272. Craig Holliday

Craig HollidayCraig Holliday is both a Nondual teacher and Licensed Professional Counselor, offering Nondual Therapy and Meditation workshops, retreats and Satsang. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our innate Divinity through embracing our Humanity. He works in a way that addresses our everyday suffering as a doorway to our inherent freedom. He meets with individuals in Durango, Colorado and from around the world on Skype.

At just 19, Craig began apprenticing under his teacher David in Southwest Colorado. David, a little-known meditation master, (who lives a private meditative life) guided Craig for 20 years, in the lineage of Sri Aurobindo. This relationship deeply shaped Craig’s life and teachings.

During the last 10 years Craig also studied with Adyashanti who guided him through 4 profound awakenings (head, heart, Hara and Kundalini). Upon request from others, Craig began sharing these nondual teachings in Satsang.

Over the years, Craig has received ongoing support with teaching and his personal life from David, Adyashanti, Lama Tsultrim and others. Despite profoundly awakening to the truth of his own being, Craig also understands the evolutionary nature of our souls and values the work of continually examining our humanity (both individually and with teachers), while surrendering to our Divinity in greater and greater ways. He shares this same invitation to others.

Website: craigholliday.com

Book: Fully Human Fully Divine, Awakening to our Innate Beauty through Embracing our Humanity

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