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Gabrielle Orr Interview

Rick Archer: Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. I’m Rick Archer. Buddha the gas pump is an ongoing series of conversations with spiritually Awakening people. We’ve done over 560 of them now. And if this is new to you and you’d like to check out previous ones, please go to bat gap comm bat gap and look under the past interviews menu where you’ll see them all organized in several different ways. This program is made possible through the support of appreciative listeners and viewers. So if you appreciate it and would like to help support it, there’s a PayPal button on every page of bat gap COMM And there’s also a page for of options for people who don’t like to use PayPal. My guest today is Gabriella or I’ll just read a short bio of her. After earning a degree in social work in Germany, Gabriele worked for several years with mentally disadvantaged children and coma patients. Her responsibilities included providing guidance as a life counselor for her clients and their families. Today, Reverend Gabrielle ore is a certified Akashic Record teacher and consultant, Healing Touch practitioner, reiki master BodyTalk, practitioner, EFT practitioner, massage therapist and feng shui consultant. She teaches I bet you don’t do any of those things anymore except for the Akashic Records right?

Gabrielle Orr: I actually I do it for myself.

Rick Archer: Okay, good. Yeah. But you teach Akashic Record classes and retreats internationally. I’ve been doing that since 2002. So 18 years, and you focus on inspiring and uplifting others as a motivational speaker and spiritual guide. Yes. Hi. So let’s plunge right in. Um, let me start by asking what Akasha is and from that, what are the Akashic records?

Gabrielle Orr: Okay. Well, for every question like that, you get several answers, because one answers for the mind and the other one is for the spiritual aspect, okay. So Akasha means ether or energy field, if I would translate it like that, which means it is an energy fields that you can imagine like a spiderweb, everything is connected in that field matrix would be another word.

Rick Archer: So that I’ve ever heard the term Indras. Net?

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, yes. Everything is connected on this field. Akashic records is a source that is inter active, it communicates with us. And we can communicate with it. And it gives us advice information in regards to our soul development, so not necessarily just for our human experience, but for our soul development.

Rick Archer: Um, I think I quoted from your book here, it says that the, the field of the Akashic records is the basis and essence of all things that parents say.

Gabrielle Orr: It is, it is correct. I mean, I don’t know if it’s correct. But to me, it is correct. You know, I’m not a scientist. It is that energy field, out of which everything else has come. So in science, they explain it like that, before our universe was created, everything was in a tiny, tiny little pea, like sippy size, atom, and that exploded it. And then our universe got created, which means the Milky Way’s Earth everything, you know, what we know today. And science says that this field of the Akashic Records existed before this explosion, which means there’s intelligence behind it. And I guess,

Rick Archer: I’m quite sure science would say that, but science would probably say that there’s a unified field that would be their term for it, rather than they probably wouldn’t say Akashic records, but they would say a unified field, which is probably synonymous maybe with the Akashic field that you’re referring to, and that every, if not correct me, and that Everything emerged from that unified field.

Gabrielle Orr: I mean, the only scientist I’ve ever heard using the word Akashic records is avid Laszlo. I don’t know how you heard of him. Yeah. So I think you’re correct in that way that they just use different terms for it. But basically, oh, you know, another, I don’t know if he’s a scientist or is counted as a scientist, Gregg Braden?

Rick Archer: Sure. I think he’s a geologist originally. Because he,

Gabrielle Orr: he talks about that, too, when he calls it the field, or lindbeck Tagore in her book field. So they are all using different words. For me, I use the word Akashic records, because I’m familiar with it. I don’t differentiate. But yeah, if you want to be totally correct, probably Akashic records is not the term that scientists would use. Yeah.

Rick Archer: But I yeah, I’ve taken some as a layman, I’ve taken physics courses, and I’m sure you’ve read books and taken things too. And there is this general understanding that the deeper we go into nature is mechanics, the more universal the fields and forces we encounter, at one point, it gets down to four fundamental forces, and then even and they’ve unified a couple of those, and that physicists theorize that those four ultimately could be resolved into a single unified field. And I think that’s what perhaps we’re, we’re talking about here. But that’s just their terminology.

Gabrielle Orr: I talk in my book, let miracles happen about, you know, the pros and cons of science and the spirituality and how they tried to find a common ground.

Rick Archer: I like that chapter,

Gabrielle Orr: I read that chapter, and I take it down all the way to the end of it. And really, at the end of it, scientists cannot prove their theories. And the philosophers cannot prove this theories, either. So it’s really up to what you want to believe at the end of the day.

Rick Archer: Yeah, we could say that, yeah. Well, we’ll get back to that topic in a while, because I want to talk about what you know what’s real versus what we believe.

Gabrielle Orr: He said, like this. I can, I cannot prove scientific facts to you. What I can talk about is what I’m experiencing when I work with the Akashic records, and the experiences I had in relationship to clients and the Akashic records. So I can talk about that. And for me, if I experience it, if I feel it, if I see the effects of it, that has for me more value than if I read a scientific book that explains it to my logical minds.

Rick Archer: Sure. And I think an important point here that you’ve alluded to already, is that whereas scientists might, might give a sort of inanimate or incentive and connotation to their discussion of the unified field or these deeper mechanics of nature. But what you’re saying, which I agree with wholeheartedly, is that we’re, it’s intelligent, it’s a field of intelligence. And they’re actually intelligent. We could say entities or impulses residing within that field. And I think that’s exciting. In fact, I want to just read you a verse from the Rigveda. Now, I won’t burden you with the Sanskrit which I wouldn’t be pronounced anyway. But the English verse I think you’ll like this, it says that the, the impulses of intelligence or, or the devas, they call them, which are responsible for the manifestation and orchestration of the entire universe, reside in the transcendental Akasha they reside in that fundamental field. And then the verse goes on to say that, you know, if you don’t know that field, what can those impulses of intelligence accomplish for you, but if you do, if you do know that field, they can accomplish a whole lot. So that’s a very loose translation. But this is an ancient knowledge that such a field exists and that it’s a field of pure intelligence and that their, you know, impulses are conscious entities within that field, and that we can enlist their cooperation and support

Gabrielle Orr: hmm. And even there, I would go for myself a step further, and say, intellect is for me, not the correct description. I would really call it love. Yeah, the energy that comes through the his fields just, it fills you up with love, and it changes your cellular structure in the sense of that pain disappears. Um, that you see things from a different perspective in a, in an easy and loving way. And that is really, that is the description that I would give up my work was the Akashic records.

Rick Archer: Yeah, no, that’s great. I won’t even come in and that one that’s, that’s a very, that’s kind of the human experience of the interaction with that field. In fact, there’s a there’s a saying and another saying, which is that contact with Brahman, which is the totality is infinite joy, you know. Now, one phrase I heard you use a lot, is your own Akashic records. And, you know, it makes it sound like we each have our own set of records, but then we’ve just been discussing that this is a universal field. So how do you reconcile those two ideas?

Gabrielle Orr: And just use you as an example in a in a broad way, okay. If I talk about my Akashic records, I would talk about I call the masters and teachers entities, they read, they are responding to my imprint of my soul experience. That’s my a, my Akashic records. If I talk to them about you, or and then they’re talking about your experiences your soul imprint, your development, then I would probably say your Akashic records, and not just the Akashic records. So they are different. They are, think of it like you have a library. Okay, and you have a question. For specific questions. You pick one book or one chapter, but it’s still one library, it’s still a one. One source of information where it all comes from, and then humans tend to put it into books or into chapters or things like that. But it’s still all one. That’s why my first book is called one true love, because it’s all one. But the human language itself doesn’t allow me to make these subtle distinctions if I want to express something in a different way. So I guess that’s why I’m using my Akashic records.

Rick Archer: Okay. So you can say that, I’m sorry,

Gabrielle Orr: only different entities are different source connected then to you?

Rick Archer: Yeah. So you could say that the Akashic records are like one infinite repository of all knowledge and all information and so on. But that as we each access them, we access that which is pertinent to our lives. And so in that sense, we could say it’s my Akashic records, is that right? Like the library down the hall, down the street here, from where I live, it’s has a lot of books in it. And, you know, I could go and check out any particular book, it’s not necessarily my library, but I can get any information I want. That is interesting to me.

Gabrielle Orr: They are laughing, they

Rick Archer: have a sense of humor,

Gabrielle Orr: a great sense of humor. They’re saying, they’re saying you’re both correct. I mean, you and I were both correct, we are understanding it correctly. But also we have to understand as our awareness broadens, we will have a different perception of them. So of home of the Akashic records of the Akashic records, so the more we evolve, the more we understand, the more our understanding of them will change or adjust, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong. It just means that in different classrooms, you get taught different things. But they are all correct. They just build up on to each other.

