BatGapBot Instructions and Registration

Welcome to the BatGap Bot

If you’ve already read the content below, check out our new BatGapBot Guide.

You’ve probably heard of and may have used ChatGPT, Google Bard, or other bots. You can converse with them as though you were conversing with a very well-informed human being. These bots are “horizontal” in the sense that they incorporate the contents of the entire internet in their “data corpora”. The BatGap Bot is “vertical” in the sense that its data corpus only contains knowledge relevant to the topics discussed on BatGap.

So far, this includes transcripts of all the BatGap interviews (thank you to our team of volunteer proofreaders!), as well as some interviewee’s books, and transcripts of some of their other videos. Over 15,000 files so far, but this is only a fraction of what will eventually be in the knowledge base!

The behavior of a bot is governed by a set of operating instructions called a “credo”. I’ll continue to refine the BatGap Bot’s credo, so if you continue to use it, you should notice steady improvement. In fact, you can help. You can find the BatGap Bot’s credo on this page and more about credos in general. As you use the bot, if you have ideas about how it might be improved, let me know.

The BatGap Bot gets to know you. There is actually micro learning happening on various fronts, so many different parts of the process get smarter as you continue to use it.

Nipun Mehta and his team at ServiceSpace are creating these bots for people with a spiritual or service-oriented mission. If you want to know more, read the ServiceSpace AI Story.

If you already have a ServiceSpace account, go directly to the BatGapBot. Otherwise, to begin using it:

  • First, create a ServiceSpace account.
  • You will then receive an email with your password.
  • Then visit the BatGapBot. If you are not taken directly to it, log in and you should find yourself there.
  • In the left menu (three horizontal bars) click on My Preferences to adjust your settings.
  • When you visit the bot, you will see something like this:





To ask a question, simply enter it in this field at the bottom of the page and hit return or click the arrow.

Your question can be written in any language (French, Swahili, whatever…) The bot will answer you in that language.

You can ask follow up questions and the answers will take into account the conversation so far. If you want to change the topic, you might get better results by refreshing the page to start a new chat.

Beneath the answer you will see links to the sources that the bot used for the answer.
There is a Public Link for sharing responses with others. You’ll also see a link to generate ChatGPT4’s answer to the same question.

Archived chats are accessible through the left menu (top left bars on a mobile).

Please note that this is experimental. If you have technical difficulties or if you get strange, inaccurate, or irrelevant answers please let me know. It will help improve the bot. You can include the answer you got by clicking “Public Link” below the answer, then include the web address (URL) of the page that it opened in your feedback. Send Feedback

Thank you for helping to uplift our collective consciousness!

Again, I encourage you to read the ServiceSpace AI Story to get a feeling for the vision and genius of the team of volunteers behind this initiative.