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Mark Anthony Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of conversations with spiritually Awakening people and about spiritual topics, sometimes scientific and spiritual, and so on. We’ve done well over 600 of these now, if you’d like to check out previous ones, please go to Bat gap and look under the past interviews menu. There, this program is made possible through the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and would like to help support it, go to the website and it’ll be obvious how to do that. My guest today is Mark Anthony. Mark is a lawyer. He’s also sometimes referred to as the psychic lawyer because he’s psychic, also sometimes called the psychic Explorer. And he’s world renowned is educated in law at Oxford. He’s a near death experience researcher, a paranormal expert and a legal analyst who appears all the time on radio and TV around the world, and speaks at conferences, and expos and so on. He’s very interested in science as well as the psychic world, quantum physics and so on and the interface between that field and psychic phenomenon. And he is a columnist for best Holistic Life magazine, author of three best selling books, the latest one I read this week called the afterlife frequency. And let’s see you this book was designated by pretty as one of the top books about faith in God. And it was submitted for a Pulitzer Prize. What was their rationale for choosing this as one of the top books about faith in God mark,

Mark Anthony: with pretty Actually, I was informed by them, I received an email and it came to their attention and pretty progressive said we reviewed your book. And we feel that it is one of the top books about faith in God, certainly in 2022. And it was very, it was quite an honor. When I was looking at the list of the other books that were on there. The Dalai Lama’s latest book was also on that list. So for whoever submitted it to progressive pretty I want to thank you. And because I write about the afterlife, I write about faith and God. And I was asked in an interview this week from a South African paper. Well, what do you what do you mean when you say God? Well, what I don’t mean is an erotic white guy sitting on a throne with a scepter smiting people for not tithing 10%. That that’s a are a an artist’s conception, which evolved at the end of the Roman Empire and throughout the medieval era, is certainly a lot of people think of God in terms of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with you know, you see the finger of God touching Adam giving God life and God is a wizened white guy with a beard. What I’ve come to know is that God is energy. God is the source of universal love. God is an an intelligence and an energy that is pervasive through everything. And as you indicated, Rick, during your introduction of me, and I thank you for that is that I’m interested in quantum physics. And one of the late 19th century early 20th century heroes in the realm of engineering in quantum physics is Nikola Tesla. And he said something quite, quite relevant. I believe that what one person calls God another calls the laws of physics. And I think that the more we understand particle mechanics and quantum physics, they’re more we’re going to understand the nature of God. Good.

Rick Archer: I’m glad we started on this particular topic. In fact, I was going to say that sometimes I get feedback from people when I interview psychics and mediums and channelers and people like that. They say, Well, what does this have to do with spirituality really? What does it have to do with ultimate reality? You know, and they might reference Vedanta or, or something like that. But actually, if you study Vedanta carefully, you see that they have all kinds of discussion about the subtle body and reincarnation and what happens to the soul after death. And, you know, various logos that exist in creation worlds are levels that one could go to. So these guys who were interested in Ultimate Reality, Vedanta means the end of knowledge, at the end of the Veda, took this stuff very seriously. And, you know, there’s all sections in their literature about it. And my attitude is that part of growing spiritually, is to just have a thorough understanding of the mechanics of life. And if there’s, you know, if one doesn’t actually recognize or realize that something that something continues after the physical body dies, that’s a huge gaping hole in their understanding of life, and it’s going to, in my opinion, negatively impact how they live the life that they’re living now. So it’s, I feel that it’s important to really, you know, have that appreciation and that understanding and have it deeply ingrained. It really shifts one perspective.

Mark Anthony: I’m really glad that you brought up the Vedanta, the Vedas, the Hindu holy scriptures, because in in a Hindu spiritual journey, what we consider to be a psychic experience is something that you’re supposed to try to have as a Hindu. In the West, we questioned the existence of an afterlife, we questioned the existence of God, whereas in the East, in Hinduism, and to an extent Buddhism, people try to see God, also with Hinduism, when you look at the three aspects of the Divine, you have the Creator, which is personified in the god Brahma, the Sustainer, personified in Vishnu, and the destroyer, which is Shiva. And, you know, there are some parallels in Christianity with the Trinity God, the Father, God, the Son, God, the Holy Spirit. But when you look at the Vedas, on a deeper, even deeper level, and a number of quantum physicists have said this, and I think it was, it may have been Richard Fineman, and I could be wrong on that. But it’s either Fineman or Heisenberg was one of the founders of quantum physics. And he said that I wish I would have discovered Hinduism sooner, because so many of the concepts of Hinduism have a parallel to quantum physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. And in my work as a medium and afterlife researcher and MD, near death experience researcher, this is what we keep seeing the who and what we are, which I termed the electromagnetic soul never dies, it is pure energy, which, you know, even though the body may cease to function, our EMS or electromagnetic soul continues on and then returns. And so Hinduism explains that that very, very eloquently, but and maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, because it seems like we’re kind of now splashing into a reincarnation discussion,

Rick Archer: we can loop around. Alright, okay. Hey, any

Mark Anthony: show that has booted in the title, I think reincarnation is safe to talk about. So imagine you’re at the gas pump and Buddha walks up and says, What is the sound of gas happening? No, no, but but

Rick Archer: but but do that around the flame? Okay. Anyway.

Mark Anthony: Yeah, I know, I see people on their cell phones all the time at a gas pump. And there’s always a sticker there says do not do this because of electrical arcs. So for all the listeners, please, for five minutes out of your life, you can leave your cell phone in your car. But But even in in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, there are passages and all of these religions, which reference reincarnation, and so reincarnation, the eternal cycle, the doctrine of samsara, which it’s referred to, in both Hinduism and Buddhism, the eternal cycle of life which corresponds with the law of thermodynamics, that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. One of my favorite passages is the transfiguration. And the transfiguration is in the New Testament, and it’s, it’s where Jesus goes to the top of a mountain with a select group of his disciples. And all of a sudden he begins to glow white in a white mist forms around him. And then the spirits of the prophet Elijah and the Prophet Moses appear on either side of him. Now we can spend probably the entire Are episode just talking about this passage, because Elijah, excuse me, Moses was the bringer of the laws. Eliza Elijah was the enforcer of the laws. And Jesus signifies the embodiment of the law of God. At least that’s, that’s some of the interpretations of it. And I always find this fascinating, because if that isn’t mediumship, I don’t know what it is that Jesus bringing forth the spirits of Moses and Elijah, but then when they get down to the bottom of the mountain, and Jesus says, you know, don’t talk about this, anybody, you know, at this time, and then the question is, Well, who do you say that I am? And the disciples, some of them say, well, many feel that you are the prophet Elijah, others feel that your John the Baptist, when Jesus replies, he said that Elijah has returned, but they did not recognize him for he appeared as John the Baptist. Now, hold on. John the Baptist was Jesus’s first cousin. And he was executed by Herod Antipas. You know, the Salomi dance for Herod and said, I want you know, John the Baptist head on the platter. It’s one of the gory sections of the New Testament

Rick Archer: was one of my Halloween costumes when I was a kid. Oh, my gosh, how cool is that head on a plate, I won the prize. Okay, you did?

Mark Anthony: Well, Elijah lives something like eight centuries before that. So Jesus is saying that Elijah returned, but in the form of John the Baptist, there are a lot of progressive Christian scholars, also Hindu and Buddhist scholars who’ve examined this passage very closely. And they feel that this is a reference to reincarnation. We also know that in the early centuries of the Christian church, origin of Alexandria, he was a Christian scholar wrote that we lead a succession of lifetimes until we don’t need to return and that even Satan will find his way out of the darkness and to eventually be with God. But then in the fifth Ecumenical Council and Constantinople, circa 525 ad, reincarnation was banned as heresy and removed from the latest version of the Bible. But the transfiguration did not get edited out. So for people who believe that Christianity initially referenced reincarnation, it appears that that’s one of the passages that made it through. And I’ve always found that immensely fascinating, because so many people are like, Oh, no, no reincarnation, that’s evil. That’s this is that, but it very well may have been a huge part of what Christianity was actually all about, in the early the first three centuries of Christianity.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yogananda mentions in his autobiography that reincarnation was edited out at the Council of Nicaea. Or maybe it was that council that you just mentioned. But anyway, he said, he felt that the rationale was that the church leaders at that time felt that it granted too much latitude to people, you know, like, you better get it right now, you know, and otherwise, people might say, yeah, just live, eat, drink, and be merry, I’ll I’ll get it together next lifetime.

Mark Anthony: Well, Yogananda has a very good point there. Because in the in the third century, the Council of Nicaea, that’s when the doctrine of the Trinity was introduced God the Father, God, the Son, God, the Holy Spirit, and part of the imperial decree. And this was under Constantine the Great. And it’s interesting because I, you know, I went to Catholic school and there was St. Constantine. Yeah. Let’s see, I was St. Louis. He wasn’t a minute. But he part of the imperial decree was that Jesus was the Son of God, and He will return. But until he does, I, Constantine emperor, the Romans and God’s vice Geron, in other words, is representative on earth. And I am the equal of the apostles. So with the stroke of the pen, Constantine wrote himself into the New Testament, and every Roman and then subsequent Byzantine Greek Orthodox Emperor all the way up into the Middle Ages, took this divine right of kings and equal of the apostles. And this is where reincarnation began to decline. Because a century and a half later, at a fifth Ecumenical Council, then in Constantinople, they banished it, and because now Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire, and an extension of Imperial authority. So they don’t want people having an out with reincarnation, it became this my way or the hell highway. If you do not obey the laws of the empire, meaning what the Emperor wanted in the throes of the Rome, then you will be cast into a terminal Oh, damnation. And see this is where and with all due respect to my evangelical colleagues and, and friends, this is where Christianity went from being peace and love and understanding to a fear based religion. Because let’s face it, the one thing the Romans really understood how to inflict was fear. You know, you don’t have an empire that vast and that efficient and that ruthless without being able to inflict fear. So when Christianity originally, even though Jesus was Jewish, it didn’t catch on in the Jewish communities it caught on and the Greek communities, it fit very much with the Greek humanistic mindset. And through the Greeks, then it got subsumed by the Romans, and then became an extension of Imperial authority.

Rick Archer: Interesting. Well, that’s pretty geeky, but it’s also very interesting. And, you know, I think that has been the fate of many religions is that they start out really pure and profound, because some guy is really living the deepest truth that the religion can, you know, that the religion ends up referencing, but he’s, it’s for him, it’s a living experience, not a belief. And then, like the old party game, where you whisper something, and it goes around the room and comes back to you completely different than what you whispered. You know, with each generation, there’s a crumbling on the rocks of ignorance that happens to the knowledge that this great teacher, whoever he may have been brought out. And what you end up with is just a distorted remnant of the original thing, which, in many respects, is quite the antithesis of the original thing, quite contrary to its intentions and purposes.

Mark Anthony: Exactly. Perfectly said.

Rick Archer: Okay, so let’s get back to talking about you a little bit. And then we’ll get into many more of these kinds of points. From your book, I gathered that you had your family about three or four generations back. People in it had psychic abilities, is that right?

