Abdy Electriciteh Transcript

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Abdy Electriciteh Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer, and my guest today is  Abdy Electriciteh . And Abdy is from Iran originally, I actually spent a few months in Iran myself back in the 70s. But that’s another story. When I first heard about Abdy a few years ago, in light of what he does, which we’ll explain in a minute, I thought he’s somebody I’d kind of like to interview in person. But I didn’t know quite how that was going to happen. Then it just sort of fell together. And here he is in my house. So I’m beginning to do it in person, which sort of leads me to believe I should start buying lottery tickets or something. Abdy, at an early age, realized that his realm of reality was beyond what he could share with others. As a child, his awareness of extraordinary abilities such as putting light and sprinkles on people could only be rationalized as a dream. Did anybody ever joke around with you about Tinker Bell and Peter Pan and all that?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, I didn’t share it at the time. So nobody told me.

Rick Archer: That’s what Tinker Bell used to do. When 30 years later, he realized those sparkles. I said, sprinkles I meant sparkles, when he realized those sparkles are being received by the people healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually. He gave up his adapted reality to his child to his childhood reality. In 2002, he began working around the world anchoring light and spreading his wisdom. And it’s funny, because when I first heard your name, electricity, I figured, all right, well, he kind of conveyed some sort of electricity to people, you know, through this energy transmission. And so that must be his spiritual name. But that’s really unique.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s correct. I see many, many people assume that this is a stage name.

Rick Archer: Right

Abdy Electriciteh: Like my grandfather had the same name.

Rick Archer: Is that a common name in Iran?

Abdy Electriciteh: No, my grandfather was the pioneer of electricity in Iran. So King Raisa called him Mr. Electricity.

Rick Archer: Okay. Yeah. Well, my name was is Archer. So probably my ancestors were archers. And so people got their names. So Abby works with an ancient energy, which dissipates our inabilities to relate to our self, higher self and the universe. And when we say, ancient energy that kind of puts an age on it, like it’s 10,000 years old or something, but is it really an energy that has a starting point? Are you talking about something more eternal?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, let me go actually, when, when you go deep, there is no time anyway. Right. So it’s more. That is I mentioned that way of because it’s isn’t an energy that has not been. It was on earth for a while, and not being utilized. And now it’s back again. So it’s more of a it’s not an ancient, like, it’s an old thing is its ancient appeal at its original format.

Rick Archer: So we just probe this a little bit, so it was on earth for a while, then it was unavailable, then it came back again. Or now, obviously, there are certain kinds of energies that exist, whether or not we’re aware of them, or whether or not we tap into them. So for instance, nuclear energy, you know, it’s been there ever since the beginning of the universe, but only in the last several few decades? Do we understand how to harness it in a certain way? So would would this energy referring to be similar?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well,

Rick Archer: in that way?

Abdy Electriciteh: every every energy in a way is similar. But I don’t generally I don’t try to label anything. Or that’s why. The reason why I have is I use ancient because a lot of people say I don’t know, my train ng Christ, energy and so many labels.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: So I just covered that label by something mysterious. And it is not quite necessary, but it’s just many people think they got everything clear and classified the way they need to know. But it’s not as simple as that. So there is no actually there is no title of energies. It’s just the way we relate to a part of energy. We classify that part only. So scientifically, we can measure certain energies, and we label them that way. Then the one we cannot measure. Scientifically, we know, some spiritual people name it different way. But they’re all interrelated. You’re not just one and separate from others.

Rick Archer: Right. Okay. And so when we say you work with energies, because some people watching this will be familiar that you do, but many won’t. What you actually do in working with it? Is you would you say you channel it, transmit it, serve as a conduit?

Abdy Electriciteh: It’s, you know, it’s a game is it’s all of it all of the above. I don’t do really much with it. It just switched me all the time. And that energy is with many, many people. It’s not just me.

Rick Archer: Sure.

Abdy Electriciteh: I just know that I have it. Kind of I use it.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Well, could you say this right now, you and I have radio waves passing through our bodies, with all kinds of news shows, and music shows and everything else. But we’re not radio. So we don’t hear the music or the new shows that these radio waves are transmitting. But if we were a radio, or if we had one here and turned it on, we’d hear those things, because that particular instrument is designed to pick up on those particular frequencies of the electromagnetic field and Give us music. So would you say that this energy that we’re talking about is something that is universal, and all pervading, and everyone is kept is, is ultimately pervaded by it or connected with it. But most people are not radios in the sense that or at least have not turned their radio on, so to speak, so as to be able to become aware of it or transmitted or anything.

Abdy Electriciteh: Actually, yes, I use always say that everybody is like an antenna. And the nature of your antenna is different than other people. And the vibration that you receive, and you transmit is based on your antenna. And of course, each antenna is not quite the same. Because the frequencies are different. You know, it’s like science. So the energy that surrounds your antenna is different than others. But also some people, even though they have I mean, everybody has certain vibration that goes to them. But majority of people have no idea where. So it’s, it’s a certain energy that is different than others. Number one, because everybody has different and the number two is being aware of it.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yeah. So using that metaphor, some people are, you know, tuned into one channels, and people are tuned into another channel, on the radio, so to speak, they’re picking as antennas, they’re picking up different frequencies of the electromagnetic field. And in this case, we’re talking about a sort of spiritual energy consciousness or whatever. And you’re saying, I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, but just to make sure we’re clear on what we’re saying that you’re saying that your particular everyone has their own gift, your particular gift? How would you distinguish or define your particular gift from the average person, what they what they experience?

Abdy Electriciteh: You see, I personally didn’t have much relationship to it, I could do certain things. And I thought everybody could do and I realized, no, that’s what I could. But then other people brought information because I don’t relate to information, because information come, you see, when you see something, for example, the only way you can, you can have information about it, if you can classify it mentally somewhere, that it relates to some mental connection, like label or whatever. But the way I relate to this is not so much to those mental labels. So it’s very difficult to explain in you know, what energy or how it is, but I have an understanding, and I know what that understanding is, and then I can reason why I have this understanding because the energy that I’m connected to and runs and through me, so it’s not, I mean, some people call it some people turn come to me so while you know you have Atlantean energy, some people call them energy. Some people say oh, you have Christ energy, some people say this and that and that, but I don’t think all of them are so different and only different is that each person relate to different parts of an elephant? And they call it different thing?

Rick Archer: Yeah. It’s a famous analogy.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah, actually have an elephant in front of me. So it was so simple to say. So, so it’s not such a different thing, you know, all of them electromagnetic even is a part of his sciences, a part of it is not just spiritual or non spiritual, whatever the term is, spirituality is a very funny term, because everything is a spiritual and, and all part of the spirituality that science can tap into is also part of a spiritual and when you when, I mean, if you call somebody spiritual, it just simply means that that person is aware of that spiritual does not that anybody is not an energetic is the same way to everything what is the spirit is, to me is beyond three dimensional understanding. And and energy is mere two dimensions and standing NV energy electromagnetic, we just relate to it to some ways of scientific translation.

Rick Archer: And well, that’s a kind of a handicap of doing an interview show like this, because we’re talking about something very subtle, that has to actually be experienced, but we’re just sitting here using words, and you can’t sort of push a button and everybody watching this is all of a sudden having the experience that just they just have to sort of get a taste or a feeling or whatever from the conversation. And then if they’re interested, go and have the experience themselves.

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, actually, that’s not quite true, because some of the people who watch this thing, they, they’re gonna tap into that energy.

Rick Archer: Oh, OK. Just the conversation will be a catalyst.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, it’s just how it works for not for everybody,

Rick Archer: right.

Abdy Electriciteh: But I’ve had many TV interviews or whatever, and people got actually once many years ago, the cameraman fell off, because so it’s yeah, no, no energy doesn’t need. A medium doesn’t need a particular way doesn’t need me. It doesn’t need

Rick Archer: doesn’t need anything.

Abdy Electriciteh:  anything. But it uses every possible device to conduct itself. You know, it could be me could be you could in this situation. So it flows.

Rick Archer: Do you feel like the kind of energy we’re referring to here actually has an agenda. What you said was just kind of inferred or implied that, that in other words, there’s a kind of a evolutionary force or purpose that it would like to further to fulfill, you know, to advance, and that when there’s a willing participant, someone who is appreciative of it, and able to, you know, tune into it and help others tune into it, then that we’re kind of anthropomorphizing it here making it sound like an a human being, but that energy kind of rejoices in a way with the opportunity to, you know, have someone be a servant or an emissary.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, but also it’s, it doesn’t take energy works with people with the energy body of a person, so doesn’t take somebody’s will or, or appreciation or commitment. So it does what it needs to do, regardless of people wants or needs or will.

