Elizabeth Anne Hill Transcript

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Elizabeth Anne Hill Interview

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Elizabeth Anne Hill: Thank you, Rick.

Rick Archer: Well, yeah, it’s good to have you. Elizabeth is over in the UK at the moment, but as you will hear she’s been rather itinerant through last many years. She says that her spiritual journey began in October 2002, with the death of her identical twin sister, Catherine Mary Hill, who was in an on duty vehicle accident as a US Border Patrol agent along the US Mexico border. Before Kathy died, she had learned about a grand spiritual awakening taking place across the pet planet, which she tried to share with Elizabeth with no success. After Kathy’s death, began to have contact with Kathy in dreams and through many psychic mediums, she discovered that she and Catherine had come in as social change agents and that they had made a pact to work together to deliver this important information to the world. Catherine assisted Elizabeth in writing her first book, twin souls Joe hold up here, a message of hope for the new millennium. Through this process, Elizabeth developed strong intuitive gifts and connection with non physical realms. In 2008. During a session with a group of spirit guides via trance channel, Glenna Dietrich was with was told about a new project they would create together called an interview with the universe, which would include q&a and experiential travelling journey, another book, Elizabeth journey would entail letting go of all traditional safety nets, including job income and home to travel the world with nothing but her intuitive connection with her sister and her infinite self. The guides explained that the purpose of the journey was to transmute the limiting belief systems and fears surrounding money for herself and for all of humanity. After she undertook this journey, she would be ready for the changes that would occur in the world. And at the right moment, she would be called upon to teach and share the wisdom she had gained. Now in 20, of the all that is occurring on the world stage, now is that moment. So there we go. Sure. And I also have been, yeah, as many people have been in anticipating something like this for many decades. And, you know, it kind of seems like it’s really picking up steam now.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Absolutely. And not by any mistake, either.

Rick Archer: No, I think we we both discussed earlier and agreed that nothing happens by mistake. No. Which could seem like a harsh statement. You know, I mean, horrible things happen to people, individually and collectively, you know, and, you know, it confuses people, they think, Well, is this a mistake? Or if it is a mistake, how could God allow mistakes like this to happen? And do mistakes happen? And they get into these philosophical quandary, you know, when life really throws a monkey wrench in the works for them?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, well, I mean, there’s just, they need to learn about a little more deeply into who and what they are and a little more deeply into the idea of soul contracts. And that we talked about this and we can probably talk about it more about how we come into our body with a plan. And we actually come into this realm intentionally to take on deep deep emotions. and challenges in this third dimension, because it’s kind of all a dream and illusion. And we take on challenges so that the soul can grow and expand. And it’s an adventure and we want to do it, but it’s it is. There are very deep challenges for a lot of people. And what they don’t see is the meaning if they saw the meaning the deep meaning behind it and why they wanted to have that experience, then they would, it would be much, much easier for them to understand. Yeah,

Rick Archer: so let’s probe into that a little bit. You know, speed, we know that all kinds of horrible things happen to people. They are born with deformities or mental problems, or, you know, they get shot accidentally, or they get, you know, obviously, they’re huge events like the Holocaust, and so on. So people would ask, Why in the heck, would anybody sign up for that? I don’t remember signing up for that. I don’t think I signed up for that. How can it almost seems like you have to sort of think about it deeply. And in order to have that make sense to you, or this many people would have to think about it deeply. So let’s help them with that.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, you know, people don’t know, this is the thing they become, when we come into this realm, we intentionally take on a veil of forgetfulness of who we really are as this infinite soul, infinite one with all that is being and we forget that intentionally because we want it otherwise, if we remembered that there wouldn’t be all this learning, right? So some souls are very, um, what’s the word never ambitious, when they’re not in their body, because when you’re not in your body, you’re much more extended as a being. And you like, oh, yeah, I want to take this on, I want to learn this, I want to learn that. And then when you come into the body, we forget all of this. But there’s something inside of us deeply that knows. I mean, when I lost a twin, I can talk more about this later, or whatever. But I lost my identical twin sister. And almost immediately after it happened, bells were ringing in the back of my consciousness, everybody was grieving. I mean, I was leaving, of course, but I knew, I knew, it was like, I already knew that she was going to go and then what’s more devastating than losing an identical twin, but I knew in my consciousness, there’s a huge story behind this. And I just felt it. And I got downloads of communication for the first time, about you know, your sister, Kathy is fine. And remember what she was doing and reading before reading and doing and saying before she passed, because she had a spiritual awakening, right before she passed. And she was trying to communicate this to me and I went, you know, what are you talking about? You know, but it’s, so we have the soul agreements, we have soul contracts. And then we also have to understand the physics of this universe is? Well, first of all, you have to know who you are, you have to sit in contemplation and ask that, that essential question, Who am I really, that has to inform your entire life

Rick Archer: completely answered in words,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I would say more than likely, you might get a few words in your mind. But it’s experiential. Yeah. And the more you ask, and the more you sit in that, the more it connects your entire being. And this is what is happening. This is why we are being pushed so hard, because so many people are focused outward on this world. And everything in it, instead of focusing inward, which is the whole reason we’re here is to re member who we really are. And then there’s also the laws of physics, which is the law of attraction, energy vibration, using your Divine Self, which is your connection with your divine self, but also using the principles of this universe, to play a game to create what you want to create. And as part of that creation, there are intentional contrasts. Because you see what you don’t want, you see who you’re not so that you know, what you do want and what you what you are, and some of them are very deep, because at this time of this awakening that’s happening. Every fear, every judgment, from every incarnation has to come up and be transmuted, and all these separated parts of ourselves have to come back into wholeness. And so it’s a big moment in there’s a big choice that we have to make, are we going to do this journey inward? And are we going to learn more about who we really are and how things really work here? Are we just going to continue to allow ourselves to be in victim mode? And, and so that’s the choice we’re making right now. Very important. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Every say every sentence you speak gives rise to a question in my mind. I’ll just kind of pick five ways to go. Yeah. I think one thing that’s implicit in everything we’ve said so far, is that Well, we’ve kind of already covered this, but that nothing happens by accident that there’s an intelligence that permeates and orchestrates the universe, and that it doesn’t miss a beat. I mean, it’s, it’s, maybe we can talk a little bit about that intelligence. In fact, when you get into telling your life story about how you’ve been traveling around the worlds are on a wing and a prayer that, that raises some really interesting questions about the mechanics of how things would just work out for a person in the nick of time. And maybe, maybe continue telling your own story a bit. And then we’ll get into that whole thing about how you traveled around. And, and that’ll, and we’ll, we’ll go into the whole discussion of, yeah, go ahead.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Do you want me to start with like my twin sister, or just started the beginning or just keep talking while we were talking about Katherine

Rick Archer: dying, and how that kind of kick started your spiritual quest, you discovered this whole cache of books and emails and so on, that you hadn’t been aware of. And you started to really fudge into that, and it was a real beginning of a huge education for you.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yes, and I was communicating with her. And then I began communicating with beings of other consciousnesses, such as what we would what we in human form, would call masters and angelic presence

Rick Archer: and communicate with them, what was what was their dreams.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: And one thing was dreams. I mean, the dreams were so vivid, I was having all these blue lights, and because I’m very connected with Archangel Michael, which is blue, and my sister was, her symbol was blue butterflies and Blue Angels. So there’s all this blue, and then I was hearing names like Jesus and Paramahansa Yogananda, and we really, like there was something and then I was told there’s a message, there’s a message, and you’re the one to deliver the message and your sisters helping you, I mean, all of this is going on in dreams. And then also, I was guided to certain psychic mediums who all said the same thing, that you are here because of this awakening, and you wanted to use that energy for yourself and for everyone else to clear out all the old energy that wouldn’t serve humanity anymore. And so that and also through meditation and you know, direct connection, I can, as time has gone, I’m able to, I have all those different like, knowing and feeling and seeing and sensing and that as a part of my daily life, and I can hear, it’s not really hearing, it’s kind of more like our ideas and, and hearing somebody say something almost like, and then you know, I can feel when I’m a Pisces, so I can, you know, I can feel if one hair is out of place, I can feel it. So I’m very feeling oriented. And I also just know things and I don’t know how I know them. And I just knew, I just know that the things from and I was told this by these, we’ll get to later that group of guides that came in about how I came in with this, knowing that the old ways we’re not going to work anymore. And so that was my, my part of this is to demonstrate a new way of understanding and being not really new. It’s quite old, actually. But we forgotten it. So after my sister passed, and I had all this communication. I was guided to quit my job, I started receiving guidance, and I just kept getting quitting my job. So I did quit my job. And I say

Rick Archer: you’re guided. I mean, a lot of people feel like, okay, this job sucks. I’d like to quit. And should they regard that as guidance?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Um, you know, the key is you have to know yourself, you know, the saying, know thyself, you have to know yourself so well, that you have to know is this If I’m having a challenge or something? Is this a soul expanding challenge that I want to stay with? Or is there something I need to do differently? And I just knew, and also I was hearing it, you know, it’s time to let go of the old you have something else to do. And so I didn’t, I thought, Well, okay, I’ll get my master’s degree, and I signed up and everything, and that helps me to quit my job. But in the end, there was gonna be no, no master’s degree, the universe was like, hey, no, there’s something else. So I started doing my own podcasts like what you do and contact talk radio, you may have heard of them. And I started doing my own interviewing authors. And I had written this book, twin souls a message of hope for the new millennium, with my twin sister helping me and all these other consciousnesses coming in. And so I was kind of promoting that and then I really didn’t know what am i Because money was going away, going away going away. And I’m like, Well, okay, this is nice, but what helped me what, you know, what am I going to do? And so I just kept getting this internal guidance about become like a child. Tom, like a child let go of trying to figure anything because I tried. I mean, when people read the book, they’re gonna laugh at some of the things I tried to do once I realized oh, Because I kind of thought we’ll publish this book and I’ll be a famous author. And that’s how I’ll have money. Right. But it was not that was not. I mean, maybe later they said, the guides that we’ll speak about in a minute, but they said, Yes, this will be a widely read book. But that’s not how it’s going to happen. So I thought, well, what am I supposed to do? Finally, I took this advice, because there was nothing. There was nothing else. And so go clay, find the joy that you felt as a child. And so everybody’s at work. I was in my 40s at the time, some 40 year old person, I’m on the beach, you know, boogie boarding in the ocean, swimming and running. And then I went to ballet class. You know, ballet is my great dance and ballet, my sister and my great love of our life. And I did that. And I did I did a silent retreat at Paramahansa Yogananda is self realization Center, which he was a big influence in the early part of my journey. And after that, my father had passed away in 2006. And his estate was in a mess. And he didn’t have a will. They told him to get one. But he was one of those types. He didn’t listen. And it was not supposed to settle for like a year, and then all of a sudden, bam, it’s settled right after I did that time period of just being like a child. And so some money came and I got myself a place right near the ocean right near the Self Realization Fellowship, which I love so much. And everything came in. And Glenna, that’s when I met a woman by the name of Glenda Dietrich not sorted me out a whole new direction. Did you want me to keep going? Or?