Mark Anthony: Yes. Both my parents, my father and my mother had these abilities. My dad was a US Navy Seal and a NASA engineer. Mom was a commercial illustrator, and she was in fashion. So it’s not like they’re running around waving Weegee boards and wearing turbans. We were for all intensive purposes, the All American family next door, sort of. And then as I started getting older, and I was listening to the stories my parents were telling, I was able to track psychic ability on both sides of the family back into the 8090. So I’m assuming, Rick, that it goes farther than that. But you know, that was, you know, because a lot of times these things weren’t discussed. And the two sides of the family were very different about this. My dad’s family were they were very conservative Baptists from Pennsylvania. And my father had four siblings, three sisters, and a brother and one of his sisters. Marjorie was also a medium like my dad, their mother, Isabel was a medium and then their maternal grandmother Grace was a medium. And then meanwhile, on my mom’s side of the family, they had come over from Italy. And my mother’s grandmother, my maternal great grandmother, she Ivana was widely respected in the Italian community of North New Jersey and Little Italy, in New York City, as the woman who knows things, and officials from the Catholic Church would come and meet with her. And what’s really cool, Rick is back in 2016, PBS did a special call the Italian Americans. And they actually did an entire segment on chi Ivana and referenced her psychic abilities. And it was great because like on the commercial breaks my cousins, you know, we’re all calling goats. You see that? Yeah. But but you know, because we’d known about it for a long time. And it was very, very heavily documented. And all three of my books Never Letting Go evidence of eternity in the afterlife frequency. I give a lot of stories about my family, because these were some very, very interesting people. And my father’s sister, sister, Marjorie, was made to suffer horribly, because of her psychic ability.

Rick Archer: I was wondering about that. I mean, if you if you have psychic abilities, and you grow up in a family that doesn’t support it, it must be kind of like growing up gay or something and such a family and just feeling all kinds of repression and frustration.

Mark Anthony: Well, for Marjorie, in particular, this happened about 20 years before I was born. She was married to this evangelical guy, and I’m going to just call him a religious fanatic. I don’t even think he deserves the term sell it. And he was afraid of her abilities. And so he worked us a machinist and he worked at this Steel Plant in Pennsylvania. So one morning he’s getting ready to go to work and Marjorie starts clutching her stomach, her solar plexus, that area and she goes, I have a terrible feeling she begged him not to go to work, something horrible is going to happen. They had a huge fight Fine, fine, he stays home. So that day, a crane is lifting 1000s of pounds of steel beans, and the cable snaps, and the beams crushed the machine shop that he worked in and killed everybody in it. Wow. One would think he might possibly be thankful. It increased his fear to the point he conspired with a psychiatrist. And had Marjorie diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. She was literally taken from her home by these two men that came to their home and an ambulance put into a straitjacket and taken to an insane asylum, where for the following six months, she was subjected forcibly to electroshock therapy. It damaged her brain so much that she never again talked about seeing spirits. And so I didn’t know about this. I mean, obviously this has happened like 20 years before I was born. And when I was exhibiting psychic ability, and I was getting ready to start school, I was starting first grade when I was five. And my father said you’re not to talk about this to anybody said you can talk about your mother and me. But it talks about it your mother and I but but nobody else. And I like why daddy goes because people who see things others don’t get taken away. Rick that scared me. And here on this little kid, and I remember shaking, and then my dad could see how afraid it was I remember he held me and he says Mark, I love you. And your mother loves you people won’t understand. And you know, in when I started Catholic school, I was like, oh, angels saints. And I was like, Hey, this is my story. And then I started listening to things they were saying like, No, I better not say anything about this. And then as I got older, I found out about about the horrible fate that had fallen my aunt Marjorie. And so I realized, don’t talk about it outside of the family. Well, I

Rick Archer: hope things have improved. I know even now, you know, people have Kundalini awakenings and things and they don’t know what they are. And doctors don’t know what they are. And they end up on Thorazine or some such thing. So I’m sure that there are many. I mean, in the psychic thing, even now, I mean, most people aren’t going to accept it. I just hope that society is growing in a direction where such experiences and abilities will be admired and praised and dealt with appropriately. Because, I mean, in an ideal world, we will all be endowed with all kinds of marvelous abilities and insights and experiences.

Mark Anthony: So interesting thought is that if everybody had these experiences, or let’s say get in, if everybody were suddenly telepathic with their then be world peace, you know, it’d be hard to stage surprise invasion, let’s say, of Ukraine. You know, if everybody in Ukraine knew it was coming, and everybody rushed, it was I don’t want to do that. If we could all have, we’re all interlinked, interconnected. It’s an interesting thought. Also, I think that to some extent, certainly in in the West and Europe, and Japan, psychic ability is becoming openly discussed, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely embraced to there are countries in the Middle East where people like me get beheaded. So, you know, it’s still it’s still a fringe topic in some areas. But then in other areas, like I’ve been part of a number of studies, and, and I’m not at liberty to talk about the study that’s coming up. But I’ve been part of studies in laboratories conducted by scientists, you know, why can you do this? How can you do this, the conclusion that they’ve reached is you can’t be making this up. You know, the information that I’m getting is is very detailed, and various, it’s more than Oh, your grandmother’s here, and she loves you for I mean, anybody can say stuff like that up, for example, yesterday. And it’s and the reason I bring this up is I got this email about 20 minutes before the show started. I did her telephone reading for this woman. She’s very nice lady, and her fiance had passed. And he came through and he kept talking about the blue car, blue car, golf cart, blue car, golf car, and in the vision I was getting from him. I saw him driving around on this golf cart. She goes, I don’t know what that means. Well, today, she sends me an email and she’s, she said, I was so concerned about this blue car. I called his daughter and she goes Oh, you Yeah, years ago, we had this blue golf cart that he always drove around it. She sent me a picture of it. You know, she didn’t know it. And that’s what I love when things like that happen. Because people say, Well, you’re reading their mind. Well, first off, how do I read somebody’s mind over the phone? Secondly, how do I read something that isn’t in her brain to begin with? Third, this was something that was 100% accurate, but had to be validated from a third party. And she actually sent me the picture of him sitting in this blue golf cart. And he came through from the other side, right around riding around in that. And I think one of the reasons spirits will do something like that is so because they can see future events, he knew that she was going to call his daughter and he knew that she was going to discover this. So that is a spirits way of letting her know that. Oh, yeah. That was me talking to you. This is correct. And there’s your validation.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there’s a chapter a whole chapter in your book about I think you call it No, no, no or something where

Mark Anthony: he Yeah, avoiding the No no, no syndrome. Yeah. Where, where you come

Rick Archer: up with all kinds of stuff in a reading and the person just sits there said, No, that doesn’t mean anything. And then they they get in touch with it later on. And there was one about Boston Cream Pie and what was it ladybugs and something else, and it turned out to be and Elsie the cow. And it turned out to be a pug Terrier, Boston? No, but one of those Boston

Mark Anthony: dog named L A Boston Terrier named LLC that had

Rick Archer: Yeah had a lady

Mark Anthony: Lady bugs on it.

Rick Archer: Yeah, but the person didn’t get it when you were saying it.

Mark Anthony: No, they didn’t. And I had um, I mean, I we could talk all day, but but along those lines, this happened a couple of months ago, this one really cracks me up. So I’m doing a reading for the this woman and her mother’s spirit came through. And I said she’s talking about a younger male. Looks like could be around seven years old, but he’s in this world and something with his eyes and eyesight. And she said, Well, I don’t have any children, but my sister does. And she has a little boy who’s seven. And I’m very, very close to my nephew. So well. There’s something about his eyes. It’s got to get his eyes Check. Check feels okay, and now I’m hearing Little Richard singing Tutti Frutti. Rudy, and I’m here to do is I’m singing this to her. And she’s like, well, that doesn’t make any sense at all. And she said, Yeah, I know they’re a little richer was but it’s not. I’m a fan. So alright, don’t worry about it. Just write it down. So a month later, I received an email. And she said, I called my sister and my sister said, Yeah, my boy. He’s been complaining about blurred vision, and a hard time seeing things. So my client said the three of us I went with my sister and her son, we went to the eye doctor made an appointment for him. And the second we walked into the doctor’s office, all of a sudden on the radio, it starts playing Tutti Frutti already. Now,

Rick Archer: isn’t that something? It? It just happened a month later, and this spirit somehow was able to know that that was going to come on the radio?

Mark Anthony: Exactly. In C. Span spirits can see future events. And everything is okay, we all know from science everything’s made of molecules. Molecules, in turn, are made of atoms. Atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, which in turn, are composed of a smaller particle of electromagnetic energy, known as a quantum. Now for the physics people watching technically an electron is a proton because it’s 118 100 the size of a proton. Alright, so electrons are quantum. So everything. And Rick that means you

Rick Archer: said electron as a proton. I think he meant Excuse me What I

Mark Anthony: meant was, yeah, it was a quantum. Yes. Thank you for catching it. Yes, an electron is a quantum because it’s 118 100 the size of a proton, right. All right. So everything at the most basic subatomic level is electromagnetic energy. And that means our bodies, the air, we’re breathing, the radio waves, which are electromagnetic energy that this show is being broadcast on the surface of Mars, the rings of Saturn and beyond. Everything is for the most, you know, is electromagnetic energy. And quantum theorists, from the time of Albert Einstein, to the present day believe that on this quantum level, that time does not exist, that everything that has happened is happening and will happen is occurring simultaneously. And that’s how and why spirits are able to discern future events because they too are pure electromagnetic energy. So the spirit was saying, hey, my grand son needs glasses he needs his eyes examined. And to verify that I’m going to tell you what song is going to be playing when you get there. And I know that that sounds, at first far fetched, but when you start looking at it on a quantum physics level, and this is where my theory of the electromagnetic soul comes in, what are we really, the brain does not create consciousness, the brain is like a computer hard drive, that houses consciousness. We know from the field of neuroscience, neurobiology, the science that studies the brain, that the brain has an electrical field, we know from quantum physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another, we know from faith that every great spiritual teacher teaches that the soul the consciousness is an eternal flow of energy comes into the body moves on after the body dies. So I developed the term the electromagnetic soul, the E M, S, to describe what we really are, which is pure consciousness, that is evil, is eternal, electromagnetic energy, which is why spirits are able to discern past present and future events, because they don’t have the limitations that we do being on a lower physical vibration. So I know that’s a lot to digest, there’s

Rick Archer: a bunch of stuff in there that I want to talk to you about. And I’ve been thinking about it as I’ve been reading your book. And one thing with regard to this ability to see the future and so on is none of this quite nails it. But, you know, if somehow the electromagnetic field is, if that’s the level at which souls operate, or of which they’re composed, somehow, we can talk more about that. We know from relativity theory that from the perspective of a photon, which is, you know, part of the electromagnetic field, time pretty much collapses. I mean, from our stationary perspective, it takes 2 million years for light to get here from the Andromeda Galaxy, from the perspective of a photon coming from the Andromeda galaxy traveling at the speed of light, space and time completely collapse, and they are here instantaneously, there’s no time lost in the trip. So somehow, rather, you know, if spirits are operating on that level, they’re not constrained by time, the way stationary beings such as we are,

Mark Anthony: exactly, yeah. Beautifully said, I’m going to play back this recording and use that for my next book.

Rick Archer: I get the royalties.