Rick Archer: Incidentally, just to jump topic for a second here, I think Abdy left his home in Toronto at like three this morning or something. First of all, when he heard that this interview was to be done, he rearranged his flight schedule, and had to buy a whole ‘nother ticket, which I wish he had told me because maybe we would have worked something out. I hate to see you incur the expense, but I thought that was extremely gracious of him. And then he had to leave home very early to get here and take a couple of different planes and drive himself down from the airport. And when he arrived here, my first impression of him that it was a look fresh as a daisy and he didn’t look like somebody has been traveling for the past, you know, 12 hours. And there’s a gentleness about the man and a good feeling about him that is quite palpable. So not to embarrass you, but

Abdy Electriciteh: I don’t get embarrassed

Rick Archer: I just wanted to express that appreciation. Yeah. All right. Well, we’ll continue to play with these notions. So you’re reading on in your bio here is work. These work is to bring about and support the transformation of humanity and the earth to higher consciousness. That’s kind of what I was alluding to just now about this energy having a an evolutionary

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, everything has a purpose. Suddenly known some you don’t, but nothing is in this universe without a purpose.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And this is key spread out this helping transform humanity on earth to higher consciousness by raising the vibration of people and places. He channels in energy that allows an individual to connect to their own divinity. So there’s some interesting things in here. One is, in a larger sense, do you feel like the vibration of the planet as a whole is raising? Rising? Now many people have said that it is feel that it is you have any comments about that?

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, definitely. Well, I can I have a long explanation for that, if you want to hear,

Rick Archer: We have time.

Abdy Electriciteh: okay. Well, you see, every two thousand and twelve years is one cycle of time and astrologically, everything reset itself, that means the possibility energetic possibility of here 2000 years, 2012 years ago, I know exactly the same. And then seven times, that is 14 times or something is one cycle of the whole universe.

Rick Archer: And this is based on what system?

Abdy Electriciteh: My system

Rick Archer: Oh, that you just cognized or something.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah. And it’s a one cycle of universe. And when you look at 14,000 years, or whatever, what happens is that the whole universe gradually goes on its energetic course. And to a higher vibration. It goes up with the whole universe to however, because of human, we drag the energy of the earth and be below or behind, from the whole universe. So every 14,000 years, something happened on Earth, that it catches up to everything else.

Rick Archer: There’s an acceleration.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, it has happened many times, if you look at the time, dinosaurs when and if people 40,000 years ago to go to Atlantean. Time or to go 28, you go Lemurian time this has happened many times. And this is actually an each time that has happened. Humanity kind of eliminated itself. And this is the first time that’s happened

Rick Archer: You mean everybody died?

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah.

Rick Archer:  Or a lot of people.

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, I mean, we have to start again, you know? Yes, of course, our history doesn’t go that far. And scientifically, anything you cannot prove this doesn’t exist.

Rick Archer: Well not. We know that people didn’t all die. 14,000

Abdy Electriciteh: No, no. Otherwise, we would win if it will be all right. You wouldn’t start again.

Rick Archer: Right.

Abdy Electriciteh: But if you go, you know, to go to Egyptian time, there’s something happened.

Rick Archer: The big shake up every 14 does

Abdy Electriciteh: well, yeah. So this is a time that we are going to end of the cycle again, and is a cycle that is much more interesting than before, by the way.

Rick Archer: Why?

Abdy Electriciteh: Because it’s a time that elimination doesn’t happen. And, and one reason I mean, there’s many reasons, but one of them is there’s so many people doing so much energetic work. And each time they do some energetic one individual on group of whatever they bring, they raise the vibration of the earth, to a level when it comes correction, the gap is so small. So it won’t be as as disastrous as before, even though everybody thinks is so bad, actually, it’s not that bad.

Rick Archer: Now, you know, of course, at 14,000 years, it’s just the snap of a finger in the span of time of the universe. I mean, it’s gonna take 8 billion years for the Andromeda galaxy to merge with the Milky Way. And if we, if we made every second 10 million years, it would still take about 15 minutes for that to happen. So 14, so these must be you know, there must have been millions of these little 14 year cycles. If you’re talking about the whole universe,

Abdy Electriciteh: what I can do I can relate to some of them. I don’t know the rest.

Rick Archer: Now, when you say that, is that something that you actually cognized in some kind of inner state and you I mean, how did you come up with this and get it from a book right? You just

Abdy Electriciteh: actually I don’t read.

Rick Archer: You don’t, you know how to read?

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah, but I haven’t read anything for 12 years.

Rick Archer: Right.

Abdy Electriciteh: And I in my whole life, I probably read two and a half books.

Rick Archer: I heard you say that in an interview and yet you said you were a top notch Student

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah,

Rick Archer: how’d you become student if you didn’t read books?

Abdy Electriciteh: No, well, I wasn’t reading books you know, in school actually, I didn’t I listened. Um, but you know, if you had to do homework is different, but reading a book for the, for reading for reading a book now. And, and one of the reason I didn’t know and one of the reason is just you can do every cell of your body knows everything. Every cell of anything knows everything, because every cell is in tune of the vibration of the totality of the whole universe. So the essence of the universe is in yourself. You know, everything is that way. If we try to tap into knowledge or understanding or whatever, to our external connection, which is to our brain, and you don’t have to do cells and, and then when we’re conditioned that way, then we lose connection in knowledge. So I have a lazy to read all my life. It’s not that I know these things. But many years ago, I have realized why. So I’m going more within to know, well, I don’t share this story with many people actually, in public like that. But this the first time I’m doing it, I’m going to tell this story is that many years ago, I was told anything I say, happens.

Rick Archer: Who told you that?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well I was in situation, and some psychic and I was initiated to some stuff, and I thought it’s a joke. And then, but it did. So I had to watch much of myself, I have to watch my anger, I have to watch a lot of thing and for what I thought is a curse. Because you know, I could get upset anybody could hurt me or whatever. So I had to watch myself very tightly, and I thought it was a curse. But when they I realized, okay, if everything I say happens, that means I cannot lie. That means whatever I know must be only the truth. If I say this truth, so I start talking. And so I never read the Bible or Torah or whatever. But I said, certainties it’s almost Oh, that’s in Bible. Did you read that booster? You know, so many people from different parts of what? Oh. And then there are, it’s been many years that the confidence has become much stronger than they are certain knowledge that I know it because I say it. Now, because I know it.

Rick Archer: That’s very interesting. I like that. There’s, there’s a lot of stories like that in the Vedic literature. For instance, there’s this book called the Srimad Bhagavatam. And the way the book starts out, there’s the sage, and he’s sitting in Samadhi. He’s sitting in a deep meditative state. And some King comes along and asks him a question. And the sage ignores him because he doesn’t even hear him, because he’s in this deep state. And the king gets gets really mad and offended, he takes a dead stick and drapes that around the sages shoulders, and King of new No, that’s happening. And then a little while later, the King, the sages, son comes along, and he sees someone committed this great insult against my father. And he said, Whoever did this will die by being bitten by a poisonous snake in one week. And then his father comes out of somebody said, What did you say said, I said this because they offended you said, Oh my god, now this is going to have to come through because you said it because you have that level of sattwa They call it level of purity, that whatever you say, is going to happen. So turns out that the King found out about this, he said, I deserve it. I shouldn’t have done that to the surgeon. And the whole book is like this narration of this beautiful story, because the king wanted to hear it in the week before he died. And anyway, so the present there are many stories like that, where if someone says something, it has to happen because they have their they’re speaking from a level that knows only truth and so whatever they say, happens.

Abdy Electriciteh: happens. But of course, after a while, I realized something else. For example, many years ago, I was about 12 years ago, I met my wife and just before I met her I was upset and I said certain things and I call God my boss and one of my friends so watch as your boss for a partner I said, I don’t want any personal favorite but if I don’t get what I want, I want to strike and I want to have my to continue my tour. And two hours later, I met my wife in Hyde Park. And many people’s also you wish it to happen, but that’s not true. It is true, but it’s not I said it happened it was something that was happening anyways and I tap to that. So, before I taught anything I say happened then I realized actually there is an inter relation between manifestation what is happening and so many people speak of what is happening, but because they said other people think because they suddenly happened but it was happening anyways. Right and anything gonna happen when you need to happen?

Rick Archer: So it’s a kind of a chicken and egg question. Yeah. And actually, I I listened to quite a few hours of other interviews and talks and stuff that you’ve done during the past week and for some reason, there’s a lot of discussion about free will and determinism and whether we have free will and people are asking you all kinds of questions about this. And I you know, I can sounds like you’re saying we don’t and that Things just happen in a deterministic way. But we we kind of feel like we’re doing them and yet, we’re just, well, you go ahead and elaborate on the point

Abdy Electriciteh: Well I have a… I always do a, I flip a coin, which I can do right now for you this I don’t know which coins not doesn’t exist anymore. What’s the fossils of this going to be head?

Rick Archer: 50-50?

Abdy Electriciteh: Okay. The personal studies head

Rick Archer: 50-50. Right? You’re right. It’s whatever it actually is. But we don’t know until we look.

Abdy Electriciteh: It’s 100% not head.

Rick Archer: Actually, that is the head

Abdy Electriciteh: 100% head.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: So it’s not 50 it was 100.

Rick Archer: Right,

Abdy Electriciteh: but also 50.

Rick Archer: Until we know

Abdy Electriciteh: exactly what we call possibility has nothing to do with what it is has to do with the possibility of us knowing the outcome. So possible, US my daughter, 50-50 and everything. But what is happening is happening is already happened.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: And you see, from the moment everything is tight in universe, everything’s tight is a tight universe. It’s not it’s not haphazard. From everything set up a certain way.