Rick Archer: Yeah, no, you’re doing good. So I’m in Glen, I was a trance channel. And I listened to that, what is it called?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: An interview with the universe, right? I

Rick Archer: listened to that series with you. And Glenn, I knew. He said, You sound like you can tell the story how you sat on the beach and elsewhere and like came up with a 250 questions. And yeah, you’re asking Glenn, all these things. Continue for now?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, okay, so I was doing my own radio show. And I interviewed an author by the name of Robert Schwartz, who you had on the show amazing, amazing book called your souls plan and your souls gift. And it’s all about the plan that we make before we come into our body. The challenges that we want to take on the people that were we may or may not meet, depending on how well we learn and all of this and I was just so intrigued by that is really got me excited, because I felt like there’s so much more to this life and what makes it so not through him though, through somebody else’s how synchronicities work in my life, I met Glenn Dietrich, this man was promoting psychics and mediums on a website. And he asked me if I would have readings with these different mediums so that I could say, were they real or not real. And so one of them was going to Dietrich and I thought, oh my gosh, that’s going to detract from the book, you know, your souls plan. And so we had this long session together, she’s she has passed away in 2009. But she is an absolutely amazing, wise, happy go lucky, just all the beautiful things of being human and also being very wise. And in the session, we had this long she used astrology and Akashic records and everything. And then in the end, she said, Okay, now we’re going to do a channeling. And it’s not going to be me. It’s going to be these guides coming through to seek and they came and they spoke to me. And it was really profound. And then they said, Do you want to ask questions? And I was whoa, wow, I get to ask questions as I was kind of flustered and I asked a couple and then it was done. And I I couldn’t stop thinking about this. Because I have a question. I have so many questions. And so I just couldn’t stop thinking. And so finally, I asked her again, Glenn, it could we do that part again? I really want to do it again. And she said, Well, normally I don’t take a lot of energy. But I’m, I’m being compelled that I should say yes. So during that second channeling these guides came in and said, you highly recommend that you do what you have thought of, you know, let me back up. So I was going to have a second channeling with Glenna, and I was writing out my questions, you know, so excited on the beach, writing out my questions. And then I got this lightning bolt like a book title, an interview with the universe. Oh, that’s so exciting. Because, you know, I had a radio show. And I always wanted a really big guest on my show. Like, well, what’s bigger than the universe so, so great. So I told her and she got very excited because she said she always wanted to use her gifts in a bigger way. So I was able to at this time I had the money was just I had no money. I was just skimming along. But something in my little voice reminded me about some credit card points that I had. So I was able with those credit card points to book a trip to Minneapolis where she was and we were going to do this interview with the universe where I would ask the questions, she would be in a trance state and the guides would speak through her to me. And then it eventually will become a book and,

Rick Archer: and all that’s on YouTube and I can even add a link to that in the show. Yes. Did you write the book,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: but I’m writing I am writing. It’s why my books are very long. The first one took five years now it’s an ongoing on 12. I don’t write short books, but it’s it’s, it’s, it’s the evolving processes stunning. Yeah. And so it’s not ready to be written, it was already to be completed, but I am writing it as I go along.

Rick Archer: So the stuff in the book is more than then came out in you in the interview with Glenna, it’s more

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Oh, it’s way more massively, massively, massively more, that was just starting point. Yeah.

Rick Archer: Okay, so we want to talk about that at some point, your new book and what’s in it. But we also want to talk about how your life proceeded after this, and how you ended up just sort of like traveling to 20 countries in the world, you know, for I don’t know how many years you did this, but you know, 12 years without any reliable source of income, and often sort of down to your last dollar, and things would always just keep working out. It’s kind of worth telling that story, I think, to really get to know you.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, so we had channelling sessions that were not part of that the public recordings. And in those recordings, the guides, we just called them the guides, you know, in one of the sessions, they they said, We’re not going to say who we are on the public, because humans get too caught up, and you know, who is it and all of this, but they said, it’s the it’s the Brotherhood, it’s a white brotherhood, or the brotherhood of light, which is also known as the Christ Council, or the council of elders or whatever they guiding the earth, and also the angelic realm. So, but then they said, the cosmic sources that you couldn’t even imagine in your human mind are involved in this. And they said, what you’re going to be doing, they kept alluding to a journey, and they said, it is going to take enormous courage, they just kept saying that enormous courage. And in fact, you’re going to face the deepest fears of all of humanity. Okay. All right. Well, what am I going to be doing was really like, Well, okay, you know, I just, I had this sense of me, I’m very, I have a very strong will. So it’s like, okay, they said, but when you come out the other side of it, you are going to be ready for what’s going to happen in the world, and you’re going to be able to help other people, and you will be a profound teacher because you you’ve done this experientially,

Rick Archer: okay, are you out the other side? Now? Are you still traveling? And sort of oh,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I mean, out the other side, meaning walking to the deepest fears, the deepest fears, part, some seems to have moved out. But no, I have no idea. Like, I only have two weeks where I’m at now and have no idea what’s after that and no money to back me up. So

Rick Archer: I did that when I was a teenager. Yeah,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: well, yeah. But it’s so I mean, but that’s just it’s, it’s commonplace to me, it doesn’t cause any, at all, but so. But as far as like what I learned, there would be a moment where I would do as I’m doing right here, turning around and sharing the wisdom so that people who started to have their own seeming security might be falling away. What what they can do,

Rick Archer: yeah, and just obviously, that’s happening, people might be watching this interview five or 10 years from now. But obviously, we’re in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, and the rug is being pulled out from under a lot of people, you know, they’ve Absolutely, they’ve always You don’t really hear the full story on the news, because the News gives you sound bites, but there are millions of people out there who are really in dire straits and a great deal of fear. And

Elizabeth Anne Hill: that’s what the guide said, they kept saying, you were going to be ready for what’s going to happen in the world. And there were many people who would be absolutely terrified when this happens, you will not be. But I had to go through a lot of things to get to that point, believe me.

Rick Archer: But the dress rehearsal? I

Elizabeth Anne Hill: did, I did. I did. I mean, and but the thing is, I want to reassure everyone that you’re not going to take on the level of intensity that I did, because this guide said you intentionally took the most intense pact journey that you could, that’s just your personality that you came in with. So you may have some challenges, but it’s not going to be when when I start describing, so if I describe some of them later, don’t worry, you’re probably not going to do that but in your own way. You need to well, you’ll need to start understanding these things more deeply about who you are, and how that that actually supplies you to how I can go into more depth about how I used the physics of this universe to bring about what I what I needed.

Rick Archer: Because I was on a boat ride in on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland in 1975. I think it was an open with marshy, Mahesh Yogi and a bunch of people he was talking about this time that is, seems to be here now, which he called the phase transition. And he used various analogies from physics about phase transitions, such as one boils and things like that. But in any case, someone said to him, how can we survive that? He just said, Hold on to the self.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: That is it. That’s it, is it and that’s how I did it. That’s how I’ve survived facing the deepest fears of all of humanity by myself and across the world and non English speaking countries.

Rick Archer: And mirrored onto this places like that,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: oh, god knows on to the south, but also know the laws of physics in this in this universe, which we can talk about. But um, so I was told that it was going to be doing this. And then. So we did the interview with the universe. And I came back to San Diego, which is where I’m from. And then a very short time later, because my father told you my father’s estate had settled and I had some money, but it came a point in time in 2008, when all that money was gone. And I thought, What am I going to do is this, is this, what’s going to happen to me, I’m going to be homeless in my cars. That’s what these guys were talking about. But I somehow I felt, no is there something else but I couldn’t figure out what it was. And I was walking on the beach and just praying and praying and praying, telling me what to do tell me what to do. It just was closer and closer and closer to the time when I had to pay my rent, and they couldn’t pay it. And I kept getting this little small. In my mind’s eye, this woman who had asked me to come counsel, her daughter, because her daughter, friend committed suicide, and she knew that I knew that all this stuff.

Rick Archer: Essentially, I just want to interject here, essentially, that you’re asking the question, tell me what to do. Because a lot of people will just say, Okay, what do I have to do? Alright, well, I have to get a job, or I have to do this and have to, you know, find a cheaper place to live or so they would they wouldn’t be asking anybody what they should do, they would just be sort of assuming there was no one to ask, and kind of just making decisions as best they could. But you you just had this pretty solid sense that oh, yeah, that there was some guidance, if you asked for it,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I wouldn’t be able to survive what I came in to do without that. So when the other thing is I did, I would sit for hours, you know, filling out applications for jobs, and then I would print it and would print blank. But the universe, there was not I had sometimes had three jobs lined up, they all fell through. It was not happening. It was I mean, people say you did this by choice that well, yeah, I guess. But there was nothing that would stick to me nothing. And I mean, I worked in corporate America, I mean, I was very successful, I made, you know, a lot of money in my early 30s For someone in their 30s. So I mean, I It wasn’t that I didn’t have the ability to work. So it was there was you know, this and this was happening? Pretty much well, I just met these guides, do Glenna, but a lot of it was going on, we were kind of in between I wasn’t hadn’t really talked to Ghana, but I was connecting inwardly to these beings. Because if you listen to the interview, in the beginning, it says, this is a receiving of information from you. And by you. Yeah. And I take that to mean my multi dimensional self higher self. Well, you know, what, you know, you had Christian Kirk on the social expressive beautifully, that there’s the individual part is the one infinite source takes on these different levels of soul and an individual personality, etc. Yeah, so I knew that this receiving information was my own self.

Rick Archer: And I just want to add that I’ve had just to familiarize people. I mean, most of the people who watch this show are familiar with everything you’re saying. But there might be but I’ve interviewed actually people who for who disagree with this whole worldview. And so if they do, then probably some of the listeners might or might not fit into their understanding. But um, you know, I’ve, I’ve talked to a number of people who routinely perceive all kinds of subtle beings around us doing things and, you know, some of which may have to do with us, some of which may not like Harry alto, for instance, or Francis Bennett, or different people who just see this as routinely as we might see people walking through a shopping mall. And, you know, so there is this, the basic concept you’re alluding to here is, there’s more to life than meets the eye, there are these subtler dimensions, and the subtler dimensions, whatever they’re made, we can think of them as being sort of astral or celestial realms, which are made of some astral, celestial matter are highly populated. There’s many beings in those realms as on the surface realm that we perceive, and we may not perceive them, but some of them are, or many of them perceive us and have interact in ways that influence our lives. And that may be their actual function, to influence our lives and to either assist or thwart our intentions. according to how they align with cosmic purpose, we could say,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: well, they wouldn’t. They would never intervene in Thor, you know, we as human beings, and this is an argument that goes on and on about freewill, but I was told by the guides, it is all about your freewill in this realm, I mean, you have to understand that, you know, because I got all caught up in the non dual thing before too. And people try to negate the human part and the soul part, but it’s just the one infinite source taking on different for its own expansion, bringing itself, you know, Kristin explained, like, you know, there’s just this oneness is nothingness, and then it comes down at the soul level, then it comes down into each individual being. And so these beings that are guiding us, it’s no different than you and I talking, they’re just at a higher frequency. They’re not they’re not even somewhere else. It’s just that the human eye can’t see them because they’re vibrating at a higher rate of speed. And so they’re there they play, the guide said that we have like 12, sometimes 12, deep of different spirit guides throughout our life all the time. And they said that you don’t you can choose not to take the guidance is you have complete freewill. And that your guides want you to make choices. And they said, it doesn’t matter what choice just make one and then that’ll be sourdoughs.