Mark Anthony: But exactly, because what I call what I do, medium ship is the accepted term and what I call it, you know, our readings. But what it really is, it’s interdimensional communication. Because we’re here in the material world dimension, our vibration is at a lower slower. Everything from the quote on the quantum level has a vibration. In other words, this pen at the subatomic level is made of the same electromagnetic energy that I am, but its vibration is at a lower level than I am, ergo, I’m alive. And, and so when we die, think of your soul as like a drop of water. And that drop of water leaves the brain and then plunges into this eternal sea that I call the collective consciousness. And it’s another dimension, another form of reality. And you know, a lot of people think like the other side, it’s like, and I love the fact you said, it takes 2 million years for light to get here from the Andromeda Galaxy. So they think that you know, Heaven and all that’s orbiting the, you know, somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, but for our purposes with the spirits that are connected to this particular dimension, it’s the difference between our world and their world in would be analogous to the difference between am radio and FM radio, we live in AEM, which uses frequency amplitude modulation modulation. And the other side is FM radio, higher frequency. And there are two systems that coexist, and they’re parallel, but occasionally, and more often than you might think they overlap. And that’s spirit communication. And it doesn’t always have to be through a medium it could be in a dream that you have, or suddenly you feel something or you get a you feel that there’s somebody that you love, who’s past in your peripheral vision, and you look and you know, maybe they appear to vanish. We can talk about that as well. And so In my research, that’s what I’ve discovered that the other side haven’t Nirvana, the afterlife isn’t some nebulous, distant place it is here, it’s just a different frequency.

Rick Archer: Right. And the only difference between you and the pen, or one of the differences is that the pen doesn’t have a subtle body. And the pen doesn’t have the mat, the apparatus to cognize subtler dimensions. But traditionally, like we referred to Vedanta earlier, it’s understood in that system that, you know, we have five sheets or coverings that cover up the cell for the Atman. There’s the gross body, and then the subtle body compared composed of several different things, breath, mind and intellect, and then the causal body, which is called the bliss sheath. And all those things are there now. And when you die, according to this system, your your gross body drops off, but the other thing is, aren’t affected at all, right, when all that dies, is the gross body. And so, you know, if that’s the case, then why shouldn’t but most people are kind of just locked into the gross body and are pretty foggy on these other levels. But why not be able to enliven these other levels so that we function inter dimensionally, quite naturally, all the time, and are able to, you know, unlike the pen perceive things that are beyond the perceptual capacities of the mere gross body,

Mark Anthony: that I love that and people who, who work on their spirituality, I believe that people who don’t necessarily intend to work on their spirituality like a near death experiencer, somebody that that’s in an accident, or they die on a operating table, or you know, some other thing happens, where their consciousness, their electromagnetic soul, leaves their body, and then goes to the other dimension and returns, they come back with an understanding of that of the interconnectedness. Then there’s people who work on out of body experiences, also known as astral projections, then there’s people that work on meditating and raising their vibration, their awareness, their consciousness. So this is something that was a little quote that our opponents say, some people are born great, others achieved greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them, well, some people are born enlightened, others achieve Enlightenment and some have Enlightenment thrust upon you, we talking about somebody to the near death experience. That is such a an amazing, fascinating realm. And I, I’ve been privileged to be a keynote speaker a number of times for the International Association for near death studies. And I was a, I had an MD When I was four, and encountering other people that have had nd ease. It really does alter one’s perception of the world. And we we’d sort of touched on this earlier, Rick. So well, if everyone were telepathic, what if everyone had had an ND E. And everyone realized that we’re all energetically interconnected that there is an afterlife. And that is one of the the side effects of or several the side effects of Andy’s a sense of interconnectedness, a sense of timelessness, less emphasis on materialism, an understanding that there is reincarnation that we’re going to come back, if everybody in the world had an N D? Would we still have these conflicts? You know that what would be the point of Country A trying to conquer Country B? What would be the the point of being prejudiced against somebody who looks or behaves differently than you do? Because you would now be aware that those are just fleeting, material manifestations, because the greater reality transcends that, and is beyond that. And I wonder sometimes, and this is certainly question if anybody listening wants to join in the discussion, are we placed in this incarnation to learn these lessons to be confronted by these things, so that it will cause us to have some type of spiritual awareness, some type of transformative experience? It certainly makes for a fascinating conversation, that’s for sure.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I’m glad you brought that point up because As I kind of put a pin in when you mentioned earlier, if everyone in the world were psychic, would we have wars? And the thought I had, when you said that was? Well, you kind of have to have a certain level of spiritual development, I think to be psychic. And so it’s a little bit of a cart before the horse question. Because are kind of just very kind of rhetorical or hypothetical, because everybody in the world isn’t going to be psychic, if the people are predominantly at a lower level of consciousness, and therefore, prone to creating wars. But if, if everyone were somehow at a higher level of consciousness than psychic abilities, non violence, and many other qualities would be natural symptoms of their higher level of consciousness.

Mark Anthony: I agree with that. I agree with that. And there’s also an assumption that people who are psychic are all you know, Jesus and Gandhi like, and that’s not the case, either.

Rick Archer: Yeah, bring that Yeah, to that kind of person be like a mean and nasty psychic, you know, who’s using it for nefarious purposes?

Mark Anthony: Well, I’ve certainly met a few, quite a few, I won’t say quite a few. But I’ve met met a number of them. And I’m not going to name any names. But there are people who, even though they have these abilities, that doesn’t make them a real positive person. And some people try to use these abilities for financial and for material gain. How’s that when I was at a conference helping parents heal, it was at this beautiful resort in Arizona, which was on reservation land, and there was a casino near it, and the casino and all these great restaurants. So like, one night, a group of us went to the casino, because we wanted to go to this, this cafe that was there. And we’re walking by all the slot machines, and everyone’s looking at me like Well come on Mark, since my ability doesn’t extend to picking the right slot machine. And and then of course, the skeptics say, Well, you know, if you’re so cosmic, why didn’t you win the lottery? Well, first off, that’s not why I have this ability. It’s not why I’ve been given this ability. The way I look at it is if I’m supposed to win the lottery, then I will, but it is not about a, you know, using this for that. And that’s because when you’re on the spiritual level, you realize how all these materialistic and superficial things don’t matter, because that’s the material world construct versus the infinity of the other side. Now, that being said, it’s not like I haven’t asked like, okay, friends and relatives on the other side, if you want to give me winning lottery numbers, I promise I’ll do good with the money. And then there’s assuming if they give you let’s say, they give you six numbers, okay? Did it come with when those numbers are coming out? Remember, we’re dealing with entities where time isn’t relevant, oh, they may give you six winning numbers, which will come out 11 years, eight days, in 10 hours from now, you know, so So people always say, oh, you should be doing this. But But the reason that spirit communication exists is to help people understand that we have one life. And it’s a turtle, and that that we have material world incarnation. So the reason I’m doing this is we go to the other side, we come back we go the other side, we come back that life is energy. Life is an eternal flow, and that we incarnate into what I call the material world, aka planet Earth. But we know that life here isn’t permanent. But life in the energetic in the spiritual and the electromagnetic soul sense is,

Rick Archer: yeah. Yeah, obviously, it’s a gift, you know? And, I suppose. Pardon? I mean, send a question. I’ll ask it in a second. So what you have and what others like you have a gift, and I suppose you could abuse the gift, and you know, cash it in for lesser, lesser rewards, so to speak. But you know, I mean, to put it in perspective, imagine Jesus with all of his abilities, presuming he was really able to do those things, using them to like, raise money as a circus performer or something. It would just be so crass and so absurd. He obviously had a higher calling. And he didn’t forget that even when he was faced with crucifixion. They said, Well, why don’t you just use your powers to like make this go away? And no one had to kind of go by the will of God here. So you know, I guess that I made the point.

Mark Anthony: No, that’s a great point. And gosh, I’m so glad that you brought that up, Rick. I’ve been so looking forward to this interview. Because I knew we were gonna have great great discussions. Look at both Jesus and Buddha. Both of them were of royal lineage. Buddha Sidhartha was a prince who gave up his His royalty to to become enlightened. And he went into the wilderness for over 40 days. All right, and then in Jesus who was a descendant from the house of David. So Jesus was of royal lineage. And he went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and Satan tempted him. Meanwhile, Buddha was tempted by Lord Mara, which would essentially be the Buddhist equivalent of the devil, illusion, temptation. So we have the same essential story from to two great avatars was, was Satan, tempting Jesus with actual material wealth? Was Mara actually tempting Buddha with material wealth? Or was this where the spiritual sages went, they had to be isolated to do I give into my ego? Or do I give myself to the spiritual nature, because think of it both Jesus and Buddha, they had the family bloodline, so they already had the status, they obviously had the speaking ability, the the psychic ability, the healing ability, that they could have transformed that, let’s say they went into politics, or like you said, raising money or cashing in on their abilities, they could have been quite successful in embracing the material, but instead, they rejected what could be called Satan, or what could be called Mara or illusion, temptation, ego edging God out, and embracing the way of the light, which is peace and love and understanding, and not an obsession with materialism, or, or status. And I’m so glad that you brought that up. Because that is, is also you know, what do you do with with the psychic ability? Well, I facilitate communication for people in our world, with their loved ones, and spirit. Because it’s all about healing and resolution. It’s not about oh, spirits give me the winning lottery numbers, because then you’re taking that to a completely different frequency. Whereas when these gifts are used in the furtherance of peace, love, healing and resolution, that is, is what they’re supposed to be used for. That’s my understanding.

Rick Archer: So that’s good. I mean, a lot of people, most people, I think, conceive of themselves as a very limited entity, limited both in space and time, and life is about gratifying that entity, but in a broader perspective, you know, God is all pervading, and we are waves on the ocean of God, we’re instruments of the Divine or have the potential to be, and, you know, if, if you have some dawning ability, and you utilize it as an instrument of the Divine, then it’s, you know, it’s not about me, you know, my will, it’s about thy will. It’s not, there’s a bit of that beautiful St. Francis pyramid, Lord make me an instrument of thy peace, you’d become an instrument of cosmic intentions, rather than just a sort of a self gratification machine. And it it accelerates your own evolution, but it actually makes you a much more useful tool in the world. You know, something of lasting and tremendous value can come of it, that I lose you are there. No,

Mark Anthony: I’m here. Oh, no, good. No, I was listening I, I have complete agreement with what what you just said because, you know, there are people out there who have these abilities and they try to use them for purposes other than facilitating communication with the other side, they try to use them you know, to win the lottery and that type of thing. And if they do, and that’s their focus, you know, that’s their journey, but from what I’ve seen, because you know, I you know, only my parents who come to me and go Well, mom, Daddy, you want to give me a lottery numbers. And I’m like, Marquis. No, that’s not what this is for. Yeah, like couldn’t her dad? Yeah, do

Rick Archer: it, okay. You don’t need to win the lottery. Just cause you problems. I raise any question over which is on the theme that we’re discussing, she said, it seems that those gifted with the most profound psychic abilities are very pure and good souls. So perhaps those abusing their abilities are not as developed in in their spirituality or in their, you know, Soul quality or their ability or their abilities for that matter. Yeah, as a matter of fact, there maybe there’s some kind of safety valve where, you know, if you abuse such abilities, then they end up getting shut down, or you end up getting knocked down. You know, the bigger they are the harder they fall because is an extremely powerful being with great abilities like Darth Vader, could be pretty dangerous.

