403. Suzanne Giesemann 2nd Interview Transcript

Suzanne Giesemann – BATGAP interview (#403)

June 06, 2017

Rick: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually awakening people. I’ve done over 400 of them by now and if this is new to you and you’d like to look at previous ones go to batgap.com and look under the past interviews menu you will see them all organized in various ways. This show is made possible by the support of appreciative listeners and viewers, so if you appreciate it and you feel like supporting it there is a donate button on every page of the site. My guest today is Suzanne Giesemann. I had Suzanne on the show about a year ago, I think it was actually last August and we really enjoyed talking to her and we want to have another session in order to sort of tell, kind of give more accounts of evidence because she calls herself an evidence-based medium and we felt like we hadn’t quite done justice to that in the previous interview. I was asking a lot of technical and philosophical questions and all, so we’re going to have another session with Suzanne. Let me just read a bio. She is a spiritual teacher, an evidence-based medium as I just said and the author of 11 books including Messages of Hope and Wolf’s Message. She is a former US Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations and as an aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There are pictures with her arm around George Bush and things like that. She was actually in the last plane in the sky after 9/11 because she was heading over to Europe with the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and he said we got to turn around and so they went back to Washington.  Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side provide stunning evidence of life after death and of our connection with the greater reality and how she went from being this high-ranking naval officer to being communicating with the other side is an interesting story which I think we told in the first interview so we won’t necessarily be going through all the details of that in this one. She brings messages of hope, healing, and love that goes straight to the heart. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer.  For more about her work, her website is suzannegiesmman.com, so Suzanne, welcome.

Suzanne:  Thanks Rick, fun to be back.

Rick:  Yeah, good to see you again. One other thing I didn’t mention about Suzanne is that she and her husband Ty are itinerants. Large part of the year, they spend about five months of the year in a 42-foot RV traveling around the country and right now she’s in Phoenix, Arizona. And you know I just finished reading Wolf’s Message, that book, and there’s a lot of sort of personal accounts of traveling around the country and kind of getting all these messages and cognitions and so on and I just kept getting struck again and again with the impression that there’s never a dull moment in her life, maybe there’s some dull moments in the midst of long drives, but there’s always a lot of really interesting stuff going on with you.

Suzanne:  It is and I’m laughing because on our honeymoon I pulled a joke on my husband and had him rolling on the floor in laughter and I looked at him and I said I promise your life with me will never be boring and at that time I had no idea I would want to be doing this work, none, I just knew that we needed to bring laughter into our marriage and now it’s laughter and joy and awesome things that happen almost daily. I wake up every morning with excitement and say what is going to happen today.

Rick: Yeah, it’s really neat and it will be more evident why it’s neat as we get into this conversation, but you sort of got a foot in both worlds, this world that we all live in and I think you would say that everybody has a foot in both worlds, but maybe the foot in the other world has kind of fallen asleep for most people.

Suzanne:  That’s a great analogy, and I think that’s what Awakening is, is awakening to the fact that we are in both worlds while we’re in human form and I’m not aware of the spirit world at all times. It still takes a shift to really get a good connection with those on the other side, but I’ll be sharing with you stories today as time allows of spontaneous awareness of that greater reality and that’s really fun.

Rick:  Yeah and I don’t know if it would be desirable to be aware of the spirit world at all times

Suzanne:  Exactly, that’s what – in Wolf’s Message Wolf had challenges because he said it’s busy in here and was diagnosed as schizophrenic when really, he just couldn’t turn off his awareness of the greater reality.  I’m not saying that that’s what all cases of schizophrenia or mental illness are, but you are right it would be hard to function if you’re constantly walking that line.

Rick: I interviewed this woman named, Jac O’Keeffe about five years ago and she was a regular sort of down-to-earth agnostic Irish woman and you know not interested in this kind of stuff at all and she was journalist or something and she was sitting in a pub in Dublin or someplace having a beer with friends and all of a sudden, pow, she just sort of snapped, she shifted into this perception of spooks.  I mean she was just seeing entities all over the way.

Suzanne:  Oh, yeah.

Rick:  People can listen to her whole interview, but she actually became a professional Ghostbuster for a while and she has gone through all sorts of shifts, but you know she’s like get me out of here, I don’t want this.

Suzanne:  Exactly, and that’s something that I prayed for – for a while.  Let me see the spirits because I still don’t.  Let me see them and I have a good friend right here in Cave Creek, Arizona, Susanne Wilson, another Susanne who had that – where she saw the spirits. She said she had spirit handing her towels in the shower, you know, she says trust me you don’t want that and it took her a long time to turn it off.

Rick:  Interesting, how could a spirit hand a towel.  I mean they’re sort of these subtle entities, how could they actually…I mean …

Suzanne:  What a great question…

Rick:  I mean a casual observer, yeah with somebody, with a third party like her husband or somebody he is standing there would he see this towel floating through the air and going over to the shower…

Suzanne:  I have to ask her cuz I haven’t had that experience.

Rick:  Yeah, yeah, interesting.

Suzanne:  Maybe it was a spirit tell.

Rick:  I have some notes here, but not as extensive as I often have with people, because I want you to just like talk a lot and you know not necessarily be interrupted by a lot of questions. Would you like me to ask you one to get you going or would you like to just start out and tell us some stuff.

Suzanne:  Yeah, yeah, ask a question, ask away.

Rick:  Okay.

Suzanne:  I just have to be careful what you ask for.

Rick:  Well, here’s one… I’m quoting from your book.  You said, working as a medium has shown me how very connected we are with all that is.  Our world is just a tiny part of a far greater world and the two worlds are intricately interconnected.  So how is that, that prime your pump.

Suzanne:  Without a doubt, oh, yeah, because once we realize that connection exists then you start noticing the signs that those on the other side are sending us all the time and I think this is part of what my work helps people to do, to notice that both Wolf’s Message is a perfect example of me catching what I call snags, why did that just catch my attention and then I pull the thread and there’s this evidence of the connection of the two worlds from that thing that snagged me so it’s learning to pay attention to why did something grab my consciousness and then with that belief that there is an unseen world to us here, unseen to our physical eyes then we start stepping right into those magical moments.

Rick:  Now, you know there are a lot of skeptical people in the world.  There are some people who even consider themselves professional skeptics, although I don’t know if there’s much money in it, and you know there’s certain people you couldn’t convince of certain things if it knocked him over the head, you know, because…

Suzanne:  I don’t even try …

Rick:  And we’re not going to try but because they’re so entrenched in their paradigm and they’d always have an explanation for any evidence you offer them, so let’s put aside those people, I think most of the people listening to this aren’t of that mindset.  Give us a few examples of, you know, what you mean by evidence that would sort of be significant to the average non-cynical person.

Suzanne:  Okay, let’s start with when I received an email from a group at a church where I was going to be speaking later that month and they said we have a woman in our church who has been in a coma for three weeks; we were wondering since you’re a medium if you might be able to connect with her soul and ask what her wishes are, well with that one I actually pushed myself back from the computer when I read it, because I realized they wanted me to see, do they want to pull the plug or not, does she want us to pull the plug and you know no medium is a hundred percent accurate so I wasn’t going to take on that responsibility until I remembered – wait a minute, what is it that has convinced me we are all souls whether in a body or not, it’s the evidence, so doing a little bit of self science I thought this would be an excellent experiment. I will do my normal shifting technique to connect with spirit but with the intention of connecting with the soul of the woman in a coma and I will ask her to give me evidence, things about her that I couldn’t possibly know, and I’ll send those to the people who sent me the email and if they can validate at least 80% of those items because that’s well beyond pure chance then I’ll tell them what I discern as her wishes and if they don’t validate it then we just leave that go, so I went into my study where I do my readings I got into a nice expanded state of awareness, I shifted and I realized I don’t even know this woman’s name, I don’t know anything.  So my intention was I want to connect with the soul of the woman in a coma who is a friend of we’ll call her Mary who sent me the email, please step into my awareness now, and immediately I felt this lightheaded feeling that I feel when I do a reading and connect with spirits who has passed, so I just began asking her tell me about your coma and she said it is from a clot not trauma, so I wrote that down, and tell me about you I said, and she told me that she had an advanced degree in counseling. She told me the name of the hospital where she was, she told me that there was red hair near her in the hospital. She told me that members of the church stood around her bed in a circle every day and one of them sang to her. She went on and on with things like that, gave me her mother’s name and oh just personality wise I could feel her, just like I feel every spirit in the reading, so I described her as very upbeat, very loving, generous with her time, she volunteers at the church, a whole list of things and then I asked her if your friends can validate these list of things, what are your wishes and what she said made my jaw drop because it was so obvious, yet it’s something that so few of us think about.  She said they can pull the plug if they want, if it’s my time I’ll go, if it’s not I’ll stay. Really obvious but I wasn’t going to write that. So, I typed up this list of things and sent it to her friend.

Rick:  There’s also “California here I come right back where I started from” …that was part of that.

Suzanne:  Oh! you know this story…Did I tell this…?

Rick:  I don’t think you did but I listened to bunch of your other things, and that was significant.

Suzanne:  That was part II of the visit, so anyway the friend wrote back and said, absolutely, her coma was caused by a clot not trauma to the head, she has a PhD in psychology, very generous, volunteers at the church all the time, we prayer chaplain stand around her bed in a circle every day and one of them sings to her, validated her mother’s name and the red hair near her was a picture of her at a party wearing a red wig that her mother had taped to the bed over her hospital bed. So, I sent her the wishes and as I was emailing those wishes this woman soul in a coma dropped in on me right then and there and that’s when she said California here I come right back where I started from and then she flashed before my eyes the images of a pair of toe socks, remember those from decades ago they looked striped socks and like a glove they have your toes.

