very unique. So we on Earth, we have an opportunity to interact with souls who are much higher evolved and we are much lower evolved and we are and they are thinking differently. They believe in this concept or that concept. Suddenly, we are really exposed to something we could never be exposed to in the spiritual world. And not only that, we We also have here, all the challenges which we have agreed to prior our birth to really clean up our karma. So this is a very, very unique life we have here, it’s only 800,000 hours on average, which is tiny, tiny, tiny, it is so small, it’s like for us going to the movie for two hours and come back and being lost in the movie and coming back. It’s a very, very short life. And in the short life, it is full of opportunities that we have to not have in the spiritual world. Furthermore, in the spiritual world, we have our soul body, and we feel anything, everything right away, we have no buffer there, all our negativity, because also we explore karma there as well. In the spiritual world, it’s not only on Earth, we feel immediately D on Earth, we have a buffer, our physical body, our physical body, really buffer can buffer all the pain, we can take drugs, we can go to medical doctors, and so on. So whatever we experience, we can manage much, much better. So being born on planet Earth is a tremendous gift. It’s a very, very difficult task to live this life here. But it is a tremendous rendus gift and souls. Try very, very hard to incarnate here on earth, there is a tremendous rush to have this exclusive opportunity. It’s like one of the ivy, Ivy League colleges, but they are not enough babies born to incarnate let all these souls come in. But this is as I said, a lot of people are tired of their life and I fully understand that I think every human being at one time or another goes to this period. But when we understand that this is an extraordinary privilege to be an experienced this then gives us opportunity, and also all the teachings which we can have here it is incredible. See when we are for instance, just giving an example, when we are in one certain kind of a religious group and very intense believer here on Earth. And we believe this is the right way and our whole vibration becomes we are this spirit or religious group, then this our soul will also incarnate to similar religious believing souls and the spiritual world, there is no growth happening, that we are having the same stupid lessons learning that which we talk to every on Earth. So he Earth is absolutely unique. So this is one of the great, great opportunities and the greats. The school Earth is one of my favorite videos as well, we explained it that we every day, every minute from moment to minute, the planets are downloading our karma, our opportunity so that we continuously having challenges and tasks to do. It’s fabulous.

Rick Archer: Because even here on Earth, people managed to isolate themselves and just hang out with the people who think the same as they do. In fact, not only in terms of religious things, but even political things. Certain people watch Fox News and certain people watch MSNBC and it sort of just reinforces your, your, your own way of thinking, you know,

Hans Wilhelm: yes, yes. But if other inquisitive mind, there is a lot to be, we can see, we still see, we can see. But there’s still things happening around us. And we have this Erbitux anyway, this is, this is still even if we are always locked our own belief system, there is still so much around going on here that that this spiritual world cannot give us on our path of purification.

Rick Archer: Another question from art in Charlotte, North Carolina, hands knowledge is refreshing, and has me looking at the Bible with very new eyes. Would you say that the Bible has been manipulated by man? I asked this because I wonder now, which parts do we believe? And how do we determine which parts are right?

Hans Wilhelm: I think there is very little doubt that it hasn’t been manipulated tremendously. But I would say, read the Bible for whatever purpose you wanted. But take the essence and the essence in the Bible is the 10 commandments, and the Sermon on the Mount. Anything else you can read what you would like people have changed it whatever it is, but take these two things to your heart. And that is really the important thing. Because if you are taking certain passages from the Bible, this it cetera, and start arguing with other people about it, because this God means this God exists. It doesn’t get us much. Take the 10 commandments and take the sermon on the mount and find your own God. God is not in some churches on heaven. It’s only in us. And this is the key we have to find the God in us. And the God in us is will be the guiding light, the guiding energy in our life as we go on. And when we open ourselves up for that, we don’t need much of the Bible. But if the Bible gives you comfort, please read it. But do not believe that every word is on Christ because I have a very interesting thing. I was a while here with Quakers together with the Quakers and we were in a Bible study. And so we took sentence by sentence on the Bible. And I had my German Bible there from Lucia country. And it was something totally different than I mean, it was, I mean, they’re the same Bible and we couldn’t believe it. So they have got two different versions. And I’ve got all the Bibles of different versions anyway, King James, or whatever it is. So don’t stick to the word stick to the meaning or get the meaning of the words but not to the word. The word kills as, as the Bible says, probably,

Rick Archer: yeah. Well, not only that, but nobody wrote anything down for a couple 100 years. And so who knows exactly what Jesus really said. I mean, some people argue that he didn’t even exist, but we won’t go there. But in any case, imagine, nobody had written down anything that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had said, and now just through word of mouth, we are supposed to write down what those guys actually said. I mean, how garbled could it be after a couple 100 years?

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, but I like to say from my own experience of having written many, many spiritual books, there is one book which I may mention here, my plug, it’s not network that’s back and do that. But it is one which I found. I’m just reading it for the third time. It’s called the cosmic teaching of by Jesus have nots rich to his disciples and those who could grasp it. It’s a very thick book. It is on the my website under recommended books, you just click on it, you find it, that is a direct channeled material from Christ, as I understand it, and the lessons and the clarity of that book is just mind boggling. Whenever I read something like this so clear, and so helpful, that I just feel why go back to the old texts which have been manipulated, manipulated, because God speaks to us all the time within to us as well as to prophets and to people who had this in a word and speak all the time, he did not hide himself, because he is a loving father, he doesn’t send us kids off eons ago, and then come back whenever you want to know he continuously speak or have never stopped speaking to us. And He speaks to us directly in our heart.