Mark Anthony: Yes, absolutely. If you look at, alright, let’s take the Third Reich. All right, Hitler’s regime they actually had a black magic division to the SS. And Heinrich Himmler was in charge of this. And he had black magic, which is, this is from one of my my lectures, I’ve done the research on this called rulers, Royal psychics and spirits. The Mystics behind the thrones have power. And so we know that Hitler used to consult astrologers on when to make moves and things like that drove his generals crazy, like, you know, Mercury being retrograde that and he refused to take this offensive action during the Battle of Stalingrad, which went very poorly for the Germans. So maybe the Russians are supposed to win the battle of Stalingrad, not the Germans, Joe has got to be careful on that. But Heinrich Himmler had black magic witches, consulting him. So during the Battle of Britain, France is in 1940. The war begins in Europe on September 3 1939. And then in on June, excuse me, May 10 1940. Hitler invades France, Holland and Belgium fall within days, the French army supposed to be the best in Europe was obliterated. Within six weeks 100,000 Frenchmen killed, France collapses, everyone expected Britain to be you know, hoisting the white flag but Winston Churchill said, we will never surrender makes his very inspiring speech. And then the Luftwaffe of the German air force begins pummeling Great Britain in what’s known as the Battle of Britain and the RAF is fighting back and things are going very badly for for Great Britain for the first like month and a half of the war. Well, Gerald Gardner, who is known as the father of the modern Wiccan movement, was a very famous English which you can call him Warlocks are witches. And he brought together all the witches of Great Britain. They’re from Scotland, England, Wales, and they went to New Forest. And it was the crest of the waning of the crescent moon. And they formed this. They they the witches called this operation cone of power. And it was at midnight, and they all started under gardeners chanting, they directed their energy towards Hitler’s brain. And they said, You will not cross the sea, you will not cross the sea, you will not come here. And they did this. They chanting and chanting for hours. Well, let me tell you something, when you get to, you know, hundreds of witches converging in southern England, it’s not like that it was very kept secret for very long. And it even got out to the BBC. And I remember when I was a kid, I heard an old recording of it. And the commentators that even though which is of Great Britain are fighting off hit law. So So and then when when the Churchill administration found out about it, they let it get out there because it was good for for morale. Well,

Rick Archer: we spoke the Nazis to since they believed in that stuff. Yes, they

Mark Anthony: did. And within 30 days, all of a sudden, the RAF started winning, they started shooting down more German planes. Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions here. But that certainly is fascinating. Now, also, the British were working on radar, they started doing that. And they made a very bold move, which would have been right after the cone of power. They knew that the Germans are concentrating on their airfields. So they made a daring attack and they bombed Berlin. Because Herman gearing the head of the Army, the blue fox said, the British will never bomb us. And then they bombed Berlin, and Hitler was so furious, he switched the bombing to the British cities, which was no picnic and killing a lot of people. But what happened was, then the Royal Air Force started gaining the initiative and they began shooting down two times as many planes as they they had lost. And so the so called Battle of Britain was the first defeat inflicted upon the Nazis. And there are a lot of people in mystical circles who said, Oh, you don’t underestimate British witches. You know, they may have been witches, but they were not about to let a bunch of black magic Nazi witches attack the British Empire. So it’s history is so full of these amazing stories. And then the British started doing, they did a couple of raids where they dropped leaflets with astrological reports and giving like wrong information that the Germans were getting because they knew it would get to Hitler. So the British definitely exploited Hitler’s obsession with astrology. And their obsession with black magic. I was thought that was interesting. They

Rick Archer: are witches can warp your which is bad. For some reason, it reminds me of a story that I think will kind of be relevant. I had a really good friend, he died a few years ago, but he was teaching transcendental meditation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana back in the 70s or so. And one morning, he was sitting meditating, and he had started having all these horrible images and negative things. He felt like he was under attack of some kind, then he didn’t know what was going on. Later on, he discovered that a big article had come out in the local paper, claiming that he was satanic. And he was, you know, teaching this satanic thing, Hinduism and blah, blah, blah. And somehow, all the people reading the paper, were having these thoughts about him. And he was sitting there, picking it up.

Mark Anthony: Wow. Well, yeah. And beat being used probably extremely empathic, because that tends to come

Rick Archer: with found experiences. Yeah, yeah, it was picking up

Mark Anthony: on the negativity. I remember, when I first started practicing law, I was just barely turned 24. Here, I was young prosecutor out to save the world. And I would come home at night, and I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. And I didn’t understand what was going on. I was just panicking and feeling all this. And I remember my mother, who was a very gifted psychic. She said, Mark, you’re not shielding yourself? And I’m like, What do you mean? Well, can you think of a place where there’s more unhappy people than a courthouse? I mean, you know, why do you go to the courthouse because you’re happy and life is good, no, you’ve been arrested, you’re getting sued, you got a ticket, you’re having a divorce, you’re fighting over your kids. And, you know, it’s all you know, maybe you’re lucky and filing for an adoption or marriage license, but pretty much the rest of it, there’s a lot of angst there. And here I am this wide, open psychic drawing all this energy. And mom was telling me, you know, like several of the links envision you’re surrounded by mirrors, reflecting this away, and she said, and envision a beam of white light, the white light of the Divine, the Holy Spirit, you know, Vishnu, whatever, you know, however you wish to conceive of God, and all of a sudden, nervous breakdown stopped.

Rick Archer: So you’re able to do that. And thank you, Mom, that’s cool. I mean, spiritual people in general, have, you know, whether or not they’re psychic, but often have trouble with hypersensitivity and kind of vulnerability to their environments and all and so integration and stabilization is a big part of spirituality that more and more people are recognizing these days. Yes,

Mark Anthony: yes. And also, a lot of times, people that are very spiritual, and they pick up on these things, if they mentioned it to a doctor, they, you know, the doctor immediately wants to start prescribing right medications, and I’m not saying that mood stabilizing medications and, and sedatives are not necessary in some circumstances. But I also tend to feel that at this point in the 21st century, we are an intensely over medicated society.

Rick Archer: Oh, it’s a huge percentage of the population that are on some kind of tranquilizers. Or, you know, what are all these things?

Mark Anthony: Yeah, I mean, you know, they talk about children, you know, having ADHD, one, Ritalin and all that it given Ritalin, and I think it’s more important to look at what they’re eating. Look at what they’re eating for breakfast. Are they having a big gold with 100 grams of sugar and 100 grams of caffeine, really, you pump 100 grams of sugar and 100 grams of caffeine and to some child and expect them to sit there and do fractions. Oh, yeah, I don’t think so.

Rick Archer: I was at the grocery store one time and I was behind some people in line and the woman said to her husband, oh, pick up a box of doughnuts. We got to give the kids something for breakfast tomorrow. You know? Yeah, crazy. Reminds me of Calvin and harvest. He his favorite breakfast was chocolate frosted Sugar Bombs. And then he would pile sugar on top of that, for some pores and knock on.

Mark Anthony: Ice. I had this cartoon that I found. And it shows these two explorers and they’re in a jungle talking to some indigenous people and they’re showing them a laptop. They go we bring you technology and the other one says we’ll be back next month with antidepressants. That’s good.

Rick Archer: Okay, so there’s a couple of thoughts on I heard that or had been hanging in there throughout this conversation. One is I’ll take this one first. Have you heard of Ken Wilber? You know Ken Wilber?

Mark Anthony: I am I’ve heard the name, but I’m not familiar with his work. But yeah, so you just said that I recognize this is

Rick Archer: brilliant guys, he’s been on BatGap He’s, he’s considered a philosopher of sorts. And one of his little teaching methods or points that I find highly helpful is he has the idea of lines of development. And he kind of, you know, says you could think of a human being as having various lines of development, there’s the emotional, the intellectual, the senses, you know, their consciousness itself, various other things. And you know, that these lines of development don’t necessarily develop in balance with one another, they, they can get really out of whack, you know, we’re one line is quite advanced, and others are quite stunted. And I find that useful for understanding how a person could, let’s say, have psychic abilities, but have nefarious motivations or, you know, be kind of very eloquent and, you know, impressive as a spiritual teacher and yet be, you know, sexually abusing their students or, you know, various other things like that. So I’m a big advocate of holistic development, however one can, can achieve it.

Mark Anthony: I totally agree with that. And, in, in Great Britain, psychics are regulated by law, they used to have oh, let me if I can walk back in time to World War Two. Winston Churchill used to consult with Helen Duncan and Helen Duncan was a physical medium now what a physical media and and I’ve yet to see one, in the current era that is even begins to be legitimate. And I don’t want to get into to those stories. But the physical medium is able to project from their body, a mist with a which is called ectoplasm, which can form an image of the person the spirit communicating. And Helen Duncan was doing a medium ship demonstration in November of 1941. And this is about a couple of weeks before Pearl Harbor. So the US wasn’t in the war, yet the Battle of Britain was over. But England was still fighting for its life. The Germans had invaded Russia, and during this demonstration, and Churchill wasn’t at this one but but because his were in secret. An image of a young sailor formed with an insignia on his uniform, he said HMS Barham, and there was a woman there. So that’s my husband. Well, little did anyone there know that couple hours before the battleship was one of Britain’s best ships in the Mediterranean, the HMS Barham had been torpedoed by a German U boat. And then this navy wife began telling all of her Navy y friends and they’re flooding the British Admiralty. And they’re like, how do they know about this because the Brits were keeping their naval losses, top secret. And so then the British military police started keeping Helen Duncan under surveillance. And in early 1944, she was arrested and charged with violating the witchcraft act of 1735. And what it was the British military was afraid that she might do something which could have given a given breach the security of the upcoming D Day invasion, which would was in June of 45. So Churchill, the British Prime Minister is not able to pardon like they’re the United States, she served I think, like six, six or nine months in prison. Anyway, Churchill loses the election, I’ve never understood that 1945. But he gets reelected as prime minister in 1950. And he, one of the first things he did is get rid of the British anti witchcraft act of 1735. And it was replaced with the fraudulent mediums Act, which sets standards legal standards for mediums. And then when Britain joined the EU, that got replaced by a Consumer Protection Act now, now that you know, with Brexit being, I don’t know what they’re going to do with mediums. But the British have always been at the front of of spirit communication technology. In fact, in the 1930s, Great Britain actually had a psychic warfare division, which several other countries do, you know, to this day, but I always found that very, very fascinating and from what I understand, Helen Duncan’s grandchildren and great grandchildren are still trying to clear her name

Rick Archer: Okay, I won’t comment on that because a few questions have come in. And let’s see comment from Mark. It wasn’t actually Al Capone that said that quote about some are born great, some achieved greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. It was William Shakespeare in 12th. Night. She said,

Mark Anthony: that is correct, but that was one of quoted homes become Capone loved in that particular quote. So yes, it was Shakespeare, but that was Al Capone said that. And so he’s the one it’s associated with. So but I want to thank the the listener because I’m aware of that. But you know, think about Al Capone. By the time he was 19 years old. He was running Chicago. That’s a lot of 19. Yep. Wow. The show came up through Well, he was a cold blooded, ruthless killer. I saw his house in South Beach, Miami about a year ago. I was on one of these, these tours, and his house is, is in Miami is for sale, and they can’t get anyone to buy it. So yeah.

Rick Archer: Here’s a question from my friend, tree wise blood who’s been on that gap? She lives down in Australia. She said when I was on this path. In other words, her spiritual quest, she experienced a test from the darker forces. Did you have a test or battle like Jesus did?

Mark Anthony: Oh, my whole life has been a battle. Um, but as far as a negative spiritual event? No. I’ve always seen my, my work. And the connections I’ve made as from the light. But I’ve certainly been challenged by people living in the material world. I was working for a government agency. And it’s a long story. But I had left the practice of law to work for this government agency. And I knew that I was going to be leaving that because my first book, never letting go was coming out. And my, the elected official who hired me, his political enemies found out that I was a psychic leaked into the news. There was all these attacks on me that I mean, it was absolutely horrible. And my mother had had passed a couple years earlier, but I went to see my father, the ex navy seal, the NASA engineer, he was in his 80s at the time. And I said, Dad, I don’t know if I can handle this. And he came up to me, and he put his hands on my shoulder and he looked me in the eye and he said, Mark, you hold your head high. You know who you are. You know what you’re doing is good and right. And he said, Tell all those people to pack sand. That’s great. Thank you, dad.