Rick:  Oh, yeah, each toe fits into a different piece of sock.

Suzanne:  Yeah, very clear visual, so I typed that up and I said she’s showing me this and saying California here I come …well, this was just like the greatest thing she could have shown me because it turned out that of those prayer chaplains standing around the bed, one of them was such a skeptic of mediums, he said they’re all frauds, don’t ask a medium what her wishes are, well the woman in the coma gave that skeptic a pair of toe socks for the past Christmas, it was almost like her little dig, no this is really me, I’m here, remember the socks, and the thing about California here I come was the lead minister for this church hadn’t told anybody that he had come to that Midwest Church from a church in California and they recently had offered him his job back and he was undecided what to do and he admitted to me later that in his prayers he had secretly asked the woman in the coma, maybe you can ask the big guy upstairs what I’m supposed to do and she comes through me the medium to say California here I come right back where I started from, his old job. The really neat epilogue to this story is that six days later I didn’t know what they decided to do, but six days later I’m sitting in my daily morning meditation and she drops in on me – how do I know her – because once you meet somebody whether in spirit or here in person you recognize them. I said oh this is you, and she felt absolutely the same as she did on the previous two visits and she said it’s beautiful here, tell everyone I’m fine and not to be sorry for me. And I typed that up, send it off, it was a Sunday morning. The minister wrote back right away and said she passed that midnight.

Rick: Interesting.

Suzanne: So, it is just beautiful that she knew how to get a message to everybody through the medium which is what a medium is, an intermediary for those who no longer have a physical voice and that she felt exactly the same, the soul is a soul is a soul, whether you’re in a body, waking consciousness, whether you’re in a coma, whether you’re passed to the other side, the communication is possible.

Rick:  Yeah, it sounds like you know even though she was still alive but in a coma, she had already kind of passed because she had that ability to communicate and she tuned into you a thousand miles away you know wanting to tune into her.

Suzanne: I’m not sure I agree with that Rick, yeah, because I don’t think you have to pass to be able to communicate like that, I haven’t done the experiments, but I don’t know why I couldn’t with a person’s permission attempt to communicate with a soul offline, you see somebody who’s here and that would be an interesting thing to try.

Rick:  So you mean let’s say you were communicating with me offline, would I know you were doing so or would you be kind of communicating with my higher soul and I wouldn’t even know what was going on but you could find out stuff.

Suzanne: Well, that depends on my ethics and integrity. I think I could try to do that for anybody, but I wouldn’t because that’s an invasion of privacy but with your permission we would say let me try and experiment and tap into you, Rick. That’s pretty much what psychic work is anyway. A psychic reach your soul energy while you’re still in the body.

Question:  And with this woman being in a coma, I mean that’s a very innocent state so that would make a big difference…

Suzanne:  Right, and her friends just had to trust that I wasn’t going to betray any confidences and I ask permission to share this story, like every story that I share with you here I’ve asked the people involved may I share these details?

Rick:  Right, and of course most people think that you know when somebody’s in a coma, its lights out you know. There’s no cognition or recognition or anything and even if the ordinary sense and what you’re describing is a rather extraordinary ability to communicate and know things from.

Suzanne:  And very nice to know that this same thing is true with people with dementia. Their soul is just fine and I haven’t tried to tap into somebody who has dementia while they’re still living, but hundreds of people I’ve tapped into after they pass, they show me foggy here, foggy here, but no more clear as a bell, so I’m saying, this is your dad, he had Alzheimer’s dementia but of course because that was a poor wiring in the physical body he’s perfectly clear now, but they tell me that they were already playing on both sides while they were here.

Rick: This is good stuff for people here you know because so many people go through this kind of thing with a loved one or a parent or something and I think it can provide a lot of solace.

Suzanne: That’s the whole point of doing this work, solace to those here, solace to those on the other side, not that they needed in that loving environment in which they find themselves but they get to say things that they didn’t say. I just did a reading that was one of my top ten most healing readings ever for just that kind of situation. I can’t share it because I didn’t have a chance to ask permission but that’s the point to give that voice to those who no longer have a physical voice.

Rick: Yeah, and I think I heard you say in some interview that it’s even kind of more important for them than it is for us here. It’s like they really want us to communicate something.

Suzanne: That is the truth, but the big life lesson for all of us is so say your apologies now, get into the forgiveness now, so you don’t have to find a medium or wait for your loved ones to find a medium, guide them to a medium when you get to the other side, oh my God, I never said I love you, how could I be so blind, hmm… there’s a medium, call the medium from the other side.

Rick: Interesting, do you think that there’d be a lot of, kind of like a waiting list of people wanting to get to people like you to intervene with their loved ones or something like that, there would be sort of a pent-up demand.,

Suzanne:  Yeah, yeah that reminds me and so I guess I should talk about I’m working on a book now and it’s mostly with parents who have children on the other side and I just did the most powerful interview it’s going to be in the appendix only because the book is relating a true story that dealt with four couples who had kids on the other side, but I realized we need to address parents of children who took their own lives, it’s really important that they not feel marginalized, so I interviewed a mom whose son took his own life three years ago and she was a very interesting case because she was a born-again Christian and absolutely it was against the rules to go to a medium but within one month of her son’s death she went to a medium and I knew why but I wanted to get from her words I said so why did you go to a medium and she said because I wanted to talk to my son and that’s the bottom line your heart knows what’s right.

Rick: So, can you give us some details of that particular case, since it’s going in the book, is that a good one to talk about.

Suzanne:  Well I didn’t know, it’s not because I haven’t done a reading for her, what we discussed in the interview, this was a pure interview, how to get over, how to heal from that kind of a passing but I’ve had evidence, lots of evidence, we should talk about a suicide case, one of them is a woman came for a reading just devastated.  I knew nothing thing about her, and she sat across from me I tuned in and right away you, you just know why they’re so devastated. I said you have a son on the other side. He’s right here, and he’s showing me he took his own life. I have generic symbols or that I’ll see like gestures. A hand at the throat or finger to the head, it’s very obvious this is a suicide but that’s just a symbol so then silently I said to him how did you do this and I was surprised it was the only case I’d seen of this. I said your son jumped off a bridge. She said, yes. I said this is in New York. Yes. Do you want me to tell you what bridge it was? she asked. I said, no, he’s here, let me ask him. He said it’s the Verrazano Bridge. That’s right. I mean this kind of evidence blows me away. I hope I never lose the awe of that. He showed me this symbol – that to me means bipolar, up and down, up and down and then he showed me medication – no, it’s like a sign language what I see, because I don’t see him standing there, I see the gestures, I said your son is showing me he was off his medication, he was bipolar.  She said I know his girlfriend told him don’t take your medication anymore, and he came to say, mom I’m okay, I’m not burning in hell. He talked to me he said you have a tattoo and a good friend of him has a tattoo. She rolled up her sleeve and showed me the tattoo about him, he showed me he was a musician, this is the evidence, but the really cool moment in that reading was that we were getting ready to go on our six-month RV tour and Ty was outside during this reading getting the bus ready. It was in the driveway. The woman’s back was to the window. She couldn’t see him out there, and I realized that one of the big pieces of evidence I love to get in the reading is what kind of work did you do when you were here. So, I silently asked her son what did you do and instead of saying the word I saw his hand sweep out like this and he pointed out the window and he said exactly what your husband is doing right now. And I looked over her shoulder and Ty is kneeling down at the trailer hitch at the back of the bus where we tow our car stripping the electrical wires. I looked at his mom and I said your son was an electrician, and she said, yes, he was. That was huge, because she didn’t know what I asked him, she couldn’t see what my husband is doing, so for those who say you’re just reading your sitters mind, a sitter is the client, you’re reading your sitters mind, well, that is not reading her mind, I was having a
real-time live conversation back and forth, interactive with a spirit.

Rick: Yeah, it would be impressive even if you were just reading her mind, you know, knowing all those things….


Suzanne:  That’s true, that is true, and it’s kind of scary for my husband because I read his mind more and more.

Rick: He can’t get away with anything, can’t he.

Suzanne:  No. I was meditating the other morning and we were in the bus. It was the other morning. It was before this trip we’d gone on a little shakedown cruise, we call it a weekend trip, and I’m sitting there and my guide said your husband cannot find the dog food.  Because he feeds the dogs in the morning and I realized I had just thrown all the food from the house in one drawer, not where we normally put it on the bus, and I’m thinking well I’m in a nice expanded state I’ll wait and they said if you wait he will be very irritable. They said we’ll be here. I said I’ll be right back. So, I get up, I open the door to the kitchen in the bus and Ty is standing there with this frown on his face, and I looked at him and I said the dog foods in that door over there. He looked at me, he shook his head and he said that’s really good.


Rick:  It’s pretty good.

Suzanne:  So in this case actually I wasn’t reading his mind, my guides were making sure that I came out to a nice happy husband when the meditation was over, but you know who puts our thoughts in our minds, anyway there’s just one mind.  I’m coming to know that more and more. One mind, just the spirits, you know what snags, what causes those snags we talked about earlier.  That’s higher consciousness saying pay attention to that and then they pull thread and it turns out to be something we need to know.

Rick: So, you have your own set of guides.

Suzanne:  Oh, definitely, we talked about them last time, they asked me to call them Sanaya.

Rick:  Oh that’s right, Sanaya, of course.

Suzanne:  Sanaya means flash of lightning, which is how my stepdaughter was killed by a bolt of lightning which is what started me on this whole path. So, I have my guides spontaneously gave me a name that means flash of lightning that in itself to me is evidence of a higher awareness than little Suzanne right here.

Rick: That’s cool… so what else you got on your list there, you mentioned you jotted down some stories that are really nice evidential things.