Rick Archer: Yeah, well, I’ll give an example for like, when I first started this show, I conceived of it as a radio show on this local little station here that has since gone out of business that has a 10 mile radius had a 10 mile radius. And it was just no, you know, it seems like a done deal. It was this is a spiritual community I live in and they should be interested, but they weren’t. And it was just meeting this opposition. And finally, when the idea shifted to doing it on a much larger scale, then total support started happening.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, that’s more of a redirect sounds like you know, or like an extension of what you started off. You know, it’s just like me trying to get a job. And it wasn’t happening. I call that up because it wasn’t what was supposed to happen. And then it was my own soul, which is me, it’s not something outside of me saying, you know, gently, gently nudging me because I could have kept filling out applications. And I could have kept trying, you know, but I knew no, this is not happening. So, but we have guidance, and you get to choose whether you take it or not. When you

Rick Archer: when you print it out a job application and the paper was blanked. That was your own soul on some higher level causing the printer to malfunction,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I guess I don’t know. I mean, something it was just not happening. I mean, I tried to be it was a joke, some of the things that I tried to do. I mean, I laugh about it now. But at the time, I was kind of afraid. Like, what nothing is happening. What am I supposed to do? It’s really scary. Yeah, it’s just people later on down the road, or you just don’t want to work. And you’re just on this joy, right? Oh, honey, you want to trade? Does this is very challenging. So um, so I forgot where it was. But anyway, it’s,

Rick Archer: yeah. So you had been invited by this woman to counsel her daughter, who had whose friend had committed suicide and say, You didn’t know what you’re gonna do. But you did that.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I was I was asking for guidance, repeatedly asking for guidance. And the only thing that kept coming was that and so I went, I had at that by that moment, I had no money. No food, no hard any gas in my car, I call it petrol here in England. Hardly any petrol in my car? And I said, Well, I know because I had learned how to accept the guidance, even if it seems crazy. And also I learned about if you serve others than you will be served. So I said, Okay, I’m going to do it. And I drove the 40 minutes to this friend’s house. And I counseled the daughter, and defended just had surgery. So she had a bunch of friends there. And so they all said, Hey, do you have I used to carry copies of my book around and they all bought copies of the book. So I got some money. And they fed me lunch. So eight. And then one of the women she looked really familiar to me, and she said, Hey, I kind of told them what was going on, like, I’m about to be homeless, and, and she said, Well, I’m going out of the country, and I need a pet sitter. And I love animals. So then she said, you know, just moving with me. And I said, Yeah, but I need a place right away. She’s like, I don’t care. I’m an office in scope. So all in one day, I was literally like homeless, and then this woman just popped up. And because I follow the guidance, you see, it’s like Hansel and Gretel, follow the trail. And so we just I just quickly, it would happen so fast. I just moved. That was the last place that I rented was this little adorable cottage in Encinitas, right near the beach. And that was the last home and that was in 2008. And so I moved in with this woman. And she went all the country and I met her lovely animals. And then you know, from there, I started hopping around with different friends who invited me one in San Francisco. And then a, I kept I was with my friend in San Francisco just visiting and staying with her and then she was so worried, oh, my God was with you have to do something. You have to do something and I kept saying her I’m gonna get a phone call. I don’t know how I knew, but I just know. Well, sure enough, the phone call came. And it was a man who I’d met to like a year ago, Glen and I were going on wasn’t live. We had gone to this conference in Tennessee and presented the interview. And while we were there, I met a man. And he was building a healing center in Tennessee. And he, I felt something at that time when I met him. He called how the blue, how are you doing? I said, told him what was going on? He said, Well, I have this healing center here that I’m building on this river. So it’s not completely done yet. But come here. And guess what the name of the town was Elizabethtown, Tennessee. So and he said, I have Oh, yeah. And he said, I have a car here that you can use a loop car. So I had, I had no money. But I had my friend flew me back to San Diego because my car was there. And all my stuff. And the same friend that whose daughter I counseled, she said, come stay with me. She said me, I had $6 to my name, I bought a $6 carwash, I put my car on Craigslist. And I had this premonition that in three days that car will sell and you’ll be on a plane to Tennessee, that exact thing that happened. And they ended up in Elizabethton, Tennessee in this big gorgeous home right on the river. And that’s where it all kind of started in earnest, because I would be down to no money all the time, all the time. And some neighbor would knock on the door with a big basket of food. So it didn’t always come in money. Back often it didn’t come in money, it would be a person that would offer something or food and I was not the one controlling this. But I was using my intention, my energy, my the skills of using the physics of this universe, to draw into myself what I needed. So it wasn’t passive. I tried there to get a job to again, nothing, you know. So everything just kept coming and was out in the country. It was this tiny little town, I knew nobody, and yet somehow, either many would show up or a person. And but it was always something different. Yeah, that’s kind of how it all started that the United States part of it anyway, that’s where it all kind of began where I started to see, there is something here that is supporting me. Yeah,

Rick Archer: and if I’ve, you know, listened to about five or more hours of other interviews and things you did, and you know, we could spend this whole interview talking about all this amazing sort of synchronicities and supports that you received as you traveled around the world. But since those are another interviews, I want to be sure to save time for talking about some of the deeper principles that we want to talk about. But although all this you’re describing is symptomatic of some deeper principle. But it’s feel free to bring in more anecdotes and stories like that. Yeah, you told me that a lot of people are reminded of this verse from the Bible, and which we might as well read here, you know, therefore, I tell you do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes, Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns. And yet your heavenly Father feeds them, you’re not much more valuable than they can any one of you by worrying at a single hour to your life. It’s from Matthew 625 to 27. And the reason I wanted to read that, is that, again, I think that what you’re describing is indicative of a deeper spiritual mechanics, which we’ve already talked about the the intelligence of the universe, call it God, if you like, who, you know, attends to every lilies of the field and every bird of the air and takes care of them, and can take care of us as well. Now, I’ve had some I was just having an interesting conversation with a friend not long ago, who was kind of arguing that it seems like animals are enlightened because they’re so innocent, and so in tune with nature and all that. And I was saying, No, we have to define enlightenment. And you know, that’s a certain stage and yes, they are very much in tune with nature. But as humans, we kind of go through a more intermediate stage where we’re more like teenagers, you know, with our freewill and getting ourselves into trouble. And enlightenment would be more of a mature stage than that where we we regain the sort of innocence and attunement with nature of animals. And yet we have attained the sort of the wisdom of a higher wisdom of Self Realization. So perhaps that will give you a springboard to go into some things.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, I don’t agree that we are more important. I think that’s a mistranslation or something but you know, in that verse But anyway, not going into that but um, I think animals are very enlightening and Robert Schwartz book your souls gift. They say that, that animals some animals are like really evolved beings and they don’t want to go into the human drama, they don’t, they don’t want to take that. So they come as helpers. But you’re, it’s true that we have, we have the deep stuff we have, you know, we have the veil of forgetfulness, whereas they don’t, I think they’re more direct in their connection with source. And because they just, you know, they just they just are they don’t have the analytical the past the future and all this, they have emotions, you know, to certain degree, but at any rate, um, and I lost my train of thought so what was the

Rick Archer: question about animals and their level of evolution and feel free to jump in as soon as you regain your train of thought? But um, its angle on it is that it’s like, where do you draw the line as as nervous systems become more complex, they become more capable of embodying we could say, divine intelligence. If you go in the other direction, you know, Can Can an amoeba do that kind of cockroach? I mean, as you go up the evolutionary scale, biologically, there’s greater and greater complexity and greater and greater sort of ability to, you know, as the Bible says, Man is made in the image of God to sort of attain or live in God consciousness.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, that is true. When we take on we I mean, in this books like The your souls plan and your souls gift and in the interview with universe talked about how, you know, we sometimes have an idea, though, we’re just like kindergarteners here on earth? No, we are masters, anybody that takes on mental illness, anxiety, trauma, drama, that we take on you, you are a master to do that. And so yes, it is an absolute. But you know, as Jesus said, there are many mansions in my father’s house, there are many realms, many different dimensions. Some, some, I mean, I don’t know whether this is true or not. But I think sometimes people will take on the role of an animal to have a rest or something or they take on they go to another world. I mean, this might sound strange to other people. But it’s only sounds strange, because you’re so the human brain in mind is some limited, we are not the only I mean, there’s so many different ways that you can take on but yes, taking on human form, you actually have to be very strong, and very, very courageous to do it. Because before you come into your body, you’re saying, Yeah, I’ll take on, you know, the loss of a child, and I’ll take, I’ll take that on, because I want to learn compassion, and help other parents who lost help. That’s all what it’s about. It’s always a meaning, like, I want to help others. I want to grow in my compassion, and I want to so there’s always a meaning. But it is, it’s it’s a very intense, it’s a very intense thing. And

Rick Archer: I once heard a spiritual teacher say that a lot of times, you know, before we take, when we’re in the before we committed this life, when we’re sort of negotiating what we’re going to take on, we try to bite off more than we can chew, because I really want to, you know, really want to evolve. Yeah, lay it all on me. I can take and I did that whoever is talking to us at that stage says, Man, maybe it’s not so fast, you know, we’re gonna give you this much. But you won’t be able to handle more than that.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, yeah, I mean, he takes on the worst fears of all of humanity, come on, you know, by myself and do craziness. Yeah, it was really, really intense and still is, but I just have a knowing me that that’s it, that it’s right. When you when you when you allow your to follow your heart, you kind of have to know the difference between the mind and the heart, when you follow your heart. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to have challenges. But when a challenge comes, it feels you’re like I know this is right, even though it’s really, really challenging. If you’re really connected. And really you can feel the rightness What did you like here that you want it, but I mean it, there’s a sense of rightness that you understand that there’s some meaning there’s some, that’s the thing people must understand there’s a deeper meaning to everything in the infinite universe. And so it’s you’re not a victim of anything. And then the guide said, Please, please clear this up. We cannot move into a higher state of consciousness, with people just believing that things are happening to them randomly. And why does this keep happening to me? And they’re gonna have to, you know, you’re gonna have to move beyond that. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And I mean, yeah, you’ve you’ve taken on a lot. But at the same time, you’re educated western woman, you know, who is really materially blessed in many ways, even though you have had very little money at times, but you’re not a child picking through garbage dumps in, in, you know, Asia or living in the sewers of Bogota or something like that, which are some references that I found in your book. You know, there’s some people who are born into really horrific challenges, so and who who die under those circumstances. So but I would imagine that you would stick to your guns even on that as we had Rob Schwartz and say, even that we’ve signed up for for some evolutionary purpose, right?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, I haven’t taken it on This lifetime you right? Yeah. And that we’ve taken the guys that you’ve all done all things. Yeah, you’ve been poppers you’ve been kings, you’ve been everything in between you’ve been the victim, the victimizer that’s why you cannot judge because we’ve all done it. And it’s all displaying this drama of these different experiences. And, yes, I think that what I was going to take on, I needed to have a Western image. I’m very educated, and I’m very, you know, all the all the things that I am, I needed those things, in order to make it through what I took on and then also to be able to communicate it. So I needed I needed those elements. Obviously, if I was picking through trash somewhere, how would I be able to do what I did? So I’m sure there are many other because when I watched a movie once and someone was homeless, and I cried for 30 minutes, cried and cried and cried. Because I knew I had something in me like, I know that I have that experience. And actually earlier in the journey, one of my fears that I had to face was being homeless, like in the traditional sense, and I had to go to a homeless shelter. So I mean, I’ve I’ve, you know, I’ve faced those. Oh, god, yeah. And it was. And not only that, but my guidance was that you are here in these places, so many places across the planet. And it wasn’t just about not having money. It was about the misuse of power. And it was about fear of authority. And it was about shifting the balance of power within myself. So I was continually put in these situations where someone was misusing their power. And then I was guided now you speak up. And I had no money, I had nothing to back me up in what gives us power in this world. possessions, name, money status, and I didn’t have that

Rick Archer: to people using their power against you in some way

Elizabeth Anne Hill: against me or against you like I was in the Salvation Army. And they were treating the people like during me included? The

Rick Archer: leaders or the the Yeah, the soldiers ran

Elizabeth Anne Hill: the place. Yes. I mean, Salvation Army is a franchise. So I’m sure there, there are many who, you know, are good, but this one, I was guided to this one. And, and I was there. And you know, they were it was horrendous, what I saw going on there. And they were they were treating people like dirt. And there was hierarchy, because there were the veterans who the government paid for them to be there. So they were which is, you know, was well, they should be but I mean, they were treated like kings and queens. And they didn’t have to leave. But we had to leave everyday and just go cinemas freezing, we had to go sit somewhere, maybe the library would be open was it was really really, and but just the treatment. And so I was told, so keep your peace, keep your peace. So I keep my peace for a long while just observing, observing, observing. And people. I was teaching people there how to meditate. And they’re like, What are you doing here? Like, I felt like I was an undercover journalist because I didn’t need to be there. I worked in corporate America, I get, you know, obviously to get some job. But my sister was helping the homeless before she died. And I knew I was there for a reason. And in the end, I was told now you need to go in and speak up. And I go and this happened. I don’t know how many times in this journey where I was in the most difficult circumstance and then said, now you have to go speak up about it. So I try I tried every other thing, like being compassionate and forgiving, which I you do, I did want to forgive because I don’t want to be coming from my ego. When I walk in there. I want to be coming from a higher consciousness like, this is a gift that you’re giving by speaking up for yourself, for them and for all because what they’re doing is not aligned with love. And so I went in there and I said to the captain and with people. You know, have you ever heard of Matthew 2535? Because they’re quoting Jesus, and then doing everything in the name of Jesus and I and they, and you know, Matthew 2535 is, you know, when I was hungry, you fed me when I was a stranger, he took me in, well, Master, when did we do these things for you, Jesus? And he said, what you do on to at least to my brothers, you do want to me,

Rick Archer: I was thinking of that very quote, like, yeah, to go and you started telling the story.


