594. Lisa Rose

Lisa RoseAll I ever did was emphatically declare, “I want to know God, NOW!”  It wasn’t long before I was fast-tracked into a reality I didn’t know existed, an inner world full of extraordinary gifts and ultimately liberation of the mind.  I’d stumbled upon a pamphlet that outlines a formula to regenerate one’s human race consciousness to Divine Consciousness, like a reboot, by calling forth into one’s mind higher, more universally aligned modes of Being.  That pamphlet became my bible, my book of living, and thru contemplative practice expanded the I AM presence within, attracting that which is stable, immutable Principle into my self-consciousness.  The art of surrender as put forth by Ramana Maharshi played a huge role along the way, although at the time I had little clue who he was.

The regeneration occurred in February 2016, followed by three full years of Bliss, a state of Consciousness I am convinced is that of a newborn.  I wallowed in that cocoon, integrating the expansion that I sometimes felt might never end!!! until the desire emerged to step back out into the world.  A two-year investigation of kundalini life energy, universal consciousness, and fractal/plasma physics has continued my evolving perception and experiences.  The real fun has truly begun, my book of living has become my Book of Life!

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Main points discussed:

  • Initial awakening occurred after three years of intense contemplation and desire to know God.
  • Holographic and telepathic encounter with Ramana Maharshi.
  • Three-year blissful contemplation on the “Omniscient, infinite and eternal nature”. The bliss eclipsed human emotions such as fear and animosity.
  • The bliss subsided as the awakening became more integrated.
  • Most people don’t relate God and ‘consciousness’.
  • Shift from fear to divine love. Heart-brain coherence ended 20-year problem with heart palpitations.
  • Recognizing that consciousness is primal and not a product of the brain accelerates our evolution.
  • The importance of balancing experience and understanding.
  • Your higher self knows everything about you and knows what is best for you.
  • No such thing as coincidence.
  • ‘There is no bridge between here and here, we are all that is, we are sovereign beings.’

Six main points:

  1. Update your science. Understand the non-solid nature of physical matter.
  2. Set your Intention. “I want to know God.” “I want to know my Creator.” “I want to Awaken.” “I want to Embody only Truth.”
  3. Claim your True Identity. Recognize and assert your Divine Origin, your Universal Nature!
  4. Give in, give over, completely give way to your Creator!
  5. Focus your attention on your intention!
  6. Do not sway. Be a rock, do not roll. Unwavering.
  • The power of attention.
  • Self-healing comes from the omnipresent nature of our consciousness.
  • Discussion of the pineal gland.

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Interview recorded April 10, 2021.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

YouTube Video Chapters:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump
  • 00:06:16 – An Unexpected Experience
  • 00:11:52 – Telepathic Communication with Ramana Maharshi
  • 00:17:20 – Three years of contemplation and Kundalini energy struggles
  • 00:22:47 – Surrendering to the Kundalini Energy
  • 00:28:08 – Bliss and the Falling Away
  • 00:33:43 – Bliss and Detachment
  • 00:38:02 – The Journey to Understanding Consciousness
  • 00:42:03 – The Importance of Evidence and Religion in Consciousness Transformation
  • 00:45:54 – Consciousness Regeneration and the Kundalini Awakening
  • 00:50:07 – Living in Fear
  • 00:54:46 – Heart-Brain Coherence and Universal Cosmic Coherence
  • 00:58:54 – Understanding our True Nature and Well-being
  • 01:02:58 – The Power of Understanding and Experience
  • 01:06:59 – Binaural Beats and Spiritual Practice
  • 01:10:58 – The Power of Consciousness
  • 01:14:36 – Striving for Pure Intention
  • 01:18:07 – Kundalini Energy and its Activation
  • 01:22:05 – Tapping into the Power of Kundalini
  • 01:25:56 – Organizing Zoom Meetings and Sharing on Facebook
  • 01:29:49 – Claiming your true identity as infinite and eternal
  • 01:33:46 – Claiming Your True Identity
  • 01:37:33 – The Power of Self-Inquiry
  • 01:41:35 – Words of Wisdom from Nisargadatta
  • 01:45:37 – Surrendering to the Divine Consciousness
  • 01:49:26 – The Importance of Meditation
  • 01:53:21 – The Evolution of Yoga and Contemplation
  • 01:57:18 – The Concept of Conscious Immortality
  • 02:01:13 – Regeneration of Consciousness and Self-Healing
  • 02:05:33 – The Importance of the Pineal Gland and Integrative Medicine
  • 02:09:05 – Conclusion and Next Guests