Suzanne: Well, I would like to share with you throughout this interview a bunch of what I call the drop-ins, because they’re the most evidential of all to me. Again, you can’t put that away as reading somebody’s mind and the drop-ins are those spirits who I may have met in a reading with their loved ones who come back when I’m not expecting it, when I’m not with their loved ones, to just give them some information and or some that I haven’t met at all. A year ago, when we talked I was having very few drop-ins. My guides had told me they shut me up, they turned off the connection when I’m in social situations or I would be on 24×7, which is probably pretty accurate. My husband would attest to that, and I I’ve come to know now that they’ve opened me up, because I can handle it now. So, I went to dinner some time ago in New Mexico with a woman that invited us to her town because they’ve had quite a few losses, especially children and I knew that she had a daughter on the other side but had not yet given her a reading, so we met for the first time at a restaurant, we sat down and I said I need to tell you I don’t normally see spirits at social setting, but we’ll get your daughter tomorrow in our reading. She said, no I’m not expecting to hear from her, that’s okay. So, we’re just chatting away having a normal dinner and all of a sudden, she is across the table, just like you’re across from me in this interview. I saw her daughter appear, saw her in my mind’s eye. It’s not like she was objectively there, but I still am not seeing faces very clearly but what I did see clearly was that young girl was wearing a bunny suit. I see it wrapped around her face and big jack rabbit ears and I remember even turning my head like this am I seeing that correctly and it’s really brilliant on the part of that little girl in spirit, because if she had just flashed the girl there I might have blown that off too maybe I just imagined that, but I couldn’t make up a bunny, so I looked at her mom and instead of saying do you have any idea why your daughter might appear to me in a bunny suit. I knew what I was seeing. So, I said with full confidence I need to tell you your daughter is standing beside you and she’s wearing a rabbit suit. And her mother looked at me like I had two heads, and I looked at Ty because he’s sitting to my left and he knows that I don’t normally bring through spirits like that, but I also know to help the sitter figure it out. So, I said we’ll help me out here, did your daughter ever play a rabbit in the school play, did she dress up as a rabbit for Halloween, and her mom thinks a minute and she says well we always called her our little rabbit and she has a rabbit collection and she executes on and on with all these rabbits…

Rick: All kinds of rabbit things…

Suzanne:  Yeah, and now I look at Ty he looks at me and we kind of roll our eyes because this happens all the time in my readings. I’ll say something and the people say, no, I don’t know what that is because it’s knocks them off balance. That was probably the last thing she expected and once she got her feet back on the ground she came to me for the reading the next day. She brought a picture of her daughter holding a real bunny. She showed me a picture of her daughter standing before a billboard full of rabbits and she brought me this little rabbit from her collection of rabbit figurines. I keep this where I brush my teeth, even on the road on the bus, to see it every day just as a reminder we are here, the spirits say we’re right here and they show up in a way that we can’t mistake it, dress like a rabbit, just a great-great story.

Rick: Reminds me of that Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey, you know Harvey…

Suzanne: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rick:  Had this eight-foot tall rabbit that he impelled around with all the time…

Suzanne:  Could I go on with one with one that’s nice?

Rick: Yes, please, do another one.

Suzanne: I have a lovely couple that I met at a workshop that I gave in Florida last summer and I walked in and I recognized them immediately as members of a group called Helping Parents Heal which I love to support, because it’s a group for bereaved parents that allows an open discussion of the afterlife which leads to the parents not grieving for the rest of their lives but realizing their kids are still right here and so their meetings are actually can be uplifting because they celebrate the fact that their kids are with them. So I recognized this couple sitting on the couch waiting for the workshop to begin, but I didn’t know anything about who they had on the other side, and I thought oh let me try to tune in and see and I looked at them and I said you have the son on the other side and they said no a daughter and I thought ah this is what I fear, trying to tune in just walking around doesn’t always work for me and I just thought, you know, I blew it and I could tell they were disappointed and I said we’ll do a reading, we’ll get your daughter, and so after the workshop was over I did the reading and it was lovely. The beautiful daughter named Shana, her name means beautiful light and she was 15 years old and died suddenly in her sleep.  Nothing wrong with her, like adolescent SIDS, adolescent death syndrome, I mean we call this tragic for those of us who are left behind. Of course, Shana still exist surrounded by love and she showed that in the reading, but she wasn’t finished with that reading, because during the reading she showed me this instant picture that I didn’t talk about because I wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t think it was significant. Usually, there’s one or two things that come up in a reading and I don’t bring it up. Usually, I regret that. Well, after the reading for the next couple days I kept seeing what looked like a Christmas decoration, a ball but I knew it wasn’t a Christmas decoration. I think a couple weeks passed since the reading and suddenly there’s that ball again, so I sent an email to Shana’s mom and dad, Brian and his wife is Ty, just like my husband, Tijuana. And I said your daughter keeps showing me this thing that it looks like a Christmas ball but it has something to do with the decoration of the Flower of Life decoration on it. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that Rick, so I brought a picture of it to show you, this is the flower of life.

Rick: Okay.

Suzanne: It’s just a geometric design, okay, and I said do you know why Shana keeps showing that to me and her mom sent an email back immediately she says I know exactly what that is and here it is – this is the ball that’s hanging in their kitchen and if you look really closely it has that same pattern on it as kind of sort of like the flower of life, looks like a Christmas decoration, but what it is – is a gift that Shana’s volleyball team sent to Brian and Ty after she passed and it’s called a happy thought bubble. So what a beautiful thing for Shana to be showing me, talk about the happy thought bubble because I’m just sending you happy thoughts, so a nice visual a nice drop-in but it got better seconds later we finished the email or phone call, I don’t remember how we validated this, and I’m sitting on my lanai in Florida working on my computer and she fully drops in and I just started typing Shana is here and she’s showing me she’s acting like a cat she’s holding up her hands like paws and little claws and she’s going – meow, meow….making little meow sounds and now she is showing me whiskers drawn right here, what’s up with this. That’s what I wrote in the email. Minutes later my phone chimes. It’s a text. I looked down and it’s a text from Ty, Shana’s mom and she says I am in tears and this was the photo attached to the text.

Rick: Oh! cute.

Suzanne: Can you see it? It’s Shana with the whiskers drawn on exactly like a cat and look at her hands drawn up exactly like she showed me, that’s what I mean by evidence. You can’t make that stuff up that she’s obviously younger than 15 in that photo, but that’s a precious memory, mom had that picture and I just love the feeling of knowing how her family feels when out of the blue some medium says oh your daughter’s here showing me a cat picture that’s beautiful, that’s live interaction, that Shana saying my physical body may be gone but I’m still with you.

Rick: You know for people on the other side it must be like a game of charades where they have to sort of try to convey something without being able to necessarily speak words all the time and come on get it, you know, I’m trying to do this and don’t you know that.

Suzanne: Rick this is really an important point that you just raised. It’s totally dependent on the medium and each medium has what we call a control or a gatekeeper who doesn’t control this at all. It’s a guide who helps us, main guide with mediumship and they know how that medium best receives information. So, my guides know that I am visual and also hear things but I don’t see faces so don’t show up in front of Suzanne, she won’t see you, so act like a cat she’ll see that.

Rick: So, they like give little tips and hints to the person who is trying to communicate.

Suzanne:  Absolutely they train those who are about to have a medium. They actually rehearse how best to – to the best of my understanding, whether or not it’s exactly like this, this is how I understand it.  So, if they would go to another medium who’s very visual, very clairvoyant and they would just show up in front of them and they could just stand right there and if somebody is very clairaudient you would just do nothing but talk. So that’s why I have this library of symbols and they know if they passed suddenly, my guide will say you know we’re just going to create this image in her mind, that means I passed suddenly, that’s why mediums can get better with practice because the more you do it you build up your symbol.

Rick: Symbols of vocabulary …interesting…

Suzanne:  But yet I could ramble on…please…

Rick:  Please…

Suzanne:  I did a reading, just a couple weeks ago I went home to Florida to visit my mom who’s going to be 90 next August, but I go home every six to eight weeks to visit her and I got a call from a woman a month prior to that visit and she said you knew my mom where you live in Florida, you don’t know me but my mom just died suddenly and rather mysteriously. Somebody told me I should reach out to you. Is there any chance you can give me a reading while I’m home while I’m in Florida for my mom’s memorial service? I said oh I’m on the road now, I’m only going to be home at the end of May and she said well that’s when the memorial service was. So, it’s you know one of those setup from Spirit Guide.  So, she came over to my house and she came straight from her mom’s memorial service. She told me she had a splitting headache and I knew that was from the distress. I’ve been you know when you go to funerals and you cry and all that tensions not crying causes terrible headaches so I said well she was little early. I said come on here, sit on my lanai. All of a sudden, I found myself mothering this young woman more so than I normally treat people and I realized her mom’s right here and she wants me to mother her. I sat her on the lanai. I gave her a glass of water. She had already taken some aspirin. I said you just sit here and be calm. We’ll do your reading when your headaches gone. So, I went into my bathroom and I was puttering around washing my hands and her mom dropped in clear as day. She said to me give her one of your butterflies. Now that was very auditory and I said, “oh really, which one”? I had a necklace right there with a butterfly on it. People give me butterfly things because my stepdaughter Susan sent us butterfly signs after she passed. I said this you want me to give her this necklace and her mom very clearly said, no, give her that little butterfly that’s hanging from the doorknob in your study. I said okay. So, I went out, her daughter’s headache was gone. I said your mom is already here. I sat her down in the seat in my study, went over picked up that butterfly and I said your mom said I’m supposed to give you this butterfly and she looked at me a little stunned, kind of blank look, and I said butterflies are often signs from the other side. She said, I know I just learned that. At her memorial service, her best friend came up to me and was telling me a story of when that best friend’s husband passed how a butterfly flew around her and then flew around her kids and this spirit woman’s daughter sitting in front of me said at the memorial service I looked at this woman and I said when am I going to get a butterfly.

