Canela Michelle Meyers 2 Transcript

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Canela Michelle Meyers 2nd Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha, the gas pump. My name is Rick Archer. And today I’m with Canella, Michelle Meyers, whom I’ve interviewed before, a couple years ago. If you’re new to this Buddha, the gas pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. There are over 300 of them now on So go there and check out the past interviews menu. I’ve been receiving emails and Facebook messages from people in last week or two, asking, what happened? Are you okay, where, where have you been? Because we took a little vacation. And now we’re doing a series of interviews, up here in the Vancouver area on a canal, his house on Bowen Island, beautiful place over the water, although you can’t see it in this video, it’s good for me to be here. And I love doing interviews in person, I do them all in person rather than Skype if I could. Because it’s just much nicer to just sit with the person.

Canela Michelle Meyers: It’s also really nice to support you, with all the support that you do for people in interviewing people. I think it’s very valuable for me, and my heart just to support what you do. Well, thanks.

Rick Archer: If anybody else feels that way, there’s a Donate button on, which we do appreciate that support and enables me to be as involved in it as I am. So I think one of my fundamental assumptions and observations is that growth spiritual evolution is a continuum. And there’s no end to it that I can see. And so I’m always curious if if I’ve spoken to someone before, it’s been a couple years, how they feel they might have grown since we last spoke. What do you think?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, that’s, that’s great. No warning, no, not. always growing, always growing. And I would say, since we did the last interview, probably the main aspect that I’ve feel that I’ve learned the most and sort of spilled into the unknowing aspect of life is in my relationship with my husband. In what apparently look like very patriarchal, fellow. And that, that being harder for me in the learning, mostly about innocence. That however he might be, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. And it was never anything that was meant to hurt me, or it was just because I’m sensitive, a little bit rough at times. And at first. That was rougher on me. And then it got softer and softer as I saw that it wasn’t how he wasn’t meaning treat me any particular way. It was how he was with himself. And seemingly listening more to the logic of life, then, to the feminine aspect, which I feel is what the patriarch is just out of harmony, it’s not a it’s just how most of the world is

Rick Archer: live. When you say most of the world that I mean, the thought that I’ve been having, as you’ve been saying that is that we can probably say these things, but everybody in the world because none of us know what we don’t know. And

Canela Michelle Meyers: absolute. Absolutely. No, that’s it. That’s the innocence. Yeah. Is it is it and that I mean, it’s been said by sages, of course, right over time that ignorance is the main culprit,

Rick Archer: right? Remember what Christ said? Forgive them father, they know not what they do. That’s right. And there are degrees of that.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, but there’s also the reality of being a human being, and really living that rather than just saying the word, actually, really. I don’t know what’s feeling the actual real innocence, so that no matter what the person does, Even if it feels like a slam of the door in your face or something like that, that it, it just isn’t died anymore, because you can see that they’re not doing that in any intentional way. And now I know that. But I’m also aware that that sounds, I think, worse than it actually is just that I’m very sensitive. Yeah. So, I mean, in a relationship, it might look like not being heard or not being seen or not being included. And all these aspects were more about how he wasn’t hearing his own feminine, and would go into more of the logical root of what he was more used to listening to, which is what the patriarchy is, it’s not listening to their own nature, as much as how we’ve been trained to listen, and respond or react to in the world.

Rick Archer: And so you kind of alluding to his blind spots, where How about your blind spots, because I asked actually asked you about your growth,

Canela Michelle Meyers: right, my grow has been the blind spot that I took it personally, or that he was supposed to be any particular way other than he is, right. And so for me, my citing it was not really being so into his side about it, or whatever it was, he was doing or trying to change that. Instead, it was learning where I was not being fully receptive, and, and understanding.

Rick Archer: But I think there’s a, there’s a key thing here, which I think is really important, which is that people are who they are, you know, and there’s so sort of an art to learning to just accept and appreciate people as they are not want to change them into something that they’re not, which is a hopeless, and that exactly,

Canela Michelle Meyers: and the funny part is, is that went once I didn’t really want him to change, he changed. Interesting, it’s almost like he was willing to be those aspects, until I could accept myself in this scenario. And see the innocence of it. And then whatever that was, it seemed to melt away. And certainly, we have a completely different relating now.

Rick Archer: So I’m not, I don’t consider myself at all to be psychologically adept understood in terms of understanding psychology, and relationships and all that stuff. I mean, I couldn’t write books like John Gray, right, for instance, about, you know, relationships and human interaction and so on. But the one angle of this show that’s a little unique, and perhaps distinguishes it from 10,000 books on how to be a better person, and, you know, interpersonal relationships, and all that is that we’re trying to tie in the the dimension of, you know, being awake to one’s true nature, you know, or being awake to pure consciousness, or a ground state of the universe, or whatever we want to call it, and the significance of that for all other aspects of life. Right. So I mean, there are probably so many different books and seminars and whatnot, that deal with relationship issues that don’t even touch on that. And I would suggest that perhaps there’s an advantage to being able to touch on that being being open to the dimension of the self, or your consciousness gives you an advantage in being able to work out issues that everybody has to deal with.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, the difference is, is that there’s acceptance of what it is, there’s acceptance of what he is, and I can only be honest with myself, if that wasn’t full and rich, and, and satisfied. And so wherever it feels that there’s there’s some sort of where it appears like it’s not okay. That would be my indicator, something’s up. And, and so that’s, you know, even though that sounds really personal, in my acceptance of sort of my acceptance of the patriarchy itself, where I had been more resistant to that, where I’d had categorized it somewhat, until it too is also equal. And in that learning, I mean, it’s it’s so wonderful, because I can see that that all of its innocent and across the world. And the difficulty is that I think I mentioned that is the that people, men and women are listening more to the masculine side of themselves, predominantly over the feminine aspects of themselves. So I don’t see it as a as a, as a man or woman thing at all, I see it as a self invitation for harmony. And as each appearance of self like yourself or myself, were this blend of the masculine, the yin and yang. And and how do we bring harmony to that, and as we bring harmony to ourselves, which is the gift of having been in a patriarchal relationship, and seeing the innocence really was an acceptance of my own masculine inside myself. And of course, then wanting to support people to that, because so on the inside, so on the outside.

Rick Archer: So are you saying that, in the world, in general, there seems to be I mean, people talk about the awakening of the divine feminine in the world. And so the implication is that the masculine has been way out of proportion to the feminine, and that now somehow, there’s an awakening world consciousness taking place, people are having spiritual awakenings at all, and this is bringing with it a greater awakening of the divine feminine. So you’re kind of saying that,

Canela Michelle Meyers: well, I, that still sounds so much. What I would say it is, is it’s it’s more of a balanced listening to both aspects of self. Because if it goes more to the feminine than that, that’s not it either. It’s more of a balance, it’s just been sort of almost a habitual way, a collective way of the mind to pick the more the masculine aspect, and that’s what everybody support

Rick Archer: in society in general. That’s happening in in,

Canela Michelle Meyers: in the collective mind, right? In what appears here. Yeah, in. Yeah.

Rick Archer: So if there’s a spiritual awakening happening in the world, as many people feel there is, how does that relate to a greater balance between the masculine and the feminine? How is it helping to facilitate or bring about a greater balance?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, in in the choice points, what appears here as a choice point, so we need to talk about choice, then whether there is choice or there isn’t choice. And ultimately, there is no choice. But yet, in the moment, there can be an apparent choice, just like there’s an apparent you are an apparently self shows up here as this man, Rick, and earlier I, you asked about something to drink? Would you like juice? Would you like water? And so in that moment, it appears that consciousness is taking making a choice. Yeah. And you do pick to sir. Right? So this kind of choice point. So in the moment when a person is about to make a choice, and it might be, say, in a corporation of whether or not to I mean, the Volkswagen thing that’s going on right now. Diesel, diesel. Somebody at some point, decided to go for the bottom line of the money. Yeah, rather than probably what might have also been present in that moment, was where they felt that maybe that wasn’t quite the right.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Right. So they made an ethical choice from took a shortcut,

Canela Michelle Meyers: and that’s money. That’s what the outcome came to be. But in that actual moment, what they did, is they over Road, what might be there in the feeling of what feels right. Yeah. And so that’s what I feel Jesus meant about righteousness. It’s not about rules and regulations, like a religion would say, it’s about what’s the right way of the felt sense of being who you are in the moment. And leaning left or leaning right, it’s very much just the moment and making decisions based on where you are right then inclusive. Of the masculine, the feminine aspect of what your heart feels, and what’s practical.

Rick Archer: So that’s an interesting point. As I look back on my own life over the decades, there’s, you know, I mean, there’s that cartoon of a little angel and devil on person’s shoulders, you know, there’s, there’s a kind of a still a small voice within the, you know, to be right, even though everybody around you might be saying, No, that’s crazy. You know, that’s wrong. And it takes discernment, I think, to recognize that voice because one can easily mistake, something that actually is wrong for and interpreted as, this is my intuition. This is what I’m supposed to do. So I guess I could extract a question from this and perhaps relates to the feminine thing because yes, it is associated with intuition,

Canela Michelle Meyers: the reception of what is yeah, right there, the feminine aspect, it receives the information. And the masculine aspect takes action on on that information, or what appears to I mean, that’s the that’s the dance.

Rick Archer: And there’s that phrase woman’s intuition. Yes. Yes. popular phrase. So,

Canela Michelle Meyers: so yeah, if anything, and I think that’s the Divine Feminine awakening, is basically giving more space to actually hear that voice that does know in the moment, and actually respond to that voice rather than overriding it with, like you say, possibly with the intellect. Oh, yeah. Everybody’s going to disagree with me. So I better just do what they want me to do. Yeah. Or what they want you to do.

Rick Archer: So. So what you kind of have said them so far in this interview is that over the past couple of years, since we spoke, there’s been a kind of a maybe you’ve said this, there’s been a greater enlightenment of, or greater attunement to that intuitive voice, a trusting of it, of surrender to it, and thereby are, therefore an acceptance of people as they are? Well, both relate to what you’re saying about your husband. Yes, yeah.

