185. Moksha Mukti

Moksha MuktiThis speaker known as Robin Pandey or being or energy whatever you want to call it, experienced something that is extraordinary in 2009 for an extended period of time, so after the experiencing or so-called awakening what is left here is Moksha Mukti.  So, who is Moksha Mukti?  It is a being, a natural being that is free from the attachments of all conditioning-collection since the beginning of man if such a thing occurred.   So, why this Being is here?  This being or energy or let’s just say speaker in terms to express in the language, is simply interested in expressing how it is functioning essentially, fundamentally and naturally and this functioning involves thoughts, feelings, emotions, lust anger, pain, suffering, love, hate, fear, and so on.   This speaker sees these elements of life as illusion since they all arise from the one source and that is the Reality, and accepting the Reality is the path to experiencing extraordinary happiness, love, and peace, but that is not the real awakening or whatever everyone is seeking in the spiritual community.  So, you may accept what this speaker is speaking or reject or stay in the neutral is not my concern.  This speaker is simply singing a tune, or expressing its expressions.  So, if someone is interested I will express this expression through speaking, writing, and so on in their presence, if not this speaker will continue expressing in on another modus operandi that is available.


Interview recorded 7/21/2013

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.