Rick Archer: Yes. Perfectly. orchestrated.

Abdy Electriciteh: Exactly. So like an agent that works perfectly.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: In a universe like that, why come to we should be so loose, you can do whatever you want, you know, when you have an agent in an organism in your body? Can you have one system that does not anymore? Or too hard? Or, you know, you know, it’s all if, if everything is organized, which is an organism, that’s what it is, you cannot have a haphazard situation. And if there is no haphazard situation, we cannot be random possibility. And that is how it is. This comes from the same direction every day. That’s what he does the trees do what they need to do. And why is it that you think we can come from right one day and the other day from left? The reason we think that they which is valid, it’s it serves our reality. Because we’re disconnected from the harmony, you’re separated. So we don’t see the connection. And we don’t see that we are organized as a part of that organ, organism of the universe, whatever you want to call it. So because we are not connected, you can be haphazard, but the Earth and Sun and everything is connected, and we look at it and they cannot be. So it’s our illusion that is that we can create whatever we want to create, but from the moment we are born, we are an energetic entity, a new one, or whatever reformat one you want to call it. And energetically, you only have one possibility. And that is not up to you. It depends on the other attraction and repulsion of everything else in the universe that’s bigger than you. And that’s how the astrology works. By the way. It’s from this floor. I put one a true one, among other ones, we always go the same direction based on attraction repulsion of others has nothing to do with that magnet. So why I think everyone is energetic, why should be? Should we be independent of our environment? If you say you have a free meal, that means that you’re independent of your environment, which is not true. The free will, in all reality you have free will. But how do freemium works is that this is the way it works is that how do we choose? We choose based on unemotional people think logical is not nothing logical. It’s just basically an emotion or reaction to something, whatever you want to call it. But something in your environment happens, makes you to choose. So error and charge of that what’s happening in your environment. So is it your choice, really, your reaction, your choice is only a reaction so you are visiting with you. But from the moment I was born, I was supposed to this interview no matter how many flight I had to change. You see,

Rick Archer: it’s interesting. Yeah, I mean, I can hear you describe it. I ponder this thought myself a lot and have discussions with people about it. And you know, hearing you describe it right now, I have a more visceral appreciation of what you’re saying.

Abdy Electriciteh: But also when if you understand it, you see everybody’s in, in search of enlightening or what Enlightenment meant and whatever. But if you put all that aside, if you really understand that, then you realize there is no need for ego and you can do wrong? And you cannot be guilty of not, you know, if you did you take you think you did wrong, and you don’t have expectation from others, all the teaching that comes from many people, if you understand this concept, they can work. But if you’re in charge, then you know other people are in charge you everybody have to perform, and they all have to fulfill expectations. That were the work.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Would it be fair to say in summary that the more estranged you are, the more detached you are from oneness or, you know, source or whatever, the more you might have the feeling that you are free agent, and that you’re independent, and that you’re calling the shots and pulling the strings. But that if you’re really experientially in tune with the source or oneness, if you’re really living from that level, then then there’s just a spontaneous flow in life and you don’t feel like the doer or the actor or the decider. It just is you just along for the ride? And

Abdy Electriciteh: yeah, exactly, exactly. That’s what it is. Of course, you know, I don’t feel that way all the time. I know I, you know, I had to change my flight to get here. Although, I mean, I get involved in what I have to do. Well, I didn’t know. But it went on a larger scale in my life. I know I have no, I’m just showing do whatever I have to do. I mean, but I put food in my mouth, too. But it’s all I’m conditioned to do that. So being sickly. I know, everybody’s different. And the reason is different is not because of choice they have made is because of their nature. And the environment universe play with your nature to make the choice you have to choose to choose. And everybody react to certain situation differently based on your nature. And on a well, I have different way of looking at holistic, or on a small scale, I believe in to know everything in university connect to everything you need to understand what my mission, or mine is on three, four dimensional, three dimensional, and whatever we don’t understand the nine dimension we don’t understand we call it time. So on a three dimensional system, of course, there’s choice. You choose everything. Yeah. But when you look at an amoral holistic basis, it’s there is there is no choice, you know, it’s just an added dimension. While I go one step for you, since you know, I mentioned something without explanation. A lot of people talking about five dimensional time or certain things, but dimension is simply the way you can relate to something, for example, the definition of this is one another dimension is great.

Rick Archer: Another dimension is your microphone, which I don’t want you cover up.

Abdy Electriciteh: So there’s so many ways you can relate to something each of them is a dimension,

Rick Archer: right.

Abdy Electriciteh: We generally relate to everything on our external situation. So we have given them XYZ dimensions.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: And then whatever you got to understand, in order for it to make sense, because I’m here, and I’m here is some time pass. So we have created time to cover up with what we don’t understand. But if somebody can go connect to 567 dimension, they can create something that a time pass, we call it a miracle, but there’s not really a miracle, you just, they use the connection that other people do not see like a magician, use something that you know, a black cord that nobody sees. So everything is connected. And there is no disconnection. And understanding that life is so easy.

Rick Archer: I’ve heard you talk about 12 dimensions before. And I presume this is also something that you didn’t read in a book that you just sort of know. And is it? I mean, if we took the time to do so, would we be able to like go through all 12 dimensions and say what exactly what each one is like if I said, Okay, what’s dimension number nine, you know, would you be able to describe it? Or is it too abstract to really put into words,

Abdy Electriciteh: it’s too abstract to put it towards because you know, you name something that you know, you cannot name somebody that you don’t know, if you don’t relate to something, how are you going to name it?

Rick Archer: We may not have words for it

Abdy Electriciteh: Bun however, I think it’s time for humanity is one of the things I said is a special time and raise your vibration is that is a time for humanity to relate to other dimensions, I think the next two dimension that people are going to relate to the next 25 years somewhat related, right now is the dimension of intention and attention is that when you intend your your thought form, can manipulate can materialize. And other vibration can affect you. You know up to now Yes.

Rick Archer: Even though you don’t have free will you You’d still intend and it appears like an individual motivation and individual, you know, push to have a certain thing happen. But it’s actually just part of the Divine orchestration. It’s not something that you independently are doing

Abdy Electriciteh: well. Well, I have a well I’m gonna say something about that. You see the divine plan, which is to have that intention. So I’m explaining how it works.

Rick Archer: Yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: not who is in charge?

Rick Archer: Right. Okay, I got it.

Abdy Electriciteh: You see, also, if I have a nail, and I put it in this wall, okay, did I have it? Who’s putting the nail in? I am putting on a hammer.

Rick Archer: Right?

Abdy Electriciteh: If a hammer had a brain hammer with a thought is happening, he’s doing it, I wouldn’t see my connection to them.

Rick Archer: Right? That’s good. I understand.

Abdy Electriciteh: So the cause is different, but I’m just talking about the flow.  So that’s how the prayer work. Actually, that’s how, you know, humanity has been using it for so long, but it hasn’t been valued in some ways. And we have had somebody who is lost it. Because we are so much focused on three dimensional format of life. So it’s time that the other two dimension people are going to relate well, you know, if if they realize that if somebody is not in, if I’m sitting here saying nothing, it can affect you. And, and also, if I have my talk, and you know, if I have a talk form of watch you or whatever, again, intentionally I can affect right. And this is, I mean, known to many people for so long, but when you realize that also realize the connection. So, you know, each of us is like a seller for body. Each human is like a seller for body we create the body of humanity, you may be offered right now is that you have a tool, and it’s not what we just call it that throw it away, because we don’t see the connection. Yeah. The tool because we don’t have some mobility, just take it out, and you know, chop everything in whatever the Senator, you know, if you don’t see the connection, that that sword is connected to you, you have no value. But when we realize humanity is one, and no matter when we invade them in any place, when we harm some form of human, we get affected directly not to political term directly, then we live differently.

Rick Archer: Yeah.  Well, there actually is a good biblical theme for this, you’ve probably heard the quote, Jesus said, Whatsoever you do unto the least of these you do unto me.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s how it is.

Rick Archer: Yeah. So are you saying if there are these 12 dimensions? Does spiritual evolution involve being able to live or to incorporate more and more of these dimensions in one’s living experience? So there might be people walking around who have eight dimensions, living another 10 dimensions and other all 12? Anything like that,

Abdy Electriciteh: almost, to the extent that you’re explaining, you see, well, everybody has all the dimensions,

Rick Archer: right?

Abdy Electriciteh: Some consciousness, yeah, and so So normally, you know, people are relating to three, four, whatever. Now, there are many courses of Hofner Reiki courses, how you can shift things, you know, change affect your energy body, or whatever. So those people learn how to work with fourth and fifth dimension.

Rick Archer: Yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: a powerful healer can go to six, or seven, or maybe eight. But that’s it. On 12 dimension, you don’t need to exist, and you won’t exist. So life is a process of us, you know, to get to a higher vibration, and eventually to get to a different dimension eventually, and then we get to 12. You don’t need to be alive anymore.

Rick Archer: So when you’re doing your thing, how many dimensions are involved when you’re meeting?

