090. Unmani

UnmaniUnmani is originally from the UK, but has lived a nomadic life in many countries around the world from the age of 18. Unlike most people, since she was a child, Unmani never identified with being a ‘person’ in the world, but she felt very lost and alone in a world that everyone else seemed to take so seriously. She spent years traveling around the world trying on different roles and identities to see if any of them fit. Disappointed with each role, she continued searching to find a way out of the pain she felt. She spent some time in the Osho centre in Pune, India, and there discovered meditation, free expression, and other insightful wisdom. But although this brought her more relaxation, it did not seem to get to the root of her search. Some years later she met the German Zen master, Dolano. With her, Unmani recognized that what she had been searching for had always been right here. She woke up to the dream, time stopped and the search ended. She no longer needed to try to fit in or be someone, because Unmani had finally acknowledged the truth of who she really is. Unmani began holding meetings and retreats 3 years later. She is the author of two books ‘I am Life itself’ and ‘Die to Love’ and is now writing a third book.

Meeting with Unmani is meeting with yourself in the most real and alive way. It is not about chasing sweet spiritual experiences that come, and then sadly go. Dialogues with Unmani are a fundamental and intimate enquiry that cut through all philosophies and belief systems. Unmani encourages people to truly face their deepest fears, to no longer blindly buy into dreamy hopes, and to wake up to the reality of life.

Unmani holds meetings and intensives all over the world, and also online. These are aimed towards people who are genuinely willing to risk losing what they think they know, to courageously take a step into the alive unknown.

2nd Batgap interview with Unmani.

Website: die-to-love.com

Interview recorded 10/11/2011

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

7 thoughts on “090. Unmani

  1. The honesty that pours out of this interview is so soothing.. no agitated believe this-believe that/see this-see that, so humble.. so loving. All our mind´s concepts are the only problem.. that is what is conveyed to me.
    Very relaxing and empowering.. like the sun coming through on a cloudy (brainfoggy) day. Thank you all.

  2. Rick,
    I had that severe strokes( bi-lateral) that you speak about in the interview. Damn near died, and I did leave my body. But came back to same me with brain damage, miffed that others treated me like I was brain dead. All it did was make me want more out of life, and did temper me to some extent….and rolled out the path from this new beginning.

  3. I loved this interview. No pretentiousness, total honesty, and I was elated that she shared my experience growing up….why don’t I have opinions on anything?…Is something wrong with me?….I don’t care about anything. I was also totally drunk while listening, and I’ve always known that drinking drops me right into an Unknowing state, where everything is seen through. I cried, I laughed, I wanted her to love me, I wanted to make love with her, I felt permitted to seek, I saw the ridiculousness of the practices I’ve been doing, I wanted to hurt the woman who’s been recommending those practices etc. etc. Bottom line, I recognize that I am the unknowing brightness that pervades all things. I’ve felt that since I was a kid, but what a terrible ride I’ve had. All of the cold emotionless practices that stem from nondual philosophies! What a headtrip that denies the bright, warmth of the unknowing mystery. It’s love, not something cold and empty. Emptiness is perhaps reality filtered through nondual thinking. I feel that. What a cold, stern position to take….trying to separate the form from the formless, and introducing space insteading of filling it all in. At least that’s how a drunk, emotionally-damaged pervert sees it for now :)….but this fullness is the same bright fullness that I knew as a four year old, eating an ice cream cone on my great grandmother’s front lawn. Thanks Rick. I needed this one. Maybe I should drink more often.

  4. When I watch these interviews – most of them, that is – each one is my favorite one while I watch it. I am watching this one now. It is my favorite one. I love Unmani.

  5. Thank you once again Rick for the nourishment!!
    Unmani’s calm peaceful soothing honest grounded loving presence makes me feel like I’m swimming in grace….lv m

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