So that they’re only when you said that to them? Well, I want to add,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: they’re only the least because they have the least they’re not lesser than, Oh, well, the I said, you know, you are not treating me and any of these other people, like Jesus’s brothers and sisters. And she was smiling, but her eyes were daggered. And she said, Well, you can leave. And I said, You’re right. I can leave and you know, I don’t have anything but I’m asking you Do you think this is how Jesus would would act? And within a very short time I got thrown out. And this happened. I got thrown out of so many places. One place was a Christian shelter, same type of thing happened and then for police officers threw me out. Because I was questioning the powers that be is this how Jesus would? Yeah, a lot of

Rick Archer: kind of an interesting point which that, did those people actually change? Maybe it made a little change? You know?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: It’s not about that. I mean, it’s

Rick Archer: just your personal growth. Yeah. Okay.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: We’re all interconnected. Yeah, what I do it, I again, and again, it’s like shifting the balance of power away from money being your power away from possessions being your power. When I do that it affects the whole whether or not they change. I mean, that’s, I can’t wasn’t about that. I mean, I’m sure some of them, maybe they did. But it’s it was it’s again, this is not an this is not a we’re dealing at a higher level of shifting the power. That’s what I was doing in myself and for everyone, so that people can speak up when they need to speak up, even if they don’t have anything and know that this is okay. You know, so.

Rick Archer: But yeah, speaking truth to power can bring about change as Gandhi and King and demonstrated. So maybe it’s a matter of strength in numbers or something or, you know, there’s a, there’s a great story from, I think it’s from the Garuda Purana, or something in the Vedic literature where this little bird had laid its eggs on the seashore. And at one point, a wave came and washed the eggs away. And the bird was, you know, distraught and said, and started sent to the ocean, okay, I’m going to empty you if you don’t get my bag back my egg. So she, like took a bag full of water and out of the ocean, dumped into the sand took another big fall and just kept doing this. And obviously, it was a futile exercise. But eventually, the king of the birds, you know, it came came to his attention. And he came and said to the ocean, okay, give back the egg. So I will suck you dry or something. And, of course, the eggs will return. So sometimes it just seems impossible when we make an individual effort like that. But I think if if sort of the right. And if it’s something whose time has come and we’re doing it in the right spirit, perhaps it sort of serves as a catalyst for a bigger change to take place.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, yeah, that that is the point. I mean, people will read this book, and they will hear this story. And maybe and I did actually send a letter, I met a man who helped me when I got thrown out of one of my many places, who helped me and email me later saying, Is there anything I can do for you? I said, Yeah, I’d like you to deliver a letter to the Salvation Army into the churches, because the churches in that area, they threw me out, too. And so I sent a letter. And I just explained, you know, you don’t know who comes to your door. And I’m a writer, and I’m a speaker, and I’m going to make public what you’re doing. And, you know, I’m just, you know, I’m just letting you know, that this is, you know, I said to them, I forgive you for you know, not what you do. But but you know, this isn’t going to be you haven’t you have to act from love. If you’re going to I just some some type of letter I just sent him because I know that the thing is, maybe that won’t change. But there’s a principle in quantum physics called critical mass. And so if enough numbers of people will start to, because if you know who you are, and you experienced that power, then it doesn’t matter whether you have money, you know, because think about what, what gives power, like think about when we talk to an actor or someone, what is their net worth? How much money do they have their possessions. And so that’s the power up until this point in the world, but going forward, that’s not going to, we can’t move into higher consciousness with everything being about money and possessions. And so I was demonstrating by my own inner being and power and guidance, I was able to speak up in situations where absolutely impossible over and over again, as a means of demonstrating something and yeah, like maybe other people will take more courage in it. But you have to be careful because you want to like sit and meditate for a long, long time before you take action. Because if you’re coming just from your own judgment, and I did not want to come from my own judgment, it’s like, look, I don’t care. I just want to go sit in some cottage on the beach somewhere. I don’t care. I don’t I did not in my human self. Like, I don’t want to do this. But they’re like, this is why you’re here. So. So I had to really become clear that yes, you are here to say these things. And it is a gift even though they won’t see it now. And even though you don’t see it that much. Now I can just get me out of here. You know, just please get me out of here. I don’t want to be in a homeless shelter. yelling at someone I don’t you know, it’s really really, really challenging. And after I heard your Robert Swartz interview where he said that you can talk to the council of elders and asked to be like I said, the other day I said Could I be released from this contract now? again and again, being the one like bullying or some situation, let this cup pass from me. Yeah, because it’s not fun. And the people hated me. And if you ask them now they post Oh, she’s, you know, she’s a horrible being human being. It just was, it’s just how it was. And I, the guide said to me that I came in with a lot of power. And I said, Well, what does that mean? They said, in terms that you can understand, you know, how to think for yourself capital S, and you don’t listen, and you know that what has been will not carry forward. And that. So because of that, you also decided to witness a lot of misuse of power, so that you would not misuse your power. So there was that also, but then like, Okay, I think I get it. I think I get it. So yeah, so a lot of it had to do with authority and power and misuse of power and money. And so it was a really, really crazy

Rick Archer: thing, kind of on the fast track learning lessons. And obviously, you know, you are very concerned about the world, you have a broader vision, this is this isn’t just about your personal drama of, you know, bouncing from place to place around the world, and how you’re going to, you know, where you’re going to sleep tonight, and all this, you have kind of a much broader perspective than that. And you’re, you’re tuned in to the, to the notion that Big changes are afoot. So let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about that. And, of course, as I told you, even before we started, if there’s anything you feel like talking about that I’m not bringing up, you should just chime in and, and do that. But um, you know, I’ve often I’ve long felt that there’s, as I’ve many people that that some more enlightened world is somehow on the horizon. And that, you know, for that to actually, Dawn or become reality, a great many deeply entrenched things in our current world, economic, political, social, you know, are are going to have to somehow change, but they seem so entrenched, they seem so powerful, it seems so solid. And, you know, it’s like that little bird, the ocean seems so big, but how, you know, how do you see really significant changes coming about? And both the mechanics of it and the actuality of it in terms of what you know, how things may actually shift, if you if you care to conjecture, how things may actually look 510 20 years from now?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, first of all, those who study non duality, and you’ve had many on your show who have had these awakenings, right, where they see that I am not this individual separated personality, this is a temporary thing, and I’m one with all it is in the world that I see is an illusion.


So kind of got to go back to that doesn’t exist, but it’s not what it appears not as it appears to be

Elizabeth Anne Hill: exactly like it’s not a solid world separate from myself. separate objects. Yeah, very clearly it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it means that it doesn’t, it isn’t as it appears so. So this outer world with all of its things, it’s kind of not really ours it is it doesn’t really have the solidity that it appears to so that’s kind of when

Rick Archer: you just dumb stuff, either. It’s when you say it’s not solid, it’s it’s, it’s it’s vibrating with life, every little Iota

Elizabeth Anne Hill: pure awareness, and even the body is not what it appears to be. And so and we’re getting to the beginning, as we go into future feature, we’re going to the guides had said they were going to transition into crystalline light bodies. I don’t know the trajectory, if we’re talking 2000 years or 20. I don’t know. But we’re all moving up. So Well, again, the principle of critical mass in quantum physics states, I don’t know exactly what it is two to 3% of the population, focusing inward, Becoming Empowered by their own self. And then allowing that to inform their whole life, which includes money and finances and everything else. Then the dominoes fall. Yeah. And also we’re having a lot of help, because look at COVID Do you think that couldn’t happen brought the whole world to its knees? And I don’t think it’s done. And I’ve heard three very clear people that I very much trust and channels and my own intuitive that it’s this is just the start. So this is why I’m here to to speak about this, my part of it about money and how money is nothing. There’s only one power, there’s only one power and that power is within you. And within you know, everything that you see. And you have to actually experientially go into that power like every you know, every day. And the more you do, what it does is expand your vibration, right? And when you’re vibration is expanding, you can then attract this is law of attraction to yourself, what you need at a much easier higher level because people say to me, how do you always I everything I envisioned it comes. And I heard you interview Daryl Anka, the Bashar and I heard a woman who was the best hours, the channels a group of beings. So I heard a woman and she was asking Bashar, what is my frequency? Cuz he could see. He said, Well, you’re about 147,000 cycles per second. And then she said, Well, what about Jesus and Buddha, and I would add, like paramountcy Yogananda and whoever. And they said, well, they were at about 300,000 cycles per second. And so what why is because they took on more of themselves, internally, they took on more of life, they took on more of who they were the one at one with all that is, so they were at a higher frequency. And so when we talked about God, in the interview, they said, to know God is to embrace the full spectrum from dark to light, what we would consider dark to light, and to understand that that is within you. And so we look inward, instead of outward at the world and pointing fingers, heal those things within yourself, and embrace with love all aspects of the self, which are kind of gone into separation, bring them back, then you will know God. And that’s what Jesus and Buddha did. And all the great masters, it wasn’t just about light, they had to embrace the full spectrum of duality. And that is what they did. And that brought them to a higher frequency. It’s not just about oh, I’m going to put on a smile and force positivity. That doesn’t, there’s no real positivity, there’s, of course it doesn’t work, you have to actually clear your limiting beliefs and your judgments and your series inside yourself. Take your focus off the world. And and when you do that, you become a massive power in the world. And it’s not that hard to do you see right in front of your eyes, what you need to, you know, work on. And if you see something in the world, and you point your finger at how say, well, have I ever, even at a lesser degree have I done that said that, probably in another incarnation you did, because they say if you saw it, you wouldn’t even recognize it if you had not once done it. So you have to forgive what you think you see in the world and the outer world, which is just an out picturing of the inner. So this whole Law of Attraction thing I think has been misunderstood. And I can go deeper into that if you want.