Abdy Electriciteh: You see, because I said the very powerful healer has eight I’m not gonna make myself think of the questions. I tell her but it’s not definitely higher, but is still below 10. I don’t know. Because it’s how it is. And it’s not something that you graduate from is your energetic body. That relates to those consciousness. And each consciousness is a dimension that is 12 consciousness or 12 dimensional, whatever you want to call it, label it. So and, and at a higher consciousness, then there’s nothing to do nowhere to go. And everything is perfect. Because it’s not that way for me. I’m not there either.

Rick Archer: Right? So you have something to do somewhere to go I’m showing off here, right? To come away from Toronto. But then I would say, I mean, here’s what I would say to that is that there could be people and have been people in our people who, in their experience, aren’t doing a thing. They are not doing anything. And yet, looking at them externally, they seem to be doing a lot. They’re very busy going here, going there doing this doing that. And yet their inner works, their inner silence is so profound that there’s, from their perspective, they’re not doing anything.

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, actually, what do you do or don’t do doesn’t matter anyways? The effect that a person, you any effect is energetically first, what you do is the second thing. So what do you do you do for yourself to be in energy that you need to be? Yeah. So some people need to be busy to go in. And some people need to be quiet to some people, and you know, it just what you do. Nobody does anything for anybody. Everybody does it for themselves. And the energy is what is impacting others. And it might take formats that you know, is a media or whatever interview now, but what it is, is beyond the interview, or what you do, what everybody does is beyond what they do is that energy that impacts

Rick Archer: so if everyone does, is ultimately doing it for themselves. And I know what you mean by that, and it doesn’t mean they’re being selfish. It’s it because that’s selfish. It has a small, small greedy economy.

Abdy Electriciteh: Many years ago, I want to write a book. And the reason I didn’t because I had to change everything in the vocabulary. Because the way we relate to anything is is very narrow, because, you know, selfish or to be selfish. But everything is selfish. Everybody is selfish, probably don’t want to know it.

Rick Archer: No, I know what you mean. I mean, Mother Teresa did what she did, because it was gratifying for her. You know, I mean, it gave her joy. It gave her bliss. It gave her meaning in life. And just using her as a case in point. And probably we could say the same of what you’re doing.

Abdy Electriciteh: Not everybody is a good mother because the nature mandate and to me that they don’t do it for the child.

Rick Archer: They do it because it’s their nature.

Abdy Electriciteh: Exactly.

Rick Archer: Right. Okay, good. I’m actually still reading his bio here. He believes that truth cannot be learned and can only be connected to from within, even though most of his work is energy based, He guides people to realize their their gift and their wisdom, which is a good point. Because sometimes when people go to healers, or you know, people like that there’s a there’s a sense of disempowerment, like I have to see this guy in order to connect with something that I couldn’t possibly do on my own. And I think what you’re saying is you got people to realize their own gift and their own wisdom. You don’t necessarily want them to be dependent upon you for the rest of it.

Abdy Electriciteh: And I think everybody you see, the reason Jesus came to earth to show everybody that look, everyone can be like me.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: Buddha the same,

Rick Archer: and he said so.

Abdy Electriciteh: But for us, because it’s so hard to be like, you know, it’s always essential. How can I if you know, my ego, or my third person, ego, we think, okay, if I cannot be like, Jesus, so it’s not something wrong with me. So I cannot handle that. So what I do, I believe Jesus is something superpower. So I never can be that.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: But of course, he was super power, but not because we are so different. And and he came as an example, for everybody to be independent, to be connected on their own. Buddha the same, but we always rather than to get the the teaching. We love the teacher.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Put them up on pedestals.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah,

Rick Archer: yeah. Jesus says, all these great things that I do, you shall do do even greater things. You know,

Abdy Electriciteh: exactly. So I think what it is what what you mentioned, well, I mentioned that if you know, some, we’re all like a tuning fork and look at that antenna and we resonate with what we need to resonate. And all it takes that sometimes in loud noise, go to your tuning fork, for you to realize the sound so you do it on your own.

Rick Archer: Yeah, a tuning fork is a good example. Because I mean, if you have two tuning forks close to each other and you get one going, the other one will start to hum you know, if they’re the right resonance with each other.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s right.

Rick Archer: Yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: that’s right. So

Rick Archer: Or you could use the example of a burning log, you know, you put another log next to it and the burning log gets that log burning and then it’s burning on its own after

Abdy Electriciteh: Exactly. So everything you know is our vibration, whatever vibration, we are affect people around us. And as more pure and clear we are in our ego that vibration is more powerful. And the impact of it is much bigger. Of course, nobody’s doing it to impact others. It’s just how it is how everybody’s nature is. And and I think when people realize it through step by step guidance, we all realize we have no need to see a tree, a tree doesn’t have a need. It’s just there. Everything that it needs is there always been there. And all animals, they just get what they need. And it just, they’re not ever suffering. The only one who suffers us who were very intelligent. And if we go deeper, we realize we really don’t have any need and whatever you need you already have and whatever we don’t have, we don’t need

Rick Archer: Let me probe you on that one a little. A tree needs water tree need sunlight, and an animal if it gets his leg caught in a trap. And you know, is isn’t it suffering?

Abdy Electriciteh: You brought in? If but whatever tree need it has, it is not a need, that is not fulfilled?

Rick Archer: It might be, what if there’s a drought, and that doesn’t get enough water? And it dies?

Abdy Electriciteh: It does, it doesn’t get upset for it? You know, it’s that’s how it is.

Rick Archer: So you’re saying the trees and animals that are much more accepting, you’re saying,

Abdy Electriciteh: well, they are more connected, they’re connected to the connection. Yeah. You see, if, if I connected my whole body and I have a corner of my toe is infected as a whole body, I just go to the you know, the surgeon can cut that infection without, and there’s no suffering because it’s it’s for the harmony of the body. But before I found that corner only did not with this connection being eliminated?

Rick Archer: So if you don’t so what you’re saying is if you don’t sort of realize the bigger picture,

Abdy Electriciteh: exactly,

Rick Archer: then they’re suffering.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s right.

Rick Archer: But if you said realize your connectedness with the horrible, then all as well and wisely put exactly, okay, got it. Throughout these presents, some people have become healers, spiritual teachers, life coaches, and many have become free from physical and emotional illnesses. But many more have been gifted to see the beauty of life and its participants. Yeah, I was listening to one girl she said she had had this bad ulcer problem for 10 years or something and then working with you the ulcer is totally gone. Now she can eat Indian food. So So I mean, is there a lot of that, that people actually overcome physical ailments? And do you place an emphasis

Abdy Electriciteh: is not in a secondary is very down in the bottom of the list.

Rick Archer: It’s certainly not something you could promise obviously,

Abdy Electriciteh: not only a promise, I really don’t care. It wasn’t long ago, 12 years ago, I used to go and heal people. And you know, somebody had cancer, they didn’t have it anymore. But I got the message that I should not interfere with universal flow. So I don’t do it anymore. I don’t call myself a healer or don’t do healing.

Rick Archer: Okay.

Abdy Electriciteh: But when everything happens to you is an energetic disharmony and a disconnection of your understanding of where everything’s connected. But, you know, you’re not aware of it. When you’re kind of connected again, there is a new level of harmony and when there is harmony, whatever, physical side effect of it might go away.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: I’m not doing it. It just happened to them because their energy level shifts,

Rick Archer: Yeah you help them to get into more balance? Like even that word? Yeah, no, I get it. You’re a facilitator in some way a catalyst. You know, what a catalyst does is it facilitates a chemical reaction without itself being involved in or you know,

Abdy Electriciteh: exactly

Rick Archer: changing

Abdy Electriciteh: exactly what it is. But I don’t want to you know, I, I am, I get so many calls, people have cancer, they asked me help them. I don’t,

Rick Archer: yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: I send them to other people. I know. But, but it’s not in my consciousness is not you know, I remember many years ago, I was at the place that somebody was dying and asked me to help him. And I said no, in front of his children, at the time was so difficult for me. But when you realize what is wrong with dying, I mean, the best day of my life is the day I die. And of course, my children don’t want to hear it. I don’t say loud in front of them. But that’s how it is. Because when you realized the cycle of lives that we relate to, and how energetic and you know, your soul exists forever, and your physical body is 100 years on that soul. If you knew that you’re the length of your physical body to the length of your your soul, is that one day of this life? Would you do so much have one bad day? No. for what you do someone because you don’t see you know, when, if if if you didn’t know this tomorrow, you care so much. You have one bad day today. And that’s how we live we live based on the ignorance of limitation. And true when you’re limited. You, you’re so much into to make the best thing. Actually, many years ago, I came in a theory called absolute theory that is related to emotion and consciousness and time. Of course, I’m not gonna go detail of it now, but basically is our full consciousness is fraction by time, and we create a motion for it. And if you realize there’s no time, the full that you know, we are fully conscious, and we are we have no suffering, no emotion. And I mean, I’m not going to detail. Because not everybody can understand I don’t want to fill up your, your interview with a theory. But I’ll give you an example. If you go to a buffet, and you take your food, you don’t like it, you get upset, no, you take something else, because it’s not limitation,

Rick Archer: right.

Abdy Electriciteh: But when you go to a restaurant, what is something you document your work, if you’re not happy to your choice, if we realize everything is a buffet, there is no beginning. There’s no limitation, there’s no beginning and end to when you deal with everything, it’s totally different. We look at everything as an experience, not as a mistake, not as a as only chance.

