134. Howard Falco

Howard Falco is an international author, speaker and spiritual teacher specializing in self-awareness and the power of the mind as it relates to the creation of the experience of life. His book on human understanding and potential is titled, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (Penguin Group).

On the surface Howard seems to be the everyday regular guy. However, in the middle of ordinary life, this married father of two went through a spontaneous and extraordinary expansion of mind. The dramatic depth and breadth of this shift in consciousness unveiled the answers to many of the largest and deepest questions that humanity seeks answers for on a regular basis, such as “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Why do I suffer?”

Through his experience he came to a full understanding of the conditions that led to every moment of his life. As a result, the core essence underlying all of human creation, action, reaction, joys and suffering was revealed to him. Stunned and inspired by this powerful knowledge, Howard set out to honor what happened by sharing what he learned. I AM is the incredible result of this effort.

For Howard, the most thrilling revelation of his new insight is that everyone has the same opportunity to experience this information and the freedom, joy and creative power it brings. He states, “The issue is not whether the access or answers to any of your questions exist, but only a matter of if you are ready to embrace the new way of looking at and experiencing the world that these answers will bring.”

Known for his powerfully clear and relatable style, Howard presents the wisdom regarding how to understand and integrate more with the creative power of the mind to accomplish what is desired or to overcome any challenge you face in life, allowing you to achieve a greater sense of peace, understanding and fulfillment in the process. More about his book and work can be found at HowardFalco.com or ThebookIAM.com He is also on Facebook and Twitter (@Howard Falco).

Interview conducted 8/11/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Hi Potshots,

    And by the way I enjoy your posts too – you sound delightful..very light bodied and self-aware..

    Regarding your question about the death of the ego being felt ‘viscerally’ – I meant that the experience here had a strong ‘energetic’ component to it…not so for everyone though..at least not as extreme as it was felt here..

    That was mainly due to two things – One was because I have a very sensitive nervous system and two, because the Kundalini was fully ignited during the 19 years of TM siddhi practice..

    When the energy took it’s final run BEFORE I came to satsang – it culminated in an explosion in the head – sort of like a bomb going off..and the mind was no more..very sudden and traumatic death..

    I came to satsang years later not to wake up – but because the body was not at full rest – I felt extremely disoriented and needed to come to some understanding of what happened and to integrate — books just did not suffice..

    But the direct path which I assume you’re on – as experienced through the satsangs of Ramana’s teachers and Adya’s and Ramesh’s and Francis’ lineages, do not have as strong an energetic component…which is why I usually recommend going in that direction instead of the yogic one – a lot easier on the system –

    But even on the direct path, what I’ve observed in working with others, – is that throughout the process, there is still a FEELING of energy and heat moving in the system and finally, an etheric knot being undone in the gut area – which generates a palpable fear of death- and ultimately, a corresponding expansion of awareness..as if something major has fallen away but can’t be named…

    So yes there is disorientation with all death experiences..some lasting longer than others depending on their depth and breath….After the K experience here I wandered around for 5 years feeling out of it till I met Pamela…but as I said, that was a different trip and extreme in it’s manifestation..

    On the progressive path, there are many ‘falling aways’ and each time pieces of self, seen ‘in retrospect’, appear to dissolve..One is fortunate to not have it happen all at once..so the body has time to adjust before it surrenders all..

    It becomes Self-evident to most when this final dissolution has occurred…An easy way to gauge it, is how much of the life is still lived for the personal self afterward- and how much is given over to ‘apparent’ others..As Nisargadatta said, ‘ALL THAT IS, works only for protecting, perpetuating and expanding consciousness..This is ITS sole meaning and purpose’…

    I tell friends who wonder if they ‘died’ or not, to take an honest appraisal – and see.. If we are still consumed with MY journey and MY diet and MY relationships and MY issues and MY life, reflecting upon it and being absorbed in it, and lots of drama to boot — it’s usually a clue that there is still a process going on..and death has not yet been met..

    All we can do is to allow ourselves to surrender deeper and deeper until all questions of finality fall away…..
    Hope that helps..love to you..