Canela Michelle Meyers: In a way, it’s, it’s almost, because the relating was pretty good. Prior to this particular relationship. I just hadn’t been with somebody who was more patriarchal Lee oriented. So this school of life this relating, has basically yeah, exposed this aspect of consciousness. directly, in my own direct experience, as well as, over time. What’s been here, so it’s a conglomeration of, of the revealing and learning in each moment of how, how it all works, you know,

Rick Archer: yeah. So, perhaps based on your own experience, can you can we kind of extract a general prescription that could enable people to be more attuned to that intuitive voice, and, you know, learn to align their behavior with it more clearly.

Canela Michelle Meyers: But often, it’s the part that feels vulnerable, like you say, you’re almost like consciousness will bring you up to the edge of the scenario you spoke of earlier, where everybody else seems to be going in another direction. And yet, your inner voice says, No. And a lot of people will choose, oh, I’ll go with them. Yeah, to follow along, instead of be more closely with this. Hearing. And so there’s a slowing down meditation course. And getting to know the humaneness that rises here as you write, because it’s so completely unique. Nobody else is here to learn you. They’re here experiencing consciousness as you’re experiencing its life as this human being. And, and in that consciousness is, is looking to become more conscious and more aware of its own self, the play that’s here. So an interest in that, of course, is, is the route Yeah, because you know, a lot of people are makes

Rick Archer: you more into directed and if you’re more into director, then you’re, you’re more sensitive to that inner voice. Whereas if the tension is always sort of outward, outward, outward, you can kind of ignore the inner thing, because you’re always focused.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, in fact, when your inward it, whatever inward outward, you know, there’s no inward or outward. Yeah, but when you’re resting with where you are in each moment, the outside is included. Yeah. So the deeper you hear from where you actually are, with all the information coming in, and you’re no longer going out to anything, everything’s coming in coming in, but there’s no in or out. It’s just the appearances. But as that gets more and more seated, and more and more time is spent with exactly where you are. So you’re in the bank, instead of having your attention out how long is the lineup and what time is it and all that kind of stuff. It’s like feeling right where you are inclusive. You won’t cut out all the outside details by being present to the inner experience as well. Yeah, so it’s that balance between the outer and the inner.

Rick Archer: And there’s also something here which I think you kind of mentioned, which is an acceptance of things as they are which is very Byron Katie ish, but if you’re In the bank, there’s a long line, you know, you’re not going to speed up the line by fretting and fuming about it. And so it’s kind of an opportunity to tune in and just sort of write, to even

Canela Michelle Meyers: get a kick out of consciousness reading. You know, because that comes fairly easy to

Rick Archer: do that. But you can also say, All right, well, this is the way it is, there’s this line. And in here I am so you know, make use of the time, read it, read a pamphlet, or listen to my thing or, or feel depressed, or just feel my breath, my mantra or whatever people do. But I

Canela Michelle Meyers: would I recommend actually experiencing where you are, rather than listening to your iPad, or, you know, it might be in a moment, but but feeling your feet in your shoes, feeling that there’s clothes, on your body, your heart, letting your awareness rest with where your heart is, and also the incredible amount of information that’s already there. The colors of the skin, you know, how light reflects off of skin, the movements that are around you, the the way, the sounds, Echo, whatever is really real in that moment. And the more that there’s this listening to what is real in the moment, the stronger that listening gets, yeah, and the more you are with where you are just in its incredible ordinariness. And that’s why people don’t listen to it, because it seems so ordinary and plain, it’s not nearly so dramatic as having a problem of fretting, you know, there’s a dilemma of some kind, and then we get to share with somebody else, oh, I had such a long line up in the bank, and oh, boy, you know, I had troubles and blah, blah, blah, quite different than saying, I saw I saw this person and man, I could just see the light in their eyes and the way that the light reflected off their skin. And oh, isn’t it amazing to be alive?

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s it, you said an interesting thing, just now several interesting things. But the thing about the more you tune into that the stronger it gets. And that’s such a good principle. I mean, it’s so, so many obvious examples of that, in the mundane sense, you know, the more you do push ups, the better you get at push ups, or, you know, the more you play tennis, the better you get at tennis, but the more you tune into that, still quiet, still quiet voice, intuitive impulse, the more clearly you’ll be perceiving it, you know, and the more easily and spontaneously, your behavior will align with it. Well, interesting point.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Awareness is here. Yeah, it’s all and we’ve heard this in many of the interviews. It’s already here. You don’t need to wake up and all that. Unless you do, right, because if there’s a awareness or consciousness wants to wake up, you’re helpless to that. I mean, relax, open to seeking, if that’s what’s true, I mean, I love that aspect of my life when I knew what I was looking for, without knowing what I was looking for just that I was looking to awaken, that I could feel that there was a truth in this and I love it was it was very short, and I missed it when it was gone. I really did, because there was such a juicy, alive direction in it. That disappeared. Of course, when it found itself.

Rick Archer: It did, but it sort of like the seeking ended, but the exploration never ceases, you know, the discovery, the refinement, the info, it just takes out a different flavor. Right?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Totally. And the, you know, like a twig in the hurricane happens differently than before, when I was just sort of felt like I was being picked up and brought different places. I still feel that a lot, but it’s much more peaceful and full and sort of content content. It’s thicker, if you will. And it feels like it does, it feels like the whole world’s moving with me. So the movements are sort of thicker in that way. Yeah. And I guess it’s because awareness knows itself more.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I know, from my own experience, there were so many years of, for me, it took longer than you I’m sure. But so many years of sort of desperate yearning, miserable, you know, I can’t even stand it and I got to get there kind of thing, you know? And now it’s more like, there’s this baseline of contentment. And isn’t this fun? You know, it’s like, whoa, you know, life is so enjoyable. And it’s so interesting and, and, you know, I could readily acknowledge that I’m still a beginner in terms of the whole vast span of possibilities. But that’s great, you know, because it means all that much more Fun, an exploration and discovery and adventure. And, you know, the whole thing is just fascinating ride it just as lost the the sort of unpleasant flavor it had when there wasn’t that contentment there.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Wouldn’t you say that it’s more that you’re not resisting the unpleasantness?

Rick Archer: That too, but there isn’t very much unpleasantness. Yeah. I mean, it’s like, there’s a lot of bliss and a lot of fulfillment. And again, it’s like one man’s bliss is another man’s misery that if either of us were to somehow snap back to where we were 20 or 30 years ago, it’d be like, Ah, I’m gonna die, even though then we might have felt pretty okay. You know. And by the same token, perhaps if we were to snap to where we’re going to be 10 years from now, it’d be like, we will continue this conversation because we’d be so blissful. We’d have to just sort of,

Canela Michelle Meyers: I don’t know,

Rick Archer: marinate in it for a while. I

Canela Michelle Meyers: don’t know. I. It seems like and I don’t know that it will. And it feels like it’s pretty much a sure thing that love will continue to embrace itself more deeply, and more deeply and more deeply. Ad infinitum. Yeah, yeah. And that’s, that’s the that’s the play here.

Rick Archer: That’s kind of what I mean. It’s like, Yeah, but creatures acclimate. You know, every every creature acclimates truly. And it’s a it’s I always saw it as a kind of a God’s mercy that we acclimate. You know, that, if, because, if we didn’t, life would be so intolerable. But we’re kind of we acclimate to whatever our situation, but there’s always this evolutionary impulse to progress to evolve. And as we do, so, we acclimate to that, we are committed to that, to that, and we just keep going. So I’m speaking hypothetically, about snapping back 30 years or snapping forward, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, I guess. I guess the part that I responded to, was the idea that it will look better in some future that would be even more blessed. And I imagine that yeah, we’ll know ourselves even more. Yeah, our consciousness will know itself even more, really,

Rick Archer: in the now fanatic, that I can’t speak that way. You know, it’s like, Sure, it will always be the now and all that. But based upon my experience over the last almost 50 years of being focused on spiritual stuff. I can, you know, if if, if life continues, as it always has, I can honestly say that it’s probably gonna look better in 10 years, I mean, I’ll be more 76 Or maybe I’ll be starting to feel old physically, but in terms of the inner experience, and you know, the consciousness, the Orient, the perception, the orientation from awareness, or however I want to describe it. My experience has been that that has maybe fluctuated, but I was steadily improved over years and years. Yeah. does that jive with your experience?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yes. Well, yes. Basically, it becomes more flowing. And yet the there’s, there’s a lot more that scene about what isn’t in harmony. And so, as much as there’s also the direct expression of love, there’s also a scene of the less nice aspects of what’s happening.

Rick Archer: And in you and the world and anything

Canela Michelle Meyers: in the world in the way that things are, you know,

Rick Archer: okay. Like, give me an example.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, it’s, it’s also in our media, it’s how everything’s evolving, that there’s so much more that we know, there’s way more rape happening, than we used to, because now we know what we know about it. We know about it, there might have been a lot more, but it appears like things are getting more rough. Yeah, that with ISIS and all that things are quickening, not only in the aspect of the people moving more towards love, but also in people moving towards fear.

Rick Archer: I think he got something there. I mean, we could say well, he’s been out in the middle of World War Two or you know, the Persian then under Stalin or, you know, some of these or the Holocaust or some of these horrible things that have happened. But I, but I have heard many people say that there’s a sort of a, a magnification of both positive and negative forces in the world. The polarities are a amplifying

Canela Michelle Meyers:  more and more strongly defined.

Rick Archer: Yeah, maybe the sheep and the goats are be separating the wheat from the chaff.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, well, to me, so I’m looking at that, right. So that when you said, Is it getting better? So I’m saying that yes, in a way, my personal experience maybe is better, but also what I recognize as being some pretty rough stuff, and what people are experiencing, because people are getting more sensitive with the evolution, they’re also experiencing the rough stuff a little more accurately. Right.

Rick Archer: Well, you know, that could be that, to certain extent. The chickens are coming home to roost. I mean, we’ve been doing so many things that are unsustainable. Exactly. And,

Canela Michelle Meyers: and so what can we do about that right now? That’s what I’d like to talk about. Yeah. If that’s

Rick Archer: yeah. What would you have something you’d like to say about that? Yeah.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah. what would what would I suggest? Is that what you’re asking me?

