Debra Martin Transcript

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Debra Martin Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of conversations with spiritually Awakening people. We’ve done nearly 700 of them now. If this is new to you and you’d like to check out previous ones, go to, bat and look under the past interviews menu. This program is made possible through the support of appreciative listeners and viewers so if you appreciate it and would like to help support it, there are Pay Pal buttons on the website. My guest today is Deborah Martin. Deborah lives in Arizona. She’s a world renowned intuitive healer, and international research lab certified medium with the wind bridge Institute center. I interviewed Julie Beisel some time back who is one of the heads of that center and Julie has. And I think Gary Schwartz who works with her has set up a testing procedure for ascertaining the reliability of mediums how how accurate they actually seem to be. And I get the impression that Deborah passed that test with flying colors. She’s a spiritual coach, a survivor of three near death experiences, cancer and an author of six books. Her most recent book, which I read is called Proof of miracles. She also has one called doctors faith and courage. Deborah had her third near death experience in 2012, where she had an out of body experience and a conversation with God. I’ll be asking her about that, from this experience are mediumship abilities heightened and she was given the gift to heal. Deborah has developed a healing technique which is not being done anywhere else in the world. In 2013, the logo’s church ordained her as a healing Minister due to the the healing miracles they were witnessing. And a lot of those healings are discussed in her book. She is a motivational speaker and has been on many radio shows. So welcome, Deborah.

Debra Martin: Oh, welcome. I’m so I’m so happy to be on. Thank you Rich for having me.

Rick Archer: Oh, you’re welcome. All right. So let’s get started. And we’ll just see how the conversation flows. I often like to ask people, if they had, if they look back at their childhood, like, you know, when they’re four or five, six years old? Was there anything unusual about them, which now looking back might have been a precursor to some kind of interest or in or development of spirituality later on? And the answer is not necessarily Yes. But the surprising number of people I’ve interviewed had something when they were kids.

Debra Martin: Yes, I did. When I was about four years old, before kindergarten, I would see faces come to me at night. And the faces would be rather large, like in my face as I’m laying there. So that’s scary, right? It’s like, who are you? And I can always remember I think, Mom, I can’t sleep. Can I come downstairs? No, Deborah, go back to bed. So it wasn’t something you could talk about? Because it? How do I explain what I’m seeing? I didn’t even understand it myself. But I do remember in order to get them to go away, I would turn to my side. And I had a wooden dresser. And I would just kind of sketch with my finger like dig in the wood. The beginning letter of their name, huh? They had a name? Yeah, they would say like, I would say like, oh, well, who are you? You might say, Steve. So you start writing an S? And just to take my mind off of seeing him? Yeah. And then it would I wouldn’t give no more attention to it. So that fear, right? That that’s fear, that kind of closed everything down. Like I don’t want to see you I don’t want to be around you. And you just kind of shut that off, especially going to kindergarten, then you’re you’re you start to have an outside world, right? And all of a sudden you become in tune with all those things coming and going around in your mind that you don’t allow anything else in.

Rick Archer: Yeah, you don’t want the kids to think you’re weird. Yeah, it’s too bad that I mean, it’d be interesting if we lived in a society where this kind of thing was understood and considered normal. I wonder how that would affect kids development, you know, and what the whole society might be how it might be different than it is now.

Debra Martin: Well, I think we have opened up I mean, before it was nobody even called People mediums, right? Like that was just not unknown. And now people are getting tested like I did, just to see is this real? Is this really something that that’s happening? And then as you are enlightened, you are opening your children up like you’re allowing them just to to express without having any fear or concern of what they’re saying. You just embrace it.

Rick Archer: Yeah, yeah. How you have kids, right?

Debra Martin: I do. How old are they? They’re they all have children themselves, except for my youngest is in college.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Very young looking grandma. And so what are your kids think of all this?

Debra Martin: Well, it’s been interesting. It’s been an interesting journey. One of my sons has the abilities. And he used them in high school. In fact, they did a TV show on teen medium. And then he went into the science world. And he got his PhD. And so he kind of keeps it off to the side. I don’t want to dabble in it. But it’s, it’s always there. So he has it if he wants, if he chooses to use it. I think they’re open to it. They love what I’m doing. Because they know that I’m on this path with my mission. And I’m following my, my mission and to them, even if they live in, in reality, right? They’re always living in the the home, I want to say this business world, right. And they don’t live in the spiritual world at all. They look at me like, wow, she embraces and that’s integrity, like they look up to that I’m willing to remove everything else to do this work.

Rick Archer: That’s great. Do you think this kind of thing tends to run in families?

Debra Martin: I do. I do. I do think so.

Rick Archer: What it is, is probably not so much genetic as it is kind of a soul group kind of a thing where you know, like, attracts like, and birds of a feather stick together and all that.

Debra Martin: Yeah. Well, my father, when my mother passed, he kind of went through a depression. And I can remember him saying to me, you know, I had a conversation with your mom in the car. She was sitting next to me. And I thought, at that time, I was like, Okay, great. But I see where it came from. And he was from Austria. And there’s, they say that a lot of great mediums come from Austria.

Rick Archer: That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Yeah, I have a good friend who is the great nephew of Harry Houdini, and has done a bunch of narrative TV shows and stuff about Houdini. And one thing you probably know about Houdini is that he was really interested in this, but he really wanted it to be real. And he he was testing people, you know, for many years, and he was never quite satisfied. So what is it about the Winbridge procedure that makes their, you know, testing reliable to do a significant degree that Houdini didn’t have access to?

Debra Martin: Okay, so it used to be the Veritas center with Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Julie Beisel. And they came up with a protocol that was a quadruple blind experiment. So you can go on the wind bridge and read about that, how rigorous it was, in fact, when Julie went on her own and Gary went one way she she decided to still go after the mediums and study the mediums. So I followed her. And she, she will say to you, like we can’t pass everyone. Like it’s really hard to get to get certified. And the good thing about that is it gives me the backbone to go I have science behind me. Right. And that there, because you passed. Because I passed. Yeah, yeah.

Rick Archer: And what did you do that enabled you to pass the test?

Debra Martin: Oh, there were lots of steps whilst the steps like one she won’t have and I can’t really explain it in the best detail. So it’s better that you read it the way she had, you know, wrote it up, but I can give you a little idea. So she would have, let’s say the sitter, the person that lost the loved one, right? Now she won’t know who that person is. So she would have another science that would know that person. Then another person would email me it. So you have nobody I could read any energy off of that email that knew something about that loved one.

Rick Archer: So just a name or something.

Debra Martin: I would get a male. Oh,

Rick Archer: it’s a man. That’s all that you would get?

Debra Martin: Yes. And so then they will they want you to know, they want you to tell, you know, is there a message for their loved one? What did they do for a living? Can you describe them? What did they look like? What’s their height? What’s their personality? Like? Their you know, just everything that you can bring forth and you’re doing that on your end? And the tricky part is writing it out. Because receiving it’s easy. But when I’m writing it, you have to write like, well, he came through and said this. And then but I also got a vision like this. And that’s the combination of what I received. And then you write how it all came through. And then when he she scores it, it’s given to the sitter, but it’s this, this, my session, along with another medium session is given the sitter is getting to, and she has to see which one is hers. And so the sitter will rank it, say, Okay, this is my, this is my reading, this is my loved one, and she ranks it and scores it. And then you have to go through it the next step of actually talking and having a live reading with her over the phone without seeing her. So yeah, it there’s a lot of steps to it.

Rick Archer: What do you think are the actual subtle mechanics of how this works? Like if somebody called me in the phone and said, it’s a man, I would get nothing, I wouldn’t be able to explain anything, you know, we could sit there all day. So you know, are you like, connecting somehow with your subtle body? Or, you know, how would you explain the mechanics of this? Well, it’s

Debra Martin: interesting, because since I’ve kind of learned that way with working with Dr. Gary Schwartz, and Dr. Julie Beisel is the relationship. So a lot of mediums say, I don’t want to know anything. Well, I done that before. And then you get the loudest loved one on the other side. And I’m like, why don’t really want to talk to my grandma, right? And I’m like, Well, that’s the one that was allowed us. So I’ll say, well, what’s the relationship with Allah when you want to speak with, let’s have a direct connect. And so then I will go into meditation hours before, so their day is their day if I do a reading, so I will sit and say, show me show me some signs, I’ll take a walk with them, I’ll see if I can smell them, they might come and my dream was the night before. And just allow anything and all to come through from that loved one.

Rick Archer: So do you think that perhaps the way this works is that people on the other side, have such a broader range of perceptual capabilities, that if somebody or other wants to contact them through someone like you, if they become aware of it as if a light was shining, or a phone was ringing or something and it’s okay, this lady here is going to has the ability, she’s going to try to contact me, and then they they kind of zero in and connect with you so that all this information starts coming through?

Debra Martin: Yes. And I also believe that their loved ones the one that guided them, there, their deceased loved one, their living loved one. Now their loved one on the other side, their deceased loved one knew of me and guided them to, to get in touch with you started the process. And it’s, it’s kind of interesting, they always ask, Well, how did you find me? And then you go, Oh, yeah, see how it all connects? So I believe that, you know, they hear us, it’s like an antenna, right? They’re like, okay, that person down there can hear me really, really well. And, and there’s so many different mediums. So I always say, well, they’re gonna find the one that they like, are you more compassionate? Or are you more like, in your face, I’m going to tell you what it is, like. So they’ll find the one that works best for them as well.

Rick Archer: You know, Father, Nathan Castle, they don’t, I interviewed him a couple of years ago, he’s a priest. And one, one day out of the blue, or one night out of the blue. He had this vivid dream that somebody was burning or something sitting on the radio radiator of a car and burning. And he didn’t know what that was. But it turned out long story short, he ended up developing the ability to help stuck souls crossover. And there was some guy who had actually been in an accident where it was burned like that. And, but once he got rolling with this, it was sort of who he became, has become kind of deluged with requests, because they’re not too many people who do that, you know, and somehow, the word spreads or somehow they’re able to tune in on his existence and elicit his help.

Debra Martin: I think spirits like, Hey, this guy can help you. Yeah, it’s got, you know, go go here. It’s kind of like how we connect, right? They’re connecting, they’re all talking. They’re all connecting. It’s not something I think it’s our worlds are so blended.

Rick Archer: Does they have sort of Yelp in heaven or something where they rank restaurants rather than mediums. It’s interesting. What’s that every help instead of Yeah, yeah.

