113. Andrée Morgana

Andrée MorganaAndrée is the Founder of a nonprofit called the Hayehwatha Institute and a project called The Best of Mount Shasta. She has been a Spiritual Teacher for 44 years. For 20 years Andrée was a full time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Program and introduced thousands of people to the experience of consciousness and meditation. Each year for 12 years she went to Brazil and studied their spiritual traditions to see into the spiritual realms and develop relationships with advanced Cosmic Souls.

For Andrée, the exposure to the experience of consciousness led to new avenues of discovery. With refinement of perception, within the unboundedness of consciousness, along with the assistance of two Cosmic Souls, Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia, Andrée began to observe the details of the universe and beyond. Andrée feels this is the next level of experience to unfold within our culture; for people to observe their origin, history and destiny with reference to the life of the universe and beyond. What is known as the life we live on the earth is a small portion of who we are.

Andrée lives in Mount Shasta, California where she provides workshops and private sessions with Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia, as well as puts on The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival each summer.

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Vovó Anamalia

Interview recorded 3/3/12

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  1. Re. David’s above analogy…

    I abide halfway up the mountain.

    I originally arrived here via an effort to reach the top, because I believed that its apex possessed something that I didn’t have.

    Until I discovered that every location of the mountain possesses exactly what its top does.

    So I abide midway, and am happy to offer you as many sticks as you want for your journey.

    Because no matter where you will eventually end up, you will possess what the mountain’s top has to offer.

    At any point of the mountain.

  2. Thank you David –

    I think I opened up a can of worms unintentionally…Only point was that mental constructs of all kinds can trip us up..and yesterday’s discussion seemed to be a bit heady..so statements were made to be less so..

    .My feeling is that the more maps we can unload the better…They keep us safe but can be a hindrance..I have no problem with you seeing their usefulness..no right or wrong here..

    You’re new to the site but I spoke earlier about spending many years enamored of the mind – on going to see Alan Watts as a teenager and delving into Zen – then with MMY for 25 years of practice and purification through knowledge..not against the intellect, but just came to see it’s limitations..

    When I finally arrived in satsang 40 years later, it became clear that all of that which brought us there could not take us further..I saw that true Understanding comes AFTER realization..not before…that the illusory mind could NEVER be satisfied..that it was non-productive to keep trying to grasp this realization through the mind..We can’t get it that way..

    To save friends time now – I tell them to just be open and receptive – to leave the mental constructs behind and be willing to put oneself in the field of Grace…It will do the rest…

    BTW Adya does speak to the heart- As I remember, he talks about when the understanding deepens and beings to penetrate that area -and the emptiness begins to dance…That dance is none other than the dance of love..the filling up of the emptiness..and then finally he says the river flows down into the gut – penetrating all that we are – which he calls embodiment..the final relinquishing of personal will..That embodiment then moves into the world seamlessly..as we are lived..

    That’s enough of a map for me..seems accurate from what I’ve observed in most awakening processes – and as long as it’s not clung to for dear life by the obsessive among us, what the heck. Hey,.I flunked geography so what do I know of maps..I’ve just observed that they can be a hindrance to the natural flow of life running through us..In truth, almost anything can be a help or a hindrance..

    When I speak, I always say – take what you need that resonates and throw away the rest…We are all unique..and there is really no reason to debate..was just trying to uncomplicate a process that seems to be getting ever more complicated..
    Love to you and all..

  3. Good point Sno – but be aware that not all who hang out a shingle and are posted on u-tube are spiritual masters -There are no requirements or licenses in this area..and there are many I know who hang loose and don’t hang a shingle who are doing some fine teaching wherever they roam..yourself included..If we are the Self we can easily recognize its expression in others..

  4. Hi Peter
    That’s an important discovery to make, and quite valid. But there something else that’s useful to know. The higher you go, the greater the view. Not to stretch the analogy too far, but it’s what makes the “top” different.

    If you want to understand reality, it’s much easier when you can look around. If that’s not important for you, half way up may be just fine. Enjoy it.

  5. Nah, Jill, it’s just my little rant because of the challenges i faced in my own journey. I do what i can to support others so they can have a smoother ride. If they want it.

    So your motivation is similar to mine. I’m hoping to give people a map to support them through the huge landscape of awakening. You’ve learned to cast those maps aside. I have too actually. I’m working to create a framework to support the massive numbers who are coming down the pipe. The process has begun to cascade and there are many outside any teaching who are looking for a map without all the clutter.

    What you suggest to friends is very good. But don’t forget the foundational understanding you have that they may not. And there are some of us who have very strong intellects. The mind will not abate unless its satisfied.

    And BTW – I’m not new here. I commented on all the earliest interviews but then got behind and now just drop in here occasionally.

    Apologies if I came on a little strong.

  6. David –
    I love rants – no problem….and this is all very individual as you know..we’re all just speaking generally here..some people need more information than others when the opening occurs…and they find teachers to give them that..some prefer the jump into the unknown and find they like it there..I liked peeling the bandaid off quickly as a kid..

    There’s no one way of approaching people -and we don’t have to shoulder it all….Grace does the enlightening – not us..burden lifted..I feel your heart in wanting to help and that’s what’s really important..

    When teaching one on one, or just hanging out as I call it – people will get what they need…I always Trust that the Self speaks to exactly what is needed….

    We don’t have to formulate a teaching..it will just come through naturally according to who you’re speaking to..and if it is received fine – if not – that’s also fine..the Transmission does most of the work anyway…

    and now to important stuff – American Idol -got to get the popcorn ready – my twins are coming over –

  7. Steve – that’s funny – there’s no accounting for taste is there….but what’s not to be enjoyed….I like basketball too…although the Knicks are again on a losing streak…darn it..not like the old Knicks back in the 70’s…when they knew how to play as a team..an old boyfriend had season tickets and I was sooo in love with Clyde..those were the days…

  8. Rick, have you heard from Andree lately? I ask because the link you posted in her name “Domain Expired” two days ago. Hayehwatha and Vovo are still up, but the other, gone since 4/17/14, so I’s wondering if she’s ok or if you know anything?
    This interview made me want to talk to H about the edge of the universe, as per a dream I had a while back (5 or 6 yrs. ago actually), just as I was beginning to “understand” a little about Ramana Maharshi’s ‘Who Am I’ technique. Funny how things line up…

  9. Her domain was renewed yesterday for a year. Looks like it just got caught in the long weekend. In this case, the home page is probably replaced with a placeholder and the rest of the site is intact but not accessible.

    It will probably be back up early next week.

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