Suggest a Guest

If you would like to suggest a guest please fill out the form below. We do not accept suggestions via email. Please read the points below BEFORE filling out the form. Submission is no guarantee of selection. 

    • ENGLISH ONLY: Videos/Websites listed on the form must be in English and the potential guest must speak fluent English.
    • PROVIDE THE BEST INFORMATION YOU CAN FIND: Please take the time to find the best website(s) and video(s) for your suggestion. Incomplete submissions without enough information will be deleted.
    • RELEVANCE: Please consider your suggestions carefully and make sure they are relevant to our program. Have a look at our categorical index page if you have any questions about relevance.
    • FOR THOSE WITHOUT WEBSITES AND VIDEOS ETC: If the suggested guest does not have a website and video etc., please contact for what we require in that case.

Add A VOTE: If the person has already been suggested you may add a vote. No need to launch voting campaigns since we do not go by votes alone. We just want to see natural and random votes that come in.