Debra Martin: Yeah. Well, and I have a preface to that I had worked with. His name was Father William Tracy. He is the world’s oldest priests, Roman Catholic priest, and he lived in Seattle. He just recently passed but he had read my books. And he requested that I come see him. So I went and met him and it was so fast So Nene, because here I was on my spiritual journey my way. And he was on his spiritual journey of seven, eight years of priesthood his way. And when we met, he’s like, we come together on the same platform. And it was like he goes, one world one love. Yeah. And it was just beautiful, just beautiful. And it almost like, expanded my wings almost to say like, because here I have this person that’s really well known in with God and religion. And he’s honoring me. Right? And it was just like, we were one in the same as beautiful.

Rick Archer: Yeah, well, the way I see it is all these people I interview and people like you and you know, it’s like one big team, but people play different positions on the team, according to their, you know, capabilities. Just like a baseball team member, shortstop and an outfielder and so on. But, you know, here, you know, I interview people, you do mediumship. So and so as a scientist, and you know, so and so is Advaita. Teacher, there’s, but there’s this overall sort of multi pronged effort or process whereby collective consciousness is rising in the world.

Debra Martin: We all work together to raise that vibration. Yeah. Yeah. And we need each other.

Rick Archer: Yeah, for sure. Okay, so. All right. So then, obviously, we talked about when you were a little kid, and then, you know, you moved on to what in your adult life? When was the first time that something of this nature began to dawn?

Debra Martin: Well, I was, in fact, at the time, when I was married, I was just engaged. The night before, that I had this car accident, and I was in route to go visit my friend that needed some spiritual guidance. So I was driving a Honda with four doors Honda Accord. And on my way, I turn the car into the left turn Bay, and I was just sitting there waiting for traffic. So I could go into the neighborhood, right? And I was, as I was sitting there, I didn’t know anything, I didn’t have a premonition. And with that car accident, a man came came on in a diabetic seizure, and he hit my car at 65 miles an hour and spun me into oncoming traffic. Well, that one, I immediately an impact. I was out of my body. And I was looking down at my body. And now I’m watching everything kind of transpire. And I feel this green, big being behind me. And I just heard the words, are you ready? And at that moment, I said, No, life’s too good, right. And I was a mom of three, three kids

Rick Archer: ready to die. And right. Are

Debra Martin: you ready to stay here? And I said, I knew it. I knew what that meant. And I said, No, but I’m not going to survive that. I saw a car, a truck carrying a tractor. And he was going to come right on top of me is I’m just not going to survive that there’s no way out. And instantly I was in the backseat of my now, like crunched car. There was no doors, or windows out everything in the car was out in the streets. And I’m in the backseat of this little part of this pocket. And I remember the police officer, sir, coming to my door going We’re sorry, we sorry. We were in pursuit to get them off the road. But there was a gentleman standing next to him. And this was so key. Because he goes Sir, are you okay? And he’s like, No, I’m not okay. Because what just happened? I can’t explain. Somebody took my steering wheel. At the last second. I should have crushed her and I went into into oncoming traffic. I don’t know how that happened. When he said those words. It was like a download. Whoa, I saw that. Right. And so that was my that was actually my second one because my actual first car accident was when divine enter divine intervention came in that sort of my mediumship. This started my like, what I mean, take that back, the first one was opening the door to spirituality. What is mediumship? What is what is this all about seeing divine intervention is is this is exist. The second one? I actually that’s when I got tested with Dr. Gary bio and Dr. Julie. Dr. Julie bio and Dr. Carrie Schwartz. Yes. Because I was just thinking, how did that happen? I’m now hearing voices. They’re getting very loud. And is this real?

Rick Archer: So the guy with the steering wheel obviously what you’re saying there is that some guardian angel of yours or something caused his steering wheel to go like that, so he didn’t go slam into you? Yes, right. And And he didn’t even have an accident even though it was steered into oncoming traffic, somehow it worked out. So that’s interesting. I mean, the the very fact that and I’ve heard so many stories about this, that there’s some kind of intervention from some noncorporeal being at the time of a situation like this. And they’re, they’re just when they’re needed and do something, and the person survives or communicates with them. So very interesting.

Debra Martin: He was just like, the, it was like a snap of the finger. Out ready. It was like, boom, everything just went back. Yeah. Yeah. And I, you know, as much as shifted me, I’m sure it shifted him as well. shifts at home. The driver that was supposed to hold the driver.

Rick Archer: Yeah, cuz it was like, what happened? Yeah. So you’re saying then that and you this was your second car accident and NDA, but you’re saying that was the first one that actually kickstarted your interest or your abilities

Debra Martin: in? Yeah, so that happened the same night that Princess Diana had her car accident. And I was out with two other girlfriends. And we were, we were hanging out with some other friends. And we saw that on the news, what just transpired and you know, that just kind of shook everybody where you’re glued to the screen. So it’s time to go home. It was probably around midnight. I didn’t want to get in the car. And it was a sports door, a sports car where I would have to climb into the backseat. And they’re like, Debra, you’re just you’re overreacting from what you just saw on TV. At that time, I didn’t even know what a premonition was. Right? But I had this strong knowingness, like I’m not supposed to get in this car. Well, I did. And as we were on the freeway, coming home, all of a sudden, I had another premonition that we were going to get hit. And it wasn’t it was so quick that you could think about it. All I could think of no, not now. Right? I’m a mother of three kids single not now. Right? When I said no, not now. This truck was it was a big utility truck because I didn’t have any Windows came from the fast lane and hit us. And we spun out and took 40 feet of guardrail out and came face and then we came facing traffic. Now everything’s like the whole cars crushed. We can’t get out. I’m once again in the backseat of that little car. And we’re panicking like, oh my gosh, like these cars are gonna come towards us. Are we gonna get hit? How do we get out? We can’t get out. And someone came to our rescue. And open the doors. So effortless. Picks, each one of us up carried us to the embankment put us way far away from the road. And he kissed me. He kissed me on the forehead. He said, You know, I’ll see you again. I go no, no, no, no. And I’m wearing the ring today. I was like, this ring. It’s It’s bleeding and it’s pressed into my finger. It really, really hurts. Can you help me take it off? Well, he took my bloody finger put it in his mouth. I have his teeth marks. So I know they’re real. And took it

Rick Archer: bent the ring into his normal shape again. Yeah. Yeah.

Debra Martin: If you even tried to push on it, like anybody even tried to push on it like your whole body, you can’t bend this ring. Interesting. So he said, I will see you again. And now all the fire trucks are coming. We probably had like five ambulances, two fire trucks, you know the whole bit. And I look to the right. And when I look to the left, he was gone. Yeah. And no one ever saw him.

Rick Archer: Yeah, you and three, two others were physically carried to the side of the road by this person. I wonder if there had been a webcam or not a weapon. You know, those surveillance cameras that have everywhere these days? I wonder if that would have recorded a person picking you up and carry you over? Or if it was like you tried, gently floated over.

Debra Martin: We tried everything like where did he come from? There was no car like no one. No witnesses. We had other cars that pulled over

Rick Archer: and your companions were aware of him too. Obviously they felt themselves being carried over.

Debra Martin: Oh, yeah. My one friend she had broke her her leg. She couldn’t move so he couldn’t carry her too far. So yes, it was and the car was total totaled.

Rick Archer: Interesting. Oh, cars. Now the skeptic would just say, well, this is some strong guy who just can’t showed up, hold the doors open, carry the ladies over and then split, you know.

Debra Martin: And we kept asking for like, when we’re in the hospital. Like, where’s that guy? You know, where did he go there? Like there was no one. There was no one.

Rick Archer: And what you’re implying is this is some again, some kind of guardian angel thing or something like that. Yeah. Even the ring is strong evidence. I mean, you know, anybody who’s watching this, Deborah will send you a replica of the ring that’s bent and you can try to straight with your teeth to see if it’s possible.

Debra Martin: Yeah, right. It’s I have pictures in my book. like to, but it’s just like, it shook me to like, what just happened? And then I had to go on that exploring, I would go to conferences or angels real. You know, do they really exist? Can they help you? Is there divine intervention? What’s what’s break cognition? What does that mean? You know, Was I being told not to get in the car wasn’t supposed to happen, like there was so much and it just kind of like Enlightenment and the whole wakening started, right?

Rick Archer: Yes. Follow the breadcrumbs. And one thing led to the next.

Debra Martin: Yeah, and I guess, you know, I maybe I didn’t listen loud enough. They were trying to open my mediumship. And so I got another car accident that woke me up. Not that I want to say everybody has to go through trauma to get there. But no,

Rick Archer: but, you know, obviously, there are many things that wake people up spiritual practices, you know, car accidents, sudden out of body experiences, for some reason, like I’ve interviewed a woman who nearly drowned when she was just four years old, or something had this profound out of body experience. And that got her going. So many things psychedelics these days, but for some people is gotta go through the school of hard knocks, have car accidents.

Debra Martin: Well, and they taught me a lot, you know, you have to kind of look at the lessons we go through the trauma we go through What lessons do they bring? Yeah, yeah, that’s a big one that happened with my, the, my big nd M 121 12.

Rick Archer: That was your third one. Okay, what happened with that one.

Debra Martin: So that one I was being seen at Mayo Clinic, I was really, really sick. And they couldn’t diagnose me. And I was down to 90 pounds. I was in a fetal position in my bed, I could not get out of bed if I tried to drink a teeny bit of water or a teeny bit of like a cracker. I was doubled over as if I was having labor pains for 24 hours. If I did eat anything, I didn’t have any control of my bowels. So I was losing my dignity. Right. So at that time, I was saying, God, I’m ready. Please just take me. i This is No, I have no quality of life. So you can see where people are just like, Okay, I’m done. And I had a child that was in third grade living at home. So for me to say, I was ready to leave her. That’s pretty big statement. But I was I knew that she would be better off than me laying in bed and in pain. Right. So one morning on 121 12. I saw spiritual surgeons come into my room.

Rick Archer: Oh, yeah. Well, I want to talk to you a lot about the spiritual surgeon. So go elaborate on that as much as you’d like.

Debra Martin: Oh, as a medium you see people, right? So seeing them in scrubs wasn’t something that I was afraid of. It wasn’t like, Okay, what is this? What’s going to happen? So I thought, Okay, well, they’re here to help me. Well, as they started, started working on me, it became very painful. Very, very painful.

Rick Archer: Okay, now, wait a minute. So these guys that came in, they had scrubs on, but they weren’t ordinary human beings. You’re saying they were some kind of higher beings that came into the room and you recognize them as spiritual surgeons. And if there had been a nurse in the room, she probably wouldn’t have seen them. Is that all correct?

