Ivan Rados Transcript

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Ivan Rados Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer. Buddha at the Gas Pump is an ongoing series of interviews with spiritually Awakening people. Today’s interview with Ivan Rados is number 400. So congratulations Yvonne, you just lucked out. Number 400. Yeah, if anyone is discovering this for the first time and you’d like to check out some of the previous ones, go to batgap.com and look under the past interviews menu where you’ll find all the previous ones organized and categorized in four or five different ways. This show is made possible by the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and feel like supporting it, there is a donate button on every page of the site. So as I just hinted, today’s guest is Ivan Rados. So I’ll just read a quick bio of him and then we’ll get into it. Yvonne, who also goes by the spiritual name Atma, is a meditation master who was born in the former Yugoslavia. At the age of 42. He experienced a profound inner awakening that changed his perception of himself and reality, after which he was devoted to integrating his not his knowing into his being, marking the beginning of a movement towards the inner point, which he calls the middle point. He started teaching meditation regularly from his healing studio in Vancouver. As a healer, Atma, is a true master of both himself and his life. He asserts that he heals no one but simply helps people heal themselves through the power of consciousness is journey reads like a book of miracles which he modestly labels ordinary nurses, we’ll be talking about that. The wisdom he shares comes from his deep roots in the oneself the source of everything has assisted 1000s In reconnecting with their state of health in personal, personal group and long distance sessions is not associated with any particular spiritual movement, religion or tradition is deep and authentic. Rooting in the unknown provides him the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of consciousness in these most transformative of times. He travels extensively, taking his knowingness throughout the world, facilitating meditation classes, talks intensives and retreats. So welcome.

Ivan Rados: Thank you. Thank you. Welcome for inviting me.

Rick Archer: Did I do that? Oh no, I didn’t do that. Yeah, I invited you I didn’t enlighten you. Yes, you’re welcome. You came recommended by a number of people. So the former Yugoslavia what year was that? The you were born 4040

Ivan Rados: My body was born in for me it was like yeah,

Rick Archer: oh, yeah. I mean, that’s

Ivan Rados: relationship with my body but not with the place where my body was born.

Rick Archer: Right? Okay. It was

Ivan Rados: body was born in Iowa 53 for five years. 62

Rick Archer: So you count 62

Ivan Rados: Okay, I’m not obsessed by numbers and by the age

Rick Archer: that’s okay. And when did you leave Yugoslavia

Ivan Rados: I leave my it was slightly I left a couple of times, but just three days before the war I just left i i just said that’s it. I don’t want to participate in any madness. And I left and since then I just cut my past totally that’s why I said I’m not related to the place I’m into my body.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And in some way you’re not even related to that. I suppose.

Ivan Rados: He’s talking about that after leaving my body in this sort of life history. I don’t know what kind of other bodies we like it when I go somewhere else but I’m very happy with this body right now.

Rick Archer: Well, I’m glad you got out of there when you did so. So you experienced at the age of 42. How old are you now body wise?

Ivan Rados: Body wise 150

Rick Archer: and well preserved well you lost your hair but otherwise

Ivan Rados: like tiring, isn’t it? Your body around I’d rather I’d rather fly but you know I have. I’m very fortunate to have you know, my beloved Lana, who is holding me back on Earth grounding me either Wise, I’m just, you know, my, my, my main excuse is I’m an artist so I can hide my madness behind being an artist.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yeah, my father was a professional artist too. Just Just don’t go cutting off your ear you have nice ears.

Ivan Rados: (laughs)

Rick Archer: so what was this? You know, profound in your waking that happened when you were 42? What happened? Oh why did it happen? Had you been doing some kind of spiritual practice or something?

Ivan Rados: I mean, you see, I’ve been, I’ve been searching all my life for something that I thought is, you know, whatever Enlightenment and I had no idea what Enlightenment is I had no concept, I have an entire theory behind. And I was studying everything along the willing just to, you know, find the, you know, to confirm my idea. And I’m searching and searching and searching but never ever finding, really. But along with my search, I was expressing myself through my art, I was being creative with myself, I was drawing out my consciousness. Let me go back when I was kid sure. And this was my first recollect you know, my first memories when I was kid when I was young. It’s uh, you know, I was maybe grade one, grade two. And I will touch kids, if they have any problems, stomach ache, toothache, headache, whatever, they even when they’re hurt, when they’re emotionally disturbed when they’re anxious. I had, I don’t know, empathy, compassion, to come hug them, put my hand on their stomach on their, you know, their face to hear the tooth or whatever, and they will be better and they will run around in elderly with tired, you know, my body will be tired, drained, a little bit down a little bit rainy, I remember those moments where I will be totally depleted. And it’s like, Oh, my God. Anyway. principle called my mom, my mom went there. And whatever they were talking, my mom said, came home and said, No, you’re not allowed to do that. I said what? I mean, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. So she said, you’ve been doing wrong. Everyone was unhappy that teachers weren’t happy talking about it, you’re disrupting the classes and was distracting kids. And other parents, you know, talking is like, Oh my god. So I didn’t know what to do. So I went to my grandma, and my grandma said, Oh, my son you are, you can be that. Whatever you came with that energy, compassion, ability to heal, or whatever. But you know, there are two ways you can do that you can continue doing it, or suppress it. What you’re going to do, I didn’t know what kind of suppression means, but forgetting don’t do that, in a way. And I said, Is there any third option? What do you think I said, Can I change it to something else? Because I was playing and it was, you know, I was playing with a, you know, outside changing changing the positions of rocks, for example,

Rick Archer: you can move them with your mind you mean? Yeah, yeah.

Ivan Rados: So, you know, making rocks in certain geometrical patterns and forms I was playing with the sacred geometry, or with

Rick Archer: your hands you were doing you weren’t? You weren’t moving around with your mind. Okay. So if you’re making

Ivan Rados: patterns, something that is geometrically shaped, I feel all right. And I feel protected and saved and whatever I was playing with that while other kids were playing 1000s and whatever football is a ad. And she said, What do you think so can I channel what you said? Yes, you can. What do you want to do in life I want to be an artist you said that’s the way to channel so that’s where I went so I become an artist. So that becomes my spiritual search even though I didn’t realize that while I was searching for external confirmation and confirmation of my idea what Enlightenment is so fine, so I went into and then at one point, I was I was painting I was studying and I used to go for five days no food, no drinking, or maybe drinking water but no food, no slate, just painting painting and be so frustrated, so angry. I would rip up my canvases in my studio. I will. I would do crazy stuff even though would take the commerce outside even though someone might pass by and say, Wow, what a gorgeous work, I will take it out and burn it while I was painting painting, you know, those those segments are almost every month a couple of times of 567 days, no food, no sleeping is just like going through until I knocked myself down and sleep for 48 hours. At one point, I said to my beloved Lana I’m going on might be, you know, I don’t know, I might be 10 days now, I’m going totally fasting for 23 days, but I’m not going to sleep 10 days been a pain. And the fifth day, I was painting, I was throwing Canvas, you know, the raw oil on on the canvas. And just I fall, I fall unconscious, you know, and I became consciousness immediately. And I realize I’m on the floor. And I’m not able to move, I’m not able even to think where I am, I’m just aware that I am. It just like happened instantaneously. It’s not like, you know, I was there not thinking oh, this is whatever this financial, you know, epiphany that people talk about it is this is the realization, this is the final end of my search. It is just a blank piece of canvas, just being aware that I am, I was I could not even say that that was blissful, there is no place there. There was nothing, nothing at all just blank. It was like instant, like a popcorn for them to not move and left without consciousness regain consciousness again. And that was it. And I stay there. I don’t know for how long later on people, someone will try to knock on my studio, my beloved Lana tried to kill me. But people say that I’ve been three to five days, I’m not sure. So anyway, when I started thinking, the thoughts came on its own, after 345 days, so just sleeping blank, even not sleeping, not not drinking it just being frozen. And then my and the thought came, and the thought run through my mind. And I could just see the thoughts. And the thoughts said your failure. And I had for the first time in my life, I was using my mind, I had the ability to use my mind. And I use my mind I invited the thought in collections of all other thoughts, which are not mine, they are borrowed, all our thoughts are borrowed, by the way. So I use some, you know, thought, what are the thoughts and collected, collected some kind of idea, you know, what I was going through, and what is happening, why the thought came and left what that thought means. It means invitation, it means the idea is invitation inviting me to again go into that dualistic aspect of reality, where I will try to find someone who never fails and could not fail. But find the consequence of failing all the time. So it sounds like you know, causes and consequences. The mind is all about causes and consequences. But I was then choosing, but using something just to contemplate, designate and create something for myself. And from that morning, from that point I woke up, got up collected myself and home and said to Lana, I’ve been unconscious, because she could not understand. I said I’ve been unconscious for some time. Is it but everything’s fine. That was the that was the event. I mean, if I call it the event, yeah, nothing happens really nothing at all. It’s just a blank piece of paper, just nothingness. You know, but something changed afterwards. You know, the perception of self, the perception of reality, our living definition of self and definition of reality. It sounds like it becomes void, not strict and rigid. I mean, when you define something, and then you try to protect that definition, you try to save that definition, you will try to invest in that definition, you will try to sell that definition to someone else that someone else might adore you, you know, and then you can feel okay, your ego can be, you know, can feel blissful, is not that kind of.

