009. Tom Traynor

Tom TraynorI had been a seeker for most of my life. I began to meditate in 1973 and followed that path for the next 28 years. In 1983 I had a very intense Near Death Experience that left me with a very unattached view on the seriousness of everything. A separation and subsequent divorce in 1991 left me at a loss of a reason to continue doing what I had been doing in the past. After visiting Fairfield twice a year from 1989, my new wife Cindy and I moved here in 1999 as it was the next obvious thing to do. Our old life had ended and this was a chance to start a new chapter. We jumped right into the Dome program at but also were fascinated by the fact that Fairfield was Grand Central Station for just about every spiritual teacher on the planet. After sampling the various flavors of all the folks passing thru it seemed obvious that Andy Rymer was the next thing to pay attention too. I found Andy to be a very powerful force and can see his influence on me to finally get that I was awake and had always been awake. Since the summer of 2001 I have kept busy nurturing the Wednesday Night Satsang Group and holding office hours at Revelations Coffee Shop most afternoons as a 12 step program for seekers.

Tom is happy to have phone conversations with people – no charge. His number is 641-919-6917. His email is traynor.tom@gmail.com.

Interview recorded 1/22/2010.

Video and Audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

5 thoughts on “009. Tom Traynor

  1. Tom sounds like quite a character. And a unique waking indeed. At least he didn’t fight it.

    His comments about several ‘Dark night of the souls’ was interesting. I’ve seen a few people talk of one but have noticed for myself there has been more than one.
    The link he mentions:

    I was reminded of a teacher who said that you hope it doesn’t happen in public. She was talking about a rapture, but it sounds like his heart clearing was one like that. (laughs)

    His contact info is at 68 min.

    He tweaked my interest in the book. Its:
    Perfect Madness: from Awakening to Enlightenment.
    by Donna Lee Gorrell
    I found it through a reseller on Amazon.ca for $12 (last one)
    Amazon.com currently has 3 copies for $19

  2. I read over the dark night reference. While I see the pattern, my experience was not so dramatic or focused.

    In this journey, I’ve had distinct chapters. When a chapter ends, everything ends – relationship, career, residence, etc. I’ve now gotten used to it and learned to not fight it – the push just gets harder. I’ve also learned that each chapter is even better than the last. While I sometimes find it annoying or frustrating, it’s no longer the big drama it once was.

    More recently, I’ve begun to learn to resolve the energy more quickly without having to live through years of it. But it can be tricky as karma tends to come with blind spots. But working with the energy, it can be resolved internally thus not requiring another drama.

  3. Thanks David. Being a character seemed rather natural. It has all gone as it goes. Seeing the young ones show up on Weds nite and to listen to their clarity has made this all very satisfying and has increased my level of appreciation. One of my friends from Weds nite read me a section from MMYs Absolute level of Management book. To paraphrase, the absolute level of management is the absolute level of appreciation. Thanks TOm

  4. I’ve known Tom for many years and I can attest to the fact that he is, indeed, a “character.” A lovable character with a great heart who is not shy about shaking a few cages now and then. And that’s a good thing…

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