Debra Martin: Correct. Okay. Yes. Spiritual surgeons as in a Spirit coming in as a surgical outfit.

Rick Archer: They look like normal humans, but just someone who just could you see through them? Or were they just

Debra Martin: now they look like just normal people. But I wasn’t too much. I wasn’t really concentrating too much on the actual beach parents. Yeah. Because they were starting to work on me and became really, really painful. Okay, tell us how they worked on you. Yeah. So I can remember them. It was all in my abdomen, so I can remember them going into my abdomen. And I can remember just wanting to scream and pain as like, I know, I have to go through this, but I don’t know if I can. So the best way I could, was Let’s just remove my mind from my body right now. And by doing that, I was like, I’m just gonna call my mind minutes to concentrate my breathing. I’m gonna take a deep breath in. And as I took a deep breath in, and I let it out, I was my body.

Rick Archer: Like, observing from the ceiling or something or

Debra Martin: I was just disconnected. I was not any pain and I could feel myself now floating up. And I was like, Okay, I like this. And so as I was going up, I was surrounded in white light. When it came to a stop it was like almost as if you’re on a plane and you look outside and you see all the clouds like they’re going okay, I’m here all by myself. Now what right is this just for I’m supposed to stay while they heal me. Like I don’t know. I’m just Standing here, then all of a sudden, I seen this beautiful beam of light coming towards me. Now when I say beam of light, it’s not a light that we have seen before. It’s this beautiful bright light, and it starts coming towards me coming towards me. And I see these hands. And before I know it, I’m now seeing my body being held by this being. And I’m like, Okay, I’m witnessing this. It took me a while to figure out like, my spirit was watching my body being held.

Rick Archer: Were you saying your emaciated 90 pound body being held like that?

Debra Martin: Yeah, I could tell I was really, really sick. Okay. And so I followed. And we went to a space where he, he she it right to put me on this beam of light. And there was a glass coffin next to it. And I wanted to try that glass cloth. And I’m like, that’s like Snow White, can we go sit in it? Dry it out, right? But I was, I was told now, we’re going to go over to this other space. And we’re gonna have a conversation. And I said, Well, why do we have to go in this dome? Like, we have to go in there. And he’s like, because this is for me to have a conversation with you, not for anyone else in the university here. So when I had my conversation, it was like sitting at a table. And I could feel that being right here, the divine. And there was like a scroll, like, let my life plan right in front of me. And you couldn’t read it all. But I just read the bottom. And I was told, like, all things are reversible. And you need to go back and I said, but I don’t want to go back like this is safe. This is unhealthy. Like, can I just see my parents? Like now you see your parents, you won’t, you won’t go back now. And I said, okay, and like, so I’m kind of bartering because there were like some words on on the paper. And one of them said, health and I said, Well, health doesn’t mean anything to me, I need to say healthy. So I, I saw change. And I just by signing the contract, I was told that I would be a voice and I was thinking while voice means mediumship. Right? And you signed the contract. I signed the contract. And I, I heard look at the date 121 12. All numbers are reversible. And so is this. And so I said, Well, can I just stay for a little while and he’s like, No, you need to go back. And it’s like, but I feel so much better right here is like you need to go back, you’re on borrowed time here, you need to go back and I can remember when I went back, it was like coming back into the body almost like a like a mattress that’s being deflated, right? You can see the the flow of the mattress. And then when I took a breath, it’s like coming up from auto being held underwater. Like that. And at that moment, I went, I was like, what just happened? And no more spiritual surgeons were in the room. And everything just was calm.

Rick Archer: Interesting. Mm hmm. Now, I’ll say it says very quickly, I’m not going to elaborate. I had an experience with something like that one time, but it wasn’t like they were doing a surgery, it was more like some guy was stabbing my chakras with a trident of some sort of spear. And it was agonizing. And I woke up from it a different person. But I don’t want to talk about me. So. But I’m just maybe adding that to say that these things do happen to other people as well. I mean, just past the question, was there ever was there even? Was there ever a physical reason revealed for the 90 pound condition? You were in it? Big question, because I was going to find male or somebody else? Yeah. No,

Debra Martin: they did not. And that was that, you know, we can get frustrated with that people have, you know, diagnosis that people can’t figure out. So I questioned that to spirit to the Divine to God, whatever. You want to call your God. And I said, Why don’t I never find out the name. And I heard, because you would own it. The name of the malady, what was going on? So let’s say I have a disease, and now I own it. I’m going to say, well, you know, that was part of me. I’m going to keep that I went through that. Now not knowing it is never been a part of me.

Rick Archer: So you got better after this, and I should think that the people may or would have wondered what what happened, you know, what was it? How did it how did

Debra Martin: she come out? It was it was it was it was hard at male because male was trying to do all these different tests, but they weren’t listening to me right? And so because he couldn’t figure it out and so afterwards I ended up going back to them and saying, You know what, you want to bill me for all this money, but you guys if I would have stayed under your care, I would have died and they just washed they washed it all away so that I wouldn’t continue with it.

Rick Archer: Interesting. Now somewhere in your book, I heard you talking about having your pancreas squeezed out and also having some kind of rod put in your body. Is that was that this incident?

Debra Martin: Yes, yes. Yeah. So it felt like as if there was this rod that went in and think about a strawberry, trying to go through a straw, and you having to push that through, that’s how much pain it was. And so

Rick Archer: it was like in your spine or into your abdomen or, well,

Debra Martin: I felt like it was going right into the my right side. And so I say in the pancreas area, okay. Without knowing that it was the pancreas, pancreas is on the left. Well, it was here on the right,

Rick Archer: okay, your livers over here, but anyway, it doesn’t matter. Okay, so now this being that you were sitting at the table with in the dome and signing the contract, and all you identified that as God. Now, my conception of God is all pervading intelligence that, you know, surpasses the vastness of the universe. And, and, you know, it’s just on the present and all that business. But then again, you know, there are many traditions that also speak of a personal manifestation or aspect of God, that one could actually perceive and have a form and communicate with so on

Irene Archer: the right side of your body contains the head of the pancreas.

Rick Archer: Okay, she was right, good. You were right. I mean, just looked it up in the right. I guess the pancreas is kind of on the left, but it pokes over in the head, the head of it ends up on the right side as well.

Debra Martin: That’s what I’ve always felt. So you said that I’m like, How can I be like, it’s making me think like, how could I be wrong? Sorry, you for doing that? Yeah.

Rick Archer: So the tail of the pancreas is on the left side, but it goes across and the head of it comes over to the right side. All right, good.

Irene Archer: So you don’t know everything.

Rick Archer: No, I didn’t say I did.

Debra Martin: No, that’s great, though. That’s good for the viewers to hear.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So So anyway, how do you know this was God? What made you feel this was God? Do you feel like it was sort of a personal representative or representation of God?

Debra Martin: Or what? Okay, so, first of all, people always want to say, Well, can you describe your God? What did he look like? And I’m like, well, it can come in many forms for us to recognize, right? That’s how I feel. So I’m not going to just say what I felt it. What came to me is what I recognized. And when I say recognize, it was this immediate knowingness within my soul, this immediate love connection, that I felt that you can’t feel here, you’re just surrounded with so much love. And that came from that being. And so I know that that light and that love of that being is in each of us were born with that. And so there was no question. It was just like, I was home, I was meeting the person that I that created me that was there.

Rick Archer: Nice. So someone might think, well, maybe it was an angel or an archangel or something like that. But, you know, you’re saying it was really sort of God and a, a form of some kind?

Debra Martin: Well, it’s interesting, you asked that question, because I did too. And I said, Well, how do I really know it? Was you God? It’s like, I’m the only one that can make that decision.

Rick Archer: He said that, yeah. That he was the only one who could make the decision for you to be healed and go back.

Debra Martin: Well, to who, when you’re going to pass when you’re not going to pass when you know, he’s he’s the one in charge. So it’s not the angels that make that decision. Okay.

Rick Archer: Of course, lots of people who have nd is almost all of them. It sounds like meet some kind of being that says, No, it’s not your time, or you better come back. So do you think that that might be some kind of form of God in every case? Or, of course, some kind of gatekeeper of, but but not necessarily the big guy?

Debra Martin: Exactly. Well, you know, we all take tasks, right? There’s a lot going on, and he sends an angel down to be with you or to protect. I feel like he held me by an angel held me in that car that day. Yeah. I feel they’re working. It’s his team. So if he if they deliver the message, it’s they’re delivering the message, the message is coming from the higher source.

Rick Archer: Yeah, Razia the story of Jesus and the Roman centurion, its interior. And you remember that story where this is the Roman soldier who was an officer of some kinds was said, wanted Jesus to help intercede with some family health emergency or something. And she said, Okay, we’ll take me to your house. He said, No, no, you don’t have to go to my house. He said, I’m a, I’m a commander of soldiers. If I tell them to do something, I don’t have to go there. They just do it. And you have that kind of authority yourself over the spiritual realm. So you don’t have to physically go there. Just get it done. Yeah.

Debra Martin: Exactly. And that’s how it works in my healings to tell us more about that. Okay, so I developed the healing by following what God wanted me to do. Right. So when I first started I would see people in person and people distant. And so at the logo center that I was ordained in, they had a Faraday cage. And a Faraday cage had like a metal pyramid inside.