Rick Archer: sure that there’s that’s true of so many things. I mean, if we start studying arithmetic and mathematics and so on, as we as we learn more and more, it doesn’t invalidate the things we already learned, those provide a foundation for the next thing.

Gabrielle Orr: So what they’re trying to say is, yes, be happy with this risk this interpretation of who we are, but don’t put it into stone because it will change for you again,

Rick Archer: yeah. Good. So, you mentioned also you refer a lot to the masters and teachers in the Akashic records. Are they kind of like librarians in a way who in a sense, we’ve used the library metaphor, who intermediate between the, you know, the informational field of the Akashic records and Our particular needs or requests or intermediaries in a way that you know, we intersect. We can they intercede in a way?

Gabrielle Orr: I wouldn’t Yeah. They, let’s say it like this, there are entities that have a very high vibrational level. And they are here to serve us to help us to elevate us to let us feel love on to two accommodate us in whatever we are experiencing on a human level. So when I say that, I want to go a little bit further out, like us as human beings, most human beings run around and think this is 100% of this, like 30% of who we are, and 70% is somewhere on a on an energetic level out there, or even maybe around us. So they’re saying that they don’t want us to think of them in human form, like that they have a human face. We can imagine them like that if it helps us to make the connection. But that would not be correct.

Rick Archer: Okay. Good. Um, incidentally, as we go along here, I’ve noticed several times you’ve kind of, you know, looked up and tapped in and so you’re, you’re accessing the Akashic records during this interview?

Gabrielle Orr: I do. Yes. Yeah. I wouldn’t know how to answer your questions without them. And there’s nothing there. It’s just helps me to focus because there’s a wall and nothing on it.

Rick Archer: Looking at my beautiful face. So how does what you’re doing? And what people whom you teach, do, how does that compare with channeling? And of course, probably, there’s different types of channeling, but in general, what people understand to be channeling and I’ve had some channelers on this show, how does it compare?

Gabrielle Orr: I mean, if I understand channeling correctly, it means you’re receiving information from a different source through you, and you pass it on. And that’s what you’re doing in the Akashic records.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Usually, when I have spoken to Chandler’s, they feel that they’re channeling some specific entity like their Lanka channels, Bashar and somebody else channels, you know, Mary Magdalene or whatever. But, you know, this is a little different. There are a number of masters and teachers, and they are, but through them, or by means of their help, you’re contacting a field of all knowledge really. And, and there could be all kinds of things in there that one could potentially discover, explore. Whereas a specific entity might have limited repertoire, so to say,

Gabrielle Orr: um, is this totally correct? Now, I personally very open minded and I don’t know why I have always been this open minded with this source. So I’ve never looked for one specific entity other than to experiment. But, but for clients, I’ve had several times many times where they are asking a question, and the answer comes through and they’re showing me Jesus. And then I tell the client, I see they’re showing me the image of Jesus, but it means something to the client. So they feeling like oh, yeah, I have a picture of Jesus on my altar, or I believe in Sai Baba, or whatever it would be whatever entity it would be. So they are using whatever energy or symbol or language they can choose to get a specific energetic vibration through to whoever wants to talk to them.

Rick Archer: Okay. Yeah, I mean, people have a chosen ideal, obviously. And very often, I think it helps if they’re showing information that is in the likeness of their chosen ideal because they can relate to it. Right? They feel comfortable with it.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, and sometimes they’re showing it so the other person feels more she can the other person can believe more in the message, right? How can she know that? You know, so and then they’re like, oh, okay, now, the resistance falls away the you know, the pushing against something is being released and then they can relax and they can actually hear the real message. Because the other thing is really not as important.

Rick Archer: So you might not even know in a particular case that the person has an affinity for Jesus. But nonetheless, Jesus, the image of Jesus comes to you, you don’t come up with an image of Buddha for that person. Correct? Okay? Yeah, good. You mentioned that, because of our interconnectedness with all life, we can tap into the realm of the Akashic records and retrieve information about any given subject. Now, if we take that literally, it opens up a huge realm of possibilities. I mean, obviously, person, Hey, can I win in Las Vegas? If I do this? Or, you know, can I solve some scientific conundrum that is, that is stumped all the greatest scientists and get the Nobel Prize for having done so and so on. So there must be some kind of limitation on the word any of you can get information on any given subject.

Gabrielle Orr: So I give you a few examples from ions and readings. Okay, I remember one client, she asked for the lottery numbers. Yeah. And the answer of the Akashic records, they gave her the numbers, and then she wrote them down. And then they said, but she didn’t ask for what week in which state? No, specific? No, no, it’s a joke.

Rick Archer: guys having fun

Gabrielle Orr: with the person. So if they are, if, let’s say a client asked a question like that, the masters and teachers, and that is the difference, which probably some people have a little bit of a problem. Sometimes, humans often ask questions in regard to the human experience. And they have a way of turning it around for their soul development. So I get an answer from them back. And they say, that’s not a good question to ask, or a better question for this client to ask is, why do they have such extreme anxiety and can’t sleep at night, because they want to win the lottery. Because in their mind, it will make them feel safe, for example, if they have more money, so they turn it around, into something that will actually really serve this person, doesn’t mean that they still won’t get the money or receive, you know, the lottery win. But and sometimes, surprisingly, they really answer questions in regard to very human experiences, like which house should I buy? You know, or things like that. But then they’re showing me okay, if you choose this property, you’re you. It’s, let me say like this, this is how they’re saying it. The choice doesn’t matter. What matters is, who are you becoming in the process of it?

Rick Archer: Yeah, so in other words, it’s not so important, whether you get this house or that house, or perhaps this partner or that partner or something, although, obviously, there are these certain criteria you’d want to fulfill but the most important thing, which is, which thing is going to be the most conducive to your evolution? That’s what you’re saying.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, which part? Which, which choice help you to ultimately come closer to love, right? Like this.

Rick Archer: And the thing about the lottery numbers, I mean, to paraphrase the Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want. But you get what you need. Right? So you could want all kinds of crazy things that you would be better off not having, and they’re not going to give you that.

Gabrielle Orr: I mean, it’s I think it’s a proven thing that the most lottery winners are poor one year after they won the money than they were before because their energy level can’t hold all of a sudden that prosperity, you know, so

Rick Archer: it goes there live sometimes. Yeah, going back

Gabrielle Orr: to that what they are used. So it’s that it’s not happiness or wealth. Yeah, well, is wonderful, if it creates peace for you, if it creates freedom for you choices for you. So with that, well, so the desire to get that prosperity, a lot of other emotions would have to adjust for you to really be wealthy.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Someone said, lotteries or taxes on the arithmetically challenged because the odds of winning are you have a much better chance of getting struck by lightning. But this thing about being able to access any information, I mean, have you seen examples where People? Yes. Yeah, let’s let’s think of I mean, some example where there’s something they couldn’t possibly have known that, you know, they ended up getting and it turns out to be true.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, I’ve seen that. And I’ve also seen where they asked where we ask questions, and we don’t get answers.

Rick Archer: Yeah. But give us an example of two of situations where somebody asked the question about something that they couldn’t possibly have known. And it turned out to be true. And it was later verified as true.

Gabrielle Orr: Um, I, oh, I can give you so many examples. There was one time we asked a question in a seminar in Germany. And I taught this class with a friend of mine, so he would do the organization’s and I would teach the class. And I never asked him to share an answer. And in this particular day, I said, Can you share your answer, Nico. And then he was talking about that, they talked to him about galaxies, and they gave him specific numbers of vibration. And he did not know what to do with that. So we googled it, and it matched. And we were really excited about that. I give you another example, where it includes the process of the client a little bit more, okay, I had a client and she had in her youth, she was a mother of three. And she had some issues like addiction issues, okay. And she lost the right to have these children and the father moved away with the children, because he wanted to provide a nice life for the children. And then 20 years forward, the mother was clean, she had her life in order. And she wanted to connect with these children again, to let them know that she didn’t mean to abandon them. She wasn’t that she wanted anything for them. She just wanted them to know, I always loved you. And the only reason why I wasn’t in your life is because I didn’t love myself. And so the question was, to the Akashic records, where do they live? How can I contact them? And first, I didn’t get any answers, because nobody knew where they had moved to. And then the masters and teachers said, go back to where the grandparents so the parents of the Father live, or used to live and look into the obituary. And there you will find the names of the children and the address where they live. And so later on, I asked the Akashic records, why they not just gave her the answer right away, straightforward. And they said she still had to do some emotional work, she still had to go through her own process of really being ready to communicate with these children again, so many times, it’s not just, oh, I don’t want to give you the answer. But it’s more like, what do you have to do first, in order to get to that energetic level to be ready to receive that gift? I hope that makes sense.