Rick Archer: So let me ask you a couple of questions about that. So, you’re 42 years old, you are pushing and pushing and pushing in terms of your art you’d go days on end without sleeping or eating just drinking water. And I’m just reiterating what you said just to make sure I got it straight and then At a certain point, you had this collapse, it was some kind of breakthrough. And then you sat there for four or five days with no thoughts in your head, not sleeping, just sitting like a stone. And then you finally began to engage in activity again. Is that a? Is that a really quick synopsis of what you just said? Yeah,

Ivan Rados: there’s, there’s more to it, which, you know, even if I want to write a book about it, right, it’s not gonna fit in, in the 100 books. Because, you know, from the, from the notic, when you if you experience nothing, I mean, I don’t know whether I experienced nothing, it was just nothing is happening, and see if that’s the experience or date. But you know, later on, you know, the, when you change the perception of self, obviously, change the perception of reality you live in, because you know, you change yourself, or realities, change. Don’t change the war out there, don’t bring the peace, change yourself, you know, bring peace to yourself, find the peace within yourself. The peace is everywhere else, the way you see yourself, you create reality, because reality is a mirror of you, nothing yours, mirror will never ever blink to you, you have to blink first and The Mirror, mirror react. That’s how powerful we are. How we define ourselves to define God, we define existence, we define the wholeness.

Rick Archer: Someone said, it’s I forget who said this, but it’s a lot easier to put put shoes on then pave the world with leather.

Ivan Rados: Yeah, but people, people 99 point 99% of people are putting their, you know, stone in their shoes.

Rick Archer: But you know, I mean, in other words, the the allegory means that easier to change yourself than to change the world, if you can, you know, put shoes on so to speak. That’s, that’s a lot more simple than making the whole world covered with leather, and you just, you know, change itself. And then you change.

Ivan Rados: So what happened later was, you know, something that I never ever, ever could think about would come into my mind. And I will choose whether to use that or not. And waste whatever, whatever. It’s not a choice. It’s more, it’s more multiple infinite number of choices I can choose. I mean, people generally have two choices to, you know, left or right, positive or negative, you know, that’s very dualistic. But when you come from the point where the things are coming in multiple way, multi dimensionally, and you have infinite number of choices, which one you want to choose, it’s not just two, it’s an infinite number. It’s like spectrum between consciousness and unconsciousness, consciousness and consciousness are not separate entities, there is only consciousness, unconsciousness is lack of consciousness, the same as darkness is lack of light. So in between unconsciousness and consciousness, this entire spectrum of possibilities. So intuitive one will be the one you are more excited. The intuitive one, and exactly. So that’s, that’s what changed. What changed was the amount of understanding that comes, it sounds like brief instant, you say, it sounds like more like, more like intuition coming and staying for a while. And the mind forming and wanting to hear, try the intuition and bring duality into it, you know, this is good. This is not I don’t believe that I believe that this is real, this is not real, that cut those kinds of conflict inside the mind. But no, but there’s that deeper, deeper knowing I’m not my mind, and the mind yield your consciousness is the whole problem, the whole problem in in the world is not what appears outside the reality and outside reality in objective reality, it is the it is the attachment to that to the to the idea I in my mind, you see. So from that perspective, mind is illusion. So you can take his, you know, its suggestions and ideas and choices, you know, in consideration, but you are the one who has been a truly real and that’s how you use my mind. So, in a way after that experience, I start using my mind when I need to designate create and communicate. And when I don’t need my mind, I have ability which came from maybe that experience that I could switch the Mind Mind my mind on off.

Rick Archer: Okay, let me ask you a few questions about the things you just said. So firstly, when you went into that state for four or five days, were you aware of the surroundings? Or were you just sort of in a Samadhi state or something where you weren’t even aware of sensory input?

Ivan Rados: I was aware of it I wasn’t aware of okay, I was aware of my blood budget. I was sitting there sound of passing cars. In front of my studio I was aware of even the, you know, flipping wing of the of the fly around. I mean, I was aware of the invitation brush invitation to move him around. Even that is like, like temptation moving me. You know, my purpose is to move the color around the canvas, move me praise, and all that kind of thing. It’s, it is absolutely real. Absolutely. intentive. Absolutely. tranquil. And absolutely in the waiting to engage in all kinds of phantasmagoric dreams if I want. But obviously, there is no reason there is no need, because that kind of state A is. You can’t do anything. Yeah, even if it’s not that you cannot do anything, you don’t want to do anything. Because it is the state where there is no pressure, there is no anxiety, there is no stress, there is no worries, there is nothing there, putting you on an enormous heaviness. You see people say love and light, you see, oh, what’s the light, you know, I’m bringing you light, a light is not being heavy, being liked, not carrying the weight of your thoughts not being suppressed and compressed by your thinking, which is positive, negative. You see, when you remove your mind, if you remove your mind, if you can remove your mind or something or someone can remove your mind, then you find nothing. And that’s if that’s the place to be.

Rick Archer: Okay. So when you first snapped into that state you you basically didn’t have motivation to paint or talk or

Ivan Rados: restoration to wake up. I didn’t have motivation to you know, close my eyes. It was worse. Like there was no motivation because I did. It seems like I didn’t have mind. But I cannot recollect that not having a mind because you can only recollect that when you have a mind. Right? Yeah. dualistic in nature, so I have to be controversial in order for people to understand what I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s

Rick Archer: like, you can’t remember sleeping, because fail, right?

Ivan Rados: I tried. Yeah. And you asked a really tough question, trying to explain unexplainable, really? How can I do that? How can I explain my subjective reality to you?

Rick Archer: How can anyone you know, try, try explaining read? What does red look like? Well, I don’t know, it looks like red. You can’t explain it.

Ivan Rados: Try to read my mind.

Rick Archer: And second question I have, oh, second question I have is like you were talking about million, a million choices. And then you would choose just one. And it kind of reminded me of example, from physics, where if you take a ball and throw it, there are a million an infinite number of paths the ball could take, but it takes the path of least action. Given all the forces and influences it takes the most efficient possible path when you throw it. And so I’m kind of wondering if that would be a good descriptor of your experience where you have a million possibilities. But if you follow the intuitive choice, it ends up being the most sort of perfect in a way that the individual mind could never have figured out.

Ivan Rados: Nature is balancing itself all the time.

Rick Archer: Right nature did it does it for you,

Ivan Rados: I bet mean nature, right? What’s nature, nature is part of existence. So existence is existing in itself, and it’s balanced. So it does not need to balance itself. It always thrive to balance itself, your cart of nature, so naturally, and you know, existentially you’re balancing yourself, if you’re not balancing yourself, then the balance will balance itself. So you’re not necessarily in that in that process at all.

Rick Archer: Okay. And then the third question is, you know, you’re, you’re saying something, which kind of reminds me of an analogy that Ramana Maharshi used to use about a fan, you know, which is spinning, and then you turn off the power and it still spins for a while and it gets slower and slower as it winds down. I’m wondering if you have something like that, in your own experience where this big shift happened. And then since then, there has been a kind of a winding down and playing out of tendencies and habits and conditioned responses and so on. They’ve just been sort of winding down over over the years since then. Does that make any sense?

Ivan Rados: Can you can you a little bit explain further what what’s behind you’re thinking?

Rick Archer: Why I’m asking this question. Yeah, yeah, well, sometimes Ramana and other teachers have used the example that you know, when the individual is kind of the motivating force of action or thinks that he is you know, there’s a certain momentum like a fans spinning because of its motor, and then when it’s done yeah. And then that when Enlightenment Don’s that motivation is no longer there. And yet, it doesn’t just stop instantly. Okay, it sort of winds down.

Ivan Rados: I see. Yeah, I see. I see where you’re getting where you want to go. Okay, oh yeah. You see, we have mind we know the mind you know we talk about mind yeah, but we talk about mind as conscious mind and you’ll see all kinds of books and spiritual moments and you know motivational speakers gurus and you know masters of reality and themselves they talk about consciousness and conscious mind, mind and consciousness are diametrically opposite of each other.

Rick Archer: Why don’t you define them both well at this point since Yeah, how do you use those terms trying

Ivan Rados: my best okay. Yeah, the mind is not consciousness is the mind is not is it is a social product, it is social indoctrinated state of beings. So, your mind is not owned by you, it is owned by society, it is owned by the collective, the mind is illusion, a bubble. So the mind cannot exist without an energy, it needs energy, it is superficial, it is illusion. So it needs energy. wholeness, is the energy infinite one a energy in itself, wholeness, oneness, God existence, the universe, whatever you want to call it, however you want to call it, so the wholeness is expressing itself as it is. wholeness is wholeness expressing itself through infinite pieces. Every single piece of that wholeness is the wholeness in itself expressing itself through infinite pieces, and every single piece of that it is expressing it goes infinitely infinitely infinite. Okay. So, how the wholeness is expressing itself? And what is the wholeness? First, let’s ask the question, what is the wholeness? wholeness is awareness, awareness that the wholeness is a one is that I am without I just m&s. Do you get it? Oh, yeah. So, wholeness is the wholeness. Awareness is awareness, expressing itself as the consciousness, because consciousness is the movement, while the awareness is the moment, the moment right now is awareness, while the movement of now is the consciousness, the movement is happens through experiences. In objective and subjective reality. It’s like way removing and creating the particle creating something that is objective that is informed that you can include in that invites the senses that you can have a grasp of it, you can go through it, you can define it, you can analyze it, you can see it from different perspectives, you see, that’s what consciousness is, it can examine itself because everything is consciousness, it can examine itself, expand itself understand itself from different angles of seeing. So that’s the whole point. So the consciousness is the movement. Awareness is the moment So the mind is artificial entity created in between awareness and consciousness. And using the energy of consciousness, not using because it is stealing it is you who is voluntarily giving that to the mind by being attached to the artificial creation.

Rick Archer: Do you have a mind?

Ivan Rados: Do I have a mind? I don’t have a mind, but I use my mind.

Rick Archer: Okay. So it’s a tool.

Ivan Rados: It’s a tool. It’s a it’s a machine, it’s a organic machine, it is perfect machine.

Rick Archer: And when you when you say that the society creates the mind or something like that, you know, what if a person lived in a cave and didn’t have any interaction with society, would they have a mind?