Rick Archer: Good. I think people who are listening at least to the live and if you will have heard our dog’s bark, you have a video which you say it’s all about animals where the animals come from to animals have souls, what do you have to say about animals?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, again, the video shows that much better than I can quickly explain it. Animals in a way are sort of a progression from let’s say, I show in my video that the how creation started starts with an atom where the divine atom which then later becomes into the crystal and the field of crystals, and then we have got this group solar crystal, and then it later goes through all the the crystals and still in mineral kingdoms and then becomes a plant kingdom, and goes through all the plant fields and then of all the different plants and it is still a group sold and then it becomes into the animals. So, the souls also sit as a group go then to all the animal kingdom. And once that has been achieved, they go to the nature spirit kingdom, the nature spirit kingdom are very interesting. They are the ones who take care of all the the animals and the plants, this alcoholic the gnomes, the elves or whatever it is, we know the de Vak the Davidic kingdom and once this so by then the soul is already unique, a single soul no longer group so, but when it has reached that level, it then it can incarnate as a as a child, as a spiritual being in the spiritual world, which means a perfect you know human the perfect spiritual being. And that is what these spiritual beings are the ones which populate the the spiritual homes our true home and this is what we are in truth all the time, this is all a theorical out of ether these are all of light ether, they do not eat they do not do consumption they do not have organs like we have, but all these beings are actually created slowly and evolved from step by step there is no such thing like fear the fittest survival of the fittest like Darwin, it is evolving slowly evolving up higher and higher. So we and the spiritual beings, some of them like you and I and everybody else here have incarnated here on Earth, we are the farm of the fallen ones. And we also got the animals the animal to join us because human beings are spirits cannot live without animals. Animals can live without us. But they we cannot live without them like the bees if there wouldn’t be they’re not here on the earth. We would die or human beings would die out within a few years as Einstein said, so we need the animals. But at the end of it don’t need us. So the animals are basically earliest stages of ourselves. They are our little brothers and our little sisters. Exactly like the the brothers and sisters who are a bit younger than what they are the same kind of energy. They are on the way to become spiritual beings like you and me So when we kill those, it’s not nice, you don’t kill your brother and sister. So therefore it is much healthier to live a more vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Because the killing of an animal is really like killing your brother and sister that it’s just, it’s just logical because if it’s not the making that up because we, we have gone through this whole phase, we have been everything. And the animals are underway and the animals look up to us. For them. We are the Korean, this wonderful creations, we are God’s children, we are divine beings. So they look up to us, and what do we do? We kill them, we murder them, we experiment on them, and we do horrible things to them. So I like to just open up the possibility for us to look at an image differently, not as some kind of thing which nature provides for us. But as our dear brothers and sisters.

Rick Archer: So did you just say that animals don’t evolve directly from animal lives into human lives, but they sort of leapfrog the human and go into some higher spiritual realm and then from there, they may come back and incarnate humans, okay. Because some people say well, okay, a cow becomes a human in its next slide for something, whatever, no,

Hans Wilhelm: no, it still has to go to the nature spirit. Kingdom, it still has to become a higher being where the animal has got, not a free will. And it slowly has to learn to have a free will. And this comes then to the nature of being when the nature being out of love help the animal kingdom and then later on the spiritual being. No, it’s not my understanding that a cow or whatever it is, can become a spirit. Now, this soul sometimes can in the past until Christ came and stopped this whole evolution of so it could have incarnated in animals that is possible. But it is not. I understand it’s no longer possible.

Rick Archer: Okay. Incidentally, I just want to add that for the for your sake, and for the sake of listeners that as I listened to all this stuff, and think about all the stuff I take in this, I’ve been doing this for a long time, not just since this interview, I take everything with a grain of salt, I dropped, but at the same time, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. I take everything as a hypothesis, which is interesting to think about and talk about and investigate. And, you know, some hypotheses for me seem to carry a lot more credibility than others. But, you know, I wouldn’t absolutely deny anything, you’re saying, nor would I absolutely say, yes, it’s got to be true. It’s just the way I kind of go through life.

Hans Wilhelm: And the same way, I don’t try to convince anybody, neither you and anybody else. But since you asked me the question, I tried to explain it. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I mean, it’s so discussion like this, for me, is fascinating and interesting and stimulating. And it’s a way of exploring ways of thinking that I might not have considered, it’s not like an opportunity to take on new beliefs and cling to them tightly. It’s more like, let’s talk about this, let’s explore let’s think and maybe we’ll come away understanding things more deeply, at least with you know, more possibilities open to our, our way of seeing things.

Hans Wilhelm: The same like you as me as well, over the years, we both have been on the spiritual path for about you the 50 years or whatever. And it is a gradual thing. The first time I heard this about it, and it took me a second, it takes time to accept it. I remember there was so much stuff in rudo, and in Casey teaching, I was fighting really says, This can’t be true. This can’t be true. This is this is I’m not no no longer read this stuff. And then few months later says, Wow, yes, it’s true. So yes, of course, we have to be skeptical. And it’s good to be skeptical, because nothing is worse than except everything right away without questioning, and the but but the answer should always come from our heart, most likely not from our intellect. Does the heart say this makes sense? Or does my head say my intellect makes sense? So if your heart of our heart says this makes sense, then that’s something to go for? I think in the end, that is our only guidance we really can trust.