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay. And we can tie it to specific examples. I mean,

Canela Michelle Meyers: beautiful. Yeah. Yes. And so, can I ask you, do you have an example of something that’s happening in the world, these days that you’ve heard of lately, that that honestly, is disturbing to you?

Rick Archer: Yeah, I can think of many examples, like what, but for instance, I’m very keenly interested in the whole climate change phenomenon. And, and you have, you know, half of the Congress denying that in the US Congress denying that it even exists, that there is a problem. And those who grudgingly acknowledge that there’s a problem or saying it’s well, but it’s not man made, it’s sunspots, or something. And yet, I, you know, some even some very somewhat conservative by somewhat conservative estimates, you know, we could get a four or five, six degree rise in temperature over the next century. And if it’s six, it probably means no more human beings on the planet. And going from here to that, if that were to come to pass is not going to be a picnic. You know, there’s going to be if this migration of Syrians right now is going to just seem like a pick picnic in a positive sense compared to the mass migrations of billions of people if the if the oceans rise several meters or several feet. And

Canela Michelle Meyers: so what happens? Could you say this is this is an issue that is distributed to you. Yeah, I could go on for another 10 minutes, the disturbance in your body energetically, as you look at climate change, and the political action around that.

Rick Archer: I don’t know that. Well, maybe I’m blind to it. But I don’t know there is a disturbance in my body. But maybe there is I mean, if if my body is really cosmic and contains the universe is some people say they experience, then if there’s a disturbance in nature, there must be a disturbance in my body.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Exactly. Yeah. So so this is so? Well, that’s why I asked you to choose something that’s going to you yeah, what what, what do you feel disturbed by that, you’d want to move away from it.

Rick Archer: Not sure that I want to move away from it. But I sort of want to do what I can to avert it. There’s a verse in the Yoga Sutras, which says it’s Dukkha monogame, which means avert the danger, which has not yet come. I feel that a great danger is coming. And I think we have to bring about a shift in world consciousness so that people are more awake to what’s going on. And usually the only thing with that I’m doing what I can to serve that.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right. Right. So what I was looking for was the aversion part. The actual, what part of your, if you watch the news, what do you shake your head at and feel disturbed by?

Rick Archer: Well, you know, the funny thing is, if anything, I’m sometimes disturbed by my lack of disturbance. What, when, when you say that when 911 happened, for instance, and I sat there and watched the towers fall, it was more like, fascination that it was then it was disturbance, I thought I’ll be done. You know, this is major. And this is going to have incredible ramifications. And I was just sort of like, astounded or in a way but not disturbed. And in some things, in

Canela Michelle Meyers: other words, you don’t have anything that disturbs you.

Rick Archer: Oh, my wife yells at me or something that disturbs me.

Canela Michelle Meyers: What I mean by my relationship with my husband, yeah, exactly. Yeah, he’s like, can I, if I can really say that I’m accepting that in your personal relationships. That’s right. The place that is going to still have some bits because it’s where you’re most at home?

Rick Archer: Yeah. No, I mean, when I when I watch stuff happening in the world, and I like to watch the news and keep abreast of current events.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Can you remember anything that was disturbing that you saw on the news? Yeah, tons of

Rick Archer: stuff. I mean, when you see you need one, that guy who shot the lion in Africa and you realize multiply that times 1000s of times because stock $30,000 officers have been slaughtered

Canela Michelle Meyers: here inside is disturbed by this guy shooting out the line. If you look right now, if you can sincerely say that that bothers you? Where is the energy that’s bothered?

Rick Archer: I don’t mean to be uncooperative? I know, I’m wondering if this is the this is the right angle to go and well, when you’re, you know, yeah. It’s it’s kind of like everything that potentially could disturb me, for me is a call to action is an impetus to write but infuse more of what I consider to be the solution into the world rather than. Right? Where am I coming from?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right? Because if you’re not feeling the disturbance, then you’re you’re bouncing off of it to make a change. Try to change something.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I mean, let’s say that you’re a lifeguard and somebody is drowning, right? It’s like, you don’t feel disturbed that somebody is drowning. You spring into action, you run to the water that’s risk out there. You do something? Yeah,

Canela Michelle Meyers: yeah. Yeah. So what I’m looking for is, we need to have a disturbance so we can show how to be with the disturbance.

Rick Archer: Yeah. But we don’t need to be disturbed in order to help.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, the thing is that most people, what happens is they get disturbed and they react with the same energy that caused the disturbance in the first place. I don’t like this, I want to change it. And if they’re not sitting with so this is where I’m saying this is where we can actually be with the energy that gets disturbed, rather than acting on top of that as a as a reaction. So you’re talking about responding, which is? I’m not sure it makes me. I’m not you. I can’t that’s why I was looking for a disturbance. Yeah. Don’t try to something that. So it’s like, an example would be okay. There’s so many different things, but the whole thing

Rick Archer: was something, take something from your own experience, then we’re kind of talking about global affairs. I mean, it doesn’t have to be global. But

Canela Michelle Meyers: I think we’re just gonna need to talk about it. Because the thing is, I I know, for myself, when I get disturbed by something, if I see it on on TV or something touches me, then I know, to open to what I’m feeling rather than, you know, then wagon.

Rick Archer: So can you remember something that you saw on TV that disturbed you? Well, some incident I know my wife gets disturbed when Donald Trump comes on 20. Let me watch him. This is interesting. I want to watch the Republican debate. No, we’re not gonna we’re not gonna spend the next year and a half watching that.

Canela Michelle Meyers: I think what it is, I think we just talk about it, I guess, because I’m sort of in the same boat of having learned how to respond rather than react. Yeah. And so what often happens is people see the news, and they have some sort of feeling of complaint. Yeah, which throw shoes at the television where they honestly feel disturbed. Yeah. And then they feel helpless. Because it seems like it’s a global issue. And there they are just one little person. Yeah. So I don’t feel that. Right. Well, well, they might, right, where some people do, some people might, right. And so a way that a person who gets disturbed or feels that they don’t like what’s happening in the world, is to stop when they’re in the midst of experiencing not liking it. That’s the disturbance, right? I don’t like this. And instead of signing petitions or whatever it mean, those things can help but with if the energy hasn’t been met, it just gets pushed around and put into the next thing and put into the fight against the bad guys. And here’s the good guys. And here’s the bad guys. And that doesn’t, actually that just shuffles the interview around. But people feel better because they feel like they’re doing something. Yeah. And so what I’m saying is first, whatever it is that you want to change, instead of attempting to change it, feel the wanting to change it first. Feel where it touches you inside, feel where it touches something, and feel the touch, breathe, relax, open, and feel that and then after the experience experienced whatever that is, in the interior looking aspect of, of experiencing life, that actually helps dissipate the energy or at a minimum will give them some sort of learning about themselves. That will be a gift that will be usually my finding is that love will show up even when people are being murdered and horrible things are happening. The personal experience, if it’s explored will reveal love. And when that happens, that’s the energy transfer transformed.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s a good advice. I mean, when you think about there’s so many polarizing issues in society, you know, abortion, gun control, race issues, you know, gay issues, all kinds of things like this, that lady in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people and had to go to jail for five years and five, five days. And there’s, there’s all this sort of, and you see these people on the news shouting at each other from, you know, nose to nose practically. Over. Yeah, and completely, you’re totally wrong. I’m totally right. And so you’re saying? Yeah, so. So kind of elaborate again, on what you just said, in light of those examples I just gave, you know, instead of instead of hitting each other’s faces,

Canela Michelle Meyers: they were fighting each other, right, then I would say, Hold on a moment. Can you just stop right now, I just need to feel what’s going on right now inside and breathing, and relaxing the body open and feeling what’s going on inside? Because when a person is in the fight, usually they’re contracted because they’re moving forward, and they’re fighting something outside of themselves. And that’s what keeps that energy alive.

Rick Archer: Hmm. Interesting point, there’s a line from a Dylan song. I said, you know, you’re right from your side, and I’m right from mine. And that Buffalo Springfield song, you know, people carrying signs mostly say hooray for my side. Yeah. And, and there’s some truth in that, you know, because really, both are right. You know, if you look at some of these issues, abortion, for instance, yeah, and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. They’re right there aside, you know, they have they have valid concerns and issues. And whichever side

Canela Michelle Meyers: I don’t even, it’s not even really a case of right or wrong. What it is, is that everybody’s moving from a place of caring, and love, right, at some level somewhere. And then, in some people that’s been distorted by traumatic experiences, and but they’re still attempting to figure out their way of doing the right thing of being the way that they think they should be. And, you know, they’re still coming from that place. If I could be with them personally, I can show any person, no matter what’s going on. That it’s love. Yeah. And then when that person settles down into that, I don’t know, there’s all sorts of stuff that can happen, because then they’re in this open, receiving place, because it’s love. It can you can open anybody, just even the word create an opening. So if a person can meet themselves in the fray of it, where they feel disturbed by the news globally, or even, like in the masculine feminine thing, where there’s a lot of violence towards women. Sure, right. Yeah.

Rick Archer: There’s a lot of just rape and spousal

Canela Michelle Meyers: abuse, or even even slimy stuff, just, you know, poor offhand remarks, and, you know, then there’s, and women can feel that, yeah, you know, you can go into a store and see some guy check you up and down. And instantly what happens is, the woman will then go, Ooh, you know, they’ll and they’ll close away from the tried to protect themselves. But the tricky part with consciousness is, if they’re aware that they’re being slimy, it’s in. It’s already the information is already in the body. Yeah. And what appears here as a body in the energetics of being a human being Yeah, so when that slime Enos has happened to close to it, is basically locking the energy in. And then when that energy is locked in more slime, Enos because it magnetize, whatever it is, inside, outside,

Rick Archer: so So what you’re suggesting, I think, is that the more we can become sensitized to what’s going on inside of us, well, if we

Canela Michelle Meyers: recognize that it’s already occurred, stopping and protecting closing to something isn’t going to work. Because you if you have perceived it to have happened, it’s in. So in that example of a guy being, you know, however, that shocking, yeah, yeah, to know that you’ve already received that energy. And to then let it fall through the system, almost like you’re the particles that that that you are, right, they just relax open and let their energy that complete its route through you. And then it’s a funny thing in the moment, often this Limenas stops completely, because part of that, that creates that whole man woman thing like that is because the protection comes up and then that gives them something to bounce against as well.