Rick Archer: No, it does. It does. Your for a lot to the eighth chakra, and I’ve heard of there being higher chakras than the ordinary seven. Maybe there’s even more than eight. You can tell us but um, where did this knowledge of the eighth chakra come from? Is that some traditional knowledge that you picked up? And also, traditionally, it’s thought that enlightenment doesn’t dawn until all seven chakras are purified and awakened? Are you saying that people can access the eighth chakra without having awakened and fully enlivened all the other seven?

Gabrielle Orr: Okay. We’re a lot of questions. So I know of 13 chakras. There might be more. Okay, you know, like, a good, good source to look up these things would be any book by Barbara Brennan. I hope you’re familiar with her work and or so she used to be a NASA scientist and now she has some really cool schools and she you can get a master degree in Metaphysical Healing their history, so anything on Barbara Brennan would give you information about that. The eighth chakra, I mean, I didn’t come up with that. It was passed on to me like that. The reason why I talk about the eighth chakra is because when I go in the Akashic records, I feel it they’re feeling without accessing Yeah, it’s like about, like half a foot to a foot above your head. And it’s like what you would see in church pictures as the halo on things. Okay. When I do you, are you familiar with heart mass?

Rick Archer: Yeah, yes, um, I had my heart math thing tested one time by I forget her name, she was working with them.

Gabrielle Orr: Okay, so they have this little EM wave measurement, you put your thumb on it, and start meditating. And then you can, there’s a sound, and it shows you if you’re in your mind or in your heart with the energy, okay? I like to do that. And I have always problems with it. And I had to, I had problems with it. Because I’m like this showing you You center your energy in your heart, okay, that’s where you’re supposed to center it. Nothing happens there for me. But when I go to the eighth chakra, eight things all the time, and it lights up. So I learned that people have maybe the energy in different centers. For me, it’s definitely up there, I have to definitely focus on being grounded in the world. That is not easy to me. That doesn’t come natural going up there. It happens naturally to me, but I have to focus on being grounded in the world. So this is different for everybody. You know, so I don’t think that that would be the last part of your of your question. Do we have to have all chakras aligned and open and perfect in order to connect to the Akashic records? The answer is no. Yeah. I can promise you that. When you have a problem, when you feel desperate, and you go in the Akashic, that’s the moment when you want to go in the Akashic records, not when you’re like all perfect, oh, you know, you meditated for an hour, or were fasting for three days? No, that you don’t have to do that you’re you can go there whenever you want, especially when you don’t feel well.

Rick Archer: And I’ve heard you say that, really like 90 something percent of the people who take your seminars, feel that they’re successful and, and being able to access the Akashic Record. So it’s good to get that out there. Because some people might think, Well, this sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Gabrielle Orr: You know, seminars are usually four days if they are in person, or eight weeks if they are online. And I always say to my students, at the end, I say, if I would only focus on you guys, when we meet the first time, I would never teach another seminar again. So I have to really remember what they look like at the end. And now what I do is at the end, I asked them, and I have videos of that, what would you tell yourself, if you would be on the beginning of the seminar again, just so the next students can see, okay, I don’t have to be desperate, I know, the process will take me there. And it’s amazing what people are saying, like, I have one miracle after another, I can sleep again, it’s physical changes, you know, relationship changes, they are very open and honest. I do my best to be open and honest with them. You know, I’m not a guru. I don’t want to be called a guru. I have my own challenges. Not bad anymore today, but I’m a human being. So I go through my processes, and I shared with them, because I want them to know we are on one level. I think this is really important that we can trust each other. And yeah, I’m very proud of that, that we get. I would say 99% of the people, if not 100%. At the end of the seminar, say yes, I’m connected to the Akashic records and I can’t wait to continue.

Rick Archer: And generally people experienced that. Their ability to do this is ongoing as long as they practice it, they can check in a year later and they’re still doing it.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, I do. Offer my students a private Facebook group, where they are all you know, whoever finished the seminar gets added to that if they want to. So they have exchange partners. You know, it’s a group where everybody knows the basis Six of the seminar, and they don’t have to talk around it or explain things to them. And they are super active there. I mean, they I love it they like I want a reading on Friday at 5pm, who has time and then people are answering. And that makes me happy. You know, they, I think that’s important that you have a group where you can just be yourself and find other like minded people to exchange with.

Rick Archer: But you can do this on your own too. You don’t need a reading from somebody else. Like you can just sit alone and check in right? Oh, yeah,

Gabrielle Orr: look, do it for yourself. Yeah. It’s fun also to, you know, to go first in your own Akashic records, and then hear it from someone else. Because if most of the time I think it will be a confirmation of what you received, but sometimes even if they say the same thing, they say it a little bit less unfiltered, maybe, because they don’t know if you’re really sensitive about this subject. So they use a different kind of word that triggers something in you, and then you can let go. So I think it’s fun to receive readings from others.

Rick Archer: Yeah. There’s another say in Sanskrit, which is written Bara Praga and it means that level of intuition or intellect, which knows only truth, I think it’s from the Yoga Sutras. So would would the truthfulness of something the kind of a litmus test of whether or not it is really from the Akashic records?

Gabrielle Orr: I don’t think so.

Rick Archer: What if you come up with something that you say is from the Akashic records, and it’s completely bogus? I mean, then you would think, well, it couldn’t be from the Akashic.

Gabrielle Orr: Let me explain it to you like this. I have had readings where they would tell that ultimate purpose, I think, for this energy, to get some things through is for you to have an energetic shift. So what we as human beings would call 100%, the truth? I’ve seen things where I thought, Hmm, why are you saying it like that? That doesn’t sound truthful to me that it totally had the effect on the student or the clients? You know, so I don’t know. It’s like in our human if I don’t know, if it would always hold up to a American judge,

Rick Archer: or German judge, even a German judge,

Gabrielle Orr: let me say like this, I think there is a different purpose behind it. And about moving walls, no moving barriers. So I’m not saying that they are lying on purpose or giving misinformation. But I’ve had a few times where they were withholding information. Like they are showing me as the reader, that there was sexual abuse with the client. And then they’re saying, don’t say it big. When I would if at the moment, I would say it something would close. Yeah, that person. So then they’re talking around it, are they giving it samples? Or they’re talking about something else first, before we actually get to that subject? So I don’t think it’s a measure a truth measurement?

Rick Archer: Sure. I mean, yeah, that would, that’s a good example. But what about actual objective events? For instance, I heard you mentioned in one of your talks or interviews about a group you’re working with, and you did an exercise where it was like, let’s see what it was like to experience the moon landing, as Neil Armstrong experienced it. Who was the first man to step on the moon. And you mentioned that some of the people in the group have are have the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was faked. It was just staged in Hollywood or something like that. Now, there’s plenty of evidence that people did actually get to the moon. So would would sort of doing the Akashic Records exercise. convince those people who thought the moon landing was fake, that it was actually real. I mean, there would be an example of something that’s true. It could you continue to hold an erroneous idea about it, even though you’d sort of tapped into the Akashic records to have an experience of what Neil Armstrong had.

Gabrielle Orr: Can I tell the story? Yeah, please. It’s a really nice twist at the end, which was so I did the seminar in Germany and in America, I asked this question several times already before in Germany, I’ve never done it. And it was the end of that one day and I still had time and I wanted to do something fun. So I thought, let’s do this exercise and the exercises. We all go in our own Akashic records. And everybody asked the same question and then we compare the answers. Because if we are all in the Akashic Records, the answers should more or less match up. So I asked, let’s all go fly with Neil Armstrong to the moon and ask, what did he think of feel when he stepped was his first the first time his foot on the moon? And then Oh, my God, the protest came? And I was like, Okay, should I stop this? And I was asking, and they say, No, continue, continue. And I’m like, Okay. And I said, guys, just human. Me. Let’s do it. So we did it. And at the end, nobody remember. I mean, nobody said anything anymore about the protests, protests, maybe there were still some but they didn’t say by

Rick Archer: protest. You mean, there were some people who thought the moon landing was right or something? Yeah.

Gabrielle Orr: It didn’t believe in it. Yes. Nobody mentioned that anymore. And everybody was just like, Wow, big grand. And some people would use the F word like, oh, I can’t believe it. And then people, some were sharing that he also felt very humbled. You know, like, wow,

Rick Archer: and small step for man, one giant step for all mankind. Yes. So everybody

Gabrielle Orr: was happy. And I said, okay, then that’s it for today. And then one woman stood up. And she said, I just want everybody to know that my father worked as an engineer on that space shuttle. And we moved for that from Germany to the United States. And I was there when it got launched.

Rick Archer: So she was telling me, that was a real thing. Yeah,

Gabrielle Orr: man. She said, I don’t know where they landed. But I know they got shot up in the air. And I mean, that was just like, the icing on the cake, you can make something like that up. It just was so wonderful.

