110. Sharon Landrith

Sharon LandrithSharon is a gifted intuitive and a spiritual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti. Sharon has a devotion and great love of the Truth. Adyashanti asked her to teach 2003 and guide those genuinely drawn to the path of Truth. Since then, Sharon continues to deepen into and embody this Truth herself. She invites you to “Come home…” to That which you’ve always been.

In her presence you’ll taste a palpable expression of love and intimacy that allows you to feel safe dropping into the deep vulnerability required to know yourself as the All.

Sharon offers support for the required shift of identity that is both direct and tailored to each person’s journey.

Her teachings are based on her deep realization of silence and the way silence expresses itself in form. She notes, “Often there is still a thread that says the ‘me is going to get it; the ‘me’ is going to wake up. And it just isn’t true. It actually wakes up out of the ‘me’. “ So in her teaching, Sharon emphasizes how silence wakes up in the body and how the embodiment process is actualized. She is well qualified in this endeavor by her many years as an intuitive counselor. Since she has the ability to “read” the physical and energetic body, she is uniquely able to help unlock patterns that inhibit realization and the embodiment process that follows.

Sharon Landrith offers Silent retreats, intensives in the US and Canada and dokusans over the phone and in person. Please see more info on her website: sharon-landrith.com.

There’s a chapter on Sharon in Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine Face of Awakening by Rita Robinson.

Interview recorded 2/11/2012.

2nd interview with Sharon

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. @Jill “Gosh -I hope that’s not just wishful thinking on my part, cause if I had to join another movement at this age, I’d prolly shoot myself..giggle..”

    Jill, I know what you mean. Please don’t join another movement. My feeling is there are a lot of dimensions “awakening”. For lack of better terms, some will be very “deep”, but for a few individuals. Some will be “shallower” or “broader”, more “in the world” and dealing with the world’s problems. (And I don’t mean this in any pejorative sense.) But to deal with problems, must one be “involved”, and involved as problems as problems, and not blissed out on the Self all the time. Yes, maybe it’s “halfway up the mountain” to use Mariana Caplan’s phrase. Or the “translucent revolution” of Arjuna Ardagh where it is something in between. But it may be just what is needed as a “next step” for humanity.

  2. @Jill
    Do you have functional definitions of awakening and enlightenment? It seems that Earnest is discussing experiences on the spectrum of awakening which can include opening to the collective ‘self’. Rick hints around these distinctions in his interviews but I have yet to hear this transition from ‘awakening’ to ‘enlightenment’ specifically handled. Perhaps Adya’s interview with the head-heart-gut touched on it, but I’d be interested ion others’ thoughts here.

    I’m familiar with Maharishi’s CC-GC-UC-BC hierarchy, but that is just one perspective. And it’s very different when you’re in the midst of these transitions.

    As a side note, I feel that these discussions have a palpable effect of uplifting the collective as well as the individuals involved. There is a sweeetness to opening the personal boundaries to a collective growth. And the internet is playing a significant role in connecting many of the energies that are burgeoning these days.

  3. Original Innocence ~ Mooji

    “You must start from now to stop “knowing”… stop relying on “knowing” …” (Mooji) ~ An auspicious pointing by Mooji to our Original Innocence… The dialogue in this video is an edit from an original video on Mooji’s main YT channel … entitled “Before Knowledge”… Music details are unknown… Mooji’s website… http://www.mooji.org

    this is one of the most beautiful non-duality “pointers” … enjoy !

  4. Erick – On Feb 25, at 3:46pm on this page I wrote to Ernest something about how I’ve observed the transition from Awakening to Enlightenment..It’s similar to Adya’s observations..comes from not only my own experience but from seeing many people walk through the door over the past 11 years..

    As I said previously, there’s no dyed in the wool map for any of it – as the unfoldment is individual but there are universal milestones..so if you like, you can refer to what I wrote to Ernest..