Rick:  Um…pretty cool…

Suzanne: And I said you just got it, because your mom of course was at the memorial service that’s something I’ve learned. Those who pass are at their funerals in the memorial service and heard her say when am I going to get my butterfly, drops on me as I’m washing my hands and says give her one of your butterflies.

Rick: Wow …

Suzanne: Isn’t that great …

Rick:  That’s really neat…

Suzanne: Cool, that’s why I say every morning you know what’s going to happen today. These stories never end, never end.

Rick: Yeah, kind of a thought that pops into my head is wouldn’t be cool if we lived in a society that was so evolved that this kind of thing was just routine, you know, like everybody experiences it and it’s like no weirder than having friends in Great Britain or something that you could call on the phone or whatever it’s just like part of the way things work, you know, this dimension…

Suzanne: Yeah, yes, this is the way I see our world eventually. That’s all part of the evolution and this is why I love this group Helping Parents Heal. They take in parents who haven’t had this awareness, who are just devastated, they want to take their own life and suddenly they’re surrounded by other parents who are exactly their world is that world you just described. We’ve loved our time here in Phoenix, because I’m in, this is the home of the co-founder of Helping Parents Heal where I’m sitting. We came out here to spend more time with her and with the other members of the local chapter here. We went out to dinner with some of them the other night and they’re the most loving people you can imagine and we’ve all gone through the worst grief anyone can imagine, yet because we know our kids are right here and then of course that our parents who have passed are right here and everybody who’s passed is right here when we think of them, we’re happy incredibly loving group and it’s unlike many-many other relationships that most of us have with other people. It just takes you to this place where you forgive people their faults, you love each other, because you just get the bigger picture.

Rick: Yeah, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show and you know some people have this sort of monochromatic notion of enlightenment or higher consciousness that has nothing to do with the kinds of things you’re talking about, but I feel that you know it really has to do with full understanding of life in all its diversity and variety and depth and the clear and correct understanding of the way the universe actually works cannot help but be helpful to people. They can have a huge impact on the way they function.

Suzanne: Exactly, especially we talked about this earlier – one of the biggest issue that comes up in the reading is forgiveness, whether those on the other side are saying I see a head hang down and I say we have an apology here, why are you apologizing, ah for this reason and then we have the sitter will end up crying and say please tell them, it’s okay, and I say no they’re right here, you tell them and we have these really healing moments, but this is – you asked in the last interview do you find that mediumship is a distraction to your own path. It’s the greatest bonus.  It’s what keeps me on the path. It’s what has caused me to see what do I need to forgive, what do I need to forgive in myself. And in the past year the teaching for me has been the belief at the highest level that all of us are anything less than love. This teaching has really been coming at me full force from Sanaya in the last three weeks. In fact I had my own personal healing when I started saying forgive me for thinking I’m anything less than love and right in the midst of having all of those thoughts about forgiveness, Sanaya gave me a message, I sat down on my couch to type it up and you know the singer Seal, his song comes on the radio and he’s singing, I need love love’s divine please forgive me now I know that I’ve been blind and the tears are just pouring down my face because that’s exactly what the message was and is and that’s why we’re here to not be blinded anymore to this whole separation from the greater reality. This is what has come out of my discovering I can speak with spirit. It’s so much more than saying your loved ones right here. It’s the big picture, yet look at all these fun evidential moments to keep us going.

Rick:  If I would say to you stellated dodecahedron what would that evoke a story.

Suzanne: It sure would, that one I’m in tears too.

Rick: Yeah, tell us that story.

Suzanne: I had gone home, I had gone home to visit my mom from one of our six months journeys for our birthday, it was 2012 maybe, 2013, I don’t remember when it was, but I was called to buy several books at the bookstore, hadn’t even opened them yet. When I am in call my guide said there are books here for you. So, I go in. which one am I supposed to read, I bought like seven books, Ty puts up with the book bill.  (Laughter…) So, I had taken them all back to the bus, the RV with me. We were in New York at that time. They were sitting by my bedside, hadn’t even opened them yet and I went to sleep and I was awakened in the morning, I’m in that hypnagogic, you know half in half out state of awareness as you’re waking up and I heard stellated dodecahedron, and I went what, and I wrote it down phonetically you know what is that. I heard a couple other things and I thought if that is a real term this is taking clairaudience hearing the voice of higher consciousness to a whole new level, and I heard you will find it in that book there and they pointed out the specific book and I thought oh I don’t even dare a look and I pulled it out, I went back to the index, go down to the S’s and there it was. So stellated dodecahedron, I look at that on page 64 or whatever and it is this alleged Christ consciousness grid, an energetic pattern of energy around the earth and then I went into meditation, crying now, because that was real, this had come to me, was given to me, that’s the kind of attunement that I pray for and I said tell me about this grid and they showed me one of those maps like you might see, you could Google it on the internet where electricity, where lights are around the globe, it shows the earth is all black except for pockets of population, so the desert is black but cities are lights, and they said this is how we see your world with that grid that there are pockets of brightness and pockets of darkness and as each one of you come to realize you are the light, you’re one with the light, that grid grows brighter because your light grew brighter, you add to the whole, that’s that web we were talking about at the beginning, that’s the interconnectedness and so they told us not to despair when we feel that our world is becoming dimmer that actually one by one people really are awakening, thanks to programs like yours and that you don’t have to go save the world because just by turning your light brighter it brightens the whole grid – strengthens that unity awareness that Christ consciousness that is what is going to allow all of us to be joyous like this group of parents who knows the two worlds are connected.

Rick: Neat. I have this little spinning globe on BatGap and in the right hand column and it shows you at any given time who is actually on the site at that moment, has a little flag for where they are and if you click on at the right place it’ll take you to a bigger version of it but in any case there’s a little red dot everyplace somebody has accessed the site from, you know, and it’s kind of interesting to see so the Sahara Desert doesn’t have any red dots you know, Desert of Utah and so on, but there’s you know otherwise all the populated areas of the world are pretty well lit up with red dots.

Suzanne: You did that that is cool Rick.

Rick: It happens automatically as the thing goes around.

Suzanne: Your program is reaching…

Rick: Yes, reaches all over…

Suzanne: That’s what I mean.

Rick: And I started out with thinking this is going to be a radio show on my local station and you know I didn’t get any support for that idea.

Suzanne: You reminded me though about this connection of the two worlds with grid, reminds me of what happened in the reading. I’ve really tried in the last year to get my own doubts out of the way and when I see something in a reading that a spirit is giving me that doesn’t make sense to say it anyway. So, I was talking to a mom who had a son on the other side and I said your son in spirit is showing me a rainbow. Those in spirit often draw their loved one’s attention to an actual rainbow when they need it and I said that this rainbow ends at your heart and it goes from your heart to him and he says the connection is good that sounds kind of silly, why would he show me a rainbow going from your heart to him and saying the connection is good and his mom said oh I’m so glad to hear that, you just validated my experiments and I asked her what she meant. She had been trying to improve the way she connected with her son in spirit. She’s trying to talk to him herself which everybody who has some on the other side should do, you don’t need a medium and her visual was visualizing a rainbow from her heart to his and he comes through the medium just to show me the rainbow and say hey mom the connection is good. Oh, I guess I’ve got goose bumps. It’s wonderful and I encourage people to try any visualization like that because what that does is shows this is a very real connection from all of us from heart to heart every time I do a reading I visualize that connection between me and my sitter and between me and the loved ones on the other side knowing they’re already connected from heart to heart with their loved ones. So, it’s this triangle and that strengthens the connection. This mom said that by doing that visualization she could actually hear her son and hear his messages and he validated you can trust this is me, mom.

Rick: That’s neat. You know what I love, I love your enthusiasm, you know you haven’t become in least bit sort of ho-hum about this, even though you’ve been doing it for number of years, you’re like a kid in the candy shop every moment, like oh this is fantastic.

Suzanne: Oh, so, let me tell you another one.