Rick Archer: It’s nice that she was there. Yeah, yes. Well, on this theme, I mean, let’s talk about this a little bit more. Because these days, there are a lot of conspiracy theories flying around. And it’s crazy and occu, Anon, and all kinds of things. People are conspiracy theories and thoughts about the pandemic, and all kinds of stuff. And, you know, there’s a, there was a US senator named Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and he was quoted to have said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. And so, I heard you talking in some interview about well, you know, we should make up our own mind about things we should sort of, you know, collect information and look at it from this perspective and that perspective and just come up with our own opinion or our own, you know, perspective prospective or something. But I have a little bit of trouble that because I mean, that’s what science tries to get around is, you know, there were all kinds of nutty opinions in the beginning of when the scientific method was founded about 400 years ago, and science attempted to become a method that would establish what is actually true, as opposed to what the Church says, or, you know, what some, some somebody was, you know, you know,

Gabrielle Orr: you have to have more than one result.

Rick Archer: Exactly. And it has to be replicated and repeated and, and nothing is ever considered to be absolutely true, because it could always be refuted, it could always be some contrary evidence. So these days, there’s all this stuff that people believe. And there’s this kind of relativism, you know, where people think, well, that’s what you think, but I think this, but there’s got to be some truth to the matter on many of these topics. That is, that is what it is, regardless of what people think. So hopefully, this point I’m making relates to the Akashic records, and you can sort of give us your spin on it. I mean, if you took a whole group of people that say, who, who ascribe to a lot of conspiracy theories that, in fact, weren’t true? Could you work with them? And by enabling them to access the Akashic records for a long enough period of time? Would their thinking change with regard to these things? If they actually were asking the Akashic records about you know, what is COVID really are or what is, you know, this that the other thing that people spin conspiracy theories about?

Gabrielle Orr: actually did that? Okay, great. Let’s

Rick Archer: hear about that.

Gabrielle Orr: Like, right in the beginning with the lockdown in March, I mean, I’m teaching online seminars for many years, not just not because of COVID

Rick Archer: 18 years or so. Maybe. Not online, but yeah,

Gabrielle Orr: yeah, but like, probably 10 years anyways, I had, it’s a German class. And it’s on YouTube. And it has over 100,000 views. And it was the seminar setup in eight meetings. And every time it builds up on to the to the other that was after the first meeting, so they had just learned how to access their Akashic records. And at the end, it’s three hours for one setting. At the end, I said, this is voluntarily if you want to, we can ask a few questions about the Coronavirus. And almost everybody stayed on it’s 100 people. And I recorded it. And we didn’t even know what questions to ask. First, we talk about what questions to ask. And then we all ask the same questions. And we compared our answers. And if they asked, we don’t remember what questions we asked, like if we have to be afraid of it, if it’s a real virus and things like that, and everybody gets the same answers, you do not have to be concerned about it. It isn’t real virus, you don’t have to be concerned about it, you have to now elevate your vibration. So they didn’t talk about scientific facts or, you know, face masks at that point or anything like that. But they all gave us the energetic impression of that we are safe, and we don’t have to panic. And we just it’s like a storm. When your storm comes, you go inside, you close the door and you waited out and then you go back out again. So that was the energy the impression we receive. So yes, this is absolutely possible. I mean, it depends on so on the questions you asked in that interview in that session, we asked more emotionally based questions, because we all didn’t know what was happening. It was in March 2020, you know, would be cool to do this again now. To in my personal opinion, not the Akashic records. Okay. I think there’s a lot of ego going on. Everybody wants to be right. Right now with their theories. You know, it’s a lot of anything that happens in life, whether you get a million dollars, or DCS, or the virus is raining out of you that what already exists. So if someone is more pessimistic, of course, they will go to the conspiracy theories, because they don’t trust anyone anyways, why would they all of a sudden have a different approach to that, you know, so everything is a magnifier, everything that happens to you is being magnified, like, and brings that out what’s already inside of you. So I think a lot of people have an egoic journey right now. And this is the awakening, everybody’s always talking about We either go down with the ego now or we go up and we elevate our vibration. It’s one or the other. It doesn’t matter if it’s the election, or the Coronavirus, or anything else. That is my personal opinion. Let me see what they have to say. They’re saying it a little bit like this, I don’t know if this will make you happy. But everybody has their own challenges in life, whether it’s a health issue or financial or a relationship issue. Now this is a challenge of on a global level. So but it’s nothing other than, you know, all the other challenges we already deal with just now on a global level. So we all use the same vocabulary for it. And we all goes through that together. They’re saying the human race is very resilient. You will come out of that again, but you will be changed.

Rick Archer: Yeah, that does not make me unhappy. make sense to me.

Gabrielle Orr: I guess. You’re looking at maybe for more specific answers or sounds Oh,

Rick Archer: that’s that’s really good. And I would just say that you you’re mentioning fear and panic and stuff. You know, obviously, there’s nothing really to be gained through fear and panic. I mean, being cautious, perhaps or sensible or, you know, taking advice of experts that might be good to do. But the experts aren’t saying you should be terrified. They’re just saying they’ll do these basic simple things and you’ll be safer. But anyway, we’re getting a little bit off track. But I just wanted to get on just hit on this point a little bit about, you know, like, there are people who argue masks aren’t any good, you don’t need them, they’re infringement on your freedom. And, but there’s scientific evidence that they they are effective before and properly. So I’m just wondering whether access to the Akashic records can enable people to think more kind of, I would say sensibly about some of these controversial topics. And there are, of course, many things, which are matters of opinion. But then there are other things which are really kind of objectively true, regardless of what people’s opinions about them, our fire is hot, you know, ice is cold, stuff like that, and many other things that that science has given us a fair amount of information about that, or the moon landing for that matter, but it’s not really a matter of opinion. So just wondering how, whether this Akashic Record practice kind of enables one to align one’s thinking with more objective reality.

Gabrielle Orr: I’m asking specifically, if they what they can say to us now, about tasks, for example, is that

Rick Archer: just as a case in point, okay. And obviously, you don’t need to wear him while you’re walking in the woods with your dog, but you know, maybe in a shopping center or something.

Gabrielle Orr: So they are showing me that the face masks are not the issue. It’s the fear that is behind it. So they’re saying they have a purpose, just like wearing a seatbelt. And when that got introduced, there were a lot of people against wearing a seatbelt to, or, or wearing a helmet if you ride a motorcycle, you know. So they’re saying that is, is a precaution that you can choose, if you want to be kind to the person next to you. Yeah. And then they’re also saying that we have an obligation towards our neighbors. And they mean this, you know, not literally, but in general, they’re saying we have an obligation, you don’t want to make your resistance or your anger into a spiritual journey. Meaning, if you are not, if you’re resisting regular cautions, or precautions and measurements, health measurements, that you would endanger someone else. A good thing I think they’re showing me is like, I think they call it an English the plague. You know, that

Rick Archer: we had 100, some hundreds of years ago. And yeah,

Gabrielle Orr: a simple thing was hygiene, you know, like washing your hands, getting back then all the bathroom, you know, everything would just run out into the street, they started to say, Okay, this doesn’t work anymore, we have to find a different way to deal with that. So hygiene, it’s nothing other than that. It’s a hygiene thing.

Rick Archer: Right? The plague initially, there were all kinds of conspiracy theories about it, like evil spirits were causing it, or the Jews were responsible, you know, things like that. And that wasn’t the scientific truth, party

Gabrielle Orr: escape coach, you need people who you know, who live in fear, they need someone or something to be blamed. So then they can feel empowered. And I think that is the root of all these problems we are having that people live in fear and they are looking for someone or something to be the bad guy. So then they can feel empowered. In other words, people who are spiritually not very much evolved, they need to find something to push against. And then

Rick Archer: externalize the pride. And then

Gabrielle Orr: they can feel their own barriers and their strengths and their power. Where if you’re spiritually involved, you listen to someone you say. I can see some truths in it, but it doesn’t really resonate with me, and you let it go, and then there’s no issue there. And they’re saying and that is what we are experiencing right now. They are people who are and it’s not just If you see it on both sides, which is the danger, you know, you see, like, one example, for example would be black lives matter, you see it on both sides, even if you tend to be for one side, they are just the same pushing against it, instead of looking at let me say like this, as long as you look at the problem, you cannot get to the solution. You can only find the solution, if you know the problem, and you’re willing to go beyond it. And that is right now not the case.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And I think another word than beyond would be go to sort of a deeper, more fundamental level, because a lot of problems are symptomatic of something that is out of alignment at a deeper level. And so if you can create some that that alignment, it’s like, let’s say the leaves on a tree are withering. Alright, what is where’s that problem coming from? Okay, the roots aren’t getting enough water. So you go to a deeper level the roots, and then then nourishment comes up, and then the leaves are green again. So I think that’s true of many, many human problems. And they would probably agree with that is perfect.

