047. Dr. Gregory Tucker

Dr. Gregory Tucker was a Clinical Psychologist who woke up when he read Wei Wu Wei’s “Open Secret,” one of eight books Terence Gray wrote between 1958 and 1974. The shift from the lie, right now is real, to the truth, right now is only a Mind generated dream, made him confront the fact “Psychotherapy” is not a people-based event, but only a dreamer-based event, in which the dream features all the problems the dreamer in the dream deals with in the process of defending the fiction it is ‘the person’ it portrays in the dream. Waking up occurs exactly as fast as the dreamer in the dream surrenders to the fact it can only be a dreamer in this dream, somewhere with that fact, and probably filling time defending the lie it is some kind of a person, and more likely than not, a less than okay person. Seeing ‘the truth’ prompted Greg to stop working with ‘people’ to work with the suffering dreamers endure defending the fiction they are people. He calls what he does, “The Recovery Process,” which assists dreamers to identify that suffering is a function of defending a lie as if it is a fact. He has never looked back since that ‘fateful’ day in the dream.

Audio and video below. Audio also available as a Podcast.