Rick Archer: Yeah, you have a video actually called intelligence versus intellect. And there’s an important difference between the two, you say? Is that what you were just alluding to?

Hans Wilhelm: That’s part of it? Yeah. Yeah. The intellect really doesn’t actually intellect is a good tool in many ways for survival, but it never goes to the source of the problems. And it only comes with patchworks, and gives us never the real and the real answers, always love. The intellect will not give us that answer.

Rick Archer: Okay. Another title of yours that jumps out at me is 10 surprises when you die. I don’t know if you can remember all 10 What are some of the surprises? Yeah, and maybe it won’t be a surprise to somebody like you who already thinks about these things, but maybe to the average person they they’re surprises.

Hans Wilhelm: Well, since you mentioned this is actually how I do this video. I don’t recommend the story of your father. Tell us the story. goodwill well, but very briefly, my father was dying and his four children were around him. And he was a really soldier in the war and he had seen a lot of death in his life and he just knew there was nothing after death is over, but he didn’t mind dying, but it just I hate my life it’s over. So when I was we took our own turn in the last days with him and I was alone with him as looked at I know that you don’t believe life there’s anything afterlife, but just in case you on the other side, and you just find yourself still alive. This are these other 10 things or whatever it is, which you may see and experience so don’t be surprised but I want to tell you that so I told him these things and then he just smiled he couldn’t speak anymore and this forget it and so on. I said yeah, that’s your belief system. Anyway, I totally forgot about it. I never even gave it any thought. And I was just some six or seven years later I was at a book signing of an A medium Ron contract very well known who was a very young and he was everybody raved about him and I wanted to meet this guy actually, in a lot of people doing that there was nothing special to be I wasn’t really curious about just wanted to meet his approach to it. And since it wasn’t a very small area in the bookstore, I wanted to become earlier when I sit down so I came a bit early I was was empty, sit down, close my eyes, meditation, somebody tips them on the shoulder, and it says, Use me I am around a Tom tie. I saw you coming in the moment you came in, your father came to me and says go to this man and go in this is my son, thank him. For what he has taught me it was the most valuable information he has given me. Because I it really helped me to find my way on the other side. And then he a lot of other thing. And he also said, Would you please write books about this because I see a lot of people now where I work coming in every source are coming on the other set, and they are totally confused. They don’t know what’s happening, what’s hitting them and so on. So they need to know about it. Anyway, that was the idea by says I’m not wrote books, but I make some videos anyway. So let’s just go on to these points, which I remember first of all, the biggest surprise is probably that you are still alive. And a lot of people not ever Yeah Is this is no change us to live. Second, if you have a body, you have a body like your some people have it younger, but so very similar like you had before. It’s a it’s a spiritual body, but it is a body. And then you can also but then you also noticed that your body is sending out light or maybe you’re not notice it right away, but you can’t hide anything in the spiritual world, you are who you are, you cannot if you are really lift a very horrible life, you will be in racks or whatever it is it sets right you will realize, oh my god, this is what I did on when so the your body or your soul garment gives away who you are in a way, then your character is also not changing. If you are nasty person Now chances are you are nasty on the other side too. And if you are whatever it is, people don’t change through death, to characteristics are what we believe in. None of this really changes. So whatever I take on programs in this lifetime, and I take it into the other lifetime. It’s so the personality as such does not change neither to our desires and cravings. If I an alcoholic, if I do drugs, sex or whatever it is that this desire, this physical body desire is still in me very strongly. It can also be so strong that I rushed back to incarnate again for that reason. Also, we’ll find out that everything that I thought was so important in this earthly life, the achievement, success, etc, have absolutely no consequence. They don’t mean anything, the only thing which means there have I left, that’s the only thing with damage, if I love and then of course, I will also realize that I might meet other light beings around me we call them angels or our guardian angels who may guide us further. There may be even relatives who have died to greet us there may be most likely our pets who greet us. And we also I think the most important thing is we will also find out that there is no eternal damnation there is no eternal hell, and there is no big final judgment a for everyone. So these are just a few of these points, which most people will be or many people who do not believe in life after death will find very surprising. Now, every death is unique, although it gives us mentioned here is a very broad brushstroke. So there are of course very horrific life forms, life being people who have lived very horrific lives, who might be immediately put into very negative astral areas. So there are a lot of other little possibilities which can happen. But for the majority of soldiers to step over on the other side, this is basically the first these are the first one of the first realization. I’m sure you have heard that many times. Maybe you’d like to add some other stuff to it. Rick, I mean,

Rick Archer: that’s a pretty good summary. I’ve read I’ve interviewed some people who read Gress people hypnotically back to the between life area, you know, Michael Newton, I haven’t interviewed, but he was one of the founders of this line of thinking, I’ve read his books. But there’s a great deal of agreement among these people. And among all the people that they have hypnotically regressed as to what happens after we die in between lives. So they’ve mapped out the territory quite clearly and systematically. But I mean, if we want to put it in a nutshell, it’s just that, you know, you don’t die. And like you said, and you do come back, and there’s a life review and life is for learning. And, you know, we have may have a rest period in between lives and all kinds of things like that. But I think that maybe the, the bigger picture point that that we’re making here is that if we, if we think this way, then we our vision, our perspective is so completely different than if we think that we are just this body and our existence ends when this body dies. I mean, what a completely different orientation to life. And it seems to me that would dramatically and profoundly influence the way you function in this world. If you’re thinking one way or the other, you know, yeah, I