Rick Archer: Right. No, I like that perspective, it definitely makes life a lot smoother. I mean, regarding dying, if I were driving a car that was breaking down, and it needed the head gasket repaired, and it was rusting, and you know, die, you know, breaking down by the roadway, I’d want a new car, I wouldn’t be upset if I traded that car in for a new car.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s how it is, you know, on the same token, we believe on many things are opposite. And it is. And through that opposition we have created a system and belief system, for example. We are 12 dimensional beings we connect to down to a dimension your higher consciousness higher vibration before we are born and after you die. And then you’re upset with dying, but you should celebrate it because as you get better, you know, that’s the optimal truth. And and when it’s about birth, because while you know it brings some some high vibration to a lower dimensional what is the celebrate. And if you go deeper you realize for example, also the time you sleep, you’re connected to everything. That is your optimum vibration that is your optimal being. Most people think they need to sleep in order to go to vote. But the reality is you need to get tired so you connect to your optimum reality. But it all depends on how you’re conditioned to which reality to tap into.

Rick Archer: That’s nice. There’s a verse in the Bhagavad Gita it says certain certain indeed is death for the Born and certain is birth for the dead. This does not bewilder the wise. Here’s a question. When someone has been healed? Well, you just said you don’t do the healing thing so much. But let’s just say let’s not even use the word healing. But whatever it is, that happens when you have a session with people. It seems that it rare that the effect lasts perhaps in some cases where there’s a lot of grace, it is permanent, but in most cases want the person just revert back to their issues. And there is an Indian word Vasanas and their tendencies, how can it be practical for someone to be healed? Or do sessions repeatedly for more effect? Doesn’t it all come back to the individual to heal themselves?

Abdy Electriciteh: Definitely. That’s why I don’t do any healing. I don’t even do healing work. But you see, what happens is that we are layers within layers. Yeah. First of all, we are all run by different energies. When I call energies, emotion. The Vedas relate to those issues through emotion for the sadness is one energy angles, another energy, agitation, or whatever controlling is another energy. And the very the energy manifests itself through all life is through our environment, our relationship to our environment, and physical or whatever, you know, some people that energy make them not have money also suffer from something or whatever else. And sometimes, for somebody to call of that situation, they have to go deeper first. They have to go, no deal with all of it before they can get rid of it.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: And for other situation, they can just come up with it easy. And then they have to deal with a different layer of it, because it’s not just one or the other. And not everything dealt with at once.

Rick Archer: Yeah, I was reading on your website, various testimonials. And there’s one woman in Australia that started doing sessions with you and this went on to scare people but that her her life started changing so much she did divorced her husband who she also considered her best friend of 25 years of marriage. And she went, she started going through all this intense stuff and just deep transformation, crying and all kinds of rigmarole. It seemed kind of dramatic. How, how common is it for people who get involved with your sessions at all, to have their whole life turned upside down?

Abdy Electriciteh: If they’re we’re very blessed, very common or not. So blessed not common. You see, energetically we are surrounded by energy that support us. For example, the people who have certain energy certain ethnicity have certain as your family have that certain energy. And when if you have your energy of shift with the high vibration, whatever around you cannot support you cannot exist. If it’s a work is a husband, or whatever it is, is as simple as that. Of course, Bones happen for the people who have no understanding. They see it as a blessing,

Rick Archer:  right? Sure.

Abdy Electriciteh: Some people you know. So

Rick Archer: Yeah well she offered to put a testimonial on your website. So she saw it as a good thing.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes. But I’m not in charge of that, too. So somebody’s do it. I haven’t had those things. I mean, I don’t read them. I’m so detached from what what people told me tell about me. But you see, you can go through our lives happen for us to go through it. A path that we all end to that destination that we need to end. It’s not going to school from grade one grade to grade 12 Each, each year, you learn something and you go through whatever you have to go to work next year. If you go to school, and you’re happy and nothing, you just play, you learn learn nothing. And lives are the same way. If you put a bunch of lives in one lifetime, it’s not a pleasant life Yes. That’s how it is. But it’s everything will happen. It will happen gradually. For us, it’s like a surgery or taking a pill for different people is different. But the problem is, well, it’s not a problem, but I’m going to explain what it is what’s happening now, the energies that is on earth is much more powerful than before

Rick Archer: You go through a lot.  accelerating

Abdy Electriciteh:  Yes. Is if there was an energy that supported the human consciousness, an earth from the beginning of existence until December 21, 2012, that these energies supported the people the way they were, there will be well of course Mayan people tap into that consciousness and they realize all it finishes that at the same time, but that consciousness finished from then to September, 2013, there was nothing is a time of whatever. And then is a new consciousness, new energy since September 2013. And this new energy and new consciousness is very powerful. And what happens we’re all like an antenna, the energy goes from our crown chakra towards to Earth. And, and the, this energy is different, it’s like 110 volt to 220 it’s different than we had before also is much more powerful. If our energetic body is not aligned, doesn’t allow that energy go through us it’ll blow like a fuse. So on our physical body cancer, our emotional body, we create depression and anxiety. And this is gonna happen, this is happening. You can go through this or that.

Rick Archer: So there are billions of people in the world whom I would say are not very well aligned. So would you predict epidemics of cancer and now there’s this Zika virus, which is a big deal. And do you expect all hell to break loose in a way as this energy…

Abdy Electriciteh: It has already, you know, it has already. But what is happening also is a time the new energy that is coming is the energy that connects your heart and your intuition. And it drags you to a different consciousness. So because of that new energy, a lot of people are open to spiritual paths. So there is no possibility but if there was, yes, what you say is correct. But however, it is another factor that is opening people before all this happened, people go through it. That’s why I do what I do. And you do what you do and everybody else. I mean, you have an interview here, but what you do is beyond an interview, bringing consciousness to people. That’s why and why you bring that because why didn’t you do it 20 years ago, because it’s time now.

Rick Archer: 20 years ago, I was teaching meditation, but this is actually more fun. So one thing I in, for from what you just said is that if people want to have a smoother ride, then they should align themselves with that energy, attune themselves, cooperate with it. And then things will be it’ll be, you know, rather than resisting it or pushing in another direction, and then things, perhaps they’ll avert all sorts of unpleasantness in their lives.

Abdy Electriciteh: I didn’t see quite that work. But nobody is in charge of the energy to align or not aligned. But the reason you’re not alone, because we are disconnected with nature. Because we are national being your nature, and every part of your niche and you’re part of nature. To our mind, we disconnect ourselves, you’re making better you’re the one who walks on the earth and make the earth with make things. So we bring that this connection and then recreate that energy that because we are disconnected, this new energy doesn’t go through like a fuse that is not fully connected. So life and situation right now has been magnified people to go through a lot of turbulences for them to release the anger, that sadness, or whatever you need, they need to release to become more few in the frequencies and become more harmony in that universe on Earth. So gradually, these energies go through them. This is happening to everybody, absolutely everybody, either they do a practice or they come to something or not, then there’s other people who just want to recruit surgery, to whatever format it is good to go to a session or many other things happen in people’s lives, you know, there’s so many people die, they don’t die. And then then they just open up to something else. So what they saw as a disaster of a debt has become a blessing of a new birth. Yeah. So it depends on how you look at everything. But basically, what is happening is a blessing to the whole of humanity is a revolution for humanity, at the time of celebration actually invited us and most biblical and ancient religions have been promised these wild things predicted. So if you leave, if you build a new house, you have to destroy the old one. And if you don’t see this new house, the destroying is just a loss. But if you relate the process of what’s happening is a celebration. So it depends on how you relate to your life and yourself and your situations.

Rick Archer: So using that house metaphor, do you have a sense of when the destruction of the old house and the completion of the new house will happen in years? And what what the new house will be like compared to the old house?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, it’s very difficult, it’s just the new host will be more free.

Rick Archer: I mean, if you describe society 20, 30 years from now, what would you predict?

Abdy Electriciteh: That will I think 25 years from now, I know most people don’t like what I say they don’t believe it 25 years, bit I think nobody going to be on the three dimension everybody can be 5 dimensional.

Rick Archer: And what will that mean, in terms of…

Abdy Electriciteh: That means is just you know, the oneness, people relate to oneness. People relate to Earth, people relate to nature, people relate to everything has a connection to them. So the materialistic value of our condition system will be reduced so much. Everybody see, okay, there’s a economy problem with the economy. Actually, there’s no problem with the economy. There’s a problem having an economy, because Because economies is a game that is evolved distribution of wealth, and revenue will come from to to stop you from earth, everything come from Earth. So as more consumption, economy, Vedas more, so will it sustain itself? No, because the Earth is much more powerful, but correctors

Rick Archer: And you used to be a financial advisor, didn’t you?

Abdy Electriciteh: that’s right.

Rick Archer: Yeah so you know a thing or two about the economy.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes, but it’s all of your condition to value certain things. Now, that is really not that important and totally ignore other things. That is very important, let logger or purity of water or being our sense of humanity and compassionate connection and that is, at the end of the day, what puts you in peace or, or in war is you and that is much more important than anything else that you can have your illusion of the day.