Rick Archer: Alright, explain to people what a Faraday cages Faraday cage is the copper

Debra Martin: lining so that no outside interference can come in, which was beautiful to start there because you know that anything that’s being worked on in there, we felt like was the divine coming through. But what ended up happening is they sold the church and I said, Are you kidding me? And I heard well, it can’t be about the room. But the room, the room

Rick Archer: about the room, or in other words, you shouldn’t need a Faraday cage,

Debra Martin: right? You don’t need a Faraday cage to do this. Right. But people were starting to believe that there were lining up

Rick Archer: yeah, just like you don’t need incense and fancy something. In order to meditate, you can just exactly

Debra Martin: that was kinda like, okay, I get it. But anyway, so how my healings work is, I do them all remotely right now. Because I find like, when people are not there, it’s even more powerful. Because, for instance, let me just kind of walk you through one, a lady contacts me, I know nothing about her. And I say I just need your full body picture of you. We’re going to have this session at 11 o’clock, it’s going to happen on Tuesday, you live in another country, whatever time that is, you can rest if you’re sleeping, if you’re working, whatever happens, I’m going to start at 11 My time. Now, if they can be president, the moment is, it’s amazing because they might feel the exact same things and see the exact same things I’m seeing on their end, okay, now, there’s no right or wrong way to have a healing, they might feel nothing at all. I never know what they’re going to feel. So now I have this woman. And I go in, you know, this is her day, and I kind of prep the room. And then I go back into the healing room. And I say my prayers, basically saying, giving gratitude for what’s going to transpire because I have no idea what’s going to transpire. And then I opened myself up as the instrument and vessel of the Divine to work through me with spiritual surgeons to assist in healing this person. Now, when I heal, they may have needed spiritual surgery, they might have emotional issues, physical issues, they might have a grief, where they lost a loved one, God will take them on a spiritual journey. Well, they’ll sometimes feel like they’re out of body. Sometimes they’ll feel like they’re just visioning and in their mind when they listen to the recording afterwards. And they they’re taken to a space where they get to meet and embrace and be with their loved ones. And they physically can smell them, they physically can feel them, they and they have this conversation. Now, while this is all transpiring, because that’s a lot that’s going on, right? They’re getting healing, they might be on a spiritual journey, and might have spiritual surgeons in the room. I’m voicing everything that I’m seeing, feeling and doing through an audio recording. So when the session is complete, so on this woman, I said, so interesting, my right side feels higher than my left side. Hmm, we need to like, kind of balance that out. And so I’m voicing everything. And then it might come through that, you know, when you were a child, you had trauma, God showing me your age for when this took place, and you were shamed. So now we’re going to go to the space of hugging that four year old telling her she’s okay, healing at the root issue. So that’s all that happening. When I am all done with the session, I then send the recording to wherever they live right through an email. Now they can listen to it with that woman was fascinating. Because I get to listen to the validations afterwards, I have no idea. It’s like, okay, that was really interesting. And then you’re sending it off, right? She said, had I been in the room with you, you would have noticed that I lost my left breast. And this, this side is higher when I lay down. And so that’s why it’s so amazing to have them distant. I am not picking up on you. I know nothing. Now, some people do want to tell me what they’re going through. And that’s okay, too. I’ll place that in my prayers prior, but I don’t want to limit it to just that because there might be something else that’s causing that. So we open our hearts or minds or soul to receive everything and all that they deserve. With that being said, I’ve seen beautiful miracles happening. And then I’ve also seen some that have not and I’ll be like, Okay, I really, really thought that person was going to be healed. Well, you’re not in charge. And I have to remember that this isn’t about me. And so I don’t know what each person is going to receive, but they’re going to receive something, whether it’s, I did a healing. In one, I think you might have read it in my book about Brenda, and she had a healing, I really thought that she was going to be healed. And she had bile duct cancer. And she was given like, like a month to live. And she felt healed, completely healed. And she’s like, should I still follow through with my funeral arrangements, and they said, it doesn’t hurt to have them in place. So she got two weeks of feeling healed. But she basically when I was feeling that I was throwing up bile on my end, I’m like, Oh, they’re working in this area, I’m going to throw up his bio bio, she actually was throwing up bile at that same time. So that shows you how in sync the energy is, right. And she ended up passing. But she’s come through Suzanne Giesemann, because that’s who sent her to me. And she works with her now and says, you know, I left with no baggage, I was healed. So I could transition so much easier. And, you know, there’s been so many other sessions as well, where it’s like, mental illness gone, like, lifted, and he or she went through 20 years of therapy, and, and even going into mental institutions tried to commit suicide twice. And in one session, it’s all gone. So, and I’ve had other clients too, that have lost loved ones, where I think I have a YouTube of her, she had back surgery, she had discs. So the spiritual surgeons worked on her back. Well, during the surgery, her daughter in spirit came. So she describes that she saw this, the spiritual surgeon wearing the masks, you could say that it was a woman. And then she saw her daughter and her daughter and felt her daughter hold her hand. I mean, it’s just so miraculous. What happens in each session.

Rick Archer: There are a number of things in there, I want to have you elaborate. One is that I got this from your book also that you often you go through a lot of physical stuff while you’re doing healings, like you just mentioned, throwing up bile, and you mentioned many other things in your book, does that take quite a toll on you having to experience the something similar to what the people are suffering from?

Debra Martin: It can during the session, because I’m feeling the pain and I started to burp, I can feel the elevation changing right here. The frequency, okay, so when they start to work on me, I call it a blessing. Because when I feel the pain, I can’t deny that that’s where that pains taking place. And that’s where those spiritual surgeons are working. When the session is complete, I always say it’s no longer part of me. But with that said, your body’s still went through it, right. So you could be tired, I might have to lay some of the hard ones I’ve had to lay down for the remainder of the day. So all I do one session a day. But then sometimes, there might be a hard one where my body went through a lot, and I don’t really feel like my body is fine. So you never really know. But it takes I have to eat really healthy, I have to exercise I have to have balance, you know, in every other aspect of my life, there’s a lot that goes through it than just the session sounds.

Rick Archer: So I guess a couple of things. So the spiritual surgeons couldn’t just go and heal somebody out of the blue the way they did with you, when you’re in Mayo, they kind of need an intermediary, at least for the person to kind of like, tune in and cooperate and want, you know, the healing and so on. So I guess you serve that function and and then maybe you could also explain the same search, or is it the same search surgeons, every time our brain wants to know that work with that whole collection are different,

Debra Martin: they’re different for every different position of the body, right? It’s like, oh,

Rick Archer: so they’re neurosurgeons and surgeons,

Debra Martin: right? I can remember talking to Evan Alexander again, like, I just did a brain healing. And they use this tool. And I described the tool is like, oh, yeah, and I’m like, well, you’re so matter of fact. Oh, yeah. Like, I’m like, really? Oh, yeah. Looks like so it’s, sometimes I’ll actually see the tool that they’re using. But basically what, what I’m seeing is different nurses coming in, right. I’m seeing different doctors come in. But I do know that God works through them. So because some people go, Well, I don’t want different entities working on me. But God works through all of them at the same time having that divine connection with you speaking to you, because the words that come through are directly coming as messages of maybe things that you went through in your life, things lessons that need to be healed trauma. So while I’m speaking about this happening, and now also speaking about things that have happened in your life, there’s this so much.

Rick Archer: Yeah. In Hinduism, they have this celestial beings that they call the ASHA twins who were like the divine physicians, then so when it kind of sounds like here is that there’s a whole profession, on the other side of divine or spiritual physicians, who actually just like on Earth have specialties and sub specialties. And, and, and they’re running around tending to people, earthly people.

Debra Martin: Well, it’s interesting, because somebody asked Father, Tracy, what are you going to do when you go to heaven? And he says, I’m going to help people on earth like I did here, when I was here. And so we think about it. Maybe those spiritual surgeons are like, Well, that was my passion. That was my mission here on Earth. I want to continue that on the other side. That’s

Rick Archer: a good point. Yeah, they might have been earthly doctors. That’s cool. I mean, you have a question. You’re gonna pass the mic

Irene Archer: to people that needed heart surgery? Would it be the same heart surgeon? Or would they? So do individuals kind of, you know, have an affinity for certain surgeons

Debra Martin: was interesting. I’m not the one that calls on the surgeons, you know, I’m not the one that orchestrates

Rick Archer: Yeah you don’t know who’s gonna show up.

Debra Martin: I’m just, I’m, I’m walking into the healing room as the proxy. I’m the patient. So God’s bringing everyone else that’s going to be there.

Rick Archer: Right, whoever

Debra Martin: orchestrates so I remove my humaneness aside, God orchestrates this session, I see a beam of light coming down, I always say, imagine a beam of light coming down and going right into your solar plexus. And that’s going to hold you in this room, we’re going to all three become one.

Rick Archer: Yeah, so just as I was saying, with Father Nathan Castle to help stuck souls crossover, you have a different function, which is helping people heal again with the intercession or aid of other of people on the other side, who, who perform certain tasks. So it just seemed that there are just two examples right there of the fact that apparently, these beings on the other side, need a human being as an anchor point, or conduit or an aide or something in order to intercede more effectively with people’s lives, they couldn’t probably do it as well without you.

Debra Martin: Right. And it’s, it’s taken me a long time to get to this space, right to, because there’s a lot of trust that goes with this, you have to have a direct connection, you have to have that trust. And, and I know that I had to walk the walk to prove that I really would stand and do this mission. So just by signing that line didn’t mean that that was the only thing I had to go through. I had to continue to heal myself and go to deep things that were within me that I had to heal with the help of the Divine. I had to I lost my former husband, we had a wonderful marriage, but this was just far too greater for him to walk who were in for him or something. Yeah, so I lost all stability that was around me. And so everything in my life changed. And was I willing to make that change to do this work? And I said, I stood in my truth. Yeah, that’s what I did.

Rick Archer: People are often tested that way. I mean, most of Jesus’s disciples were fishermen and stuff. And he said, you know, you want to be a fisherman. You want to come with me?

Debra Martin: Give it up. Yeah. And pets can be healed too.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Imagine they can.

Debra Martin: Yeah, I did one for this. Suzanne Wilson. I don’t know if you’ve known her. She’s medium. But her dog and they weren’t too sure it was going on with with Baron. So this is fascinating. So I go into the session. I have barons picture. And now I’m hearing Baron talk to me. And I’m like, what? And I’m like, Okay, well, our language is universal. What do you want? He’s like, I want lavender oil. Do you want lavender oil? I don’t bring oils into my healing. I want lavender oil. Okay, I’m sure I have some lavender somewhere. And I did and so I rubbed it on my hands like Do you feel better? It’s like, yep. So we went in and and it was told exactly what was going on with his body even to something in his like his toe. Right? That the owner didn’t know. So when the healing was done, it was like barren knew you laid there the entire time. And to the time that I texters it’s done, Baron got up, right? And so she listens to it and she says, I’m falling off my chair. I put lavender oil and Barron’s head every night before he goes to bed to relax. So I said, I wonder if ever Dog is like that, let me test this right? Could this be just something that they all like? So I printed it out for my dog, and it was like, Get that away for me. It was smell it can even see the jar and it runs. So it was just for bearing in that relaxed. And so it ended up being everything that was told is what transpired with events.