Hans Wilhelm: find that so sad that that the churches don’t get answered on it and the Christian churches at least I must be carefully but they know very little, there’s very little written about after death, etc. What happens is it’s very nebulous to ask any priests really tell me what’s happening. Because it’s not mentioned there really. And forget about even reincarnation, that is not that has been suppressed totally. So you’re right. So therefore, our society is this Do you only live once mentality, which means give me all I can get? This is unfortunately the thing.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yogananda in autobiography Yogi said that reincarnation was edited out of the Christian teaching at the Council of Nicea. Because it, it was felt that it gave people too much latitude for their salvation like, oh, well, if we have lifetime after a lifetime, I’ll just, you know, do whatever I want in this life, because I’ll fix it next time. But it actually had the opposite effect, telling people that this is the only life as you said, made them greedy and cynical and short sighted.

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, I made a special video on this one while I was taking on reincarnation, part two, which goes really into these facts, which which affects, which has nothing to do with spirituality, but why there was taking that out. And there’s a set result from it.

Rick Archer: Now, you mentioned this role, and the guy that you know, you met, he was he was a medium. And earlier, you had said that it can be very dangerous to function as a medium. Are you talking about a different kind of thing? Would you say there’s some, like there’s some popular meetings on TV like there’s a lady on Long Island, she calls herself the Long Island Medium, Teresa computo. And there’s a guy a young fellow named what’s his name, that young guy, you watch and California, anyway, Tyler, Tyler Henry, and they seem very bright and very good at what they do. And it doesn’t seem to be hurting them in any way. I mean, would you sort of say this, if it’s done, right, there’s a certain category, you know, of people who have learned how to do it in such a way that it’s not dangerous for them.

Hans Wilhelm: I was more when I said earlier, I didn’t speak about this type of channeling, I was speaking more about seances, people who sit together in a room together to us spirits come through, right? That is a very different, it’s this is inviting the possibilities of negative spirits. When a person goes because a loved one has died and goes to a medium and finds some connection to comfort and so on. This can be very helpful. I’m not saying that it’s really the great, the most ideal way. But I was just interested in him because he just sort of everybody raved about it. And I have no doubt about it, that these swords like in my father’s case, and come and speak to us, but we must be very careful here. As I said earlier, these souls are not smarter only because they are dead. They cannot help us if it should have married him or should or not married, they don’t know they doesn’t etc. So in relying our ancestors, or anybody else here for guidance is not a way to go. You may find some comfort assessor, look, I love you, and can you forgive me or whatever it takes place sometimes in these wonderful kind of communications, that there is some healing taking place. But if people want to find them for curiosity, or for guidance, that is definitely I would say no, because that’s where the danger is. But I cannot say don’t do it. If you are a mother, your child has died and and you’re so confused and you want to go to somebody who has kind of says I can’t blame you doing that. But don’t go there because oh my God, I wish I could ask my Aunt Mary again what he would think about whether or not I should marry this guy or what Yeah, I think that is They are not smarter, they are definitely not smarter.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Also, also, I remember, first time I met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi I was on a course with them is this somehow this topic came up. And he said if if this medium ship involves any thing where you are channeling or allowing some other entity to use your nervous system, as a way of communicating to people on this level, it can be very dangerous because it breaks down your mind body coordination by sort of putting you in the back seat, as it were and then taking over, he said over time, it can it can have very deleterious influence on you. Yeah,

Hans Wilhelm: and the danger is that so, many of many of these entities who speak to somebody even in public gives this wonderful spiritual information and so on. And we are so at all what they are saying that they are not necessarily highly evolved beings, they are just basically copying what they heard from other angels or whatever it over there. The fact that somebody is used by a spirit being is not necessarily mean that the spirit being is a very highly evolved being we have to be very, very careful and critical about it. I mean, if you have read, I’m sure we all have read channeled material, and some of them as really questionable.

Rick Archer: Yeah, a lot of it sounds like it wouldn’t pass a high school English test yet, because it’s such a convoluted way.

Hans Wilhelm: It’s like go go within our say go within you have got every everybody has everything within ourselves, go into meditation, quiet still, as Christ said, go into your room go within yourself, God lives in you, not somewhere else. And when God lives in you, or Christ lives in, if you believe in Him, then this communication take place and speak with him there. And everything is it will be given to you whatever you need to know and or whatever you have to interact. I can’t tell you how many emails I get to find from people or says that to pray, and so on, they wanted to know that we’re so confused, and so on. And for some reason, they very quickly found my channel and find some others. I’m not saying mine are the ideal channel for everybody. But immediately help is given on the frequency the person can take. So my videos are on a frequency, certain people can check their other videos and other stuff out there. So when we ask for help, the guidance will be right there and the guardian spirit can guide us right to it.

Rick Archer: Well, actually, what you just said in the last minute or two led me right into the next thing I wanted to ask you, which is you have a video that entitled 12 Things higher evolved beings have in common? You were saying that these are entities that come through aren’t necessarily higher evolved beings. But but you know, so what are the things that that genuine higher evolved beings have in common? What characterizes them?