Rick Archer: Yeah, sure. that people can understand what you’re saying to the point where they could actually do it. Yes. Because it’s a little abstract. Oh, okay, I have this friend who she said she’s all of her life, she’s, or most of her life has been so sensitive that she’s, she can hear people’s thoughts and stuff. And when she was in college, you know, she, you know, be walking across campus and could really pick up on Well, these guys were thinking as they’re watching her walk, and she kind of resorted to wearing very baggy kind of feminine clothing so as to just make herself more inconspicuous to them. So it’s the perhaps using that as an example. Yeah, that kind of thing. Right? Exactly. Exactly. She Burkard herself. Yeah. So what what’s the takeaway, try to bring this a little bit more concretely so that people listening can actually apply it in their lives. Otherwise, some words they hear that they’ll forget how to do,

Canela Michelle Meyers: right? So you understand the part that parts clear about

Rick Archer: what you said, except letting it pass through you. Right, as opposed to what let’s say you walk into a store, and you pick up some guy checking you out, and you could get all incense and you have a low fence,

Canela Michelle Meyers: basically, your system will say no, yeah. And it’s recognizing your system saying no, because that’s going to happen. And then seeing it’s, it’s quite a vulnerable thing to do, to see if you can relax your body open. And then that lets the energy you’re no longer holding. So the energy can fall in the openness, wood part

Rick Archer: of it just being rather than reacting to the guy one way or the other. Just ignore

Canela Michelle Meyers: ignoring to it, because you’re not ignoring the informations already in the energetic system of a human being that you are. Right, if perception has happened, it’s already in. Because perception is like a, it’s not an insight, or because everything’s been experienced here. Consciousness is experiencing itself. Here, right? It’s a different little bit different than that here, even though there’s no separation. Yeah,

Rick Archer: but you know that things come in all the time. And we can either hang on to them or not, maybe and maybe that’s what you mean about letting pursue, like, there’s this Vedic sort of analogy about, you know, making a line in stone, or making a line in sand or making a line in water or making a line in air, in every case of mine is made, but the different media that you’re making it in, hold that to grid, you know, greater or lesser degrees of time. So the air of course, like deep line is made, but it’s gone as soon as it’s made. Whereas stone edge it, it’s there for years. So you know, somebody might be looked at in a store and still be thinking about it a month later, you know, that stupid guy, sorry. And I’m gonna keep dressing this way. Because I don’t want people to look at me like anybody else, it might be gone. Instead, it happens,

Canela Michelle Meyers: right? It might not even disturb the next person, they might not even notice, right? That’s what I mean about but it should not be about sensitivities. It just might be that they don’t have that energy that needs to be jostled, right. So sort of all the people usually happens when somebody does have something that they that consciousness wants to be conscious of. So if consciousness is walking around, as this woman, or as this man, right, usually there’s something that if that energy goes in, and they’ve marked it in rock, like you say, and like totally, two months later, they’re still disturbed. Well, they’re still that means the energies inside that dwelling is the energy. Yeah. And so we can have that happen again, and again and again. Or we can say, hey, consciousnesses attempting to get our attention with this. Yeah. What what is this really about? Because this whole attention thing and this slimy attitude or whatever, is, is not what it’s really about. That’s just what’s there to disturb the energy so we can find it. And then once we find it, once we recognize that we’ve said no to something, and we’ve contracted then if you can feel that you’ve said no or contracted, or you’re trying to protect it, or you’re trying to get away or ignore to relax, open to ignoring happening. Relaxing the body open, relaxing the energy field. However, somebody can relax if somebody can contract their body and just tighten like right now if you tighten your body, then you know how to relax, right? So it’s that still that’s that kind of action to relax open or like I said earlier, if we were having a fight to stop and relax, opening, feel what the root inside what’s going on in the interior, because if it’s happening at all on the outside, there, there’s going to be some sort of energy inside and it might be different It might not look like the slime Enos or, and it might look like something that somewhere, the woman picked up that somebody said they’re slimy and they have felt themselves to be slimy ever since at some level. And so slime Enos keeps happening on the outside until they accept and feel into an open and see what that’s about what it opens. And it’s always a gift, the present and always points to some sweet bit that, that the person gets to know themselves. Now we’re

Rick Archer: talking about a fairly minor situation where some guy looks at you in a store. But obviously there are much more intense situations that people encounter, you know, spousal abuse or, you know, boss at work who was really abusive and nasty, and, you know, critical or all kinds of rough stuff that people encounter in life. So with those sort of things that might be more in the category of easier said than done, then well, no,

Canela Michelle Meyers: no, I’m I’m speaking from from personal experience of having had violent action taken against myself or really, it’s against the perpetrator himself.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Canela Michelle Meyers: When you understand

Rick Archer: what’s really happening

Canela Michelle Meyers: what’s really happening, but that was my question to myself over overtime. If it’s all love, how could this be not? How could being raped be love?

Rick Archer: Your were raped?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah.

Rick Archer: Wow. I don’t know if you told me that before.

Canela Michelle Meyers: No, no, I hadn’t. I hadn’t really. I’m just starting to write about it. Now as the understanding of how come how do I know what I’m talking about?

Rick Archer: Right. So now you’re talking about something that happened years ago, and you’re looking at it from a much more broad and detached perspective than you were when it was happening. And so, you know, the way you were talking a minute ago about the guy in the store, you were describing a way of reacting to it or dealing with it as it was happening. But how would you perish the thought, how would you deal with actually being raped as it was happening? or something of that intensity and heart and horror? Is there anything?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, I we were carjacked by people with who had two semi automatic medics and rifle you know, guns pointing at us and threatening us with them to steal our car. Yeah, we were stopped at gunpoint and forced out of our car. That’s fairly, that’s pretty intense. Right. And, and people might consider that violent. And this was not that long ago. 2012.

Rick Archer: So three years. And your exam? No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Canela Michelle Meyers: I think Thankfully, no, I was not.

Rick Archer: I’m glad to ask that. Because yeah, might have jumped to that conclusion just now.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Great. No, no, no, when I was raped, I was seven years old.

Rick Archer: Oh,

Canela Michelle Meyers: and again, when I was 18. And again, as I know, and you probably know, this, people have experienced much worse happenings. More ongoingly.

Rick Archer: Shelly Ray, whom I interviewed a few months ago, was raped by her father from the age of nine to 14. And I mean, it’s weird that we’re dwelling on this stuff. But you know this?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, it’s not weird, because this is the balance and the harmony that consciousness is attempting to come to

Rick Archer: Yeah,

Canela Michelle Meyers: how are we going to be with these violent instead of trying to stop perpetrators from doing such things, the energy needs to be dissipated

Rick Archer: and need to be stopped. But

Canela Michelle Meyers: well, perpetrators will stop as the MGS dissipated.

Rick Archer: Whoa. So I mean, that might sound like you’re saying that the rape is the fault of the victim,

Canela Michelle Meyers: once it’s happened,

Rick Archer: like you’ve changed. If you change your energy, you’re not going to the perpetrator won’t be motivated.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Will there’s that part two, that’s the natural happening when the energy comes into harmony within what I’m saying is, once such things have happened, how do we become harmonious with ourselves? And the side effect of that is the dissipation of a perpetrator. So so it’s not to say that it didn’t happen. But on a bigger picture scale. How come we’re finding out more about this now is because we’re able to actually be with it more now. At a deeper level, and find our way with this to bring harmony to it, but it isn’t about

Rick Archer: how you speak or using the we in the collective sense now or the how we are finding out more about this that you mean as a society,

Canela Michelle Meyers: as as a human species have become much more able and aware of what’s going on? Yeah, in a much more real sense, and many more people are waking up and in that awakeness The the reality of what’s happening here is much more clear.

Rick Archer: Yeah, you know, it’s interesting. Hopefully this will write directly what we’ve been saying. But one thing I’ve been noticing, over the last couple of years as the news unfolds, is that tragic events happen. And they become, they become catalysts for social change, you know, like the guy getting shot in Ferguson, Missouri, and then that brought up the whole Black Lives Matter thing. And some progress has made, you know, or I don’t know, you probably think of other examples, but

Canela Michelle Meyers: we in the energetics You see, I see it as energetics. So there’s there’s bigger energetics. And there’s smaller ones. With the Ferguson stuff. It’s, it’s it’s a pressure that’s been there for some time, and it needed to erupt, just like a volcano. So the same thing happened,

Rick Archer: and the guy becomes almost like a sacrificial lamb, he gets shot. But then this big social change happens, and then things are never quite the same after whether they’ve improved,

Canela Michelle Meyers: right, or there’s an invitation that improvement can happen, right? You know, and if it’s if it’s taken if the invitation is taken in all of this stuff, it’s, that’s, that’s why it’s happening is because harmony is wanting to find itself. Yeah. And so can we go along with that, and in the recognition of love, that helps us to it helps me for sure. In exploring the upheaval happenings in my own life, and what looked like violence, and was violent, in the happening, certainly both times violent. And the repercussions that came and changed me. And yet, you know, how can I find the love of it? And, and part of that is in my embracing and learning how to bring harmony to myself as harmonies being invited, because it’s not an all at once thing. It’s a long time thing to you know, reveal it have it revealed to myself?