Rick Archer: I was listening to an interview this morning with Erin Brockovich, who is this sort of activist and she there’s this big thing going on up in Michigan with the water supply with this lead in the water and the kids are all getting lead poisoning and stuff. And she said there are 1000s of towns like that which have that kind of problem and it’s just the Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg. In that, you know, it seems like I mean, that’s just one small example, but a very significant one for those children. But it seems like there are so many things in this world that are destroying the earth, polluting the earth, destroying the people because of the pollution, and that just actually have no place in that new house you alluded to, you know, they just will somehow have to be rectified, eliminated, swept away, and a whole new structure built in which, you know, we don’t kill ourselves through pollution. And, you know, we don’t destroy the planet and so on. I’ve just I’ve always been sort of fascinated with how that transition will actually play out

Abdy Electriciteh: by some of your transitions in evolution.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: And it’s not that

Rick Archer: Well evolution is a transition, you go from childhood.

Abdy Electriciteh: It’s not it’s not it’s a very rapid transition. Because it’s, we I believe certain way, I don’t think we do it, it goes through us. And it’s gonna be it’s happening right now, you see, what I mentioned to you, the energy of the earth has to catch up to a new level, and very does every element of the earth Act, the baby to advocate like comfort in a chemical reaction, when you want to take water to water, you have to be so much heat and more distilled and become vapor. And in our system, you know, you can look it and scientifically or a native ad for elements, you know, the element of fire goes to it’s very nice to go that further. Volcanoes are so active now, the element of water does the tsunamis. The element of Earth does air quotes, and air does the hurricanes and tornadoes. So it is happening. It’s not you see, if I don’t know, many years ago, I was telling people when in Louisiana, where they had this hurricane came, you know, to every buddy, who before the hurricane, so all your life is this. And this is as long as you’re doing it, he’s happy, you’re happy. But then suddenly something happened even though you could be anybody but it was something unexpected. And then you have to adjust yourself to different way of life. And of course, your system before that. But it really the evolution that I’m talking about is nothing that we can forget. It can happen through us. It’s not that the I don’t think I mean, cautiously. I love people who care about the Earth, but church that doesn’t need me to take care of Earth air gonna take care of me in itself, and we cannot handle it when it happened.

Rick Archer: Okay, I’m gonna shift gears again. So during your sessions, people it’s it’s sort of dramatic. Sometimes people fall over when you touch them, then somebody is there to show so is it. I mean, someone’s there, we catch them. And then they don’t have to be that way. Okay. And then we had a guy here about four or five years ago, and Kenji Kumari. And he did a similar thing where he would touch you in a certain way, and people were all falling over, I just stood there like a W, I didn’t feel like falling over, I had no inclination to fall over. I’m almost afraid to come to your session, because I don’t want to set a bad example. But what has always fallen over business about?

Abdy Electriciteh: what happened is happens. It doesn’t have to be in any form is energetic, but when you are connected to your true format, and your soul, your mind is not in control. So falling, lying down is easy format of because as long as you’re doing anything, you’re you know, your mind is has his own interpretation. So it’s not about lying down or sitting you know, people get even if you’re aware of it, even nothing, they feel nothing happened doesn’t matter.

Rick Archer: Maybe you should start laying down rather than bothering to fall over.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah. For the space. And I have to generally I if I had 200 yogo or 200 massage table, that’s what I will do. Yeah, I can’t bend over on everybody and do that. Sure.

Rick Archer:  Okay.

Abdy Electriciteh:  I also for people, a lot of peace of mind is still plays game. And, and wants to so I’m in charge when you know, even they come there’s so many things they feel or not feel a day later, they you know, they tell me that this happened in the week later they denied that falling is something they cannot deny. It’s not that easy to

Rick Archer: It shows that they’re not in charge so much.

Abdy Electriciteh:  exactly. So that is some you know, that is it does. Many places when more advanced people come I have also a retreat or whatever. I don’t do that with more advanced people just tell them to like that. And, you know, maybe logical I remember many years ago, I used when I started the universe session I mentioned if you serve in an army or you were in a police, you will fall back because you’re conditioned to stand to leave again. And then I had a session with you Bogota police over 10 years ago, nine years ago, something like that. And at first, it was difficult some, you know, one out of two out of 10 fallback. But, you know, it was difficult. Then I went to the general and he when he fell, then everybody. So that’s how he’s, you know?

Rick Archer: So on a subtle level, what are the mechanics of what’s actually happening? I mean, let’s try to get into that a little bit. So, here you are your guy, and you come into a room for people, and you do some stuff. And people have all kinds of experiences, if we could see all the subtler dimensions, if we have that sort of perception, what are the mechanics of what’s actually taking place with you with them, between you and them?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, it’s very difficult to explain, but I try my best, but don’t take me literally. Okay. It’s like a laundromat. Wonder Man. Yeah, everybody go in a bubble that is separate from outside and mixed up together and with whatever activities and, and, and some stuff comes out of them. And, and also is a laundromat that is, you know, you didn’t dry them, you just take them what, soaking outside, and they go through life for each person to be dried the way they need to. But now all in one fires that you see our existence. The way we relate to our existence is through our mind, but also is in charge of it, you’re not in charge of anything, because the energetic of anything is the one which is charged with it, not the thing. So our show is as vicious as we are, of course, there’s no such thing as our soul either, because it’s you know, you don’t have an individual soul, but I’m not gonna go there. So, your energetic body, through lifetimes has been altered in a way that you have lost connection with your source. Okay. And that alteration is only energetic, the way you relate to those energies through emotions. So, actually, I will say many people have problem with emotion, I say, emotion is the only way of communication of lose your soul. Emotion, emotions. And anytime you get, you see, anytime you’re emotional, you connect to your soul reaches to you to something beyond what you believe. And you’re in control of and, and to emotion, you do something illogical, which is your mind is in charge. And because your soul has nothing to do with those logic, or what is right or wrong, or that conditioning of mind mental conditioning. So energetically, certain energies, shifts, and let’s say come out of you. And now it’s not gone for good. It’s just diluted to set a different level of harmony. For everybody in the group. Some people relate to it, they feel it, they experience some people have no idea is lucky. I mean, if I have a parent that is 30, I can see 30 I put in laundry, and it’s wash is always clean. But in fact, I’ll see dirt in it. If I’m totally, I cannot relate to any of the dirt. And I have children who will see dirt underpants, because is the same, there’s no relation. So not only will relate to it, but basically is being in a time and a spaceless space, which is always that way, what they can relate to it, some people can sometimes not, and, and going through magnified transformation of self, not to anything, you know, just reorganize itself. You know, it’s like a messy room. And putting in order is nothing new to it. And nothing taking away from it just putting some order. And that is happening in life. I mean is the old Murphy’s about that life does it for us. And people come to that situation. It just happened faster. And some people I know somebody for many years in Australia, some great guy came to my session and and then we left I don’t I didn’t know what they did my organisers four months later, call the guy. He said please Turkey take me off his list because I felt nothing and it was just a waste of time. Don’t call me again. Then about two months later he calls it you know, put that in the list because last time there’s something happened I know. Everything has to do with that session. So it took seven months or whatever. Or some people may not notice it. You’re really noticing some Do not notice it’s something it all has to do with the condition has nothing to do with the truth. Okay,

Rick Archer: let me summarize what I think you just said to make sure I understand it correctly. So the laundromat metaphor is that, you know, there’s a sort of a collective consciousness generated in the room when you’re doing these sessions, and everyone gets sort of tumbled up in it and affected by it and sort of wash those because there’s an infusion of coherence that influences everyone. And but people are only aware of that according to their capacity, and there might be a lot of stuff going on, that they’re not aware of. Because as that’s the way life is, anyway, most of the stuff that’s going on, we’re not aware of, we’re just aware of the little thin crust of the surface value of things. So anybody who’s in that atmosphere, like being in a washing machine is getting influenced. And there might be the could be that the majority of change or influence that’s taking place for them is beneath the threshold of their ability to perceive. And but it might, you know, manifest or be recognized for six months later. And yet, yet things have been, you know, shifting all that time without unbeknownst to them.

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s right. That’s right. But also we mentioned before, they certainly come and go, you see many people who come and feel something, they might lose the feeling later, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. You see, if you put your hand in hot water, you feel the heat after a while you get used to it. So it’s as if this call but it’s not. You just get used to new, your, your new energy level. And this is going back to one of the question you asked, and I thought I’d say but I didn’t. So when when another time they come to they go to another layer, you know? So going back to this question, exactly. And through that, those energies, if if somebody really is sadness, they become sad. If somebody released anger, they become angry, agitation, they become agitated, and then somebody really is controlling energy. They become controlling and when you control expense, nothing.

Rick Archer: Interesting. That’s an interesting thing. Yeah. So we tend to experience the thing that we’re releasing. That’s, that’s a good little summary points. Okay. On your website, it says something about hourly energy transmissions, and they’re probably probably one of them happened during this conversation you and I have been having? What’s the mechanics of that? I mean, is it something that you are consciously involved in? Does it happen 24/7 around the clock every hour, there’s an energy transmission. So it must be something that’s kind of set up automatically, that you don’t have to consciously do anything about? That’s right.