Hans Wilhelm: Rick, you’ve got me, I made us make a video he has to go, I don’t know. Maybe remember a few of them? Yeah, no, of course, first of all it higher beings means we are no longer selfishness, we are really aware that everybody else is connected with us. And we are the welfare of everyone else around me is as important as my welfare. So that is already cut out. That also means that we are higher, we would never abuse the earth, or with any milk or whatever it is, we would respect everything is living metal, the metal, our material, or the material Kingdom is also the living, it’s everything is living, and we respectfully deal with ever, we would never have a competition like we have your sports or whatever it is where somebody would win and 100 are losing and so on, this would be out of the way. And, gosh, what else is there that we would know why we are here, we would know that our goal is to become higher and higher, more purified, more loving, to come to a higher frequency. Let’s wait a moment. totally blank. But at some

Rick Archer: point, I mean, as Jesus said, You shall know them by their fruits, you know?

Hans Wilhelm: Exactly, exactly. And of course, they can see they can see the overalls of each other. So you cannot lie, you cannot cheat. So you’re totally yourself totally honest. So all these things are there. And it’s a very different life than what we lead here on Earth.

Rick Archer: Yeah. What comes to mind is, you know, sometimes these days, they’re spiritual teachers and everybody thinks they’re very highly evolved and enlightened and all that. And then it turns out, they’re really doing horrible things, you know, they’re sexually abusing their students or taking their students life savings or, you know, just misbehaving in various ways. And so it begs the question, you know, how enlightened are these people? Are they really all that evolved maybe they’re they’re good showman maybe they maybe they’re possessed by some demonic entity which has some kind of powerful radiance but actually is a taker and not a giver. You know, that has some kind of negative agenda.

Hans Wilhelm: I think many of them started off honestly. And pure with a certain kind of purity got corrupted then But then came corrupt because then corruption which you see everywhere, it spiritually as well as in religion. comes through fame. And when you have people following you putting you on a pedestal, and then suddenly you have got the Bill Clinton phenomena where you think you can get away with anything you know. And so that I think the attend temptation, because people are giving you your energy, when you are in standing in front of an audience, you and they like you and they love you like pop stars, you’re getting all the energy from your audience, and you are high, us as a singer, as a musician know that you get totally high on stage, that is the energy which you get from the audience. And a lot of them afterwards go to the empty hotel room, and collapsed because the energy is gone. So they go to drugs, or whatever it is. So the energy comes and a spiritual leader or a religious leader has the same thing, he dresses up nicely, etc. And he gets all the attention from his devoted flock, and enter that energy builds them up, and they start believing I am better than the rest, etc. Vanity, vanity vanity. And that’s it’s also part of the reason why I at the moment don’t do any personal experiences. Because the danger of having giving talks all over the country in the world, as an author, and having always this loving audience and so on, it is very tempting thing, you can really fall for that. And I don’t want to mix this with my spiritual stuff. So the all the videos are fine at the moment ever. Everyday, I have 15,000 people watching my videos, this is more than I can feel it a stadium, so on my own if I work on it. So it says this is better. And I can stay as I am and who I am and I can sort of run in shorts around and we don’t have to dress up. So it’s very, it’s a great opportunity.

Rick Archer: Yeah, Pride goeth before a fall, there’s that.

Hans Wilhelm: And you see it everywhere you see it every,

Rick Archer: it’s something I deal with a lot because I interview so many people. And then out of all these hundreds and hundreds of people, there are some some of them become bad apples, or were bad apples and begin to begin with that I didn’t realize it. And so then we have to decide what to do. And so anyway, it’s it’s an issue. So we have a little bit of time left a few other things that are interesting, I think. And we’ll of course from your side, if I’m, if I’m forgetting to bring some topic up that you feel like talking about, just launch into it, and we’ll talk about it. But one is it you have this, this thing about the horrors of organ transplants and I listened to that carefully. And I thought about it. And you say in the description of that for a soul, an organ transplant can be a terrifying experience, we must make sure that our loved ones know our wishes with regard to organ transplant, so they don’t have to make the decision for us. Usually, these days, if you get a driver’s license, you know, you can check off a box whether you want to do it or not. And I suppose it would depend upon your luck. Other things we’ve been talking about in this interview, like if you think your body’s gonna die, and doesn’t matter whether it gets sliced and diced the moment the moment you die, then maybe you know, you’ll have you’ll you’ll be upset if you die and realize so you’re still attached to your body and they start cutting it up. If you’ve sort of have more spiritual perspective and are liberated from the notion that you are your body and you realize you’re much more than that. And you know, you’ll go into another body, then maybe you won’t care, and maybe we’ll be happy to extend somebody else’s life. Let me just say one more thing, and I’ll let you go with it. There’s a story of a young girl. Well, firstly, there was this girl in the news recently who was just real sweet girl and she needed a heart she was gonna die. She was a big fan of the singer Drake and Drake came to her hotel room and she her hospital room and she was so delighted. It was really sweet heart rending story. And then she eventually got her heart transplant, and then she’s really doing well and she’s dancing. And how do you think you see that you think, well, heart transplants are great for this little girl. And for many liker, there was another story where a little girl got a heart transplant, and she started having these horrific nightmares of being attacked and killed. You know, everything. And the nightmares are so vivid and so specific, that she was actually able to provide details to the police of the person who had murdered the the, the child whose heart she now had, and it actually led to the to the conviction of the murderer. So that’s interesting. But of course, she had to suffer these nightmares. So there’s a lot this is like the abortion issue. There’s so many sort of pros and cons and thoughts we could have about it. But let’s hear what you have to say.

