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Stan KendzStan Kendz (Sta) is a popular experiential, motivational, and business coach/mentor who has been guiding advanced personal-achievement seminars at the corporate and individual levels for more than 35 years. He is a published author of numerous audio books that enliven intuitive self-development, professional success, and personal fulfillment. In 1994, after a timeless and transformative experience of pure ‘Being’, which he refers to as “our true immortal Nature”, he co-authored a book on consciousness-based natural health care titled: Forever Healthy – An Introduction to Maharishi Ayur Veda.

In 2005 Stan enrolled at Maharishi University of Management as a PhD. student and has become subjectively and objectively knowledgeable in Vedic Science. He is currently concluding his thesis research on the effects that higher states of consciousness have on an individual’s ability to effortlessly and spontaneously fulfill his/her desires.

Website: stankendz.com

Interview recorded 12/2/2009.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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5 thoughts on “003. Stan Kendz

  1. While my own process has been more gradual, I found Stan’s take quite interesting. The motivation to career also vanished, then a series of “shoulds” and “musts” fell away. Several others I know had similar. Some I know have just continued smoothly. Perhaps the difference between the career as dharmic or karmic.

    The comments on integration in the relative with some acceptance / clearing were also notable. As was the changes in love and relationship. A few I know had a more upaguru orientation it seems, although that may develop over time. (Love for mate as divine vs Love of guru or Love of God)

    His comment about the churning of the universe was notable. I’d not quite groked that so it shed light on the shifting and rippling thats being noticed. (laughs)

    Also the resistance falling, the filters becoming transparent on so many levels.

    Thanks Stan and Rick!

  2. Dear David,
    Thanks for sharing your comments about my interview. Your comparative remarks on how my experiences relate to your personal journey are validating and most appreciated.

  3. I heard Rick mention this interview during another one recently, and thought I’d check it out. What a lovely conversation. My heart feels expanded watching and listening. Thank you Stan and thank you Rick. I will watch this again soon. Very powerful and loving experience.

  4. I’m coming to this really late, and I don’t know if there’s anybody out there who might answer, but Stan raised the question of death, and said he wanted to live as long as possible in order to enjoy the progress he is making. This is something I think about a lot. I am not yet awakened though I have some hope that I might be at some stage before I die. However, suppose I just reach what we could call stage 1 of awakening (cosmic consciousness in TM terms), and then only live for a short time afterwards, won’t I miss out on all the wonderful higher levels of development? Yes, I know that from the point of view of awakening, as Stan said, there is no death, but the body isn’t going to last forever. So in the situation I describe, what happens? Can I, or should I desire to be, reborn in order to experience higher and higher levels? Or if not, who or what is going to reach those levels? Or doesn’t it matter? I’d really like to check out those divine beings, and see everything in terms of the Self.

  5. Dear Dr. Harriet,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and all the readers of this BatGap blog.
    In the situation you describe, my personal experience was as follows although I readily acknowledge that each of us may enjoy a unique experience:
    1. Consciousness is immortal and remains intact through the transition from a local body and awareness of duality, to non-local immortal Being—Pure consciousness.
    2. When one experiences his/her transition from physical to absolute prior to becoming fully awake to his/her true nature, before becoming established in lively Self-referral awareness—Unity consciousness then the following occurs:
    a. Having dissociated from physical reality the immortal and boundless field of infinite possibilities ‘Unity consciousness—Self—Pure consciousness,’ the Self spontaneously experiences Self as the expression of a relative universe, an objective and subjective expression of its own Nature as qualia. Thus the Self recreating within the Self experiences the fulfillment of all desires to which it remains attached.
    As the infinite field of Pure consciousness such an experiential transition is instantaneous and spontaneous. As the Unified-field home of all the laws of Nature the infinite power, integration and creativity/correlation the Self is experienced as qualia interpretations by the physical senses, the relative expression of fulfillment of such a desire as: any possibility, any life form or object or circumstance, at any age and any time.
    The reason this all occurs is that is lively prior to Unity consciousness, and functioning from the level of object-referral awareness the mind of the small-self remains attached to the memory of unfulfilled desires. This attachment to object-referral memory is known in Vedanta as “the mistake of the intellect”. It is “the mistake of the intellect” that perpetuates the cycles of life, death and karma.
    3. For one awake in lively Self-referral awareness only the Self—Pure consciousness—Unity consciousness—Being Is.
    We can say that knowing only the ‘Self” frees one from attachment to actions and desire.
    By becoming that which transcends life and death alike we can say—”if you die before you die, then when you die you won’t die.”
    In other words “if you (egoic you) die before you (your physical body) dies, then when you (Self-awareness) dies (drops the body) you (Self-awareness) won’t die (remains unchanged).”
    You bring up a fascinating topic that I could expound upon for hours, however, I sincerely hope that I have shed some light on your question.
    I sincerely wish you bliss and happiness.

    PS: It is also my understanding that from the Vedic prospective additional information on what happens to us after death of the body can be found in: The Concise Yoga Vasistha: Publisher: State University of New York Press Paperback–January 1, 1984, $10.46

    From what you mentioned it sounds like you already practice Transcendental Meditation and the TM Sidhi Programs including Yogic Flying, or an alternative transcendental consciousness-based technology so you may also wish to self-educate on the cutting edge of living for as long as you choose.
    All love for all time,

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