365. James Eaton

James EatonWhilst growing up James had a deep sense that something about life didn’t add up. Unsure about what exactly that something was he tried to ‘fit in’ and graduated in Maths from Oxford University. It didn’t work.

He then began seeking a resolution to a lingering sense of unfulfillment by writing songs, singing and playing in bands, then as an actor, then as a school teacher, but that didn’t work either.

On recognising that no matter what his outer circumstances were the feeling of longing and dissatisfaction still remained, the nature of seeking turned inward and James found himself following a variety of spiritual and therapeutic paths. Despite providing many insights along the way these too ultimately failed to satisfy. He felt drawn more and more to the question that no one seemed to be asking: “Who is doing all this?”

Finally James came across the Non-Dual message with which there was an instant resonance. He met with many different teachers and seeking came to an end when the true nature of reality was clearly seen.

James now holds meetings and retreats in the UK and abroad, and lives in Totnes with his partner and two sons.

Website: jameseaton.org

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Interview recorded 10/8/2016

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