Rick: Yeah, yeah please…

Suzanne: Even though I know that when we die, when the physical body dies – I’m afraid of saying dying – that we’re okay, I know how sad it is for those left behind, so I was very stunned when a very dear friend of mine in Florida got a phone call that her husband had passed very unexpectedly. I knew him from being at a few dinners with him but I didn’t know him as well as her. She’s one of my soul sisters. We are in a meditation group together, so her name is Gloria and when I got this call Bob died, they took him to the ER last night and he died and I said can I go see her and they said no, no, she’s really in a bad way, let’s wait a while. So that was at nine o’clock at night. The next morning, I was driving around and I suddenly had the thought just at least call her, that’s okay that won’t bother her. So, I picked up the phone: “Hi, Gloria I heard the news” and I was commiserating and suddenly I had this feeling, just go see her. I said would it be okay if I stop by and just give you a hug. She said that would be fine. Well, I know now that these thoughts when I say I had the thought, I had the thought to call her, to hug her, they’re put there by loved ones. That’s the connection. So I didn’t realize it was put there by her husband Bob, it was not even gone for 12 hours but as I pulled onto her street I felt him in the car with me and as I pulled up in front of the house I heard him say with wonder this is my house which gave me goose bumps because that’s not something I would think like of course this is your house, Bob, but when I thought about it later from his new perspective that would must have been kind of cool, you know I’m seeing it from up here. So, I go to the door and I’m sure that Gloria is expecting me as she opens the door to hug her and say, Oh, Gloria I am so sorry, instead she opens the door and with that enthusiasm you were talking about ago I barged right in, Gloria, Bob is right here, he’s right here, and now he started telling me things about his passing. I said, he’s gone like this, like he had a problem with his jaw, why is he doing this and she said well because he had facial paralysis and I gave her evidence after evidence after evidence, I said he’s calling I know you were a nurse but he’s calling you nursey, nursey, she said oh my God that’s the nickname my granddaughter gave me. I said Gloria I know you’re in a fog, we need to write all of this down right now, so you don’t forget, and it’s like 14 different things that immediately lifted her but this is less than12 hours since he died. The reason he was able to communicate so clearly was because he had been not well and I know that the soul was probably already practicing spirit communication, but he’s dropped in a couple of times, the most recent was really great. I knew she was out of town. I knew she was coming back to Florida and all of a sudden Bob dropped in and he showed me a flash drive and then he showed me Gloria’s hand slipping under her pillow bumping into something. Well, I kind of forgot about that and later in the day, oh, I was supposed to tell Gloria about that. Well, the timing was perfect, because I sent her an email or I called her whatever the case was she had just walked in the door to this empty house haven’t been gone for a couple weeks and I said Gloria Bob’s showing me a flash drive what’s that all about. She said, Suzanne I just came home from New York where we lived and one of our friends gave me a flash drive with over 250 photos of Bob and me on it, his whole life with me. Well, that’s Bob saying I know about that flash drive. Those are memories, but I’m still here and then I said why is he showing me your hands sliding under the pillow bumping into something hard. She said well I haven’t been sleeping well since he passed, so I’ve been using mala beads, I know you know what mala beads are, like a rosary but 108 little beads, using mala beads to fall asleep and I usually fall asleep somewhere during 108 beads and they end up under my pillow and every morning I have to reach under my pillow and they bump into those mala beads in a full amount. So that is Bob saying, I’m right there at your side, just so affirming that they still interact with us in our lives, they know what’s going on.

Rick: It’s neat.  Related to that guy who was communicating just 12 hours after he died, here’s a question.  We’ve heard that when we cross over we’re in a state of existence that is interconnected to all things, we are connected to God in a very deep sense and we go through a process of understanding our lives in our soul’s journey. We go through this first and then we get to a point where we can understand our lives in a deeper sense after which we may have messages we want to deliver to our loved ones. In other words, we process our whole life and get better so to speak and then connect with loved ones. If the soul is in that review process could that be a reason they may not be able to connect right away. In other words, they’re kind of in a rehab mode and they can’t immediately connect until they go through a certain amount of adjustment or….

Suzanne: It could very well be, especially in cases of suicide not all of them but many of them do go to a kind of a healing place…

Rick: Halfway house kind of a thing.

Suzanne: Yeah it is, but when they show it to me I always see this soothing blue light that never goes out and everybody met by love and not judgment but there are very few cases happily where I don’t tune into someone, but I have learned to wait usually about three months after passing mainly because the sitter is so full of grief that third part of the triangle I described their energy pulls it down but that I do understand that that life review does happen but I believe that if it serves the greater good they’ll interrupt their healing, they’ll interrupt whatever they’re in to come and talk to their loved ones. I mean hey, they’re sitting with a medium, get busy.

Rick: Yeah, neat. There’s a couple more notes from your book that will give you a moment to catch your breath and then you can tell us another story. You say the more we open our minds to possibilities, the more miracles happen and you also say we’re on the verge of a massive shift of consciousness that will change how we relate to each other and how we feel inside.

Suzanne: Yes, yes, well my definition of a miracle is when the two worlds come together in a way that we’re aware of it. So, it’s not some, also sometimes it is the parting of the physical laws setting that aside that allows a feather to drop out of nowhere into your lap when that’s your sign from your son that’s a miracle, when that greater reality becomes obvious, but this massive shift of consciousness that was a message that came from Wolfe. it’s not something that I made up and from my guides and that shift I believe is due in part to technology that is allowing programs like this to allow spiritual awakening people to share the miracles with others on a global basis and as we change one-by-one then that shift is happening faster and faster. I can now say the M word Medium in a public place and not be you know burned at the stake and so we’re not there yet but more and more and more people are open to this and it’s a good thing.

Rick: 40-50 years ago, you couldn’t even say the M word (meditation). People thought you’re a total weirdo, now they are teaching it in Fortune 500 and so on… and the military and so on.

Suzanne: Yeah, in the military…yeah…

Rick:  Nice. Okay, what’s the next story on your list?

Suzanne: Okay, how about doing a reading for a man whose father was on the other side. I’d given him a reading in the past but he wrote to me and he said I really needed to hear from my dad and I said okay and it’s interesting the first readings that I do with people they’re full of evidence. How I died, what kind of work I did, who’s in the family that kind of, it’s like a laundry list, but the second readings because they’ve already given all that they’re so full of things going on in loved one’s life now. So, I thought that this was brilliant how this dad showed me what was going on in his son’s life. I said your dad’s showing me he’s raising a glass of champagne, you’re celebrating something, now he’s patting the belly my belly’s full, you’re going to have a baby in your family and he said yeah, my wife is 12 weeks pregnant. I said your dad knows about it and he’s celebrating from the other side and I said oh he just showed me what sex it is, but I’m not going to tell you, so we go on and his mom came flip to the other side. I said oh she just showed me what sex it is too and I wrote it down, so I’d remember I said ask me in nine months, and he said well we already know what sex it is, show me, so I held up the sign boy and he says it’s a boy. So, this is somebody who went from such sadness and missing his dad to knowing dad’s not going to miss the birth of that child, he’s going to be watching because he already knows about the pregnancy…

Rick: Interesting. You want to tell another one or you want me to ask you a question?

Suzanne: No, no, I’ll tell one. There’s one of the most frequent drop-in I have is from a wonderful beautiful young lady named Carly. She died at age 24, youngest recorded case of esophageal cancer. She’s going to be in the new book that I’m writing because I’ve become dear dear friends with her mom, Irene, and her dad, Tony, stepdad Tony. And the reading that Irene had with me absolutely changed her life, so I’m so grateful for that, but I had no idea when I did that reading that we would become such good friends. There is a video on my website called Irene’s healing. That shows about how a second reading got her past this PTSD that she was feeling having her daughter pass out in her arms just before she died, but Carly is a very strong communicator and drops in quite frequently, pretty much every time I talked to Irene on the phone Carly drops in, well, not every time because we talk often now, but Tony and Irene came to visit us last December because Ty and Tony share similar birthday and I looked at Irene I said let’s go talk to Carly. He says okay, so the guys are talking about sailboats in the living room. We go into my study and we sit down and immediately Carly is there and I said Carly is showing me a special license plate, this is a personalized license plate that somebody just gave you and she said, oh! yes, they have a foundation called Carly’s Kids that raises money for a school in Mississippi and somebody had made her a Carly’s Kids Foundation license plate, just gave it to her and she had just put it on her car. This was getting close to Christmas time and I said “Carly’s showing me there’s a room over your garage in your house. She shows me you taking boxes out of a closet and taking out Christmas decorations. She’s all excited. She’s saying, ‘oh! Mom remember this one, oh! I love this one mom, and Irene told me that that room over the garage is called the bonus room, she had just been up in there in the closet pulling out the Christmas decorations, yeah it was three weeks before Christmas, so maybe anybody would have been doing that, but she noticed the exact room but the thing that was significant was this was the first Christmas since Carly passed that Irene even had the emotional fortitude to pull out the Christmas decorations and she just couldn’t bear to pull out the certain decorations from the boxes, but here’s Carly with pure joy, saying “oh! remember this one mom, and I love this one and then Carly says clear as day, I’m not prima donna, and Irene started, she started laughing, because Irene is now the chapter head of the Helping Parents Heal Group in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and just the previous Sunday leading one of their group meetings, Tony was telling a story about Carly and said yeah she could be a real prima donna. So, here’s Carly coming to tell him what for from the spirit world like you don’t be telling stories about me just because I’m not there physically, I hear you.

Rick: Do they hang around constantly listening to every little thing or is it just sort of picked up?

Suzanne: No, but he is talking about them.

Rick: Oh, I see, yeah…

Suzanne: When you talk about their loved ones, they hear that. It’s that heart connection just opens right up when you when you call on them that’s why one of the things I say most often is talk to them. they hear you, unfortunately we don’t always hear them back, maybe if we picture that rainbow and listen carefully, learn to quiet our mind, daily meditation, sitting in the power I call it then you might hear it more clearly but when we think of them special holidays and dates, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, funerals, weddings, graduations they are there, because I know this because they tell me what happened at those parties and at the graduation. Somebody the other day just showed me that people put written things in his coffin at his funeral and they had, it’s really, I think it’s cool, oh! and so Carly dropped in not too long after that.  I called Irene, I said why is Carly showing me her teddy bear, Sebastian, she’s taking hold of his legs and walking the teddy bear, just like that, and Irene said, “oh! my God, her teddy bear, Sebastian, I put him in the closet because the grandkids were coming in and I didn’t want him, I forgot he’s still in the closet, so this is Carly from the other side saying, you know, walk him out of the closet mom, get him out of there, give him some fresh air.

Rick:  And Carly told you that his name was Sebastian…?

Suzanne: No, I already knew this, because she brought him up in the very first reading I did.