Rick Archer: That’s interesting. So another thing you said a few minutes ago, you were talking about during a healing people very often, you didn’t specify how often but people very often have, like out of body experiences, or they see beings on the other side. And they it sounds like they open up to a whole mystical realm that is not normal for them is that how common is that among people, you’re healing

Debra Martin: almost all of them. So because what happens is, whether they’re just present in the room, and I feel the divine coming in, they might have this connection of Spirit to spirit, where you’re where you’re feeling that love, that’s undeniable and they’re stuck crying, and then they hear words, God might say, I want to, we’re going to take a series of three deep breaths, you’re going to come out, you’re gonna walk with me, and I’m gonna take you to a space. And then when they get to a space, sometimes they’ll say, look at the landscaping. Look what’s around, you see what you can see. I did want a little girl that was from Russia. And she told her daddy, because she didn’t listen to it yet. And I’m telling her look, what do you see? What do you see what kind of things do you see. And she’s like, I saw dolphins jumping, I saw this beautiful water. So she was seeing the landscape that I was telling her before she even listened to say, look, so we were connected on the soul, the soul level already. But sometimes they’ll just go to a space too. I had one, one. That was really, really amazing. This one was taken to this space, and a big angel came. So the Divine is standing next to her and this angel starts to walk forward, and it’s carrying little baby and puts the baby into her arms. I now see it’s a girl. And I’m I get to witness I get to be there I get to watch and observe and and describe it and talk with what I’m seeing was happening. And God puts his arm around her and says, There is no judgement. Stop judging yourself. What you needed to do is what you needed to do.

Rick Archer: What did you have an abortion or something?

Debra Martin: So what happened is she called me and said I didn’t me and my husband had to make a choice. This was early on, we had just found out we were pregnant. We didn’t know the sex yet, right? But I just found out I cancer and I was gonna die, the baby would have died. If I didn’t do this. We never told anyone we thought we’d be judged. We didn’t tell our family. We didn’t tell anyone. So with you saying this, how would you know? And it relieved her of all that guilt. And that was some of the pain that she was holding on to that was causing her to have issues in her body.

Rick Archer: Interesting.

Debra Martin: So it’s things like that, that I mean, I’ll say things. Like, when you were seven, this is what happened to you. I had this one woman that was had. She didn’t think she was going to survive, even to make it to the session. And she had I think bone cancer. And it was showing that. I saw her as a little girl. And then I saw her standing next to it. So I was kind of confused. Like, are we going to the girls at her is what’s going on? Well, then I heard this is her as a little girl. So at the age of seven, your mother was sick. Your dad was abusive. And he got so angry at you. He took you outside and he shot your puppy in front of

Rick Archer: you saw you saw this and said that to her? Yes. Now remember, that’s pretty specific.

Debra Martin: Right? So now I’m going to when you’re done with that session, you’re like holy cow, you know, I’m saying some pretty heavy stuff. There comes that trust, right? There comes that voice. This isn’t my voice. This is my message. Excuse me. I’m gonna get a little drink. So she emails back and says I’d forgotten about that. Because I pushed it way, way down. I thought as a child, they just dealt with it. But my mother was dying. And my father was in grade and he did he shot. Yeah, we had several puppies, he shot them. And she goes that that was so traumatic in my life and that healed and she ended up being healed.

Rick Archer: Interesting. So So you’re saying the trauma from the shooting of the puppies had been causing her health problems and healing that trauma help heal the health problems?

Debra Martin: Exactly. And sometimes as a child, we don’t know how to heal. We don’t know how to express we don’t even know that we’re holding on to like emotions that are hurting us. We don’t even know how to blame that right and So you just continue on going on within your life. It’s consciously that’s always there. Yeah,

Rick Archer: there must be. Obviously, there’s so many millions of people in the world who, probably over a billion who have something seriously wrong with them, and could use some kind of healing. So, you know, in a way, what you’re doing is just a drop in the bucket seems like it’s a really special privilege for someone to get a healing of this sort considering how many people could potentially use one.

Debra Martin: Right? And like I said, to, not always will we go to the root problem? I don’t know what’s going to transpire in every, every session. Every one is different. So I have to walk in. Because if I humanly tried to control it, it wouldn’t work. Right. I have to I have to totally remove my mind, my body everything just be the vessel for everything that’s going to transpire. Yeah. And so yeah, it’s it’s miraculous when you hear somebody from saying, Hi, China, that was already healed of her with her eyes being healed before she even received the mp4 of the recording before she even listened to it to shows you how energy travels, you can stay in your sacred space, you can receive it. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Okay, I actually agree with that. I agree with that, and don’t have any comments on it. Distance is not an issue. You know, it’s not an it’s not an obstacle.

Debra Martin: No, but everybody wants to be a person. And I’m like, trust me, it’s better not to be, yeah, I’m not doing them in person, because

Rick Archer: zapping them with your hands or something, there’s something more familiar than

Debra Martin: that. Yeah. And I also like, you know what, I can get more of a team. And if you’re not in the room, I have no distractions, because you’re not going to cough, you’re not going to go cry, you’re not going to do anything. But you can be crying on your end, you can be laying in your bed, you can be wearing pajamas, you could be outside, in nature, taking a walk when it’s happening, like whatever you want to do. And so it just, it just opens that much more up and available to them. And when people come, then then they want to talk about it. And I don’t remember it. Yeah, it’s not my word. So it’s like a deer in headlights. And like I said, What? They’ll often say, you know, I know God said something really, really miraculous at the beginning of the tape. When you listen to it, could you write it down for me?

Rick Archer: Do you listen to these tapes yourself? After the healing? I

Debra Martin: have gone back to some of them because they were just so there was so many profound messages. I’m like, can I use this? Can I use this, you know, and one of the messages that I’m going to post about what I really think people really need to hear human length, we put limitations on ourselves by what we’re diagnosed with. So if you were told that your friend just came down with Alzheimer’s, we’d go oh, oh, it feels so bad for him. Because we’re, our brain now knows what Alzheimer’s is supposed to do. So God says, but you’re limiting yourself to what the science gave a name, a name to it, there is no name to it. So take that don’t limit get out of the name. And just will allow me to heal.

Rick Archer: So you’re in so you’re saying that by imposing that limitation, we more or less solidify the likelihood of Alzheimer’s? Whereas if we didn’t, then somehow healing would be more likely?

Debra Martin: Well think about it, if we own it. You know, a lot of us a lot of us go and Google everything. Right? Oh my gosh, you know, I’m going to have this surgery and and they say that it’s going to be awful. And I’m going to have you know cramping for days or I’m not going to have to walk or whatever. Is there that list now we’re digesting? This is what’s going to happen to me. Yeah. And so it’s almost kind of like that saying I am that everything that follows it right will follow you. And so the I am I am going to have that. That pain I am I’m reading it, I’m digesting it. I’m feeling it. I’ve consciously owning it. Where don’t give your body that title. Okay, the doctor gave me that title. I know what it is. But instead of me owning it, I’m just gonna send love to it. You know what I’m gonna I love you. What do you want me to learn from you? How can I? How, why are you showing up for me? And we all know love heals. When you get an embrace from a loved one, you feel good. A child that sick. We nourish them through love, right? We take care of them. So I call them my god is love healings because it’s all about love.

Rick Archer: I’m reminded of Anita Moorjani here, you know, you know her story. I’m sure he had like terminal cancer. She was basically on her deathbed. She couldn’t hold her head up. It was like a bowling ball because her muscles are so weak. And she went into this near death experience. And then when she came out within two weeks, she was totally all healed from this terminal cancer she had and, you know, it’s there’s never been a remission all these years that she just has this, forget it. I’m done with that attitude.

Debra Martin: Right. I went, I walked through it.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Debra Martin: Okay. And I, I did it once. I have this little boy that I have know and he he is so connected with spirit. And one of the things that he says is, okay, I’m done with this game can we play new one. Isn’t that the best term?

Rick Archer:  Right? Yeah.

Debra Martin: Can we just move on?

Rick Archer: Alright, yeah. Moving on. Couple of questions came in from guests. Let’s see what those are. This is about four of them. So here’s one from a woman or person in Sweden, the name Koshas Erding. Can a child be healed? That according to three different shamans is suffering from possession of negative energy, the charm the child was, she has Down syndrome, the child and was normal, but was normal and happy. And then about two years ago, suddenly stopped communicating and started laughing and crying without reason. And they’re, they’re getting help from conventional medicine. But these three shamans, you know, think that the child is possessed by some negative energy? What do you think about that?

Debra Martin: 100%? You can you feel that? I have done it. In fact, I have an army for love group, we meet once a month on Tuesdays. And that was one of the questions somebody asked me that was on the group. And he had felt that he always heard this voice telling him negative things. But they were so real, like, you just hit that person, you just hit that person, you would take his car and go back and look because he really felt he hit that person. Right? It was that real. But he he he knew when it started happening. He described that to the group. So then another person said, why hear those voices, too. So we did a mini healing in live on the gathering all of us and removed it.

Rick Archer: Nice. I’ll be putting a link to your army of love group on your BatGap page and ultimately, your website and your Facebook and Instagram and YouTube channels and all that. So people can you don’t have to worry about address right now. You can go to Deborah BatGap page and get all those links. Here’s a question from Karen Werner in Encino, California. What recommendation do you have? If someone is experiencing negative energy for two years? Or what appears to be bad luck? The energy seems to stick? Does one keep plowing through or what? Might one do?

Debra Martin: Okay, so if I would ask like is this a friend of hers that she wants healed, but maybe the friend doesn’t want to be healed? You know, like, like, some people want to be in that like for attention. They like that? Or it sounds like she just is like maybe herself her own situation. Right? So there’s there’s a lot of layers there. But to answer what I think she’s asking to kit, should she plow through this, she has no choice, right, she has to continue to go walk forward. How I always say it is imagine yourself in a dark room, right. And so you have that darkness around you. Now I want you to, to imagine yourself putting a white bubble around yourself put and step into that bubble be into that. So the light always puts out dark. So if you you could even imagine you like in a dark room. And now you switch the switch on. Okay, so that’s getting the light there for you. Now, if this is something that is really attached, then you need to ask the Divine for assistance to come and pull that off. And then your work is to stand in that faith and command it. You’re not a part of me. I don’t want you to go away. In the name of God I commanded to get away and just keep saying it and say and say Zane say that I’m only of light. If you’re a dark you gotta go away. And in time, it’s just gonna be like, they’re not listening to me anymore. This is crazy. I’m just gonna go find someone else.

Rick Archer: That’s great. Yeah, I mean, her question was a little general, she might have been referring to a lot of different things. But there was a song I remember cream did a rendition of the song called born under a bad sign and the lyric was if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all. But a lot of times people create that kind of so called luck for themselves by hanging around with the wrong people or consuming the wrong substances and just creating you know, circumstances in their life that just handicap

Debra Martin: they have to change. Yeah, right. Right. They have to see I can’t hang out with those people. I have to change this. And so recognize like, like you’re saying recognize where you’re at what the changes are, and what you’re learning from this. Yeah, because every I believe everything we go through. There’s a lesson right? If you learn the lesson, you can pretty much say goodbye to it. I remember my

Rick Archer: father used to change smoke. And, you know, he would say, Oh, my sinuses, this humidity and the weather. Pretty strange ballgame.