Rick Archer: But yeah, well, there’s there’s several things in what you just said. But um, there’s love attraction thing, which, you know, some people complain about, because it’s been applied, rather superficially, Oh, I like this pearl necklace, or whatever. And yeah, and yeah, but it has a more profound mechanics, which is not trivial. And so there’s that we can go into that. And this whole thing about the small percentage influencing the whole, I can give you a couple quick examples. In the heart, 1% of the cells are called pacemaker cells, and they regulate the firing of all the other cells in the heart. In, in a magnet, only a small percentage, I don’t know how many, maybe 1% of the atoms have to be polarized, and then the whole thing becomes a magnet, in a laser, it’s the square root of 1% of the photons have to align and the rest of the photons and train with those, and the whole thing becomes like one big coherent photon. So there are all these examples in nature of small percentages influencing the larger numbers. And so you know, the idea of the 100th Monkey, which I don’t know if that was a true story, but the principle is that a small percentage of the population becoming coherent, or rising to a certain level of spiritual realization, the rest of the influences much more significant than than the apparent numbers of such people can really have a very pivotal, transformational effect on the whole. And I think maybe we were already seeing that. I mean, I really feel like the whole spiritual awakening that seems to be rippling across the planet, even though the numbers are small compared to the general population is already really shaking things up, and is ultimately the solution to the problems which beset us because all these problems are really symptomatic of the mindset. Yes, the people who create the world, you know, who pollute the environment, who, you know, rip off, you know, who become fabulously wealthy at the expense of others and so on this these are all reflections of mental conditions, and what is spiritual evolution other than a transformation of our mental condition. So if we can really if that can become as contagious as the virus, if not more so, than I think we see it In the world?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, I mean, first of all, the guide said, all matters faded by thought. So what does that tell you? What you think you’re seeing is just a collective out picturing of the deepest fears. You know, I walk through my deepest fears of myself and all of humanity. And we’re doing that as a collective. And the reason for that is to heal, to say, Oh, this is my and I take responsibility for what I see in my world, even though it seemingly doesn’t have anything to do with me

Rick Archer: to see that happening so far. I mean, with COVID, and all the all the shakeup that’s happening, do you see any indications that people are beginning to self reflect? And I

Elizabeth Anne Hill: think there are some, but I’m kind of, I have to admit that I’m a bit dismayed by what I see, we have to take responsibility of that for myself. But I don’t think people are fully. You know, one of the things that guides said was that there are many beings who took on this lifetime. And they are intentionally playing very dense, heavy roles. We because we live in Unreal, polarities, there had to be those individuals that wish they did out of love to hold the low energy. So the rest of us can go upward. And they said it’s inappropriate to name call to, to denigrate to make fun of and I think we see a lot of that going on. And I don’t know why someone who understands we’re all one would do that. Because you’re just putting out into the world what you don’t want,

Rick Archer: I’m guilty, saying no,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I mean, I don’t do it. But I have a lot of friends who do and I’m just scratching my head going. So you understand that that’s coming right back on you. So I would encourage people to please stop. You know, if you really want change, then please stop that. And no problem can be solved at the level was created. So by going in slinging mud and angry and pointing fingers and telling and lamenting how terrible everything is, you are just creating massive, more of what you say that you don’t want. And the guide said it’s treating storms and the weather, the fear and the anger. And the the blame and the shame. And the all of this is creating massive storms in the energy patterns slamming into the lagoon, we just had a huge hurricane.

Rick Archer: Well, I think that might have something to do with climate change, too. I mean, the well,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: this is what they told me, they said it’s climate change. Yes, there’s things that humans have done who but the the worst problem on the planet, bar, none is here, because fear is an energy. And it’s ratcheting up so much that it’s causing chaos in. They said there is a heating up happening. But even if they said even if there were no pollutants, or anything like that, it would still be happening. So I will because of there’s just needs to be a heating up things need to shift. And they told me that, you know, human beings are very lazy. And so we would not make the changes that need to be made. Unless these things would happen. That’s,

Rick Archer: I mean, you can see that it’s like people don’t change unless they’re absolutely forced to. Right. And they said the alcoholic has to bottom out before he seeks help. Right. Yeah.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: And so they said that, if this doesn’t happen if these changes don’t happen, and I know we’ve heard this before, but they said it very succinctly, the human race will not survive.

Rick Archer: Long term. I think they’re right.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: And so we have this is why we’re being hit so hard in 2020. And everybody’s lamenting, and I’m celebrating I’m so 2020 is amazing to me. I’m not because I don’t have fear about it. But I understand I understand, believe me, I understand why, why it’s very scary, but it’s very simple. If you just find that inner self, or find that inner, that will put you in higher frequency which means that everything you need will will come and also to understand quantum physics that we don’t live in a finite world. We there’s no objective world separate from you out there. In solid separated objects. It’s like no, it’s you know, what, you know, you may understand this more than I do. But it’s like the wave in the particle. When you put your focus on on the way that comes into a particle comes into form. So the more you focus on peace and love and joy, and laughter and play and the more you focus on your infinite beingness you know really evolved beings are laugh and play and they don’t take life seriously. The more you do that the more in your own individual life you will see absolute miracles happen. It has nothing to do with the outer world because the outer world is not even really outer. It’s it’s like if you want to each person is guided in their own specific way. If you have lost your job and you or your you do have exactly precise guidance be given to you if you can become still and supplementing and you know, whatever it is you’re doing and try to be to connect with that inner self. The answers are there and you and also things will show up, people will show up and I I want to say to the people who this is happening to accept help ask for help, you know, don’t be afraid, because the guide said, we’re trying to get you human beings to rely on each other. There’s a difference between depend and rely now is what I was given. Like I say, I am not dependent on any one person, place or condition for my supply. So what I need, but I rely on people, because that’s community and we rely on each other, all everything we have come to people, if you think about it, if you have money, it comes through person through a job or whatever, business or a friend or a government or whatever, yeah, so

Rick Archer: I have a friend who, in fact, my next door neighbor has a business, which is a restaurant, but he also manufactures a product, the food product, and he said that the global supply chains are just totally screwed up right now he can’t get the apples he needs for his product, and he can’t get the aluminum cans, he needs to put them in and everything’s really messed up. And this is I don’t know where we’ll go with this. But supply chains and supply and the sort of the on on demand way that we get the materials we need, are very tenuous, because it’s been profitable to sort of have it be just on the edge in terms of accessibility. But a slight disruption can throw the entire chain out of kilter. And that’s what’s happening in the world right now with many things. And imagine if there were shut down at the electrical grid for an extended period of time, you know, how dependent which could happen through hacking or a solar flare, any number of things. So, you know, we will all be in pretty bad shape, and it’s so but ultimately, I mean, what can somebody do? They could have it, they could do the survivalist type of stuff, and stock up food and get a generator and all but I think ultimately, the ultimate survival tool is Know thyself, like we’ve already said, you know, that’s the foundation of it all. Yeah,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: in the Guide to that, it’s going to be much more local, like, you’re going to go to much more local, like, we’re just the community, they said that profit will become the least important. And they said that in the when people start to awaken, truly awaken to their power, there will be no longer a need for controls amongst you, there will no longer be a need for government programs at all. Because when you change your energy that changes the world. And so the world is not finite, there’s infinite, infinite, infinite, infinite, you know, everything source. Yeah. And so it’s not limited, like there’s only so much money and that that’s not true. I’m here to tell you, that is not true. There’s no finite world that we live in. And the guides kept saying this. There’s infinite possibilities, all possibilities exist simultaneously, where you put your focus, that’s what then comes into your life. So isn’t this very simple? He just if someone who’s, as you describe it that’s going on, and they need to sit with themselves and ask, Do I need to go in a different direction do I need to let it go. And I would say to people, like if you are losing your home, and your job and your car and all these things, so go inward, if you follow guidance, if you follow ideas, and if you follow everything, and it still goes is going away, then let go. Because you will literally be like me, picked up and put somewhere. And I’ve seen this happen with people. And it’s where they end up is much more peaceful. And much more like they you know, they don’t have to struggle so much. But as far as the supply, I mean, kind of have to go with whatever the universe is bringing in. And the guides told me you know, be resourceful to the greatest degree, and be the abundance that you want to see when you don’t because I asked what do I do? And money is the is the you know, the medium of exchange, and they said just become that abundance that you want to see like energetic and become, and be resourceful and bless, bless everything. Don’t do this. We do the same, you know, where we fight against everything. It’s not the more fighting you do, the more the universe brings more fighting. So, you know, you bless the situation and blessing you become quiet. And the more the higher your energy, meaning you just take on this more more of your own godhood that’s what the New Earth is more of your own Godhead. Absolute magic, I really think that money could actually fall out of the sky if you weren’t high enough.

Rick Archer: Or not necessarily money but some better.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I had. I have money washed up at my feet in Turkey I was I took all the money I had. I said that’s it. I’m tired of you know, hostels or whatever. And I’m going to get this gorgeous house and I did and I was done. I had no money left for food. And I was standing in the woods. He washed up at my feet in the ocean. That’s interesting. And I went and bought food.

Rick Archer: So yeah, I would say do things to what you just said. One is Don’t wait until you’re at your wit’s end to go within, you know, if when times are good, you know, get into a spiritual practice and stabilize it, because then you’re less likely to, to hit a hit on hard times. And if you do, you’re, you’ll be better able to deal with them. And the second thing is that, you know, I think there are relative limitations to certain things there, there’s a limit to how much oil there is, or how much lithium we can mind to make batteries or whatever. But there’s an unlimited resource to which everyone has access, which is your own deepest potential, there’s no shortage of that, you’re never going to deplete it. And so start tapping into that, and allowing it to flow and flow with greater abundance. And that alone could transform the world in also in concrete ways. I mean, we wouldn’t need oil or lithium, or whatever better technologies would come up. And we could forget about all that, that stuff that ruins the environment.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: So the guide said, there, there’s all kinds of things coming in. That is as these things collapse, and they said, all these structures that have been created in separation, whether it be education, economics, money, you know, financial, even religion, all these things that have been created in separation, meaning that we believe they’re outside of us, and that we somehow need something that’s outside of us. And that it’s finite, and we have to fight for it, wherever all these systems are going to collapse, they are collapsing, they cannot sustain because we’re moving into higher consciousness. So there’s all kinds of things coming in behind it. And there are people strategically positioned throughout the world who are bringing these things forward. And if we just would allow, like, calm down, and allow whatever needs to go, let it go. If you even if you have to let go of your home, in your car, whatever, then let it go. You know, follow your inner voice, do what you can do. But then you know, if, if you let go and we let these things come in, you’ll you’ll see that it’s going it’s not we didn’t go through this to just crashed, we went through this, we’re going through this, to have a much more free and that’s why I did it. I wanted to be free. I wanted to be completely free. And I feel very free. And I feel very empowered, because I’m not reliant. I’m not dependent. You know, I’m just, you know, I allow what the universe shows me and tells me the people who come just come people just come. And I can tell you stories later on if you want people to show up in Hawaii,

Rick Archer: to throw in a story anything even now. Throw in an example. Like I remember one where you were in Scotland and you’re trying to get over to Dublin or someplace. Yeah, that was a good one. If you want to tell that one.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, there’s an I have one in mind. But that one yeah, I was I was I got off. I was following you know, my guidance. Okay, go to go to Belfast. And I was in no, no, no, no, go to Dublin. And I was in Belfast. And it was late at night. It was in this hostel and I just didn’t have the money. And I kept saying, Okay, hello, somebody, you know, what am I supposed to do here? And then they said, Go, just go. And it was 1130. At night, it was raining. I’m like, go, go. So I did. And I started walking like, well, well, I guess I’ll go to the train or bus station and see if I can just sleep there something. And as I was walking along, there was this young woman and she was closing down a restaurant. And I said, Hey, you know, where’s the train station? And she said, Well, it’s over there. But I mean, let’s What are you doing? It’s kind of late. And I told her, you know, kind of like what was happening? And she said, No, they’re coming to my house. Just like that. She was like, I call them Elizabeth angels because they I could feel the energy like, Oh, here’s my angel. There’s always an angel. And so she just chooses the waitress but she took me to her house and her she had you know, as desired. And so she had her confirmation name was Mary Katherine, which my sister was Catherine Mary. And I told her the whole story and she was hugely intrigued and I she fed me and did my laundry and my laundry. And then the next day, she just went to the cash machine and she’s a waitress, you know, she’s yummy, some cash and she saw there’s money for training to Dublin. And off I went, and it was just like following, even if it sounded completely crazy. Okay, I’ll do that.