Rick: And said his name was Sebastian…

Suzanne: Well, Irene told me that later, but she showed me, she showed me the teddy bear. But that would be pretty cool.  No, but I’ve gotten somebody said my dog Champ is here on the other side, and the dog’s name is Champ. That’s really cool.  Oh…

Rick:  Go ahead …

Suzanne: So, I could tell a pet story…

Rick: Yeah…

Suzanne:  Yes, so our beloved pets, absolutely animals have souls and if they’re domesticated animals they have a personality so we can tune right into those specific Souls and they absolutely greet us when we get to the other side, but meanwhile I’ve tuned into dogs and cats with evidence how they pass, what they were like, their favorite toys, so I got ready to do a reading a couple weeks ago and I do my readings on the phone or on Skype in the bedroom of the bus so Ty can get on with his life out in the living room, so I bring my two little dachshunds, Rudy and Gretchen to sit on the bed, they bring good energy to the room, and I’m getting ready it’s five minutes before the reading so I’m expanding my consciousness. I’m starting to shift and I said to the spirits, you may come now, you may step in early if you want and suddenly Rudy the red dachshund stands up moves to the end of the bed and stares at seemingly nothing. I’m blind as a medium. I don’t see them sitting there, but I said oh he’s staring it, he must see the spirit and he made this funny little whine that he doesn’t make too often. He actually only makes it when he sees cats and he can’t get at him. He went mm…mmm what do you see. I said go sit down. Well he wouldn’t sit down. I got the woman on the phone, couldn’t see her, and I tuned in and I said there’s somebody here, but it’s I can’t tell who the relationship to you, but I’m getting kidney disease because I feel like pain in my kidney area and then there’s somebody else and my heart’s palpitating so we have a heart challenge here, and she said I have to tell you Suzanne the only ones I want to hear from today are my cats, and one had kidney disease and the other had a heart issue, and Rudy is still staring at nothing and he goes mmm…which is his cat whine, so Rudy sees spirits. He has shown that to me over and over again and I know that cat in spirit is somehow appearing before my dog who has gone crazy because he can’t get at it. I took a picture Rudy staring at nothing sitting on the end of the bed sitting up like what is the cat doing in my bedroom. It was really cool.

Rick:  It’s cool. We heard some things too after couple of our pets died, we were hearing things. You said that it is only when we embrace all sides of our true self, the physical as well as the spiritual that we experience wholeness and the joy of pure being. When we focus on one side of our wholeness and ignore the other side we are out of balance. It seemed like an important point in your book and important I think for a lot of spiritual people who …

Suzanne:  Yeah and that’s why I said that my husband could attest to the fact that if I were seeing spirits all the time I would be on 24 x7. When you feel the bliss that comes from sitting in meditation sometime or when you feel the joy that comes from connecting with those in spirit you would want to do that all the time but we’re here for a reason and so if I were to focus on that all the time my marriage would suffer and that’s so important to me. If I’m here I’m going to totally throw myself into that as well, so let’s try to find that balance every day and recommend that others do that too, whether that be getting out in nature and then having time for yourself, it’s a balance.

Rick: Yeah, good point.  I want to elaborate on it. Go ahead and tell us another story.

Suzanne:  Well as is urging, I’ve been teaching mediumship for the past year and it’s been very well received by people, because I show that anybody can connect to the other side. In fact, I just surveyed the 600 students that I’ve taught so far and it’s interesting that really only about 27% intend to work as a medium. The rest simply want to learn how to connect with their guides, their own loved ones or raise their consciousness and that’s happening through this – I call it my serving spirit class, two-day classes. So, I was teaching a class in Albuquerque last year and as part of the class my guides have had me demonstrate a one-on-one reading using one of the students in the classes because that’s what we’re working on one-on-one, not group demonstrations of mediumship. So, it was the morning of the second day and I was a little drained. The first day had been pretty high energy and my guide said you will do a demonstration for that woman there and they pointed out to me the one woman in the class who had sat there shut down arms crossed, really serious the whole time, and I was like are you kidding me. You know the whole point of this is keep the energy high. We want somebody that’s going to make nice good energy, good vibration in a reading, and I said to the class we’re going to take a break now for a few minutes and I left the room and I went across the hall to the hotel’s business center. Nobody was in it. I sat down, I went into meditation, and I said look I know you must have a reason, but if you want me to do a reading for that woman you need to give me a really big sign and my stepdaughter Susan who helps me a lot my reading she stepped in and she said Suzanne that woman is going to come right up to you at your book table in the back of the room when you walk back in and I said yeah that woman hasn’t talked to me the whole time like that’s going to happen. So okay, thank you.  Breaks over, I walk back into the room the woman makes a beeline straight for me at the book table, my jaw dropped open, and she looked at me and she said Suzanne would it be okay if I leave, I’m really not getting out of this class what I thought I would, and I said well you can leave if you want but I would like to do a demonstration of mediumship and if you would be willing I’d like to use you and give the reading to you, would that be okay before you leave and she said, yes, she looks a little stunned, so I bring her to the front of the room, I pulled two chairs with face-to-face. I said to everybody else, gather round here, this is how a reading goes for me and you can use this as a model. I don’t know anything about this woman, what’s your name, she said Tracy, okay Tracy. She’s given me permission to share all of this. She sits down. I know nothing about her, and I’m just saying okay guys you know what you’re doing here, let’s go, I shift I opened my eyes and I said you have lost the son and he’s standing right by your right shoulder. She burst into tears. I looked at the group and I said this is how you know you have a hit. You know you’ve gotten scored a big one, and I just took her hand, she was crying and I said your son is really tall, he’s showing me he was your greatest supporter, now he’s showing me that he fell before he passed. There was something to do with medication and then he just slipped away and his mom confirmed he had a sleep apnea problem. So, his doctors started him on new medication. He fell at work, that night he went to sleep and didn’t wake up. So very good evidence right off the bat. He told me things about his dog and the way his dog bark, lots of great evidence, it was a wonderful reading, and I said to Tracy your son is showing me you are going to be starting a chapter of Helping Parents Heal there’s that group again, but you’re not ready yet, you need to heal first and she said you know and I said and you have no intention of being a medium he’s telling me and she says you’re right that’s why I wanted to leave your class, because the only reason I came here was to hear from my son and when it became clear to me I wasn’t going to hear from him I wanted to leave. This shows me, Rick, the spirit world knew she’s getting ready to leave, you got to do this reading now and that’s why she was so shut down. She was deeply in grief and all she wanted was to hear from her son and once she did, she spent the whole rest of the class in the lobby calling every family member to say he’s here, he’s here, I heard from him. So, three weeks later I was at home in Florida and I got this card in the mail and a little gift of little infinity earrings from Tracy. Her son’s name is Aymen, and she said thank you so much for reading from Aymen.  I wanted to give you this gift as a thank you. So I immediately got on my iPad started typing her a thank you email for the thank you card and of course because I’m thinking of Aymen he drops in, he’s suddenly present with me, I recognized him immediately, I said Tracey Aymen is here, he’s showing me pictures of somebody a woman on a horse and he’s showing me how you used to rub his beard and tease him about it but now he’s talking about the tooth fairy, why is he doing this 27 or 29, I think 27 when he passed why would somebody that old be talking about the tooth fairy. Well, we’ll send this anyway, he’s here and he loves you, sent the email. She wrote back, overjoyed, the woman on the horse was fiancé she sent photos of her jumping horses that’s what she does. She showed a picture of me with him with his beard. She said she used to do that all the time, but the coolest thing was she said I can send you a picture of it, a screenshot of her cell phone the text, she had just sent to her two daughters two days earlier, she found all her kids baby teeth and she took a photo of the baby teeth sent it in the text and on the text wrote, the tooth fairy, and her daughter her daughter wrote at the bottom, OMG, don’t tell me those are our actual teeth, but it shows you that Aymen knows all about that text, because he rocks in three weeks after we talked, she’s not thinking of me at that moment to say hey mom I know all about that text. She has now started an online chapter of Helping Parents Heal because of all this evidence from the other side because her healing has advanced so much she’s gone from this state of desperation one year ago to now starting her own online chapter to help parents anywhere. It’s just the miracles are ongoing and exponentially growing that’s that shift in consciousness.

Rick:  Yeah that’s really neat, I keep saying things, I keep using the word neat for some reason.

Suzanne:  Because it is…

Rick: But it’s great you know, because I mean what you’re doing and the knowledge that this reveals, the evidence that this reveals can be such a balm for people, you know it can relieve so much grief that is really unnecessary grief, you know.

Suzanne:  Exactly,

Rick: So, it’s huge…

Suzanne:  It’s huge and part of the teaching the spiritual teaching is that grief is a choice that once you realize, I mean it’s natural and people will feel it and I know that I will when I have further losses in my family, but when you realize they’re not permanent losses then it becomes a choice. They’re watching me. They see me desperate, they see me crying…Do I want them to feel that pain from me? they wouldn’t want that and so then you choose to say ok I’m going to go outside for a while. I’m going to get out of this house. I’m going to go interact with other people I’m going to reconnect at the heart with other people and that’s what brings the real healing.

Rick: Yeah, it seems to me that if somebody is really grieving a lot it sort of puts the deceased loved one in a difficult position, because they don’t want to see their loved ones suffering and they want to help but if they can’t get through then it would be frustrating and also, it’s a courtesy to them to kind of like you know realize this stuff and not be so grief-stricken.