Gabrielle Orr: Give me one second, I give you an I show you something to really make a drizzle. Okay,

Rick Archer: thanks.

Gabrielle Orr: Because I explained it like this to my clients. This is us today. Okay. Yeah, as long as we try to find the solution on this level, we never gonna get anywhere. The problem is somewhere here. It might have us hidden, so we could find a way to address the problem here to feel happy here. So I think the problem is not the mask. I mean, and this is not about rare one or not. It’s about there is a fundamental human problem that we that many, not all, but that comes really to the surface now and I feel the Coronavirus matches this problem.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yeah. Like what the and I liked what they said about consideration for one’s neighbors and all reminded me my father used to have all these sinus problems. And he smoked chain smoked cigarettes. So he’d be chained smoking and cigarettes, complaining about his sinuses, and then saying, Oh, it’s the weather. I can’t stand this weather, you know, it’s too humid or something. It’s like, obviously, pointing a finger at people. That’s just an example. But that happens a lot, but kind of people having problems and then ignoring the obvious cause, which is right here at home.

Gabrielle Orr: Yeah. And that may take it to one more step, at least for me, it’s like, I think people need to understand that everything is connected. Yeah, even if we can see it. But what we do here affects effects the whole word. And the other way around, too. We need to understand how connected everything is in order to live. And he is the magic word in balance. Yeah. And we are so out of balance right now.

Rick Archer: Absolutely. Well, this leads into a whole area. Another area I want to talk to you about. But it’d be related to this. You know, you’re talking about everything being interconnected. And you know, all the we’re talking about all the sort of tumultuous circumstances in the world today. And a lot of people have been predicting for decades that there was going to be a big shift in the world, and that it was going to be chaotic, but that we would hopefully come out the other, excuse me, the other side of it, and everything would be a lot better. So a lot of people now feel that Well, here it is, we’re going through that shift finally. And that’s why things are so chaotic. So I wonder if you or the Akashic records have anything to say about the big picture of what’s going on in the world? Is this the big phase transition that people have been predicting? And where are we headed? I know you don’t like to, I don’t think you like to predict the future or they like to predict the future. But you know, people might wonder how long is it going to be chaotic? Is it going to be like this for the rest of my life? Or just for a couple years? Or? And what what’s it gonna be like when when the dust finally settles down again?

Gabrielle Orr: Okay, there’s so much to say. Well, first of all, I and they, I repeat myself a little bit now, but this is the awakening. This is it. You know, we either understand it now and we all jump on the same wagon. Or I don’t know, we have a civil war or something. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, right? If it’s one or the other, so I mean, we, we want to learn to listen to each other, we want to be able to need to understand that social media media is not knows, you know, it’s so manipulated, everybody is the little doll we have to be it’s beautiful that it exists, we can use it for a lot of things. But they have to change something because everybody thinks they are right. And they just getting to see this things that support their belief system already, because they are being analyzed so much, or we are being analyzed so much.

Rick Archer: Have you seen the social dilemma, that new documentary, you saw that? I just started watching it last night, I’m about half hour into it, but boy, it’s

Gabrielle Orr: nice to watch it. I mean, that should be mandatory to see things on

Rick Archer: Netflix for those watching, listening, the social dilemma and Sam Harris, just interviewed Tristan, Tristan Harris, who was one of the main guys in that documentary, but it’s all about how social media, manipulate us and use all kinds of algorithms and mathematical, you know, analysis to reinforce our prejudices really,

Gabrielle Orr: yes. And, and only show you what you already believe, or what you want to have confirmed, you know, whether it is true or not doesn’t matter. So it is important for us and I and the dangerous, that people are watching it, and they think oh, that doesn’t apply to me. You know, because I think it applies to all of us. Nobody can say 100%, that they are not being able to analyze you and predict you and show things to you. That’s one thing. So it is really for us important for us to have conversations like this, for example, but also with your friends, you know, and to allow other people to say what they feel. And also to keep the conversation going. That was one thing. I kind of forgot all of your questions. Hold

Rick Archer: on, we’ll get back in, I’ll give them to you in bits and pieces, because I have a rather long one. But anyway, just to give you an impetus, we’re talking about the big picture, what’s happening in society. You know, this is the Great Awakening, unfortunately, unfortunately, that’s a term that’s been co opted by Q anon and so have the Great Awakening, but it’s not quite what they’re saying it’s going to be, but um, in any case, you know, to quote Dylan, something’s going on here. And you put you don’t know what it is. So there’s, I think a lot of people feel intuitively viscerally that we’re really in. In a big a big shift is taking place and well, I’ll give you something to go with. I heard you say on one of your interviews that that in fact, he did this in January of this year, before Coronavirus had had hit. And some guy was asking you about what you foresaw what the Akashic records for saw for the coming year. And I thought, Okay, this will be amazing if she says big epidemic, but that didn’t come out. But they did say, Well, there’s a an almost a doubling of energy, the energy is really increasing. And, and that really feels true. Yes, I think people are saying that they’re dreaming more their dreams at night are more intense and vivid. And everybody seems to be going crazy or not everybody but there’s a kind of all hell’s breaking loose, so to speak. So go ahead, riff on that.

Gabrielle Orr: I remember that interview with Nico Batu. Right. And it was he said 2020 like you when you have perfect vision? 2020 Yeah, you know, so and that’s our year. So everything is being clarified, cleaned up and shaken up. Yes. And you know, when you clean something first in your sink, first it gets really dirty. And then eventually, the grease resolves. And you have a clean dish there. But you said you asked another question earlier in regard to the future, and will this chaos be now forever? I think this is up to the individual. Because if you have 10 people there and they all have the same horrific experience, you know, four or five people, they totally recover. And they see the silver lining of this experience. And they say wow, I mean, I wish I wouldn’t have had experienced that. But because of that I’m better now. Yeah. And then you have some who always talk about this and they cannot change their hard drive. So to say they keep on going back to this and keep on talking about it and reliving it. And I think I think it will be the same thing here was this pandemic, not only in regard to the virus, but in regard to what happens as a result of it, like if people lose their home or their employment, you know. I mean, there’s, we can’t even imagine the long term effects of all of that, what you know what’s going to happen, the abuse, some people experience being locked up at home, physical abuse, or emotional abuse. I mean, there’s so many things going on under

Rick Archer: the sun, there’s the fires in California, and 10s of 1000s of people are losing their homes, and there aren’t other homes for them to go to. I mean, it’s easy to sort of have this be very abstract if we live in Iowa, or North Carolina, and everything’s nice and comfortable. But um, you know, but a lot of people around the world are really going through it. And maybe this is what you were saying earlier about broadening one’s perspective, but you, you kind of, there’s a saying another thing in Sanskrit, which is because Vasa Dave, to come become it means the world is my family. And you begin to feel that right. And you can’t just sort of isolate yourself from what’s happening. Everywhere else,

Gabrielle Orr: effect us, it will be like a global movement, people will move away from areas because they can’t live there anymore. And other areas will be congested, like I live in the Smoky Mountains, you know, the population has doubled in the last five years in our little town, because a lot of people from Florida are coming up here, they’re tired of the hurricanes or the constant flooding, which they don’t even talk about anymore in the news, you know, if the houses just underwater from a regular rain or something like that. So it will affect all of us. And we have to look at this, as we are all in this together.

Rick Archer: Yes, that’s the that’s the phrase people use. Now,

Gabrielle Orr: we are not going in that direction.

Rick Archer: Yeah, there’s too much fragmentation in the visit lists. Mm hmm. Well, one point which I haven’t really thrown out yet, which I think you could easily comment on in this context, is that, um, you know, there’s that old saying that there’s some kind of the Chinese word for what does it for crisis contains a character that that means opportunity or something like that? I sort of feel like, you know, yes, a big shift is happening in society, and a lot of things are breaking down. But I also feel like equally, there’s a, like you said, there is a great awakening taking place. So there’s on the, on the one hand, an upwelling of spiritual awakening, on the other hand, a dismantling of all kinds of things, apparently, which perhaps which do not resonate with a higher consciousness, maybe that’s what’s happening. But I think if a person has the spiritual inclination, this is actually a great time to make a lot of progress.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes. And there’s a beautiful song, like I know, from my childhood, or my teenage years, and it’s like, if I translated, it’s like, if I would know that the word would, you know, go down tomorrow, I would plant a little apple tree today. That’s nice. And I love that. And I think we have to have hope. And I think we have to remember, it doesn’t matter what other people are doing, we don’t have to all 100% be on the right side of the scale. be in balance, you know, so energetically, we can do a lot and raising the vibration and also understanding caring, everybody, I wish people would look more at what can I do, rather than how can I fix it? And then we

Rick Archer: want what I can do to improve yourself? You mean? Yeah.