Rick Archer: Sure. It’s none of this stuff is is an overnight? No, it’s

Canela Michelle Meyers: tivities and seen as energy and seen it as love. Now I can really support other people. Yeah. And so there’s the love of it. I mean, the invitation to me personally was, can I find that love? Can I really unearth the love of this? Is it all love or not? And in my heart, I knew it had to be so I was wanting to find my way with that.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s an interesting point that you bring up, which is that there are so many people I know who are serving in some sort of teaching capacity now who are kind of equipped with abilities that they wouldn’t have had had they not gone through certain difficult things. It’s almost like they had to go through these things to be to eventually end up as someone who could help others go through similar things.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, I think that’s, that is harmony attempting to happen. Yeah, that’s how it how it how it’s doing its thing. And so I don’t say, you know, that children are people, men or women, because, you know, it’s happening to boys and men to all sorts of violent sure happening. And so it’s not just women, it’s humans. Yeah. And I mean,

Rick Archer: look, there’s so many examples, so many of these kids that are getting, you know, pressed into being soldiers at the age of 12. In Africa, exactly

Canela Michelle Meyers: how he’s thinking of the military. Yeah, as well. That just even the whole mentality of being trained to kill people. Is something in and of itself. Yeah. So but that’s not part of my experience. So you know, all of these happenings have been a support to who I am today. So I can see that. I can’t take them out of my life. I can’t say I wish it hadn’t happened. Yeah. Because the incredible exposure of compassion is real. Because I in the revealing of what happened. The natural response is incredible compassion for the little girl. And

Rick Archer: The little girl that you were

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, we’re Yeah, I am. I don’t know. You know, it’s, she’s here when she’s here. You know, and everybody knows that. It’s It’s It’s beautiful, it’s falling in with self falling in love that that’s the real action of it. And and then, as that happens as a balance in the human system, and more harmony happens. This is the harmlessness that Buddha spoke without having energy caught and held inside, when that goes on, it’s it’s harmless, because there’s no energy to it. Whereas if there’s anger and pent up rage and awesome them and all that that gets held, it’s it’s got some power.

Rick Archer: Yeah. That’s an important thing. There’s, there’s a principle in physics called the Meissner effect. And when something becomes sort of super cool to the point of near absolute zero, I think I think this is the way it works. Maybe MIT game AI principles mixed up. But anyway, this this sort of macroscopic quantum coherence takes place, and the thing becomes impervious to incoherent influences, they just sort of pass right through it. Whereas something that’s in a more chaotic state, you know, holds those, those skank those incoherence incoherent things. So and pardon me if I’ve slaughtered that Prince principle from physics, it was like 40 years ago, that’d be good to study that. But But what the principle is that we can establish an internal state of coherence or sort of a sort of a superfluidity of consciousness? Which untangled Yeah, untangled, which makes us sort of like, impervious to incoherent influence?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, there’s oneness that’s here. Self is moving as one bit, and there’s nothing that you know, we know that, right. You can see it when you drop a pebble in water, and the ripple effect will just going like that is the same thing. There’s a ripple effect to that. Sure. We just don’t see it quite as obviously, as we do with water. But it’s the same. Oh, yeah. And so everything influences everything, everything influences everything. And so the rotation

Rick Archer: of the Earth down, but I can add some jokes.

Canela Michelle Meyers: But yeah, I don’t know. Right? Certainly, you know, how are we going to tilt more this way or more that way? We could have fun with it. But But mostly, that interior exterior, what happens on the outside is a reflection of the inside? If it’s disturbing, if it’s not disturbing, like you saw 911 It wasn’t a disturbance is none of your business. Right. So it’s where you’re called, is where you’re disturbed?

Rick Archer: Yeah. Well, it is my business in the sense that I feel that I can have an influence on the world, through my through what I do, and thereby contribute positively to avert situations like that, you know, and so on. I feel like we all exert an influence continuously, and that anything that happens in the world is just sort of a, an outcropping of the collective influence that we’ve all generated. Just like if you have a boil on your skin or something, it’s just there’s some something in the blood that’s impure, that’s cropping up here as a boil or there as a wart, or, you know, whatever. Yeah. And so all these

Canela Michelle Meyers: also might be, but somebody’s got an aversion towards and they need to be Yeah.

Rick Archer: But all these all these world events are just sort of symptomatic of, of elements in collective consciousness that we have all that we all contribute to constantly. And they just sort of crop up here in their

Canela Michelle Meyers: way, as an invitation for harmony. Yeah. I mean, consciousness is all of it, right? Even the people who aren’t conscious of being consciousness, that it’s not that they’re less part of consciousness. Right, right. There isn’t less or more at all. But as consciousness gets to know itself, then there’s a strengthen that

Rick Archer: Yeah, so when I say that I, you know, wasn’t disturbed by 911 and I feel like I can make it

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, no, no, I didn’t mean the just from the way that you you saw it and you felt that you didn’t feel they didn’t create havoc

Rick Archer: is what I’m right. I feel like okay, well, there’s a very significant symptom of some some on underlying disharmony and collective consciousness. You No. And if anything, it would inspire me to redouble my efforts to be a positive contributor to collective consciousness.

Canela Michelle Meyers: And that’s what happened with me with Columbine. Because I, right. I, up until that point, I had been kind of avoiding the news, right. And then I ended up in San Francisco and, and friend let me stay at her mother’s apartment. And there on the table sort of bold face right out front was the Times Magazine, Columbine. And I knew when I saw it, that I, it was meant it kind of shouted at me pretty much. And I didn’t want to, but I, but I picked it up. And that’s and that’s I let myself be exposed to the actual information of what happened and felt. connected to that, and to the families. Of all the kids, the kids that were the kids that that, that shot their kids and the kids that were shot, and their families, you know, all of that in the school and the shock of it feeling into the energetics of the whole thing. And then I was looking at what why What does consciousness want to know? Have me know about this? Yeah. What What good is that? And then I saw it made me more shore, more courageous, and more determined to be of service to bring in harmony. Yeah. To supporting harmony. I mean, bringing harmony within myself, but it made me that much more clear that was more defined

Rick Archer: that kind of same thing here. Exactly. You know, that these external events rather than disturbing us, inspire us to be more when they do Yeah, be more effective may be a greater contributor. Right?

Canela Michelle Meyers: The only part that I like to to add to that, because it sounds like a rule then right? That Okay, well, I’m natural inclination, right. It’s got to be a truthful non disturbance. And it’s not to say that you’re not supposed to be disturbed, right. If you disturb your disturb, if you’re disturbed, it’s just consciousness being disturbed. Yeah. And we get to open to it, or you can close it. I mean, the habit, or even I don’t even know if it’s an addiction or habit. Because most people are saying no, to what’s going on at saying no to what is in a way, but even the know is beautiful, because it marks that something has happened. Yeah. Because then we, if we’ve said, No, that’s where we can feel no happening so that we can open to it and in our own time, as we’re comfortable with ourselves, to have a space to feel into. Okay, what just really happened there?

Rick Archer: Yeah. Now, I wouldn’t judge anybody who is disturbed by things like that. I’m not saying that. You know, the way I don’t

Canela Michelle Meyers: take it as a rule.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I remember. Well, I remember hearing about Rosie O’Donnell’s reaction to Columbine. She sat in the bathtub and cried all night, you know, and I thought that was very touching. You know, it’s not the way I would react. And sometimes I wish I could react more like that to things, you know, sometimes it’d be, would feel good to just cry. But it’s, you know, the way I’m wired just doesn’t work that way. But

Canela Michelle Meyers: as far as you know,

Rick Archer: as far as I know, so far, right? I could end up become a total blubbering fool any day now. I have friends actually done that. They’ve undergone some big shifts in consciousness and they can’t go to movies anymore because they make a scene in the theater. Crying.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Okay, well, because the tears want to be right. That’s sadness or grief. Finding its own way to harmony. Yeah, it can only be held for so long. And you know, how many people have been told, you know, don’t cry. Sure. Right. As soon as the little kids crying, everybody will run to the kids. Oh, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I’ll give you it’s like, yeah, have some of this when they tried to stop or stop crying?

Rick Archer: I’ll give me something to cry about. Both.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Exactly. And so that’s commonplace, and it’s an undoing of that. And going okay, sadness is here. Yes. To the set. Yes. Oh, let it take me. Yeah, let it take me all the way. As far as it can take.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So what we got here, we got a few little notes of things. We’re gonna talk about what happened. We talked,

Canela Michelle Meyers: we talked about global issues. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Responsibility. People want to help they feel helpless. This empire.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, responsibility is is also we sort of touched on it in the examples. But instead of like it’s a big thing that people take on response. abilities of their kids and their job and they feel overloaded with responsibilities, all these so much pressure pressure that they think they’re responsible for, when really, they are just a movement of energy. And they’re responsible for the system that they are to feed and clothe that. And it’s only in the moment, there’s no longevity to the moment, right? It’s, it’s in this moment, okay, I need to have shelter. So I need to pay for that shelter. So the responsibility would be to look around to see, okay, well, how can that need be met? You know, look for possibilities and what wants to happen in the moment. And to provide for yourself, right? The tricky part is, is that people then hold on to responsibilities responsible for their partner responsible for their children. And, you know, in a way you you are, but not as a controlling of their happiness that people feel like it’s genuine people want their kids to be happy. But it’s not up to them to make their kids happy. Their kids, they can support their kids to find happiness. Yeah. So it’s like just looking at the word responsibility and looking at okay. What is there in this moment to respond to? And that’s an easier way to be with responsibility. In each moment, how will I respond right now? And how will I respond right now? It’s an in the moment happening rather than anything that goes beyond the moment. Yeah,

Rick Archer: yeah, I think I know what you mean. And it kind of reminds me of the alcoholics, oath, or whatever it is, where they say, you know, the, the ability to change things I can change, you know, except the things I can’t change and the wisdom to know the difference. You know, there’s, there’s certain things for for which we have over which we have jurisdiction or appear to have. And, and, you know, there are many other things, or which we don’t. And many people muddle up the lines between those and get themselves all stressed out, trying to control and things that should really be allowed to run their own course. So if you’re saying,

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, to be able to respond, yeah, his response, being responsible to respond to the moment rather than taking something known as a job, like, and making it something that I’m responsible for.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I think another nice thing about that word responsibility is that it implies that our ability to respond can be augmented and enhanced and improved. Absolutely, no. So it’s,