Rick Archer: Yeah, well, Nancy Reagan got a lot of crap for supposedly consulting with a psychic or an astrologer or something. And Eileen Jones. Did you know I think

Mark Anthony: she did is Joan Quigley. Oh, yeah, Joan, quickly. In fact, I had friends. I’m a member of the DC bar. And I had friends that work on Capitol Hill and they said Nancy drove the White House staffers crazy, because she consult with John quickly, especially after Ron Ronald Reagan got shot. So Nancy would be changing Ronnie schedule because of shifts in astrological forecast. So yeah, among among the whole White House, they said that Nancy Reagan drove every you know, it’s interesting, because a number of presidents on both sides of the aisle have had psychic advisors. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I think that I was just gonna add this is not related to psychic stuff. But I mean, whoever is in in the spotlight that gets a lot of grief for whatever they do. Michelle Obama got castigated for putting an organic garden on the White House lawn.

Mark Anthony: I mean, yeah. Oh, that’s so horrible. You know.

Rick Archer: I think there was some stuff around Lincoln, Wasn’t there some premonitions or some foreboding or some such thing?

Mark Anthony: Oh, yes. Lincoln administration was extremely involved with psychic phenomenon. And Lincoln himself had a near death experience. When he was a boy. They thought he was dead for like six hours. And then he came out and started talking about this country beyond our world. And after he’d been elected president, and he and Mary Todd Lincoln were getting ready to to leave for Washington. He looked in the mirror and he had a premonition, that he would be elected twice, but only, but not survive his second term. And then, while they were in the White House, they’re their favorite son. They’d already lost. One son, Edward Lincoln had died as a little boy. And then when they were in the White House, they had three other sons, Robert Todd Lincoln, Willie Lincoln, and then the other name of the Son escaped You’ve seen right now, but Willie Todd Lincoln died. I believe it was a typhoid typhoid. Yeah. Yeah. And Mary Todd Lincoln started having seances conducted at the White House. And she called a neti Colburn Maynard, who was one of the most well known, famous psychics of the day. And we do know from from accounts, from White House staffers that President Lincoln attended at least one of the seances so and of course, you know, these were supposed to be secret, but boy, this got out and it hit the news. And that’s one of the reasons that Mary Todd Lincoln has been called insane and out of her mind, and, and all this because of her spiritual beliefs. And then, Abraham Lincoln kept having a recurring dream, where he’d walk into the green room, and he saw a coffin and there were soldiers around it and women crying. And he went up to in the dream goes to one of the soldiers and said, Who died and the soldier says, it’s the president. And the night before he was assassinated. He had this dream and he looked into the coffin and saw himself lying there. We know this happen, because he told his press secretary John Hay, who wrote this down in his diary, John Hey, you know, that was press secretary’s job was to keep track of this. And then of course, the the horrible events at Ford’s Theatre. And for the rest of her life, Mary Todd Lincoln, was hounded by the media, and, and insulted and ridiculed and told that she was crazy. But she was she had become friends with Queen Victoria, who was also consulting with a medium, Edward Lee’s, when Prince Albert died of typhoid. And so Queen Victoria used to consult with mediums to keep in touch with the spirit of Prince Albert. And she and Queen Mary Todd Lincoln and Queen Victoria corresponded quite frequently with each other. I would like to say this, and this is one of the things that I bring up in my lecture on this, I think, Mary Todd Lincoln. She, she lost two boys. And then after she left the White House, another son died, she saw her husband murdered in front of her shot in the head. So she’s lost three boys, a husband, Whose murder she witnessed. Her husband was Abraham Lincoln, during the US Civil War, her brother was fighting for the Confederacy against them. The media kept insulting her and she was going through menopause. can we possibly give Mary Todd Lincoln a pass? And I think we need to reevaluate her. I don’t think she was insane. I don’t know how anyone could have withstood the type of pressure that she was under.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And Lincoln to I mean, you know, sending hundreds of 1000s of young men to their deaths. And you know, but I don’t know, there was something really cosmic about him. i Oh, yeah. It just kind of came out of nowhere. And he, he did this incredible job in the nation’s darkest hour, and then he was gone. And, you know, it’s probably appropriate that he was gone, because he probably served he’d done his mission, you know,

Mark Anthony: you’ve done his mission gone back to a better place. Yes. And since we’re saying this to the universe, we could certainly use someone like him again. And I don’t see anybody in political circles that are like him, and maybe that person that man or woman is there. We just haven’t seen them because Lincoln always knew that he had some higher mystical purpose. And like you said, right, he was there, right? It’s like Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill is considered a washed up has been politician. And when Neville Chamberlain, his government fell apart and King George, the sixth asked Churchill to become prime minister, everyone figured all Churchill was going to do was run the white flag up the pole and look for surrender terms. And it’s interesting, because when I was at the Imperial War Museum, which was Churchill secret bunker, and the Brits just opened it up about 2025 years ago. It’s really cool. So anyone who goes to London, it’s worth the time. They even play a recording of a conversation between Winston Churchill and Harry Truman on the first hotline, which was from DC, London. but they also have recordings of interviews with all of Churchill’s secretaries. And they were real old. These ladies, they must have filmed these when you know, because they were like in their 20s, early 30s. But they were filming these probably in the 70s and early 80s. And all these women said, Oh, he was a monster. He was a bully. He said, he hated staples and paper clips, you had to punch a hole, tie a ribbon on there and tag it and one lady and one woman goes, and God help you if you made a typographical error on it. And then they had an interview with the in Chief of the Imperial General Staff, they’d be like their Joint Chiefs of Staff General is May. And he said Churchill was the was he was a bully. He was the most rude, obnoxious, insulting man, he was always yelling at us telling us how incompetent he, we were. And it was the greatest honor of my life, to serve under him, because any other British politician would have surrendered to out off Hitler. And it was funny and sorry, I’m on a Churchill roll today. So when Churchill was reelected, in 1950, as Prime Minister, the staff had turned down, it was like, Oh, God, he’s back. And there is this new young lady, she was probably only 18 or 19. And they sent her up to his room, and she knocked on the door and he was in the bathtub. Churchill took a bath every afternoon, and he’d like dictate to the bathroom door and he goes, what have they said about me? And she said, Well, they said that you’re rather challenging, challenging. I’m a monster. So he yelled, he goes, but it takes a monster to beat out of Hitler.

Rick Archer: Passage, just think there’s something to that.

Mark Anthony: Anyway, I’m sorry. But it takes a thorn

Rick Archer: to remove a thorn as the old saying in India. Well,

Mark Anthony: exactly it does. And the reason I bring this up with Abraham Lincoln with Winston Churchill when things were darkest, the right man, a rose, and he I don’t want to get into modern politics. But you know, so Lenski. I mean, people thought he was a he’s a comedian. He’s a TV star. He’s an idiot, you know, and he showed some real leadership. So these things do happen. People have their time. It’s like the Beatles, you know, they changed music, they changed outlooks, they brought Hinduism and Eastern philosophy into this. Did they choose that time? Or was that time chosen for them. And we are now in a point in the world where things that you and I are talking about are becoming more mainstream? Yes, eternal life exists. My latest book, The Afterlife frequency, the subtitle is the scientific proof of spiritual contact, and have that awareness will change your life. I am presenting theories based on science based on quantum physics and human physiology, to explain the mechanics of spirit communication, and that the afterlife and faith in God is not only realistic, but can be explainable through quantum physics. And I think that now is the time for people to understand this.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And with, with regard to some superduper person showing up to save us all, you know, maybe the times will be such that, you know, things will get really dire and some great political leader will arise. But with regard to the world in general tick, not Han said, it may be that the next Buddha is the Sangha, meaning, don’t wait for some super special enlightened guy to come. The Sangha means the collection of spiritually oriented people. And what I see from my perspective, doing this show and doing what I’ve been doing in my life, for the last 54 years is there’s, there’s definitely a network around the world kind of uncoordinated, of people just waking up spiritually. And I get contacted by people all the time, who hadn’t really been thinking too much about this stuff. And all of a sudden, they’re having profound spiritual awakenings and wondering what the heck is going on with them. So somehow rather collective consciousness is shifting. And it seems to be more of a peer to peer kind of phenomenon then, in terms of any great individual Savior coming. But that gives me great optimism. I really feel like we’ve got a chance to make it through this difficult period the world is going through and it may get quite a bit more difficult before it gets better. But you don’t hear about this on the evening news, but there’s an undercurrent that is lifting humanity and counteracting the negative influences.

Mark Anthony: You know, that’s that’s a very, very interesting point. And I would I would like to add to that and say that, yes, there’s this undercurrent, there’s people that are the, you know, people that understand what’s going on globally, you know, the climate is changing. There’s deforestation, there’s massive population, we have the technology to kill each other on a on a global scale. But there is a huge consciousness that is running counter to that. And that consciousness is in tandem with the communication technology, with the internet with social media. Yeah, you know, so yeah, there have always been sages in India, and here and there. But now we have this interconnectedness, which is being created by technology. And so, yes, you know, there’s always downsides to social media and, and those but there’s also very positive upside. So perhaps, you know, Sangha is this this global collective understanding, and I’ve lived by the ocean of my whole life. And I’ve seen how humanity treats oceans as garbage dumps. And it’s not. It’s not an infinite source. The ocean is a finite system. When I hear people argue with me, oh, global warming, that is ridiculous. I’ve been to Alaska. And I was at the Mendenhall Glacier, and they have an observation point. And along the wall, they take a picture every year. And they’ve been taking pictures, I think, since the 1880s 1890s, of the same glacier. And you can see how it’s been receding. And you look at the picture, and then you look out at the actual glacier. So there it is. I’ve also been to the Amazon. And I was in what I consider to be the deepest, deepest, darkest recesses of a tributary along the Amazon, the Ukiah Valley river. And then we’d come upon I was on a research vessel, it was kind of like, you know, a big version of The African Queen is this clunky old boat about a dozen crew and a dozen passengers, it was really an amazing experience. But then we come up upon areas where farmers and lumber companies had just shaved the rainforest right down to the bedrock. And the Indians were telling us they go, this is really bad, because when it rains, the soil there is poor, and it washes away the soil right to the bedrock. And then the less rain forest, the less rain. And they’re doing this all over the Amazon. So I’ve seen this, not just in the United States, but I’ve seen this in the Arctic, I’ve seen this in the Amazon, I’ve been at coral reefs in the Caribbean in areas that used to be just the most beautiful thing, and now they look dead. So the thing is, and we have the opportunity right now, right now to do something about it. That’s one thing, Prince Philip, Sir David Attenborough. Now King Charles, they thank them for always being very environmentally conscious. And many, you know, other people around the world are but we need to do something about this now. Because 20 years from now, it is conceivable, and very likely we could be at the point of no return. And I’m not trying to be all political, because I know some people Oh, he’s just another left wing not I’m not a left wing nut. I’m a middle of the road guy. I listened to both parties, not all ideas of one party or wrong, not all ideas of a another party or right, we have to look at what is facing humanity. And the reason that I’m saying this, prior to COVID, I started getting messages from spirits. I’d be doing readings for people, Rick, and all of a sudden, let’s say it was right around September, October of 2019. And during the reading, I would get visions of the person who is doing the reading and everyone around them wearing surgical masks. And I remember asking, Are you in the medical profession? And if people are like, No, I go, well, the spirits keep saying and I kept getting this March 20, march 2020. And I’ve said this to a number of people around me so it’s been documented. And then in March 2020, I started getting emails right left from people saying, Oh my God, when you saw the vision of us all wearing surgical mask and 20, march 2020, here we are, and that’s when we went down into lockdown. And then during a couple of sessions, I’m where people are asked about COVID in the collective consciousness, you call it the voice of God. I mean, I’ll let you decide, you know how you want to interpret this Do you remember when the world was in lockdown? And all of a sudden, dolphins appeared in the canals of Venice? Oh, yeah, in Mumbai, the skies cleared, animals started emerging at our national parks all over the world. And the message messages because this happened in several readings, you have been given a chance to put all of your brain power all your brain trust your geniuses working for common purpose. And then I realized what that message meant. COVID gave us a glimpse of what humanity could do. If we put all of our scientists working to gather, think about it, within what two months of vaccine came up, ideas, how to test for this disease, how to begin to control it, it all came there. And then of course, there came the backlash from the Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee I you know, I can’t inconvenience myself crowd and, and, you know, I don’t want to, I don’t want to have to limit myself, all that came up. But we saw what could happen. And if we put our scientists because scientists love working together, you put scientists working together, we’re going to come up with alternative sources of energy that aren’t going to put people out of work, we’re going to come out up with ways to stop the forest. And we’re going to come up with improved means of producing food. It’s all there we have the technology and the brainpower. And that was the flip side of the karmic coin to the COVID crisis. And this message came through to me in in many, many readings during that period of time. And then it turned into, we’re gonna reopen the country immediately money, and then it all just fizzled out. So we had a chance. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still have that chance. That

