031. Doc Roberts

The moment for me was instantaneous. The old me died literally, the new “me” emerged. More accurately stated, awakening took over the life of Doc Roberts as if this worldly life was stamped onto the infinite. Absolutely everything changed from that moment, yet all strangely remained just the same as it was.

I’ve been a seeker since the age of 5. I knew a profound truth existed just beneath the surface of the everyday, though somehow ever illusive. Thanks to my capital “D”, Dark Night of the Soul, all my years of meditating, researching, attending retreats, listening to enlightened masters and endless self-improvement programs came to an abrupt halt. The bliss of Truth had dawned.

I know from my first moment of conscious realization that life is an incredible gift to be relished and played in.

I know there is absolutely nothing to fear, including death, for I did have a direct personal experience of this as well. We are bathed in Divine love and grace every moment. Absolutely everything that occurs in life is for the highest good – everything (whether we like it or not). Our job in this life is to simply enjoy what is and the continued unfolding of Divine awakening.

My work in the world is internet-based, though I also conduct seminars and counseling. Skiboards.com, my retail winter sports business, is focused on a new form of snow riding – skiboards. I also offer vocational guidance, assisting individuals to get their passions online, and manage a number of other websites. I have a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Vocational Counseling, and a PhD. in Human Potential Psychology. My books include

Instant Skiing, Instant Fun – Skiboards: the Best Kept Secret on the Slopes, and Discover Your Life’s Work. Upcoming books include Awaken to Your True Vocation and Discover Your Internet Niche – Get your Passion Online.

Website: drrichardlroberts.com

Interview recorded 7/28/2010.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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