Canela Michelle Meyers: was that the global issues? Right, yeah. To be responsible, would be to see how you respond in the moment, to whatever it is, it’s happening. Able to respond response able,

Rick Archer: yeah. And regarding global issues, there’s, you know, there’s sort of a certain pace of life and of change that seems to be accelerating more and more. And, you know, so we have to be sort of fit to deal with the increasing intensity and pace that the world is, seems to be undergoing. I mean, if you have a donkey and it can barely carry a load, you have two options, strengthen the donkey or lighten the load. And we may not have the option of slowing down the world. Yeah, there’s just so much going on. But if

Canela Michelle Meyers: we right, but if the responsibility Yeah. But often people do is they think about where the donkey is going and where they have to get to, instead of taking care of the donkey. Right? And so that’s, that’s it, just taking care of where you are, is the responsibility. And you only have this moment. There is no other moment in this one. So it’s quite vital in the mix of what appears as life

Rick Archer: lesson. Yeah, you’re saying a lot of good things that I see very often people fretting and fuming about stuff that isn’t there now not accomplishing anything by doing that, because it’s not now, you know, what, if this happens, what if that happens? Oh, she said that, and he said that and yada yada, yada, yada. And it’s like, they’re not having any influence on any of that stuff. It’s completely outside the realm of their control or, or influence.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, the only thing that’s happening energetically is that they’re staying at a surface level because possibly, it’s just uncomfortable to be where they are. Yeah. So it’s, it’s to go, oh, especially complaint I’m complaining in some way, if they only did this if they only did that, and they’re like, Okay, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait, what’s happening right here? Yeah, right, because it’s the horizontal living? No, they did this, they’re going to do that.

Rick Archer: So if someone was close to you, we don’t want to pick on Steve anymore. But if someone who’s close to you is doing that sort of thing. Have you found that you’re able to bring them into this? And you know, get get them out of that party? You have to just let them do their thing?

Canela Michelle Meyers: They are not my responsibility.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Someone close to you. Yeah. How would you invite them to sort of chill, you know, let’s be wait going on?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Feel where you’re sitting? Yeah. Right, feel the pressure of your body being held by the chair,

Rick Archer: if they want to hear that, otherwise, I might

Canela Michelle Meyers: need to be in the swing of the drop off theme, then. That’s the way it is I give it a go and invite, but sometimes it’s not hurt as supportive.

Rick Archer: irritated, set the example you know, if you’re not doing it yourself, and the thing

Canela Michelle Meyers: is, I don’t even need to say anything a lot of times because I can see what’s going on. And it doesn’t bother me. Yeah. And, and it’s getting so late and people around me that it’s not really bothering them either.

Rick Archer: What do you mean by that? That’s why the people around you,

Canela Michelle Meyers: the will and speaking of Steve told me that when he gets into a much, it’s just not as heavy or dense as it used to be. He used to believe in it more. Right. And I would say that that’s happening less Yeah. As he’s settled more deeply into himself over time, and that’s his own doing not to do with me. Sure. So I can only support people to if they’re available to that not, I don’t get them to do anything. Yeah, just to, you know, clarify the language a little.

Rick Archer: It’s kind of, it’s funny, in this particular conversation, we keep going back to societal events. But, you know, again, there’s so many examples where people are so riled up, you know, and, and starting to riot in the streets, and, and so on over something, and various community leaders and so on trying to get people to just settle down and be more communicative and be more tuned in to themselves rather than, you know, focused on this. The apparent, you know, problem to me. Yeah, problem. Yeah. And it’s like that macrocosmic level of it is mirrored in our in our great in the microcosm of our personal lives.

Canela Michelle Meyers: And that’s what that first thing was people want to help they feel helpless. Yeah. And so when they feel that someone has power over them, they government to it when something’s unfair, they feel helpless. Nobody likes to feel helpless. And so they fight and they’re fighting their own helplessness, instead of an it’s not to be helpless, is quite different than to feel. What does helplessness feel like? And most people are avoiding that. So more helpless happens more, you know. So consciousness keeps rolling this up, until people are getting that all widmore? What if I felt helpless? What if I really saw and felt how helpless I am here? Because we’re not even, you know, really? Who’s having the thoughts? They just come in. Something’s perceiving it. We imagine it’s us, but they came out of nowhere. We came out, you know, like, we didn’t plan our nose or eyeballs or I mean, some people say that maybe we did you know that yesterday, but I don’t karma will surprised when I see you know, like, even earlier before when we were getting through this interview. You know, there’s definitely been a noticing as I’ve been a woman in this lifetime. No, what is that about? I don’t know. But there’s nothing sure about anything. But there’s a marked difference I’ve seen in what appears that a man and his appearance and a woman and how she’s supposed to be with her posing

Rick Archer: as we were sitting down here on the couch and you’re worrying about which side you want to show. Okay. I worry

Canela Michelle Meyers: I always including aware of it that it’s okay. Yeah, for me to flirt around with this so played, you know, like to wear a cheater glittery thing. Why not? And well, why not? Right? Because it’s just what’s been given to me. Yeah. And so I’ve learned to kind of have fun with that. Yeah. And be with myself as a woman. In a way, partly because I don’t know how many. It seems like sometimes that I’ve been more often a man than a woman in my past lives could be but you know, they don’t hold on to any anything, it’s just if it comes if it’s supportive, and it looks like past life information. Sure,

Rick Archer: according to Buddhist traditions, you know, we’ve we’ve been, I think it was the Buddha who said that we’ve had so many lives that if you took all the bones from all those bodies, they would be higher than the Himalayas, you know, pile them up. So we’ve done everything and we’ve been murdered, we’ve been murderers, we’ve been rape, we’ve been rapists we’ve been right this that on opposite sides of just about every experience you can imagine.

Canela Michelle Meyers: And so that’s where, like, I don’t really look at that that much I just look at, okay, if the whole thing is love playing itself out, if consciousness is getting to know itself in this action of getting to love itself, whatever doesn’t look like that. Doesn’t look like love directly or feel like love. It’s an invitation. And then that exploration, in curiosity, not in Okay, prove it to me how this is love. Although people have come to Satsang and said, Well, what do you mean, you can’t say, you know, tell me how this is loving. And

Rick Archer: pointing out some horrible thing or something and saying how I’ve been able to the person tell me how Auschwitz was love that kind of objection. You

Canela Michelle Meyers: mean? Or I can I can support them. Yeah, whatever feels wrong. to that particular person, I’ve been able to support them to see the love of it. Yeah. Not as, as if the action of somebody being strangled is a loving action. It’s more once something has happened. Because people tend to generalize and say, This is bad. And this is good. And what I like to say is, is it disturbing? Is it not distributed? It’s not disturbing. It’s nothing to do with you. If it is, here’s consciousness looking for harmony.

Rick Archer: So I, okay, let’s, let’s emphasize that point, just but so you’re saying that anything which disturbs us, I think we’ve touched against a few times, anything was disturbed us, is an invitation to finish the sentence.

Canela Michelle Meyers: To find the love of it, find the love? Yes. Inwardly, right, because it gets what it’ll be it. I mean, we’ve heard that the ocean, the depth of the ocean, and the waves on the ocean, that analogy. But whatever is the disturbing, it’s actually like, a storm on the surface of the water. But the deeps I was there, right. But usually people are more entertained by the waves going on. And, and the fray of it. And because they feel like they exist when that happens. Yeah. Right. There’s something having a hard time. And so that really accentuates existence itself. An

Rick Archer: interesting point, that I’ve often felt that, that there’s, the ego wants to sort of maintain its integrity, its identity, it’s as if it was here. Yeah. And, and controversy helps to do that. I mean, I’ve started a number of internet chat groups over the years, and one in particular, which has, you know, hundreds of 1000s of messages posted to it. And, and so many of those messages are just people sniping at each other, you know, just battling, and I look at that, and I think, you know, they’re just aggrandizing their egos, they’re just trying to sort of fortify you know, their, their egos. And that’s why that’s why people do like that. And if they could just relax and appreciate the other person. You know, the ego kind of loses its fortification, its its rigidity, its shell like nature, and, and dissolves into sort of a greater oneness. Is this are we going off on a tangent here? Is that kind of the point you’re just making?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, partly, I’ve been responding to the word ego is as you talk, because I don’t actually like to use that word, because there really isn’t one. Right? There’s a play of energy in the moment Right? And in that I mean, yes, there’s but

Rick Archer: there appears to be one when you when you fortify it through creating strike and existence about Yeah, yeah. So I would agree with you, I would call it I’m not saying it has any ultimate reality to it. But but the sort of the,

Canela Michelle Meyers: it’s just that the ego, I don’t like to fortify the existence of something called an ego by saying it’s real, right. So I like to dissipate that and say, in some moments there’s a fortification as if there’s an eye by by creating a disturbance of the experience so it can feel like like it’s alive. Yeah. Compared to feeling nothing. Which which is is the scary part of waking up.

Rick Archer: I think that concurs with what I just said about the chat group. It doesn’t like, Wait,

Canela Michelle Meyers: it’s just the only they’re just sort of hyping

Rick Archer: up a false thing. You know, trying to whip it into existence and keep it in existence

Canela Michelle Meyers: using words and thoughts to Yeah, fortify

Rick Archer: before. Yeah. And whereas in it, and there’s a kind of a scariness to allowing it to just sort of dissipate or dissolve and back to its source, and which

Canela Michelle Meyers: was that hardness, yeah, with the phrase or the fight of God, that there’s, there’s something that that they’re comfortable with, it’s like, it’s like people who eat meat. They’re more comfortable with how long it takes for me to digest through the system, then. And when they let go of that, they miss that, because that’s what they’ve learned as being their comfort zone.

Rick Archer: That’s a whole nother talk. It is a whole nother topic. There. It

Canela Michelle Meyers: was a great example. Yeah, my own experience of having eaten meat, and then not eating meat. Yeah, that there’s a definite difference in digestion. Sure, I felt quite different than it was new and unknown, and different than how I used to feel.