Hans Wilhelm: Well, first of all, I think the our strong desire to extend our lives here it’s only because we don’t understand why we are here. When our time is over a as a child. I know it’s horrible to to lose a child. I don’t deny that emotion. But there’s a purpose why a child only has to live maybe six years or seven years. And the any extreme extension like a transplant is not in the sense of the sower of the bay. If the child may be sure wants to live and feed but not the soul, the soul, it’s a good way to go. The other thing is a death process is not just like this, you jump out of the body instantly and you are gone. It sometimes can take long, it takes two or three days, sometimes to the, the soul has totally separated itself from the body, we have in the Christian Church of traditional religious belief three days a week, for instance, in some countries and so on, where, where they, where the people are having a wake, because the soul is can still linger on with the body, particularly a soul, which doesn’t know what life is after death, it can be even up to a week sometimes. So. And the important thing, which I think I show in my video is life for 1000s of years, was when the heart stopped beating, when the heart stopped beating, the person was dead, then the soul really left the body in a way. But this is not the case, they do not allow the heart to stop, they now decided it is the brain when the brain no longer has the signal, then they call it clinical death, it’s the death of it just decided only recently. And so they keep the heart the hardest to going, the body is still working. So now if they allowed to make a transition, a transplant, they cut up the body with a beating heart because the heart has to beat otherwise the organs are useless. So that is not mean that the soul has left the body because the heart is still beating. And the fact that the soul is on zero, doesn’t mean that has left the body. You You heard about or you may even have even a

Rick Archer: what is this? Alexander Yeah, he was he was calm because his brain was flatlined. He was he was still alive, they thought he was never gonna come back. But he came back.

Hans Wilhelm: Typical example. So this is an example. So they normally would have cut him open and take all his own organs. But he was connected to their body, otherwise they couldn’t have returned, the silver cord was still intact fully. And when that happens, the vet their soul feuds, all the pain of the of the, of the cutting off of the opening of the body and taking out off the organs. And because some of swords are so attached, they cling to the organs like a heart which gets transferred now to a new body and stay with that soul of the of the new of the patient who now gets a new heart and sometimes take over it. There are a lot of reports of us just mentioned that the the, the recipient of the donor part, takes over different personalities has memories they’ve never had before has habits which they had never before etc, etc. I in my video, I mentioned several, I think some books at the end, which sort of make that point as we have laid out. So I really, really feel strongly that organ transplants, if you want to do that fine. I’m not saying to whatever you’re not, but please be aware of it, that you are might still be alive, you might be still attached to your own body. You see them cutting opening your your heart, your beating heart, because you’re not dead. And taking the thing out, do you want to go through it and also understand that when it time for a person has come to end, like they need a new liver, that mutilated heart or whatever it is, that is a normal way of life that is leaving graduate his graduation day for that person, the School of Earth has come to an end, it’s a normal way and to make an excessive extension through organ transplant is not what we had originally signed up for.

Rick Archer: Well, I’m sure there are people who can debate you on that. But we won’t go into too much more. Sure. I mean, there might be instances where the heart has stopped because you’re you actually gotten some accident, you’re dead and they harvest your organs quickly enough. But then you’re saying there’s still this three day period. Yeah, sorry,

Hans Wilhelm: sorry. They cannot take bodies from where the heart had stopped. It’s not possible there’d be bad organ doesn’t work. The heart has to do to keep going. That’s what people don’t know, the heart has to be still beating for the transfer to and I

Rick Archer: didn’t realize that I thought maybe if it was fresh enough and quick enough, they could still get them out. And they’d work on. I have a friend who is very spiritual guy who’s been meditating since the 60s. He was marshy, Mahesh Yogi’s personal secretary for a couple years. He almost it was within a day or two of dying. Because his liver was a mess because he had hepatitis C from his wild days in the 60s. And he got a liver transplant. And he’s doing pretty well. I mean, he’s happy and he’s helping me he helped set up an interview with ekart Totally and all kinds of things. So I don’t know, this is one of those things where I have a hard time making hard and fast rules in that there. There are exceptions to every generality. But I respect your your thinking on it. And

Hans Wilhelm: the question is I the question that you can only answer the question for yourself Are you willing to let somebody take your organs out of your body? Yes, I know that decision you don’t have to answer tonight. But that is the only the only decision you have to make. Am I doing it? And this is all you’re asked to do? And that’s the anyway,

Rick Archer: my feeling would be I mean, if I were somebody like Eben Alexander, and you know, and I was actually going to come back then yeah, I wouldn’t wouldn’t want them harvesting my organs. If there was, if there was no chance I was going to come back and I was really dying, then I would think, take them, you know, I’ll get new body and maybe maybe, I mean, even little things like corneas you can, you can sort of have transplants that can give sight to a person or, you know, some some little minor thing like that, which not so minor, if you’ve been blind would be like a way of serving or giving something that you no longer needed or could use, and it could help other people. But as you say, you know,

