468. Suzanne B. Stryker, Ph.D.

Suzanne StrykerSuzanne B. Stryker, Ph.D. is an intuitive healer, artist, writer and teacher. She has always tended to have profound spiritual experiences.

For over 45 years Suzanne has experienced unity, with divine and Vedic perceptions. Yet she does not claim to have reached the pinnacle of evolution, if there even is such a thing. She feels she is a continual blissful work in progress.

Suzanne had a close student/teacher relationship with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In 1976 Maharishi said, “Suzanne is having a positive influence on other people and their experiences, a catalytic effect…”.

Since 1972 Suzanne has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, some of them published in peer-reviewed journals. One study suggested she could influence matter at the quantum mechanical level by mere intention. EEG studies recorded different types of brain wave coherence not typically seen, indicating harmonious and orderly functioning between different parts of her brain.

Oprah’s “Next Chapter” show has asked for an interview. She has been asked to be in a movie with David Lynch on Maharishi’s life.

Through distance healings and phone sessions, she assists people with issues ranging from addiction to dharma. Some of her webinars focus on cultivating intuition, healing and other abilities so that participants can heal themselves and help others as well.

You can sign up for notification of free webinars and the next free Global Group Healing at her website: revealwisdom.com.

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Transcript of this interview

Interview recorded August 25, 2018.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump
  • 00:04:15 – The Interview and Busy Schedule
  • 00:07:44 – Enhancing Spiritual Experiences through Writing
  • 00:11:52 – Taking Care of Mind and Body
  • 00:15:52 – The Importance of Physical Activity and Brainwave Coherence
  • 00:19:42 – Effect of Meditation on Brain Waves
  • 00:23:52 – Brainwave Coherence and Higher States of Consciousness
  • 00:28:03 – Witnessing Sleep and the Experience of Pure Awareness
  • 00:32:10 – The Anchor of Inner Peace
  • 00:36:14 – Expansion of Awareness
  • 00:41:17 – Questions and Suggestions
  • 00:45:01 – A Mind-Blowing Experience
  • 00:49:30 – Appreciating the Beauty of the Apple
  • 00:54:16 – Absorbing Challenging Experiences
  • 00:58:57 – Vedic Cognition: What is Veda?
  • 01:03:01 – Vedic Chanting and the Flow of Knowledge
  • 01:06:59 – Divine Sounds and Glorious Humming
  • 01:10:57 – Divine Music and Vedic Hymns
  • 01:15:25 – Experiencing Vedic Cognition
  • 01:19:54 – The Mechanics of Healing Others
  • 01:24:10 – Healing and Results
  • 01:28:34 – Living with an Addictive Personality
  • 01:32:05 – The Meaning of “Kamayante”
  • 01:36:22 – A Special Guest: The Beaver
  • 01:40:46 – Synchronicity with Nature and Owl Experiences
  • 01:45:03 – Resonance and the Pure State of Being
  • 01:49:15 – The Power of Intention
  • 01:53:25 – Visual Experiences of Veda
  • 01:57:32 – The Divine Dance of Love
  • 02:02:21 – Helping Others Can Reduce Karmic Overload
  • 02:06:41 – Interesting Discussion