Rick Archer: Yeah, and there are whole books written about how human beings are designed to eat meat, and so on and so forth. And I have friends who say they, you know, feel much better when they started eating meat, again, that they needed that, you know, as Northern Europeans were genetically, you know, instructed over many generations to have a certain diet and we can’t change abruptly and so on. So, but that’s a whole nother ball of wax. That, you know, we could argue about forever, but I don’t actually have a position on it. Because I don’t know.

Canela Michelle Meyers: No, I only know for my own self. Yeah, it was a difference. And often people have said that when they eat vegetarian meals, that that’s what they miss. Right? They don’t feel full for as long. Sure. And it’s just, that’s a good thing. That really, it that’s a good thing. And there’s been quite a bit of information on that. But anyway, I felt, I feel felt so much better and so much more light and flowing and able, and more energy stronger. Everything, that there was no question.

Rick Archer: There’s a saying in the yogic literature that you should always feel a little bit hungry after every meal, you know, you should never eat to say,

Canela Michelle Meyers: to Catholic it was to send to eat when if you’re not hungry.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And also to totally satiate yourself 100% or 150%, or something like that, that there are very good physiological reasons for not doing that. And spiritual reasons in terms of if you’re really keen on spiritual evolution.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, no, definitely. People have asked sometimes about whether just sort of cookies and tea and stuff at Satsang they’re hosting Satsang with granola and tea I, you know, and I, I do have a little thing for chocolate. Oh, yeah. So I mean, if people have come to know that, it’s not the best it’s not the best thing for meditation, it’s, it’s different. But it is nice to especially if people are more used to eating a lot and chatting with the eating and you know, there’s a whole sort of mechanism to that that we can just tea it doesn’t happen quite so strong.

Rick Archer: I’ve seen people though spiritual people, pamper themselves to the point of neurosis you know, where they they just become so fussy about what they put in their bodies that they can’t put anything in them anymore you know, so you can you have to find a happy medium with these issues.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, and that that’s too for myself too. I mean, I am in we are in a pretty rural area here fairly kind of sticks in some ways but then I travel out and you know, I’m on flights and all sorts of stuff that isn’t the easiest but if I’m here to be human right and you know, that’s I’m not here to be just a light body and breath and Aryan or something. Yeah. Although I did do the No eating process. The No eating process. What is that? That’s no eating. That’s the bread Aryan drinking I still drink some fluids. Yeah, but and I didn’t do that for long enough to know that I didn’t need to eat and long enough to go home

Rick Archer: for a month.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Get with was quite a long time ago. Yeah, I’d say maybe seven weeks it was all tied up with all sorts of other stuff. So enough that I knew that I didn’t need to eat. I was checking it out for myself. How

Rick Archer: much weight did you lose? A lot? Yeah. And how much do you have lost?

Canela Michelle Meyers: weight but yet I didn’t look I think my body quite liked it. I my whole body got a little softer. And yeah, but I was wondering whether or not well is this what I’m here for them to be a breatharian. Or to be. I didn’t call it a breatharian because that that term came after I didn’t know that there was such a group. But I thankfully, I returned and lose with my children and with them, you know, I would just eat by feel, you know, but I wasn’t eating very much. But then I started eating with them, because they still wanted to eat and weren’t going through whatever I support them to source. Yeah, what’s right for them from themselves. Right? Not what I’m doing.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I’ve done I went through a whole phase of experimentation along those lines to you know, fruit diets and fasting and, and all that stuff. Great Learning. Yeah, it was an interesting phase. Wouldn’t want to live my life that way. In general,

Canela Michelle Meyers: thankfully, too much. thankful. I’m thankful that I wasn’t like, you know, one of those. That wasn’t going to be whatever it was my play here on earth as well, for some it might be

Rick Archer: might become an obsession and distraction and another role, the southern

Canela Michelle Meyers: position, right? Yes. Ah, okay. So I wanted to speak a little bit about the science and non duality conference, right in relation to my own. It’s not my own. So race that. But when this whole consciousness realize its own self, here with with myself. The first thing that occurred to me was, why doesn’t everybody get together? Have a conference? Well, I didn’t see a conference. I just thought so why doesn’t everybody who’s in the awakened state get together? Because the vibration to me it was so clear that the vibration would just change everything. Yeah. So I’m really, really happy about sand and being involved in that this year. Because it’s important, it’s important to humanity to be in such a high vibration happening.

Rick Archer: It is, then, if what she’s referring to in case you’re not aware is is this conference in San Jose every year, around late October, called the Science and non duality Conference, which if you search on Google, you’ll find it. And I’ve been going for years, and it’s getting better and better. This year. I think that there’s over 1000 people that have signed up for so far. And dozens and dozens of very interesting speakers. And it’s just for me anyway, it’s just great fun. Yeah. And

Canela Michelle Meyers: Rick is speaking there. And I’m speaking, we’re both speaking.

Rick Archer: And I’m going to do if you look on BatGap, on the upcoming interviews page, you’ll see a whole bunch of interviews and forum moderations and stuff that I’ll be doing at the conference. So, you know, be putting that up and BatGap. But if anybody can make it to the conference, I always like to encourage them. And the conference organizers like me to encourage them?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yes, yes. And that, but it’s also an invitation to be in such a lovely to be in such a gap. Yeah, the vicinity to actually be there in person. It’s quite strong. And then there’s also the option two. It’s going to be online.

Rick Archer: Some of the lives or some of the main things will be streamed.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, some of the mainstream things will be streamed. I thought, quite a bit of it. I mean, because I’m not a big speaker. But it the information that got sent out I seem to say that I could let people know that on 230. Oh, when I’m speaking on Good Friday, I’m not totally sure that it could be streamed. Yeah. And to invite people I know,

Rick Archer: in the past to see like, our presentations are going to be happening simultaneously with two or three or four other things and other rooms. Right. I wasn’t entirely clear that they’re going to be streaming all these things, but I don’t will say, Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah. In any case, you can tape it. You can bring your own video camera if you want it. I think they’ll and then we’ll see. We’ll talk about that.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right. But I think there is a option for people who can’t make it as a point to watch some of them watch this stuff online for a small donation, I

Rick Archer: think yes, it’s very reasonable. Yeah. Anyway, so there’s that wasting

Canela Michelle Meyers: include yourself in that vibration and even to tune in where you are because yeah, if neither of those are available, the you’re not separate from what’s happening and can choose to open to that from wherever you are,

Rick Archer: you know, the 24th, isn’t it? So yesterday was supposed to be this big kind of shift in world consciousness or something to hear about that. Some X ray, I forget what it is I listened to this whole thing on the internet. And a lot of these New Age spiritual type people were talking about this big shift, it was getting almost as much hoopla was, as you know, December 21. Really? Well, yeah. Yeah, I’ve been a little bit out of the loop here.

Canela Michelle Meyers: I guess I was over giving Satsang in a weekend. Yeah. Last weekend, I’ve heard more

Rick Archer: about so as far as we know, like, 25% of the people on the planet happened to send it or anything that you and I haven’t, we’re still here. Yeah. So I’m just wondering if you have, but I’m being a little facetious here. But, you know, do you have any kind of sensitive, intuitive, perceptive person? Do you have any sort of insights or, or feelings about stuff that’s happening, you know, in the world of a of that nature that, you know, big shifts taking place, how we might expect to see these things unfold? Or not?

Canela Michelle Meyers: I? Sometimes I see things and I sense things, but they’re not firm enough to write down and say, Oh, that’s what’s going to happen.

Rick Archer: Yeah. That’s good, because they only want me made fool up when they don’t happen. Like, these people predict things on certain dates, and then nothing happens.

Canela Michelle Meyers: My interest is in the human being right. And in a human being him or herself, as much as they can. And an opening to that. And so I guess I just don’t really look in those directions. Yes, the psychic abilities have been open for a long time. And I saw that that that could be a way to escape living life in some regular way. Well, it could be, it can be something that a lot of people get caught up in that.

Rick Archer: Oh, and predicting future things that will just save them and

Canela Michelle Meyers: the cosmos are pretty darn entertaining. Yeah. I mean, it’s understandable that people would get totally caught up in that, perhaps, but that isn’t what,

Rick Archer: right, well, even like, you know, Jesus is coming back, and we’re all going to be saved. And therefore, we don’t have to worry about the environment, because we’re all going to be out here anyway. So let’s just pump all the oil. We can’t I mean, that’s actually somewhat some people.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right? Well, I think deep in the in the sand. Yeah, sure. In one of the videos, he’s saying, you know, perhaps this is it that he says a different way, but he’s talking about the end, that maybe this whole human experience is is just going to end, but could and because we’re so out of balance, he’s he’s suggesting that it’s, you know, unless we do bring in some more harmony, and it seems to want to, from my perspective, it seems to want to be everywhere. Everywhere I look, I see harmony, attempting to find itself. And all of it appears to me to be that. And so I like to point to it. But so that doesn’t go anywhere else, though, from here. So as far as future project predictions,

Rick Archer: it’s speculative.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, of course, if it’s occurring, to me this whole balancing of the masculine and feminine as a potentiality, that, that both aspects of self might be more heard in some sort of balance. It’s occurring everywhere. Yeah. So I imagine that and we see that quite a bit. Not a lot yet, but quite a bit more than it’s ever been before.

Rick Archer: Yep, things are definitely happening. I mean, there’s a quickening going on. And, and I think it’s a little bit of a gamble to predict specific, flashy things on specific dates and all that than ever seem to pan out. But the fact that such things don’t pan out shouldn’t discourage people from thinking that actually things are changing, you know, and inspiring way.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right. Well, if that instilled some sort of willingness to participate in their lives, yeah, for sure. Right. Because really the participation of being with themselves more and more deeply as

Rick Archer: well if you don’t have that perspective that I can, you know, and just look at the world In terms of what the news reports, it could be rather depressing. Totally. Yeah, that’s like, you know, we’re going to hell in a handbasket. But well, there’s

Canela Michelle Meyers: a lot more people committing suicide, because it doesn’t look like there’s a very rosy. Yeah, you know, if they’re refusing

Rick Archer: to have children or you know, just sort of having a bleak view of the future. But if you kind of can see that there’s something subtler going on, it’s not getting reported on the news. And it’s just as real, if not more so. And, and, you know, it’s that’s the real news, and it can be very inspiring, give you a whole different perspective on the world.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, certainly, I mean, for myself, looking at it energetically from the felt sense, and everybody feels energy. Everybody feels heat from the sun. That’s just energy. They feel cold from ice. They can feel and hear the sensation of train going by they can feel the rumbling. I’m not talking about anything more than that. Right. And that’s the energy, the energetic so of what is here. That’s what’s calling for harmony, right where they are. So that’s probably why I don’t look so much in to what’s going to happen next, because I’m much more interested in supporting people to take care

Rick Archer: of this. And that’ll be right here.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Exactly.

