668. Anastasia Wesselink Moellering

Anastasia is a Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Coach, Intuitive Life Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a self-proclaimed recovering Zumba Instructor that has turned her lifelong pursuit of holistic wellness into a thriving holistic wellness practice, offering services online, and at her wellness studio located outside of Chicago.

After dozens of profound spiritual experiences and a life-changing NDE in 2019, Anastasia holds a fundamental understanding that unconditional love is our natural state of being. With a powerful combination of consciousness, awareness, and intention, Anastasia has worked with hundreds of clients to create access to a transformational force that aids in letting go of mental, emotional, and/or physical pain, in turn creating lasting inner harmony. She is an ambassador of living a fully integrated, balanced, and intuitive life.

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Interview recorded October 24, 2022

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