Rick Archer: often happens, you know, I mean, when 911 happened, there was a huge global wave of compassion and support for the United States. And, and then Bush said, Well, let’s go shopping. And let’s, let’s attack Iraq, you know, which had nothing to do with 911. So a lot of times, there’s opportunities, and we squander them. And of course, then you have vested interests, like the fossil fuel industries, who spend millions of dollars trying to create doubt about global warming, because they just they’re thinking about the next quarterly profit. But sooner or later, there’s there’s a Vedic saying, which is satyameva jayate. A, which means truth alone triumphs, and the the understanding is that eventually, what is it Martin Luther King said, you know, the, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. And I think that might apply to other issues, the kind of things we’re discussing here as well. But it’s really on God’s timetable.

Mark Anthony: Sure. And, you know, for the fossil fuel companies, they certainly have a tremendous brain trust, why can’t they develop these other sources of energy and then cornered the market on those, they started

Rick Archer: working on it back in the 70s? And it got shut down? You know, so

Mark Anthony: yeah. So, you know, we have the ability, the question is, you know, in based on humanity’s track record, which isn’t, isn’t real good. I mean, you know, people always say the good old days, really, what like when? Roman Empire,

Rick Archer: right? The

Mark Anthony: Dark Ages. You know, I hear about people, so the good old days in the 1950s, really talk to your African American friends and see what their parents thought about the good old days in the 1950s. The good old days, the good days are now it’s what we make of them, and how we put our geniuses to work with each other. So well, you know, we’re

Rick Archer: talking about Churchill. Churchill said of Americans, and this could perhaps apply to all of humanity. He said, you know, Americans always do the right thing, but only after trying every other alternative.

Mark Anthony: Yeah, he really did have a way of pointing things. And I think, you know, people talk about, oh, who would you like to talk to? If you could go back in time? Well, there’d be several people. I think Churchill would definitely be interested in Albert Einstein, of course, you know, Jesus. But I was asked that in an interview, and I said, Well, I think it’d be fascinating to meet Cleopatra for lunch, but I’d want somebody to taste my food first.

Rick Archer: Let me throw a couple of questions at you. That will be abrupt segues. Sure. So here’s one from Iran again. Do you always turn Do you always turn on and off your abilities? Or do they sometimes come up as needed for a random person that might need help? Like, you know, Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, sometimes she’s just in the laundromat or something and she said I’m picking up on something cool. She has a Camera on or so? Seems like yeah, free range. But

Mark Anthony: with something like like that show, that’s all scripted, okay? Because I’ve been on TV a lot. And when you have eight different camera angles, perfect makeup, perfect lighting, perfect sound, and there’s people in the background and you can see their faces, all those people had to sign agreements to contracts to allow them. There’s a camera crew there. And it takes about six hours to film that and then have edited down that one minute segment. So so that’s why a lot of people like these reality shows where you know, the two beautiful people that can’t find anybody in their in a swimming pool, and we’re getting close ups Well, there’s a camera crew the pool with. So this isn’t some intimate thing by if these people can’t find somebody than the rest of us are doomed. But But But at any rate. There’s a time I’m doing what spirit communication and there’s a time I’m not because you have to define the parameters, spirits will respect that. But there are times when a spirit will come forward. And they may want me to get a message through to somebody. But once again, it’s a question of ethics, do you run up to somebody in a laundromat and say your husband and spirit wants me to give you a message, because that person is not there to deal with their dead husband or to their their to be doing their laundry. So there is discretion that has to come in, you have to be very, very careful about flinging a reading at somebody. And that’s the problem I have with a lot of a lot of these shows, when they do things like that, because it isn’t real. It isn’t genuine and it isn’t ethical. It’s like going up to somebody and say, you know, I think you need a root canal and you hold them down and start pulling money. I don’t think I’d want that.

Rick Archer: Yeah, of course, there are some anecdotes in your book where somebody had a psychic experience, and they weren’t necessarily even a psychic. And it ended up saving somebody’s life. Exactly. Or their own life. So that’s kind of

Mark Anthony: cool. Yeah, and, and spirits will it’s called Spirit interventions, the term I call it, and spirits oftentimes will come in, to to notify to alert somebody in my first book, never letting go. I wrote a story about my mother, and she was she was living in New York, New Jersey, you know, my family zone. And this is about 10 years or so before I was born. And there’s different types of spirit intervention, sometimes they’re they’re very hands on, usually not. And she was, it was cold, it was snowing very heavily. It was a blizzard, she had a bag of groceries in one hand, and my older sister was only a baby, maybe 14 months old, and the other, and mom just wanted to get home and she stepped out in the street all sincere. And she looked and there was a bus coming right at her. And she was about to scream. And she said, I felt someone grabbed my my shirt, you know, my coat and pull me and she felt like she was pulled right up off her and thrown onto the sidewalk. And she said she was clutching my sister that was broken jars from her. Her and the bus went steaming by and there was nobody there.

Rick Archer: Right? There’s another story like that in your book where some guy got shoved out of the way of a car or something. Hey, yeah, he was listening to music and he was absorbed. And

Mark Anthony: yeah, and this does happen. This does happen. Now people say, Well, I wish that would happen to me. And so let me tell you something, don’t test that theory. Don’t walk into traffic and expect you know Aunt Martha to come and pull you out of the way from from heaven. Those circumstances those situations do happen. They’re not very common. But there’s a reason why there was the direct intervention. It was not my mother’s time to die, she had too much to accomplish, because then other people say, Well, why did someone so die? Was it their time? Perhaps it was? These are the questions that we ponder that we wonder about, because there’s nothing satisfying about seeing a young person die. It’s the most crushing and horrible thing for a parent to lose a child. And why do some people you know, JRR Tolkien, and there’s a scene where Frodo is talking to Gandalf and and he said like, you know, oh, I wish you know, I wish somebody would have killed Gollum. And Gandalf the wise wizard says, In JRR Tolkien was a devout Catholic and a very spiritual man. And he said, some that live to deserve death. others that die deserve life is it for you to decide and to deal out of death and judgment.

Rick Archer: And that worry column saved the day. I mean, he bid off Frodo finger. And, you know, if he hadn’t done that Frodo wouldn’t have been able to resist the lure of the ring. And, you know, the whole thing wouldn’t have gotten resolved. So.

Mark Anthony: Exactly, exactly. And it shows that, you know, we all have our parts to play even the so called evil people. And, you know, there are the the dark energies that walk amongst us the sociopaths and they have their parts to play. And sometimes the parts they play don’t always have a happy ending for people. But yeah, you know, the dealing out death and judgment, you know, we have to realize that is is for a greater greater power.

Rick Archer: Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I shall repay.

Mark Anthony: You got karma never loses an address, folks.

Rick Archer: Yeah, the Karma is a whole interesting thing. I mean, you get into that in your book a little bit. And we could spend an hour talking about karma. And I don’t want to do that right now, because I want to get into another topic with you. But um, basically, it involves, it’s not billiard balls, as you say, in your book. It’s, it’s a vast web of intelligence that’s beyond the the capabilities of human intellect. That sorts it all out. Anyway. So here’s what I want to ask you about. So you speak of the soul as electromagnetic and correct me if I’m wrong, but yeah, electromagnetic soul. And, you know, if we think of the electromagnetic frequency, we think of gamma rays and X rays, and, you know, radio waves, and shortwave, and cell phones, and all the invisible light and all these different things, some of which can kill us, some of which enable us to live. But it’s all just various frequencies of a fundamental field. And it’s not the most fundamental field because electromagnetism gravitation, the weak and the strong nuclear forces are four fundamental fields. And some of them have been unified with each other, electroweak unification and so on. And then it’s theorized that there’s an even more fundamental field unified field, some call it out of which these four fields arise. And then from the four fields, we get matter, fields and force fields and sequential, spontaneous symmetry breaking, and the whole universe elaborates. But in any case, this kind of fits, I think, with the idea of a subtle body, the Sheaths the cautious as they call them, because those aren’t considered to be ultimate. And, you know, maybe they are comprised of electromagnetic frequencies. Because obviously, great many very dissimilar things comprise the electromagnetic spectrum. But fundamental to all those sheets is considered to be Brahman, you know, the, the, the absolute, the ultimate, and, and that and that would perhaps correlate with the unified field. So it’s not electromagnetism, it’s more fundamental. So where am I going with this? I am going somewhere.

Mark Anthony: But that’s what I love about philosophical discussions. It’s wherever you go, there you are.

Rick Archer: So I don’t know, I’m just kind of playing with it. Because I think, you know, maybe the soul is electromagnetic, in some respect. But, you know, I mean, we know from what we know about all of our electronic devices, that electromagnetic devices can store huge amounts of information. So and they talk about the Akashic field or the Akashic Record, and maybe that’s a frequency of the electromagnetic field. Or who knows, I mean, maybe there’s some kind of subtle matter that has nothing to do with electromagnetism. And that’s sometimes discussed in these philosophies. But I’m just playing with it here. And maybe, you know, based upon what I’ve just said, What do you think? How did you come up with electromagnetism as the most likely candidate for what the soul is

Mark Anthony: getting to the quantum field? Everything in our dimension, on the most basic level is electromagnetic energy a quantum and that the brain has an electrical field which can be measured and quantified. And what’s really fascinating is in this year on February 22, of 2022, in Tartu, Estonia, an 87 year old man. He had a heart attack, and he was rushed to the hospital. And the doctors were doing an e g, on his brain when suddenly he died. And this was the first time in medical history that in E G was conducted on a person at the point of death. And they saw all five levels of his brainwave frequencies gamma, alpha, theta, gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta Go off the charts. And they were absolutely flabbergasted. The report that came out said that this count may coincide with what people that have a near death experience describe as the life review prior to passing. And,

Rick Archer: as you probably think a lot of processing a lot of information in a short amount of time,

