145. Mehrdad Mizani

Mehrdad MizaniMehrdad Mizani was born in the southern part of Iran, moved to Teheran in his childhood, finishing his schooling and graduating from the Teheran Music Conservatory with a focus in Bassoon and Piano.  He traveled extensively throughout Iran and moved to England in 1974 to further his musical studies, playing with orchestras and bands throughout several countries.  In his travels through Iran and Europe, he discovered religions, philosophies and psychology.  In 1985, he moved to the US with his family, continually seeking out experiences that gave him increased insight into the human situation.  After coming to understand the importance of self-realization, and the dynamics of the emotional relationship between people, he began writing songs together with a friend, Kate Tsubata, to express those realizations and experiences.  The culmination of his lifelong search was the realization of the element of heart as the essence of all things.  In concerts and public speaking, he has shared this message of self-discovery through the development of the heart.  He is continuing to spread this message under the name, “The Way of Heart.”

Interview recorded 11/17/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Heart is seat of the soul. My first experience when I didn’t know anything about spirituality. I was watching Rachel’s cooking show sitting on my
    bed. Suddenly time became very slow and I stood up and I am heart all
    consciousness located at the location of the physical heart and I am heart
    controlling the other parts of the body even the brain and the mind. If I
    say i was my heart it will be wrong. Because I was heart. At mean time I was
    saying to myself how stupid I am, all the time I was here but I didn’t
    realize myself. It was full of love and joy. The happiness lasted with me almost one week.
    So from my exp. heart is seat of the soul.

  2. Yes Yes -Heart as seat of the soul – as the fountain of love and joy and wisdom..

    For me, gratitude played a huge role in the opening of the heart..True gratitude comes from the profound realization that God or Consciousness is here now in every situation.- and that that’s all there is..always blessed..It is this acknowledgment that we could never be out of the arms of this Love as that’s what we truly are…All else is false evidence appearing real…..

    For too long humanity has lived a ‘What IF’ kind of existence…I’ll be grateful IF I get this job or that relationship or even this enlightenment..cart before the horse….instead of acknowledging the ‘What IS’ of it all…This is the block to true nature…the materialization of Bliss…

    Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead – he thanked God for his creation and acknowledged him as the ALL…This sense that all is well and rightly put – in this moment – not in some nonexistent future -is not only the secret of healing others but of healing all separation…

    Gratitude, if deeply felt, for things exactly as they are showing up -understanding that they couldn’t be otherwise – changes our vision of reality..It opens us to seeing the Divinity that is inherent in this creation…If we think things should be or could be different, we are OFF the Self – and the suffering is perpetuated..

    Sacred time now – as the old ways are dying and something new is trying to be born within and without in the mass consciousness -a great opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the precious gift of Life that has been bestowed..

  3. I have had the good fortune to have met Mehrdad and have been attending his talks for over a year now. His teachings have transformed my life! How do I know this? Well, the proof is in the pudding. When I run into people whom I haven’t seen in a while, they have commented about the positive changes they see in me. I’m better able to tap into the “emotional realm of the heart” when I’m conversing with people, there is a hightened awareness of “heartistic dynamics” of the relationship. I’m still work in progress and would highly recommend Mehrdad’s website http://www.thewayofheart.org

  4. Ofcourse what Mehrdad says it works. Because emotion is the
    result of execution of thought in the body by the mind.
    There is two ways to restore.
    1- find the real cause which is a specific thought caused the problem.
    The miracle with this one is, when you found the cause, the effect immediately vanishes.
    I have many experiences on this one. I am very pretty sure that
    what ever happens in your life there is a thought caused it.

    2- instead of finding the cause, do something to discharge
    or release the emotion. Good or bad emotion it must be released
    otherwise it will effect you negatively. So what Mehrdad does is make you
    release the emotions by Involving emotionally.

    Personally my self realization happened when I suddenly knew
    that thoughts come and go, its me who pays attention to the thoughts
    and make myself suffer. Then i felt that my thoughts weakened.
    Then after one day, suddenly I notice that its I am consciousness.
    I found myself in transcendental state.
    The transcendental state lasted for three days.
    After that, it’s I am consciousness.

  5. I agree, now_or_never, emotion is from thought. I simply add that it is from a breakdown of a thought pattern we were using to hold together the world—whether it was a thought pattern as simple as “this highway is safe” to “he will never betray me” to “I am her best friend” to “I have a job.” When circumstance dictates that the pattern breaks, we become emotional. Then the question is what do we do about it. Reconstruct a new thought pattern? No, not usually so quick. So we judge. We very often get stuck in judgment when we are “emotional,” and then sometimes go on to lard on an emotion about our judgment!
    Since emotion is a by-product of thought, I find it … well, not what I would want to lodge it as the centerpiece of my … thought pattern. LOL. Why? Many people tend to think that emotion is more “true” or “personal” or “basic” than thought, and that can give it more power than it merits. Emotion is just a result of thought breaking down.
    If, on the other hand, the dictate is to drop down to the heart before any given emotional “crash”, then that is a different matter. Maybe a more apt verbiage for what M.M. tells us is something like “to live from the heart” or “to live in softness” or “to lead from the heart”. That can often be a DETOUR around thought altogether.

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