Irene Archer: He couldn’t open the windows, because

Rick Archer: Oh, did you hear that?

Debra Martin: Yeah, that’s funny.

Rick Archer: All right, let’s do another question here. This one is from Mark Peters. I know Mark from Santa Clara, California. Do you accept a healing session for a third party without their knowledge? Or does the process only work with the full cooperation of the ailing person?

Debra Martin: Thank you, Mike, for asking that. Because I get a lot of questions with people saying, Can I do a healing for someone that doesn’t know? The answer is yes, we do prayers for people all the time, without them knowing you. This is all about love, what your intentions are about love. So I do have a YouTube that shows a woman that had a session for her mother, her mother was an alcoholic. She was mean. And they’re like, We don’t know what to do anymore. So we did the session, and she stopped drinking. And she’s there like, not only did you heal her, you gave us a healing by having our mother back. And they never told her mother that she had a healing.

Rick Archer: That’s great. This is with your whole army for love group.

Debra Martin: That was just a session I do with you. Yeah, so I do group sessions, group healings. And I do private healings.

Rick Archer: Okay. May I ask how much you charge for the healings?

Debra Martin: I don’t like to say,

Rick Archer: all right, probably says on the website, or you somehow people have to find out what

Debra Martin: Yeah, they just it’s better that they email me what they want. And then we have different things that they can look at. Okay, great.

Rick Archer: Here’s a question from my reign here. Do some people have ailments that have less to do with the events from the current life? You often refer to the current life events as causes, but though some people carry issues from ancestors or from past life, karma?

Debra Martin: Yes, yes. So it’s sometimes in a healing, I might have to go to magnetically. Genetics, right, and the magnetics that we’re aligned with. So think about it this way. We go back in time where one of our ancestors lived in the war time, and the fear that they had and the anxiety that they have, and maybe the poor, right, so now they have anxiety, that anxiety is now coming through the chain of the family and you have anxiety. So we want to now magnetically let that girl you’re still part of that family, but we don’t want to keep that magnetic disk, because that was your journey. I don’t need that journey. And so we get rid of that.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s another thing that comes up in a lot of different spiritual traditions is sort of ancestral karma, you know, and some traditions have ceremonies and all to dissipate or dissolve that ancestral karma.

Debra Martin: Right. And I believe, you know, there’s not one one, or what do you want to say? There’s not just one way to heal, there’s, that’s why we have so many different healers. There’s all different ways, right?

Rick Archer: Okay, here’s another question. This is from Larry mayor, mirror Mar, from New York. I was talking on the phone a few years ago with a spiritual person. I said, if I had some proof of God, I’d really believe just that a bolt of lightning struck in my backyard. It shook the guy on the phone and me with a huge bang. Coincidence? Not sure.

Debra Martin: I would say when you say, Was it a coincidence, then it’s not a coincidence. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s those things that are unknown that we question and you just have to just accept the knowingness and, and you laugh at that it shook him, I would ask him back, like, how did you feel at that moment? Like, whoa, right, it got your attention. And that was what it was supposed to do?

Rick Archer: Yeah, my sense of the proof of God, I’ll just throw this in for Larry’s sake is that is to look at anything in nature, look at a leaf look at a look at an ant. You know, look at a cell under a microscope. And you’re, you’re observing incredibly vast, intricate intelligence having fabricated this thing that could not possibly have arisen through accident. And then, and then consider that this that anywhere you went in the entire universe. If you look closely enough, you’d see that intelligence at work, or at play. And there you have it, I mean, the presence of divine intelligence if you want to call it divine.

Debra Martin: Exactly, that’s beautiful.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay, let me look back at some notes you sent me and people, people were sending in some good questions. So feel free to send in more if you if you wish. You didn’t I didn’t quite ask you this. You were talking about 121 12 When you had that conversation with God, and you’re suggesting I asked you what this heavenly place looked like, and what did God look like?

Debra Martin: Yeah, so that’s what he’s describing that that beam of white it was like, trans, almost like translucent, right in front of you. And you could see the outline, like wearing the robe, and I saw the eyes, I did see this incredibly blue, blue, blue blue eyes. But that doesn’t, I don’t want you to limited that to what God looks like. Because comes in many forms for you to recognize. So that’s why I don’t usually say what my God look like, is the same God, your God’s gonna look like?

Rick Archer: Yeah, some people even say that, like when when you die, you know, Hindus might see Krishna and Christians might see Jesus and Muslims might see Muhammad and you know, that, that somehow we’re presented with something that we’re going to be familiar with?

Debra Martin: That’s what I believe. Yeah, I believe that I believe that. Because it’s like what we recognize. And I, you know, people say, Well, what church is the right church? Right? And it’s like, some, some people say, Well, my church, you know, I’m Catholic, that’s the most important. And it’s like, well, I’m not gonna judge you, because I look at him as all schools, right. And if we’re all going to learn, and we get that connection, that’s where we need to be. That’s why when you do pass, you’re gonna recognize it for what you learned.

Rick Archer: Yeah. When somebody starts talking that way, to me, I start talking about astronomy, they’re more stars in the universe, and there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. And we’re now finding that most of those stars have planets around them. And a fairly good percentage of planets are in the so called Goldilocks zone, they could they could potentially support life. So there are probably trillions of advanced civilizations, each of them probably having developed numerous religions, and most of those religions probably thinking that theirs was the only one. Right.

Debra Martin: It’s fascinating when you start thinking outside the box, right, what else exists out there?

Rick Archer: Yeah. I think it’s kind of an ego thing. My way is the best way, you know, it makes you sort of feel

Debra Martin: well, and that’s the thing is, when we do this type of work, we have to remove our ego. Yeah. You know, it’s not going to work. If you’re going to come in with ego. If I said, I was the one healing people. It’s not gonna

Rick Archer: work. Yeah. I mean, yeah, because Deborah Martin can’t do something to somebody and Shanghai or some someplace like that if your life depended on it.

Debra Martin: Right? Right. I wouldn’t know them. These things. Yeah, exactly.

Rick Archer: Alright, so another question. So you mentioned that this healing technique is, as far as you know, no one else is in the world is doing it. You just feel like it’s some unique ability. I mean, obviously, there are all kinds of healers, and some of them do it remotely like Reiki healing and various other things. But you haven’t run into anybody else who seems to do this in the way you do?

Debra Martin: Well, I say that it’s, it’s not being done anywhere else in the world, because no one would have the same connection as me, I’m solely having my own connection, work at God working through me as an individual as the instrument. So if another person decides, Okay, I’m gonna do this similar technique is still going to be different, because we each have our own way of belief, our own way of trust our own way of, of interpretating, what’s happening. So I can give all my techniques that I’m doing. And somebody might say, well, I’m going to try that. And maybe it’ll work for them. I don’t know, I can’t teach it because it’s like a trust that I have built in a relationship. And so they may too, but I really believe then we still are doing it differently. Because we’re both individually different.

Rick Archer: Sure, just like every composer is going to be different or every, every thumbprint is different. We just all have our unique spin on on things, even though there might be some similarities.

Debra Martin: But as a I don’t know of anyone doing anything like this, right? Okay.

Rick Archer: Here’s a question from Tim Reeves in the UK. He has been in recovery from third for 13 years from alcohol and working. He’s working in a 12 step program. But he cannot get rid of the resentment towards his father for not being there. He feels that the rejection trauma is still a part of him and affects him physically. How can he heal from this?

Debra Martin: It’s interesting, because that’s probably what started his alcoholism in the first place. So he’s already done the first step of getting, getting rid of that. So good job, because that’s, that’s a big deal. Going deep, is having to go to those faces that hurt. We have to feel to heal. We have to see those things. But I want you to if you could right now you’re listening. Just close your eyes and see your dad right there. Whether he is alive or on the other side, what your dad, what would be said to you would be similar to that was his journey, what he did. And what he said to you was because of the own anger and things that he held within him, he did not mean to put the shame on you, even though you think that he did, because you digested it. And that’s how he acted out. But now I want you to see him and hand this back over to him and say, it didn’t serve you. Here, take this from me, you take it back, this was your journey, I no longer want it. I learned from it, I walked through it, and I’m healed from it. So thank you very much.

Rick Archer: Yeah, my dad was an alcoholic, and, you know, abusive, and all that stuff. So I went through a lot of a lot of rough things as a kid. And my mother was in and out of mental hospitals during most of my adolescence. But, you know, I think of, if I were in his shoes, he was a sensitive man, a professional artist. And he had to go through World War Two, and he was a tail machine gunner and the tail of a bomber, and saw his friends blown to bits and all kinds of things. So you know, I mean, gotta cut them some slack. You know, I couldn’t, I was pretty messed up when I was a teenager. And if I had had to go to war, and on top of that, I don’t know if I ever would have recovered. So, you know, obviously, I didn’t think this way when I was in the midst of all that trauma when I was a kid. But now looking back and saying, all right, Dad, I hope you’re doing well. And I don’t know if I could have done any better if I had gone through what you went through. So there’s a lot of forgiveness and appreciation for all the good things you did. I think that that would be maybe good advice for this Tim fellow.

Debra Martin: Well, and also it created you to be who you are now, too, right? You learned a lot from it. But you know, people that have been abused. It’s like, how do I forgive somebody that has abused me? Right? You know, they’re not all they’re there. They’re having their own issues. And it doesn’t. You can forgive but you don’t have to forget. Right?

Rick Archer: And forgiveness. I mean, I guess it’s one thing to say, oh, sometimes you hear these things like I remember. But 10 years ago, some gunman came into an Amish community in Pennsylvania and killed a whole lot of people. And like, the next day on the news, they’re saying, We forgive him. And we’re, you know, and it’s like, do they really do? Is that the depth of their faith that they’re actually, I mean, isn’t there going to be some kind of process? Or are they just saying that

Debra Martin: they just have to write because it’s part of their healing, if, you know, this guy was not all there. And we just need to surround him in love so that when he goes the other side, you know, he could heal. But you know what he did? We can’t control. So if we’re going to hold on that anger of what he did, is not going to serve me or my loved one that passed from

Rick Archer: it. Yeah, I think they were like baking pies and bringing it to his pet. Remember that? Things like that? I thought, well, they’re just so beautiful. Beautiful example.