Suzanne:  You want a funny story? So, doing a reading and those on the other side will use what is in my conscious mind they’ll use recent conversations because it’s easy to grab those and you put that thought, that image, that word in my mind if it can be evidential to their loved one, I’ve seen that happen over and over again. So I’m doing a reading and I had a mom whose son is on the other side and I said your son is here we validated that, but I said he’s showing me a conversation I had last night we were talking at the dinner table with a dinner guest about the movie the Fish Called Wanda where the star eats the goldfish and it’s alive and you can see that the fish’s tail flopping out of his mouth and our dinner guest said I did that once, I ate live fish, and everybody’s around the table saying uhhh…you know so this conversation was very fresh in my mind, and this kid on the other side is showing me that and I said your son is showing me he ate goldfish and his mother said, oh, he ate them all the time I had to keep him supplied.  I said really, I said does it get any more evidential than that. you know, and I said can I put this on Facebook, because this is big, this is really huge, your son ate goldfish and she said sure I put on Facebook, because I like to share these stories like I’m doing now. It gives people hope. So I go on Facebook and I told the story and it got all these comments people are going uh…uh…or that so awesome, and like the 23rd comment down on my official Facebook page – this lady goes could she meant the crackers…and I went oh my God, and I emailed the mother and I said did you mean goldfish crackers and she said, well, yes…this is how spirit world works that was his favorite snack, she had to keep him supplied goldfish crackers, but that’s like an insignificant little thing, its generic but it’s not generic, you know that was his favorite snack, but he uses the fact that we were talking about actually eating goldfish in my conscious mind to get that through but this is how because it’s not perfect communication things get a little twisted around, but I’ll have readings and I would say 50% of the time people listen to their recording later they call me back and they say you know I missed this one thing but now it’s so clear, this is what they were talking about, and I’ll tell them yeah that’s it or no that’s a stretch that’s not it at all, because the integrity is really important for me, I’m not going to stretch something just to get it check and watch, yes, that was right, but if it’s accurate yeah we celebrate that.

Rick: That’s neat. I was thinking as you were telling that story that yeah well you used to hear about people doing that as a college prank, maybe it was a hazing kind of a thing or something but this woman was actually kind of, you know, enabling buying her son fresh goldfish, weird relationship …


talk about an indulgent mother…Here’s a question, when the communication from the other side occurs it seems that there’s usually a need, it is purposeful, meaningful, some resolution or healing is needed, burdens are lifted, etc. If someone wants to connect and yet does not could the reason be that there was not really a need from the other side. Have you ever experienced the connection from the other side in which need was not obvious to some degree or maybe later became obvious?

Suzanne:  That’s a great question. There are times when the connection is just not there happily. It’s very very seldom, so I call the reading off, and say I am sorry, it’s just not here, but we don’t know the reason why and as you asked that I have to wonder the need for love is inherent within us. It’s what helps us to know who we are and so I think that need is always there to help us return home, to our true home, so why would a spirit if they are in a good place that they’re able to communicate with us why would they deny us the opportunity to open our hearts more. So, I don’t think it’s ever that I don’t feel like talking to them today there’s no need. I just can’t imagine that I haven’t experienced that. So, if the connection is not there, one of the things I teach is let’s not place the blame anywhere if we don’t know. I’ve had people say I had a reading with a medium and she said my dad doesn’t want to talk to me today. That’s hurtful thing to say and we can’t know that, can’t, so I just generally say I’m sorry I don’t know why it could be me, it could be you, it could be the other side the connection is just off today for whatever reason and I’ll know to say maybe you need to try another medium or let’s try again sometime and we do.

Rick: Yeah, like in my case for instance I think it’d be cool to connect with my parents and see how they’re doing

Suzanne:  We are going to do that by the way

Rick: Later on you mean, not today, y-ya-ya yeah just to see how they’re doing and all, be really interesting, but it’s like I don’t have this burning need but maybe from their side there’s a need, you know maybe my father would like to say a few things or my mother you know whatever and you said you run into that sometime where the human being, living one is like ho-hum, but you’re getting messages from the other side I really need to connect with this person, oh, yeah especially if there is an apology or they never said I love you and they want to say it, this is why I used to listen to what my sitter wants. I want to hear from my wife who passed, my dad, and so we would set that intention and then others would come in, in the very beginning I’d kind of like say, no, no, they want to hear from their wife realizing now it’s not about what they want or what I want when we just stop trying to control things and my intention always now is may the greater good be served by this session then we’re open to whatever happens. We’ve had people come in and the person, the sitter will say I don’t want to hear from them, make them go away, and I’ll say well they’re here you need to go away well they’re not going away because they want to apologize for the abuse. I know I hear it I don’t want to apologize. They’re not ready to forgive but that soul on the other side made their amends and then they back away. It’s really interesting.

Rick: Yeah, it is.

Suzanne:  You talked about love a minute ago and here’s another quote that jumped out at me out of your book, you said when you place your focus on the heart you find greater understanding of why humans act the way they do toward each other. You experience greater tolerance not just for others but for yourself because you realize that essentially, we were all the same, beautiful souls doing our best to carry out our human roles. With that awareness comes greater patience, not just for others but for yourself as well.

Suzanne: Yeah, this is why I feel that mediumship has been a great path for me and not a distraction, because my impatience with myself for being perfect in readings and perfection just doesn’t happen as gotten in the way, my desire to get greater evidence has gotten in the way, so every step of my journey I ask how can I get better in my readings and in fact my guides came through recently and told me to go back and read the poem that is in Wolf Message, they said read the very end of it and it said I’ve memorized it because it’s so important. Just sit back now and relax as your desires you attack and the ego you release this is the road to peace and I realize my desires for a perfect reading were actually blocking the connection and so it’s all these life lessons about how to get the ego out of the way, how to get your human side out of the way, your fears, your doubts, your worries, you’re impatience, all of those things – if you just go to the heart and open up then life flows and what’s interesting Rick is the very next reading I did after getting that guidance was for a gentleman that I really didn’t want to do his reading, because I could tell he kind of had me on a pedestal and I like no, I’m not this perfect medium, this is the challenge I’m sharing all these great readings with you today and this is the potential here but not every reading is like that, most are really-really good or I wouldn’t do this work but this guy I knew he was expecting big Wow’s and I thought he was expecting evidence so I didn’t want to do it but I had promised him, so the guides gave me that quote, you know, just your desire you attack and the ego you release this is the road to peace. I said I’m going to go in this reading with no desires whatsoever. If he’s pleased with it, fine, no desire, so I just said it all aside and I just showed up for the reading and he got a little bit of evidence but he got amazing guidance about his life’s path. It was a lot of psychic stuff, but his dad showed up and he said please ask my dad this and it just flowed it was the most amazing flow of guidance and his dad and you know what this guy said to me at the very end of the reading, “that was perfect Suzanne”.

Rick: So, you still on a pedestal.

Suzanne: Oh God! But see, I set aside the need to be perfect and he got what to him was perfection, so it’s beautiful, the teaching.

Rick: Remember that Nisargadatta quote I sent you the other day?

Suzanne: I do.

Rick: It was something like “when your desires melt into preferences then everything will work through you and for you rather than by you”. Preferences rather than desires…you know it’s like okay…

Like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, you know “I don’t want this to happen and but after all, Thy will be done, whatever”. You know, it’s like we’re not trying to like run the show realizing that ultimately there is a bigger wisdom that we have to surrender to.

Suzanne: Yeah, I had two readings last week that were like a three-bar connection. I rate my readings like a cell phone signal, five bars is great, three bars, it was like pulling teeth and I just mmm the sitter I wanted her to be thrilled, there’s the desires again, right, but it was good. I could tell that her loved one was there, but at the end kind of I felt a little let down and then the very next reading that flow was back and this is my lesson to just show up because I don’t control that, maybe the lesson for that mom was exactly what she got. Well, my guides told me last week is yeah you serve those on the other side and you serve the sitter but the readings themselves serve your souls evolution because every reading is an opportunity for me to release the ego, to release the perfection, to release the desires, and that’s for this Navy officer who still sits up straight you know that that’s still a challenge, so we’re not there yet.

Rick: I don’t know if there is any there that you ultimately get to I think it’s we’re always work-in-progress you know.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Rick: Got another story for us.

Suzanne: You know I had – a huge aha that I had a couple weeks ago I feel that my team Sanaya has been getting me ready for a big workshop I just gave with medium Susanne Wilson and then for this interview just teaching me more about the nature of duality and oneness and I’m really getting it in layers I think we all do, we kind of get it, we think we get it and then there are other layers and layers and layers but one thing they showed me is that the spirit world is part of the duality and that was just a huge aha to me which seems silly, but we don’t die and go to the perfection and the oneness. The souls are still interacting with each other so that’s duality they’re still deciding whether to come back here and have another go at it that’s part of the duality we still continue growing on that side, still working our way hopefully towards that state of undivided consciousness and perfection and love. So, it was just an interesting aha for me that it’s all part of the story. Even the spirit was part of the dream illusion, but it can help their interaction with that aspect of the dream, the illusion, the separation still helps us to grow whether on this side of the veil or the next.

Rick: Yeah that’s an interesting point and that’s one reason that some spiritual people dismissed the whole mediumship thing as you know they might believe that mediums are doing what they say they’re doing but they might they might say, well, yeah but so what, it’s this world is illusory that world is illusory, so why double in another illusory world, get beyond the illusion of all worlds and you know arrive at what is real, but the thing is it takes a thorn to remove a thorn and we do all kinds of things that we interact with a world and we take things seriously enough even though we might understand them ultimately to be illusory, we don’t say well I don’t need to eat because food is illusory, so it’s like the whole relative experience that we’re having is germane to our growth and our evolution and why should that just be limited to the concrete physical world.

Suzanne: Yeah and I’m glad that that subject came up because for those who think that there’s no purpose in mediumship you can see that this interaction between the two worlds helps the evolution of the soul, no matter which side of the veil we’re on.

Rick: Yeah and you know for those who are sort of fond of Vedic literature and all who might be fans of Ramana Maharshi and Vedanta and so on the Vedic literature is chock-full of stories of people in their earthly bodies communicating with subtler beings of various kinds and you know having them play a significant role in whatever the situation is in their in their spiritual evolution or in some drama that’s taking place in the story it’s like and not only Vedic I mean most of the world’s spiritual traditions have stories like this. So why would they be in there if they were irrelevant or not useful to spiritual development.

