122. Ellie Roozdar, 2nd Interview

Ellie RoozdarThis is my second interview with Ellie. You might want to listen to the first one before listening to this one.

Ellie is a happily married woman for 29 years. She has been blessed, with two beautiful children—a lovely daughter and a sweet son.

She has graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook and has been teaching mathematics in high school and community colleges. After changing her career, she worked in Information Technology as a Quality Assurance Manage for many years.

Since childhood, she was seeing herself as a vision, which was not associated with the body at all. The question was arising, “Who am I?” This was never answered and it was there in her heart for a long time…

Since the year 2001, she has been inspired:

  1. To get to know who she is.
  2. To find what she is searching for.

For the past few years, she has had wonderful experiences by “going within,” meditating, and discovering the Truth. The Truth reveals itself to itself by itself.
She would like to share these experiences with you.
She hopes that by reading her story, you also get inspired to “go within” and “discover” who you really are, and also find the authentic joy that resides within.

This is simply a discovery, not to become anyone or anything. Remember: Joy is already there, it just needs to be uncovered.
We learn to go within and to be a witness of the “nothingness.” It may be frightening at the beginning. All our life we want to be somebody and add something to ourselves and now we will face “nothingness.”

She wishes you all patience and the best of luck on this path. Please know that this is the best thing and the most important thing that you can do for yourself.

You will be happy that you took the time to discover your True Self.

Love and light!

The Skype sessions that I arrange with the seeker, if they are ready, are as follows:

“Walking meditation” is a Guided meditation, by closing the eyes and having this journey within. Symbolically, hand in hand walking together, to recognize and identify the Truth directly. The one and only Truth that which the silence/stillness is pointing to. The Truth that has been overlooked all along, will be recognized by itself. This is awakening.

Ellie’s website

Transcript of this interview

First interview with Ellie

Interview recorded 5/12/2012

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