Debra Martin: Well, love in action.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Earth is a challenging place, sometimes.

Debra Martin: It is,

Rick Archer: you know, I mean, think of the Sandy Hook parents or, you know, various other things like that. I think it’s just today I received an email from somebody and I had made some comment and an email about God. And she said, Well, God is obviously not in Ukraine. And, and I thought, you know, God is totally in Ukraine and Ukraine is in God. I mean, God is doesn’t have holes in Him, Hes omnipresent. But yeah, it’s easy for people to see the difficulties in the world sometimes, and think that couldn’t possibly be any kind of benign, you know, Lord of the universe, that because there’s too much cruelty in life.

Debra Martin: In times like that. The people, the Ukrainians are seeing the blessings. That’s what’s giving them the courage to continue to walk through. And that’s what we need to do. It’s not like, if there was a God, everything’s gonna be perfect. You know, we are human, and we cause these things to happen. It’s not God creating these things for us, we do it to ourselves. But in the midst of it all, you’ll see like an angel in the cloud, I’ve seen them posting things like that, or you see that they were all protected at one moment. And, you know, we, I’ve done many prayers for Ukraine, and I can see that the power of prayer, look at how well they are doing, like we have to see the blessings. And sometimes we we get caught up in seeing all the negative, negative, negative, negative, that we stopped seeing the blessings that are right in front of us, and I really believe that they’re seeing the blessings in order to get through it. Yeah.

Rick Archer: I also think sometimes people anthropomorphize God and think, Okay, well, if God were really a good guy, then it would be all unicorns and butterflies and we wouldn’t have all this negative stuff. But it seems to me that if We’re going to have a universe you have to have polarities, you have to have pairs of opposites. planets have to get hit by asteroids stars have to explode in order to have heavy elements that make up our bodies. And probably people were killed when those stars exploded, or beings. So it’s just, you know, God is not necessarily what we in our simple little way, might idealize that he should be. So he it’s obviously not a he.

Debra Martin: Me too. I always say he too, but I think too, when we think about it is like, if everything was always just one way we wouldn’t see the blessings, we wouldn’t see the miracles we weren’t. We’d stop learning. Yeah, right.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s an interesting point. Let’s, let’s dwell on that a little bit. So about the learning value of difficulties, when you alluded to it a couple of times, but let’s Why don’t you say some more about that?

Debra Martin: Okay, so I went through cancer, right. And I get cancer. I’m a healer, healing hundreds of people. Are you kidding me? Like, I’ve been through car accidents I’ve been through, like, I think I’ve been through now. So you got to walk through your emotions. I’m not telling you to put your emotions aside motions are, are real. And so I’d walk through like, Are you kidding me? This is really happening right now. Like, do I tell people they’re gonna think like, well, if you’re a healer, and you get cancer, you know? And I was like, Well, you have to be open to the truth. So I said, All right, I’m gonna have this, this journey with cancer. That’s what I can do. So as a healer, do I just, I was stage four. So do I now go in through the radiation and the chemo? Or do I just heal from my own self, everybody’s different. But for my own self, I heard from spirit, say, use every tool in the toolbox, because we created that for you. Okay, so I’m going to walk through chemo and go, Oh, gosh, I need to bless these pills. You want me to bless these pills, I don’t want to digest these bills, 19 of them and I would do every day, one pill at a time, I would bless it, thank you. And as I kept doing that, I was now okay with the fact I was taking it. Right? Radiation. That’s scary. I hear, Oh, this is this is going to end up hurting, you know, you’re gonna have side effects. And I’m like, I just need to be in the present. So I, my radiation time was my god time. God gave me the name, Army, for love from my radiation, build your army around you, who’s going to be there to support you to love you to be walked with you. But know, at the same time that number four that I have, spirit is around you. They walk in front of you, to guide you, they’re behind you to catch you in the walk beside you to lift you. And so I built my army. But as I was going through cancer, you know, we always hear fight that cancer, you know, you can you can do this kick its ass, right. And I was like, it doesn’t feel right. Now, if I do love, healings, I’m going to send love to the cancer. So I decided to embrace my body with love. While your magnificent liquids you’ve been doing for me all these years, you know, I don’t know what you’re here for. So now I talked to my cancer. What lesson do you want me to learn? The past? For Less? Do you want me to learn how to you? So as I walked through it, I was giving grace. Gratitude really helps when you’re in a state of your body being frustrated if you’re frustrated, because your body’s not doing what it wants to do, or you can’t walk or you’re sick or you can’t eat. Frustration is resistance. You don’t you want to send it love instead, and walk through it. So I ended up with the lesson. In the end, I used to call my cancer, okay, you’re the beast inside me. And at the end, I called it my beauty in the beast. As I saw the beauty that you came to show me. And what it showed me was I always felt I had enough compassion for people when I was healing them. I had no idea what people went through with cancer. I had no idea I was healing people from the outside looking in. Now that I’ve had it, I’m walking with them. I’ve done that journey. I know what they went through. I know their their fears. I know what they they, they think and I just say ask it. What do you want to learn from it so that when I was done, I said thank you and goodbye. That’s interesting.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned the thing about getting the conventional treatment. Because I have friends who I want one of my dearest friends in this life died of Colon cancer, and she was fooling around with alternative things for a long time. Whereas if she’d gone and gotten the traditional treatment early, and they caught it early, which they could have when she started having symptoms, she probably wouldn’t have died. And, you know, I have friends who died of COVID, who didn’t want to get vaccinated at all, and it’s just so unnecessary. You know,

Debra Martin: well, and that’s why I call my book doctors faith and courage because it’s, it’s everything combined. Yeah. Or whatever works. Yeah. And some people don’t have faith. Right, but they have their doctors. You have to have faith in your doctors say you do have a little faith? I will I will, you know, call. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And that is not to say that there have been horrendous outcomes from the pharmaceutical industry. And you know, exactly, they’ve rightfully been sued for billions of dollars in some cases and all that so, but you just can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, you have to sort of be nuanced and say, All right, they’ve done some terrible things, but they’ve also saved hundreds of millions of lives. I mean, 300 300 million people died of smallpox in the 20th century alone, but now there’s a vaccine, and hardly anybody ever does anymore.

Debra Martin: It’s here for you, not against you. Yeah, it was created for you. And there’s better results from having it than not, right. It’s just that that’s the facts. And you have to look at that and just say, you know, do what’s right for you. But there should be no judgments either way. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And there are adverse effects from treatments that in some cases that in general help people but sometimes they kill people or harm, harm people. And it’s a numbers game kind of thing. You know, you go with the odds, I guess, and the odds are pretty good. And the case of many of these things,

Debra Martin: I say, go to with your intuition, because you’ll have a knowingness within if you really sit and be present with yourself. My intuition was telling me use every tool in the toolbox. That’s my intuition. Is God speaking to me? Yeah. I think if you just if you go with your brain and your ego, and this toughness is not going to get you anywhere, but if you go to that intuition, what do you feel in that heart? What do you feel what’s really right for you? You won’t be led wrong.

Rick Archer: You know, the story about the guy in the flood that calls out to God for help, you know, that’s telling real quick. So firstly, call, the waters are rising. And he says, Help me. So so a boat comes along, says no, no, I don’t need the boat. God’s gonna help me. And then the water gets higher, and like, you know, something else comes along, finally, a helicopter comes, I don’t need it. God’s gonna help me. And finally, he drowns. He goes to heaven. He said, God, where were you? I asked for help. He said, Hey, I sent you a couple of boats and a helicopter.

Debra Martin: And how it is, you have to see the blessings within that surround you that’s there for you. Yeah. You know, sometimes we block them, because we just think it’s one way. It’s not just one way. Yeah.

Rick Archer: I guess obviously, a person. Well, you already talked about people enlisting your services to help a loved one who didn’t even know she was being helped the alcoholic woman. So that’s interesting. Do you sometimes? Well, I guess you already covered this about, I mean, what percentage let’s say of your healing sessions are done. For people who don’t even know they’re getting them? Or who wouldn’t have come to you willingly, but say, alright, I’ll do it. If you’re paying for it, or whatever. And some loved one has it done for them? And, and how does their out of their results Compare? Compare with those who are gung ho and totally believe in what you’re doing?

Debra Martin: You know, I don’t really compare them. Because each is different one person that could be so gung ho, still might might not receive exactly what their miracle they’re looking for. Because I believe miracle comes in many different forms like Brenda, you know, she thought she was completely healed, and she got a different form of a miracle, right? So do a lot of people come, I get that, I get that pretty often. And a lot of times they’ll do they’ll place them in a group healing. And that’s what this woman did to now the other woman actually had a private for her. But it just depends on what you want to do.

Rick Archer: How many people are in the group healings,

Debra Martin: I don’t limit it. So I could have anywhere from 11 to I could have 25. The more that gather, we’re all with that same intention. Right? You hear that the more that gather you that energy just kind of bounces and I find that the more that there are like in the groups, I’m like, just like, here we go, you know, like this is awesome, because we’re gathering around the world and that just like electrifies vibrations in the room is just full. And so it really doesn’t matter how many are there, but I have all their pictures and everybody touches my body. So they’re all going to receive at the same time, but your body I lay their picture instead of on my abdomen near my body, I see all the way around me that they will. Interesting, you’ll get feedback and be like, Oh, well, there were five people that had a knee injury than they were healed of their knee like knee injury. So it’s like God forms where he’s going to work. Alright, we’re gonna get the knee surgeons get the people with the knees here today.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you’re saying really, that the group healings aren’t a diluted version of the individual healings that could even be more effective, perhaps

Debra Martin: the difference is, is you’re not getting an individual message, you’re not getting individual, one on one session. So the words that come through, I say, on them as if they’re coming through to you. But they’re being said to the group, I’m not going to just pick up your picture and say, This is for you. Right. So there is a big difference. And, and but I’ve seen great results with both.

Rick Archer: For some reason, these days, a lot of people keep telling me about Dr. Joe Dispenza. Are you familiar with his work? Yeah, and he has all these healings going on. And apparently there is some kind of a higher, higher being intercession or involvement of which is perhaps facilitating the healing of all these people.

Debra Martin: It’s, it’s, it’s like decoding, it’s like changing your brain because it’s all about because they will work on the brain as well. Our brains like a computer, right? And if it starts to spin, like, we have it, issues with our computer, we have to reboot it, we have to shut it down. So if our brain is constantly saying, I am sick, I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick. I’m sick, 13 years. Even though I really force your brain is gonna say you’re sick. And so we have to reboot that. Yeah. So I think that’s what he’s doing a lot of be rebooting and resetting.