Rick Archer: But I have to let you tell that next year but do people ever say to you, yeah, Lizabeth. Fine. But everybody couldn’t do this. Because we’d all be bumping off each other. And, you know, some people need to have jobs to make money so that people like you can can enjoy their Lord Jess.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, I hear that. But it’s not large. Yes. But firstly, secondly, um, that’s not true. We, that’s the old Newtonian physics that there’s a finite amount. And I’m saying that’s not true. If there’s infinite because it’s all just potentiality and then when you put your focus on and it comes into being, or seemingly does because it’s not even really, as it appears But it seemingly comes into form. So there’s no that’s not really true

Rick Archer: to work in order to produce stuff. But maybe that’s

Elizabeth Anne Hill: if they feel compelled to work. I mean, I, I wasn’t happy many times to take a job and was not given that option. Because it would have been so much easier. I just want to be, you know, in a nice place somewhere myself. I mean, my personality is not this when I’m doing my personality, I love my own little cozy space. I love decorate. I mean, I’m doing completely against again, and my personality to do this, but it’s for the good of all, but trying to demonstrate something. And you know,

Rick Archer: I mean, it was a lot of work to write this book, and now you’re writing another? Like, you’re just sitting around, no, no,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: yeah, I’m not sitting around. I mean, I’m working. But I don’t even buy into that whole work. That’s like old energy to me. I mean, I’m doing what my heart is, I’m doing what I’m here to do. The universe is providing me with what I need money wise, and everything else. It’s not like the one to one, because people don’t see, okay, sold the book, I get money. And I actually stopped selling everything intentionally I was guided, don’t place any needs on this project. And then allow people to give to you. So I mean, I could have sold all these things I could sell. And even when this book comes out, I’m not going to sell it, I’m going to make it available for free. Because that’s my service to the world. And I trust in the universe to bring me what I need. And that’s how I’m going to do it. I’m not saying everybody needs you. But everybody has a different path. And there’s no you know, again, Rick, the universe is infinitely intelligent. So that’s just not true. There’s some people who love their job, and they love what they do. And Ray, but the whole manufacturing, there’s so many jobs in the world that aren’t even needed. And they’re going to they’re going to, I think they’re going to go away. Because the whole thing is to come into a more community community oriented way of living, where you know, grow food you share is I feel like it we’re going back, it’s a more expanded version of that, but coming back towards that, and I was guided to many, many communities all around the world, because that’s another big interest of mine is community. And I think it’s going to go more towards that. And it’s much simple, and it’s much more relaxed. And we’re not going to necessarily have I don’t know for sure. But I mean, I think it’s going to be a lot less of this manufacturing and all these things going on. But I think you’re

Rick Archer: probably right. I don’t know, at the moment, we’re much more tied into it. I mean, we have a house, we have a car, I bet you have a cell phone, or cell phone, some some some character worked in a sweatshop in China or something to make that cell phone. So you know, people are working to produce stuff that you and I use.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I’m just saying it’s like a gradual progression away from nothing can just drop instantaneously. Right? But yeah, I’m just saying that the world is changing very, very rapidly. It was, well, not maybe not rapidly, but it’s changing. And everybody will be supported in their own way. If they’re a manufacturer, maybe they’ll change what they manufacture or something, or maybe, you know, it’s just there’s infinite intelligence guiding this, so it’s not some random. What do you think about?

Rick Archer: Um, I mean, I want you to tell that story that you’re going to tell your mind, but what do you think about, you know, the extreme wealth and equity in the world? I don’t know the numbers. But you know, some tiny percentage of people have more money than the vast majority of other people or, you know, there’s like, I don’t know what it is just a handful of people have have the wealth equivalent as the bottom 50% of humanity. And, you know, people are living in desperate poverty, and others are multi multi billionaires. That seems imbalanced to me. I mean, some people you mentioned this, and some people are saying, what is it just in communism, socialism, but it just doesn’t seem like it would be characteristic of a more enlightened society. It doesn’t reflect compassion. Now, you know? So what do you what do you think about that?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: It’s duality. You know, there’s polar. That’s the realm we’re in. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wealth. I’m all for it. In fact, you know, what one of my I feel like my, my journey is to demonstrate I was named after to Queens and so was my sister. And that energy is with me all the time. I don’t have a problem with wealth. I mean, some people if you have a big problem with wealth, you’re never going to have it so but I mean, I don’t need it if that the guide said You know, there’s this thing between needs versus desire, if you shift the need over to the desire category, which is much higher energy, so I’m like it I like money. I mean, I like nice things. I came in with a with a liking of beautiful things. And I even asked about this, and the guide said it’s perfectly okay. That’s a myth that you as a spiritual being, you can’t have the things. It’s just that if your identity is wrapped up in it And you’re attached. Yeah.

Rick Archer: But the question is, how many 10s of billions of dollars do you need when others are living on $2? A day or something? Right? With all that money,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: the guide said, um, that greed is a cancer on our planet, and many have accumulated on their own greed. Far more than what they need. And yes, that is that is I think there is going to be about there needs to be a balancing out. But at the same time, I don’t want to denigrate anyone or judge anyone, because as we said, in this room, we’ve all played all roles. So I feel like as these people who are quite wealthy awaken, they will start to feel like wow, maybe I can do something with this Well, like I want to corral some of these people and say, let’s make a community. And I think I’m gonna do that someday, because everything I’ve visualized, some is true. But like, let’s, let’s, you know, since we still have ownership and everything, okay, take your billions, and let’s buy this land. And let’s create beautiful places for people, you know, I don’t know. But I do

Rick Archer: stuff like that. I mean, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett, and others are just they’ve got it all set up to pretty much give it all away over the course of their lifetimes, or after they die. In the case of Crawford, who is pretty old, but um, you know, so that’s good.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I think I think that it can be used for good. And I think that people as they start to awaken will just naturally feel like, gosh, maybe I can do something with this wealth. And, and I think it’ll just I think it’s going to naturally evolve, I don’t think we have to force or say, This is bad. And this is because the guide said, the biggest mistake human beings make is judgment. And I know a lot of people that Judge wealthy people, and I don’t, I’m like, hey, you know, this is the rule that came to play, and maybe they’ll transition to something else. But to judge them.

Rick Archer: Not judging, I’m just saying that. There’s a lot of people suffering, and that I think, as you say, as you awaken, you begin to feel for the suffering of the world. And if you happen to be super wealthy, then maybe that feeling will translate into concrete action.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, no, I wasn’t, I know, you’re judging, but I’m seeing people who do really, really get into it, they talk about it constantly. And insist, you know, don’t do that. Because this is this person’s role. You can’t know the guide. You know, it says in the Course of Miracles, it says, It’s not that you should not judge and said you cannot judge because he as a human being, you don’t see the full picture. You don’t know what roles people took on and what for what reason. And there are wealthy people that are awakening, and they do naturally feel to share. And so I and I’ve had many of them come to me, thank God, you know, that they have many people who have much more than within you have helped me and I’ve envisioned that happening. You know, because I’m very powerful in my intention in my visualization, and then it comes.

Rick Archer: That’s basically how I’ve been able to get along for last 12 years, people who I

Elizabeth Anne Hill: just Yeah, people helping me, I feel like it was a soul agreement, though. Like, they just wanted to be part of the journey. And they are and but it’s sometimes it’s the same people over and over. But then I have, like, new people come in, like this friend who I met, who, whose place I’m in at the moment. And so naturally, I think that they’ll feel that they want to share, and I would encourage those who have more than what they need. And if you have a more stable environment, if your heart so guides you to reach out to these ones who are falling off the system, because it’s quite terrifying. And it’s not a fun, it’s I think it’s much more fun to give than it is to be the one who has to, you know, you know, say Can someone help me, you know, that’s very, very, it’s, it’s very hard. So I would encourage that. So everybody’s different. I mean, some people are having no change, and that’s okay. They have some type of part to play. And if you’re very wealthy, I would suggest that maybe you could sit in quiet and pray, what can I or meditate? Is there something I can do with this? That actually, not I mean, it’s nothing wrong with profit. But I mean, if you go that way, then it’s just more of the same but go in a way that that serves the world and brings life affirming things into the world. And, and you know, but then again, I when I was in that homeless shelter, I did meet a lot of people who they have a very strong victim mentality. And so if you have a victim mentality, you’re going to attract at that level, I think they change their belief because because the guide said, it’s all about belief. And I would be like, I was walking in Myanmar, you know, these people were begging, you know, to me, and I looked in their cup, and I thought that person knows more than I do right now. But I don’t I feel like a billionaire. I feel rich, I guess name Elizabeth. And, you know, it’s I don’t, I don’t see it’s a belief system that I know that I’m infinite. And even though at this moment, I have nothing. I know more is gonna come and I’m going to follow the guidance and people are gonna show up when they need to show up. And that has been proven over and over and over every day. So it’s not just some one time thing.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I just want to say that again. If a large percentage of the world’s population were functioning, the way you’re functioning, I think that we would see just this incredible abundance. And it might be, it’d be impossible for you or anyone to specifically predict exactly how it’s gonna come about. But I just have a deep confidence that it would that there would just be this sort of wellspring of, of abundance and creativity flowing through every individual life that would transform the outer world into a, you know, haven’t really,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: absolutely, and I mean, there, there are people who are working on this. And it’s true, like when a person has their needs met, their basic needs, food, shelter, and they’re allowed to be creative, my God, some of these people like in some people who take on like a homeless path are actually very evolved awakened beings, and they’re there to teach other people about compassion, or I’ve met many of these people. And so when there are people are allowed to express their true inner being that miracles come out of that, you know, all kinds of inventions and creativity and look at the teenagers around the world who are inventing things is there because the kids have come in in a higher vibration, the guides explained. And so this is all unfolding, we don’t have to get too cerebral, about how is it going to be but all each person has to do is just do what I’m suggest you can go do that inner work and inner self. And listen, and you know, maybe you don’t get it the same way I get it, but you will get it somebody will appear and idea will appear

Rick Archer: something key first and all that should be added onto the

Elizabeth Anne Hill: end, when I asked the guides about that quote, they said another way of saying that is I Am that I Am and always I am all that I am. Like how are those two because what that what you’re saying is I am much more than what I appear to be. And that brings me everything I need. And so again, we have to just remember that the world is not finite. That’s an old energy belief system. And the structures in it are all old energy. So we have to allow the new to come in. And so I think I’ve met people I call them like billionaire Buddha’s the number the billionaires, but I just use that term. And this, the story that I’m going to tell involves a woman she’s certainly not a billionaire, but she has more than what she needs. And she’s she’s doing just we’re talking about so tell that story. Go ahead, tell the story. Well, anyways, kind of starts back I was in Virginia, running everything that I wanted to do, I’ve done. I wanted I always wanted to kind of be running a b&b, you know, in a in one of you on a farm. And so I always lived in big cities. And So lo and behold, a friend who’d been following the journey offered me Just out of nowhere. We want to come run my my, my Airbnb, her family has many properties. And there was this beautiful estate in in Virginia. And I said yes, immediately, I was on a plane within three days, and I ran her b&b for a year. And I kept getting these trucks driving by though that said, England, England, England, like, oh, I guess I’m going to England again. So I was like, kind of trying to work out how am I going to get there? And where am I going to go? And nothing was coming. And then so okay.