Ivan Rados: Listen, it’s not about creation of the mind, mind creates itself as a superficial entity. You know, it’s as a similar to, you know, sattwa like, a reality we all agree to. reality that is common between us that it’s like society, society does not exist. society lives in people’s minds. And thoughts exist as a collective, you know, unconsciousness, okay? So it’s not about it’s not about a society creating the mind this society is attaching your consciousness to artificial creating attachment to the idea of who you are. Small kid, not having the mind having the consciousness, being receptive, open, going through having experiences ever holding that into the experience, not ever possessing the experience, or defining the experiences going through while the society is jumping in skate saying don’t do this, do that. This is right, this is wrong. So the the consciousness is attaching itself to one aspect of the wholeness. One aspect of duality. And inevitably the other one has been rejected. So that is the that’s the separation. That’s how we create the mind, or society creates the mind. It’s not like, oh, let’s create the mind in the small kid, it is unconscious act of kindness, unconscious, can’t act off, so called love. We do that unconsciously. And you see, that’s the Jesus on the cross saying, God forgive them, because they don’t you know, those people, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Rick Archer: Okay, if I, if I understand you correctly, what you’re saying is the mind is an innocent tool, I guess we need to have a mind in order to function. But the mind gets conditioned, like when you were a little kid, and you were healing people, and the the authority said, No, you can’t do that. That’s bad. And so that left an impression on you. So it’s sort of like society conditions, and narrows and limits, and, you know, boxes us in as we go along. And so if that’s if that’s the correct response to what you’re saying, then what is the practical takeaway from what you’ve been saying for the past few minutes? If someone’s listening to this, and you know, what can they take from what you’ve just said, that would help them in some way in their life?

Ivan Rados: First of all, is it we have to raise a question? That’s called existential question. Everyone has to raise that question. Because it exists since the beginning of separation. And the question is, Who am I right? Who am I really? That’s the most important question is the same question that never ever, anyone asked me the question, what is the meditation? Now? Just look at the schools of meditation everyone, I mean, that everyone is teaching meditation. And never ever Did anyone ask, what is the meditate? What is the meditation? Who am I? You know, what is the mind? What? What is the question?

Rick Archer: What do you mean? No? Why haven’t people been asking that sort of question?

Ivan Rados: Never. Never in your reputation. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter Yeah. What is the mind? There is no mind, only thoughts are the thoughts real? No, they are cause then what is the mind beyond thoughts, there is no mind beyond thoughts. So mind doesn’t have form, neither it is a single thought, but a constant flow of thoughts. So thoughts don’t have form, but they can create form, form is unreal part of illusion, the same as the mind. Everything that has a form is an illusion, to be attached to form is to be processed by the mind and be in the separation. So imagine this, imagine the mind being on one side of the tubes, imagine the tube hollow tube or hollow Bumble mind on the other and the wholeness are on the other side, okay, they cannot fit together, because the mind is non existential, the wholeness is is existential. So, now imagine the no mind, what is no mind no thoughts in it, it is called tube it is the absolute creative act, kind of act, grateful art, from wholeness to people to consciousness. So the consciousness can experience different realities, different density densities, so it takes a hollow tube. So now on one side is your consciousness on the other side is the wholeness. The energy goes smoothly, it goes, pulsating, coming and going is like breathing. Imagine the society clogging the mind, clogging that no mind and creating the mind, blocking it giving ideas giving, giving definitions, giving beliefs, giving theories, giving hypothesis killing, hitting assumptions, giving all of that which is the question mark, giving the question mark, embedding it, stomping it into no mind, and the mind got disconnected totally. It becomes a one side of polarity and the wholeness on the other side. So it’s also like, you know, this town is too small for us, one has to go All one has to die. So the mind attempt is to deny the wholeness and exist in itself, while the whole is saying, Oh, this is my last son. He will come one day when he realized that it’s time to come home.

Rick Archer: I’m following you. I hope people listening are following you. If they aren’t, they should submit a question. Following you know, I am and it’s what you’ve been saying for the last couple of minutes reminds me of something in the yoga sutras. In the second verse, it says, yoga is yoga meaning union is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. And then it says the seer rests in himself for an in itself. So it’s like, you can sort of think of the mind as agitated water or something, and then the water comes down, settles down. And when it’s completely settled, there’s no waves anymore. So they’re, you know, so mind is waves settled, water is no waves. And so it sounds to me like what you’re saying is, you know, the mind is the sort of, it consists of thoughts, it consists of agitation, it consists of a sort of imbalance in a way. And then if we could come into balance, step, you know, settle down the agitation to a point of no agitation, then there would be no mind at that point. And we would know the self or know reality, or whatever terms you want to use. Oh, yeah. Go ahead.

Ivan Rados: Yes, yes, yes, yes. You understand this? I’m not against the mind. I’m not, I’m not against the society, I’m not against anything. I’m all for freedom. From all my constructs, from the attachment. Yeah, from all mine mechanical habits and its structures.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I gather that I didn’t get the impression you were against the freedom,

Ivan Rados: when you understand what the mind is, then you will have a greater freedom, then you can use the mind or not use the mind. But at the moment, your mind is using you, you cannot stop your thinking you cannot do anything to your thinking. You cannot eliminate thoughts, you cannot do anything. And that’s where the frustration is. And that’s where that’s where the suffering is. Because that’s the feeling of being powerless. Yeah. So you can’t stop anxiety, you cannot stop pain, you cannot stop worrying. You cannot stop fear. How can you do that? You know, but the consciousness can go through. And that’s what I’m realizing goes through how to go through everything you’re experiencing, not seeing everything that you’re experiencing, as real. And as you everything that passes by is not really an answer you, you are the observer of things that are moving, that are transforming, that are moving from one place to another one thought from positive to negative and negative to positive, you’re just witnessing, you’re just moving and you’re not participating. And you’re not attaching yourself or identifying with it. Not identifying with the process of that.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I think that’s the key point right there. You’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the mind or anything wrong with activity or anything else? You just saying there’s something wrong with attachment? Or identification? Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, we become sort of, we have blinders on. If, if we’re attached and identified, we sort of lose the forest for the trees, so to speak. Yeah.

Ivan Rados: Because, you know, people have to remember that they cannot use the mind before they know how to be without the mind. Yeah. When someone say to you, you know, get lost, you know, you know, get out of your mind. It’s so negative statements, say thank you to those people, you know, that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna get out of my mind. Because when I’m out of my mind, there is no anxiety. And so what’s wrong with it? Other than

Rick Archer: just, it’s a question of how you get out of your mind, you know, he says, like,

Ivan Rados: when I’m talking to you, I’m using my mind when I don’t talk to you why, why should I use my mind to torture myself with the same thoughts, because thoughts are repetitive, they are moving in a circular way, you know, from positive to negative, it’s not like jumping from positive to negative, there is an entire like pendulum entire spectrum, while moving from the positive, you’re building the momentum of negative when you reach the moment, you know, the end of of negative, then you move on to the positive, positive goes by customer is, that’s what 24 hours a day activity is in your mind. So how to get out of it. You cannot get rid of it. You cannot do anything to your mind. You can only be a witness to your mind and through the witnessing the mind will drop itself. Yes. That’s how you become no mind. With no with no attempt to get rid of your mind. If you have attempt to get rid of mind, then the mind will really give you a hard time.

Rick Archer: Okay, so one thing that I that occurred to me a lot as I was reading your book, is you were describing things like being a witness to your mind, for instance, that phrase you just used, and it kind of reminded it might be of a kind of a perennial issue that comes up in spiritual circles and in these interviews, and that is that, you know, are we are we taking a description as a prescription? And let me just give an example to clarify it. Let’s, let’s say someone’s standing on a mountaintop, and he’s shouting out an explanation of the view what he sees from the mountain top, and people are halfway down the mountain and they’re hearing that explanation, they think, Wow, that sounds really great. That sounds really inspiring, inspiring, what they really need is instructions on how to climb from where they are up to where that guy is. And then they will see the same view he sees, and they won’t need his explanation, they’ll have their own view. But what often happens is that people mistake, X description of the view, so to speak, as a prescription for what to do. So a person like, let’s say, hears that they hear the term witnessing. And in a certain state of awareness, witnessing is natural, it’s spontaneous, one is not attached to one’s thoughts or perceptions are overshadowed by them, you know, the clear light of the self prevails, no matter what you’re engaged in. But if you, but that’s an it’s a sort of a natural condition now, but if you try to witness if you make an effort of it, it’s almost like the person halfway down the mountain, kind of imagining what the guy is describing who’s speaking from the top of the mountain, and maybe even convincing themselves that they’re having the same experience. But in fact, they’re not having the same experience, it’s an imagination, it’s a mood, it’s not the the actual state of being on the mountaintop. So do you get the metaphor? And what do you say, to that whole statement?

Ivan Rados: Yeah, you know, this is, this is natural way of the mind, that is trained to submit itself to higher authority, and whatever the type thority is, it could be political, it could be religious, you know, submit yourself to God, you know, adore God, give yourself to God, you know, you are not God, it is, you know, that kind of concept, you know, that you can you can find validity in it, but, you know, concept is concept, you know, so, anyway.

Rick Archer: Yeah, and the concept of God doesn’t really satisfy any more that concept of food is going to fill your belly.