Gabrielle Orr: You know, how can I change? What can I do right now? How can I walk my talk? Who can I help today? You know, what can I do? Instead of just looking at what can you do to fix it or a politician or anyone like that? So people don’t understand how much power they really have.

Rick Archer: I remember you saying in some interview, you were kind of lamenting the fact that you heard some talk show host talking about starting to drink early in the morning, you know, and how much you how much you’re drinking, how much more they’re drinking because of the the lockdown or something and, and you were sort of saying what a missed opportunity. I mean, And what poor What a poor example to set. You remember that? You know, because obviously this this could be an excellent time to go within or to meditate more to access the Akashic records more, you know, sing devotional songs or whatever floats your boat. It’s, it’s like a forced spiritual retreat that we’re on sort of.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes, yes. Actually, I remember that. I said that. And, yeah, I like this talk show host and I feel for her. I feel compassion for her because she’s going through a rough time right now

Rick Archer: is that Ellen DeGeneres? Yeah. meditator, by the way, a friend of mine instructed her in meditation, she’s probably not sitting around drinking all day.

Gabrielle Orr: Well, that’s what she projected on the screen and

Rick Archer: making a joke of it, you know? Yeah.

Gabrielle Orr: Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about her, you know, just, uh, it was. It was an interesting time too, because we got a window into people’s personal life, where they weren’t always being instructed on what to say or what to do. And it shows you that a lot of people who are being put on a pedestal are just very human. And I think that’s a very healing experience.

Rick Archer: Yeah. I might as well ask you this question. This came in before the interview. I don’t know if we have a live audience or not right now, because nobody has sent in a question. But um, this is from Jana in Connecticut. She says, she asks, the first time I heard of the Akashic records with as a child in the 70s reading about Edgar Casey. He said that many records from Atlantis would be rediscovered, and it would have a major effect on our world, such as the use of sound for healing and crystals for unlimited energy. What do you think about this? How are we going to see this happen soon?

Gabrielle Orr: I mean, I, they were saying we’re seeing it already. I mean, maybe not everything has the subtitle, Atlantis. But you do see these ancient things of sound and healing, coming on more to surface. And many of these modalities originate from that era. So yes, we sing it already.

Rick Archer: Okay, good. Okay, now as we go along, um, you know, we’ll go on maybe for another half hour or so if we, if we have things to say, but if you think of things don’t rely on my questions, you can always do you have to go.

Gabrielle Orr: No, no, I’m looking at there’s, I can see any comments here.

Rick Archer: Yeah, comments, or are there people watching? Can you tell that?

Gabrielle Orr: I see 53 People are watching.

Rick Archer: Okay, good. Good. So in 53 people, if you have any questions, go to bat gap, calm, upcoming interviews page, there’s a forum through which you can submit your questions. So we must, we must be doing okay, cuz they don’t have. Okay, so let’s talk about some of the I have a printout here of the different levels of the course you teach level 1234. And I highlighted a few of the things that jumped out at me. But you can also talk about more if I don’t ask about certain things that you want to talk about. But we already talked about accessing your own Akashic records. Here’s one thing you say this is actually in level one, contact ancestors and loved ones, presumably you mean people who have passed over? What are some examples of that? And what form does that contact take?

Gabrielle Orr: Um, we don’t exercise actually, this is a very easy thing once you know how to do it. And they love to talk to us. Now, just because Uncle Fred i and Emma die doesn’t mean that they are all of a sudden having the Holy Grail. And they have all the spiritual development, you know, with in them so that’s not necessarily the purpose of any of these exercises, but the answer is they are the messages that they convey is usually please forgive me. If they’ve done something that’s not okay. Or that was painful. They asked for forgiveness. Yes. Yeah. Then the other message is don’t worry so much everything is okay. So usually, and this is very good. This applies to most of us, if not all of us, okay, we worry way too much about things that are not important, then the next message is you are just so loved we love you so much more than you can ever imagine. And the last one is have more fun, enjoying life more. You’re taking way too dead serious. So it’s a general messages that comes through? Yeah, there are a few examples I can give you, I’m sorry.

Rick Archer: Take your time.

Gabrielle Orr: Like, I gave a reading to a client once I did not know anything about him. I’ve never seen him before he came to my house, which I don’t do anymore. So nobody has to ask that. And, and he asked about his son. And I asked him the Akashic records. And I don’t talk like that. But all of a sudden, they started to talk to me, like, I want to say, like in the ghetto language, and I did all these hand movements, you know, and talk to him like that. And he says, that’s exactly how my son used to talk. And that was important for the father to recognize that actually, there is a connection and that he can trust it. And then the father told me that his son got killed in a fight with other I don’t know, gang members or what it was. And, you know, he always felt very guilty that he didn’t get his son out there. Yeah, the son was just, it’s all okay, Dad, I’m happy. I’m in heaven. You know, I didn’t have to go to hell, let’s say like that. He just let his father know, everything is fine. Don’t worry so much. And I’m okay. And that was a huge relief to his father, to just feel like, okay, now I know where my son is, then they were not. Okay, go ahead. Well,

Rick Archer: I’m just gonna say, I know you. Don’t forget what you’re gonna say. But I just want to, I know, you understand the way reincarnation works pretty much. And I’m also totally in tune with that. Understanding myself are comfortable with it. People sometimes ask, well, how come these people are still hanging around so that we can contact them? Why haven’t they reincarnated already? Or have they? And yet, somehow, even though they have, we can still talk to them on the other side? How that works? You mean? Yeah. Okay. Don’t forget the other thing you were gonna say? Because I didn’t. Yeah, interrupt you.

Gabrielle Orr: So I think we I mentioned it earlier already, but in a different context.

Rick Archer: But he said, like a certain percentage. Yeah,

Gabrielle Orr: yeah, exactly. So there’s a certain percent that comes here, this human experience, but the soul part, you know, there, it’s not everything. It’s not all that we are here. So on the soul level, of course, we can, you know, communicate with that other part. I like to explain it with the reincarnation, like, think of a timeline. And as a human being, we have the timeline, birth and death, and then it ends. But the soul has a longer timeline, you know, and then the soul goes up and down. And there is human, human birth, human deaths, but the soul continues. So there is no ending and no beginning. Maybe it goes on vacation when we are on human level, you know, we croak we deceive. So, of course, we can connect to past lifetimes. Because on a soul level, it’s all one continuous lifetime. What lifeline? And it’s not just cut up to one human experience. So of course, we can connect to different past lives and get information regarding that.

Rick Archer: So would it be like this, let’s say, like you’re saying about the soul. It’s this continuum. And, you know, we take physical birth, and that one ends and then we take another one and that one ends, but the soul, the entirety of the soul is not encapsulated in each individual birth. So even though this guy whose son was killed in a gang fight, may have been that son may have been reincarnated. A good portion of his soul is still in some kind of higher realm or something, and therefore the guy could communicate with them, even though he may have been reborn as a kid in Africa or whatever.

Gabrielle Orr: Okay, They’re saying you, you captured it correctly. Okay, good. wasn’t the case in that example that I gave? But yes, that’s how

Rick Archer: it work. Okay, good. That’s I figured, but I wanted to see what you’d say. So you also say, in course, one, I’ll just pick out a few main points from each level, of course level. You also say retrieve information regarding any given event from the past, present, or possible future, we’ve already covered this a little bit. But you did emphasize the point of not just knowing things out of random curiosity, but knowing the things that might be of some significance or value for our growth. But let’s say there is something of significance of value to our growth, that is from maybe the distant past something well past lives, we can talk about, you know, something that happened to you in a previous lifetime. And, you know, you were killed in some circumstance, and it’s influencing the way you function. Now. That kind of thing. So, I understand from what you do that you kind of tap into that sort of information, and it helps you to heal or resolve it so that past situations like that no longer handicap you in this life.

Gabrielle Orr: Yeah, you come to the root of the problem. Okay. You get to the root of the problem. So today, you can live totally happy, you know, after Yeah, let me give you an example of a past life you want them okay, I gave a reading to a lady she had a heart. And she wanted to know why she she has two hearts one and teak one and one newer one. And she says they’re really expensive. I spent a lot of money, I get lessons, you know, she gets them tuned once a year, someone has to specially fly in or whatever. And, but she doesn’t really enjoy playing it. So we asked him the Akashic records, what the harp has, you know, why he has that and what she can learn from that. And they showed me immediately a past life. She was in a household, she was a child to an extremely wealthy family. And she was very sick. And they show me this huge room and her tiny little bed in one corner, the room is dark. And then in the other corner is her mother, and she’s playing the harp. And the mother was not allowed to go to her daughter because she was so sick. And so she associated the harp playing with unloved my Mommy is here, I’m cared for I’m loved. And so she carried that with her into this lifetime. You know, that feeling of okay, I’m still loved, I’m still cared for. And then I didn’t know anything about her harps. So that usually, you don’t get I don’t get in the Akashic records, oh, this was 1500 87 or anything like that. But they showed me the time period, not the year, but like the time period of that experience. And then she says to me, my auntie carp is from that time period.