Suzanne: And we have these beings on the other side who are the bridge between the two worlds. We talked about this at length in the first interview, Rick, the spirit guides and I’ll admit that because of my Navy officer training, my rigid background, I had a real hard time believing guides are real but yet now I’ve come so far that I just led a workshop with another wonderful evidence-based medium named Susanne Wilson and it was all about how to connect with your spirit guide. So we were two weeks ago getting ready to have an online meeting, she and I to discuss our latest ideas and the final plans for this workshop and that morning we were scheduled to talk at 4 o’clock in the afternoon that morning I was due to give a reading to a woman at 10 o’clock, so about 9:15 suddenly this man’s face is in my vision it’s in my mind’s eye, not really out here, but I saw him he looked like a Viking, big bushy beard and mustache, full hair, appear kind of reddish blond hair, big nose and I thought, Oh! who’s that, I don’t normally see faces like that. About 15 minutes later there he is again, I could describe him perfectly, I’ve been seeing faces more and more now. So right before the reading started a third time this guy, so as the reading started I got the woman on the phone, I told her I need to tell you this man showed up for me three times in the last hour, I described him, with a beard, the mustache, the color of the hair, she says I don’t recognize that person at all and I thought well okay and I just put that aside and got on with the reading.  Now, 4 o’clock comes and I get Suzanne Wilson on Skype and we’re sitting there having our little business meeting about our workshop that’s upcoming about connecting with spirit guides and she said I’m going to show a picture of these drawings that this is what my guides look like. She holds up this picture and the one guy it’s a guy I saw, the big bushy beard, the mustache, the hair, I said this is a guy that came to me today who is that she said well that’s my main spirit guide and I told her he showed up at 9:15, 9:30, and right before my reading. She said, oh my gosh, at nine o’clock this morning I said to my guide, Suzanne and I are having this meeting at 4, why don’t you go hang out with her spirit guides and get ready for the meeting.


Rick: Wow, it’s interesting.

Suzanne: It blew both of us away. We’re both used to a lot of really cool stuff having in readings but to tell your guide to have that much, go talk to her guide and he shows up visually for me several times with his very affirming to me as I got ready to go tell people this is real, your guides are real, talk to them.

Rick:  Yeah, it’s amazing, I think some people must feel like well my life is kind of dull compared to Suzanne.  She’s got so much going on….

Suzanne: But it could get better for anybody once they open the door to believing it’s possible because mine used to be very secular world, you know I wasn’t interacting with the spirit world at all. Ty tells people when I took him to see a medium after Susan died, he didn’t even know what a medium was and now he’s married to one. He doesn’t meditate daily. I bring the spirit excitement, the stories into our lives but he finds his connection in nature, but he believes this now, so that’s his – you know he gets into it that way, other people they need to get that belief going and then train your minds to be quiet and you never know what will happen.

Rick: Yeah, an email just came in from something totally unrelated, and it said – the headline of the email is – wait, is magic real?

Suzanne: Oh my gosh, don’t you love it?


and with perfect timing…

Rick: That’s cool.

Suzanne: But it’s not magic, it’s as real as things get in this unreal reality, how’s that you know it’s very real and when you ask like I did in Wolf’s Message over and over why is this happening, what’s the meaning for this sign, what does this have to tell me, that’s when it takes on real value. You can say, oh! that’s really cool, did that happen but why? What’s the lesson?

Rick: Carl Jung talked a lot about synchronicity.

Suzanne: Right.

Rick: I mean one of my favorite themes is just that we’re sort of swimming in a sea of intelligence, there’s nothing but that, there’s nothing dead, rocks aren’t dead, trees are very much alive, the whole thing is intelligence, just sort of playing with itself and interacting with itself and there’s just so much significance and meaning and profundity and every little tiny thing.

Suzanne: And that’s the intelligence that I see when I do readings, the intelligence of a girl in spirit who would show up with the bunny suit, the intelligence of a spirit they would say I did for my job exactly what your husband is doing now, I see that intelligence all the time and I do believe that we come back until we get it right. In fact, I could tell one more story…

Rick: Oh, yeah, did a reading for a woman who I knew she wanted to hear from her child, but I didn’t know what age or how the child had passed at all. So, I had her on video – it was a not in person but a video reading and I tuned in and right away I got cramps in my abdomen, but I saw a gesture towards her that means this is you, I said you’re having issues in your abdomen stomach area, she said no I’m not, and I said now this is definitely you. Okay, it’s nothing to be worried about, I don’t still feel anything grave, but just remember that came up, so I tuned and I said oh your child was just a baby this was SIDS, and sudden infant death syndrome, and she said yes it was. And I said this is really strange, because your child is showing me this spiral and is saying, I’m coming back to you, I’m meant to be with you and your husband, you’re supposed to be my parents and I left because I had a defect that would have caused you greater pain in the future and we can’t prove that – I’m not saying this is pure evidence, the child did die of SIDS, the very next day the woman emailed me she said Suzanne I just did a pregnancy test, I’m pregnant, that was the cramps and the abdominal issue that I was being shown and I truly believe that that little soul had some life lessons that were going to come out because of the connection with those two parents and it may not have had a viable life here but came back to try it again, with these things we can’t prove but that’s part of the magic right? opening your mind to believe and whether or not it’s true we’ll find out eventually but what does it teach us now? what does it bring us now? Healing…

Rick: That’s great, okay, so we’ve covered quite a bit. I always feel like we’re just scratching the surface, you know, and there’s so much more that we could talk about but an interview is like a little sampling, you know and so I’m glad to have provided people with another taste of Suzanne Giesemann.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Rick: And, I think what you’re doing is beautiful and you’re very interesting and you’re having so much fun and you’re helping so many people and it’s just …you know we’re all serving in different ways, maybe I don’t think I’ll ever be a medium and it’s not my role, but I have my role and you have yours.

Suzanne:  Yeah…

Rick: You know we’re all holding up our sticks.

Suzanne: It’s definitely a calling for me and I can’t meet the demand for people who want evidential reading, so my biggest advice to people who hear this and they want to connect with their loved ones is get a medium through referrals through word-of-mouth and ask are they evidential if you need them? not everybody does but if you really want to know that’s my parents, – that’s my spouse, that’s my child, whoever it is you want to hear from and the evidence is important then ask somebody who’s had the reading or read testimonials, because we mediums who want people to know this is real, who are raising the bar for mediumship we want people to have the good experience, so it’s possible. There are frauds out there that’s the problem and it is possible to fake a reading, but I hope with the short stories that I’ve shared with you today you can see there are things here you absolutely can’t fake.

Rick: Yeah, like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost until Patrick Swayze kind of like came along and then she was a total fraud….

Suzanne:  I love that scene with the loved ones behind you’re saying I want to talk, now let me in, let me talk, sometimes that was it is like, you know they just gather around and so excited on the other side to connect with us again to let us know I’m still right here which is the name of the book that I’m working on – Still Right Here…they really are, they’re living their own lives in their reality in which they find themselves now, but they still keeping an eye on us and helping us, guiding us as needed and it serves the greater good.

Rick: Yeah and you know what you said about mediums are a bit in short supply and so on maybe try to find one. Maybe hopefully you can find a good one. You know, I would say as a general rule that whether or not you find one, one of one’s priorities in life should be to do whatever you can to accelerate and support your spiritual growth in whatever ways.

Suzanne:  Yes that’s the thing.

Rick: Yes, whatever way it is, because that’s the bottom line, not everybody needs a medium or needs to talk to loved ones on the other side, whatever the essential thing – what the game is really about is our spiritual growth, our spiritual evolution, so you know make that the priority and everything else will fall into place.

Suzanne:  That’s why I have free meditations on my website that people can download so that they can get an experience of who they really are and feel that love, that’s within them and make the connection themselves. That’s why I’m teaching mediumship. It’s like the old, you know, give a man a fish in a reading or teach him to fish, absolutely.

Rick: Yeah, just don’t swallow live ones…

(Laughter…) if you feel, you must go buy some crackers…

Suzanne:  Good advice!

Rick: Okay, great, well, thanks so much Suzanne. I’m really glad we got to connect again. If you’re ever driving through Iowa you should probably will be should stop by.

Suzanne:  Oh, yeah, I would love to.

Rick: Yeah, we’re not too far off to be in track.

Suzanne:  Good, will be good to see you in person. Thanks for your time.

Rick:  Happy Trails and don’t hang up yet, I just want to make a few concluding remarks, so I was speaking with Suzanne Giesemann. I’ll be linking to her website, rather than try to spell Suzanne Giesemann right now, just go to her page on batgap.com and just click on the link and you’ll find yourself at her website and explore that to your heart’s content. This is an ongoing series. Let’s see next week I’ll be interviewing, oh! I better not say, I’m talking to Suzanne, the person will probably cancel. That happened last time I was doing an interview with Suzanne, I announced the next week and that person canceled, but next week is a fellow named Lakota John.  Lakota John who is the first Native American guy I will have interviewed, talking about Native American spirituality. So, if you’d like to be notified of upcoming interviews just look on the upcoming interviews page on batgap.com.  If you want to be notified when new ones are actually released sign up for the email newsletter. We appreciate support if you feel like supporting it and as I mentioned in the beginning there’s a PayPal link there and a lot of other things just explore the website and it’s pretty self-evident, and you yourself have it. Do you still do those messages from Sanaya on a regular basis.

Suzanne:  Oh daily, you can sign it to get them by email or just go on my website.

Rick: Yeah, we haven’t talked much about that, but Sanaya is the name for the Suzanne’s guides and she gets messages and sends out an email every single day with a message from them.  So, you might want to.

Suzanne:  And my Facebook page they go on the Facebook, so there are multiple ways.

Rick: All right! So, thank you all for listening or watching. Thank You Suzanne, and we’ll see you next week.