Hans Wilhelm: because it’s your choice. And yes, you but you make that choice. And if your choice is done out of love, which obviously it is, I’m sure it is a very, very that is basically the the underlying energy of everything. If you do it out of love, it can be very different.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I mean, I’m no saint, but my life is kind of about giving, making as much of a contribution as possible, you know, being as as much of service as I can be in this life. And maybe that would be a final act of service. Okay, so what do we got here that we haven’t talked about? We’re talking about a lot. One is, well, here’s one. And we have a little bit more time I think not, we don’t have to stick to five, two hours exactly what you need to go over though. One of the things we’ve talked about, have implications for other videos you’ve made, for instance, are everything we said about death and dying has implications from mourning and grieving. You know, like, there’s a verse from the Gita that comes to mind. You grieve for those for whom there should be no grief yet speak as do the wise, wise men grieve neither for the lead neither for the dead nor for the living. And the implication is that nobody dies. And yet people really get bent out of shape when somebody dies, because they feel like they have ceased to exist. And we’ve pretty much covered that. That doesn’t happen. But anything any want to say about mourning and grieving?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, I think mostly that moment about themselves not about the other person. Because Because if they’re really logical if the other person doesn’t exist any more than that the other person wouldn’t experience any negativity is true if it doesn’t exist. So yeah, we only bought one ourselves and it is absolutely natural to monitor isn’t it, we should check the very Be careful that we we must monitor certain processes like somebody’s appetites, my arm, I will miss it. It takes time to really accept the fact that I’ve suddenly have no arm anymore. And a loving person in our life suddenly not being there anymore. Isn’t a major adjustment. So mourning, but we must understand we mourn for ourselves and are not for the other person or the who has left. And that is fine. And what I found so interesting, and that’s why I made the book I will always love you a long time ago is which is a children’s book, but it is basically the teaching of Dr. Kubler Ross will very clearly say anybody who does excessively mourn is somebody who thinks they haven’t verbalized I love you while the person was still alive. I think that is a very important that we do say I love you verbally, to everybody around us and in our mind to everybody we see and interact like the old hope Oh, no, I love you. I think you’ll forgive me this year. And love you. I’m sure you had some hope on upon people on your on your, on your

Rick Archer: it’s come up but we’ve never dated anybody to it. But

Hans Wilhelm: but it’s basically to love and it’s basically so too important. The message is here to say I love you in this lifetime. And it’s just a funny story that when I grew up in Germany Of course we do not say I love you to our parents or anything we understand it but the word love is just not used. It’s just doesn’t. In America, I love ice cream. I love its sunshine, I love everything is easy. So I realized when I made this book, and I said oh my god, I’ve never said that to my parents. So at that time we didn’t had internet they let us I wrote a letter long letter in some way I squished it with many thinking in I love it, I’d send it to them. So I felt I kind of sent it to them. So I sent the letter off two or three weeks later got a letter back and says thank you very much very interesting letter, but we weren’t quite sure what you were after. So anyway, but I’ve said it’s important for us to say that. Yeah, definitely.

Rick Archer: Well, we’re on while we’re on the topic of love. Let’s close by talking a little bit about relationships. There’s a couple of your videos one is entitled four secrets of relationships. And your comment is I wish I had known these Incredible secrets earlier in my life. And another is five facts about soulmates. So what would you like to say about relationships and soulmates?

Hans Wilhelm: Well, I don’t remember that video too much anymore for putting you on the spot here. But the main thing is often that we are feeling attracted to another person, because we feel he or she has something but I don’t have that is basically why we fall in love because we like his strengths, his energy, and he likes sex or whatever it is, etc. So many relationships are nothing based on trading, I give you a little bit one I have I can cook well, I’ve got six, I get your security, whatever it is, etc. So there is this wonderful exchange, and everybody thinks they’re in seventh heaven because it’s wonderful that fit wonderfully together. That’s why the, the the whatever trophy wife and etc, nasty looking person trophy by but it’s very rich and very powerful, etc. So it works perfectly a lot of relationships are based on this and not to say on love, because sooner or later comes a time, when one of the two partners no longer wants to give what they used to give, they may change their mind, they may share the views or whatever it is. And then we fall out of the magnolia tree, then of course, it’s the end of the world and sitter, it’s no longer get this attend, we are getting angry, etc. So it had never was a love relationship. It was a trading relationship. So the idea is why are we attracted to these opposites is so that we develop in ourselves the very qualities we admire and the other person, we have to become independent, strong, and whatever it is it cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, then, we are strong and then we are a true partner for our partner, because we then both are strong in our own way because we are complete, but as long as we are infatuated by what in the other person’s quality, whatever they may be characteristics find financial or whatever it is position. And we don’t develop ourselves we are totally dependent there and this will usually crash it will have to come to an end that relationship sooner or later. So we have to develop whatever we admire in the other person. The other three at the moment escaped me. But the other thing is soulmate. And soulmate is an interesting point. It’s my understanding is very different than what most people say that they longed for their soulmate here on earth. Because it is what what a lot of videos a lot of new age gurus, tell them and so on. Look for your soulmate. I think shelter books how to find your soulmate. And my understanding of soulmate is very different. It says the soulmate is truly your partner in the spiritual world, there are male and female totally together for eternity love, and they are just totally close. The soul mate does not normally incarnate at the same time when you are here. Because again, you must learn on this planet earth, all the tasks on your own, you have to become strong. His soulmate would make it just too easy. It’s just like you’re going to college and you get your mommy as well as your dog as well into college, all your comfort and your blanket and you have everything to call you wouldn’t grow if Mommy would be around you all the time. So you have to be on your own for a while in the college year. So really to become strong. So the soulmate is not somebody we find here on Earth. For most of us. That is an exception. One of the exception is that if I decide with another spirit being my soulmate, to do some major spiritual work he on earth like something either mother to read the work or whatever it is in a way where I’ve helped other people where my purpose is not to undo my karma, but my purpose is to serve to the people to the to the souls that is the only exception that I can think of lifeless. Now this does not mean we can have fantastic love relationships with other swords here. And that is absolutely normal. And this is how it should be. But they are not our soulmates. They are not our partners in the spiritual world, but we can deeply in love and that is absolutely perfect to be wild and crazy in love with anybody we meet here. And and the same person can in another lifetime have been your brother and your sister, whatever it is, we play the partner right here in this lifetime. So it just changes but looking for your soulmate, so that you are saved in your hard life here on Earth. And it would be so nice to have a comfortable person to cuddle up with an experiences like forget it, this is not what you are here, you have got 800,000 hours, most of it you probably have spent already now live it up and become the strong person you are become the powerful loving person right on your own with all the help given you but not by your soulmate.