Rick Archer: It’s funny, I was in India one time for four months. And for the first couple of months, I was sick, mainly just congestion and sometimes fevers and this and that, some dysentery or something. And but people had asked me how I was doing, oh, lousy, my lungs are gonna complain a little bit. I reached a certain point at which I said, I’m going to try and experiment. So people started out, you know, how are you doing it? I’m feeling great. You know, I’m really, really doing well. And within a few days, I was actually better. I wasn’t sick for the rest of my stay there. I don’t know if that was coincidental. Oh, no,

Debra Martin: that’s cuz you’re telling your body and your body’s vibrating off of how you’re really? You know, you’re bringing joy and life to your body when you say it? Yeah. Right. You’re not like, Oh, look at me, Oh, give me there’s a difference. And I have to say to like, God has a sense of humor, like he really does. So it’ll be some things that will come through and I’ll just start laughing. I’m like, Oh, I have to tell you this. And we’ll all laugh at that. Like, for one. I’ll tell you this one story with the mental illness. I’m like, Okay, this is kind of strange, but it’s kind of fun, too. We’re gonna go into the spiritual journey. And I need you to hang on, because we’re going to hang on to an umbrella like Mary Poppins. And here we go. Right. So like laughing like, floating up to this another dimension on a Mary Poppins umbrella. Well, that was really important to her because she was from Germany. And she learned English by watching Mary Poppins. They call her Mary Poppins. Because the way she packs her bags when she travels. And so Mary Poppins is like a big thing for her. And so the fact that God used that tool allowed her to know that it wasn’t me speaking. Hmm.

Rick Archer: I wonder what super counts was? supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is in German. That’s a tough one. We have a little bit of time left, if you want. I think another question came in, but it’s over. I reach computer. Let me just see if I can see it here. She left the room. This is from Janice Curran in Colorado. Oh, I think you just covered it. are individual healings as effective as group healings can one join a group session if you’re booked out for several months? For or a year, so

Debra Martin: So, um, what’s wonderful is a lot of people join the group because they feel like it’s activating and starting and setting in like it’s preparing them for the their big healing that’s coming so that they will join before

Rick Archer: that. But they could do some group ones for a while. And while waiting for their individual one,

Debra Martin: exactly. In fact, I’ve had one lady, that’s all she’s done is groups and she’s done one. Only sometimes you do every other month, sometimes we were doing, it depends like she might have done 12 or 10 in a year, right. And she’s learned so much, you can see her spirituality that’s open. She now is like, oh, it’s ever as soon as you taste the the medicine because we’ll get administered medicine to from the spiritual surgeons, she’s like, before you even say it, I can feel it, I can taste it just like you. So she’s so connected and in sync with me because she’s used to how I work. And now she’s taking it on. Just instant. It’s beautiful to watch.

Rick Archer: That’s interesting. She’s kinda becoming an expert. in her own right, yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else that you want to discuss or any more stories you want to tell or anything else in our remaining time together,

Debra Martin: I just think that you know, be open to is to whatever the healing should be for you. What is your miracle, we sometimes put limitations on what we want to be healed. Just open your heart to allow what you feel God needs to be healed, because maybe there’s something within you that needs to be healed, that you’re not aware of, and that we can heal the element or illness along with that. And so because sometimes people come in with just, this is the only way, this is the only thing I need, and it’s not so because

Rick Archer: so they might have a lung problem, let’s say but there’s really an underlying problem that you got to get it right.

Debra Martin: Or your body, think about it when one thing is off. Other things are balanced. So if you’re gonna take your car and to get service, don’t you want it to get the full deal to look at everything? Or do you just want it to go just fix that little holes right there, even though there’s tools is over here that need fixing? Oh, I want the one. Sure. So we want to we want to look at the whole body collectively and give it what it needs and not just limit it. And that I think that’s the whole thing is, if I was to give a tool to anyone here today, I would be like, don’t put the diagnosis as it’s the end. You know, only you know that only God knows that, you know, sometimes doctors will say, Well, you only have a month to live, they don’t really know they they’re going after their protocol, right? You. And so stand in your own truth, and walk through it. And in the meantime, continue to send love to yourself. honor yourself. Because I believe when we when we honor ourself and with love, we’re also spreading it radiates. Yeah.

Rick Archer: I mean, look at Eben Alexander who doctors who say this guy has about a 1% chance of living and if he does live, he’s going to be a vegetable. He’s this brilliant guy, you know, living his life. Anita Moorjani for that matter. I mean, there’s so many stories like that, where there’s no logical reason why the person should still be alive. But they did a profound turnaround.

Debra Martin: Yeah, well, the show on the Gaia network we did with a little girl that she should have died. She was in Boston, Massachusetts, Boston having seeing all the top doctors and they had said that it was fatal. And I’m telling her differently. That’s how you saw this when you know, here’s she’s hearing all these things from the doctors. And God says Don’t listen to them. Listen to me. She’ll be out in three weeks. She’s like three weeks, I thought it’d be instant. Three weeks, you stand in your faith and you believe believe and it all worked out. She was out on the exact three days to the day.

Rick Archer: That’s great. Three weeks to the day, three weeks to the day. Yeah.

Debra Martin: She was totally healed. Yeah. So you know, there’s so many things out there that are available to us. That really are

Rick Archer: I have some friends who are very skeptical. And I don’t think they would have made it this far into the interview if they had been listening, but they’re just skeptical of everything. But I like them. They’re good people and intelligent. But

Debra Martin: it’s okay to like I’ve had somebody that is totally skeptic about it. And they were healed. They didn’t have you don’t have to be a certain belief or a certain religion or even believe at all to receive because it is all love and God loves you. So that that’s actually makes it even more profound when it’s like alright, I’m just coming in to see what it’s like. And I did do a session for a gentleman that didn’t believe in the healing at all. He’s like, I’m doing this for my family. And he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma with a brain in the spine. And it was gone complete in five days. Wow. And they said he had 2% chance of survival with most chemo radiation. They actually did two MRI to what is it spinal taps and, and brain scans. Just to see if it was the first test was accurate or not. So, you know, it’s, he’s like, Why me? I said, why not? Here’s a scientist, he’s a why me? I go, why not you?

Rick Archer: Yeah. And in the beginning, you said that not everybody you treat gets healed. And they’re, you know, I guess we all have a contract with the body, so to speak. And for some people, the contract may actually be up, and you know,

Debra Martin: but you might, you might feel the presence of love and then start to love yourself or heal something that you’ve been holding on to, where you get a healing that helps you walk through with whatever you’re going through, you always receive something I just, like I say, I, I, I 100% can’t guarantee that you’re going to be healed of cancer, or you’re going to be healed of, you know, a certain illness. I can’t say that I will put myself 100% in an offer my body up as an instrument and allow God to give what is meant to be at that moment.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there’s some spiritual traditions like I’m thinking of a verse from the Gita, which says better as death in one’s own Dharma, meaning their their worst things that could happen to you then die. What that would, that would be to lose your evolutionary path to sort of stray so far from the path of towards higher consciousness that you, you know, that you are kind of stuck for a long time. So definitely, you know, I mean, no one wants to die. And but we’re all going to, but there are definitely worst things that can happen to a person in my opinion.

Debra Martin: Yeah, I’m not afraid to die after everything. I’m not afraid to die. Do I want to leave? No, I mean, I have grandkids. And so you want to you want to live life to the fullest as you can while you’re here? And just Yeah, surround yourself with joy, love happiness. And even in the darkest days, try to find one piece of joy.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s good. Well, maybe that’s a good note to end on. Nice, inspiring to say. And there’s probably also always a way to find that piece of joy or reason to,

Debra Martin: oh, I mean, when I cancer, I couldn’t do laundry, nothing. And when I first got to put laundry in the washing machine, like that brought me joy going, I can do this again. Or, you know, I look out the window and I see a bird and I could hear it chirping that brought me joy. It doesn’t mean that you have to do something to get it. It’s all around us. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s good. already. Well, thank you very much, Deborah. Really enjoyed this conversation.

Debra Martin: I enjoyed it, too. It was nice. Getting to meet you and speak with you. It feels like we’re sitting in the same room just having a beautiful conversation.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it always feels like that with these. That’s kind of the way I like to do them as just a conversation between her and friends. You know,

Debra Martin: that’s what it feels like. So thank you for being my friend.

Rick Archer: Sure. So for all the other friends who are listening or watching this, there’s over 200 of you right now. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And we’ve lowered the frequency of our interviews lately, two to a month, hopefully, we’ll get back up again. But Irene, Irene has been going through some health issues, and she doesn’t want to have to deal with all the administrative work that doing an interview every single week involves, so we’ve just lightened it up a little bit.

Debra Martin: But she did say, I’m really glad that she’s putting herself first. That’s really important. She’s honoring herself and her limitations.

Rick Archer: Yeah, yeah. It’s true. And you know, she’s instrumental in this whole thing. I mean, she does tons of administrative stuff that also involves and is very involved in choosing the guests. She chose you.

Debra Martin: so blessed that she did,

Rick Archer: yeah.

Debra Martin: So I have her I’m going to reach out to her.

Rick Archer: Okay. Thank you. Thank you. And, and also for those listening, watching. Even though the frequency is diminished somewhat, we certainly have hundreds of them to catch up on if you’d like to listen to some of the older ones. And, you know, you can be subscribed to the YouTube channel or set yourself up to be notified by email whenever I do a new one. There’s a thing for that on the website. And, you know, we’ll keep them going. So thanks again, Deborah.

Debra Martin: Thank you, and now that the frequency will never lose, how strong you guys have created it to be?

Rick Archer: What do you mean by that?

Debra Martin: I mean, like you you’ve, you’ve already had the connection with the people with the universe, that connection will never go away. So if you it’s like mediumship if I decide not to do it for a month, I still can do it. So take the time that you need and know that everyone will be waiting. You will never ever lose

Rick Archer: Great, yeah, nothing about this is I mean 200 years from now, hopefully someone will be paying paying the hosting fees and this will be on YouTube and, and you know, people can still watch these. So it’s nice to leave a legacy like that too

Debra Martin: beautiful and I’m so blessed and honored to be part of that. Thank you.

Rick Archer: Thank you so very much. Okay, so my next guest, a couple of weeks from now will be John Churchill and I won’t even try to explain what we’re going to be talking about. But stay tuned for that. So see for the next one,

Debra Martin: and blessings to all of you. Thank you.

Rick Archer: Thanks, Deborah.