Rick Archer: The 1500s

Gabrielle Orr: No, was 17 something but, you know, was like that time period and that it was really amazing that she says, Oh, yeah, my heart is from that time periods.

Rick Archer: So once she, once she had this recognition or cognition, while reading the Akashic records, it resolved her drive to try to learn the harp, but she didn’t enjoy anyway, she just gave up on trying to learn it or something.

Gabrielle Orr: No, actually, in her case, she said, Okay, now I can just play for joy. I don’t like sit there and be like, I need to do this or spend money on that. Now. She felt like okay, I felt like more love more joy for instrument, you know? And then she’s, I mean, she said to me, she said, Okay, I just sometimes play for the little sick girl that was in the bed all alone.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yeah. A question came in from Helen in London. Helen asks, can people be accessing the Akashic records without realizing there are oh, this reminds me of a question I want to ask. She said Could it could it just feel like intuition or insight?

Gabrielle Orr: Oh, I, I totally believe that. I mean, there are different methods on how to connect to the Akashic records not just the way I do it. Edgar Casey, for example, he did it in his sleep and someone trails Yeah, that would ride we don’t do it in trance. We are fully conscious when we do Would people go in a fast or meditate really long sometimes during sleep, that they get information from the Akashic records? I think that difference is Helen that oftentimes it happens voluntarily. And people don’t know what to do with this information not to know, they don’t know how to communicate with it, or ask follow up questions. Where was the message that I’m using? You ask questions until you satisfied or until they tell you no more?

Rick Archer: The question that Helens question reminded me of is that, um, and a lot of people who my interview, and a lot of people who watch this show have had or are interested in having a spiritual awakening, which isn’t just an enhancement of your individual life or diminishment of your individual problems or anything, but it’s, you know, along the lines of enlightenment, or Nirvana, or, you know, that kind of thing, a real significant shift in your consciousness. And it seems to me that and we are, and also the traditions all say, is that once such an awakening has taken place, then you’re kind of permanently functioning from the level at which previously, you might have had to sort of tap into momentarily, a little dip here and a little peek there. But it becomes your baseline way of functioning. And so it would seem that at that point, everything you think, say and do is kind of an expression of that level of intelligence, which one access as if one is accessing the Akashic records. So it’s not something you have to specifically make a project of doing anymore. It’s just your your natural way of living. And so, you know, your your intuitions and your desires and your impulses. They’re all kind of very much aligned with kind of divine intelligence. 24/7

Gabrielle Orr: it becomes a way of life. Yeah. natural way of functioning. Yes, yes. But there’s also these aha moments. I taught a class here in my house. When I moved here four years ago, I wanted to get the energy going, and I invite I had a class in my house and I hate had eight neuroscientists. I’m sorry. Nope, no, not neuroscientists. Neurologist, neurologist, yes, from Chicago, and they came here, and they took my class. And then there were a few other people, like normal people, okay, in the class. And the reason why I’m sharing this example is because they are all really well educated. And they understand more or less how the brain really works. So we did our first experiences with the Akashic records. And all of a sudden, and never forget this, this was deep for me to this one neurologist, he looks down. And then he says to the group, I’m a little bit shocked, because now that I have been able to look into that and have this connection. I have to reevaluate everything. And I think that is the best way you can really put it. Like once you really understand that this is not just the thing you do like brushing your teeth, but that this is a life energy that communicates with you, not just through language, but through emotions and vibration. You it kind of readjusts everything else in your life.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Yeah. A being a neurologist, it may have readjusted his whole understanding of consciousness. Because I mean, a lot of scientists think that consciousness is created by the brain and that when the brain dies, that’s the end of consciousness, you know, but other people think that they’ve got it totally backwards that consciousness is the foundation and it actually gives rise to the brain and everything else. So that could have been the kind of reevaluation he was alluding to,

Gabrielle Orr: when he didn’t go into detail was that but I’m sure there were a lot of beliefs he like we had to reassess and think about if he wanted to still keep them or not. Yeah, yeah.

Rick Archer: Here’s a question that came in from Amelia in Port Portland, Oregon. I’m currently dancing with two painful lingering rashes caused by an allergic reaction to deodorant and a second one from On mosquito bite, I don’t see this as caused by something I did they were freak accidents. Yet could the Akashic Records access how to heal more effectively and quickly? Okay, that could apply to any kind of healing. Okay.

Gabrielle Orr: I give you a general answer first. I mean, it’s not good to give a reading if I can’t actually talk to the person. Yeah, get feedback. But the in general, yes, of course, the Akashic records can help you. I can give you many examples. If you want one, let me know. Should I share one? Sure,

Rick Archer: yeah, please. So I had

Gabrielle Orr: a client, she came to me and she had a rash on her fingertips. And I mean, this literally happened in front of our eyes. And she was asking if there’s anything that she’s allergic to, or that she can do to heal this. And so they showed her that it had to do with the death of her husband. And the husband had bought a lot of books while they were married. And she, you know, she let him buy it. But she didn’t know what to do with it. After he died, she found out that the books were worth over a million dollars. And so she had to catalog them in order to get them sold. And a lot of resentment came up that he spent so much money, you know, he was always told, right, you can’t go on vacation, or we can’t do this. And then also, she had to do all the work of catalogue them. And so the masters and teachers gave her some advice, and not but just by her understanding that it had to do with that. I mean, by the end of the reading, we didn’t look at the fingers. But by the end of the reading, you could tell that the fingers look already better. So the redness and roughness, it was already going back and it healed after that. Now with the woman who just asked this question, they’re showing me the throat chakra, and that she’s holding in something that she is not saying to someone close in her in her environment, some energy that it feels like, you know, she feels restricted in her energy. And she needs to learn to speak up to say yes and no to someone else is say yes to herself. And she needs to feel comfortable with that.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Regarding you mentioned, you’d have to sort of have an individual contact with the person to really get into it. But do you still do individual consultations? rarely, rarely, mostly teaching groups? Yes. Yes. Okay. All right. What do you feel? And we’ve got a bunch more notes here. But let me just see what I’ve highlighted. Here’s one little thing I was curious about. You mentioned in level three of your course, that you shift energy on the DNA level. And I’ve heard a lot of people in, you know, spiritual circles, talk about 12 strand DNA and changing your DNA and all that. And I know that, you know, the current scientific understanding is that DNA does change. It’s not just set in stone for your whole life as was once thought. But I wonder if there’s ever actually been any scientific verification of people changing DNA through some kind of spiritual thing, you know, some kind of electron microscope analysis of their DNA or anything? Or if there’s every, or if there’s any verification that there is such a thing as 12 strand DNA? I don’t know if you talk about that, but I’ve heard people talk about it, or is that just one of these sort of New Age ideas that are kind of on verified or unverifiable?

Gabrielle Orr: I mean, that is a good point, maybe I should change it into a clear message clear statement, because there is no proof to fake level that it changes the DNA. The only proof that we have is that actual people change their heads issues, and that’s why it’s a change on a DNA or on a cellular level would be a better word. Yeah. Yes. So I’m going to write this down right away.

Rick Archer: We’re learning all kinds of new things today on Yeah, me too.

Gabrielle Orr: But I mean, this despite the difference of the words, I mean that I gave a few examples already you do see improvements of health? Yeah, yes. And that’s where you know, something must change on a cellular level,

Rick Archer: right. Um, the level four of your course, is entitled How to feel one with God source creation. And some of the main points, this this level four points sound more like what I was talking about earlier in terms of enlightenment or awakening, or that kind of thing, understanding the interconnectedness of all beings, which you mentioned earlier. Creating and maintaining your connection to God, oneness source. And seeing the Akashic Record, as part of this oneness source. So I think everyone listening to this can conceive of the oneness of everything, they have a concept of God and of source and of oneness. But it could be a far cry between that concept and the actual living reality of it, you know, in a visceral day, day by day grounded way where it’s just, it’s there as a ordinary way of functioning, whether you’re, you know, walking in the woods or driving in traffic, you know. So this is how does this course actually accomplish that if it does do people who graduated from this, not only know how to contact the Akashic Records, which they’ve been doing since level one, but do they actually many of them shift into some kind of state of oneness which abides, which persists under all circumstances.