Ivan Rados: Yes, of course, you know, so from the top yelling at people, you know, look, what I could do is just nothing else than the ego Why do you need to declare that? Why do you need to announce that why do you need to invite

Rick Archer: it’s just an analogy, though, I’m,

Ivan Rados: I’m going somewhere. So there is no need, you know, but even that perception of the guy is very limited, because he’s addressing someone and asking experience what they want to experience. And people might be tempted to say, okay, but this is good, this is really good. You know, just a slight, slight urge to get out of your comfort zone is, is the, you know, the end result is, is is Enlightenment. Just a glimpse, it’s just matter of just matter of, you know, process, how it unfold, it could be a year, it could be 20, it could be a million year doesn’t really matter, you know, time is infinite. And it’s always now, you know, so it’s not the time of, you know, past and future, but real time, which is the moment of now. So, anyway, in order in order to really reach your destination, or whatever your destination, you know, desire is good, if you have only one desire, which is essential, desire to be every other desire it is not to be, and then it’s projection is illusion, you have some somewhere else, so desire to be, but the desire cannot be kept alive in your mind. Otherwise, that desire will be the mind and the mind will give you the idea of what desire, you know, what, what Enlightenment is what being is, but at one point, you will get out of your sleep and realize that you’ve been dreaming, and you will start from the beginning. So, you, it’s good to have a desire to have an urge and to be motivated to push the energy. But you have to give up on pushing, you have to give up on searching, you have to give up on being motivated. Allow the process to unfold. So you push yourself into the spiritual quest into the journey, but do not conclude anything along the way. And do not try to ignite that at all. Just remember that you already did intent, that’s the desire one desire to be is the pure intent to be not in tension, there is no tension there. It is still part of the tension intent is the steel part of the tension by just once and then you go through, if you repeat the intent, then it becomes intention then you are in your mind or in your concept of Enlightenment. Then instead of climbing the mountain and reaching the top, seeing your own perspective, having your own perception, then you’re going around the month of believing the If you’re climbing the mountain, right, even though it’s a little bit hilly around the mountain, and you’re planning, but you’re going in the circle, and that’s the way of the mind. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Okay. So a little while ago, you said that people don’t ask what meditation is, or something like that. And you teach meditation, and I’m always interested in practical means for people to experience for themselves. Not not sort of just entertain themselves with philosophies or notions or concepts, but have it be a genuine experience. So, you know, what do you teach? And, you know, how is it that? So, you know, what do you take? What do you do to help people move from just sort of reading concepts in one of your books, to actually living the reality of what those concepts represent?

Ivan Rados: It’s really difficult to define my work. You see, because I don’t teach anything.

Rick Archer: But you have a whole chapter in your book on meditation, so

Ivan Rados: it’s right, you know why I’m answering, you know, so it’s, I don’t teach. But I cannot go away from teaching. Because anytime you open your mouth, you teach you teach it to yourself to teach others, but there is no witness who is saying, I am not the teacher, I’m not my mind. I’m not my body. I’m not my soul. You know, I am not only the wholeness is, so from the wholeness perspective, there is no teaching there is sharing my own self, a desert teaching, so be it. Or we can

Rick Archer: say that about anything, I could ask you what you had for lunch, and you say, I don’t eat lunch, you know, I am mature. So the body needs

Ivan Rados: you, but it’s really crucial. Because if you see me as a teacher, then you don’t know, I know. I’m giving you my knowledge. But you know, but not being a teacher. I’m not giving you my knowledge. I’m giving you my experience what you’re gonna do with it, it’s up to you to get it. Yeah. So

Rick Archer: how do you give? Or, or how do you how do you? Go ahead,

Ivan Rados: I’m talking about the day, I don’t teach meditation. Okay, what happens when I teach I teach an obstacle to meditation, which is, which is the mind

Rick Archer: you teach that the mind is an obstacle?

Ivan Rados: That’s what it is, okay? Because you cannot teach meditation? How can I teach you to be yourself, I cannot do that. I can only guide you that you can teach yourself how to be yourself. No, you cannot teach yourself how to be yourself. You can only learn everything that you know about yourself, then you will be yourself. So I can only guide you in that process that you can realize it yourself. And that’s not teaching, they’re just guiding. But even to guide someone, you know, you cannot guide blind men to see the sun. So you can describe the sun for him, but he’s not gonna see it anyway, he he’s gonna assume what Sunny is according to your description, essay. So it’s not a teaching, it’s a guiding but it’s not guiding at all. It’s just having fun there and whoever is hooked to that teaching, whatever that guiding. Fine, good, someone needs gonna benefit from it. Okay, so I don’t teach meditation, what I teach people is how to be absolutely attentive while they’re meditating.

Rick Archer: How do you teach that?

Ivan Rados: I’m like, teach that I teach you to really accept yourself the way you are. And you know, when you try to accept yourself, the way you are, you are meditating.

Rick Archer: So if I were to come to one of your classes, and what do you do what actually happens in those classes?

Ivan Rados: I don’t know what happens it happens. Something that even I’m surprised and watching it. Yeah, you cannot teach masses, anything. You can only teach individuals because individual, you can understand the individual you can penetrate them the individual his soul, his mind his consciousness, you can see where he’s stuck with you know, what kinds of obstacles are there what kind of barriers what kind of worries what kind of things are preventing him to be himself and then you try everything possible in your power to guide people or whatever teach that people how to be attentive to those moments not to overpower the consciousness of that person. And then you know, inevitably if you remove the the stone preventing spring to fall in obviously, the spring floor somewhere else, you know, flow auto remove this, you know, the stone the spring goes, fresh water filling the ponds.

Rick Archer: So, do you do a lot of work with individuals?

Ivan Rados: Yeah, I do. Lots of whorfin individuals up. You see, when you read all those books, which are transcripts or meditation classes, lots of people are saying they have a really hard time to understand. I mean, it’s not for popular masses. It’s not like for everyone to read about, like, you know, let’s explain the now from The taller you know, Eckhart Tolle is perspective and becomes popular everyone reading, you know, you cannot read my my books, if you have never, ever been in meditation and being stuck to particular aspect of meditation where you cannot go further. And then you go there, I can help you with that. I mean, it’s not like I’m helping you from the plane of Enlightenment, I’m helping you because I experienced that my experience my mind putting obstacles to me, being me, you know, so many times, infinite times. And I always beat myself, I’ve always, always felt guilty and trying to find a reason to torture myself through the mind by, you know, trust, denial, you know, doubt, acceptance, you know, hate this. And that,

Rick Archer: even though even now, or it used to happen, oh, not anymore.

Ivan Rados: Yes, there was yesterday does not exist at all, it’s only in your mind.

Rick Archer: So you don’t get into the self beating up phases anymore. That’s you just referring to the way you used to be?

Ivan Rados: I don’t know, maybe I’m beating myself, I’m not aware of what I know, what I know is that everything is the way it should be. It’s not according to my idea how things should be. But according to the feel of it, you know, the feeling is much closer to now then, then you’re thinking?

Rick Archer: That makes sense to me, too. I don’t know. If Do you think that someone hearing a statement like that everything as it should be? And the feeling is closer, you know, then thinking? Do you think that just hearing a statement like that can help a person begin to see life that way? Or what more can be offered to help a person see and live life that way?

Ivan Rados: It’s every word is a vibration affecting you, right? So whether the word is coming from the mechanical aspect of your mind, or from the consciousness using the mind to express it in very kind and gentle way to enhance and help and you know, you know, help the person, that’s all? Yes. So, you know, you can damage the person with the thought, or you can enhance the person with the fault. But imagine the thought being used in more in more meditative way. I mean, and I’m passing that, that little jewel, it’s called Mantra, say, That’s Mantra, I’m giving you the seed of the wholeness. So in this in that war, in that in that word, so it’s not about you analyzing the word, it’s not about you trying to figure out what he’s thinking, it’s about feeling the energy embedded in that thought, feeling the consciousness, embedded intent, intent is always good. You see, and then self realizing it through the understanding, but not from your mind, but from your heart. So you should feel the person beyond his talk. Feel the consciousness beyond the throat, you know, and that’s, you know, inevitable transformation will happen, and then transcendence will happen on its own.

Rick Archer: So you’re saying that, I think you’re not saying that you literally give mantras for people to meditate with? You’re saying that everything you say, is a Mantra,

Ivan Rados: it is mine, and why not? I think that’s the Mantra you say. Yeah. As I said, giving is the act not act of kindness, but act of compassion. You’re not giving because I want to give I’m giving because there’s no other way and see, right? When you are love, when you allow, what do you do? You just give around, you share with them. It’s not like I’m very proud of my life. I’m gonna give you know a certain amount to this person sent them on the left. It’s very, it’s not exclusive. It is all inclusive. And when you realize yourself, when you understand yourself, when you know yourself, when you being yourself, you don’t know how you know, but you know that you know, then you share it compassionately. Without the Vedic assistance. I used to teach my kid how to, you know, approaching the tree and picking up the leaf. You know, please say thank you, before picking the leaf Do not say sorry. Because sorry, is gonna be very apologetic. And then it’s the mind say thank you. And I say, because there is a reason why you’re picking it. Yes. Because you recognize yourself in the truth. And you’re saying, Thank you. Thank you for that recognition. So when you recognize yourself in everything, you do everything you are everything you experience, what’s left, nothing, then you you recognize yourself. And when you recognize yourself, when you see yourself and the kids seeds up in the mirror, it smiles. It’s very joyful. Whoa, heavy. Hello. That kind of thing. Yeah, I recognize myself. I’m very happy. Because I’m the one. Because there is only one.

Rick Archer: Yeah, question is how to do that. You say when

Ivan Rados: it’s not the ball how to do that? What is the stopping the process of realizing that you are already that? Yeah, you don’t know how there is a distance, what is always the problem, you know how to do the meditation, it’s not how to do the midday day, what is the meditation and when you understand the meditation, meditation is everyday living with the consciousness, that’s what meditation is being aware in every aspect of your life. It’s not about object related, it’s not like I’m gonna meditate on this, I’m gonna meditate about it’s not about it’s not a distance, it’s a, it’s a closest as you can, it is realizing that you are the source of all that is, and you are the source of all that isn’t, you are fully fully present in the moment. And when you’re fully present in the moment, there is no need to go anywhere else, then stay in that moment. You say, and then everything that comes from that moment, it will come using certain tools to designate create, and accommodate someone if there is a need, that’s the mind as a tool, between all other realities. And this reality, the mind is a tool, but mine has to be no mind in order to be used as a mind. Consciousness has to be present. So without consciousness, everything is futile. Everything is going to be totally you know, it’s going to be a robot life without consciousness. And that’s the reason why, why certain forces are not allowing people to wake up. But people are waking up, people are being more and more themselves, because they realize what’s the obstacle for not being themselves, they realize the lies and cheats and, and conspiracy, not against them, not against the world, or God or whatever against their consciousness and they start waking up, waking up means removing the ignorance, removing something that is stopping you to realize that you are the one with full power, you are the consciousness, and you are the awareness.