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, you know, this came to me, because, you know, I don’t know, spirituality has become an industry and a lot of people try to sell dependency and new courses and new things. And I thought, well, I want to do something that it doesn’t need anything. So everything works. I mean, I don’t even have to come up, please have a session, I’ve had session from other places. Once, for example, in Brazil, they didn’t let me go because I had a yellow fever, I didn’t have a yellow fever certificate coming from Amazon. And I had a session I told them, okay, you have a session, I’ll have the session from distance, but that particular one I slept in, session. So I’ve learned it really doesn’t matter. What the intention is going there. If the intention is that I have intention that I touch the microphone, the intention that every hour, I want to share whatever throw me with the whole universe for 12 minutes, that’s happened.

Rick Archer: So once the intention is established, it just works automatically. Yeah, they call that sankalpa. In Sanskrit, there’s something where if, again, you’re talking an hour ago about speaking truth, if if someone who has that sort of resonance with truth has a sankalpa, or an intention, that’s gonna happen without their conscious intervention, once the intention has been set,

Abdy Electriciteh: that’s what’s happening. So yeah, every over from hour to 12 minutes after people can tap into the energy, of course, betterness is not quite exactly the same of the one that come to session. But it’s known as a ballad version of it, but for so many people who are used to the object is what you see is the frequency sent out. But what is received is based on your antenna, if you have a good antenna, you receive a lot. If you have a smaller than I have parasites, and

Rick Archer: it’s like there’s a reservoir. The amount of water you can draw from it depends on how large the part is that you put up to it. Okay, now a bunch of people sent in questions. And so I just want to ask some of these questions that people have asked and we don’t have to spend a long time on each one because there are quite a few. We’re doing okay on time, but times your thing today?

Abdy Electriciteh: 5:30 I can be that 5:15 I mean, I can be at 5:30.

Rick Archer: Alright, so we’ve got another half an hour or so maybe.

Abdy Electriciteh: Okay.

Rick Archer: So here’s some questions. This is from Trish in Phoenix, Arizona. She says, I’m How do I know what my healing gifts are? And how do I activate them?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well first of all, you’re not in charge of activating anything. When you need to know, it’s, it’s been activated for you to know it. Many people think, you know, they look at energetic healing or whatever, as if, like anything else you learn, you take a course or something. But it’s not that way. For some people, maybe this lifetime is a good time for you to find out maybe next lifetime or other lifetime, there’s no time really, for you to find out, then you’re ready for it. You got it. That means ready means not not not that you prove you can prepare yourself, when you’re energetically to a level that you can receive it. You know it and and you act on it.

Rick Archer: So in other words, if you have healing gifts,

Abdy Electriciteh: everybody does

Rick Archer: everybody does. If if you’re meant to activate, if they’re meant to be activated, they will be

Abdy Electriciteh: Exactly.

Rick Archer: You don’t have to manipulate

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s right.

Rick Archer: Okay. This is from a Dalia in Bogota, Colombia, you said you’ve been to Bogota, she probably knows you. And you say you haven’t written a book because at present, humanity would not understand what you would write in it. And even if we could understand it, it would not be sufficient, because the mind always wants to know more. Question is in the language of your heart, what is the mind? And why does it resist the truth?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, mine is a part of our nature and it’s part of is part of our human reality, and it serves us is nothing that we have to go against our mind, my mind brought me here today to is part of the energy mind is part of that energy for a while? Yes, it is. But it’s beyond that. So she, for, for different people. Their mind serves differently. You know, some people are totally mental, they need to understand something, some people, other people don’t need to they don’t even use it actually have an analytical mind. Very much so. And for me to have that and not to listen to it. It’s a very amazing thing. So the mind is being created for us to have that conversation to have that dialogue to have both through the silent other side. And we have to find even play tricks on us, even though it does whatever it does. And we all might not use it too much.

Rick Archer: So what you’re saying then, is that we need to be more simple, perhaps, and not over intellectualize things and not try to figure everything out

Abdy Electriciteh: for them. I don’t seem to meaningfully try to figure out these Okay, we just you know, you can become the observer of it. I mean, my mind can do whatever we need to do I just watch it.

Rick Archer: If you guys are writing a book, and you don’t want to write one, because

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, because I don’t think you know. Again, I have brought a lot of people, you see what I say is not necessarily something that people like to hear it. So I don’t want to write a book that is not a best seller.

Rick Archer: Because he said Oprah once invalid, you under show a few if she would do that, again, you have a best seller. Here’s a question from Jean in Nova Scotia. She says, our world seems to be ruled by a small handful of people who are in control, no matter which political party is voted in? How do we individually take back our power and collectively break free from the control of this consortium? Or does any of this matter and all will unfold according to divine will?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, it doesn’t matter. The last one is true. But if your nature needs to be participating in something that it doesn’t like or fighting against something that that’s how your nature is, you know, for each person is different. I cannot say that thing a book, but your book, you have to have a vulnerability for everybody, but it’s not true. If if she thinks that she needs to find something she should.

Rick Archer: Yeah, no, that’s a good answer. I mean, we need political activists and if but if you’re not inclined to be one, that’s okay, too. That’s your role. Oh, here’s one from Amy in Hong Kong, she says, looks like there’s a bunch of questions here. I’ll ask them one at a time. What role does the sense of self ego play? Is it clear? Is that a good enough question?

Abdy Electriciteh: Not rather, I think the major role our reality is, is to our ego. You know, everything we know, is that ego that it knows. So it’s a big role.

Rick Archer: Some teachers talk about, you know, killing the ego or eliminating ego or diminishing ego or, you know, that kind of thing. Do you think along those lines are?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, yes or no? Because if you want to kill the ego and diminish it, that means your only choices if you if you kill something very powerful, that means you’re more powerful. You still have it. Yeah. Good point. So now what’s going on? Exactly. So I am more of you’re in a process that the ego is being diluted is not that me doing it? Is our reality or life make make it happen? Of course, is it is it own destination? Before we get there, we might have more ego now to for us to realize that doesn’t serve us. But basically nobody in charge of the ego, so we don’t need to do anything about it. Except any any situation almost accepted. If you have an ego, self ego, your accident say that’s the way I am you can find anything. When you accept anything, he loses his presence. The fight, you give it more power

Rick Archer: Makes it more powerful, yeah. How would you define ego? I mean, I have my own definition, but how would you

Abdy Electriciteh: There are different levels of ego first of all, ego is what what create our human reality, but what even she says is better than others, or whatever everything for for, excuse me, for, for a benefit to I mean, me and everything else you see, you can look at the whole world as the word and I’m part of it, or you and everything else around you. You see, the way you look at the world through that ego, self or through everything. But most people the reality of 99.999% is itself and everything else around them

Rick Archer: kind of like what you’re talking before about the trees and the animals and all, you know.

Abdy Electriciteh: So it is how we are. And if you’re that way, some people when you have what you call compassion, when you have compassion is when you feel that connection, the oneness. So when you have that compassion and of oneness, then you work within that connection, then the ego is not powerful. If you don’t have it, the ego become powerful. There’s nothing you can control and it doesn’t have something not that you can turn it this way or that you cannot deal with the ego. All you can deal with is observing the connection.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay, that’s clear. Then she asked a question about our VEDA, but you probably don’t know much about our VEDA, do you? Or do you?

Abdy Electriciteh: Not? I rather not to answer that.

Rick Archer: it’s and then

Abdy Electriciteh: probably you can do that as well. But

Rick Archer: Well, actually, she’s sort of asking about rising with the sun. In other words, being on a certain routine, enabling us to be more in tune with our spiritual nature.

Abdy Electriciteh: You see I, everything is good. Yeah, but I actually had this somebody, just one of the organizers in February told me that I have a problem with meditation. I said, No, I have problems with dependency. And whatever is everything serves you everything does. But then you depend on it. It doesn’t serve you anymore. If you don’t know your problem.

Rick Archer: Yeah, so I was just thinking this morning about an old friend who once said that I can’t take a shower too long because you know, I can’t wait to meditate it’d be I just have to do it now there’s this like addict heroin addict kind of quality to it.

Abdy Electriciteh: so you know, our journeys to realize we don’t have a need I mean, we do have anybody’s fulfilled and beyond you know, we don’t have to back up for our need. And whatever need you have in meditation, what the roles that is taking you away from that journey,

Rick Archer: and you yourself, don’t meditate, haven’t had a teacher anything is just happening. Everything’s just happening spontaneously for you.

Abdy Electriciteh: Exactly.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay. Okay, this might be a good one. Does belief playing any role in connection to the greater existence of

Abdy Electriciteh: No, not at all.

Rick Archer: doesn’t really matter what you believe,

Abdy Electriciteh: doesn’t matter but your your connection play with your belief.

Rick Archer: Say that again.

Abdy Electriciteh: your belief doesn’t play any role with the connection of existence, but your energy plays with your belief is opposite.

Rick Archer: So your experience will determine what you believe not the other way around. Is that what you’re saying?

Abdy Electriciteh: Not experience, No, no, I’m saying exactly what your belief cannot brings deeper connection,

Rick Archer: right?