Gabrielle Orr: And let me give it to you in a different context, because this is all for the seminar, you know, like, so in the seminar, people learning to access their own Akashic records, and the Akashic records for someone else, to possibly, if they wish, give professional Akashic Record readings. So, every four is for the professional Akashic Record consultant. And, of course, for yourself too. So, for me, as a teacher, I think it is essential to teach my students compassion. And that is not the best word, but to teach them to see their client not as flawed, not as broken. Because when you see someone as broken, and in pain, you cannot change on it, help them to change their vibration to something else. So you as the consultant, you need to be able to hold your energy on the level of the solution on the level of the love. And the client is allowed to be in their pain, body and everything, and you stay here and you will help them to come there to join you there or closer to that. Yes, that is what we are doing. And part of it is what they are learning and that part is to I call it learn to see God in the other person, which is God is as a spiritual word, not religious. Well, I

Rick Archer: understand. Yeah.

Gabrielle Orr: So and that is what I said earlier, we are all one I’m not a guru. I’m trying to be on one level with the students, which I am, you know, so and that’s the same thing is true for a reading. I’d think, to I want to say I hardly ever in a reading, put something of myself in there, except when I feel that the client feels ashamed or insecure. And then I will share a story with them where I messed up, you know, where I didn’t do the best thing I could have done. Just they see, I don’t judge them.

Rick Archer: Yeah. And they don’t put you on a pedestal or idealize you or something. They realize that well, if you can screw up then maybe there’s hope for me because, yeah, you’re pretty cool. But

Gabrielle Orr: it’s not even about the judge. The messing up it’s about when people the biggest thing I notice is that people feel ashamed of their mistakes or their flaws. And that’s why are they so desperately trying to hide them. And you know, and I just want them to know, don’t feel ashamed. We all have something if we don’t have something anymore, we’re not here. So, in order to do that, we doing specific exercises where we can fight where we can learn to see God in the other person, for example,

Rick Archer: yeah. So can you

Gabrielle Orr: like to see the beauty in the other?

Rick Archer: How can you learn that? That doesn’t kind of doesn’t seem like something that can be taught, but maybe it can. So, I mean, can you give us an example of how one could learn to see God and others? By the way?

Gabrielle Orr: Oh, yeah, we are doing it in the seminar. I don’t have to teach that. I just keep them the exercises. And they asked in the Akashic records how they do it. So because it’s an individual answer for everybody.

Rick Archer: Yeah. It seems like a thing, though, that depends upon your level of consciousness. Like, you know, sometimes people say, well do what would Jesus do? And let’s try to act as Jesus would act, but you can’t have to be Jesus to act like Jesus would actor to have Jesus’s level of consciousness, then you’ll naturally act as Jesus would act, you know, and you kind of can’t fake a higher level of consciousness, it has to be genuinely attained. Do you agree with all that? Or am I talking to I think,

Gabrielle Orr: I think I know what you mean. But I feel a little bit different about that. I feel that whether in the Akashic records are in regular life, you can connect to an energy of a person you admire, or, you know, doesn’t even have to be true. But like, and channel this energy and be confident, for example, you know, like, I can’t think of anyone, let’s say Oprah Winfrey, you know, like, if you want to do you could channel Oprah Winfrey and be for an hour this outgoing and

Rick Archer: start giving away cars.

Gabrielle Orr: Yeah, no, I think you can do that. I don’t think that you can necessarily hold your energy there permanently.

Rick Archer: So strain, yes, you will get I try to be someone you’re not.

Gabrielle Orr: Yeah. And what happens when people do that is they you know, it’s like a manic depressive. First, you go really high up, and then you go really low down. Yeah, you have to find a way to ground yourself and to catch yourself, so you don’t go down with your energy. And that’s all that happens. Often, you know, I mean, that’s why people in show business often have alcohol problems, drug problems, because they’re really high out there. And then bang, they drop into a dark hole. And they don’t see the purpose of this. So I think it’s small. This applies to a lot of people. But in regard to your question was the fourth day of the seminar? Yeah, we work on what what do I need to know? So I, what can I let go of what do I need to know about myself, so I can see the beauty in someone else. So I don’t have to judge them, for example.

Rick Archer: Yeah, it’s interesting thing. I used to be a student of marshy, Mahesh Yogi, and he would always caution against what he called mood making, you know, he said, you know, you need to sort of be genuine. And if you are, genuinely, if you’re genuinely raising your level of consciousness, then you’ll naturally be more compassionate and so on. But if you haven’t done so, and you just make a mood of it, then like you say, it’s artificial, you can crash down from it, and so on. So it has to kind of, but then there’s people who say, fake it till you make it. And, you know, and obviously, you have some control over your behavior, you don’t have to act. If you have an impulse to act like a jerk, you know, because you’re feeling impatient. And in a store checkout line or something, you don’t have to act on that impulse. So I think it kind of cuts both ways. There’s, you know, there’s a sort of natural transformation that takes place over time, where you spontaneously act in a more appropriate way because you are just acting from a higher state. But then on the other hand, you know, there there can be discrimination and discernment and a growing ability to just not act on impulses, which you may still have, but they don’t need to be expressed.

Gabrielle Orr: Yeah, I think the problem is that most people are not aware of their emotions. They’re just reacting to something either externally or internally and emotion. So once you are aware of it, and you can name it, I’ve I noticed that the moment you name your emotion, it already dissolves.

Rick Archer: Hmm. Interesting. So you become aware of it. So you’re just not acting blindly on it, you just sort of shine a light on it.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes. And the more that you say, Wow, I feel nervous, you know, and insecure. So in that moment, you’re already resolving it. Because you’re not hiding it anymore. You’re not pushing it away anymore. You’re just like embracing it, and shining light on it. And then yeah,

Rick Archer: yeah, good. Well, we’ve been going on for almost two hours. And that point we just made wasn’t necessarily the grand finale that you might like to make. So what would be a good? How would you like to sort of wrap this up and leave people with kind of the broad vision of not only what you have to offer, but life itself?

Gabrielle Orr: Okay. I think the main message would be that people really can believe in themselves, not doubt themselves, so much belief in themselves. And it has nothing to do with the Akashic records. But just to really believe in, I can do that. I’m bigger than that, you know, it’s not the end of the world. Look, it look really for the next higher vibrational level. Don’t try to be all the way up there. It’s hard to get there and to stay there for most of us just go one step higher, and feel, you know, what does the air smell like there? You know, how can i What can I do to really stay there to really be comfortable there? I think that will make a big difference for most people already. Good. Yeah. Look for the solution. Don’t try to keep on focusing on the problem hoping that it goes away.

Rick Archer: And, you know, what were they say Rome wasn’t built in a day or something. I mean, spiritual development is a lifelong process, as far as I’m concerned. Nine times, yeah. Lifetimes process. So, you know, and, yeah, this is another important point. Actually, Mara, she said this to me one time, because I was always sort of thinking about the future and not enjoying the present. He said everyday is life, you know, don’t pass over the present for some glorious future, just, you know, fully, fully appreciate and make take advantage of what’s going on right now. Yes, and future will be better.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes. Wonderful.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Okay, so, um, how about giving us a little overview of what how people can get involved with your work, you know, what sort of courses are there and working? Obviously, you have a website, which they can go to, which I will link to, from your page on bat gap calm, and, but you know, what’s involved? How many classes are there? How many people are in the classes, that kind of thing?

Gabrielle Orr: Well, my website is my name, Gabrielle And you see all the levels and all the seminars, I’m teaching in whatever language some I was a translator, English and German I was our translators. And right now, I’m teaching everything online, which works great. I have a team with me of supporters. Depending on the class size, usually there are like 100 students in one class. English tends to be a little bit less. I don’t know why. I have French or polish or whatever, they are always sold out. English. I don’t know. It’s still It’s America to me why this is but hey,

Rick Archer: maybe this interview will get more English speaking people because we’re doing it in English. And I’m

Gabrielle Orr: very happy with whatever. You know, I net i over i over exceeded my expectations. So I’m just grateful, let’s say like that. I never imagined anything of that what I’m living today. So I’m very grateful. I have nothing to complain about. And basically, the reason why I’m teaching what I’m teaching is because it has changed my life. It has transformed my life. It has transformed the lives of the people that I pass it on to and that is my main mission, that I want to put this gift into other people’s hands so they can transform their life too. That’s great.

Rick Archer: That’s a natural human tendency isn’t that once you’ve found On something of value, you want to share it.

Gabrielle Orr: Yes. Once you’re excited you just look for the next person you can share it with, even if it’s a stranger.

Rick Archer: Yeah. Good. All right. Well, thank you Gabrielle, I really enjoyed talking with you. And thanks to those who’ve been listening or watching, sorry for the technical issues and the delay that those of you who tried to watch the live stream may have experienced, but we’ll get that sorted out. So, you know, as I mentioned, the beginning, this is an ongoing series. So it’ll be one next week and week after and so on. If, if you’d like to be notified of future interviews or conversations, go to bat gap COMM And there’s an email notification list. You can also sign up on the bat gap YouTube channel to be notified by YouTube and some other things at bat gap calm that you might enjoy and find interesting. So just explore the menus and you’ll find them already. Thanks. See you next time. Thank you.