Rick Archer: I’ve seen hundreds of those trucks, but I didn’t feel like going to England. But anyway,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: for me, it was a sign you know, I because I feel England, I always have to finish. This is my third time here. But I felt it anyway. But I was like, okay, but then and nothing happened. So I was sitting there sitting there sitting there praying and thinking, what what, because I felt that I was at the end of my time at this place. I loved it. But the guidance was no, it’s time for you to go and people thought I was nuts for leaving this because it was so beautiful and had this gorgeous estate all of myself, except on weekends when people came and there was just amazing. But no, it’s time for me to go on. So one of my great dreams was to live in New York City. I just didn’t even the words New York City just sends me to the moon. I don’t know why it’s messy past life or something. But I wanted so badly. And I then I got it. You go into New York. Like okay, so hi, well, I don’t have I didn’t have money in the money I had, because I was not making huge. And that thing was actually kind of a little job. But it was mostly about women board and just a little bit of money. So then that money to go to New York. So I put out a post on Facebook. This was my guidance. And I said anybody in the New York area, please. I just feel really guided and I in my mind’s eye I kept seeing this one man who have been following my journey. Over and over. I saw him in my mind’s eye, but it wasn’t going to just approach him because then puts people in the fear. So I just put out this post and within three minutes, he popped up in my messenger and said, Hey, I’ve got a place. Come with come stay with me for a while outside of New York City. So that was it. I went to New York City. I went to this place in New York. And then the day came where like we both knew like this just over, but I didn’t have anything like I thought something was going to appear in New York City that would, it didn’t. So I was like, Well, okay, and so many times in the journey when this happened, I my guides was just go, like with nothing, just go. Because he had offered as much time as he could, and I felt it too. So I said, Okay, universe, if I have enough for three nights in an Airbnb, I’ll go to New York City. And so I put it out on Facebook, does anybody want to help me, and some people did, I had exactly enough for three nights, and I went to New York City. And I stayed in an Airbnb for three nights. And then after that, it was like, every single day, I would be down to nothing. And I would go sit in a cafe. And my big dream was to dance. I mean, I this was last year, and I was I was 54 years old. And I’m like, you know, so I have this big belief that aging is a myth. And I just like I’m gonna go to the best ballet schools in the world. And I did. Like I would sit in these cafes and then some money would come in because I have a lot of people that kind of follow and help but I don’t know when they’re gonna send or what amount and, or if anybody does, and so anyway, so money would come but it wouldn’t be enough for that night at the Airbnb, but it would be enough for a dance class and my guidance was dance class go. So go to the dance class and then so like living this crazy every night, I would didn’t know where I was going to be but I’m taking the dance classes. And I would have enough for food and I’d eat my food and then the next amount of money would come and I’d go to an Airbnb. So this went on for like three weeks. And then my dream was to live right near Central Park. And I got this little guidance go on Craigslist. So I found this little ad for an in home dog walker.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Posh as we say anyone posh is part of a bur Eastside Manhattan, sent the thing they hired me. And I became an in home dog walker. And so I was just at night. And so I was going to my beloved dance classes all day walking in Central Park, doing my dog walking. And I did that for a while. And then the job ended because they were moving. So I was suddenly without a home or anything. And I was like, I wanted to spend time in a monastery. So I kept getting go to a monastery, like, Okay, go to a monastery. So I looked at monasteries, and I called it. Yeah, it was that. In the meantime, a friend popped up and said, I have some Airbnb credits. So I’ll put you in an Airbnb for two nights. Okay. So go do that. So I called this one. And they said, We haven’t we have three nights available. So I was like, I don’t want to stay three nights. I want to go for a long time because I couldn’t didn’t make the decision. And my guidance was go to Penn Station, because I had gone to New Jersey was Airbnb, go to Penn Station, go to Penn Station. So I’m sitting in Penn Station like well, okay, I’m in Penn Station. What am I going to do? And the guidance finally came, you have the monastery already? Yeah, but it’s only three nights go. So I went to the monastery, Holy Cross monastery in New York. Amazing, amazing beings. They’re loving, so loving. And I kind of told the story there. And she said, We don’t want your money. You can stay for a month, whatever. And immediately, I was in this beautiful place. Gorgeous, right on them. Hudson River, in this monastery. Well, a nun, I met a nun. And she was about to leave. And I heard her talking about San Diego. And I said, Oh, you’re from San Diego. It’s like, yeah, and we started talking and she said, Well, I just became a nun. In, in my most of my life, I was a professional musician, and I played in the San Diego symphony. Well, I almost fell over because my mother who has passed and my father who has passed both for musicians and played in the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, she knew them not just knew them. What was good, good fancy, oh, my god, are you gory his daughter and we both started crying. And she said, Well, I’m going to England to go to many monasteries. And I knew right then and there, that’s what’s where I’m going. And I got I was able to get the money for the plane ticket, I came, went off to England, travel all around and ended up in St. Michael’s convent, in in, in George cost. Again, these beautiful, beautiful, they were such beautiful examples. They let be alongside or with the community I was alongside or I lived there for four months, the most beautiful, they live very abundantly because they share everything. And they were such a good example of community. And then But then I only had a certain amount of time and I had like three days left. I didn’t have money. I didn’t know where it’s gonna go. But I had met this woman that had been there on silent retreat several times and I kept having a feeling about her. And then one day, like two days before I had to leave, she was there and she I was telling her kind of what was going on and she looked up at the statue of Jesus and Mary. This woman is like a Christian mystic. She’s just, she’s just like, she’s like, Saint Teresa of Avila. She’s incredible. She looked at the statue of Jesus and Marian got discovered, you have a house offer? She’s like, Oh, yeah, I do, because I just moved out of my house. And she’s the one I’m talking about who has more than what she needs, but she was gonna make your home available for some Syrian refugees. So the house was getting ready for Syrian refugees. She said, we’re not performance, so you can live in my house. So all in one fell swoop, I ended up in this house, beautiful, gorgeous house on the river. performance. And then she’s she’s part of her house and briefs Greece. And that’s been offered to me. I haven’t I’ve tried twice to go, but because of COVID I couldn’t get there. But it just goes to show just out of nowhere, this person came and said his house. Yeah. And it’s, and then, you know, here’s another house in Greece. And, and she shared everything with me money and and you know, and then this new person, Lorenzo, who’s helped me right now, he came out of nowhere. So you can see by this story that people just show up? Yeah, it’s I didn’t do it. I didn’t go looking. And when I was in the convent, I was getting a little bit nervous. And I thought, well, maybe I should like offer to clean the rooms, and maybe they’ll pay me. And my guidance was, is that what you really want to do? No, not really. I want to just, and I was learning, you know, so if I’m not going to do it, then I just didn’t do it. And then I learned how to draw. And so I spent hours and creativity, creativity is very high energy. And that’s when the answer just came in. So you see getting my human mind out of the way, by learning how to draw for hours and hours. The answer was able to come in because I wasn’t in the way with my limiting beliefs and all of that. So I guess that’s, that’s the story. One of the stories one of the

Rick Archer: many, many Yeah, there are many.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: The right thing the right time.

Rick Archer: That’s cool. Have you ever heard of Peace Pilgrim? Yes, I’m gonna get her up on the screen here just so people can see her beautiful face on the screen. So Peace Pilgrim was this beautiful woman who just basically walked around the United States for years are nothing but the shirt on her back, and a shirt that said Peace Pilgrim on it. And if anyone hasn’t heard of her, I highly recommend you get her little book and read it. She was definitely at a higher state of consciousness. And she just kind of experienced what you’ve been experiencing, which is that she would just be taken care of and she wouldn’t ever. She didn’t have any possessions. She didn’t ask for anything. But people would just offer what she needed when she needed it. And very inspiring. Everyone should it’s like a classic book that I recommend everyone check out if they haven’t seen it. Yeah, I’ve

Elizabeth Anne Hill: heard about peace programming. A lot of people have said that. I’m like her, although I wouldn’t want to be sleeping on the side of the road and what she did, but I mean, it’s similar. And and also I do ask for help. But I, I didn’t start asking. I really wanted to prove to myself that it wasn’t just me asking for help and receiving help. So for the I would say the first four to six years in the journey. I never asked for help once. I was like, almost like, pathologically refusing desperate. And then at some point, someone said, Elizabeth, you know, I think you’ve proven it to yourself, why don’t you start asking? So I started to ask, and then it just, you could just feel that it was the right people’s that. Yeah, I’ll help because they want any part of the journey. But I really did demonstrate to myself that it wasn’t just about fundraising, you know, because anybody can do that, I guess. But it was more I, I allowed people to show up. And so sometimes the guidance would be okay, go on to Facebook and ask. And if I didn’t get that guidance, no matter how dire the situation, I wouldn’t, I would just say I would write what this is what’s happening. And then invariably, somebody somewhere would would say, Well, I would like to help, or whatever. So mostly, it was, in recent times, it was more about just asking, Can anybody help in this situation, because I didn’t doing it for so long. And I knew that I would receive if I if I felt guided, yes, this is a moment to go ahead and ask your community because it’s my community. They know what I’m doing. They know why I’m doing it. And they wanted to be part of it, and they would help so but I encourage people to ask for help. It’s okay. Nothing wrong with that.

Rick Archer: You’re 55 You said have you had any impulses that at some point you might just settle? Get leaving lead a more established life? I mean, how’s this going to work when you’re 6575? You know, at

Elizabeth Anne Hill: all I really don’t know but the first thing is that I think aging is a myth and there’s all kinds of information coming to me that this is true and that I’m not quite there yet. But I mean when we as we go into higher consciousness the guides and said that your bodies are making their own awakening right now. And then the body is moving from a carbon based body into crystalline my body. So I really believe that the aging process can and will reverse because If there’s no time and there is no time, then and if I’m an infinite being the body, not even if what I have learned is that the body is not actually a physical organism moving on a timeline, in time and space. That’s the illusion. I mean, it it, we have to honor it as it appears, but really, all time is now and, and I am an infinite being, you know, like, like Jesus like Buddha, like anyone who came to demonstrate. And they were able to do things that other people couldn’t do. Why? Because they had taken on more of who they were. So as I take on more and more of who I am, I don’t believe that I need to become ill and downslide. But yes, I would like to have I very much and have wanted for years to have my own place in the world, but it’s not going to necessarily be the back to like a job, I couldn’t I would, it would kill my spirit. So someday, somebody will offer something or be part of the community. And then, but my dream is to share this wisdom. So I want to travel the world. And I want to share the wisdom in any way that I can. And so I can, let’s see, I understand that I can envision what I want, and it will come. So I’m envisioning how I want it to be. And I have some pretty big visions, which I won’t even share, because if we shared them, people would say, Oh, please. But I, I, the guides told me that I came in with a much bigger vision of what’s possible. And in fact, I always say that part of my mission is to demonstrate what people think is impossible in the body in the mind and the spirit. So I, I don’t I don’t I don’t believe that I need to decline and be decrepid and need. And I also don’t believe that I need health care. I don’t believe that I need 401k I don’t believe that I need retirement, say what you want. But I don’t believe that.

Rick Archer: No, that’s cool. I mean,

Elizabeth Anne Hill: I don’t believe it. Yeah, I just think it’s just isn’t it just doesn’t, when I see like someone who goes from like a young person to a very, like, for some reason inside of me, that doesn’t seem normal to me, does

Rick Archer: booty either, you know, when he’s when he was living the sheltered life, and I’ve never seen an old person finally got out and saw some he thought, Whoa, what’s wrong with them? That’s

Elizabeth Anne Hill: just, and I’m not saying it’s bad. That’s what they’ve chosen. But I mean, I think it’s a choice. And I think that in the

Rick Archer: final every every saint and sage, with the exception of possibly a very few who ever walked the earth ended up dying. And maybe the times are different now. And maybe we’ll all end up in crystallin bodies. Or maybe it is that, you know, if we’re meant to be immortal, in some sense, then there might be better bodies than these in which to do it. And these bodies will die. I mean, all these guys you’re talking to they have bodies, but they’re not human bodies. And they don’t necessarily live in the earth plane. So I don’t know if hanging out in the earth plane perpetually is our ultimate destiny. But actually, there’s a question that came in that relates to this very point from Cheryl in Florida. She asks, If the human species doesn’t survive? Will we become part of another realm?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, yeah, you’re an eternal being are eternal beings, the human part is just a temporary little game we’re playing. But I think the human race will survive. Because I think people we, I have it on good authority that we’ve already made the decision that humanity will awaken. And there are many people who are transitioning. And that’s okay. I mean, it’s sad, of course, when you lose somebody, but there I you know, I was told this, that people, for whatever reason, either they’re not ready to take this ride with Mother Earth, who’s moving out of the third dimension to the fourth into the fifth, just a light, much lighter, but you have to purify the purify, and you have to take that ride. So it’s not everybody wants to take that ride right now. Or they have another part to play like my sister. So there are many people who are transitioning, and you can see it on my Facebook page. I have like people who just suddenly or die, and they’re just young people. And so there’s there’s choices being made on a soul level, all all deaths. All everything is made on a soul level, which is a level we don’t see consciously, but it’s made. And so it’s okay that if people choose to transition from this world and do something else, but