Rick Archer: So in the bio that I read, you said that you authentic rooting in the unknown provides you with the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of consciousness in these most transformative of times. So I agree that these are transformative times, I think there’s a lot of change happening. And it’s actually

Ivan Rados: every every time is transformational. But this is more intentional.

Rick Archer: This is accelerating,

Ivan Rados: It’s like putting things on the right perspective.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And so how is it that you are a great service? What how do you serve? What what do you actually when I presumably there’s some people who’ve been like, interacting with you for for years, maybe if I were to talk to one of those people and ask them well, what is it that? You know, Ivan does? Even does that you find a value that Why have you been going back to him for years? How is he serving your transformation? What do you think those people would say to me?

Ivan Rados: It first of all, I didn’t write it. I’d say I’m serving because to serve someone needs to be less than that. One you’re serving. It’s not about that. It’s more about being pivotal in the process of removing the final shadow from the earth that has been, you know, in existence for so many so many so many years. Yeah. And it’s just the time to really say enough is enough, we are moving into another layers of existence, you know, much more subtle much more because we you know, human, you know, human consciousness evolved from you know, not from the primitive to the advanced one, but from not knowing to more knowing or forgetting the knowledge and remembering, you know, that kind of thing, you know, everything moves in a way you know, even the, you know, previous civilization used to be in the state of tranquility while someone might come over In some other polluted mind and pollute everything else and degrade and destroy itself. But there is always that kind of, you know, transformational aspect of it. So we are, we are at the top where either we’ll totally collapse as a as Earth or we are going to evolve into another, another parallel reality where everything will be right. But all that depends on the individuals, let’s say, it sounds like a time where we we are. It’s very, it’s very, absolutely incredible time we live in where the person inside consciousness deciding whether to be attached to the mind, or whether to be detached from the mind. That’s the, that’s the, that’s the battle between, you know, evil and good, you know, Dragoon and, and, you know, Russian dragon and, you know, whatever didn’t go into dragon. So that’s the fight, you can see. So we’re gonna choose, everyone has to choose, and only the ice choose people choosing you know, even even elections are, are designed in a way that you can choose, you know, whether to have cholera, or whether you have cancer, and everywhere around the world, it’s like, there is no real choice, the choice is always one sided, but individually, and whether you are gonna accept the reality that someone is imposing on you, or whether you will create the reality you want to live in. And when you want to live in that reality, obviously, you’re creating parallel reality and going forward and everyone who, who feels that the reality they want, or they would like to live, they’re gonna join in for formulating and manifesting that reality, as parallel realities somewhere that the life will continue on.

Rick Archer: So, you know, you’re my 400 interview. And if I were to ask all the 400 people I’ve interviewed, you know, about this idea of a big transformation taking place in the world, probably almost all of them would say, Yeah, I think it’s really happening. And if I were to ask them about, you know, how do you feel like you’re contributing to it, you’re you’re an instrument. There are many, many different instruments, but you’re one instrument, you know, what is your particular function as an instrument and helping bring about this transformation on individual and collective levels? Most of them would probably have some sort of answer. So if I were to ask you that question, I just, I am asking you now, what would be your answer?

Ivan Rados: My answer is, what’s my contribution? Everyone is contributing even small kid playing kid playing with stones at the lake throwing a stone Liddell in the lake is affecting the entire universe. Yeah,

Rick Archer: is he and people dropping bombs on Syria are having an effect you but that’s not necessarily the effect we want

Ivan Rados: you because duality is not is not in conflict, they are complementary is you know, whatever is happening, narrative in the world is not very negative. You know, it is the perception of negativity, but it is helping someone else to get out of the of the prison. So my contribution, I don’t have idea of any contribution, I’m contributing by being myself and having heard to share what I know, okay, I don’t know anything yet to see, I don’t know anything. But I know that I am. And I share whatever comes along, I will never pops in because something will always pop in. Always popping nothing, nothing can pop out. Because when something pops out, it becomes different. There is a distance. It’s called separation popping in. That’s what the process is, if, if I help, I mean, it’s the idea behind which is not my idea. By the way, let’s contemplate about that. The idea if I change one person’s perception of himself is going to influence his immediate surroundings. And then those influenced rules, right? It’s like a, it’s like a wave and you’re throwing a stone, like a little kid. And it’s that kind of that kind of effect around the Earth. I mean, I I’m receiving still so many letters and emails, it’s like daily, I mean, people thanking me because I said something along the way, talking about whether something which for me, it was okay, we are chit chatting and that person saying thank you, you said something, whatever, that changed my life. I wasn’t intending to change but you know, it is the idea in people’s mind whether I hold the knowledge or not whether someone holds knowledge whether the one is on the top of the mountain claiming Guy No I see you know guys down there, you don’t see what I can see climb up and you can see what I could see is a that kind of thing.

Rick Archer: So you’re an artist, you still do art.

Ivan Rados: It’s time not an artist. I just do art. Okay, so

Rick Archer: you do art and you’re making Yantra Is there something, aren’t you? Yeah, it’s my love. Explain what a yantra is

Ivan Rados: Yantra Yeah, Yantra is, is a device, it’s a machine, it’s a machinery, it’s, it’s a portal. to higher level of consciousness, I mean, there is no higher, there is no lower, but there is more and more and more of consciousness. That’s the idea behind higher consciousness, more and more, because everything is moving to be more and more and more and more, that’s the Infinity expanding in, in itself infinitely. So Yantra serves as a machine because it contains the seed in its center. And the seed is the dot, and the.is the consciousness. And if you look at the dot, then you’re looking at yourself, all other forms in that Yantra, helping you to move your attention into the center where the.is called Bindu called sperm called the point, the middle point, the trouble between observer and what is being observed is called witnessing, you can see you’re witnessing yourself, it’s the is the tool to really reunite with your consciousness on a very, very existential level.

Rick Archer: And so So you create, you create these Yantras, I guess some people buy them, and some people might just look at pictures of them on your website or something, how would this person use a yantra as a tool to bring about some kind of effect, just look at just looking at a center, this and for like, five minutes, one hour, whatever,

Ivan Rados: 1010 minutes, as long as you can stand. And they mean, there is no path, there is no pattern in how you’re gonna meditate and on what kind of, you know, meditation you imply in your life. You know, everything can be used as meditation, washing dishes can be meditation, walking, can do meditation, just talking in the meditation. Everything can be used as a meditation, if you include the observer, if you include the witness, if you include yourself in that process. But 99 point 99% of people are locked in their thinking, not including themselves in that process, thinking about this thinking about that always going into the future in the past and to be present in the moment is to include yourself, you are aware that you are you’re aware of someone else, you’re aware of the object, you are aware of this and that, but you are at the same time aware that you are that’s the process, that’s the meditation. So it’s not closing your eyes. Yes, it can help you to go deeper into meditation, but with open eyes walking, talking, even this is meditation, listening, because there is just aspect of being there. We are not, we are not collecting and hoarding anything we are just moving we are experiencing. So when you look at the dot, only the dot and looking at the 10 minutes, you’re not engaged in anything outside, you’re not engaged in your mind, within your mind, your your mind is focused on one dot. And your awareness is looking at the dot meaning looking at the mind, because mind is looking at the duck now you’re looking including yourself, you’re looking@the.by Looking at the mind, after 10 minutes, you close your eyes, you’re not concerned about peripheral vision. It’s gonna remember everything, every single line, every single pointer, every single color every single because colors brings feelings. While lines are very, you know, very conceptual. It’s like working on images. So when you close your eyes after 10 minutes, what do you see, you see the image Yantra embedded in your blackness of your mind and you’re looking at it now this is the first glimpse of you looking at bloody mind and you don’t have any clue what you’re looking at. You just see the pressure moving and running all those lines all those colors I’m melting and moving depends on what kind of Yantra is spinning this way spinning that way contracting extract is just moving in your mind in my mind and then your their prayers and looking at that movement and then it just disappear. But your life to be is is the presence of being yourself you’re just aware that you are in that blackness and that nothing has nothing else exist and you can stay there forever if you want. Maybe the mind might invite you and say that set of you know bullshit come up with

Rick Archer: time for lunch

Ivan Rados: Time to engage in this reality we have so many things to accomplish. You’re just wasting your time here.

Rick Archer: That’s an interesting description that you just gave. It reminds me of something in Kashmir Shaivism, the I forget the name of this of the Scripture, it’s complicated. But there’s this thing where it itemizes 112 ways to transcend. And I bet you, I wouldn’t be surprised if yantras is one of them. But you know, but the basic idea with sound, for instance, you can take a sound, start with a audible sound, have it go quieter, quieter, quieter, quieter, and then just on the thought level, then it just disappears altogether, and you’ve transcended, but you’re you just described as the very same process with a visual thing. You know, you start with eyes open, you’re staring at the dot after 10 minutes, close the eyes, you still see it, then it becomes more and more and more subtle disappears, and you’re left with the self. Nice.