Mark Anthony: massive surge, and we see this with people in terminal lucidity. When somebody is non responsive, they could have Alzheimer’s, they could have severe brain impairment, brain cancer, whatever and all of a sudden, they come back to full lucidity. prior to passing talk to people. This is a surge of electromagnetic energy. I liken it to a light bulb that an incandescent bulb that suddenly gets very bright before it bright in and explodes before burns out why the light bulb did not create the amount of electricity flowing through it, it merely regulated specifically the tungsten in the filament. So think of your brain as the tungsten as the filament. And then prior to death, the brain is no longer able to regulate that amount of electricity because it’s degrading, and neurosis biologists neuroscientists all agree that you don’t grow a billion new neurons right before you die. So I started studying quantum physics I’ve been studying it my whole life. energy is neither created nor destroyed only transferred we know that we know from neuroscience, which studies the brain that the brain has an electro magnetic field, that the pineal gland in the brain regulates brainwave frequency. And so I started seeing that and I’ve been brain map the number of times and studied and what happens when I go into spirit communication and how brainwave frequencies adjust. And once again, getting to frequency frequency, how am I hearing these things? How am I experiencing those? So I developed the term the electromagnetic soul. Well, my colleague Dr. Gary Schwartz, who’s the head of psychology, parapsychology, engineering, surgery and physics. At University of Arizona, he endorsed the the afterlife frequency, and he called me up and he said, Mark, I love electromagnetic soul EMS, I’m going to start using it. He said, I was trying to develop a term years ago called The electromagnetic dynamical interface between brain body systems, he goes by EMS, that can make it concise. So I’m seeing scientists saying you’re really onto something here. And so that’s how and why I came up with the electromagnetic soul. But as Dr. Schwartz pointed out, you know, some people say, Well, that sounds very technical, takes a spirituality out of it. And what he said is, well, let’s look at the word soul. Doesn’t that stand for source of universal love? So the EMS is the electromagnetic source of universal love. And the thing is, Rick, when I was a little boy, I remember was about eight years old, and my dad worked, you know, in the space program, and I love my dad, and and I love my mom, I always got along great with my parents. And Daddy was my hero. Okay, because he worked with astronauts, and here I am eight years old, and we’re looking at the stars one night, and he was explaining to me that nothing is impossible. If you if you said, a mystery is only a question for which we do not yet have the answer. And enough money, enough research enough dedication goes into something, you’re going to come up with an answer. It’s going to be based on science, but you’ll have that answer. And that really, really imprinted itself on me. And so that’s why I was looking for spiritual, scientific explanations for spiritual phenomenon. And the EMS theory of the electromagnetic soul applies not just to the afterlife, but to understanding the different forms of spirit phenomenon. Near Death Experiences, shared death experiences, where more than one person experiences a deathbed vision, or somebody prior to passing will look up and they’ll start talking about people they know who’ve passed the mediumship to visitations. We’re going to talk about deathbed visions for a moment and then And then shared that that that’s okay. A deathbed vision is when somebody is in the process of dying and they see spirits of loved ones. I think George Floyd may be the most heavily documented deathbed vision in history. Because when the police officer had his knee on his throat, and there’s people filming this, George Floyd said Mama, time through. He was extremely close to his mother who passed. And it’s very painful watching that video. Mama I’m through was he seen the spirit of his mother? More recently? Who didn’t love Betty White? Okay, Betty White, our favorite golden girl. I mean, she was on. I can’t think of a time in my life when Betty White wasn’t on television. And back in the 60s, she married game show host Alan Ludden. And they were married until I think he died in like 1981 83, somewhere around there, that she said he was the love of her life. And in Betty White expired on New Year’s Eve 2021, just two weeks before her 100th birthday. And right before she died, and this has been documented by her health care, her caregiver, and by actress Vicki Lawrence. You know from Carol Burnett Show in Mama’s family who said that right before Betty White died, she opened up her eyes looked up and said, Alan, Oh, nice. Oh, when I read that it brought tears to my eyes. And so a deathbed vision. What’s going on here, Rick, I believe is as the tungsten the filament or the meaning the human brain is beginning to degrade the energy, the vibration of the electromagnetic soul is beginning to expand. And as it expands, its interfacing with the afterlife frequency. Now, this is how a shared death experience becomes a deathbed vision. When people in close proximity to the dying person will also see the spirits, they may get caught up in the person’s life review where they’re, you know, they’re reviewing their life, they may feel somewhat lifted up off their feet, they may hear indescribably beautiful music. And at the point of death, they may actually see a surge of light comes out of the person’s body as he or she dies. And what’s going on here. As that person’s EMS electromagnetic souls energy is expanding, people in close proximity who also have electromagnetic souls, their frequencies are now interfacing with the frequency of the person who’s transitioning, which is how and why they will become part of at least for a very limited period of time, the dying person’s transition from the material world to the afterlife frequency. And the thing about shared death experiences. They’ve been reported for 1000s of years. But now it’s becoming more mainstream, because you know, we start talking about stuff like this and medieval European and getting burned at the stake for witchcraft, you know. And back in the 1950s, you ended up like my aunt Marjorie at an insane asylum. But now that we’re beginning to see that there really is something to this. And what’s so fascinating is my friend and colleague, Dr. Jeffrey long. I don’t know if you’ve had

Rick Archer: him on the show or not. Yeah, but he’s on the radar. Yeah, yeah.

Mark Anthony: He founded the Near Death Experience Research that Bruce

Rick Archer: Grayson and a whole bunch of Yeah, William Peters, who does does shared death experiences.

Mark Anthony: Yeah, yeah, they’re all They’re all my friends. You know, we all we all know each other. They’re all great guys. And what end or if the Near Death Experience Research Foundation is largest database of nd E and shared death experiences and they compile this data. Here’s what’s so fascinating. Near death and shared death experiences. It doesn’t matter. If you believe in God, and if you believe in God, what your your religion is, they’re getting these reports not only from the US and Western Europe and South America, Africa, China, a an atheist country from Iran and extremely conservative Muslim country. They’re getting it from from Australia, everywhere, everywhere, and there is a commonality between all of them, and certainly with near death experiences. The cause of death doesn’t matter. Anesthesia is irrelevant. It’s not hypoxia or anoxia. You know, oxygen deprivation, at age doesn’t matter, religious background. The one thing is my friend and colleague, Nancy Evans bush, and she is president emeritus of ions International Association for near death studies. She said that near death experiencers don’t think there’s a God, they know there’s a God, and people who are atheists that have an ND come out of that going, there really is something.

Rick Archer: I have some very skeptical friends, you know, and we have long conversations, very friendly conversations. But, you know, I say you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised. And, you know, you’re, you’re serving a role, I guess, with the skepticism business. But, you know,

Mark Anthony: you know, I know I’m telling a lot of stories, but that’s okay. Can I tell a story you just brought up such a great point.

Rick Archer: Is that keep that story, man. I was thinking about the terminal lucidity thing that you mentioned. And you know, sometimes people have really eroded brains from dementia and Alzheimer’s and stuff. And yet they sit up and get really lucid for a little while and you use the light bulb example. I mean, they’re, it’s been known that there, peep, it’s been discovered that there are people who have basically hardly any brain, it’s like a coconut, where there’s there’s brain around the skull inside, but the rest of it is all liquid. And yet they’re perfectly functioning DeepStack. They never even knew they had this. So I’m just thinking that maybe maybe you were this is what you were saying. But at the moment, just prior to death, there’s such a surge of whatever it is, the EMS Yeah, that it lights up. Even if they only have 10% of their original brain cells, those 10% gets such a surge of energy that they’re able to dysfunction lucidly on the on the 10% for a few minutes, and then they die. Is that the right word? So yes,

Mark Anthony: yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. And the thing is, if there was just one type of brain impairments, then sciences, but it happens in all across the board. It’s such a wide variety, it could be dementia, it could be Alzheimer’s, it happens with brain cancer, it happens with severe brain injury, it happens in schizophrenia, it happens in people whose brain is damaged from deprivation of oxygen, and then all of a sudden, they go from being totally non responsive to lucid and speaking to people talking to them. And my theory, my belief is that once again, consciousness, the is not created by the brain, it’s only hosted and who and what we are, is enshrined energetically within the electromagnetic soul. And that’s what’s communicating. Okay, so it’s just like the same way as when a incandescent light bulb all sudden it gets real bright boom, is because there’s massive amount of electricity, this electromagnetic energy is no longer able to be contained by this degrading filament. And conversely, the degrading brain is no longer able to regulate this amount of energy. That is the EMS.

Rick Archer: Yeah, and before you tell your story, and while we’re still on this point, there’s just a point I’ve been wanting to throw in here about the fundamental nature of consciousness, I would suggest that consciousness is beyond electromagnetism. It’s, you know, the unified field perhaps, and it’s beyond any of any relative more excited state. And so the soul as you as you call it, or the subtle body as you know, Vedanta calls it and other other systems is that itself is not consciousness, that that is a reflector of conscious part of the apparatus that reflects consciousness, just as our gross body is part of that apparatus. But consciousness itself is more fundamental than that. And it’s it’s kind of like you know, they use the movie screen analogy where everything playing upon this screen is dependent upon the screen but is not does not influenced the screen. Go ahead. That’s it. That’s the point. No, no,

Mark Anthony: um, well, in the afterlife frequency, and on my book, evidence of eternity, I write about my my best friend, Billy. And, you know, we met when we were 11 years old, grew up together, went to junior high high school, college after college, I went to law school, and he went to to live in Asia and he was teaching English to Japanese executives. And in fact, afterlife frequency opens with one of our adventures in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rick Archer: Oh, I remember that. You got

Mark Anthony: it. Yeah, almost wasn’t here. In a lot of senses. I mean, that was almost it for me. And we had this ongoing debate for our entire life of The existence of the afterlife. And obviously I was arguing for it and he said, Well, there’s no science, no technology to prove it. And so I even performed his wedding ceremony, he met this amazing woman from Japan. And it was a great day read it, it was one of the best days of my life. Because here I am, I was a notary public and also, you know, an attorney. And he, they were at this Oceanside hotel, beautiful, early summer day, everybody that I loved was there. My best friend, his wife, my family, my parents were there, his parents, all of our friends from from little kids up to you know, adulthood. It’s just one of the shining moments. And then, a couple years, three years or so after that he died from suicide. And I was absolutely devastated. And I remember him saying, there’s no proof for the afterlife. There’s no science, there’s no technology, you can’t prove it. And so about a year after he died, I was a speaker at a paranormal convention in Estes Park, Colorado at the Stanley Hotel, and I had just given my talk. And so I’m down there signing books on in the convention hall. And my manager rocky she travels with me she was walking around, and all these ghost hunters and paranormal investigators were there. And she was walking by this one guy named Chris. And he was displaying the spirit box. So she’s walking by the spirit box and all sudden she hears get mark. She stopped and she looked at it and the ghost hunter said that thing just said something to you. And here’s get mark. And he said, Do you think that means your mark, mark anything else? And I hear Mark Mark and I look up and they’re like, get over here now. And I’m like, okay, sorry. You know, I run over and all these people you know, there’s a paranormal convention. So there’s like a crowd of people and I walked up and my heart almost stopped Rick because as I walked up I did and I looked at Rocky and tears were rolling out a variety was Mark that voice ago that’s Billy’s voice. It was his voice and all sudden it this thing said, Love you, bro. And I it was his voice. And the ghost hunter said oh my God, he’s so this is very unusual. You both called mark by name. You both recognize the voice. And here’s the thing. He always called me bro. And dude, we grew up in the surf culture, East Coast, Central Florida. And, and I gotta see if I can say this without breaking down. Now, the last thing he ever said to me, in this world, he hugged me. He goes, I love you, bro. And that’s what came out of this. And so at first I was like, oh my god, what a beautiful spiritual experience. And then I started thinking I go, he used technology, he used technology. And in the spirit box scans electromagnetic frequencies for the voices of spirits. And it does it in the lower Hertz range. I think it’s between like three and, and 13 hertz, and it keyed ride air he keyed right in. And so that also led to my electromagnetic Sol theory, because the atheist communicated to me from the afterlife through technology.

