058. Mandi Solk

Mandi SolkMandi Solk lives in the picturesque town of Hebden Bridge in England, UK. She founded Nonduality-North six years ago in order to attract Nonduality Teachers to the North of England. Mandi is herself a Nonduality Teacher and has now handed Nonduality-North on so that she can concentrate on her own meetings and YouTube videos. She has written a book: ‘The Joy of No Self’, endorsed by Scott Kiloby and Jeff Foster, and is presently working on another. Mandi’s websites are www.mandisolk.com and www.nonduality-mandi.blogspot.com.

Interview recorded 2/27/2011

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. Due to technical problems, this video only contains still shots of Mandi, while Rick’s video is normal.

3 thoughts on “058. Mandi Solk

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Mandi. Great sense of humor, and IMHO doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her message is completely consistent with others who have undergone the non-dual shift, and so therefore one might expect it to sound a bit repetitious — as do all the others who endeavor to explain that which can’t be explained in words, but who alas are confined by the limitations of language itself.

    But paradoxically, they all seem to put their own unique spin on what is becoming a common theme. Humanity seems to be waking up from a collective dream … To what end? Who knows?

    For those who don’t seem to be joining in: be patient. When the time is right, know one will be left behind.

    Once again, nice job Rick


  2. ” When the time is right, know one will be left behind.”

    What a lovely Freudian slip. But I have this awful sense, that the one we know will be left behind, will be me :).


  3. Thanks again Joan for pointing out that slip. As I said in my email, I got a good laugh out of it too, and can only hope that, in the future, ‘spell check’ will raise its IQ, and be able to recognize misplaced homonyms. Then again, for the sake of serendipitous laughs, maybe it’s best left as is.

    In any case, let’s hope that the only one left behind, will be the one who didn’t exist in the first place ;-)

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