Ivan Rados: That’s right. Yeah, but Yantra Yantra is based on on on sacred geometry principles, right. I mean, there are, you know, five archetypal shapes there, you know, the dot, the line, the triangle circle, and the square, you know, all other geometrical forms have formed from those five basic principles in all length with the five aspect of humans, five stars, you know, five aspects of stars, you know, five is, is really the number that is the, you know, almost at the end of the cycle, that’s called the cycle, where the, you know, three and three are uniting in sixth, and sixth is the flower of life, you see, three is the male aspect. Another three is the female aspect, when they reunite together, when two triangles come together, blue and red together, hermaphrodites, state, you know, merkabah, and all of those things, that’s the number six. So five is the final moment before the melting is that like a sexual act, where the first spark of light will be born, you know, sort of like a sperm and an egg meeting and creating another, another form another extension of of two is the third, which multiplies into the many, that’s how your body is more was born. Yeah, depending on Yantra, depending on the entre, what kind of what kind of image will be there, whether that image will call you or really, you know, make you dizzy, or make you in fear or, you know, whatever. But you know, I’m choosing a I’m allowing people to choose intuitively what they feel safe with their certain energies, if I present them, you know, young tribes, and give them and say, meditate on that might really give the nightmare try to watch yourself in the mirror your face with the, with the candle on the side and see what happens. I mean, it’s some people got really crazy stories of friends, yeah, because change face is changing. So imagine, imagine, imagine, imagine the reality and the science and forms we all are faced with that we have to digest? You know, imagine the amount of information we have to, you know, in on TV channels, where the those Yantras, which are destructive Yantras are bombarding us and they are watching and being hypnotized, you see, and then being zombies is the end, you know, being worker warriors and slaves, you see, but that’s why the Yantras are there as the aspect of, or attempt or the tool for the people to reunite with themselves. If they want more, if they have a counter out. It’s, it’s a counter act, from those who are putting signs of, you know, don’t do this, do that, you know, control of thoughts, control of body control of, of your freedom and totals like that. So this is my contribution as well, as you see, I have some contribution.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there you go

Ivan Rados: You know, this is, in a way. I don’t know, it’s been forever, that kind of meditation practice. But no one ever talked about that I used to meditate on the entourage when I was 10 year old kid, I mean, draw the yantra draw the triangle and the.in middle and hold the paper while math teacher is talking equations, I will watch the dot and go into my, you know, tranquil state of not being not listening, what she’s talking about that kind of thing. So, in a way, inevitably that I had to invent, you know, present this as my contribution to this Yantra meditation, amongst all other things. I mean,

Rick Archer: that was great. And just in case people don’t know it is an ancient traditional thing goes back 1000s of years. You can find it in the art of, you know, Vedic India and things like that and carved in stones and whatnot. So So are you saying that there’s different Yantras have different effects on different people? Is that what you were just saying?

Ivan Rados: Right? You know, the line can affect you tremendously can it can bring the fear, just just just draw the black line on the pavement, a and I and see what happens when people pass by and see that line on the pavement with the chalk. But actually, I can see what happens, some people will pass they will not those who notice, you know, now you will see the the result is going to be as if like, I recognize something ancient in me, maybe a snake, maybe, maybe a laser light is like a line of laser. That kind of shock is there. It’s ancient, it is archetypal, you see, so it’s affecting us in so many ways triangle is affecting us at the moment, because the triangle, when you’re driving the, you know, through the street to saying stop warning, the danger, some kind of danger, you see some kinds of things you have to do, you have to make an effort, really to save yourself because driving becomes an issue of safety, not actually a sheet of pleasure, you see becomes like I have to fight now to come to my destination. And I have to be warned what to do. It’s sort of like a society controlling you in a way subconsciously controlling your money.

Rick Archer: Well, if we didn’t have stop signs, and stoplights and things like that, we’d all be crashing into each other’s cars.

Ivan Rados: But I’m just I’m just explaining the way in which is with this, which is the control, which I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but it is the fact it is controlling, while you can use the same triangle to enhance yourself, enlighten yourself, it is not controlled in any way. I mean, it is good because so many crashes will happen. People are unconscious, okay, but you can use it.

Rick Archer: Well, this brings up an interesting point, which is that perhaps there can be freedom within constraints. In other words, they’re taking traffic as an example, there has to be control or else there’ll be chaos. And there’ll be people who say,

Ivan Rados: I am absolutely thrilled that Donald Trump is the president. You know, why? Why? Because he’s not that I love him. And I support him in any way because he his actions and his thoughts and his selfish shocked? Is it just all about him? It’s all about him, and can ignite consciousness to awake around the world.

Rick Archer: It’s kind of Yeah, I’ve heard people say that it’s kind of having that effect. All kinds of people who are complacent, are getting out in the streets and holding signs and you know, exactly when

Ivan Rados: someone comes to you and slap you in the face, you know, what you’re gonna do?

Rick Archer: I don’t know, I have to see what what I would do at the time. But I might, I wouldn’t just say slap me again.

Ivan Rados: If you’re, if you’re conscious enough, and say thank you for slapping me, I wanted to slap myself for a long, long time, thank you, I’m really grateful that you’re slapping me, then, you know, absolutely transformation will happen inside of here. But usually, the reaction will be the hitting back or arguing or suing or going into the process or whatever.

Rick Archer: Maybe that’s why Jesus said turn the other cheek.

Ivan Rados: I mean, that’s the declaration by the Jesus saying I’m not my body, I mean, you can hit my body as much as you want, you can touch my body or not my body, you see that kind of that kind of idea is behind that trick. Anyway, interpret however you want to integrate, because you have your own mind thinking you have unique thinking, you know, that’s the idea behind everyone, every every person in the world, you know, my thinking is very unique. My thoughts are very unique. I, I created the thought but actually thoughts cannot be created thoughts cannot really come in or you cannot invite them. You’ll see they’re just randomly popping, you know, randomly popping, they’re popping either from the intention or they’re popping out of intent, being either being used by your mind or using your mind by being consciousness.

Rick Archer: I was reading your Oh, let me think. Okay, just one more thing about you. Yantra is before we move on from that. So I think you’re saying that a yantra is not something that’s has any intellectual meaning it’s not something to be understood or analyzed or written about in terms of an explanation, but it has more of a kind of a vibrational significance. Just like a Mantra does. I mean, a Mantra doesn’t really isn’t really supposed to have a specific meaning. But as a sound, it has a certain influence. When you say that say oh, yeah, interest.

Ivan Rados: Yeah. Mantra is similar to Yantra right on is

Rick Archer: the sound one The sound one is a visual

Ivan Rados: alasia. So what’s, you know, you will understand that Yantra when I explain what Mantra is, Mantra is a trick, simple a trick, the master the guru, being in relation to you, but in order to be in relation to you, he has to be in relation to himself, there is no relationship, there is no ship traveling between, you know, Master and student, there is a relation. So the master recognize, recognizes itself in the, you know, in the in disciple. So anyway, and understanding the moment building, the moment, the building the fire, building, the temperature, you know, a master is building, understanding, reacting, you know, influencing moving energy, this and that sugaring in are challenging, you know, removing all kinds of things is happening there. It’s a huge, big relationship, while from the perspective of the Master, it is a relation, I’m helping myself to be myself through that person, in a way. So at one point, there will be absolutely need to absolutely push the person into the abyss and say, Now you realize, and that’s the Mantra, giving an Vispring, the Mantra whispering something that is absolutely significant for that person, just individual. If I say that Mantra to someone else, that person might be damaged, or maybe not really be it just like push. It’s a it’s a, it’s a spice, that the food can be tasty. But the problem is that those who didn’t understand the point of Mantra they become, become obsessed by the idea of practicing Mantra. And the Mantra becomes subjective. It becomes repetitive. So you’re repeating Mantra, Mantra, Mantra, Mantra, Mantra, Mantra, Mantra, Mantra Mantra until you hypnotize your mind thinking that you are enlightened or you are in on spiritual journey, but it’s not. It’s just repetitive, very boring. Mind exercise. Yeah, I say the Yantra is the same. You just see it, stay there. And that’s it. Yeah,

Rick Archer: I think a yantra or a Mantra is like a boat in the sense that they were crossing a river in a boat, the the idea is not to always stay in the boat, it’s to get to the other side of the river and then get out of the boat. So you know, a Mantra fades away disappears, and you’re the self is realized, or Yantra. Like you were saying, fades away disappears. Self is realized it’s just the difference, right? Different channel for the same thing.

Ivan Rados: I love certain sects in India, where they don’t have statues of God or Buddha or whatever, they will build one when their, their aims, festivity, when they want to celebrate for three days, they will build a statue of Buddha, they will light the fire door in case it’s polish it, bring food, and celebrate. And then after three days, the moonstone will come and wash those little monuments, whatever, you know how it comes in Gods, you know, it’s very transitional,

Rick Archer: like to see more sand paintings, similar paintings, and

Ivan Rados: the same with Yantra, you can draw your Antra that’s why I was drawn into making Yantras even though I didn’t realize that I was drawing Yantras it was like my way of escaping from consensus reality, you know, in a way that was really barely an art. And it was a kid while I was studying and playing football in basketball, I was doing something on the street, and being called weirdo. I’m really glad that I’ve been COVID otherwise, you know, I rebelled more.

Rick Archer: That’s good to be aware to well, sometimes my wife system, I do something. She says nobody does that. And I said, that’s why I do it. You know? I don’t want to do it. Everybody else does. So you wrote a book called the middle point. I’ve been reading that. What is the middle point? It’s you. Yeah, you wrote a book about me? Oh, thank you.

Ivan Rados: You’re in the middle point, you are the point and you are always in the middle. But you are not aware of it. bring awareness to yourself, then you will be the middle in the middle. You will be the now you can see and you will be the point because see Kopaonik was said that, you know, said that Earth is not the center of the universe. It is the sun and he was security. What I’m gonna say that it’s not the sun. It’s not central sun. There is nothing out there. You are the center of the universe. It’s all about you. You are the one is I mean, you can think that way. And then be egotistic and think that you are Donald Trump. Okay, or you can, you know, use that and be alright with that, like God being Almighty, but not using his power just enjoying himself in the creation creating itself. And God this, God is not creating the world creation is creating itself. Guys just aware that God is. Awareness is. That’s all, let’s say so when you are aware, and I am aware, what’s the difference between me and you, there is no difference it just one, you’re aware, I’m aware, aware of what of nothing, I’m aware of nothing as well. So it’s awareness. In the nothingness you are present. That’s what awareness is. There’s no objects of other things that you can be, you know, witnessing and being aware of being conscious of it, just you so you are the center of the universe. There is nothing out there, it just illusion, a mirage, coming in going moving and transforming. You are there present in witnessing your weakness in my witnesses, the same weakness, we expressed the witness through the mind differently. That’s the differentiations that’s the fragmentations. But in existential our own existential level, you and I are different, there is no difference. You are me, me, and you are, you know, I’m you and yami.