Rick Archer: That’s really cool. I just want to interject here that those who want to investigate more what Mark the kind of thing mark just explained, check out where you can check out my interview with Jeffrey Mishlove. Who does does the new thinking aloud show. But then you’ll find a link on his page and to his essay for the Bigelow Institute’s contest about the survival of consciousness after physical death. And he won the prize half a million dollars, I think he got and, but that’s a very well laid out and researched essay, in which he has discussions of instances in which people from the other side spoke through telephones or televisions or various other electronic devices. And he also has video clips embedded in the essay of people talking about this kind of thing. So anyway, I just wanted to throw that in there as a footnote for further research if people are interested.

Mark Anthony: Yeah. And that’s why I wrote the book, The Afterlife frequency, because I’m aware of Jeffrey’s work and it’s great, but I go into even greater detail and I offer the scientific explanation for why why these happen. And this is really great, because what’s happening now, Rick is we’re having people from different disciplines beginning to discuss and present the evidence that this is this. We’re beyond it’s real. Now it’s a matter of will we have the technology to communicate with the other side. And we have the rudimentary forms now like the spirit box in the EVP, I sit on the board of directors of the cell phone foundation that Dr. Gary Schwartz is working on. Mark Pitts tick mark. Yeah, Mark marks a great guy. So I think this is very exciting for for humanity, that I think we’re going to be proving beyond a reasonable doubt, the existence of the afterlife. And that who and what we are the electromagnetic soul stays coherent after physical death.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And who knows, I mean, Gary Schwartz thinks and it may well be that one day we may communicate with people on the other side through technological devices as readily as you and I are now talking through zoom. You know,

Mark Anthony: nappy cool, would really be cool. All right. So who’s the first person you dialogue?

Rick Archer: Who me? Oh, geez, I don’t know. Maybe just out of curiosity, my mother just to say hi. But there are also some incredible people in history who probably will be getting a lot of calls. Like, like you mentioned, Jesus, people like that, that you want to talk to.

Mark Anthony: Yeah, you know, certainly, you know, our loved ones we’d want to connect with. And maybe that is what humanity is going to need. Maybe this is the Sangha, maybe we’re gonna have this collective knowledge on planet Earth, which is then beginning, being able to connect with this vast infinite knowledge base on the other side.

Rick Archer: And that might seem far fetched. But imagine, you know, I mean, if you lived in Lincoln’s time, think Oh, far fetched, all the things we take for granted now would have seemed and you know, you would have had to just be, it would have been relegated to science fiction, or just something that is impossible.

Mark Anthony: 100 years ago, try to explain a microwave oven to somebody. Yeah. You know, you put something in a box, press a few buttons, and voila, it heats it up. So dad

Rick Archer: worked on the Apollo missions. And yes, today’s average iPhone has much more computing power than the lunar lander. did, you know,

Mark Anthony: yeah, I remember him working on slide rules. Yeah. And it’s like, and I’ve ever tried to figure it out. And like, they sent people to the moon with this.

Rick Archer: I know. Anyway, I interrupted you about 15 minutes ago, you’re about to tell a story. That was the story. That’s Oh, you told me

Mark Anthony: that was the story of with Billy, is how he how the atheist shows technology to communicate with me from the other side. And you know, it’s funny. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my best friend. He was like my brother. I mean, you don’t. You don’t get many friends like that in life. If you’re lucky, you get one. And I just happen to meet him when we were 11 years old. And we were riding bikes to school and who knew one day he’d be talking to me through through from the other side through through the Spirit phone or a spirit box? Yeah, spirit phone that’s coming. So.

Rick Archer: Okay, so let’s see here. So there are probably some points in your notes that you sent me that we haven’t discussed yet. But we’ve covered quite a bit. But is there anything that comes to mind that you feel is really important that we should cover before we close? And you mentioned that the phrase spiritual situational awareness and I forget what you mean by that, that maybe that would be a point that you want to leave people with?

Mark Anthony: Spiritual situational awareness? All right. When you have a dad, that’s a Navy Seal, every time we were somewhere data and be aware, you have to be aware of what’s going on around you. And when you work with police officers, military, situational awareness is be aware of what’s happening 360 degrees around you. Spiritual situational awareness takes that to an even deeper or higher level, shall we say? Because spiritual situational awareness is being aware of when spirits are connecting with you, and making contact with you and I to help people define and develop their spiritual situational awareness. I introduced the raft technique in the afterlife frequency. And the way I developed that is I was here my office and I was working on the afterlife frequency and I was like, How do I explain to people who aren’t mediums how they can have a spiritual experience, nothing has happened, not a like, you know, the dreaded writer’s block. So I thought While I go for a walk on the beach, that always clears my head. Sorry, I’m walking down my driveway and all of a sudden I get this cold chills and tingles. So I said, Okay, spirits, I know and that that electromagnetic activity in I felt directed in the opposite direction. So instead of going to the beach and started walking along this bike path, it’s around 11 in the morning and see these two objects shining in the light. And I walk up to them, and it’s a nickel and a penny. And I go to pick them up and I hear my mom’s voice. My parents are in spirit. If their heads down, it’s bad luck. And I started laughing because the Italian side of the family has a superstition provocations and the dad’s voice chimes in its money. Grab it. So I’m laughing boldness Nicholas Benio Oh, six cents, and then all sudden I go six cents. And then I knew something was going on. And my parents already heard their voices, the cold chills and tingles resonated through me. I go okay, Mom, Dad, what are you trying to tell me? What are you trying to tell me and all sudden I see my mind’s eye wreck. I see my dad look like he was about 40 He was standing in the ocean holding this blue canvas raft. And I remember this is all blue canvas raft of these yellow rubber, and to at least ride waves with it. And he was a swimming instructor and a scuba diver. And I’m like, Alright, and then I hear my parents voices in unison. Mark, teach people to recognize signs from spirits, except the contact is real. Feel it without fear, trust the message are a f t. I go. That’s it. And I ran back, the words just flew out of me. And so the raft technique enhances your spiritual situational awareness. And my parents made sure they walked me right through it, don’t walk along, I see the coins, I hear their voices, I recognize the spiritual contact. I had the coins in my hand I accepted as real is the third step feeling without overthinking. That’s where people go wrong. That’s where people will torpedo a psychic spiritual experience every time Oh, it’s gotta be a coincidence, my imagination, this can’t be happening, that’s impossible, boom, you feel it without overthinking it, and then trust the message. Now, trust in our world, you have a lot of people who claim that they are motivated to do acts of violence, terrorism insurrection, because they were guided by God. Those are not messages from God. Those are not messages from spirits. Those are messages from the human ego, edging God out. Messages from the Divine Messages from spirits are about peace, love, healing, protection, resolution, those are the messages from spirits. And that’s how to tell the difference. So God is not going to tell you to put on a bomb vest and blow up an airport, God is not going to tell you to go shoot people out of school. No, that has nothing to do with spirituality, or the higher frequencies of the Divine Messages about love healing, peace resolution, you get a message that says you know, call your child right now they could be in danger. And then you find out that they are that’s a spiritual message. And so that’s what spiritual situational awareness is, is teaching people how to be aware when these subtle messages are being transmitted to you how to recognize, accept, feel, and trust it and I give examples of this in the afterlife frequency and I some exercises to help develop your awareness.

Rick Archer: That’s nice. I wonder if a lot of people are like me in the sense that I don’t experience messages or hear voices or any of that kind of stuff. But I feel like my life is divinely guided. And I feel like I’m character in a play that’s written by a master playwright who has, you know, kind of Divine Wisdom. And I have a certain script I’m supposed to follow but I also have a lot of improvisational latitude. And I, you know, can move it this way and that but you know, a lot of times I’ll there have been many times in my life where I’ve wanted a particular thing and it has been blocked and then something better happens and I think Oh, so that’s why that was being blocked. I’m so glad it was, you know, that kind of thing. But listening to this and thinking, Well, you know, I’m not like this guy. I’m never gonna be a psychic, but you can sort of have the benefits of being a psychic without actually having psychic abilities.

Mark Anthony: Exactly in what you just described, Rick with what happens Do you naturally Do raft, see? Yes, I’m a medium, so it’s more likely for me to see and hear them. But for other people when you feel that guidance, and when you feel that guidance, and maybe you wanted this, but it didn’t work out, and it seemed like you’re pushing another direction, something better happen. Well, guess what, there’s the raft technique, it does work, I get a lot of people since the book came out, sending me messages, like, wow, I use the raft technique. And it really works. And it takes time. You know, not everyone is is a psychic or medium. It’s like, not everyone’s an Olympic swimmer. Not everyone is an accomplished musician that I can bang around on a piano, but I’m never going to be an Elton John, or Billy Joel or rock on and off, I can swim. And I’m never going to be a Michael Phelps. The thing is, we’re all good at doing different things. This is my skill set. But that doesn’t eliminate you from taking advantage of the beautiful messages that spirits can send to us.

Rick Archer: Right. And I think there’s something to the saying, God helps those who help themselves. And by help themselves, I would interpret that to mean, put yourself in the flow of God’s grace, by perhaps doing some kind of spiritual practice, whatever resonates for you. You can get more tuned in to that to that divine intelligence. And you know, it’ll support your life a lot more, if you do.

Mark Anthony: Absolutely. I could not agree more.

Rick Archer: Yeah. All right. Well, I didn’t necessarily want to have the last word here. Anything you want to say in the final, final conclusion?

Mark Anthony: It’s a long story, but I’ll just crystallize it down to this. It was made very clear to me when I decided, or rather, when I received the spiritual message, to leave the active practice of law and focus entirely on my spiritual path. And it was my mother spirit came through, I was driving back from court, she had died two weeks before and I was very upset. And all sudden, I felt one of those ways of grief coming over. So I pulled over at this convenience store and I was sitting there. And all of a sudden, this flash of light went off, and was it in my head was in the car. And I remember, I looked to the side and I saw the silhouette of my mother in this beautiful silver white light. And then her voice filled my head. And she said, Mark, you’ve been given the gift of mediumship, so that you would not be crushed by grief. But now you must help those who are suffering with theirs. Right. So I’m trying to just process that non breaking out in a sweat. And then her voice returned and said, it is your life mission to help people understand that God exists. That heaven, the afterlife exists, that souls are immortal living spirits, that you can communicate with souls, and that you will all be reunited with your loved ones when it is your time to leave your world and transition into the light. And that’s the message I want to leave with everyone.

Rick Archer: That’s great. And I think it’s very important that people understand that I think it can make a huge difference in their lives, as we were saying in the beginning. So thanks for what you’re doing. You’re doing it and you seem like a pretty young man, you’ll probably be doing this for decades.

Mark Anthony: I’ll do my best.

Rick Archer: Just don’t step in front of any buses.

Mark Anthony: I do my best not to do that. Yeah, I don’t trust the Oh, someone will sue. I was a personal injury lawyer too. I know stuff happens. So but Thank you, Rick. It’s been such an honor. I’ve been so looking forward to being your guest on Buddha at the Gas Pump. And I want to thank all your listeners for tuning in. Keep doing it. This is this is one of those shows that’s a cut above because it presents spirituality in a way that other people don’t in in the way that it should. So thank you, Rick. I appreciate it. God bless. Namaste.

Rick Archer: Oh, thank you. And thanks to those who have been listening or watching and coincidentally, next week’s guest, Anastasia moldering is her name is a near death experience person. So we’ll kind of continue in the same theme here. So thank you, Mark, and we’ll we’ll be in touch