Rick Archer: Exactly. Yeah.

Canela Michelle Meyers: And yeah, be with this. And tend to it. Yes. This way. It’s here.

Rick Archer: So you wrote about?

Canela Michelle Meyers: I did

Rick Archer: gratulations.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Right here right now. Meditation Satsang invitations for expanding awareness, Volume One, only volumes, are there going to be?

Canela Michelle Meyers: I know, at least two. You know, I don’t I don’t know. But it’s a book about supporting people to be more of the human aspect that they are in to use. Whatever’s happening as a way to come into the moment. I mean, as you you’ve you’ve read it because you’ve written a blurb for it. What would you say about it? Just offhand?

Rick Archer: Um, well, here’s what I said. In my blurb, I said canellos, invitations encapsulate deep spiritual insight, and wisdom gleaned from her own life experience in a way that enables the reader to actually shift their perspective and begin living a more fulfilled life. Right here right now, which is the title of the book. So that was my reaction from to it. Yeah, as I read

Canela Michelle Meyers: it, so it’s available on Amazon, just just this week. Like it’s like totally freshly here.

Rick Archer: I’ll link to it from your page on that gap also, okay. Amazon, can get it.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Okay. Thank you. I’ll give you that. It’s not. It’s in its expanding in its availability. It’s in the UK, but it’s not in Canada yet. But it ought to be there within the next couple of weeks. Also, I’ve recorded Tony and CD, just this past week, and it will likely be available on my website.

Rick Archer: Somebody was just telling me about Tony, apparently, it was a lot of people doing it in Fairfield where I live, and I hadn’t really known about it and you want since you mentioned it, you might as well tell us a little bit for a moment what it is.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, it started to curry naturally in Reiki sessions, yeah, when I was giving Reiki sessions to people, you would emit a tone, what I’d be doing, and following whatever was wanting to happen, and then in my body, I would feel like some sort of sound wanted to come out. And so then I would let the person know, this sounds strange. But it seems like there’s a sound that wants to come out. And so then the sound started coming out different ones. And sometimes I would go on a place on the person’s body and then tone into their body. And so when I started offering Satsang, it occurred to me, would this be supportive to a group, because Paulo had done it at the end of his groups. And then I always had found that for myself, when he did that, Tony, that I wished I could just sit still in the group, rather than that it was the end, and everybody was getting up and shifting around and whatnot. So that’s why I started offering it satsang. And people have given the feedback that it’s very supportive, to bring them into experiencing themselves rather than listening. I mean, listening to the mind isn’t a bad thing. It’s just when it’s predominant.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you created a CD of the stoning. Yes, yeah. Yeah. You might want to, like, put a sample of it on your website that people could download to hear what it’s like, you know, as a kind of a taste of what the CBD would be like.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, there’s there is in the satsang recordings that are on YouTube. I see. There’s, yeah, like in a particularly good one is the London Satsang record. In part one, okay, the first part is more speaking. And then there’s some Tony, in that

Rick Archer: and you have a link to that on your website. Yes. Good. Okay. So I know that you spend part of the year in Mexico in the winter, right? Yes. Despite the automatic weapons and carjackings and whatnot, you still go back there.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, that was in a different area, different places. It was it’s known as a bit rougher, and maybe yeah, you know, who knows if it was actually a very good experience to go through to witness how I would react to that? Well, not only myself, but also how other people live, you know, that these police officers are dealing with stuff like that. You know, it’s one thing to know it from the television. I mean, it’s fairly obvious, but it’s another thing to be brought into their world. Yeah. Where, you know, they’re in total police gear, carrying these semi automatic rifles, with bulletproof vests on and I’m sitting there. Yeah. Right. To live as with that kind of threat. Yeah. In those areas, especially being a police officer.

Rick Archer: Well, that’s not going to inspire me to go to Mexico, but you go to a different place in next. Yes,

Canela Michelle Meyers: yes. Where we are not like that. And and that was also a number of years ago, when there was more. Yeah. Well, there’s a lot of different stuff still happening. is looking for harmony in Mexico,

Rick Archer: right. But interesting thing of offering a retreat down there. When?

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yes, yes, I’d love to offer like a week retreat. In supporting people, I did come around to calling myself a teacher, after all. And what I teach people is how to listen to themselves more deeply. And more precisely, yeah, using their own words, in what they’re saying about what they’re experiencing. To access themselves inside.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And believe we also go over to Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic,

Canela Michelle Meyers: Czech Republic, I go to Prague and London. And like, every year or something, yeah, I’m going to be in Milton Washington. We can have for now. Okay, that’s close to Tacoma, Seattle. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And people may be watching this two years from now and so true. transpired but, but basically, you give retreats in various places, and would probably be open to giving them in other places. So people could contact you, if they wanted to attend one, or organize one or whatever, by going to your website and clicking on the contact button. Right.

Canela Michelle Meyers: That’d be wonderful. I do go where I’m invited.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So and, and I would also recommend with canal or any anybody interview, if you feel a resonance with her, or with anybody interview, and you want to sort of stay in touch with them sign up for their email newsletter on. Most people have that way you can sign up to be notified of this and that can otherwise you know, months go by and you’ll forget, you know, you might miss out on something that would actually be good. For you.

Canela Michelle Meyers: I send out actually what’s in this book, either Satsang invitations, it’s a collection of them, you send them out, I send out new installments, I send out new ones. Yeah, supportive. One or two page invitations on, like, all probably the next one’s going to be on responsibility. So I’ll just write some, you know, ways that people can look at that right, in support of themselves. And then the newsletter follows that Satsang invitation. Good. So people can find out what I’m up to or what’s been happening.

Rick Archer: Nothing else on here.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Ah, just that there’s going to be a interview of regarding by nonduality Vancouver to watch for that in the coming. Next while you’re going to be Yeah, it’s funny.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I don’t have a lot of time to grant interviews because I’m doing interviews and doing my day job and a lot of other things. But I was having traveled up here and both up and back. I have three different flights and a bunch of airport layovers. So I have my iPad with me and this fellow who runs Kevin Daya cows, his name. Thank you. Thank you, who runs nonduality. Vancouver wants to interview me. So I said, All right. Well, I’m gonna be in Seattle airport for a couple of hours. Let’s do it then. So we’re gonna record that on Tuesday, I believe and he’ll put it up on if you search Facebook for nonduality Vancouver. You’ll see it for what it’s worth.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Yeah, yeah. No, it’d be good to hear your, your journey.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I’ve done that a few times. I mean, if anyone’s interested in that, if you go to BatGap there’s a page that lists all everybody who’s been interviewed alphabetically and I’m on there too, because several people have interviewed me Ready. So any final thoughts? We covered it all about the problems of the world

Canela Michelle Meyers: invited a harmony, the possibility to be more harmoniously with yourself, and therefore the world. So yeah, no, I feel like that might be a nice note. But do you? Do you have anything more?

Rick Archer: That really just to emphasize what you just said? Which is that? Who was it? Somebody rather I forget Dalai Lama, somebody rather said, you know, it’s easier to wear shoes than to cover the earth with leather. And, you know, we all want to see the world change and all but it begins here, you know, and here and here and here. And so the orientation the emphasis seems to right, yes. To really?

Canela Michelle Meyers: How is this affecting yourself? Yeah. Because you’re the representation of consciousness, right? Living its life like this.

Rick Archer: And what can someone who’s full of stuff, you know, do for the world, however, sincerely intention they may be, they’re going to have a muddled influence, right? Not to say that, you know, great people who still had issues didn’t do great things, Martin Luther King, all kinds of other people have made huge contributions. But, you know, we can’t all be a Gandhi or Martin Luther King, but what we can do is really bring about profound transformation within ourselves. Right? Well, your, your, your

Canela Michelle Meyers: evitable, Martin Luther King, but you’re not called that because they already did that. Right. So there’s this, this one and I mean, that’s one other thing, I guess, is just because it’s kind of come up like this, is that that movie The Matrix, right? And there’s the one right, and everybody has that because you are consciousness. And and it’s daring to be with the one that you are as if, if you are a savior of the world, right? It’s the Holy Grail.

Rick Archer: No man is an island entire of himself.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Well, cleaning

Rick Archer: Clarabel told

Canela Michelle Meyers: this, right? It’s, it’s, it’s, it cleans up our planet. Together, we each clean up our planet, of who we are in the magnetic planet that we show up to be same as the moon, here’s this aspect of consciousness. Another

Rick Archer: analogy, if you want a forest to be green, every tree has to be green. So you know, make sure that you’re a green tree before worrying about too much about the forest. Or what it does say remove the log from your own eye before worrying about the speck in your in your in the other guy’s eye.

Canela Michelle Meyers: Right. Well, that speck is going to point to the log. Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s. That’s what’s happening. Literally, daddy is life.

Rick Archer: Great. Alrighty, so I’m speaking with Canella Michelle Myers. And as most of you listening will know, this is an ongoing series of interviews. We’ll be doing several more this weekend. And there are already several 100, which have been done. And they’re all archived and categorized on Go there. And the menus are pretty self explanatory, past interviews, feature interviews, donate button, email, sign up, podcast, all that stuff. So you all know how to do it. So thanks for listening and watching. There’ll be a page for Canella about this interview links to everything about that you’d want to know about can our website or book and we’ll see you for the next one. Thanks. Thank you.