Abdy Electriciteh: But

Rick Archer: if you have a

Abdy Electriciteh: Your connection can alter your belief system.

Rick Archer: Yeah, if you have a deeper connection, you’ll have a different belief system. Right? Yeah. That’s it. From Amy, from Trish in Perth, Western Australia, she has a good one. What helps you, I guess she’s speaking to you, in particular, what helps you maintain your calmness, your center or your connection when chaos is all around you? And how can you share how we can integrate this into being present in the moment, instead of trying to escape or leave our body, I must say, you know, you do have a very calm air about you, despite the fact that you’ve been traveling for the past 12 hours. So what helps you maintain it?

Abdy Electriciteh: Actually, you know what, I don’t maintain calmness, and I’m sometimes I’m chaotic. I’m not chaotic, actually calm, sometimes I am not calm, and I cannot get the chaos. Just agitated me. But when that happens, I’m okay with it. So this is an extra layer of calmness. To understand it’s okay to be chaotic and to deal with chaos to be agitated. It’s okay then there is another layer of calmness to it.

Rick Archer: Like when you’re going to a busy airport, you’re going through O’Hare changing planes, and there’s crowds of people around and all kinds of stuff going on and your plane is late and you might miss your connection. How do you feel in a circumstance like that?

Abdy Electriciteh: Actually, in this situation, I never stopped chaotic for me anytime I’m around people large group of people on everything serene no matter what happens. Actually, a lot of people’s our ad, something in New York recently, and I told them, to me walking in rainforests and in the middle of Manhattan is the same. Because it’s just,

Rick Archer: there’s a deep silence.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah,

Rick Archer: yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: So in airport, that’s not a good example. But in situations when our children are things that individual situations, sometimes I’m acting beyond reason, or from a place of mine and this connection, but that’s a human does it? Sure. So I’m, I’m not judging myself, if I don’t, if I did judge myself, why did I do that? Then I won’t be in peace, because I didn’t it didn’t come to the judgments. Okay. You see, many years ago, I used to be patient, every emotion is okay. Fears, okay? Sadness, okay. But the problem we have is just when we have fear of that emotion for so if you have fear of being sad, then that fear become a glue that stuck to you. So the problem is fee of the emotion that we have created for us a fear of being expected to feel we have expectation to be different. If you don’t have the expected, it’s okay to be not calm. And tomorrow, we are an evangelist for that tomorrow. And from now till tomorrow is one second. If you expect that you should have been calm and you should be calm that from now tomorrow is a year.

Rick Archer: Yeah, you make the situation worse. There was an old fairy tale called the princess in the pin where she was going to get stuck by a pin the next day, or something. And she was just like worrying and fretting and fuming going through all this terrible stuff for 24 hours. And finally, she got stuck by the pin and she thought that wasn’t so bad. I don’t know about this, but she said this. Trish asks something about an energy shift on the sixth of January that happened and what was what happened? And what does that mean for humanity?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, you know, I just recently wrote a newsletter and I don’t think I’m not going to go this long. And it’s not for everybody to hear.

Rick Archer:  Alright. They’ll have to read your newsletter,

Abdy Electriciteh: well, you see, I share newsletters with some people that don’t understand because they you know, they have gone through certain things. And they are, you know, it’s just grade one and grade 12. And it’s

Rick Archer: okay. Here’s one from this is the final question. This is from Susie, in Tempe, Arizona. How this is a good question, how do we utilize our spiritual connection to make the best choices for our lives?

Abdy Electriciteh: That question is against everything I say. So the answer would be your spiritual condition will make the best choices for your life.

Rick Archer: We don’t have to do it.

Abdy Electriciteh:  You don’t have to choose it. He just does it.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Would it be do you think and sometimes in terms of you spoke of dimension in terms of levels of consciousness, higher levels of consciousness? Do you ever use that terminology?

Abdy Electriciteh: Yes. But you see, we are not using the question she asked as if she’s in charge, she can do something about it.

Rick Archer: Right?

Abdy Electriciteh: That you are not in charge of it is part of the process. And through that process, we go into higher dimension and then the connection becomes deeper and the choices become clearer on the lower dimension.

Rick Archer: Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: And that clarity brings that there is no choice.

Rick Archer: Right? Well, that’s why I asked you that question. cuz I would say wouldn’t you say that we just act according to our level of consciousness? We can’t help but do so?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, exactly. That’s what that’s what it is. You know how nature she just is going to choose what she needs to choose, and the consciousness comes, it needs to come.

Rick Archer: And people sometimes give me a hard time for quoting the Bhagavad Gita all the time, but I just know it really well. There’s a first in it that says, creatures act according to their own nature. What can the restraint accomplish? Yeah.

Abdy Electriciteh: Yeah, but you see, we always say, for example, because we don’t see a benefit in something doesn’t mean that that doesn’t have a benefit. For example, a scorpion is created, because of a reason that we don’t know. And we just, we just look at it as more of a nuisance creature. But it’s not that way. Everything is created perfectly. And we have everything we have is what we need to have equaling our pain and suffering is not the mistake that we have. Pain is not the mistake that we suffer. It’s not that nothing is a mistake. Everything is happened to us, through us, for us for our evolution for higher vibration for growth. Yeah.

Rick Archer: And also, when you say that it’s natural, the way the universe seems to be structured in such a way that there are naturally polarities, I mean, we have scorpions, and we have butterflies, you know, we have sadness and happiness. I mean, they, if we, it’s hard to imagine a universe in which it was all just one end of the spectrum and not the other.

Abdy Electriciteh: So when you see the universe, it doesn’t apply, if you have polarity.

Rick Archer: We interpret that yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: you see, the duality is come from separation, for example. It’s all it’s all perception. For example, right now you are sitting the other side of this flower. So you’re another side is in this system, they have a dual polarity, you’re the other side. If some fall in look at the ceiling, we are in the same place. And then in one higher level, we are in this room and your wife is in another room. What if somebody goes farther? Have you in the same house? Right? Perspective? Exactly. So on a lower perspective, there’s a lot of polarities. Up until 11 dimension, there’s polarities, at all, there’s not

Rick Archer: no more polarities. And then you say you don’t have to be born anymore.

Abdy Electriciteh: You don’t say it just doesn’t happen.

Rick Archer: Okay, well, is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like to say? Anything we can think of?

Abdy Electriciteh: Well, I can see many things I can just, you know, usually, I love when people ask me questions that I’ve never answered before. So I learned myself

Rick Archer: Did I get any of those today, and

Abdy Electriciteh: most of them come from memory. But you know, no, it’s the last thing I want to share that everything is perfect. What I said was perfect, if correct or not. What I didn’t say was perfect, too. And when you tap to that perfection, is only a joy. When everybody tap into their own perfection, the universe is beautiful, regardless of what happens in. And that is not far. It just some roses away.

Rick Archer: Nice. Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you any questions you’d never been asked before. Maybe next time

Abdy Electriciteh: maybe? No, maybe you did. I don’t know. But I didn’t come up with anything new.

Rick Archer: There’s nothing new under the sun.

Abdy Electriciteh: Sometimes, from time to time, you know, the same question comes and I I tap into some something new confident with Avon. Same question, and sometimes doesn’t. But this is I mean, use an interview you’re having. But to me. I said what your words. And is it logic somebody needs to hear. But to me, it’s beyond that. I see a dynamic, energetic bubble here. That what I see is that through the bubble, there’s billions of cords that connect to each person exactly the way it needs to connect. Not one goes to to two people, each each person uniquely for what they need to get

Rick Archer: Yeah nice. And even if a lot of this wasn’t new for you, it’s probably new for 95% of the people listening. Yeah,

Abdy Electriciteh: That’s why I’m here.

Rick Archer: yeah. Good. Well, I really appreciate your being here. You You went through a lot of rigmarole to get down here and you have two sessions tonight. I’m here in Fairfield, which will have happened by the time people see this but, and then you have to drive all the way back to Chicago and then tomorrow night, you have San Francisco,

Abdy Electriciteh: San Francisco, then LA, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Sedona, Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Sarasota, Miami, Philadelphia, New York and home 10 days from now.

Rick Archer: And by the time we’re this this interview, be online before the others 10 days and obviously this will be up for years and people can go your website, which is Abdy dot info, a BD y.in. Info i n fo. And there’s a place there that shows what your schedule is, and all that stuff. And I guess that’s about it. So thank you for coming. And thanks to those who have been listening or watching. If this is new to you, this Buddha at the Gas Pump thing, go to batgap.com where you’ll find about, I don’t know 330 Something previous interviews, maybe more by the time you watch this. They’re categorized in various ways. Under the past interviews menu, there’s up to an upcoming interviews, and menu show which shows who’s scheduled place to put in guest suggestions. If you’d like to suggest somebody, there’s a Donate button there, which enables this whole thing to roll along that it’s possible to sign up to be notified by email. Each time a new interview is posted. There’s an audio podcast of the show, which about as many people listen to as we have YouTube viewers, and some other things. There’s even a ringtone of the BatGap themes on your telephone or your phone if you want. So check it out. And thanks for listening and watching and we’ll see you next time. Thank you Abdy Thank you. I really enjoyed this

Abdy Electriciteh: Same here.

Rick Archer: Yeah