Rick Archer: there’s some people that the human race will survive, but with a drastically reduced population. I don’t know, if climate change were to reach six degree temperature increase, there wouldn’t be any human life left, but even three degrees could drastically reduce the population and of course, there are many other things which could do so.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, I have disease and I’m going to find out. Is it true that I don’t have to go through I mean, I have some aging but it’s not. It’s not very significant. And I I want to know that is it true that I have to that I have to become balding gray when there really is no time and that I am this infinite being is a true


showing up yet? Oh, yeah, but not not a lot.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Not I don’t have any. I mean, that’s not even because I’m not, I’m nowhere near I mean, I haven’t made these transitions that need to be made fully. I mean, I’m surely working on it. But one of the things and this is, I’ll share this just off the cuff that one of the guidance that I’ve been Ninten can repeatedly getting is you do not need food, food over food I did. In the interview, the university talked about how the human body at a certain point will not be able to digest food, it doesn’t need food, that food is a habit. You know, that’s really hard, but I keep getting it over and over and over, eat less, eat less, eat less. And I heard once where they talked about to one of the channels that Jesus ate almost nothing. And so I said, So finally, over the last week, I’m like, Okay, fine. It’s very hard, because I love food. But I’ve been cutting down almost to nothing. And all of a sudden, my neck has been really stiff my back all of a sudden, I’m stretching. And I’m like, should we flexible? Just from three days. And so I think that the body is changing the body that I was told the body is making its own awakening, and the DNA is shifting. And so do I know for sure if this is possible? No, I don’t know anything for sure. But I one thing is for sure is that I intend to find these things out. experientially.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that’s a very good attitude. I mean, my attitude toward all these kinds of points is, I take them as hypotheses and hypothesis means that, you know, there’s something which there are things which could be explored experientially, that’s what a hypothesis is in science. And, you know, scientist doesn’t say, I absolutely believe this. That wouldn’t be scientific. He says, All right, this has some probability or, you know, some promise. And so I will investigate experientially, and if it doesn’t work out fine. He wants to know the truth. He doesn’t he’s not attached to a particular outcome.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, well, the guides also said that your truth actually lies within you, that there’s not really any separate objective truth, really. I mean, it’s, as you wake in your truth changes. So they said, as you believe so it is. So if you believe in aging, if you in most people, I hear them saying these things, and I’m thinking, why are you saying that? You know, as you believe so it is, oh, well, I’m 50 now, and I’m going to have to get a house. That’s one story, because I’m going to be, you know, going downhill, I’m gonna have to get, you know, funeral insurance, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna I don’t know. I mean, I was told I came in with a knowing about that things can be different. And I just don’t understand. I just doesn’t seem normal to me to have that attitude. And so, you know, if, if I’m wrong, and I ended up, you know, aging, croaking? I mean, not that I don’t think that I’m going to pass on, but I think there’s gonna be some major changes in my lifetime in this body, that would be considered like, wow, what’s, how is that done? How is it possible? Because I just believe it.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I think what you’re saying, I don’t think it means you’re gonna be physically immortal. But I mean, people in their 90s Yeah. And there was one guy who was one of the designers of some of the more popular muscle cars, they call them in Detroit. And I forget his name at the moment, but um, he was I, when I first got in touch with them, he was like at 92 Or three, and he said, Well, now just had my feet amputated. But he said, I’ve never felt better in my life. And my wife and I are gonna buy an RV and move to California. He was on the East Coast. I don’t know, I don’t think he ended up doing that. But it you know, obviously, he, he didn’t feel like an old man and his spirit. So, you know, the body is to vehicle. And sometimes we need to, to trade in an older vehicle for a newer vehicle. But you know, that which we are doesn’t age, and many people actually experience it that way if they don’t identify with the body primarily.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: So I divert people. And also there are many stages of recording to I’ve never met one that they live for a couple 100 years. And these legends and I don’t know, but I mean, if you read Autobiography of yogi, he has people who don’t haven’t eaten for years, they live off of light. And I think that these you know, in those times, it was very rare. But I, the guides told me that what’s going to happen is that the there will be people becoming fruitarians and even Octarians, which means they only drink water, and this will be very common. And so there’s a lot of changes happening in the body, which right now sound crazy, but we’re kind of looking at it through a separation viewpoint. So I don’t know what’s going to happen in regards to me and my body that I’ve taken on but I mean, I really do have a sense that the body is not appears to be if you if you listen to what like Rupert spyera, what he teaches about all you have to be aware of is what you sense is the body’s like a sensation. And there’s perception and hearing and seeing, but that’s just pure awareness. That’s your, that’s having that experience. So I take that I, I feel that that this is this is not really solid, you know, being very, maybe, maybe we’re vapor that too much, but it’s just I want to say that don’t talk about how you’re going to age, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do that, you know, and whatever happens happens, you just accept it and do your best with it. But I mean, don’t just assume that you’re going to get old and you have the disease,

Rick Archer: that Bible verse where Jesus said, You know, don’t worry about who’s similar to that birds in the field thing about storing your grain and you’re this and that we’re, you know, animals can eat it, and mold can guide or something. But, you know, how’s that, you know, can you quote that verse? No, I

Elizabeth Anne Hill: can’t I also, also he said, if thine eye be single, thy body shall be full of light. And what does that mean? I mean, he also said, Isn’t it written, I said, Ye are gods. And he even said, also, and this is my twin souls book, that my teachings are not for this age, they’re for the next. And that. So the things that he said that people didn’t really understand, I think they’re going to become more and more understandable. If thine eye be single, your your inner body shall be full of light.

Rick Archer: So well, and Bob Dylan said the times they are changing. So they are. So what would you like to say by way of conclusion, since we’re about at the two hour point here, you know, obviously, any interview like this is just a little sampling of what a person could potentially talk about. And I think people would enjoy this this book still available somehow?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Well, it, it’s, I was guided, kind of take it out of print, and I give it for free on my author page on Facebook, so people can you can, then I found out that there’s all these booksellers selling it? Yeah, it has nothing to do with me. I don’t, I don’t get anything from it. But, but if you if you Google it, you can get it a hardcopy, you know, but I almost feel like there’s gonna be a second edition or something. Because it’s like, that was written in 2003 to 2006. Yeah. And I’m so different now. It’s so different. But you know, it gives the basic story of my sister in our life and how she passed

Rick Archer: a lot of chapters that are about all kinds of things in the world that really interesting, right? What has what is death? You know, the yin yang of politics, science and spirituality. And there’s a lot of cool stuff in it. Was this your personal copy that you sent me?

Elizabeth Anne Hill: No, I just I, my friend who’s in the US. I said, Can you just go online and order one from one of these sellers and send it because it was

Rick Archer: funny because it has notes in it and it smells a perfume? So I thought it smells nice. As a multicenter experience reading reading it.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, no, I mean, I recommend it. But it’s not it’s I’m not I’m not really like promoting it. Because it’s I was just told to take all needs away from the project. So if you feel inspired, and

Rick Archer: like your Facebook page where people can download it, yeah, it’s a free book.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: Yeah, it’s a precursor to what’s happening now with me. So it’s almost like part of the same story. It’s just that was then and then it continues on. Yeah, in the textbook. But as far as what I would want to say is just that if you could do one thing and one thing only at this time have become know your inner self. You know, know thyself, ask the question. The great Ramana Maharshi. Right, who am I? What am I? And then sit it’s it’s not just meditation, it’s contemplation, meaning that you’re questioning and question everything, you know, if you have a limitation, I want to know is this limitation, what do I really need to you know, question, who you are, what you are, what this world is, and you will start having experiences that will show you a more expanded awareness. And at that point, things that you need will just show up? Yeah, you’ll get ideas. So if if you try to attack it from a third dimensional kind of dualistic way of racking your brain trying to figure it out, like what am I going to do? It lowers your energy to such a level that you cannot attract and you cannot receive what you need because you’re at such a dense heavy level. I don’t care if it’s just like you’re going on Facebook and saying these negative things pull that in. Take the time to you to know your inner being. You have a soul which is the infinite part of yourself, and it is guiding you it’s right there with you and knows exactly what you need, and and also what you want. Because we did come to play individual, we came to play a divine spark. It’s not meant to be well, because because some people negate the human experience. And, and I think that they suffer greatly from that. And I assume people suffering greatly from that. And also, then there’s people who just completely identify with the body mind, and they don’t have any clue. I say to people here like in England, or wherever I am, like, they look at me like, I’m crazy. What do you mean? Like you’re getting guidance? What is like, what some Santa Claus in the state like they don’t, they just don’t know. They don’t know that they have an inner being a higher self. And then also, they don’t understand the laws of physics, if you can intend something, and you can visualize it. And if you’re aligned, it’ll come. They have absolutely no idea and they’re just completely lamenting, Oh God, I’m so afraid. And it’s like, I just want to say just stop and go to the park and sit in the park and, and bring peace to yourself and that affects the whole world. One person, one being who’s vibrating. They say like, I don’t know if you ever read David R Hawkins, power versus force we calibrated all this energy but when being like a Buddha or Jesus or a pair, Mahan Manana, who emanates a frequency of unconditional love overrides millions of others who are at a more hypnotized denser level. So it’s not all energy is created equally. So if you want to be one of those beings, who affects this critical mass that’s happening, then please, please do that. And your your personal needs will be, you will have what you need. And you also have what you want, because you’ll be more free to wow, I want to be an artist, I can be an artist, you know, I want to be a musician. I can be a musician or an actor or whatever, a writer, just do it. That’s the other message. Just do it. If you want to write, write, if you want to dance dance, don’t wait to be like, Oh, how am I going to make money? Forget that. Just Just do the things. So that’s my message. Just be who you are and who you are as a human and also who you are as a soul.

Rick Archer: Well, that’s a great synopsis. Very eloquent. Thank you. Thanks so much. So we’ll stay in touch and look forward to hearing what your next book is about when when you finish it. I already have a sense of what it’s about, I bet you it’s gonna be good. So people can go to your Facebook page. Obviously, that’s probably the best way to get in touch with you if they want. I

Elizabeth Anne Hill: have a website. It’s under construction. And that website is going to be Elizabeth downhill calm, but it’s completely under construction right now.

Rick Archer: Okay, so it’s up, and I’ll add it to the show notes.

Elizabeth Anne Hill: But if you go to facebook.com/twin souls 444, that’s my author page where I get download the different things, and I have a personal page, you can find me I actually kind of share most of my journey on my personal page. I’ll link to both if you want. Yeah, and then just you know, as of now, that’s all I’m using. But now I’m kind of moving back into have I didn’t, you know, into having more of a website, or presence, you know, but that’s just because the journey has kind of shifted. So yeah, and I would love for you to go to my other page and give me a like, and give me a follow. Because, as we know, that generates more and yeah. Thank you so much. It’s been a great, great conversation, I think.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I really enjoyed and it’s been fun preparing for it to listening to all the stuff. And if people go online and search for your name, they’ll find some other things they can listen to. And I’ll link to that. Conversation with the university called it. Yeah. And interview with the universe. The universe. Yeah. The

Elizabeth Anne Hill: recordings. Yeah. And then I had some interviews with my friend Lisa Bonnie’s. In fact, I did. She works for the shift network. And I just did another interview with her just before this one, and that was going to air in October. Yeah. Great. Yeah. It’s called beyond the veil Summit. And I’m one of the people.

Rick Archer: Summit thing. Yeah. Yeah. So

Elizabeth Anne Hill: things are starting to, you know, come together as far as sharing because that’s really what I mean is I didn’t go through all this just for myself. I’m

Rick Archer: just gonna say and, yeah, yeah. After all this, you want to share it? Absolutely. Yeah. Good. All right. Well, thanks. Thank you. You’re welcome. And thanks to those who have been listening or watching and we’ll see you for the next one. And I said, as I said in the beginning, if you want to be notified of subsequent interviews, either sign up, you know, subscribe on YouTube, or subscribe on bat gap, calm to the email notification thing. And there’s also audio podcast subscription page there in case you’d like to listen to audio podcasts of the show. Alright, See you next time. Thanks, Elizabeth. Hey, thank you so much, everybody, keep on truckin.