    Discussions are great – sharing does help – and yes can even enhance and quicken the collective consciousness – so true – but there’s a reason why I recommend a personal final teacher for those in transition…..As you’ve noted, a map just isn’t all that useful when we move into unboundedness..

  5. Thanks, Jill. I had read that but I think your last words apply here. I’ll deliberate your recommendation as well.

    I loved Pamela’s comment about bliss is harder to handle than pain. I think much of the pain in the world is due to bliss avoidance. Bliss can be like Kali with bloody, razor-sharp teeth gnashing at the personal identity. Ouch.

  6. “…but I’d be interested ion others’ thoughts here.” – erick

    I, personally, have never met an awakened person who was interested in enlightenment subsequent to his/her awakening.

    In point of fact, they were interested in enlightenment before their awakening.

    That interest ceased… upon their awakening.

  7. Naturally, awakening can mean different things to different people.

    Fortunately, for shows like this one.

  8. You’re right. I didn’t.

    Ever lucidly dream when your eyes are shut? The drama is afoot, but you are aware that it is only drama.
    Simply and nakedly aware.

    Ditto with lucid dreaming with your eyes open.

    You are aware of everything being part of the drama.

    Including the drama of desiring enlightenment, the drama of desiring the dis-appearance of a person, etc.

    All drama. All storytelling. That you lucidly are aware of. Simply and nakedly aware.

    That, from my own personal experience, is what awakening connotes to me.

    And that person experience is largely premised on meditation.

  9. In meditation, the only intention that exists at the outset is the intention of being aware. Of everything and anything that appears and dis-appears in your awareness.

    That singular intention, BTW, dis-appears the more you are aware for the only purpose of being aware.

    If you were to create a question like the one that you pose, you co-create a questioner.

    Or a subject who is asking a question or object.

    All questions are subject-object manifestations, mediation can reveal.

    The mediation of simply being aware, that is.

    Which is the essence of awareness.

    Simply being aware.

  10. There is no thing called awareness.

    It is a moniker that I use to point to an experience.

    Since you asked me to share mine in his regard.

  11. In (insight) mediation, I just note the intention dis-appearing.

    Any further deliberation (i.e. calling it a “person”) would be adding color commentary to the awareness.

    And I don’t have the need to color commentary what I am aware of much.

  12. Everything is drama. Everything appears and disappears.

    Including my lucid dreaming with eyes shut.

    And my lucid dreaming with eyes open.

    Mediation (or naked awareness) reveals the impermanence of all appearances.

    And as appereances, we can only (ap)perceive other appearances.

    Including cognitive/conceptual ones.

    Is your experience from mediation a different one?

  13. Gotta run, Steve. Have miles to go before I sleep (lucidly).

    Thanks for the sharing. Look forward to the next time we cross paths.

  14. Erick –
    I hadn’t realized you were prolly a TM meditator – till you said you were familiar with MMY’s stages of enlightenment..If that’s so, and if you are curious and want to discuss how his map relates to Adya’s/ satsang awakening stages, let me know…

    Of course there are no boundaries in consciousness and stages are not all that relevant, but it seems that all my old meditating buddies that have gotten in touch in recent years want to get clear on the similarities of the two maps..as I once did..

    I’ve taken up enough space on these pages and don’t want to go into it here – so you can ask Rick for my e-mail if you like..Tell him I said it’s OK..

  15. Thanks, Jill. I’ll take you up on that. I’ve deliberated the idea of a personal, friendly relationship with a “final” teacher and elements of that are rather attractive. Of course, if I were to have to join another movement at my age I’d rather shoot myself 🙂

    In fact, the desire is really not there, but it seems like a worthwhile project, or experiment, if you know what I mean. Like Adya’s inner voice telling him not to stop at the first awakening.

    I’ll drop Rick a note.

  16. A wise teacher teaches through approach, not avoidance. He does not emphasise what you must avoid to escape from harm, but what you need to learn to have joy.

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