094. Jeff Foster

Jeff FosterJeff Foster graduated in Astrophysics from Cambridge University in 2001. Several years after graduation, following a period of severe depression and illness, he became addicted to the idea of ‘spiritual enlightenment’, and embarked on an intensive spiritual search which lasted for several years.

The spiritual search came crashing down with the clear recognition of the nondual nature of everything. In the clarity of this seeing, life became what it always was: open, loving, spontaneous, and fully alive.

Jeff presently holds meetings and retreats in the UK, Europe, and around the world, clearly and directly pointing to the frustrations surrounding our seeking activities, to the nature of the mind, and to the clarity at the heart of everything.

His uncompromising approach, full of humour and compassion, enlightens and exposes the seeking mechanism – the mechanism behind all suffering – shattering our hopes for a future salvation, revealing the unconditional freedom and ease that is always already present, right in the midst of the human drama, and within every experience.

You may email Jeff at thisispresence AT yahoo co uk, but please note, Jeff is now receiving many emails per day, and unfortunately he can’t reply personally to every email. But he does read and appreciate all correspondence. Thanks for your understanding.

Jeff belongs to no tradition or lineage but has a deep respect for traditions and lineages. Jeff is not an ‘authority’ on life. His words are equal to the sound of a bird singing, or a cat miaowing. All are expressions of the One Life. And when all words have disappeared, as they do, all that’s left is laughter.

Jeff’s site: Life Without a Centre

Jeff’s books: An Extraordinary Absence: Liberation in the Midst of a Very Ordinary LifeThe Wonder of Being: Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words

Interview recorded 10/30/2011

Interview transcript

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

25 thoughts on “094. Jeff Foster

  1. Let’s be honest, this is a nice interview but the whole conversation is just between two persons. A talk about the ocean and the waves leaving out what’s behind it al.


  2. wow. either the interviewee isn’t aware he’s faking it or he’s outright deceiving people.

  3. When I learn of others who have experienced awakenings of various sorts, I am naturally prone to wonder if I can use the lessons of others, such as interviewees here, as aids in pursuing awakening.

    These are among avenues to awakening I’ve encountered in initial


    But can these “avenues” really be thought of as a guide?

    Five caveats.

    First, since realization is rare, maybe the ‘methods’ above rarely really “work”. Second, some people realize, but only *after they “give up”. The problem arises of how to give up in an wholesome or effective way (paradox alert!). Third, in perhaps direct opposition, some people say they realized not when they gave up, but when they hungered desperately for it (contradiction alert!). Fourth, the
    inner processes involved are tricky to convey, and so hard to emulate. Fifth, do avenues to awakening entail sensitive personal matters unlikely to be disclosed by most interviewees. For example, one interviewee said before awakening she wanted to die. Is that required? Hmmm!

    What is the upshot? Though we have learned much, perhaps what we don’t know is still far greater in magnitude.

    Maybe the avenue to realization is so individual that the lessons of others can’t bring us very far. Or, they can bring us far, but only if we are willing to receive their lessons very lightly, while perhaps simultaneously listening more to one’s own intuition.

    Despite all these challenges and limitations, part of me is nonetheless pretty tempted to try to see if I can use the lessons of others as aids in pursuing awakening and relief. It would be nice to have that relief sooner rather than later.

  4. Refreshing, someone who has recognised “awakening” as just another phase of spiritual development, normal, not unlike having a crap and eating.
    The thought that always comes to me when people are stuck in spiritual egotism is get over yourself.

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