Rick Archer: Like that is one of the lamps be many.

Ivan Rados: Exactly. It’s consciousness, it’s the movement, you know, it’s the wave, nothing else wave are the same way this?

Rick Archer: Yeah. So I wrote that I actually copied and pasted all the little chapter headings from your book, and all the little section headings as as main points. And there’s many, many things we could talk about here. But um, you know, what comes to your mind? Or is there anything else that you’d like to talk about in this interview that you think would be interesting for people or that’s interesting for you, you know, that really sort of inspires you that you want to discuss a little bit?

Ivan Rados: Not I want to discuss, I don’t want to discuss anything, you just asked me a question. And I answer so.

Rick Archer: Yeah, let’s say Is there anything missing here? Is it difficult,

Ivan Rados: it is difficult to ignite something and say, This is really important for me, because if I want to choose something that is really important, then then how to choose amongst infinite possibilities, what’s so important, maybe what I’m more excited about? Yes, I’m excited about talking what I’m talking so let’s just talk and see what happens. I mean, it could be it could be enlightening. It could be just not since it doesn’t really matter. So

Rick Archer: that’s good. Go ahead. I’m sorry.

Ivan Rados: What you’re gonna say you said that is something I want you to finish

Rick Archer: Oh, so that was an interesting answer in itself you know, because what you’re saying I think is that you in a way you go with the flow you know, you you respond to the impetus or to the impulse and if there is or to the catalyst and if there is no impulse then why respond you know, so you kind of you bring out whatever is drawn from you kind of like a reservoir reservoir just sits there and the water the water doesn’t flow unless somebody puts a pipe up to it and you know, and then depending upon the size of the pipe and the kind of pipe and so on the water flows in different amounts.

Ivan Rados: I just couple of weeks ago, I was just sitting and enjoying enjoyment is all that is you know you’re not driving your car you’re enjoying your car you’re not writing a letter you’re enjoying the process of writing letter it’s all about enjoyment this life is enjoyment. You can make it how when you use your mind, but when you’re out of your mind and there is just enjoyment. And someone came and said I’ve been watching you for 15 minutes Are you alive?

Rick Archer: are you just sitting on a park bench or something?

Ivan Rados: Are you are you pretending to be someone like you know, whatever on the street you know, entertainment like you know frozen person

Rick Archer: Right, they have that that’s a fad these days?

Ivan Rados:  I don’t have that crazy Yes, I’m dead the other day anyway. When that was 2005 I think I published the book create yourself through sacred geometry. Right now we change the title creator some because you cannot create yourself but anyway, there’s a title 17 years ago. More than that? I’m not sure. Anyway, it doesn’t matter so and binding books, which is the biggest spiritual bookstore in Vancouver, British Columbia, organize the event in Public Library. And they booked a small room that can fit 567 People like thinking okay, here’s an on you know, wrote a little, you know, book very cute book but and people start coming and coming and coming and as they had to move the, you know the event to bigger room and bigger room until the whatever the biggest room they had, and 200 people came and and I was just like, what was being frozen? I didn’t know what to do. I mean, you know, one thing is to talk to individual another one is to talk to 10 people and other ones to talk to 200 people. I mean, I didn’t prepare myself but it kind of being there was before before the act, you see. Anyway, and my son, he was very small. My son Kai, he came to me and said, Dad, what’s happening? I said, chi, I said think there’s anxiety there. But it’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s just like there it’s it’s a mechanism survival mechanism of any nature. I cannot fight them by nature by it’s there. So I don’t know what to do. Okay. 200 people came me I was expecting two or three for at least but 200 I don’t know where to start from Chi. And you know what he did? Say to me what? He said start from the beginning that very good. I said, Wow. Thank you very much, Sam, I really appreciate your my great teacher. Thank you. I’m going to start from the beginning. So I’m going to start from the beginning about this what I want to discuss it’s not about one thing by just came out from nowhere. It’s about Big Bang theory. Theory, which I’m sure when you examine the theory, it’s a theory of exposure on violent and destructive shuttering a blast and boom. The theory of explosion is the theory of the beginning of who we are, you know, the beginning of life, the beginning of creation existence itself. So that’s theory, you know, just if you can pay really attention to what I’m going to point here. The theory cannot exist in people’s mind without another theory that the universe will explode. But that explosion will be imposed in their description. So explosion implosion, what’s happening in between those two explosions? Disturbance kills. That’s why there is that idea of order out of chaos, you know, like, the dictatorial you know, Illuminati mindset, you know, let’s create an order now. Because it’s not because the universe is in disorder, but because of mind being in disorder, mind accepting the, the idea that the universe was born out of explosion, and it’s gonna die out of explosion. What’s in between is another set of anxiety. When you compare that to your life, you were born anxious, you’re going to die anxious, in between, you’re anxious, we are trying to understand why we are anxious, we are trying to get rid of anxiety, trying to get rid of pressure and stress and problems and difficulties and, and in unfairness and violence and injustice, terrorism and this and that we are in fight to create the peace. The peace is already here. Remove the concept, remove the idea of the universe being out of born out of exposure. And there is another confirmation from the from the religious point of view that you know, the universe was born out of, let there be no let’s be the light, let there be light, let there be light. So it’s another explosion stellar firework and the universe was born in the darkness are formed and all of that. It’s a story of duality. And that’s the that’s the main reason why we are so disconnected from who we are. It is deeply engraved in our North subconsciousness but in our unconsciousness and it operates there, it is suppressed deep down through indoctrination, through repetition, through introduction, fill, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk until you, you know, you formed the mind, you see. So this is the idea. So you know how to get rid of this idea. You cannot get rid of idea you can only witness the mind and the idea will be dropped. When you compare to your life you’re born you die. You know what’s what’s after that? We don’t know you’re born from nothing. You die to nothing, but nothing for you know, from that, from that perspective of big bank is very fearful and there is nothing really there is no life after that there is just oblivion. It’s just like nothing. But you know, it’s no Not because nothing means the whole because everything that is cannot exist without nothing. Everything that exists cannot exist without nothing. Nothing is the course of all of that. And nothing equals awareness, awareness that I am. So, so the story is very much is very much you know about distraction and, and, and violence and the story about our separation from consciousness. It is the story of our attachment to duality on our attachment to the social indoctrinated delusionary mind. And you know what, there’s something else more stupid than that. It is the confirmation of that dualistic approach and imprisonment of human consciousness into the reality of, you know, consensus. And that’s the stupidity that according to certain scientific research, and that’s been in, you know, introduced into the school system now embedded in the school system like Newton, you know, Newton law, or I started in a row, a lot of that law, which are indoctrinating us into believing that separation is in a real, no, it’s not it’s illusion, it’s you’re being attached to something that is not. So according to their research. And the conclusion, the universe is approximately 13.89 Whatever billion here, so you’re not, you know, you know, that fact. And further, but the problem is, if it becomes fact, then it becomes

Rick Archer: it’s a theory, they don’t know for sure,

Ivan Rados: even if it’s stealing, it becomes, but how did they conduct the system in the off investigation? How did they study materials sources in order to establish that far, you know, the universe is infinite, infinite is infinite, expressing itself in infinite ways and in infinite directions, or is right now infinitely? So how? How could they know? You know, so, that kind of information. So when you really did not, when you remove your attachment to your knowledge, when you remove your attachment to your thinking, then you will come to know, but knowing we will not be will not be mathematical, and you cannot measure that knowing that knowing will be self evident, that you are the way you are, you’ll see.

Rick Archer: Okay, a lot of there’s a lot in what you just said, I got an email from a friend of mine yesterday who has a PhD in physics, which is somewhat related to what you were just saying. He said that, I believe that matter acts according to the second law of thermodynamics and decreases order over time increases entropy. That’s what the second law of thermodynamics means. And however, I think there is a mirror law for consciousness that acts in reverse, a lot of CE entropy, he likes to call it opposing law of entropy, consciousness naturally and effortlessly increases order, matter naturally and effortlessly decreases order. The higher the consciousness, individual planet Galaxy universe, the more the law of sin entropy or order prevails over the law of entropy or disorder. Anyway, think about that.

Ivan Rados: The Universe did not explore 13 point 8 billion years ago, and it is not going to import in some, you know, distant future. The explosion in the implosion is happening right now. It is happening in this moment. Both could be the universe it is absolutely incredibly happening right now. But the point is, are you aware, can you see? Can you know it? The universe is expanding and constructing all the time, this moment right now, it’s breathing up and down, just studying ancient, whatever writing, you know, and we receive, for example, that Brahma has three aspects and Brahma is breathing in and breathing out. One is creating another one is, you know, destroying, while in the middle one that you know, Holy Trinity, one is maintaining meaning there is a yin and yang, there is young and there is you maintaining, you know, the, you know, and that’s what triangulate is. So, the birth of the universe is still happening right now. And the depth of the universe is still happening right now. You know, but scientists cannot comprehend that at the moment because they are locked in certain in idea how things function. For example, just I read this morning that 30 scientists including that scientist from London, Stephen Hawking, say the Hawkins wrote a letter of Stephen Hawking. Yeah, that that condemned the idea that you know, or the universe is not according to certain standards and principles they’re fighting for, and they are trying to prove wages. I mean, someone is really trying to knock them down and say guys expand, you know, include something else. This is not the way the universe work. But it’s the same like no one pointed, blinded, people who were investing so much into the theory that someone tried to destroy the theory at what you’re going to do naturally, you’re going to say, you know, get lost, keep me here. That’s why there is a fight. So, existence, expressing itself on his life through the explosion and imploding live back at the existence to the existence right now. That’s what life is. So the, the universe was not born long time ago, the universe will not end sometime in the future. The universe is infinite, it was not born, it never dies. It sounds like you’re expressing our comprehension and our level of thinking cannot cannot really grasp that. No at all. I just like, How can I explain how can you explain infinite, there is no way. This is connected, everything is complementary, appreciative to every aspect of the of the wholeness of the existence. Everything is pulsating, moving, transforming coming and going. The whole point is, are you aware of that happening or not? That’s the whole point.