  2. Yes Peter, babysteps, I know you are right! Thanks Erick for the insight and Valentino, great stuff!
    I thank the whole batgap membership for having held my hand these past two days. It is unbelievable how your input helped me gain clarity. Great that I have somewhere to come to when it is needed! 🙂

  3. This is not a comment on the interview or on the above posts. Just a general observation.

    As a guy from the east – I feel like westerners use the word “awakening” too liberally….as if it is some clear cut milestone…a well-defined event from which point onwards you are considered “awakened” and eligible for a BATGAP inteview.

    By the way – I “awakened” 4 years ago, but after reading some more material on non-duality, found that I needed to “awaken some more”. 😉

    Just use the word “shift” guys.

  4. Thanks Jill, you’re a gem.
    Merci is the word that carries the gratitude which at this moment is entering your space..

  5. Thank you Jill. I’m going through something like this, but milder. There is a definite energetic component for me, but more like radiating through my heart. It feels almost like it’s another force carrying me forward, if I relax into it, if I let it. It has a strong sense of “Self” (or feeling of “self nature” in all that manifests at least in my experiential field) as well as “lovingness”, but “love without an object”.

    I cannot say it’s “choiceless awareness” or “non-doership” because I can interfere with it (which was why I asked my question). (I am “non-doing” in the weak sense of the term since I’m letting it do the “doing”. But this is different from the strong claim that the Divine Will is always manifesting, no matter what.) And it does come and go, more or less evident dependent on body-mind conditions, such as health, ability to relax, to fall into it.

  6. Great to hear that the fire is burning within – Ernest – Neelam doesn’t fool around…giggle..I can never understand when people describe awakenings without the energy being aroused…puzzling..

    Just know that you are being carried my friend – the energy is alive in you and will go where it needs to go..you can notice it but you can’t control it at all..

    I used to follow the energy with my consciousness – drove myself nuts for awhile – it’s here – it’s there – it’s in the head – it’s in the heart – 19 years of this – until one day – it dawned on me that this energy – this life force that runs the show – wasn’t separate from me…and all fell into place…

  7. @chuckee –

    I want to ask you a question –

    Let’s say I have been a chain smoker for 30 years. Then after 30 years I find out that smoking is injurious to my health and what I had been doing all this time was wrong. I understand this, I believe it and I am 100% convinced of it. BUT I do not give up smoking – as I am addicted to the darned thing. Will I still be considered CIGARETTE FREE because I have the knowledge that smoking is wrong.

    Similarly – After having been programmed for 30 years to identify with my body-mind, I come to the firm understanding that I am actually not my body or mind. I am pure awareness etc. I believe it and I am 100% convinced of it. But my programming/conditioning of 30 years cannot disappear just from a moment of intellectual understanding and therefore I am the same miserable guy that I was before. I write a book however on my new understanding, I write a blog and appear for an interview with Rick on batgap. I hold satsangs to share my new found understanding with others. But am I really AWAKENED?

  8. Howard, your story is my story, except I stood in my garage and asked the question. It led to (of course) where I am today…I actually did the same thing…went to the library and loaded my arms with books, sat down and glimpsed through them- I read and understood ‘Up from Eden’ by Ken Wilber but could not get anyone else to…related most to Evelyn Underhill’s writings. I did so much counseling and learning and intergrating and ‘work’ chop wood carry water- become enlightened; chop wood carry water The list of reading/bodywork/ mystery schools all added something to my understanding and of course the teachers appeared because the student was ready…my main stay is Caroline Myss- I do consider myself a ‘modern day mystic without a monestary’ I love and relate to all her teachings and ‘do the work’ Great job- I shall buy it for my step-son and it will save me much re-hashing…Thank You- you have a wonderful manner. The Dalai Lama has written that the thing called consciousness belongs to “that catefory of phenomena without form, substance, or color. It is not susceptible to investigation by external means.” This is my understanding as well-it sure doesn’t stop us though- lol~ Namaste.

  9. Glad to hear at least one recent comment about the speaker. For me I hear a very incomplete journey toward wisdom here. Lots of partial dismantling of the ego but no real stopping and abiding in non dual being. Too much personal will power still involved. Funny how I can hear this in the voice before knowing what is being said. I did enjoy some of the points however especially the one about when you are ready to really ask the question about reallity that the answers can not help but present themselves. Reminds me of the 1st Sarojoni interview in this respect. I just think Howard could use a teacher to move forward but I am sure he is “right where he is supposed to be”

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