Rick Archer: Good. Well, that’s probably a nice emphatic point to end on. So you know, as people listening and watching this can tell, you know, we’ve dipped into, you know, hands has made like 76 Different or 70 different videos. And we’ve sort of touched upon a whole bunch of them here, not even half of them. And in each time we’ve touched on one I calculated because I downloaded all your stuff and converted it To Audio, but it would take about 14 hours to listen to it all that includes several other interviews you’ve done. So we’ve just touched upon a lot of things and people, you know, can take this as a sort of a tickler or a teaser. And if they find this interesting and they would like to actually see you go more deeply it like, you know, 12 things higher evolved beings have in common, you can only remember two or three want to know the others. Watch that video. And you’ll see not only him say this stuff, but illustrated on a whiteboard as he goes along. And it’s very entertaining. And that’s, that’s why his his website is so popular, you know, over 110,000 subscribers and many, many viewers. So, you know, this has been an introduction to the work of Huntsville home. And let me just show up your books here. I didn’t do that in the beginning. So this is the one you referred to. All right, love you, inspired by the work of Dr. Kubler Ross. And it was actually based upon your experience with your dog, I guess when you were younger. Here’s, here’s a couple you wrote with Byron, Katie, the four questions for Henny Penny and anybody with stressful thoughts. And you’re the illustrator obviously. And then Tiger Tiger. Is it true. Another one written with Byron Katie for questions to make you smile again. And good little books, they’re kind of written for children, but adults could even bother if you if you know some children by the read them and then given to the children, you’ll both benefit.

Hans Wilhelm: Thank you so much, Rick, it was such a pleasure to be with you. And I’m very honored that you thought of me and give me the opportunity to share the good life discovered with such a large audience like yours.

Rick Archer: Oh, it’s been great. And I want to apologize to the people who tuned in for the live thing. And then I had a computer problem, and I lost you all. So we only had about five, six people on here instead of the usual 150 or 200. So I’m sorry that happened. But you’ll get to see the whole interview. You know, when it goes up permanently in a week or so or actually it’s up now, if you’re hearing me say this. So anyway, sorry about that. If you’re looking forward to the live one. And you mentioned you get emails a lot from people it can people actually contact you to ask questions or tell you things or whatever.

Hans Wilhelm: Yeah, but only on an email. I mean, at some of my videos, I do allow comments. And the people make comments, but I do not respond to them. There are too many I can do with a busy because I am this is a sideline, I’m with children, because I’ve got many contracts to be sure. And books. This is only I do as a sideline. So this is not my my main job and, and I do this, and so I’d be careful. But if they sent me an email, and under each video, there is my email address. So you can just write me an email and I do answer them with what I can. And yes, I can do that. Okay,

Rick Archer: great. So that’s, that’s clear enough. So thank you for doing this with me. It’s really been fun. Thank you. It’s been fun preparing for it, too. Every week I you know, spend the whole week kind of listening and reading and thinking about the person and I kind of get to know them before we even talk about them and talk talk to them, you know,

Hans Wilhelm: and it’s amazing how much work you have to put into the all these interviews. I mean, to prepare yourself always for it. I mean, sure you enjoy it too. But it’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Rick Archer: Yeah, but it doesn’t seem like work, you know, because because I love doing it. It’s like, you know, if you love playing baseball, and you’re professional baseball player, then it’s not work. So this is fun. All right, so thanks to those who have been listening or watching and we will see for the next one. If you go to BatGap COMM it not only will you be able to look into all the previous interviews, as I mentioned at the beginning, but there’s some few other things you might want to check out. You can there’s an audio podcast, you can subscribe to that there’s a email notification thing if you’d like to be notified each time a new interview goes up. And a few other things check out the menus. Also, if you’re watching this on YouTube. if you feel like it, subscribe to the channel, because it’s it helps to have a lot of subscribers. And if you’re listening to this on iTunes or Stitcher, one of those things, if you leave a positive review, it makes the whole thing more prominent on those platforms. So do that if you feel like it, that’s a good way of supporting the show. So again, thanks for listening or watching and we’ll see for the next one