Rick Archer: Well, you just said something a minute ago about not being too certain of your ideas. And yet, you’re speaking now in a very sort of adamant, certain tone, I would say that, you know, all kinds of there’s all kinds of possibilities. One is that the universe is emerging, from moment to moment continuously, and also that it actually started 3.7 billion years ago. And both can be true simultaneously. So there’s all kinds of

Ivan Rados: Sure. Yeah, I’m saying it’s true. But it’s not entirely true. Because there is a truth and there is ultimate truth. What’s the ultimate truth? I don’t know how I know. But I know, someone might not agree with me. That’s all right. Now you can agree or disagree. It’s up to you. Yeah, you’re free to express yourself the way you are?

Rick Archer: Well, I don’t think anything we can we can express is going to be the final truth or absolute or not, the truth is always more

Ivan Rados: in my knowing, you know, it is right now. Oh, yeah. And right now can express itself in infinite ways, and infinite levels and densities. So you know, the idea that the universe was born that right, it’s true in a way, but it’s not entirely true. It’s not ultimately true. But when you stick to the aspect of the truth, then it becomes live, you know, don’t get stuck to the aspect. That’s the, you know, those guys sending 30 Scientists sending letter to one article in you know, American science about questioning their, you know, idea about the universe. Is that attempt, yeah, and they say, let it go. Yeah, allow that guy to enter into your field of knowledge, he’s gonna compliment you just keep moving on. That’s the consciousness moving, expanding, and is becoming more and more of itself. Yeah,

Rick Archer: this is an old pattern. If you read Thomas Kuhns, the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, he talks about paradigms as being certain packages of understanding and how they tend to be resistant to change. But as more and more anomalies, things that contradict the paradigm begin to accumulate. At a certain point, the paradigm has to eventually collapse and give rise to a new paradigm. So there’s always some resistance to change, but then there’s always and which is good because as you’re saying, with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, there’s some stability that is necessary for everything not to be complete chaos, and that applies. Yeah.

Ivan Rados: What’s the main ingredient in that stability? It’s your consciousness being conscious that you are, that’s the singularity. You see, that’s why I like I like the, you know, I mean, it’s not like liking or disliking, it’s more like being drawn into the, you know, into the perspective of holographic reality. You know, the hologram is, you know, photographic process that uses laser laser coherent light of the same wavelength, right to produce dimensional image in space. So, you know, every single aspect of, of, of, you know, that in that space, every aspect, every point is the, you know, it’s the whole, you know, a three dimensional image can be cut into many pieces, and each piece will still be capable of reproducing an image of the whole. So, the holographic perspective is a complete multi dimensional frame of references as opposed to linear perspective for reality, you know, changing a single core component of the holographic symbol simultaneously changed the you know, the other aspect, you know, you know, other components or components within it. So, the wards in the world and everything in it is the projections from the level of reality beyond the horizon of our comprehension. Yeah, so God is a hologram, the universe is a hologram. The wholeness is a hologram, a projection of nothingness from where everything else comes. So, the holographic universe is just awareness within an infinite number of simultaneously, coexisting ways to experience it, how do we experience the infinite tangle of holographic projections, through the perception of the consciousness, what radio channel you are on determines what kind of music you get, you know, so on the airwaves, they are other channels, but you hear only the one you have zoomed in, you have intent to or you have intention to, we are capable of experiencing many angles, many different points of view, many perspective realities, many, many parallel realities, different different, everything different, different aspects of the one reality because the reality is holographic thing interesting enough, interestingly enough, in the book of Genesis, God created the world in six days, then on the seventh, he went on vacation

Rick Archer: to Florida.

Ivan Rados: But Christians believes that the God creation happens only once. From the point of awareness, the creation is continuously happening in this moment of now. Yeah, for me, an unbroken double Hall without interruptions at terminal right now, in infinite directions. Every new moment of now destroys the previous moment of now, every new moment is the creation of the moment. You see if you can remain conscious within the moment of now and not move away from you know from it with your thinking, then you are in continuity of your awareness. You become God yourself, witnessing the infinite creative process of now you’re witnessing your own self expanding, not choosing, guiding not struggling, just being being is God. That’s what awareness is. or graphic universities.

Rick Archer: Yeah, and you know, this thing about this continuously emerging universe. To the credit of physicists, they actually do have an understanding about that, I think they call it sequential, spontaneous symmetry breaking. And what they mean by that is that there is it at all times a unified field, completely synchronous, whole, complete, non fragmented level of creation, and from that greater and greater complexity and diversification arises. But this isn’t something that happened 3.7 billion years ago, it’s something that happens continuously. As you know, every moment as you say, hey, a question just came in, from someone named Shree in Stamford, Connecticut. Shree asks, what is it? That’s not moving in us?

Ivan Rados: What is it?

Rick Archer: Yeah, yeah, what is it in us that’s not moving?

Ivan Rados: If I say what’s moving, what’s not moving there, actually, it’s not moving. It’s gonna stop, if I see what’s not moving, that is inviting that non movement to move.

Rick Archer: QAnon is something which can actually remain non moving, despite all the movement and despite all the diversity and change and that can’t be moved, no matter what.

Ivan Rados: There’s a little Mantra you can use, I mean, meditation technique. It’s using your mind in very practical way, using one thought, on that thought is illusion. So, you can use that thought, that’s called In Buddhism, you know, Buddha used to say, you know, remember, remember, remember that you are by new remember that you are you have a thought that you are, but at one point, the thought is going to be useless, because the thought is going to say up who is that? You know, who is that? Who is thinking one thought and then consciousness returning itself, and then realize the awareness or attain the awareness. And there’s a trick of Buddha using there. It’s a trickery anyway. So, what is in the moment? What is the moment? What is the stillness, what is the peace? What is the tranquility? What is that? thing that never ever moves.

Rick Archer: You asking me? Yeah, it’s

Ivan Rados: just like, you’re talking. It’s like, like building a pressure. Until the popcorn pop,

Rick Archer: it’s awareness. That’s what I would have answered Yeah, consciousness

Ivan Rados: awareness, awareness is you know, you cannot be aware of awareness, you can be conscious of consciousness. But when the consciousness is conscious of itself, then it becomes awareness. Awareness simply is aware. There is nothing else to be aware of, apart from being aware, and even there is no awareness of cells, there is only awareness that’s called bliss. That’s called nirvana. That’s when there is only awareness. It’s not like you have special power and you are walking like, you know, like, like enlightened Buddha around with a big smile on your face, it is like just a state of being state of state of pure awareness, right? Is that what pure light is? Pure Light, means no heaviness, means that you are pure light, you are your lighter than the the, you know, the air lighter than the vacuum like that, then anything you can imagine, then you can think about it. You are totally free. That’s you’re not suppressed. You’re not compressed. You’re not locked in your thinking, you’re free from your thinking, you feel I’m relaxed. Oh, I’m aware that I am. But I don’t know. I’m conscious that I’m conscious. But I cannot be aware that I am. I’m just aware that what stillness is good openness. Eckhart Tolle talking about stillness being the now No, now he’s not. Stillness now is always transformational. Transitional, it’s always moving. And always, you know, it is the movement is the consciousness. Real now is not the consciousness real now is awareness.

Rick Archer: So I learned something this week. I learned I did. In fact, I

Ivan Rados: think it was just I want you to unlearn I don’t want you to learn, I learned something

Rick Archer: useful. Just yesterday, I learned that YouTube will auto transcribe now, any video that’s under two hours. So I’m determined to keep my interviews under two hours. So YouTube will auto transcribe them. So we’re just about at that point, and I need to wrap it up. I also learned another thing, which is that once you reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, they give you all kinds of special treatment and advice and support and whatnot. I’m only at 28,000 subscribers. So anyone who has made it this far in the interview, subscribe on YouTube, just hit the little subscribe button to the channel. And, you know, I’d like to build it up to 100,000. But in any case, to keep under the two hour mark, I need to conclude. So I would like to thank you for for coming on the show. And for this lively discussion. I will be obviously linking to your website and to your books, as I always do when I interview somebody, and people can go there and take a look at your art. Maybe we’ll even paste a couple of Yantras into the video. And so when we mentioned your interest, I’ll get some from you that we can paste into the video so people can see what what we’re talking about free to use anything. I could pull off the website or you could even give me high resolution ones that will go into the videos. Yeah, we’ll do that. And anyway, so people get in touch with you, they and if they go to your website, they’ll see what you have to offer, as is the case with everyone I interview. So I appreciate having you on.

Ivan Rados: I’m very grateful that you invite me and I really am grateful for this opportunity to just engage in joyfulness.

Rick Archer: Yeah, a lot of fun. So, thanks to those who’ve been listening or watching. This is a weekly show, as you may know, and if you go to batgap.com, you’ll see all the previous ones you can sign up to be notified of future ones. And a lot of other stuff if you just explore around on the site there. We appreciate your attention and interest and support and we’ll keep it going. So see you next week. Thank you, Yvonne. Thank you very much.