Suggest a Guest

Please only use the form below to suggest a guest to be interviewed. (forms read/vetted by Irene Archer as well as guest selections.) Do not use our general contact form to suggest a guest.

If the person has already been suggested you may add a vote. But please do not launch voting campaigns. It will not increase the likelihood of an interview plus we do not go by votes alone. We just want to see any natural and random votes that come in.

We will vet your suggestion and categorize it, and if we feel the person is a good fit, we will add them to the queue and possibly invite them at some point.

  • Videos and Websites listed on the form must be in English and the potential guest must speak good English. Please do not fill out the form otherwise.
  • Please take the time to find the best website and video for your suggestion. Incomplete submissions without enough information to vet the potential guest will be deleted. Additional websites or videos may be listed in the comments section.
  • Please consider your suggestions carefully and make sure they are relevant to our program. Have a look at our categorical index page if you have any questions about relevance.