398. Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi

His teachings are simple, but profound:

  • You have forgotten your Real Self.
  • You are that abode of Supreme Peace.
  • Through meditation, devotion and selfless service this illusory ego can be removed, and your true immortal nature of Supreme Peace and Permanent Happiness realized.

His Holiness Shri Shivarudra Balayogi (affectionately known as Baba Maharaj) is a Self Realized Yogi – one who has completed the path of Yoga and attained union with the Supreme Consciousness. A direct disciple of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, He entered His Guru’s service at the age of 19 and was later initiated into Sanyas, a monastic life of pure devotion and service. He was placed in charge of the Dehra Dun Ashram where He spent 20 years absorbed in intense spiritual practice, combining selfless service, devotion to His Guru and deep meditation.

Following the Mahasamadhi (the passing from this world’s physical form) of His Guru in 1994, Shri Shivarudra Balayogi was initiated into the spiritual practice of Tapas, in which He meditated for an average of 20 hours a day continually for the next 5 years. The culmination of this was the attainment of the goal of all spirituality – Self Realization, the permanent union of the mind with the Supreme Peace of Infinite Pure Consciousness.
He now travels the world carrying on His Guru’s mission of teaching dhyana meditation, true devotion and selfless service. Baba Maharaj is the embodiment of gentleness and compassion. His life itself is His teaching: devotion, selfless service to humanity and unrelenting effort in striving for spiritual perfection.

Shri Babaji offers initiation, freely and without obligation, into the technique of dhyana meditation which He used to achieve Self Realization. He engages audiences worldwide with His profound spiritual insight, drawn from deep personal experience rather than scriptural study. His teachings are the purest form of the sublime philosophy of Self Realization taught by the ancient Sages of India.

Website: shivarudrabalayogi.org


Transcript of this interview.

Interview recorded 5/1/2017

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Baba Maharaj
  • 00:03:45 – The Guru and the Yogi
  • 00:07:44 – The Beginning of Spiritual Inquiry
  • 00:11:39 – Meeting Guru Shivabalayogi
  • 00:15:28 – Joining the Bangalore ashram
  • 00:19:19 – Divine Experiences and the Role of the Guru
  • 00:23:00 – The Value of a Self-Realized Guru
  • 00:27:07 – The Guru-Disciple Relationship
  • 00:31:12 – Finding the Right Guru
  • 00:35:10 – Kanakadasa’s Test of Faith
  • 00:38:47 – Tapas: Burning the Habits of the Mind
  • 00:42:39 – The Meaning of Tapas
  • 00:46:31 – The Guru’s Manifestation
  • 00:50:09 – The Three Stages of Manifestation
  • 00:54:08 – Surrendering to Swamiji’s Blessings
  • 00:57:36 – Retaining an Ego after Enlightenment
  • 01:01:20 – The Divine’s Intelligent Work
  • 01:04:55 – Tapas and Detachment
  • 01:08:54 – Gradual Shift of Attention to Your Own Self
  • 01:12:42 – The Importance of Practice
  • 01:16:19 – The Mechanics of Jangama Dhyana
  • 01:20:02 – Watching the Mind
  • 01:23:48 – The Awareness of the Self
  • 01:27:42 – Fixing the Gaze on the Tip of the Nose
  • 01:31:33 – The Usefulness of Samadhi for Spiritual Bypassing
  • 01:35:11 – Overcoming the Past and Planning for the Future
  • 01:38:48 – Becoming a Self-Realized Soul
  • 01:42:09 – Finding Balance Between Surrender and Determination
  • 01:45:35 – The Role of Spiritual Teachers in Self-Realization
  • 01:49:32 – Cultivating the Mind and Practicing Spirituality
  • 01:53:06 – Expressing Gratitude and Well Wishes